The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1961 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1961
Page 20
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p^r^STS? " . IlfiX '|fr i; :lr'4 >.ti ,1 -.' ''iiMUMih&Mf^ftt^mftfft , „„.- r talked with more of frlentjs ftnd neighbc#|<.th8ntth>ar)y pnfe period of my life, It's ' ' ' '" subscription eotitest, pi course, and although it , i'^ay tliatf Because* of the fun, I'got out of it'fot 1 ndthing,i &U1U'had a wonderful Jime-My feet fre tffeitl>fr6itt'So,muoh walking,, the; house <ha$ bean neglected but I pve 6. lot of warm memories, plus some much needed cash, : vMjvi'e* -{•!•' p ft< '''<*i*if.uV -ft* • ''• i *' it • I M£f SEVERAL NEWCOMfiRS ON my rounds. Mrs John Tielebein lives otlSouth.Maln street tier, husband is a life insurance representative. $h& war fixing treats tor Brdwnie$ the day, I was there. Mrs V. L.^Qunder, $ho fiyiM oH S, Modr^ St.has beenjh'erB a while, but I'd never met her. She WlBS Wefedtwithspaintf When'-I called, due tot some household pro* feet,' Sne had dyed a sofa and it W6S perfectly beautiful Mrs Gunder lived n Crdeago before moving Here. !• asked her how she liked the change o aisnlall tbWft'and she'Wfls get Used to at first but now he jlist Ibyes Algona; Mrs Paul Gugeler lives in the house on Oak street brmerly'owned by the Charles' Hirtkens. They have three young children. j , ^-vfitjvjft v\'i ••''•* i<ir*s'+5 Y*t/t* , i $< FRANCES WIESE CAMS' DOWN W See me with her subscription. Sou cali hardJylbBat.seryice like that.. With her, were the oldest two of filer four 1i^nBdrUldr'en,- and they are fine youngs boys. I met two-week 6td Michael. John BerningnaUSfOn my rounds. His parents, John and Patty (Hedlund) are justifiably proud of him. {> THE GALS AT 'THEi SCHOOL lunch program were busy picking bver,cranberries. They had just received 525 pounds of them ! Mrs Floyd .woltermart'had a birthday cake just out of the oven, for one of her children's birthdays.'Mri Cora Martin was sorting items for the Goodwill industries when I called. - *••.;», '. * ' * * •' 1 TALKED WITH SEVERAL OF THE parents of my youthful day Jjojltemporaries. I know I should be -calling on them when I don't have Something to sell, but you know*how that goes..I had a nice visit with itrs Joe Greenberg 'and with\ Mrs Ann Hanson, whose son, Watson tlarch is a long-time frjend'bf 6Urs. I sold the Claude Dearchs a subscrip- ion for their daughter, Lucile Moore, so now she can read the column in '.less round-about v way than she has been doing. I was too late at the t Jed Larson's but we had a>good chat about Toots, Max and Meredith. I Bilked w#h,.L. i P..?rethhorst,<whOse daughter, Arlene, is one of my Min- jjesota,.reader& I know, because she said so when 1 visited with her last' summer. >'i I.TOLD BOB AND JEM SHILLINGTON that if they would subscribe *I w<JUl4 get allTrhy shaves >"in their barber shop. They told me that if I lwould>"get shaved in their barber shop they would give me the shaves ffor hpthing and advertise them to boot! When I called at the Lloyd SpobMson'S .tHey? were sitting down to'breakfast, so I ate with them and jmet Bprghild/s aunt ahdsuncle who were visiting here. I was too late for Subscriptions! at Phyllis' Hurt's and- Helen .Webster's, but I was tired by Ithe tinie I got to both'places so the coffee I had with them was most wel- iporneATHpIe^year old Burt twin girls are darling, even if they are out- frageous 'flirts! ' ' I • .. NI; , v,- .,..,* * * M fttftfBS.-H?NRy,jFUfB,ST PAIDtpart of her subscription in shiny dimes. Shelves: them for the little "extras" that are always coming up. She had just,completed the last of her Christmas shopping that day and Thanksgiving -wasrit even here yet! Mrs Eva Wille was working on one of thesmosti beffutiful'wreaths I<have ever seen. It's made of pine cones, screw'beans and otherhatural products Mrs Wille had gathered, and she made; a base for it out of screen and nylon stockings. Mrs Wille has a mostvcomplete button 'collection, all catalogued, which I mean to look dv'erthore carefully'when I have more time. * * * MARGE BAKER WAS SUFFERING through the ordeal of watching their son,-BiU, ; get'-his weight down for a wr.estling meet. After 'pouririg food'tato him all his'life, it was quite a switch to have him try to cut 'down and Marge said she was almost ready to leave home at meal time. It must have paid 6ff — Bill tied the Britt state champion 2-2 in the meet