The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 10
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.,PAGE EIGHT =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON: Parables of the Kingdom BT.YTOEVILLE, (ARK,). qoURIBR NEWS Text: Mail. 13:1-5Z' The International Uniform Sun. day School Lesson for .March II BY WM. E. OII.ROY, It. 1). Kditor of The Conjrrirallonallsl The teaching of, was largely in terms of illnstra- tfon. Nfucli of what ho !md to pioclaim was too high and deep for people to understand, if he had .sought lo express It to lliciu In hnguage remote from life nnd daily experience; sr ho liucrproi- td ihe high teaching In lnii;iiar<? nnH in pictures iliii- lih readers might' better understand H is true llio.i, even willi Hie Gi.ri^jflentlon o: his (euchitix, Mime v.ho heard did no: n\- miys understond, and ilir-y ranif asking to have the meaning ol the parables explained to them. In some Instance. 1 -. Je.sus gave a (Mailed explanation, as for instance of the iMi-able of UH; f»»er and iho seed, and we liavc ihli rxploualion along with th" parable. Tlie advantage of leaching by parables is [hat those who llsun are more likely lq retain wlmi ihey hear, and llioy always me looking for some deeper nnd fuller meaning than llicy h:n- apprehended at first. • * * We sluriy a parable or n story. (old to express or Illustrate Iriilli. to discover same meaning thai we hud not ijnis|>cd at, whereas some truth expressed In n Dlain Mini nmtrr-of-faci Mutc- nieni would b" taken muiv liK«-- I.v for Us imill<>r-oMiicliie!», without concern nlxml Its d<r|X-r We hnve .si-en ilii. slnlemeiit Jnade [hat [he implies (ii Jt'.sus re undfrsioml hy cvi-rytwxly. That ts not nil,'. Jr.sus hlrnwll complulnrd iluit his did not grasp Ills ini'uiiinir. and lie ii'prcnchrd c-ven clic disclplc.s wllii li"l»S dull ol lu-unuj!. Ncvef- tli«less. the triuli |»obaljly sniilt In more deeply ami was morel c-apalili; of b"hv; uiidci.storiit be:-1 of the .•irnpli: .story form I In which Jesus |]i-c.-,enlrd u. Illusiinled In tiie parable of til li'avi'ii — ii .small lump tha work.s .slowly nnd effectually 1 tlie mnjiy measures nf meal im III Hie whole Is li-nvrnnl. I'i'ii', In n!ir Ir-.'.son. \w have MX parables. ;,ll inleiiik'd to il- usiriiln the nnliire «r tlie KliiB- I tlian of Ood, Us growth among j mi'ii ;ttid ii.s i-ssues. The nrjil 1 iJiirabli' is Him ol DIP B rnln o! mitsliu-[( .seed, illustrating how Hie Kingctoni of Heaven grows from small beginnings, and 10- mliitlinK u.s tliat truth and Krxxl- ne.-.s are nnl to be Judged In [ lenns of quantity, but j n ( of iniality and life. Somewhat Ihe Hime trulh is The jxi ruble lit i)ie Irensur hidden in ti, e n,,| ( | r i,,,||,. SL .,,i. rattier, [he altitude of Die In toward the Kiiigdcu ami I In' means of his entrajic lino It: nnd [he parable of tli merchant secklHR Roodly jjenrl li'is [he same emphasis n|wn (h fact Una only wlio 31 willing lo L 'jM> everythiiiH fo On; ixivso.sslon of ihe Klnxiloi ri'iilly enter inio u and llnd it flnllN'.'-s. The parable of tlu> an cas "Ho Die jra Illnstraies Ihe prop, ITSS of i he King-ilum in \]\, world and tlie .sifting proce.s. Uml It hievlliibly ocnislon.-: us : rlinllfiifji-.s men f,»| grml or to evil. And. finally. Die likening 'ii , the disciple of Ihe Kiiigdnn of' Heaven to u householder em phasl-a-j. (He mlme.v; ol th. trf.i:smx-s or t) l( . Kingdom, fron winch Hie [llselple brlntj.', foil. Oilnjjs new and old. Hirt, in twelve vwsii, we Ivm i' Miiiv.-tonsly lid) and suggeMivi portr.iyr.l of [lie Kingdom. Nol'i- fiiv le.v; than a lifetime suffice.