Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on January 24, 1936 · Page 24
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 24

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1936
Page 24
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2 D OAKLAND TRIBUNE, FRIDAY, JANUARY 24, 1936 RADIO NEWS AND DAILY PROGRAMS "KEF SLENDER ; IF 1 CHERISH AIRLANE HOPES 3 P.M. RLX Feleer Wfimm Pirmdir, pianlsli CIMflt Records. KPO Woman's Mata- tint of the Air. KGO L e u nnri: "Animals": (3.15) Mary Fmall: (3:25) Mickey O ette. KFIIC Feminine Fan- eies. KYA City Silhouettes; 2:lfi) Musical Matinee. Kfcrn Bill Brokaw kiiow Melodies ; (3:15) Concerto Gema. KJII" Studio; (1:18) Musical Styles. K UK lea Dane. H4W-Studio. geales, the more weight you have . .. .. . ! KLX Records. In radio. This at any rate, is the , kpu Woman liaga truth if you are of the feminine j Barbara Jo Allen Explain? Why You Must Not 'Sound Fat' if Radio's Your Aim m IMIJ ms By K. L. ECKSAN The less weight you have on the i TODAY'S BROADCAST KLX PHOJSES: DAY-LA KESIDE 6000 RIGHT LA KESIUE 6015 f':45) Talk hy Justus WardeH on Presidents With day Rail. KFIIC h a i y . Dan (:45) Talk. KYA I'aul Pendarvls: l:4S) Fiesta. KM'o Basketball; f s : 4 r untowners. KIIOW Records. Kill-; Talk; (3:45) Mu- aloal Moments. K(V Basketball. 9 P.M. persuasion. fcrmationl fMy i -urn have no " - leu i n : authority? : than Bar- 1 . Tn 11. len wh-omtf 'heard In One Man's ' Family, Hawthorne ' House, Win- nln ' the -.West, Deatn Valley' ' Days, Sun-W day Speci.nl l ' f and otherl t a rorite"? n V 1 i S II VI U ,t. jr" ..',' a I k ?JI Musical Ma menta: (.1:36) Let Gor dons Orchestra; (3:45) Three Scamps. KFHO Minute Melodies: (J:36 Pianist: L ( 3 : 4 S ) Kaltenborn'a Comment. via s. h. rresiaeni Hoover sailing. KSFO BUI Biokow. KHOW Dell Perry; 4-'6 George Andrewi, tenor, KJW4 .ItUd to; (8:45) Hits. Kitiwrea Dance, KOH- Variotj-. KPO Jose Ramirez and his Argentines. Kf.O Pair of Planoa (5:46) Jack Armstrong. KVA Cocktail Time;, (5:45) Little- Orphan Annie. KKH( Broadway Va- rletlea. KFO Studio. KHOW Health. KIIB Chestnuts: 5 r 4 n Lloyd ("Speed") Mad-dork: "Baseball." KQW Studlof (5:45) O r.vi. hie Nevada Kite Herd. Kt.X Arlon Trln. era. KPO At I'earce. IK Pit Fred Warlna's Kf.O Carlotta King. I I'e.nnsylvunians, KFIIC Holly wood K(iO Sliandor; (9:08) rimei; jamea Dunn, Hsnny Weeks. Sally Ellere, Pinky KFIIC Klchard Hlmher Tomlin In "'Don't GetlK Y A D rams: (!)il8) Personal." ,. I Symphony Sketches. KYA Studio; (lilt ) KNFO Studio; (9:15) Cyrus iroBOe. Jeaa fitafford Urch, KNFO Studio; (6:15)KIIUW Studio; (H:ll) LMporta. I liance. k IIOW Studio; (6:15) lit III: Dunce. Dinner Concert Ktw Studio: 0:15) KIIK Concert. Kecords. KiW atudlo. 1 V:iU P.M. ' dramatic of- bau.t taixm ferings. It Isn't a mere matter of j poundage, however. It is more cornpiicaiea man mat. ine ex-' planation is that if you put on too , much weight you have a .tendency ' to "talk Iat." Here la the detailed exptana-. Hon In Barbara Jo's words: "The microphone la aa hard to please ai the motion picture camera. Every extra pound you carry Is ,, betrayed In your voice. Every uperflnoua blt-of fat around your diaphragm and vocal cords Ics-. Km by that much the range and flexibility of an actress speaking t voice." All thli makes it appear that, unless your ambition is along Kate - Smith's lines, thefatter you become the slimmer your chances will be. James Dunn, Sally Eilers and Pinky Tomlin will guest star on Dick Powell's "Hollywood Hotel" program over a nationwide CBS net ? including KFRC tonight from 6 to 7. WORD OF EXPLANATION ' Explanations are hereby tendered those who telephoned Wednesday to. ask trie name 01 trie opera to be ' broadcast from the Metropolitan this Saturday. Puccini s "La Ron dine" originally announced has been postponed because of sudden indisposition on the part of one or two of the principals. Tomorrow's opera will be ' "Alda," with Elizabeth Rethberg in the titular role, a part she sang so effectively In San Francisco last season. Other principals wUJ, be Frederick Jagel, John Charles Thomas and Cbase Baromeo. The broadcast will be heard here over KFO and KGO beginning at 10:55 ' a. in. Al Pearce who has been broadcasting steadily for more than '- seven years, will make his 2500th . broadcast over NBC tonight at 6. ! -You'll be able to dial Al's program on KPO. "Oriental Episode" is the title of the First Nighter drama to be heard tonight over KPO at 7 . . . Court of Human Relations, at 8:30 and Fred Waring and His Pen,nsyl-vanians at 9 are other KPO high spots for tonight . . . When a supposed murder victim turned up alive this unexpected quickening of the "-'dead" started the police on : n investigation which I provided the material for tonight's "Calling All Cars" program, You may dial this : dramatic feature, titled "Victim - Unidentified" On KFRC at 7 Music of