The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1961 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Page 7
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PQ06-, DART 4-dr. with 6-eyflnder engine, only 21,000 actual miles. lf H Station wagon .<-> AJ 4>tfo6p, ' with Ai/tomatle , , transmission radio. CHRYSLER New Yorker 4-door Se,dan with all the pbwer (brakes, steering, transmission, etc.) A beautiful car with radio, red and white finish. CHRYSLER Windsor 4-dr. -Sedan with power steering, power brakes; rpdio. DODGE 4-dr., 8 Cylinder, automatic transmission, 2 tone greep and mqtor overhauled. ' DE SOTO 4-door,,one of the best we've seen, radio, automatic transmission, ' fully equipped. PERCIVAL MOTORS South; Phillips Algona DODGE - DART DEALER 1956 1955 1954 Atlantic City, N. J. erected the [first boardwalk in the world at the cost of $5,00*0.. LATEST LISTINGS OF SCHULTZ BROS. TOP USED CARS i I960 STUDEBAKER Lark 4 door Sedan. Straight 3 speed transmission with V-8 Mo. tor and radio, low mileage car. 1959 PONTIAC Bonneville, 2-dr. H.T., Power Steering, power brakes and Radio. A-l Condition. 1959 PONTIAC Carolina 2-doqr, 11959 CHEVROLET 9-passenger station Wagon, with Power Steering, straight transmission, overdrive, radio and electric rear windows, VERY CLEAN. 1957 OLDSMjOBILE 98 4 door Holiday H.T. P.S., P.B., Electric Windows & Seats. Color Is white. Very good tires. Clean as a new car. J957 STUDEBAKER Hawk, 2-dr. Hardtop, power brakes and pbwer steering. 1956 PQNTIAC Star Chief 4-dr. H.T, White tires, Radio, automatic trans., looks and drives like a new car. 1956 FORD Station Wagon 2 door. Six cylinder motor, with overdrive and radio. New snow tires. Runs and Drives very good. 1955 PACKARD Clipper 4-door Sedan, tutone Black and white, very clean. 1955 PLYMOUTH V-8, 4-door Sedan, Radio and overdrive. One owner, low mileage car, 1955 PONTIAC Star Chief 4-dr. Automatic Trans., Radio, New White Tires, colored glass and large hub caps. KVe hqye a very gpod selection $f elder ««rs that will make you aogd transportation. Some theapies, some junkers, some dandle;. We are 9<jlng to move Ihese «o dpn't delay. FREE TURKEY WITH iViRY USED CAR FROM NOW TILL CHRJSTNASI PIRiCT BROADCASTS OVER KLQA FROM MS to 7i30 A.M. IVfRY MONDAY, WBONISDAY AND PRIPAY MORNING I Schultz Bros. TMNIPttfATUMI HSAPQUARTBRS Rebekahs Meets The Algona Rebekah Lodge will meet Dec, 12 at the Izaak Walton hall for a 6:30 pot luck supper. Please bring a coverec dish and own table service. Meeting will follow the supper, Free Movies The Kossuth Dental Association is sponsoring a free movie at the Algona Theater Feb. 10. All grade school children can get admittance' cards from their family dentist and" attend the movie either at 10 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. Council Minutes COUNCIL MINUTES The City Council, met NoV; 29, 1961 with James Whittemore, Mayor Pro Jem, arid the following council members: M"<:key, Elbeft, Andfeason, Finn and Relrce. Absent: Mayor Shlerk. Sidewalk ' petltlort for sidewalk In Blk. 189 Calls Addition was read and placed on flld in the Clerk's office. Action was tabled. : Beer permits were granted to The Johnson House and