The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1961 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 30, 1961
Page 18
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'IffllM^ 1961 >. • •.. i «,, Sbrffd havVhatf'thelffnp'ft&slort that no one can stay Ih polities long and remain h6nest. Sam •laybufri was a shining example Who*pent ovei 1 hdif & certfury In 'public life and he regained an ffonesf dttd -en noriorafalff ftWn 'during' those many ye&W. ' He was in the state legislature in Texas six years before .he came to congress wjiere he served '43 ye'ars find he 1 was' speaker of the House fdr" twice as many years' ds any of his predecessors. , • ,' , Being spedker of the house carries'author- ity exceeded only by the President of the United States, He remalnea the speaker and nevfef was regarded as the boss as were a nUnrtber of his predecessors. He was honest and fair in his positron and treated the members of his opposing party as fairly as he dla^he members of his own party. It was this' phildScjbhy' fhat won for him the trust and co-operation of his constituents and all of the members of^congress". He entered cdngress Whert Woodrow Wlfsdn Wds first elected in 1912 and served in "congress during the administration of eight presidents and he became a trusted friend to all of them. .,Tn6 American people are in agreement with President Kennedy when he said, "Sam Rayburn was a great statesman." 0 « »• * A CAUSE FOR CONCERN There is some concern, in Algeria over dUr current business shakeup. . ,' In addition to the several business closirtgS already known, in the past week 6n6 firm ndS made a decision to, discontinue its, dowrtfowrt retail location and operate mord as ",d Service facility from the family home, dfhd dndfher is preparing to cease its local operation and move to Colorado. On the brighter side Wfe understand several inquiries have been made, as to new businesses locally. There are reasons for the present trend, some are .individual with no<; connection at all to any local 'problems', but Others are due primarily to problems of business in general, Where are we making mistakes ? In the course of the past ,week this newspaper has endeavored to inquire along this line, and there dre a number of answers ;:veni some repeated often enough to lend Weiyfir to the replies! ' , ' L^ , It' is expensive to be in business, more"*'expensive- than many seem to real'.A Our,,tax< 'structure is'sueh that a heavy tax islaii airbus- iness real estafe-'and business merchandise. In " the past this burd'erv has been carried without too much complaint,;but the' time has come when some ar<* counting the cost.' How many people realize that an imple- • merit firm, for example, which carries a dozen bolts of a certain type and sells three a year, by the end of the fourth year has paid an inventory ^Igmia Upper PCS jSimn&s Ml E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Second clan portage paid at Algona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH. News Editor •MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, In advance _ 1300 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year 15.00 Single Copies -j. .— 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year. In advance -„ . . ___|4.00 Both Algona papers in combination, one year S6.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST tax on three bolts a total of four times? The same example carries over into all lines bf merchandise. And business real estate and property pays the largest propartioridfe Algeria tax. There are, of ebur'se, many changes in re- talllng methsds and public buying patterns,-also taking place: • • The pressure from adjacent cities is heavy; their advertising appeal is strdng. To many business flrrtls In Algeria today, our major problem does not appear to be a matter of expanding the present commercial zone into the residential area, but rather a battle to keep the business places we have at pres ent. Algona has always been a good place to do business. But it would do no harm to reflect iome on whether we ean fmprdve flue <:!v!c image in the public mind. A fouth of fertfeney in parking tickets, smiles