South America and of Mexico will-be offered on KGO during "The Other Americas," at 7:30 tonight. - BARD'S BIRTHDAY The birthday of Robert Burns will be celebrated over the radio ' tomorrow on KPO, at 10:30 a. m. c The St. Andrew Prize Glee Club will put the great Scottish poet's words to music under the direction ' of Andrew U. MacKinnon. James Heron, bard of the Robert Burns Circle of New York, will read selections from Burns' writings) ' To the large audience of admirers who have been wondering what has become of Watanabe and "Honorable Archie," this word of explanation. REGINAL SHARLAND (Honorable Archie) was taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital in L. A, about nine weeks ago, suffering from arthritis. For several weeks this program was broadcast from a makeshift studio made by draping hofpital blankets around Sharlnnd's bed. Wiien Sharland was tnkon home a sound studio was Improvised there by technicians, and the broadcasts were piped from the Sharland residence. 5 After a few weeks of this, Sharland's physician ordered a complete rest. As sootv as "Honorable Archie's health permits you'll be- able to hear this famous pair again over- the Western Network and KSFO. 4 P.M. KLX Fnxliiunai (4 H5) l.llllan Jlltrliell, id. Iirnnin Helen Wrgiumi rnriueiee, pianist, KP mil T o 1 1 o n on Bliorts; (4:15) Studio. K(;o Talk l,y .Normal ihoiiiRs; (4:'5 'Carl nrnreincr s Ijrcn. KFHO Huck Rogers; (4:16) Salvation Army Fiand. KVA CnlllAB- All Cars. KKFO kaUit-rlne, Eteeli. contralto;! (4:16; Mel- oiiy l.ane. KHOW Musical A I. bum; (4:16) California family drama. KIIK Opera Itchoea, JiJHN Song Hits. KUW Dance; (4:18) Concert Silhouettes. 4:30 P.M. KI,X Ton la Tunesi leieoi jieHiin Talk. KPU Harold Dana (4:46) Kush Himhei. KflO Organ; (4:45) For Hoys and ; r s. K FlitJ Studio; "(?:45 j u. c. KVA D-ance; (4:35) Htutno; (4:46) Parade K.hfo Jack Hall. HilOW Johnny Jump up: (4:4ii) HoiiBa-of tlm West. KJII Myslery; (4:45) jdimDR uri'ii. lH.-,S(udio. KUW Conc.rt fillhou- euea; (4:45) Studio, 5 P.M. KI,X flumply Dllnipt) ITCUS. HPO Irene Rich In "l.ucky" l;adv"; (0:45) Nuts and liults. K.) For Jioys and (llrls; (6:)5) Tom Mix recordt. KFIIC Paul Kesnt oarltone; (5:16) Com ment. K V A Cocktail Time. v KSFO Oklahoma Ham mers. KHOW Varieties. KJn studio; Dance (6:16) Silent. Kill; All Star Hevne. KQW Khythmanla; io. jo; vocal varieties. 5:30 P.M. KtX Covered Wagon Jubilee. 6:30 P.M, KI.X Arlun Trio. IKI.X. lVewa Fln.hesi KPO CrosHCUts. I (8145) I.et'a Go Plncre, Iv (;o Mlnuwaye; (:45) KHO loiiiiny Hunting- Jimmv Allen. ton's Orchestra KFKO U o 1 1 r weedlKKO Paul Pendarvls Hotel. KFIIC Laurie Hlcelna. KY A Cyrus Trobne. kva Heelng Is Hellev KNFO St. Marv's Col- lire": (S:4.r, Ktudlo. Idire: (6:45) Ktudlo. KNFO Flxhiii' Fool Klmw siirriin. :4r,il ( ! : 4 f, Jcs .Slnfford Jlhylhm Cocktail. ' ammower; Kltlv Twlllitht Hour. (i':4f.) M.iNlers. KttW fc:tudlo. l K It F Dance -, . . im iv nroonndcrs; i r.m. I X'J:45) ,siudlo, II T aw ... . btti i .1 (7H5) iMaildil Mo- IU r.M. "'Hli. I, r m -eje H ...U w KPO First Ni'sht.r wnn Francis X. liush- ".- i u a 1 o; u:i; man. iietty Lou Ger- rom Conkleys Orrh. son and Don ' Ameche: KGO Griff Williams, "Oriental Unicode." . tt fho-hi n.lio, IKf.O Nickiilofleon with KY A Boxing. Hvlvla Clark. K FO Classics. KFIIC CalliriaiAII Cars K ROW Variety, KVA i';rnle smith; """ " i o n; (iu:i) ( 7 : 1 ) M u a I e a 1 Mo. voice or '.ounaei, me n . Kill'' oa nee, KSFO E 1 tn e t O n e s KIW Snn .lose Com Ilnllywood; (7:15) munity Dance, MriN rrio. in. an o ii KHOW RtlldlO. ,V JV r m- Kill') Masters. KI.X nine neflerllnnn ituw t'ortnirai. with Alice nine 7:30 P.M. KPO Eddie F I 1 1 p at UT T U .1 .. .1 I I STERLING IE CHIUSJHE 1 International KITCHEN 3 KLX III AM.! ' fDAILVt s.ci1 SJJStUNtMV ILIBDR'S VIEWS rniPT m i nVfic LUIUI IU LLMId GLADYS C'RONKHITE, DIRECTOR SELF-RISING BREAD This bread, which is commonly called by the misleading "salt-ris- amoilS Oroup to hntertain ,ing bread," has been known in one Dialers Tonight on Radio orn? or another for generations. It: possibilities were seen today Showdown Expected hy Many i friends and , - assoc mica a n Lontroversy rietw een In- revealed to- f dustrial and Craft Unions: d,ay,,h e f iJiaiiuu tu MIAMI, Fla Jan. 24. UP) Varied Aged School Principal Dies Wirt Dexter Spencer, principal of Cole School, looked forward with pleasure to the day next June when he would have completed 40 con- s-e c u 1 1 v e I years as a school I t e-a.c b. er, Then, h i s In' Transcribed Program Two kinds of wheels wagon wheels and spinning wheels will pin tonight in musical fashion-over KLX during the Musical Moments prog ram. Two of the o u tstanding s e 1 e ctions will be "The Old Spin ning Wheel" and "Roll Along, Covered Wag on." These two num. i b e r s w i 1 ' be offered by the Sterling Male Chorus. This t r anscribed p r o g r a m w 11 1 b e" 1 f 1 has been a particular favorite when and-where it is difficult to get satis factory yeast. . ..' 