American Legion Post. Authorized mehibers 6f the City Council to attend a Road Use Tax meeting at Mason City. Iowa Dec. 7, 1961. , Resolution Was adopted to transfer $1300.00 from Storm Sewer to Sanitary Sewer fund. •. ' Discussion was held on the proposed rezoning of certain area to commercial. Several members of the Planning & Zoning Comm. were present. GENERAL Shierk, Salary ____ — u. _____ $ 112.50 Smith, Salary ... ..... . _____ 224.40 Indiana U Press, Book ______ 6.95 D. Welter, Canvass Votes ____ 5.00 la. State Bank, W'Hold. ____ 19.10 D. M. Stationery, Mdse. „___ 12.15 NW Bell, Telephone ____ ... 25.66 M. Parrott, Supplies __i_ ---- 31.52 STREET Burtis, Salary . ............ . 138.39 Frambach, Salary ---------- 126.29 Lashbrook, Salary ------- ... 170.49 Metzen, Salary _______ ..... . 132.69 Myers, Salary .... __________ 125.67 Pergande, Salary" ----------- 168.45 Prew, Salary ______________ 142.69 la. State Bank, W'Hold. ____ 81.00 Cities Service, Gas „ ...... .. 92.88 Natl. Chemsearch, Mdse. ____ 105.12 NW Bell, Telephone ........ 12.91 Norton Machine, Repairs ---- 39.14 PUBLIC SAFETY Boekelman, Salary __________ 272.56 Bulten, Salary - ..... _______ 225.76 Hutchison, Salary *• --------- 227.95 Jorgenson, Salary ---------- 235.97 McBride, Salary ..... . ..... 197.74 Elbert, Salary _____ • ..... ... 15.00 Kohl, Salary ___________ -_-- 20.00 Voigt, Salary . ..... ________ 204.00 la. State Bank, W'Hold ..... 197.50 Trust & Agency, Pension ____ 16.11 Cities Service, Gas __________ 96.75 Groen, Expenses ------------ 18.47 NW Bell, Telephone -------- 30.85 SANITATION ; Baas, Salary ______________ \ 93.50 Leeck, Salary _ ...... _______ 114.17 Courtney, Salary ----------- 93.50 la. State Bank, W'Hold ____ 2.70 American Pipe Cl., Services 3,500.00 Reiner Helmers, Maintenance _ 203.45 NW Bell, Telephone -------- 15.31 Frederick Hdwe., Mdse. ---- 1.42 SEWER RENTAL Gronbach, Salary ----------- 128.39 Lemkee, Salary -- ---------- 174.43 la. State Bank, W'Hold ..... 21.90 American Pipe CL, Services .- 2,067.25 Reiner Helmers, Maintenance - 15.23 NW Bell, Telephone „_--__- 16.82 Norton Machine, Repairs .- — 1.60 Rockwell Mfg., Repairs -— - 118.83 Zep Mfg., Cleaner ------ ... 517.74 DEBT SERVICE la. Statc^Bank, Interest -— la.-Oas Moines Natl., Bonds . 22.50 8,000.00 - i 70.00, P/iKKING METER Groen, Salary •• — ---Riley, Salary Sands, Salary Ir. State Bank, W'Hold Trust & Agency, Pension — P. M. Repair Service, Repairs Published in the Algona Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, December 5, 1961. 251.63 30.00 100.25 55.30 2.87 17.50 CARS ALL LATE MODEL CARS CARRY l^YEAR G W CAR WARRANTY! 1961 FORD Fairlane 4-dr., V-8, Fordomatic, almost brand new, only 2,500 miles. 1960 FALCON 4-dr. Deluxe model, Standard Trans,, exceptionally nice. 1957 FORD Fairlanp "500" 2dr. Fordomatic and radio, 1955 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-dr., V-8, Radio and Power- Glide. 1954 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-dr., Power Glide and Radio, very clean. 1954 FORD Custom 4-dr., V-8, radio and Standard Trans. 1954 CHEVROLET "210" 4-dr., Radio, & Standard Trans- miislon. 