The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Page 13
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fand Issue For West Bend Pool Loses West Bend had 1{$ biggest <r flectl 2 n ^-.yga" Wednesday Nov. 29, WhelfMao residents furh- S^A 4 ?* 0 ?" ba l lofe on a proposed $40,000 bond IssUe' for construe tion of a new municipal, swimming pool. The Issue was defeat ed by a scam 11'vftWs, ahd members 'of the; tfbdl-committee ate already makirtg'plan's to present the proposal in another election soon, There, were 248 "yes" ballots as comfcartid to Ifl4 against the pool issue,-with seven ballots spoiled, i Although there were more votes for the plan than against it, a , 60% majority is necessary in bond issue elections and 'thefefbre . 11 more "yes" votes,were needed for the issue to-^carry, . .^h POO! was expected to cost ?55,000, but members of the pool committee hoped to raise $15,000 j in donations. If approved at a future time, tyie pool, will be built near the water plant at tht west edge of town. j .Members of the pool commit- I tee include Jack Mertz Jr., chair- Iman, Glenn S c h e 11 h a mmer, I Glenn filair, Mrs. Robert Jones, ILyle Dp'dd, Mrs. Marvin Bell and ICla'd Cargin. Fred Isaacson Engaged To Wed Illinois Girl Charles Fahk of ^Emmetsburg suffered .a painful corn.: picker •accident; recently when his left Ihand caught in husking rollers. •He 1 had stopped the rollers by re- lleSsing the clutch with his foot and was removing the stalks ..vhen the accident happened. His p6t slipped from the clutch for ja moment and the 'rollers went onto gear and mangled -his hand. Mr. and Mrs. William A. 'Nelson. Jr., Elmwood Park, 111., have announced the engagement of their daughter,, Sandra Lee, shown here, to Fredrick,K." Isaacson, son of Nels P. Isaacson, Algona, and Mrs. Betty Isaacson, Gedar Rapids. Both are students at St. Olaf': College, Northfield, Minn., Where -Mr. Isaacson will graduate -this coming June. Np immediate wedding plans have been announced. (Isaacson Photo — UDM Engraving) Bibles are placed in hotel rooms ' by Gideon's Band, a society of traveling men, formed in 1889 in Wisconsin. NOTES OF SERVICE MEN COAST Of CALlFOHNiA *Navy Lt. (jg) Terence S. Kene* fick, son of Dr. and Mrsf. John N. KeAeflck of 616 fi. North st., Algorfa, while serving with Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron 11, participated in a large- scale Navy and Marine Corps Mining exercise off the coast of Southern California. ' More than 40 Navy ships and aircraft squadrons, and elements of the First Marine Division and Third Marine Aircraft Wing took >art' in ..the operation, which fea- ured anti-submarine warfare iperations, missile firing, .carrier jperations and an amphibious as- ault. OAK HARBOR, Wash. — Carl D. Frank, aviation structural me- hanic third class, USN,' son of JLt. and Mrs. Martin H. Frank of Wesley, was awarded a silver rophy as a member / of flight rew six of Patrol Squadron 4 ot the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Wash., which won second in the Whid- bey Air Fair held at the station from Nov.'1 through 5. Dumber 7, 196! Alflona (ta.) Upp«r Dx Moln»»-5 PHONE CY 4-3S3S ^ YOUR NEWSPAPER ^^ LACKLAND AFB, Tex. —Airman Basic Dennis D. Neremj son of Mr. and Mrs. Selmer Nerem of Rural Route^ "LuVerne, Iowa, Is being assigned to .the Unitecr States Air Force, technical -training course : for aircraft maintenance specialists at SheppardAFB, Tex. Airman Nerem, who has completed his basic military training at Lackland AFB, Tex., was selected -for the advanced training on the basis of his interests and aptitudes. • It's the easy, modern" way to arrange get-togethers, maka reservations, put all your holiday plans in order! A long distance call gets things lined up fast... and it costs very . ,. little. Make; sure of a; happy holiday—call right now! I SAVE MONEYI Call statlon-to-statlon. SAVE TIMEI Call by number-It's twice at fttA •; NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY '1 ' "Serve up" a bigger Christmas THIS YEAR! • / See Us For A LOW COST PERSONAL Don't scrimp this Christmas. Make it a wonderful one for your- self and your family. Don't wait to do your Christmas shopping '- It may be too late! Do it NOW! ; '/'i/.'///(/////f Borrow from us today at low bank rates and repay in monthly installments, OWA STATE BANK YOUR PARTNER IN PRQGRfSS Algonq, Iowa Member IT USED I'd Bfi fHAT THERE were twelve months in the year. From January until spring was fouf or five months, the weeks Until ummef vacation were an age, and'the days until my birthday took an lernity. Then, after eons it was Christmas! Nowadays, we have one Christmas right after the other. I no s6oner get the tree taken down and he Christmas mail answered when,! turn around and the holiday is Imost here again, I'll never be ready-for it, I think each year, but mir- cutously when December 25 rolls around Christmas is here ! And Christmas is for everyone — the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the ad and the joyful, . * * * CHRISTMAS IS FOR CHILDREN. All things are possible to the ery young, and if they are a'.little?