o little effected wttll the customers, and a Ifttle rtfleeftdn and thought on ways arid medrfs of presenting fitirselve's-.With prestige In a business sense might be worthwhile. . '* * * ' GIVE PROGRAM A CHANCE Some of the tedders of farm organizations continue to lambast the .new farm program. They still play it up as d ''billion dolldf bust." These crities>dre mostly carryovers from thi'Ben- son eight yedC' era during which time farrtl in- cdrne decreased a.little every year. , * fortunately trie most rabid critic's" are not among the farmers, a few of whdni are governed by political partisanship. Most farmers dre agreed that there has been some improvement for them Under the new program and they are hopeful that more Improvement is in store for them irt the future. They are willing to give the rtew prdgram a fair chance. The critics should be wllflrfg fa do the same. There will be time enough to knock a year from now if-farmers are not doing better by that time than they have in late years. « . * * THE ROVING AMBASSADOR ! Wall Street Journal - GOP National Chairman Miller, it seems to us, is not going to get very far with his charge that the series of White House regional conferences, being held in 12 cities from coast td coast, are illegal, in that they may violate the United States Code section that frowns on "lobbying with appropriated money." &•* *'.' ' . , Nqr do we think that Attorney General Kennedy,-quickly denying the fharge, -is" going ,td' .anybody that ithe.vAdminisfratioh's strolling group of Cabinet members and agency heads are nonpolitical ambassadors. . The traveling conferences, -offering the voice of President Kennedy piped in -b/ phone and postcards on ,which the local folks attending may send suggestions to the President, are clearly providing the Administration with a forum 'for, reminding regional:-audiences what, projects it has sponsored or plans in their localities, or for "getting . , .^.Information' to the people," as the Attorney General calls it. All in all, maybe Mr. Miller is unduly concerned. If the White House conferences help to give the grass roots a clearer idea of the extent and cost of Federal Intrusions in to local affairs, we'd call them a huge success, well worth the taxpayers' money. .« * . * NO ECONOMY HERE? Sheldon Mail - We think the state should go back to its previous system of notifying drivers when their permits are expiring. We have seen no figures on the matter, but it would seem logical to assume that a great many folks forget the renewal time, and are required to go through the extra procedure this results in when they do finally appear. An expert statistician might figure out how much time is consequently wasted for the examiners as well as the citizens and dettrnine if this justifies the economy of not sending < ut notices. It is always a fine thing to see any governmental department attempting »" save money, but there are times when the incw..venience and trouble that can result is considerably more costly in the long run. * * « What we all want is loud praise for a good job, and silent sympathy for a poor job. — Woodbine Twiner ut iht- e has r - ft" or 6ther me* has of aife'.M, i^TwHMWWF', "I ylhg%tmir r *ewned a tfaetbf situatibn, so everyone" had,to suf- washinhtftn /.Pf *,t'i I , ^ ,. . i<. i,* .'.*•! 'Tllonka bested Algona,' 18.13, in a foul-filled basketball game Tuesday, night, Mo,' that wasn't the first quarter score—that was the final. The, Indians * held the Alfeotia nianajSed td hit/only tWc field g-oais°air night. R. 'Bait, wilh seven -points was-top man for \ .the winners, while will got six ' td >ad4Algona. Will: gdt -both Algona field goals! ., • -' ,,••.,.'' * * . * ' • Ah Algona fflatt picked 6*ut a birthday present for h'isf wife— and it was just what she wanted —a Eicycfe. Now it's a bit un- USUal for-a man to give his Wife a bike, fdr, a present, but that's not all. .The wife in this case we* 50 years;613 and a grandmother --and the story on the front page' of the tJCM repdrted she was' a mighty yoting looking one. * » « New, carandiruck sales, which had been lagging for Some time 1 in the county, picked up con-; siderably