1 cup milk 2 tablespoons cornmeal (white) 1 teaspoon salt . 1 tablespoon sugar Butter (if used)-, 1 tablespoon Flour Scald the milk. Allow it to cool until lukewarm; then add the salt, sugar and cornmeal. Place in a fruit jar or heavy crock or pitcher and surround with water at about in an American Federation of Labor Executive Council demand that the Committee for Industrial Unionism dissolve. To some it was the forerunner of a schism in labor ranks.' Refusal to obey the order, they believed, would result in the expulsion from the Federation of John E. Lewis, miners' Chief, and seven other international union presidents' composing the committee. Others, however, noted, the refusal of President William Green retire and to devote himself i to his studies and his two hobbies gardening and bee c u ltute. But death took A hand in the age ing pnnci- r 1 2t If; 4 limmi -nmii Ii ill S OAOS CLUB IS ID READS 120F. Water at this temperature is : to call the order an "ultimatum.1 the hottest iri which the hand can be They looked to the possibility of a WIET D. SPENCER pal's affairs and he died last night at his Hayward home, victim of ah illness from which he first began to suffer during Christmas vacation. Born in Hydesville, Humboldt County, 66 years ago, "Spencer began ; bill, Members of Oakland District, California Council of Dads Clubs, were guests of the Oakland Tech- -nicul Hieh School last niflhtat the initial meeting of the new year. The guests were entertained first at dinner served by girls of the school and later in a program presented by members of the turn- , bling team, the glee club quartet and musical ensemble. Bob Veneer, soloist of the glee club, rendered two numbers, accompanied at the piano by- Miss Marina -Lee, and Tom Tsugi, talented student . xylophone player, also "performed'. Paul Derkle of the senior class was student speaker on the program, discussing the "Modern Trend of Education." Ray Hamilton is coach of the tumbling team. Dick Kretsihger, chairrnan of the department of education, presented Don Rice, business manager for the Oakland School Department, who spoke on the- earthquake hazards and remedies provided in the Field j held without inconvenience, and can compromise in the industrial versus n'5 work as a teacher in Goodyear's j A financial report on receipts of be secured by mixing nearly equal craft union issue. parts of boiling water and tap; 'CHALLENGE' TO A. F. OF L. water (unless tap water is uuusu- j a' nnhlic statmpnt icciPrt cter- ally hot)-." Allow mixture to stand day said . council' members had-a- o ur i nours, or unui h snows signs "growing conviction" Lewis com-of fermentation. If it has fcr-: miUec activities were "a challenge rnented sufficiently, the gas can be to lhe supremacy of the American nrti uniii Mdpps, mis icvcji con- Federation of Labor." Bar School, Sierra County. He came i the last district meeting and the to Alameda County in 1902 first ! Christmas Pageant were delivered as a teacher in Mt. Eden School, I by A. W. Wilding, treasurer for going to Elmhurst School in 1906. ! Oakland district, and James A. Mai- TWhen ihe Elmhurst " district was ! colm, chairman for the pageant, en- absorbed in the Oakland Public School system in 1910, Spencer remained . at the helm as principal. J" tf"7, "V " KoDH Courtney. H k f'V- .1 KFIIC Kills Klmhsll's lJle n '!m Al rch i 0:46 Sterling r.!tT "onnld K. young's Orch. KPitl XaUc by.. KeP. KVfTZcstea. i',,MoV."s K"OW Musical Al- " v- hum; (1(1:45) Dance. roarly. liiim. aii o-.. K(;o "The Other Arner-I .' nn ir.i Icjis." K ll F. nance. KFIIC .March of Time; LftW-liinri (7:4SI Klrnnir. Jl ,lHW oance. Seems. 11 P M K YA Aeolian Rlrlngs; . . (.7:45) Ask Mr. Jones. KPO Ted I.ewls, KNFO liHKket hall. KI.O OrKiin KHOW-t-Studlo. IK I' II (. Jiininy Dorsey's Kill,; Kecorda. "rch.; (11:15) Ted KttW Taniro: (7:45) Dawson's Orch. Mm rn Mnmi.nl " " an n nnr i i-asjiaeng uance. KIIOW Dance. K I, X Adventure In K.IIIJ4 Dance. Silence I'lnir, IVorrifanKKf Records Held Krimpi "l.lle ul KtW Dance I nullum I'.niunti." I i , n . , KPO Amos n' Andv: I 1 ,3J r, M. Crier. J: B Lu m 8 " A K PO J I m m I e 'rK. itpnrl.es Hi). 4YA Orican. KHOW fiance; (11:45) (:15) Lasv Dan KYA Studio: (11:15) cranio,: "Ikln-ard VIII." KiFO Hafiketball, itnow studio. KHR Organ. KUWRssketball. 8:30 P.M. K(,X Pude Mnrtln and ma Aevinln Mile Herd-era. KPO Court of Human iteiatlons. K(iO Those O'Mftlleys; Studio. KNFO Pasadena Dance; ( 1 1 :4&) Muiiio. K.IHKI Studio; 11:L5) Donee. KIIH. Reveries. KQW Dance. 