1953 PONTIAC 4-door. 1951 FORD Cuslom 2-door. MOTOR CO, fOBO i MICON Stilt* & S«rvic« CY 4-3504 Al 8 ong THE SURE WAY TO GET FASTEST RESULTS I Algona Upper Dei Mpines Classified Rates oc Per Word, Cash in Advance 7c Per Word, charged ^ 50c Minimum Copy Deadline Monday, 4 ji. m. ? PHONE CY 4-3535 • UDM Want Ads Reach Qver 5,600 Families Each'Week 1 FOR SALE, general FOR SALE — Fireplace' wood. Seasoned Oak, cut any length and delivered. Bob Deal. CY 4-3045. 49 FOR SALE — Purebred Chester White,male hogs. Bert Goeders, Armstrong. . 48-49 FOR SALE — Purebred Spotted Poland China fall and spring boars. Bert Geerdes and son, 3Vfe S., IVz E. of Lakota. 41Tfn HEAVYWEIGHT TARPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PRICES. IF WE HAVEN'T .GOT IT OR CANT GET IT, IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED. DIAMOND'S. Ifn FOR SALE — Homelite chain saws. Robert Deal. CY 4-3045. 49 FOR SALE — Portable hog house, 12 x 18, plank floor. Fred Merkle, LuVerne, Turner 2-3459. 49* FOR SALE — Purebred Poland China boars. Long rugged individuals. Bangs and Lepto tested. Grade _and yield over $2.00 per cwt. ab'ove market. John Bockes, Lu Verne, Iowa. 46-3* FOR SALE — A few assorted school desks, various sizes. These are the same as youngsters use in school, would make a good gift, and should help ^n study habits. Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Algona. ' (48tf) FOR SALE — Chester "White Boars: Top bloodlines; long, rugged, meat type, vac.-tested. —C. F. Whalen, Titonka, Iowa. (47-50*) FOR SALE — Reconditioned Smith- Corona portable typewriter, $45. Upper Des Moines Pub Co., Algona. (48tf) FOR SALE — 1 pair tractor tires, 36 x 11, Wheels included. Fred Merkle, LuVerne. Turner 2-3459. 49* FOR SALE — Purebred Poland China boars, meat type. We have received up to $2.23 per cwt. over market on grade and yield. Bangs tested. Peter Erpelding and Sons, 1 mile W. and % N. of Jets. 18 and 169, Algona, and Maurice Erpelding, ',_ E. 5 S., Titonka. 49-50* FOR SALE — Purebred Berkshire boars, meaty type, bangs tested. Peter Erpelding and Sons. 1 mile W. % North Jet. 18 and 169, Algona. 49-50* FOR SALE — Hospital-type Vini- Sol, qt, size. Cleans - deodorizes disinfects, $1.89 qt. STOEBER HARDWARE, Fenton. (49-52*) QUALITY USED CARS . at FAIR PRICES 1—1981 Ford Fairlane, 6 Cyl. Ford- omaiic drive $1795 1—1960 Chev. Impala 4-dr. hard- lop, V-8, auto. Tr., power steering, like new $1995 1—1960 Plymonlh Savoy. V-8, Stick shift. R & H $1385 1—1960 Chev. Biscayne 6, stick shift, R. fc H $1495 1—1958 Chev. Impala convertible, 348 engine, 3 carbs, auto, trans., power steering and brakes $1295 1—1959 Rambler 6, 4 dr. stick shift, like new $1495 1—1958 Chev. Biscayne 4-dr. 6 Cy}., overdrive - $1045 1—1958 Ford V-8, avUo. Trans., 300 — $ 975 1—1959 Chev, 6 Cyl. St. Trans, Bel A»r , $1295 1—1957 Ford 6 Cyl. 300 _~ $730 1—1958 Mercury V-8 $ 950 1—1957 Ford V-8 300 $ 795 1—1954 Chev. 4-dr, 210 —- $ 272 1—1954 Pontiac. Make us an offer I 1—1954 Siudebaker. Make us an offer 1 1—1953 Olds, 2-dr,, stick shift, mi is — Huns Goqd $ 9$ 1—1947 Jeep, 4 wheel drive, new paint $ 37§ 1-1355 OeSoio Fjredome V-i, Auto. Trans. - $ 295 1-1954 Char. 4-dr, 210 —- $ 295 1-1954 Dodge —- - $ 285 1—1954 F»r4. O'dijve 6 .... $ 295 KRAUSE "66" SERVICE Fenton, Ipwa (48) Lost & Found LOST — Ladies Gold Hamilton watch ui Algoua, Nov. 2glii. REWARD. Mrs. John B. Wilson Phone CY 4-4048. ' ' ' 'W FOUND — At Plum Creek gravel pit, chain with cross. Inquire Upper Des Moines._ (49*) Farm Equipment USEt> FARM MACHINERY Polar Permanent Anti-Freeze,' gaL .