during the past week, Total sales-' during the period amounted to 15 vehicles. *' • * * Millions of Americans' whoi* ter and no doubt will even be- ' Aming movies- io show at Al* eyes stayed glued to the felevis* come nasty once it is given, a gona's two- theatefs during the ion set during the famed Armyj full airing on Capitol Hill. For- coming Week'were "Lydia", With. McCarthy hearings a few ^eart fer President Eisenhower has Merle Oberon, Joseph Gotten back may be in for -a. similar lashed out aV military officers ahd Edna May qiive*, "Unholy treat when the , new Congress who involve themselves in ( poll- Partners"; With Edward G. Ro- opens in January. ; 1\ ' tics while still in uniform. And binson, Edward Arnold and La- The issue is virtually the saniei President Kennedy has given the raine f Day, 1 and "Shadowj.of the is the United States government back of his hand to Walker, with- Thin Man", with 'William Poweu nf ilitrated by Communists? , '£? out naming him 'as -such, by and Myrna Loy, i . '.-' , —o— ' ' noting the threat posed to'this ' * *' '* ''. * The late Sen. Joseph McCarthy country by extremists oh both ,> Hood's. IGA store had, iheie of Wisconsin rose to spectacula^, the Left and the Right, 'ame when he made sucli |a» ' —o— * : charge and hammered away* at There is in the United, Stales' ,_ ;*|>.j - ' *i~**i''f "" ~ r - —~ this single theme for severa^^today another element: whose V6- t :^ ed ^^ c 'ur,r $1.98J, 1 Ib. jar of years until his untimely deathttcali outpourings'could spill over ? ure _f^Pf.-jam^lG cents; 3jb. n 1957. i v '|Unto^ iorile' kind' *" "" " ~~ • 4 "**Today, a new name has emerg- ; Corigre'sfc. And ed on the scene and there are' Birch 'Sbciety ' - „ „ , . . already signs that another Me- number i of supporters who tfffi ^^'^tf I °^ n ^ 1 '1 : l papk oy Carthy period is underway, iri..fearful toils country 'is headed stets (get tHiSJ 49 cents p6r liis country. We refer, of course,- down the jroad to complete So- Quart; creamery butter, 35 cents p Gen. Edwin ired from the der tremendous fh«6 Chriiemfies I'ssale gdffl|;oH inwn-AftiSpJt.'This"s*iale feftttir* its,' dfssse's. hrf"s,", blouses' and many other fine* bargains. HORSES _ ' Leonard • Bergman- of Spirit-! :as farmed nearly 40 years 'f *,*• f ''1 • 1 • 'f •»• ' mkhlishts mm. & O Give yourself fl in sOmhier Haveanalreondft er installed in your ». ' .., i .' -. , » home., Know the real' delight of cdmfort- able summer living. It costs so little/ too. • • • SyM&«i •S"*** i*. IrlflcallM •« ' ' •nil rfiptndabU, n«rl' r»fll .Itdrlt MivKl fw rural famllltt •) Iowa REEDSTROM SUNDAY, DEC. 10 CCEM BRAU SUNDAY, DEC. 17 GUY DE LEO CHRISTMAS .Pool's Open Early ••. ' V (p'*- ; /,/ ; •;"- • . WtD., DEC. 27 6 FAT DUTCHMEN Humboldt County R.E.C. '! Phortt) 99 — Humboldt,- lowel \\ SUNbAV NEW YEARS EVE RAY LEWIS Doors Open Early No Advance Booth Reservations . Door Open at 8:30 ^i there' should- be great concern over 'the spread of (JJqmflriunism, Specially 'ifjlts_ ^\ Gen. Walker's sin is not much that he tried to teach, soldiers under his command* Europe the evils of Communis^ unueu s> ouu B4Wltlu -;t that he cast grave suspicidn be jjistJasJniuch concern that we -, . ,----- .-— jthe patriotism of some all i {eep , our heads and handle nouncement of Udet's death. Int Americans, among /them this i na iHinns mpmv in an at- was. the, .originator. ,of the former Presidenjs, i Eisenhowe« and Truman., j; , . ; - £ Was tiot ''much sorftfw itom.i Colonel Ernst ace, was < entirtg with" ,'TfT'yJ*''' , ****• d -ntfde .the an this insidious enemy in an at- _., , ., mosphere of sanity, intelligence chute technique, employed sfl sfUcT- and reason. To 'do otherwise cPSsfuUy as'Germany took ovpr nn.-ail v''C~°Tj •*•"•• ' i^" r i would only advance t the 1 cause European countries. • The Seriate has bedrt laying the. Hi^^ i he Kremlin, -i .,>..••.«.• grouiidworft for-'sonte time now Y . ' • ' - ' ' ' , ;) , DR. D. D. ARNOLD i factor ve Penney's ^.A;U J MONDAY . WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY ALGONA INSURANCE »»»»»»»»»»V»»»»i»<» Chiropractor LEG Npbody had any idea th--t jusi • three 4 days after *;r'.i newspaper.' « was'.published, tho'Japanese! Mary White, 5, of near. Bluff-' would feomb ^Pearl Harbor -atid . ton, suffered a broken leg. jn a rignal thrf'rtttt. of World War Ii freak accident recently.''