The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Page 12
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„ Us! iji doknafn6» Bfows. Hbw dould' 1 have ovMtfoked "Beanie" Allett till now—fierna- dlne, jftu ttnowV "fillife" for Mabel , HSi-gMmves, - "Jake" fbr . El- ftoti Bobbins, ;'fHmy",for(R. L. KobittaulC "Bud" for Thomas Haltiiiv '-Red" for the 'late Har- 'ald Mamiltbn, "Chaittp" for Leon Martih, "Tedo"' for. . Theodore Hutchison and "Stew" fof Stewart McPaddeh. * * * A well known bachelor was 'preparing a chicken dinner, had (he fowl on the stove, fell asleep and when he woke I Oh! What a mess! Shall we advise him to choose ft Wife or 'set an alarm clock? * * * When the Abner Longs were here" recently from Davenport, they went to the Congregational church bazaar and dinner. There they were gratified to meet many old friends/ among whom were Marie Murtagh, Fort . Dodge, and Kate Annis. Ab said^he saw so many old friends {and =1 have added it almost seemed-as the affair Was planned simply for him - .' > •*' ; ; ' Dagwood gefs a Rule tiresome with the dog, bath tub, his boss and his neighbor routine but 1 did get a good laugh over the strip the other day. Dagwood was at his barber's and. was tolo he had "starving follicles." A) home Dagwood asked Blondie if she had any "follicle food". There are quite a number of us who w6uld invest in the food if • there was such. * * * Imagine a person thinking ihey can beat the jewelers racket by trying to clean one's own watch! A bath in alcohol and another cleaner—and the watch landed at the jewelers, oil-less and crystal damaged beyond Using. Let it be a lesson to you penny savers! You .gotta pay. in the end ana believe me, a watch needs lov ing care and kindness! • • - * * I gleaned Ihese from the Methodist Vim. A resourceful missionary fell in the hands of cannibals. "Going to eat me?" he asx. • ed. "Yes", replied the chief.; "Don't do it", advised the mis-' sionary, "you wouldn't like me." i lie took out his pocketknife, | sliced a piece from the calf of his leg and handed it to the chief. The chief grunted and spat it out. The missionary remained for 50 years. He had a cork leg.: * * * Man's body is remarkably sensitive. Pat him on the back ano his head swells. 4 « V Callers whom I always enjoy very much were Bill and Zaidr. Nugent, Des Moines. Tiiey had tome to spend Thanksgiving ana the weekend with Zaida's sister .uoien jJingley and Bill's siruei and husband, Elizabeth and Joe Lowe. We dig back in the pasi quite a way, which is a sign ol years but it's sure fun. Bill is enjoying his retirement from administrator at the Veterans hospital over a considerable number of years and finds plenty to Keep him busy doing the "chore's" "around the house thej recently, purchased. And ol course' there is'always!'8 lot Of yard work to keep him young and busy. They plan to spend a couple of months in Texas, probably in the McAllen area, but won't go till a few weeks after Christmas. « « « Other callers have been Ray and Lila Potter, whom I also enjoy greatly. Too bad Bill and Zaida weren't here at the same time. Bill, Ray, Zaida and I were in high school at the same timfe, and could cover a lot of interesting topics. Ray is retired too and he can also find plenty'to do in the same general category as Bill. As for the women, they are deluged with the same old tasks— cooking, washing dishes, dusting and social outlets. Wonder what would happen if housewives retired? bectes* ihd Mffc aald I Was "resttftg whmUfffiffie or» phoned me the other day does not mean ! was sick. I rest each afternoon from 4 till 6:30 and do not answer phone calls. It just happened one of the girls waf nearby. 1 have told them not to come to answer- because some- tirrfes they are busy^and, at sdtrie distance. So please-, Wftit'till aft ter 5:30, or better $-et' call me at "office hours" 8:30 a.m. 'till 11:30 and 1 till 4 p.m. » ' * » Mr. and Mis. Dick Mittag came Nov. 24 from San- Francisco, Calif., where he has been in service and are now at home here* There are two children" in .the family, Angela and Donnie! A Thanksgiving dinner was delayed until Nov. 26 and "was given at the home of Dick's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mansen. Others in attendance were the.grandpar- ents of Dick, Mr; and Mrs. Oliver Bakken, his grandmother, Mrs. Eva Mittag, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rube, Omaha, Neb., arid, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Cook, Webster City. * . * , » Rumor has it this new zoning idea,is instigated by a church site on Call street, being made 1 ' available for another supermar- kei'; tOWti «««—- — needs two tails strdngly against we need is ING «—"«.