The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1961
Page 2
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ftrd Birthday 2LuVerne — Mrs. "Amelia Hanselman was honored Sunday on albn of- her 73rd birth'"'' wa§"fi6crl,,GUestf thirsts with and Mrs. [htef Mr. - r fam- .If.'iThd Mrs, Vomon, Paul, . !>fld Mrs. Keith Voss and chJHfffe, Mr, and Mrs. Carl Hanselman Kris and Mary fillen. They brdttghrglfts and birthday Cake for the refreshments. • Mr. and Mrs. Laurel Bentley, Dawn and, Phil of Faiffield vis.; ited 'Saturday and Sunday w|th Mrs. Behtley'sl father', Mr. an ''' Mcdlaran Deo, 12 fosrtfieir gift exchange Chflstma^-party. En'••«,; *Al>ert Genii Stevens, Mrs. Senior*. Holt Bali, Christ- (pronounced Skwiss'key). Here's an all-American fa» vorite...whiskey and Sijuirfc, Blend or straight, Squirt makes it great! Recipe,: Use a bar glass with 2 fingers of your favorite rye orbourbonwhiskey.Fillwith ice cold naturally dry Squirt. Switch from sweet to Th> Squirt Company ]Vfr. and Mrs. Melvin Kublj visited his mother Mrs. Emms Kubly in Renwick Sunday. ' Mrs. Ralph t>imler visited Fri day' to Monday in Fbrt Dodge with her daughters • Mrs. G^qrge Goodner a'fid 'the Maurice Espland families. August Pergande attended ! six{h district convention of Vet rafts of World War I at Britt Sunday. Pot' luck was served at noon. Dr. .and Mrs. J. E. Shultz of Pella visited his mother, Mrs Mary Shultz Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Arthur Dimler entertained the Birthday Bridge Club Friday evening. Guest players were Mrs. Wilma Tiede and Mrs. Walton De Witt. Mrs. Melvin Kubly was hos- less to her canasta club Thursday evening. High, Mrs. Lee Wittmeier, low, Mrs. Herman Hinz. The Christmas party,- with husbands as guests will be at the Lee Wittmeier home. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Henderson entertained their winter card club Saturday evening. High, Keith Voss, Mrs. Myron Hinz, nine hid, Myron Hinz. The next party to be Jan. 6 with Mr. and Mrs. James Stahl. Mr. and Mrs. Don Miller were guests. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Warmbier were hosts to their winter card club Sunday evening. High, Mr. and Mrs. Harding Hansen, :ow, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Zentner. Tied for travel, Mrs. 'Robert Nielsen, Mrs. Warmbier. Hosts Dec. 17 will be Mr. and Mrs. larold Nielsen, Jr. Tuesday club will meet in the :arm home of Mrs. Norma E. Former Algona Man Will Wed Minnesota Girl Dr. and Mrs, W. J, Pitblado of Roseau, Minn, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Susanne, shown here, to Marvin Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl B. Miller of Spring Valley, Minn., former Algona residents. Miss Pitblado is a junior, majoring in elementary education, at the University of Minnesota and is currently representing northern Minnesota in the 1962 Miss Minnesota contest. Mr. Miller attended Iowa State University, Ames, and is now a juniqr in the college of business administration at the University of Minnesota. (UDM Engraving' WONDERFUL FEELING! f W\ V. <v« v «? >v <*% •/ v^t'l i ,te-V "MIT» *•*«*• THE 4 IN 1 HOME LOAN PLAN IT'S QOQD to know that you wpn't be caught with a depleted b§nH acpoun.1 when the time rolls around each year'io pay jaxes ^nd insurance premiums. That's one pf IJiQ (^^'tfr^S hpjuepwners like best about the mortgage Joan tftfy J$V| \yith us. Each month, a part of their payment is placed' * n escrow to pay taxes and insur • »r$? Brfinlyiflig whf{l tJiey ^ due. The rest goes toward Interest and principal on their loan. It's part of our nw>«tern hope finajicjng service. HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MAKING 4 FAMILY TO and Mr^. JTormafl' Larson and family of Badger visited her mother, Mrs. Jessie Sartford Sunday and they were supper-guests of the Wayne Sanfords. ; Mrs. Jessie Sanford, her daughter Mrs. - James Tfauger and Larry were Monday overnight guests of their daughter and Sister, the Iryin McCfowahs at Clefir Lake. Richard Wermersen of Sioux Falls, S. D., was a Sunday overnight guest of his mother,,Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lichty. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sorensen of s Cedar Rapids visited Mr. and Mrs.'ttarry Lichty Sunday to Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs". Clarence ; ZaUgg of Algona were honored with a party at their home Saturday evening on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. Guests were Mr. and . Ituder, Mr, and Mrs,, and Mrs. E%rflifln>^HeififeH, gona. 800 Wast 1 played, and _ money tree presented as a gift, followed- by refreshme**«"•*-•' ;" ; - Musld' MotherS-'.'.'met, Mh iii^ school lunch room Nov. 27 with* Mrs. George Schnetzer presiding;; Mrs. William Erpeidlng r 'freasti£< er, gave report 'on "then* luncli progam aftef each gam^ to dafl.- There will be no 'December meet-" ing, next to be Jan. 22. Hostesses were lylrs. Thees Schnakeribetg. " "JSj S,chnetzer, Mrs^ Leo Foz. , \ Ferdinand Meyer entefed'Luth- eran hospital, Fort Dqdge, Monday for observation and possible surgery. t ' ' r Mr..and Mrs. Jack Guy had as' guests' for a fish fry , Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Guy ; Giddings, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wolf, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Pechumer, VTr. and Mrs. Stanley .Genrich. iMrs. Charles Kanselman iEurned SaturdayJfom Ljfttheff hospitt .e was a Rev. .Jol 'dge, ,dls . Unitei Occupied the pulpit 6f the .Verne church Sunday. : *TMr. a; ^are r paVents of, a ,_. Dec. 4 at St. Ann' lona, They now" 'TiWf~ 'three" iflughters' afld , 5 thrie rt Mf, s ,., > v ' 'j ' ' • •" '---"•' -*• -JB fl ^TJil " ' -^B % *t £"t, RI ,i'J» i 'n '.'J'"' f£ J J , TiTj* f^ • "& ''B(gfurn.6^Y^r ;:r .' Conferences At Ledyard School Ledyard — t Th'ere, w^s , ho school for the Ledyard Community School pupils Monday of, last week" due to Parent-Teacher conferences. The teachers report that the following percentage of. parents came , for , their conference fcs J l! i 100%, foUrthi Si apptiitttr *-"$»« ithi 'MWasi SP^JZegM^,,-. -, __ averagi %r the school five of .the tekch ers had 100% of the parents as•signed - to them - *comr > *"lnv i they were 3fltai'<t/tMUf< ^fft'"" Anaemfl/ Supt. -DeBoer;- Mrs.- • Bosch-had ,,.. ., , ( . , ._ ials' is considered "a, very- gopd ' the grades "arid 'tin ' ' 1 roq e a n- usfia11y'' > gbdd' for the 'high 1 school. f ?•• •' »'•- - '.-•......*. •" -•> •• < Marguerite M. Haytft Mrs. Elmer Dole, accompanied Dole, te>wi,to, y. Mrs'. Maty 1 a doctor there Will also Visit at .r. and Mrs.' 366 r. ' - - w. V. 0. Mullih of 8ass Lake, Minn, spent several days this week at the hbflie of mruitef,- Mfg. -olive Hfiftse A.' • Emily OtFcBtetodWd, BW ,8th birthday pec. 2 and entertained a'group of little friends, .Ed'TrnmerfalVMgr. of .toff 'PM> (M nattendjfd-; a. Mleytf meeting' at fie's Moines Monday, Dec. 4, The \yibben Construction :Co. of, Algpna Is now erecting a new barn _at,the' Robert Skllllng farm. Hurt In Crash Marilyn' Lowman,, daughter .of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Bowman, Algoha,* suffered a compound fracture of the knee cap 'in an accident' Friday at Davenport where she is physical education teacher, Ralph Smith, 54, of Dav- Ml MOINES DISCOUNTED FOOD PRICES!! JVST CA&T BEAT TttAT NATIONAL'S FAMOUS, LEAN, PURE Fresh GROUND PRICES THRU DEC. 9th QUANTITY RESERVED Guaranteed <o Satisfy or Your Money Refunded National's Easy Slice* HAM 49 C LPKV7. TTw QUALITY Af It'j . Juicy Best. PERU. COMPLETELY BONED, FULLY COOKED, it's «l «ating meat—Tender and juicy,< brimming wHfc sugar cured goodneu. WHOLE, PER LB.. HILLSIDE HICKORY SMOKED Sliced Bacon m TOP TASTE Braunschweiger 49 BOOTH'S Seafood Dinners SCALLOPS or SHRIMP , 0 . O r Your Choice :PKS... 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