-long on the "gimmee" aspect of Christmas, it is the adult's own.fault. We are the ones who tell them lat Santa can coyer the whole earth in one night with gifts for' all lildren who have been godd. But children love the story of the Babe Jin he manger and they can'well understand why the wise men came to tore Him, for doesn't everyone love tiny babies? The shadow of the ross does not enter into Christmas for children for .when you are very oung, sin is'a matter of touching something when Mamma says, "No" and sorrow is what you feel momentarily when you break a favorite toy. A sense of wonder is an essential element in enjoying Christmas, and children have an abundance of it. * . *..; . CHRISTMAS IS ?OR THE VEjiiy OLD. Then Christmas is full of memories. There are remembrances Of the time when someone had to stand guard lest the lig nted candles set fire to the tree, through the first strings of lights that wa-ked on series', up to the present day with the" long-glow, neon, bubble- lights, Thera are the lean years and the" fit Ones, the years when Christmas Was celebrated with ones Own small children, then the grand-nildren, ahoY'.Aow the grest-grandchildren. But always4here is the essential Christmas message—the tidings of great joy. CHRISTMAS IS FOR TEACHERS. For weeks in advance of the big day teachers are busy sup< rvising decorations for the school robfh, thinking up easily-made, and w) at they hope will be useful, lifts for the pupils to give to Mom and Dad. T iachers rriake pop-corn balls for the, Christmas party, cookies for the mi -chers" teaaind direct programs. It's a rare teacher who isn't involved :n a progrialn at Christmas. The Wi&srieri have a tendency to giggle during rehearsal,; the soloists invariably come :dowri with tonsilitis or the me'asrts just before the performance and the Ahgels sometimes get into fights mth the shepherds, but somehow the program always turns out to be a huge success. • ..... , ' - * * -.•- ' * . • .-'•'.-, " .-- . • CHRISTMAS IS FOR GROUCHES. Its the one time during the year when; even"< the most crusy can mellow without spoiling their reputations. If; you are going to be perfectly logical, Christmas is filled-with lots Of humbug, frou-frou and commercialism, but there is something about the day that maki J families forget feuds, neighbors forget old grudges^- and professional Scrooges hurry out to buy dolls and toys and give them anonymously for Christmas presents. ...:. * «; * /•••::.-•..'• •••-. ... CHRISTMAS IS FOR POSTMAN.- To them, it miist seem that everybody in the world has a package for Aunt Annie, mailed at the last minute, plus 35 Christmas cards all with postage due. Ever since: the, post office department was established, postmasters have been warning about the last of November, to be sure to mail early for Christmas. But there never has been, nor will be, a tim6 when people do" it. The mail sacks grow heavy, and the bunions get sores and for the postmen part of the joy of Christmas morning is that the rush is over. • * * » . • , CHRISTMAS IS FOR FATHERS/At the first Christmas, a father— a'step-father if you must be technical—was given a precious trilst. He had a sweet young wife and a very special baby on the way and he had no place to shelter them from the cold.' His faith and loving care played a big part in bringing Christmas to .U9. Nowadays, fathers are still play- JS8-. a ^.5??*-to-Christmas. They ha%2 to pay their taxes, even aa,the, • the Holy; Family'did, and a place for their loved ones to"livef food for their hunger, and gadgets and baubles for their delight is a father's first aim. The socks, ties and shirts, probably paid for out of his own money, are but a minute reflection of the joy Fathers get out of Christmas. " . * * « CHRISTMAS IS FOR THE SAD and the bereaved. The onetime occupied chair at Christmas dinner is most poignant the first year it is vacant, but if it weren't for the assurance that Christmas brings, death would ba desolate and there would be no hope for any of us. * * , •* / CHRISTMAS IS FOR THE CHEERFUL. If you get a kick out of Mother Nature's shenanigans all year long, the sight of a fresh snowfall or a pink sunset in December will give you a special life because it is Christmas. The jokes seem funnier, the tinsel more silvery,, the fruitcake nuttier, the greetings warmer, wives more beautiful and husband's foibles more endearing at Christmas, * * * CHRISTMAS IS FOR MOTHERS. Sometimes it seems-that all Moms are good