^ to consider such leaching and to O.HI-.W H In aclnal livinif. The Editor's Letter Box The Fascist Danjtr (To the editor:! • It is reported thnt Fascism is Browlni; in the United Stnies. What is Fascism? A shining picture; is painted for the prospective recruit, of what it would do for him. But 1ms a dark picture been revealed of what it will UNDO for him? Have Fuse-Is 1 ., proponent made It known that their govcrnmenl would crumple up the constlLntlon nnd Ihroiv it in-lhe sewer? .That constitution signed by hii! power has not been increased. Hi-re Is where N. It, A. advocates hnve mlsrcckoncd. It was Intended 10 -Prime [lie pump." to reslure piireluusiiiK |xiwr-r <if the country, bill under ihe cfrcLiinsuinccs ii t-nuliln'i ixxsslbly beeomc purchasing power, but only debt paying IMWCI-. With all property lieavily morl- aiied, nnd bonded, wllli individuals heavily In debt people will have to Just go on living as hard as ever for overy lltile bit of will hnve to go for del'it, lititli' about 200 billion dollars hnve beon paid, which is an impossible tlilnir • lo do. Until we cijn cense paying out money on debt and Interest need lit about restoring Ood, win endure as a protecting shelter from nny .slorm Hint radical 1 ; or rebels might create. It is said thnt Fascists arc prepared to strike, lacking onlv leadership. ' What is tack of this strength which they have gained as a body? First a group of emotional youllis longing for the excitements of war. They lone to put into reality the play days when they "shot Indians" nnd other imaginary foes with n loud BOOM! DOOMI .This barbarian in a boy usually is "replaced In later life ns lie realizes, from experience, thai his fellow human has enough of sorrow and pain, and Ihls is the reason they lack a leader, when a man reaches tte age of leader judgment, he Is no longer interested in upsetting the traditions that have made this the best country In the world for the past 300 years. He is more anxious to repair the foundation, to fit present day needs, and to make it secure for more centuries to come The Fascists gather new members by TALKING GLOOM to office men, small merchants, debt burdened farmers, unlucky gamblers, young lawyers and doctors with whom business Is poor. College students who found their degree not a passport to Easy Strcci ' They gorge them with promises of what it will do for thorn. Being sour on the world, they would like to fight. The profit system collapsed in March, 1933. President Roosevell has gone -far In recovery plans Whether he will conlinue' on this path until he can bring us-thru into ihe light, no one can say He is feeling his .way. As long as he goes ahead lowarrt the light we owe him our supporl. This can be given only by n Peaceful, conslrucllvc. conccrled pressure on existing industrial nnd political powers, by a united front erected in the minds of tlie people. Zeph O'Brien. To refund llicsn debls from ten" lo twenty yours only leiiiilhens the -iod of our slavery to twenty years Instend of leu, nml scutes nothing. Such maneuvers only keep you longer at the foolish Job of trying to do something thnt you cnn- nol do. W. Ben Moore. 101 W. Vine St. Debts thc Problem LTo thc edilor:] Now tliaf they are attempting to overhaul the N. I. R. A. and asking the country for its opinion thereon, I suggest that we not condemn too severely. Give our president a chance. Remember that in the oulsct he staled Dial It was an experiment and that he stood ready to correct any evils that might grow out of it! So il is to be hoped that the corrections will be made. No doubt but that big business has chiseled It, and thai they are attempting to make more profit thin before at the expense of their employees. . : . When you shorten hours so two' meii will do what one man did at about the same pay, the standard of living is lowered, and purchas- WSWERS TUMI- QMS »''?.'