12 MIDNIGHT Know Jamboree. K.XFO Mldnlte Vag. KJ1IM Mldnite Club. ON AIR TOMORROW heard from 7:15 -to 7.30 Frances wiknf.r through the courtesy of tne Chevrolet Motor Company. Another KLX highliRht tonight, will be a talk by Attorney K. Quale of Alameda at 7:45. He will speak 6n the subject of the proposed Alameda Naval Air Base. .. The Covered Wapon Jubilee, featuring Stuart Hamblen arid the boys of the Covered Wagon, is heard over KLX through the courtesy of the Star -Outfitting Company, daily from 5:30 to 6 p. m., and every day except Sunday from 8:30 to 9 a. m. Sydnry Charles, tenor, will offer a program over KLX tonight which' will provide him with an opportunity to demonstrate his ability as a ballad singer. This . program will be heard from 7:30 J to 7:45. The second episode in the dra malic series devoted to the career of Thomas A. Edison will be presented tonight in the Adventures In Science spot on KLX, 8 to 8:30, by the Norman Field Players. From their extensive musical library the Arion Trio, famous group of instrumentalists, selects a wide range of selections toe played over KLX in dinner concerts. These concerts are heard every evening except Sunday from 6 to 7. Frances Wienor is violinist with the group. : . tains enough liquid for 1 loaf. If, Th0-rim , iIm tn ,.' n 'From 1910 to 1920 he was at Haw v..... I... . I.J ' JJ i " ,v (hm-no Cnhnn onmr, tn Cr,la Cr,kn. ,,Mvira Hi e iiLut-u, iiuu i uuu- lunction mi, water, i teaspoon salt 1 table- At thc same time a. cnmmiltce wag poon sugar, 1 tablespoon butter for ! HamPj n mn,,M ,hD rnnncii'. ,ich. each additional loaf. Make a soft: to Lewis and his associates. This sponge by adding a cupful of flour for each loaf to be made. - Beat thoroughly and put the sponge again at the . temperature about 120F When it- is very light, "add tmore flour gradually until the dough is j stilt enough to knead without sticking to the hands' or to the board., Knead 1Q or 15 rhiriul.es, put at once into pans, allow to rise until group is to confer with the indus trial force and report the results to the council at Washington irt May, along with any recommendations "it may decide to offer." Those who held the view a com promise rpight be reached pointed to the joint meetings of the council's representatives and the industrial committee as an excellent oppor- thorne School, going to Cole School in 1920. -----Spencer never married. He was a favorite of generations of school larged on lhe report with a detailed outline of work accomplished. Howard O. Welty, principal of Tech High, and host for the evening, delivered a report on the need of assistance in thc current Community Chest drive. . Charles Paganucci, president of "wul rr JT, Uc ,TS .U5i tunity for an exchange of views, oriEinal bu k. and bake.- -Splf-nslnn T" u cnni is never so light as the bread raised with yeast. A loaf made with one cupful liquid therefore will come not quite up to the top of a pan of standard size. Bake about 50 minutes, oven temperature 400F, increase to425F, then gradually reducer to 380F. Who's Who What's What Twice a Week Now FRED WARING and His Pennsrjlyanians Ford Dealers' Program ; y,' B C. Friday Evenings at 9:00 P. M. (P. C. T.) Colombia Network, Tuesday Evenings at 9 P. M. (F. C. T.) Listen Tonight . STATION KPO 7 A. M, KPO Good Morning; u:uw vaughn de I,,eathi (7:16) Vass Family. KCO Piano; (7:05) Minnie and Maud (7:15) Kd ward Me Hugh. KFIIC Rise and Shin; (7:26) Hlncll. KYA Musical Clock. KNFO Cuckoo Club kiiow F, a r I y Bird; (7:15) Calif. Farms. KJn Alarm Cloek Club. K n F, Melodies. KO.W studio; (7:10) Hi'MKfaat, 730 A. M. KPO Nlcholaa Mathaya Orchestra. KC.o Finance; (7:45 Jack Owens, tenor, KFIIC Rise and Shine. KYA Clock. K KFO Oregon Cowboy (7:45) Cownov Revue KHOW Com muter' Clock. KJII H Clock. KIIF, Melodies. KUW Breakfast. 8 A. M. KI.X He.o.iUi (Hi20) IV. Y. Stocks. KPO Our a i" e r I can Hchools; (8:16) Norse men Quartet, K4;o Honeymonnera (N:15) Wendell Hull. KFIIC Cincinnati Con servatnry of Music. KYA Christian Science Reading: (8:16) Studio KSFO Hun rise Revue. K HOW Clock; (8:15) Studio. K.llis Dnnce. I. It !; Ma Indies. KttW Serenader: (8:16) Hnllglous Forum. 8:30 A.M. KI.X CiiTered Wngon Jubilee. KPO Mexican Marimba Orrh. Ki;o Whitney Ensem hie. KFIIC Cincinnati Con KPrvatnry: (S-4M Stu din; (S:.V(f) Bess Bye, fnarket prout. li V A L'nnrert. K,FO Jack Unit, KHOW Mtislcnl Pof poiirrl. K.llis New Reccrds; (S:15) Concert. . Kill', Melodies. KttW Concert. 9 A. M. KI.X Shopping List. KPO Wnlter Dnpnn's Muslrale; (9:TB) Studio. K(;o S I m p s o n Roys; (!):ir,) Cenla Fnnarlova. KFH() St. Andrew's I'riz Olee CUih; 9:16 Musical Reveries. KYA Concert; (9:tS) Women's Progtam. KKFo Pfaver. . KHOW Concert; (9:25") M lnlio. ' ' - K.llis Pop. Tones. "' KIIF .prayer. KttW Tunes. ' ' ' 9:30 A.M. KI.X Playing the long Market! (Ui4B) Kre-iirris, ? KPO Merry Madcaps. K(;o Kiarniers' I'ro- Ki'ain. KFIIC Ceorge "fenestra. KYA Viennese Romances. KSFO Studio. KHOW Health. (!:45) Dnnce. KIIF Concert. KttW Rand Concert. 