-., .-—'- $1.69 . In your container NEW HEIDER" MIXER BOXES ON HAND 1—1951 Allis Chalmers WD ( trac* tor, A-l shape, w/3-i4 in. mounted plow —*. .- $1060 1—Rubber tired wagon $ 45 1—1944 "B" J,D. tractor $ 325; 1—Horn wide-front loader, with both buckets, A-l shape. _„• . .BARGAIN 1 1—IHC plow, 3-14, Super Chief bottoms, throw away shares „_ $250 1—40 ft. Stanhoist flair portable elevator, 3'years old. —— $ 310 1—3 H.P.. Electric'Motor. 1—Stanhoist Loader w/snow bucket .—_— _ $190 i—Humboldt Loader w/snow bucket . $150 l—New Idea tractor spreader —________— $190 i—J.D. 40 ft. portable elevator, 2 -wheel trucks. .: $125 1—1937 JD tractor "B" .. $126 i—John Deere "B" .tractor, 1946, painted and overhauled $425 1—Used Hammermill __ $ 35 ALL PRICED TO SELL I 1—Model 70 Knipco New Heater, 'Demonstrator 1 $ 95 1—New 'Red Hen Space Heater, : , Large Size, Demonstrator $175 BEHLEN CORN CRIBS & BINS WALSH & SIOUX CORN CRIBS WEISBHOD IMPLEMENT Fenton. Iowa (49) TRUCKS 1^1960 Bl'12 with V-8 motor, % T, J.---AM 80 JH Metro—— Bargain i—iy49 Dodge 1-T Truck,, with box, TRACTORS 1—560 Diesel 'Demo.' Save $$$ J.-rl950 "MD' ! with_remote control and 9-speed $1393 1—Iao3 WD Allis Tractor, A-l, new M & W, S & P $1051) 1—lUdO Farmall "C". 1—F-30, good $ 250 1—19dO K- 4oO with FHTC. MISCELLANEOUS 1—200T Iri Tractor Spreader, A-l $ 225 i_44 ft. Little Uiant Elevator. 1—Caswell Hi-Life Loader with Snow Bucket 1. $ 150 1—Continental Stalk Cutter with New Hammers, A-l $ 250 1—18 ft. Wide Type John Deere Disc, A-l —— $ 175 1—Bear Cat Mill with discharge auger. ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. (4?) For Rent FOR RENT — House in the country, 5 rooms and bath, garage, water furnished, call Harley Hanson, CY 4-2bb3. 49-bO FOR RENT — FURNISHED & heated apartment, close-in, private entrance, private bath. See Bjustrom Furniture. 45tfn FOR RENT — Partly furnished nine room house and garage, 122 South Minnesota. 48-49 Real Estate FOR SALE — Nice 2 bedroom bungalow, recreation room, garage, call CY 4-3220 after 5 p.m. Algona. 49* LOTS FOR SALE 2 Lots N. E. Algona __ Only $1800 -i Lots N. E. Algona __ Only $1500 PAVL M, 8BBLEV Algona, la. CY 4-3174 FOR SALE — 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home op Potter's Hill. Oil Heat, Garage and Breezeway. lajge tot, Irving Urch, CY 4-2977. (30tf) FOR SALE — H.OUSC, stove and lot in Algona. Pfc- 5861 Bancroft. 48-49* Wanted WANTED TO BUY —- A,lfaU§ hay. Ernie Nauman, phiae 11 on at; g H rt, MEN, JS, to 4jj needed as Concrete Construction Technicians - MUST Bl QUALIFIED - Only men \va.ntjpg to get ahead; njeeej. apply The Conciete Constt'uctiou Field i_ may have a place for you. If you • qualify we will train ybti in three " short weeks for a BIG PAYING " J CAREER* in concrete;' construction. ROOM & BOARD at no extra cost while in training. FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE ANY; WHERE. NICC Wants only those men interested in their future to , apply. Write to; National Institute ' of Concrete Construction, Inc., 4444 Nakoma Road, Madison S, ..Wisconsin. . (48-49) WANT TO LEASE! -; com stalk llnd. Ernie Nauman, phone 11 on 88, Butt, la. (23tf) Card Of Thanks iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiii CARD OF THANKS '<• I want to thank all of the people ^ho supported me in the Algona newspapers campaign. — * Mrs. Imelda Engesser. .. - ' < 49* CARD OF THANKS ' I wish to thank my friends and relatives for cards and letters received while in St, Mary's hospital in Rochester, also the Presbyterian church for the lovely flowers and Rev. Brower for his call. — Jess Dugan. . 49* CARD OF THANKS ,1 would like to thank all patrons for their subscriptions during the campaign. I enjoyed meeting old and new friends, and although I didn't win first, it was fun'trying. Josephine Gouge. ;.- . _.' 49* CARD OF THANKS A sincere thank you ; fo all relatives, friends and neighbors, for the wonderful gifts and cards received on our golden wedding anniversary. sSHhe hostesses that helped make is'.' a' wonderful ^occasion'. \ which will-' always be remembered. • •-- Mr. and Mrs Joe Arndorfer, Mr and Mrs Sylvester Arndorfer and Mr afid Mrs'Albert Gould. ••' : ^ ,1 '49* CARD, OFTHANkS We extend our sincere 1 thanks for Mass intentions, spiritual bouquets, flowers' and food; • to the Riverdale- Friendly Club for; their assistance in the home and the dinner they served; to the Catholic Daughters of America for their help and to the neighbors and friends for their many acts of kindness. — The Family of Mary Capesius. 49* New WafchmdiT For Swea City Jack Stouder, formerly of Es- theryille, has been hired to replace Ray Hurst as night watch- mati' r and maintenance man at Swea City. Stouder is 45, married, and a Swea City resident ,as of this week. He is experienced at operating equipment, according to town council spokesmen. WANTED! FARM AUCTIONS - PHONE CY 4-3393 Algona DALE YUNGEBERG 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE LICENSED & BONDED 40-50 NOTICE OF PROBATE Of WILL STATE OF IOWA Kossuth County ss. IN DISTRICT COURT No. 7990 October Term, 1961 TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: , . YOU AREi HEREBY NOTIFIED, That an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Wifl and Testament of Mary A. Capesiu's, Deceased, dated December 5, 1960, laving been this day filed, opened and read, Monday thfe 18th day of December, 1961, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the" Court House Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 'ten o'clock A. M., of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear,' and show cause, if any they have, why instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for-the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, December 5, 1961. Alma Pearson Clerk of the District Court Delia Welter, Attorney Algona, Iowa Knechts Hosts Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Knccht entertained their card club Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Geilenfeld won high score prize and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kpl- ley were winners of the low score prize. FOR RENT — Warm, clean, fur nished upstairs apartment, Caughey's across south from Bryant. Herbst Real Estate. 