•" W,?<"r ^•V /'J KliiK I-rnpoH, "new ruler of Dolsliiin. l.i :ii yearn old. (iuvor nors Inland | s In NEW voitK ItAlinOK, ai ilic Junrtiiin (jf tli, 1,'aM anil Hudson rivers. Il:ii1« o! Kluiirtcul unuge railway Cracks luo r.S'.i !acb«» «parL Voungrst Business Mm HARRiSBUIiG, Pa. (UPi -The .• business men in tills stale f not in the country, are William ind Hobert Snellinc;. of Allenlown vtio nmniifactnre ink. They filed in Industrial report aikl preditled n banner business year for 1934. Mnericnn universities than does nny other foreign country. Health of Tobacco workers Carefully Safeguarded RV l)lt. MOURK Fl«iioTT77 Kditor, Journal a ,' iht . , MfdU-al As.soel.ltan and oTl 'j"' Iffla, (tir H«llh. : Mararin, The lolMcco you smoke '" , alfect yoi.r in the lilst h" l*fore It reaches yo" lh c ^ ^' bacco must yo throuiih „ Z °" B ' 'If S <)J jjni uiiiiijvrjj.'t, MO your benefit, but for lh<> „ ihow men and women who tills Industry. Tile modern- manufacturer tobacco industry protects the <T by a number of ' ii res. ID the first place proper 'must devices withdraw Ine oils dust:; from Hie air. Employes are Instructed t " ol su(fer ' rom nicotine poisoning, I ^""l '"', nlCO "" e ls llberaltd '"" ' ° to!)acM °" ly '^ inmen ' t;i ' : °"- ' IV * 1>f ' 01>l0 who wrl liie l " :> ; lrm . !caw ; s "'^ "'"»'«! "*«"«• i' 1 " 1 """"« lll( ' f«--™o"tat!on of to'""'" ""' y brM ""-' "'Jurloai furne.s. , •'•'- *W» »'«« «« mucous mem- ""-I 1 ""i h °' ly ' w " cn '" tul '"'" ,'•"" vfl . l ^ !lcc '>- '"^elop an '""'""''• Although workers in (1 " lmiTl10 " with dusts from lime *'* •" ! " !<l m:ly dcwl °P irrllallw, of *?'*'< ""• " ultllou * h '"> A ™ "< l ""'' 0l ° p hltlck '""""oiu of tne ^ n ^ te "° « vWcn<:c lll!U '™ »'ll)i tobacco snllcr any ' fro '"'"^^ulosls and other '" 0( th " '»"W "«"' "" ^rk- [lie ™.,.. vl ^ carry around, the dusts "-—i. They are given fairly Ire . ... physical examinations to iie Icrmlne the presence or i;liani»'« <," ihelr bodies. "^"Kt.s in In many plants the employes Mr clean smocks O r gowns each iy while at work, wifh'qneii oversight over the healU\ „! I,e •mploye u ,., ^hle ta ini* 1 wild's to prevent any permanent damasje-to health. Mild tobacco contains nuout 1 lo 2 Mr cent nicotine, iuul strcV to bncco from 8 lo 10 per cent Worb- rs In thc tobacco industry there- o:e. are exposed constantly'to "the langer of contact with this suu- tancc. They also are exposed ^ -— coniacls wltn o kl „, ,,„ lances which occur in tobacco-and" unit^'"''""^'-' 0 "' Tiic people who raise tobacco do _FRIDAY, MARCH 9, WHEN THE THERMOMETER <> RCXY "riday & Saturday! Mat. 2:,-50, 10-25c Nite 6:.I5, 10-25c. ,. : !r:,;n tobacco may develop a sudden fuini uf Intoxlcalion with nevroif.; sy;npt(,!iis, pains In the heart. (ILs- iJiJ'baiiL'e.s ol the bowels and con- i;<:Mion in the brain. H0!i:r-tlme.s Ihey have an Irrita- ••w on [he back of [lie hands. Koiiietimcs tlic /ingemaik come ofl nnd the (•dges of the nails become MTV ililn. I: is pntlciilarly important thai !•:<• l.rallh of the women who work m u:r ; louacco industry te v;ntclicd wracso there are serious effects on j lli-iii. especially In association with I childbirth. ; n.T.1,1,0 ol the poisons ihat ar; - pri'si'nt. the tobacco industry Is rot i fale unless Hie conditions of oc- i nijjnion are controlled thoroughly, i "" 1 '' !( ' r - s "'"si be protected against I ••omnct with toliaceo as much ns Women and young people shoHId Be lorb.ddcn to work in those .sections of the industry where fer- j -•-•••• "i viic niuustr' j mentation is active.' Bulk Garden and Fidd.Sml Also fjRiuiinfi Alndilun Lump Parts - - |!0 C J3URKE HARDWARE CO. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phone 791 GH TEST ~^ Vour motor needs high test (iasoline for quick starting in freezing weather. You know that. You also know that Phillips is the world's largest proiluc-er of natural liigh test gasoline. Is it uny wonder then, that 1 in tverv ad we tell you exact- hhuu-high the test of Phillips (>(> is! Not with high-sounding, meaningless claims. But '•ith plain figures ... which arc definite proof of honest High lest .. . which guaran- rec more value for ihemoney ;.. which insure real action for every cent you spend (o fill the tank. P/iitl-u/i with Phillips and feel the difference. Your motor starts with split-second speed. Soon it purrs ulong as smoothly as on a rainy night in June. You use less choke and go more miles to the gallon. You get less vibration and more power, less noise and more speed. Stop for a trial tank- • fu! at any Orange and Black DOMT FORGET PHirliPa ee MOTOR "on 66 Shield ' HIGHEST TEST«^, at the price of ordinary gasoline I KIT JI LAST TIME TODAY ^ " m - T Mat. 2:30. in.9^ SATURDAY MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c ALICE MaeMAHON In "HEAT LIGHTNING" with Ann Dvornk, I'rcston Kosler Lyle Talbotl and Glcnda Kiirrell Oddity Short "Roping Wild Bears" Serial "Pintle Treasure" Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 6:45. lQ-35c There. Is NothinR Bigger Than M-G-M's "ESKIMO" The Biggest Picture Ever Made! Thrills never before filmed... Knlertiiinment of our time. 12 months of danger in thc Arctic! ROMANTIC JOURNKV "ACROSS THE SEA" .MUSICAL COMEDY "JUST AN" ECHO" With Bing Crosby SUNDAY-MONDAY 2 BIG DAYS ON THE t STAGE AND SCREEN On the Stage in Person "The Page Kiddies Band" America's loungest Musicians A New Treat in Entertainment — OH The Screen — Don't Trifle With Coughs Don't let them gel a strangle LOW. Fight germs quickly. Creo- mulslon combines 7 major helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleas- »nt to take. No rarcolics Your own druggist Is authorized lo re-1 fund your money on the spot II your cough or cold Is not relieved , by Creomulfion, — Adv,K[ «EORGE HAFT, CAROLE LOMBARD. S\LLY RANI) and FRANCIS DRAKE "BOLERO" PARAMOUNT NRWS - - COMEDY ADMISSION-MATINEE and NIGHT-15c and 40c Comedy "The Freeze Out" With Mbran and Mack NOVELTY; SHORT Sunday -Monday MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25c Two womtn - aach of whom kill«d a mant . .. Ont got the •xtrcm* penalty ... tht oHur want fr«*l . . . Why?.. . SM thit •xcitlng drama I f»'r* StONEY fOX, O. P. Ht, , . lit, Hwy HjB, Lynn OT ..,..r«rH/. From tlie pUy by Paul Md CUtrc.Sifton. Directed by Chittr Erskin. Produced All SUf Prodwtioni, Ine. Pt««nt«d or C«rl LMMmlt. • t UNIVERSAL PICTUBE. NOVELTY REKL MUSICAL REVUE "Roast Beef and .Movies" re YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minut<^what if you had the house to run, meals. to plan and children to care for? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed of the best offerings stores - They are expert purchasing agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know' their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at thc least cost. Such -intelligent buying saves time and effort and money, ft. results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them everyday. Through them we can know exactly what we, want before we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value for every dollar you spend.

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