-—-—»«..•—; thing to make people 1: wahl^ fa move here—Something fOi* ieb^ other than a few clerks/With' 8» many empty .stores now," if " silly to talk of buSmeg? 4 si6n and cbhie'tip witn$ | store! Well, thjtfeMt M- a jrnei woman's opinion but & havfe v '« right to it and I'm sticking to Itff t have quite t a following,'-believe, it or not. * * '•'« From Mary Benjamin McDade of Orlando, Fla,, through ' sister-in-law, Mrs.'-Mpftul' SASLCI^Hl «*Wj ATXJ.O. -'A «*** .U>«AAJ« ( mln (Alice Moline)4nd 5 to, Agatttfr Hanseh came a' newspaper cljii- ping, yellow with age and-bearing the heading "Hapjiy Surprise Perpetrated", It »tbld',bf ,the:gift of my first wheel chair w"ay bdcH in 1915. Condensed Somewhat the story is this. Having gone to a" Chicago hospital in 1914, i my ailj ment pronounced arthritis,' and having gone through months of misery, I had finally reached the point I wanted to get outdoors, 1 up town and "go places." Since walking was no longer possible, V wanted *ihoseii on6 «~— » °^~ —— rordered.' ^rfeftdt leatfted ,'ttT tnll ;&nd before, 1 dould' sienct fdf ijhe chair, Mary contacted many of 'my friends with the result ttiaf the chair Was drdefed, all Unknown ""'to me'•and cfeiiv fBfternoonr ,1 fcsn stUr my "grt&t surprise and itude knew no *botinds,4 Trite .Was over-subscribed arid the e'x- ,tra cash given to me' to Use as I wished. It Was a Wonderful gesture and my, everlasting, thanks go to Mary and ,ali wha made my mingling with people possible again. .That chair 1 was used many, many years, mades a trip to California fend ebtfered miles there" It was.finally aban? doned and another.took its place.' But I gave it up reluctantly ,and almost tearfully. been so kind to People have rhe over the years. Bless you, every one. Mary, how I'd love to see you, thank you all over > again' and have a good old fashioned "gabfest." Do you remember the many games of 'croflUet y6u,;fd- na Norton; Zada'firtifison arid, I had? Fun? You beti * , , > * * * ' ? " >>'•- Anoihet clipping told about 'tf S^tlaVlSaffi softs when they . livetf- on ihe farhi ih the IrViflgtan area, The trip horiie j ori Mdrtday was quite eVenful. Oana's horses and bobsled had to br^ak the foads jand two fUp-^overs 'resulted. No In* jul|es, e*depf| 'Ipiade's hui-t boi had __.. *.4 rjl * * \* Mrs. William Cook has fo? ihe past several-weeks gone around with the finest embroidered finger In town, or' many miles aroundt I r d say. She was helping put on a storm window^ the wind caught it and ,in' trying* to, save ,it from falling, she; hurt tfir rrliddle find third fingef oh her rlgh,t hand. It took 16 stitches hi the middle to close the wound and it is only a day or two 'ago she took the bandage off. Thd member is ' still very sensitive; and it w}ll be some time yet before it is completely well. She WaS given tetnus shots and Q« .... . . ODM • ClMsifiedi ^ Pay PtTldend. From Kossuth Geda* Palls — Forty-five students from Kossuth County are among the record-breaking Humber of 4,061 persons who enrolled « the State >dollege of Iowa in Cedar Falls this fall. The enrollment marks a 12 per cent increase* over , -last year's* student, population v of 3,616 J arid accounts' -for about 1 .?se$S« 5 per deht'*of th^ 58,888 '- students enrolled at all Iowa colleges, junior colleges and universities,' Local and area students who are studying at the State College are as follows! Algona — Cole,' Mary Ann, Cowan, Patricia Lynn, -Gatton, Nola i Ann,. Haag, Monte Lee,, HftkeV'Sandra Sue, Hansen, Vicki Ann, Herbst, Benjamin S., Hutiell, Laurence Ai} Klein; Laf- ry Duwayne; L6ng, David -Hertry, tfe Anh7p&iMe, Herbert Kifc.-tyfc t. rt ««'«Mfc%''. . v 1 i itty •— ~~',"1-?*J' ' * , "J" 1 !¥-&"•,'!,VJ w'P.'W %**->*'< *w^w , - ""••-• •" Jfarina, Jeanette Lynn. tuVwne — Witzel, i6ft' — ' GatiHllsorf, 'aid " , . Giity •*->• Anderson, Maurice Lee, Qabel, Sandra Lee, Hanson, Curtis Dean, Iflrtrichsen, Joan P^ Jonrildft,' Darlene ,Faye, Larson, ' Gary - Alvin, L'arton, Mary A. H,, Peterson,', Glehdon B. Tiionk'a; — AscHe, Clinton Jon, Eden, Sylvia Aileen, fMoflson, Dehnis Leonard, Nelson, Ellen Marie, '.Richter, , Beverly r Jane, Ullmann, Geraldlne A., Willis, Patricia 1 An«,, ' v , Werie* .-*^Ble|ch, Donna Mae, >\<i;s^\J << &$*S .