for around Christmas is to be dispatchers to the various holiday) activities, to cook huge mountains of goodies, to write the whole year's letters along with the Christmas cards, to iron choir robes, choose and decorate the tree, select the gifts, and to somehow turn up glamorously groomed at Christmas parties. * * . * BUT CHRISTMAS IS FOR MOTHERS in a very special way. When God choose to come to earth as a child, He picked a simple maid to bear His gift, and for all time motherhood was glorified, Mary bore her Babe, the same way women have been doing since the beginning of time. After it was over with, she knew the joy of holding her firstborn in her arms, just as we do today. And as Scripture tells us she "pondered all these things in her heart". * * * CHRISTMAS IS FOR CHILDREN, BUT IT IS children of every age. If someone says they just don't seem to get the joy out of Christmas that they used to, it is because they have lost some of their child-like wonder. Or perhaps they have prepared their Christmas gifts so far in advance of the day, that when Christmas really comes, all they have left to do is to receive. And it could be that they are thinking more about how Christmas should be for them than they are of how happy they can make Christmas for others. The remedy for this situation, it seems to me is to go out and search for Christmas. It can be found waiting at our doorsteps. * * * ' THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS ONE that has been repeated many times. It's for Grandma's Christmas Stollen. • 2 cups milk, scajded % .cup shortening 2/3 cup sugar 2 tsp. salt . . % teejsp. grated lemon rind 1 teasp. mace 2 cakes compressed yeast 1 4 cup lukewarm water ' " 2 beaten eggs ... 8 cups flour, divided into 4 cups each 1 cup raisins • & cup ehppped citron . V< cup sjivered almonds % cup candied cherries 1 cup dried currants . Combine, milk, shortening, sugar salt, mace and lemon rind. Cool to ukewarm. Add yeast, softened in the warm water. Add eggs and remaining flour. Mix. Let rise' intil double in bulk. Punch down and knead igntly. Add a little more flour if the. .(Jough seems sticky. Form in oaves and let rise again until double, flfafee in 350 degree oven about 45 minutes. Frost if desired. Rate Notice Effective January 1, 1962, the ubscription rates for the Algona icwspapcrs will be as follows: 1 paper, per year — $4, 2 papers, per year — $6. Elsewhere in the U. S. or broad, the rates -will be as folows: 1 paper, per year — $5. 2 papers, per year — $7. wits apply for bolh the Alcana Upper Des Moines and th$ Jfossutii County Advance. The Combination rate at a reduced total remains in effect as before. This is the only subscribtion rate increase made in the cost of the county seat newspapers in the past W years. FILING CABINETS, 2, 3. 4 alao combination lil- cabinets in variety of «»««. Office Supply Pep*., Upper Des Co., Alyona. SHIPPING TAGS per Peg Moinee Pub. Co,, ISO*. 'A You cari apply aldrin granules or fertilizer mixes with a stdnd* •id spreader any time between December 15 and Match 15« Apply aldrin now— save valuable time at planting N ow you can apply aldrin granules or" fertilizer mixes to cornland any time between December 15 and March 15. Aldtin won't evaporate as long as temperatures stay below 60°F. 1 No need to mix aldrin in with the soil. Moisture, aided by thawing and freezing will do the job. Next Spring, aldrin will already be killing soil insects, clearing ths way for corn plants to get off to a good .•tort in life, —' **•• -• '' Up to 20 extra bushels for) ). the price of one ;Xn field trials, corn protected with wiritS^ Applied aldnn lias yielded «n average oil II extra bushels per acre. In some yield increases have run as high as 20 extra bushels. j Cost? About what you make on one extra bushel of corn. Come in or call us today. We have aldrin granules or, aldrin dry fertilizer; ready for immediate delivery. SPENCER PLANT FOODS SPENCER, IOWA Introducing the new Westinghouse U/l electric range with the exclusive MAGIC MIRROR DOOR on, see in... light off, neat as a pin You ere Invited to see the tatest In Westinghouse electric (range design... in modem convenience,,, .* MAGIC MIRROR DOOR-black*glass door gives range tha appearance of a high style cabinet. t PANTRY SHELF-often used utensils, seasoning, and cooking implements have a place right below the oven. t FINE TUNING SURFACE UNITS-you have a choice of 1001 cooking heats in addition to the five marked heats. • PLUG-OUT SURFACE UNITS AND OVEN HEATERS* platform and oven are so easy to clean with heating elements removed, Come in and see. §11 these feaUire§M.and many morel EASY TERMS! Low Down Ppyment ' BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE AtGONA CY 4*3*13

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