10 A.M. KI.X Oaklnml Police licpiirliiirnl Surely Pro. griiiui (ioii;i) Wealhrri . I'', elocksi (lOiill)) ews. KPO Jlaniiel Conlreraa' urcii.: (10:11,,) Robcrl BnniB' Birthday; (10:16) Cene Heeclier't, "rchestra. Kf;o Farmers' Pro gram. KFIIC Jack Shannon; (l:15) Jack and Oil. KYA Parade; (10:15) Concert Calendar. KSFO Fletcher Wiley. kiiow Rhythm Revn'e. K.llis Studio; (10:10) ilrgan; Rtocka, K H F, Health; (10:15) Records. KttW studio; (10:10) tasi ii i t s; (10:16) woras it Aiuaie. Irfiil's 10:30 A.M. it IX I ntmirm lonnl Kitchen i Cliidy Cronk-lille, illreclnr. KPO Robert Burns' Birthday; (10:45) (iene Rooelicr'R Orcli.; (10:;,5) Met. Opera: "Verdi." 1 1 Ii, Jt b t h berg, J h ge-1, John (.'liurlcs Thomas and ol hers. ' Ko Old Skipper; ( IU.-I,!,) "JMol" Opel-;, KFIIC Uuffalo Pies-, ents. KYA Organ. k.sfo Sludlo; (10:45) lonieniakers. Kiiow Musical Albuni. K.llis Kecorda. K II F Records, KQW On the Keys; (10:45) Roundup, 11 A. M. itl.X nernrdsi (llilftl llnnre llhrlluns. k PO "Met opera. Kfio "Met" Opera. KFIIC p, J,. (lasstiway and R. K. Clements. Ornsn. KSFO Ho me makers'. KHOW Modern Rhy- Ih nis. K.IIIS Pftst lilts; (11:15) Trafflo . Safely Council. KIU', Inn en K((W Pop Vrchestra. 11:30 A.M. KI.X Ilecordsi (Ui4r.) ilnlinl bcmiiliiiok. KPo Met" Opera K(;o "Met" Opera. KFlic Tilo (Julza'r: (11:45) .St. Dunstan Klnm-m. K(IW Music. Ki A Community Chest c n o o i program (11:57) Scriplurcs. .... KSFO Stunrt Hamblen. ,K IIOW Concert. K.llis imncp. Kill.;-Pop. Itevlew. KttW Organ; lli45 Ktudlo. 12:30 P.M. KI.X Anltn mill Ornneo, I'Olllit Uiioi iViiV,) Nrvt Tunes fur Old. KPO "Met" Opera. . iii.ii --.Met" npira. KFltcTale of Dreams. HYA Concert. KSFO Dnnce; (12:45) Russian Knsemble. KIIOW Porliignl. K.llis Dance. KH F. Noon-day program, KttM'Weathcr; Tidbits 1 P.M. KI.X Records, kpo "Met" Opera. KfiO "Met" Onera. KFIIC Motor City Mel odies; (1:25) N, T. Slocks. KSFO Seventh Day Ad- vcntists. KYA Studio; (1:10) sytnphohv Sketches. KHOWPortugal; ti:ii) waltzes. K .HIS Novelties. KIIK Cloister Kchoes, KHW Pop Music 1:30 P.M. KLX Pop Convert. KPO "Mot" Onera.. K(;o "Met" Opera. K FIIC Talk by Milo tteuo; (1:46) (race C h ii r c It Roys' Clio ir trout 1 1 ilea. KYA Suulli of Market Roys. KSFO Seventh Day Advent lata. KHOW, Fed. Housing Admin. Varieties. it.) IIS Novelties. KIIF Records. KttW Friendly Street. 2 P. M. KI.X l,iia unit Found Record. KPO "Mr I" O p e r a; i--:i.u li i ii.r u o o m Kchois; (2:1,,) Studio. K(iO"Mf t" o p e r a; i;iu) Alma Sclurujer, pianist; (2:15) Clark Dennis, tenor, KSFO Jean Kent. kfiic Johnny (a nip's orch. . KYA South of Marketl llOVK. KIIOW Records. I K.IIIS Dame. KIIF. Records. KttW Dance Sheet music sales are not what they used to be when Sue and her boy friends and girl friends used to gather around the piano to sc; what they could do with the late-'. song hit. All-time -ecord holders for sheet music hung up their records before radio becamo a wide spread form of entertainment. The songs that hit the peak for sales were "Silver Threads Among I t Gold," "Rose- of Picardy," "Beautiful Ohio," "Three O'Clock in the Morning," 'The Prison r's Song," and "Yes, We Have No Bananas." LYSBETH HUGHES, before she- signed up. with HORACE HEIDT, was studying opera and the harp.- She was a protege of ALFRED HERTZ while he was conductor of the S. F. Symphony orchestra. "Hot Fiddler No. 1," JOE VEN- UT1, will be heard wilh -his orchestra on Ihe Pasadena dance broadcast, KSFO, tonight, 10 to 11 and tomorrow nlaht 11 to 11:45 , . . JACKIE HELLER is in Hollywood. Opened there at the Orpheum last Wednesday . . DON ROSS, husband of JANE -FROMAN (we can use that designation, since one half this marital teajii is as celebrated as the other) is donning the grease paint down at Hollywood for more work in the pix. PACT ORDERED I UNDERPASS GREEN IS SILENT President William Green of the Federation had "nothing whatever tc say" today on Lewis' retort flfl Washington to the executive council's demand, that "the mountain has labored and brought for-th a mouse." In view of Lewisl .attltude many quarters here believed the Indus trial-craft fight to be headed for an eventual showdown. It is known some council members sought expulsion of the Lewisites. A majority, however, believed to include Green, were unwilling to risk an open break .that might set the A. F. of L.'"back many years. The consensus here was the council, at least for the present, would ignore Lewis'' retort'-and wait for the- contact committee to convey children "and frequently rendered Oakland District, presiding at the, meeting, announced that Malcolm had been named honorary chairman of the pageant committee and would be at the head of the group at the next pageant. This decision Was reached at the last meeting of the executive board. Dr. Herbert R. Stolz, assistant superintendent of schools in charge of individual guidance, will be speaker at the regu!arrnonfhl'y financial aj'd to needy families who had children in his school. Before his death he requested that his obituary notices