49 Thursday, December 7, 1961 Algona (la.) Upper Dei Molnes-7 Barber Parly A Christmas party was held Tuesday! evening at the Moose Hall by Kossuth county barbers and their wives, with 35 or 46 couples attending. There was a gift exchange and cards following. RAILROAD Communications . Mean High Pay Permanent, Secure Future Good Benefits Chance For Advancement Gale Institute, Inc. will train you in this Interesting field at their beautiful, modern resident school with latest techniques. Requirements are: High School Graduate Able to pass railroad physical examination. Our representative will be In your area soOn. For personal Interview send name, age and phone number to: GALE INSTITUTE, INC. Box 179 Fort Dodge, Iowa K E Y S MADE at CoasMo-Coast Algona USED APPLIANCES AT BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE BUY OF THE WEEKI VM Console Stero ____ $129.95 Oil Burners 10" Duotherm $59.95 13" Duotherm with blower ______ $49.95 8" Duotherm Kitchen ''Heater .___ $34.95 1-100 Gal Fuel Tank. Custom Drapery Headquarters By A Decorating Consultant Be Sure — Be Right . See Bjustrom Furniture, Algona Illllllllllli THERE'S A REASON WHY MORE and MORE PEOPLE ARE BUYING and CARPETING PETERSEN "FURNITORE IN FENTON Quality Furniture With Realistic Price* COME AND SEE FOR YOURSELF JOHN WORRELL & CO. ESTHERVILLE, IOWA Beef & Pork Packers EVERY DAY BUYERS OF CHOICE FAT CATTLE CATTLE BUYER GERALD FRANKL CALL ALGONA, CYpress 4-4814 OR ESTHERVILLE, EMerson 2-2344 When Ready To Sell - Call Worrell! (Z EQWI Ranges Electric Apartment' $39.95 G.E. 36" $59.9S Westlnghouse 40" $79.91 Kelvlnator 40" $69.94 40" Gas Range $59.95 T-V SETS Sylvania 24" Console, New Picture Tube — $169.9j 21" Sylvania Console __ $99.93 17" Crosley Table Model/New Picture Tube $74.95 21" G.E. Table Model __ $99.95 Ironer ironrite Ironer. __ Reg. $329.95 Now $124.95 Refrigerators 2—Westlnghouse 9 cu. Ft. $49.95 Each l-Kelvinator 9 Cu. Ft. 4 Yrs. Old $99.95 1-G.E. 10 Cu. Ft. I year Guarantee — $99.95 ea. Washers & Dryers I—Westinghouse Laundromat $99.9J Water Heaters Hotpoint 50 gallon Electric. $ 49.95 30 Gallon Rheem Gas Water Heater, Repossessed, 6 Mo. Old — $39.93 Diamond's Gifting Specials! 17-JEWELED INCABLOC WATCH Unbreakable Mainspring f Waterproof • Sweep Second Hand 3.71 1-JgWit WATCH $7.99 Plu* Tax 2-yesr Warranty 3-PIECE Set AS I.OW AS 10.00 Plwi T*x "- up 19*47,77 5-QZ, BONDED Inner or Outer Wear REGULARLY $18.90 2.99 All Siiei - 36 to 52 Washable Tool DIAMOND'S USED ELECTRIC MOTORS We have them, all sites 14 H.P, 1/3 H.P., 1/6 H.P. all won) OK. MISCELLANEOUS foungstown 42" Cabinet Sink Regular $129.93 NOW * 99,94 New Home Desk, Model Walnut Cabinet Sewing Machine _,__„„ - $99,95 Lionel Dec, Train Complete with Switches, And A««s». ,— $49.94 or Eleetrie Cansel Sewing Machine S«ve $100 $99,99 FOR RENT -WAREHOUSE SPACf:. LOAPING DOCK, E- 16CTRICITY, GOOP LOCA[ION, CHEAP. EASY TERMS IF DESIRED BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE ALGONA

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