-£" GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW Town and Country wmmiiiiiiiiii ininiiiiiiimiiiinniiiw Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Algona Farm Machinery - Trucks - Tires Oliver Maiiey-Harrli AlUs-Cbalmen GMC Trucks Flro««on« Phono CY 4-2421 Algona YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR Brons@n Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints soooooBoooees ooooooooeees eeeeooooeet MILL '.YORK | Bi\ilders' Hardware = Tools 1 KLINE Tanks & & REDWOOD Tanks | N. of Jet. Hwys. 1 18 & 169 M Algona - CY 4-4369 | !IHI!II1I!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU! inuiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiMtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiJiinii Kelley Lumber Go. "Our Business Is Building" • L0MBEH • PAINT • CEMENT , ,T (' W,« Aim to Pl»»§» Vtat MUwauk** Depot - Algont niiiiniiiiiiuiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiina^ HW^^ Beechcr Lane Appliances 'Where The FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION In APPLIANCES WB^tijahpuM Frtgldatr* Ptioq* CY 4-HIt Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-35?l Algona lllllllllllllUlllUllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllUllfc BUSCHER BROTHERS IMPLEMENT Buscher Brothers Implement in Algona, owned and operated by Gib and Dick Buscher, is going into its sixth year in serving the needs of the farmer. They feature sales and service for farm equipment. A relatively new business in the community, Buscher Brothers Implement is becoming known as the "Cornsheller Headquarters of Northwest Iowa". At their location at 1015 North Main Street, one block north of the Milwaukee de?ot, Gib and Dick are authorized dealers for nationally-known lines such as MInneapolis-Moline, Papec and Kelley-Ryan equipment. The mechanics in the shop are well known in this orsa for tneir expert workmanship. Open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week, Buscher Brothers I mplement serves both town and country in their sales and servicing. Come in soon and meet Gib a nd Dick and their staff who are always ready and equipped to serve your needs. 'fS(f((/sjjfffrssrf(/ff(fffffss""SfS//, 1 ^a Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Molina - Kelly-Ryan - Rape* New Idea Farm Machinery / ONLY $ 3 95 WITH ANY SMITH-CORONA PORTABLE This Christmas... you can give a gift with a gift! ... A new Smith-Corona Galaxie Portable Typewriter and the Ten-Day Touch Typing Course on records . . . The perfect gifts for the entire family!.., Now every member Cgn become an expert typist in just ten days., with the exclusive Smltb-^ftfPiM Ten-Day Touch Typing Course. You'll !w rn on the world s faiteit manual portable typewrite/ .,, The Galaxie is tualiTy-built by American crafts- WMi'.. it tePk? as good as it dawrat Just $5 .. ratp> colors to choose from. can put a UPPER DES MOINES Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service D H INIIRHATIOIUi HAMtflU Phone CY 4-3501 Algona YOUR COUNTRY Meet Joe Miller Of Rural Burt CpUflfQUf , M«ln St. Phone CY 4-S45J 0|7 7 "^ ?*•* £" ', &• " _,.'« ^\.i^. -' "-^ • - *• Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped T« Serv* You Completely"' Plumbing - H««iiag Sheet Molal CM or ou uau* Pump* WATCH THIS SPACE EVERY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEIGHBOR This week's Country Neighbor, Jpe MUler, is a lifelong resident of Kosswth gounty. For the past eight years, he has farmed 160 ecro lour miles north ol Algona on' highway 168, Mr Miller, son of the late Mr and Mrs George Miller, WM born and raised at Bancroft, He also began fanning there. Ht follows a varied farming practice and has always raised hogs, and for several years raised cattle — switching to sheep five years ago, tie normally markets from 120 to 15Q head of sheep and 150-200 head of hogs each year, Cross-bred Rogs are bis favorites because they withstand disease well, He also raises coin, oats and beans «n4 does custom baling and combining ajl over this area. MM Milto if the former to,}* Weber, diwgWer of Ml Mil Oave Webe» «| U«e Rock, kpi* operates 9 stQie si their {arpi. The MJfen wtie Ml^ have four fhjldies, Tojn,.gffej!«|tt, Wwy e»4, baj toe* brothfn, Densld, D»vid 3*4 Robert also has three brothers in tWl f|««< Mr Cullen Hardware Owr Own " A Complete line Of Hardware t t Tooli • Bldg. Supplies Phone CY 4,4630 AIGONA

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