be as unostenta-tous as possible, carrying merely his name and the fact of his death. For the last 23 years Spencer had lived with his close friend and companion, Jean Habas; at 238 Castro Street, Hayward. The body is at Grant D. Miller, Company, 2850 Telegraph Avenue, pending funeral arrangements. V y- Council, at short sos"-, back tn the parent' body the indus-sion last night, authorized thc City trial committee's official reply. " Clerk to record an agreement between the city, the Sacramento Northern Railroad and the State Highway Department for the construction of the underpasses under the railroad tracks at Broadway lerrace and Mountain Boulevard Jobs aggregating about $185,000 in cost. . By the agreement, the railroad permits the city and State to build under its right-of-way. The State agrees to do the building and most of the financing, with Federal aid. The city agrees to pave and maintain the underpasses. Some parts of the construction under the railroad's immediate tracks will be done by railroad workmen and will be charged to the State, The Council also granted permission to Lola Mnbley to conduct an auto camp at 2300 98th Avenue. Bids were received for furnishing an ambulance patrol wagon and an ambulance to the Police Department and a gasoline roller and a grader to the Street Department. Mrs. Balzar, Mother Of Ex-Governor, Dies BERKELEY, Jan. 24. Mrs. Mary W. Balzar., 80, mother of the late Fred B. Balzar, Governor of Nevada, died yesterday in a hos- pital here, The body is en route to Reno today, where funeral services for the Nevada pioneer will be held. Mrs. Balzar suffered an illness while on a visit to her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, 5851 Marshall Street, Oakland, several weeks ago. Funeral arrangements were in charge of Berg Funeral Chapel, 1930 University Avenue. Women Hiss Solon .. President's1 Ball Fete JDiscussed - RICHMOND, Jan?24. The annual President's birthday ball, to he -held Thursday at Memorial Hall; as a benefit for Infantile paralysis victims, is receiving the support of a large number of civic, fraternal and veteran organizations, according to E Lr Or r, -general chairman. The ball will be sponsored by the Contra Costa Cpunty CefUral Trades and Labor Council, with tbofcassist-a-nce of other organizations. A radio will be installed at the hall to receive a Nation-wide broadcast by President Rousevelt, and entertainment will be presented between dances. Final preparations will be made at a committee meet ing tonight at Brotherhood Hall. . Air Conditioning Will Be Topic i I STANFORD IN IS POINTED OUT 1 ' EMERYVILLE, Jan. 24.-Com mitlee chairmen for the current Vn.ir Ufill ho DnitmmnnI inr Drnci- In War Prediction ' I dent. Edgar B. Jessup at-the next 12 NOON KI.X Tribune Siren: Closing 8. F. gtorkai I - :0n llnnre Music. KPO "Met" Opera. ki.ii "iiet" Opera. KFIIC Studio; (12:10) Down hv HerniHti's. KYA Dunce Hands: ' KSFO Smart Hmiihlcn. KIIOW Studio; (12:16) Portugsl. , . KJRS Record. K HE Noon Program, KJfig Musical Styles; KttW Records 2:30 P.M. KI.X Souvenirs ol Sniiui (.:!..) Record. K l' h Agriculture. Ki.o Moriu Sisters; 12:45) J'air of , Pianos. K FIIC -Vincent Lopez. KY V S t u d 1 o; (2:35) "The. Leaves." (2:60) Musical Matinee. KSFO Kmerirency Edu cation Reliof. KHOW Dance Matinee. K.llis (Sn t ertalne rs; (2:46) Song Favorites. K II 10 Records. KttW .Melodies'; (2:45) Orchestra. ' 3 P.M. KI.X Records. KPO Agricul ture; . (3:15) O f t o Tburn's Orch. KCO Vladimir Rren- ner. pianist; (;t:(ir,) Hawaiian Cnnst Arty-l ry Massed Hands. KFIIC Fiedoil,- Wm Wile; (3:15) "Mop. of Note." KVA Musical Malinee, KSFO Bill Brokaw. KHOW Favorites; League Opens Drive For Tennis Courts RICHMOND, Jan. 24. A campaign to raise funds to build tennis courts at Poinsett Park was opened today by the Mira- Vista Junior League, according to Ralph Shallenbcrger, president. Jack Stoddard, chairman of tlio finance committee, is in charge of the drive. WASHINGTON. Jan. 24.-M-Hisses from women peace delegates greeted a statement by Representative Fish (R., N. Y.) that "there wlll.be war despite what, we do." Addressing the conference on the cause and cure of war last night, the speaker shouted: "I will go further, and say there will be war for thousands of years -TTfTtil you and I become angels." Then followed cheers as Fish declared "I have done all I could to prevent the shipment of arms to forclgmtns." , Earlier in the 'session Carrie Chapman Catt, peace crusader, and Lady Astor, talked about the threat of war, carrying on a conversation over Atlantic" telephone. ' meeting of the Emeryville Industries Association Tuesdav in Em eryville Memorial Building. G. J. Cummings will speak on "Air Conr ditioning as Applied to Industry." Secretary R. S. Hawley, Emeryville division chairman for the Oakland Community Chest, will make announcements in connection with the 1936 appeal, which starts February 3. 