Wednesday night! I had such a nice visit with Mrs L. A. Copp who was just home from a two month stay at the hospital the day before. Mrs Copp is overjoyed at being in her own home once more, but she has a problem getting a permanent, housekeeper-companion. THE GRADY PHILLIPS HAVE A new bassett hound dog, and you never "did see such ears as that pup has! He trips over them when he walks and chews on them by mistake. The daughter, Gayle, is especially fond of him but he got Gayle in the "dog house" the, other day. Mrs Phillips had told Gayle to clean her room, and after the job was supposedly complete, asked her about it. Gayle assurred Lorraine that it was all done, but the dog emerged from under the bed, and he had dusl on his long ears! The dog is named Happy because of his sad expression, and it is a funny sight to see him romping playfully while looking so mournful. * * * I HAD A TELEPHONE CONVERSATION with a lady I have long been wanting to meet. She's Ruth Behnke, on the staff of Farm Journal magazine in Philidelphia. She was home for Thanksgiving with her Algona relatives and made the trip despite a lot of complications with airline schedules. Miss Behnke was once on the staff of the Algona Upper Des Moines and now has just about the most glamorous job I can think of with the exception of being a housewife and mother in Algona, Iowa. I was pleased to know that Miss Behnke reads this column every week. * * * I HAD GOOD VISITS WITH Mrs Kathryn McMurray, Mrs Cora Bacon, Mrs H. M. Colwell and Mrs Howard Hoenk, all on one street, and got subscriptions from all of them! Emma Smith brought hers over to rne — another example of how nice people are being. There were letters from Alice Zeigler Gaines in Pine Lawn, Mo. and Bertha Godfrey at Ames. Miss Godfrey had just returned from a visit with a nephew in Washington, D. C. * * * WE HAD ANOTHER WHIRLWIND visit from our college boy over the holiday. We thought weld see more of him this time, but lie worked' downtown two days and was gone again before we knew it. However, he left one urgent request'— "Send me an applesauce cake." I shall do so and applesauce cake is also this week's recipe. It tame from Mrs Hex Voyles. * 1 cup sugar 1 cup raisins 1 cup water 1 tsp. cocoa 1 tsp. cinnamon J /t tsp. allspice \\ tsp. nutmeg 1 heaping tablsp. shortening Vz tsp. Salt 1 cup strained applesauce Heat the above ingredients in a saucepan and boil 3 minutes. Cool to lukewarm and add the following: IVi cups flour I tsp. soda nut meats 1 cup sliced gumdrops ((all but the black ones) Mix well. Turn into a greased loaf pun and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes. — GRACE. DIMES . Wilford "Twit" Garoutte of Adel has always been a dime saver, ' Recently . he walked into a jjrug store in Adel- end said he Winter |p buy a camera and some Other things. When ft came time to pay, ^T\yit" pulled out a couple of -bottles and harjde4 them to the druggist. Quite 9 few minutes later, the druggist : Q.K.'d tj>q deal. 'He had 2,916 dimes. 10' VBARS pr. J* A- IfQWipeshe^d, who had pwtfee.d 4e n Ustry «j Qto- wppd -9114 Mm HqlUrjgsj&gpd, had t>ew his receptionist j t«r 40 years as a husband arm wife '.team. YOU SAW IT ADVERTISED IN THi UPPER DES MOINES Abdut Anyone yra |j| gk gg^' g| ygr-i wwRIT FIREPROOF HOME VAULTS More Room Than A Safety Deposit Box Ancl With insurance Un- • derwriters Label. PRICED FROM $27.50 "IN A VARIEY OF SIZES and STYLES ADDING MACHINES SMITH - CORONA VICTOR R. C. ALLEN HAND OR ELECTRIC 10 KEY AND FULL KEYBOARD MODELS PRICED FROM 87.50 AND UP SMITH-CORONA (ALL MODELS) AND REMINGTON TRADE-INS OWE OUR PRICES MEET or BETTER ANY DISCOUNT 'OR ,«*,A, .<' ' ,'\' -V •'• ' , MAIL ORDER QUOTED PRICE; , ! FROM 49.95 TO .50 Superb, ijew tfohie In MA try fart Holiday! anil <eia$y tyftg and LOOK THEM OVER design iafrl ydurs • ;;. 7-. •....! - : • : ". :' r • * Exclusive Remington . mechanism I • Its rugged top Is Ri carry easel '.,....' , • Frei typing course and -, Chart with every mi«hln«l. ALL METAL TYPEWRITER DESK (as illustrated) $15.00 • . ' • . - ' , */r^ ''TMfcfc* OTHER .TYPING STANbS from $7.95 WELCOME OFFICE GIFTS fikiCUTIVE CHAIR No. 1020 H»r» !» en "ieeVy chair" UPPER Oil PUBLISH OFFICE SUPPLY DEPT. PERSONAL FILES FOR RECORD KEEPING but qt o Tow budget price. Hot 'wft fenm iVat on tteel ''" f& 1 " l * v ~" a«|i«tm«ht* T^vfF. «T9fB,vIi f * '. ^P'a fljtd nrlwbrUqtlon, (ACROSS FROM NEW

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