4 , Cooperative Meet Set Next Tuesday The final report of the committee on constitution and by-laws will feature the meeting of the Califor nia Cooperative Council, to be held at"the Oakland Y,"W. C. Ar next Tuesday at 12:30 p. m. The meeting, will be presided over by Father r,ul., ru:ii; c.i , i i ww j ; "uiiw .runups, oeuttMupt'l, unu IVameS NeU) tieadS ;will include reports on University Sportsmen's Club SAN LEANDRO, Jan. 24. Chairmen 'Of . standing committees for 1938 were named today 'by Joseph Resinellirpresidcnt of the Snn Le-andro Sportsmen's Club. Manuel Miller will' head thc ; entertainment committee,, while j Joseph Silveira will be chairman4. of California campus cooperative boarding houses and on recent developments in cooperative buying. 5 p. m.. closing time for Sunday want ads. Lakeside 6000. ("twjvsend inotes i STANFORD UNIVERSITY, Jan. 24 Sons and daughters of University of California alumni are deserting their parents' alma mater to attend Stanford University. Dr. Ray .Lyman. Wilbur, 'president of Stanford University, made the statement today in reply to a 51-point questionnaire submitted to him by a Stanford alumni group. The question was: "Has the comparative scholarship between Stan ford and the University of California been reversed in recent years?" And the answer from the Stanford president and former Secretary of the Interior was: "I think that Stanford has improved in scholarship during the past few years; insofar as the University of California is concerned, I can say that an increasing number of the sons and daughters of the alumni of that institution are entering Stanford." Stanfords registration today approximates 4000. Three years ap.o it was closer to 3500, according to registrar's reports. Part of the in-crement is attributed to lifting of the 500 limit on co-eds. DENIES SPORT3 FUNDS A flat denial that income from athletic sports was being used to form athletic scholarships and build up "salaried teams" was marie by Dr. Wilbur, who added that lhe University had "taken a, firm position" on the matter. In this connection, it was recalled that Stanford canceled baseball and boxing dates with San Jose State Teachers' College after it was revealed that the school was giving room and board to its athletes. Do facts justify the opinion that scholarship and scholastic prestige have materially shrunk? one question demanded- "Such gossipy rumors," Dr. Wilbur replied, "must have started when the basis for entrance requirements was reorganized. That change actually tightened requirements. No truthful or-authoritative repon nas ever been issued which indicates Stanford scholarships averages have gone down." "Radical theories are. not faii;;ht at Stanford," the president said. "Stanford is as free from radicalism as any similar institution in he country. Radical theories are sometimes discussed,, as they should be. but never taught." Dr. Wilbur al.o insisted Stanford was a lrider in'i movements toward Ameri-pci-m, ; constitutional government and political honesty. CHARGES PARRIED Charges' that Stanford lowered its standards "out of deference to meeting, when he vail discuss the work accomplished in his depart ment of the administration. The fourth annual Fathers and Daughters dinner of the Oxford v Dads Club will be held at 7 o'clock this, evening in the Oxford School Cafeteria. Surprise entertainment for the graduating high sixth grade girls has beeij arranged by a committee headed by Clarence Williams. Amnnd lt,..-n ,rV,n ...ill A ""'wi'fe ntiu wiw afjjroi 1,11 the program are Mrs. Clara Partridge. Ethel Batchelor, Mary Didell, Lorctta Nichols, Rosemary Foster, Harold Kellam and R. Hoffstadtcr. Wellesley Girls Wedding Announced CHICAGO, Jan. '24. (Aj Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Endlong of suhur-ban Wilmette, today announced the marriage of their daughter. lrne Budlong, 20, a sophomore at Wei- . lesley College, to Albert Haney, 21, , . of Denver, Colo., a senior at Boston University. Mrs. Budlong said the ceremony was performed in New York on January 15 and culminated a romance which began when the two were students at Northwestern Uni- fy, versity. Mrs. Budlong said the couple had left on a honeymoon trip to Puerto' Rico. She said that Haney, who is majoring in business administration, Unnlrl rectimn hie clnHinc nt (hp university upon his return. toys IRENE RICH LattllyLwdrofthlStremn liwitaofChtapSubstlhitai Welch's Grape Juice is a wonderJul blood, body Dunner. uivcs ouoyant enerity. Satisfies huncer wunout adding ourtlen-Rnme. excess, health destroying fat. To re duce wnsht, eat sensiblydrink a glass of Welch's Q parts to 1 p;irt water) before meals and before retiring. It I laint between meals, orinK another glass. Cnergy lor A (Melts ' Alliletic trainers rrcom-mend Welch's lu-cause its pure crape guitnrgivrs nuick pew pep and energy while helping body burn up fat. So get Welch's today. At all dealers. TUNE IN KPO 5 P. M, FRIDAY HEAR IRENE RICH in a thrilling radio drama Don't 1 a I UT Be k'vTi Fat! Jr Lc:'AsM.ir. I. rTfitosMiJ Irene Rich, pant 4tf stilt ha$ htr ifiin, iovly Hgur of 1$ or tne jniuation commiuce ana An- . j hp rt7(, 7 . thony Furtado will be in charge A special meeting of Coolidge tration" were , l o parried bv D-of the sunshine committee, ' , Townsend Club No. 26, will be held Wilbur He LrUrL fh.l .1 u" Among, those already-chosen to. at Coolidge Avenue and Hopkins aiminUh .it MilW am- .Tamos T.lnnl. Wil- 1 sir-4 tii,t Mi,. t V I , . n,sn "8 number of applicants . .., .... uu i-1, tv'iiiKin ntiu jTiiiiwi i . utiiis . n 1 1 ! i w ei u. j m rm m , (Cfwd Housekeeping1 J B'Jrtau rliii-iVrt u- j liar Schmidt, Tony Leal and An-1 as the principal speaker. The session den J Si T u some stu-thony Fialho. Complete personnel will start at 8 p. m. . ! fl "1 Ml . " wh(would n:t dQt) lu Kel ln uuring la- G. F. Churchill will be the main j vorable times; this no longer ap- of the -three units will be' an nounced shortly, K.irts Studio; (1:15), Hrnie Town. Musical Styles. IK FIIC I.. Nazar Kurk KIIF Tea Dance. djie Ensemble, KQW Studio: (3:16) KYA Dnnce. (3:15) Musical Album, Kliumbn Rhythms. 3:30 P.M KLX Helen WeRmon Put melee, plnnialt Clil.1l Iteeorda. KPO Mn.fical Moments . (3:5) Alma Kltchell (3:45) 'Di. Walter van Kfrk K(JO Mickey Olllette; (3:35) King's' Jesters (3:45) Jamboree.. KFIIC Minnie Mclo (lies; (3:35) At Roth's Orch.; (3:45) Gotro De KYA Jlatlnee;. (3:60) . Tnii Dance. KSI'O Bill Brokaw. Know De 1 1 Pe r r,y: (3:451 Rhvllim. KJHS Studio; (3:45) So tic- Novell les. KKF Tea Dnnce. Ktt W Variety. - 4 P.M. KI,X Records. , KPO New Yorkers Orch.; (4:15) Paul Ten-da rvis. s- KGO Jamboree; (4:16) ksfo Melody Lane, KHOW Studio; (4:15) Oernld Ilocclgnone. K.IIIS Dance. KIIF Onera Echoes, KttW Dance; (4:16) Concert Silhouettes, 4:30 P.M., KI.X Tonic T n n e a: (III.',) Records. KPO Edwin C. Hill (4:45) Hampton In stltute Sinirers. Ki;o Message of Israel K FIIC S t ii (I I o; (4:45) Sunset Serenade. KYA Dance; Studio; (4:46) Parade. KSFO Melody Lane. K.IIIS Myslery; (4:45) Rumba. KHOW D.inoe: (4:43) Calif. Buckaroos. KIIF. Salon M u a I c; (1:45) Studio. Ktt W c o n e e r t S t I- houettes: (4:45) Hawaiian Songs 5 P.M. KLX Alice WeayerJ Impersonnlnri Helen W e g ni h n Pnrnirlre, plntiittt. KPO Your Hit Parade. K(.o Spanish Reyue; (5:15) Hoston K y m-phony Orchestra. KFIIC Studio. KYA Oocktait Tline; (5:15) Ballads. KSF Kearny Wal ton's Orchestra. KIIOW Varieties k.ibs studio; Dance; (5:15) Silent. KIIF All Star Revue. KlW R h y t h m a nia; (5:15) Fats alier records. 5:30 P.M. KI.X Covered Wagon Jubilee. kpo Vdur Hit Pirade Ki;o BO'ston Symphony null snion .Mooerne. (5:45) KYA Jiallads; Melodies. KSFO Children's Pro gram: i5:15) Comics. KIIF" Chestnuts: (5:45) Llovd's ("Speed ) Mad- dork: "Baseball." KQAV Studio; (5:45) Ske-tches in Melody. .. speaker at a meeting of Alameda Townsend Club. No. 5, to be held tonight at Washington School. j (3 D a Avery C- Moore is scheduled to speak at a meeting of members of Fairfax Townsend Club, No. 17, at Horace Mann School tonight. O O 0 .... The regular monthly entertainment and social hour will feature a meeting of Park Boulevard Town- send Club. No. 18, McChesney , School, tonight. Whist, card and palm reading and other entertainment will t featured at a celebration Of all Berkeley Townsend Clubs, to be held at Wilkins Hall, 2412 Haste Street, to plies." He also declared the quality of the teaching staff had "definitely improved," and "post-season football... is a good thing." "The number of women will not be reduced to 500," he concluded. Anna May Wong to Visit 'Native' Land SAN FRANCISCO. Jan. 24.-'Anna ' May Wong, actress of stage! and screen probably the most famous ' "Chinese", person in the Western ' theater leaves today for the home-; land she has never seen. Abroad the President Hoover, on which she was to sail late todav. night. The affair will commemo- Miss Wong said she expects to study rate Die. second annivprsarv nf the the Chinese theater, write for an kiiow Through snairl ijounding of the.. Townsend Plan ' American newspaper syndicate and' movement. , pernaps write a book which she O O O j hopes will be of interest ' fo both A regular 'mectins of the West-., Chinese and American readers. Oakland Townsend Club, No. 38,1. Born in Los Angeles Miss Wong will be held at the organization's I has traveled extensively' but has new meeting, place, 2600 Eighth j never visited the land of her an- 5 Street, tonight ... : ,J cestors. . . ; il Downtown Corner N-.-W, Cor, 12th & Franklin STORE for LEASE : IdeaUocation for . . . Drugs Buffet : . . Coffee Shop Sea Foods for particulars see A. J. SLACHT 409 13th St., Oakland Y ' u

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