.TKeac- ^ the'Utiited States., , nirlont nr-nlim-Ail urhpn H*>i>' father ' '" *' * v '* *• to hold a series of open hearings after Congress reconvenes to determine"' if Gen, Walker was actually ''mu'zzled" by the Defense Department f for teaching the daiigers of Communism to his . . - tt •. j »* soldiers. There is no question but "dent opcurred when He/ father A. J. (Arnle)' Health & Accident • Life — Auto'-=- Fire -£• Hail- 2'B. State ' -'/' -' CY 4-452U rtipre .Kosguth county mat these hearings Will be tele- w as driving in the barnyard to —.——,, —^— . -—-- . and that it wiirbe a grand « nload some newly-picked corn, young men were 1 called to take of entertainment in the The gate, through whicjh he was /physicals for armed forces duty that the McCarthv he2rine! driving, felj, striking , tire little during the week. They were to SertarnmeS^ * ****» girl to the*thigh, snapping tbk leave the f,olloWmg Wednesday, , ,, , ibone. ' L ' l?,? a( *ed for, Fort, Des Momes. We have, too, ihe likelihood' that hearings before House committees will be open to television for the first time with the pass- j ing of House Speaker Sam Ray- ' burn of Texas. Rayburn flatly refused to let the TV cameras move into a House committee hearing. He could never adjust • himself to the fact that TV re- ' porters have the same right to cover news as newspaper repor- i , , • , . „ , , „, . . t ers . Dear Dart; I'm 20 and tme of the local fellows who is 24 has been ALOONA iriSUHANOB AGENdY' '' . '. J. H. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines 'of IrtflUxance-''j.' < '' * v 4-3176 * ' 'ao'aVsw State You Can Addrett Question* To Him At ; BOX 66 KALISPELL, MONTANA' Be careful of your thought*. They may break ipto words at any minute. may WELCOME... TO 112 NEW SUBSCRIBERS LAST WEEK, AS MEMBERS OF OUR 'FAMILY' The AtdONA UPPER DES MOINES *,<K)6 families this issue. home from service for more than a year now. He's also going steady with In the venerable old man s J a girl who has left home to attend school. ' . opinion, television coverage of While talking Urhlm over a C.UP of coffee, he asked me if I would hearings in the Senate produced consider dating him during the week;.onjy as his steady comes homes each nothing more than a cS On weekend. However, he did no state where we would go on dates, public his side of the Caoitol the hu« or otherwise, nor did he mention whether his girl would know about the ness was mor P «£«,,,'«nH M dating. He says he thinks a tot of her and Hopes to marry her someday, have To be° re co S nducted in W °tha1 , ™*8 ^«" if J " Wy plaC6 ' « ^ l ^^ *>*' Wh9t W ° Uld yOU kind of atmosphere. do? "jj^ F j rgt of ^ j would know for a fact that his girl waa House members bitterly of me extra dating and that ghe didn't mind. I would also find out this fellow had 4n mind. If the dates consisted of BLOSSOM INSURANCE ' AGENCY H . All Lines of.Insurance Automobile - Furnitute Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-273b BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE • . 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance ' CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto/ Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-.4512, • ., KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of in- ice in force. CY 4-3756* Lola.Scufiham, Soc'y 0r, t>. D. Arnold "• • Chiropractor - • 'Over 1 Penney's ' Office.' Phone; -r CY 4-3378 t - BounTi 9:60 — 5:00 Open Friday Night ' • Wednesday — FridaJ I3r. William L. Clegg ' Chiropractor 521 E,- State St. Hours! 8:00 — . '0:00 thru Sat 9:00 — '9:00. Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-467.7 Res. CY 4-346{ DOCTORS MELVIN Q. BOURNE. M. D. Physician & Surgeon . 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227? . attl he thinks a lot pf the girl and hopes to marry her. For your part, admit you like him. Thus, two girls sre showing interest Jn one but this one fellow has pretty much committed himself to Girl the same kind of national expos- to j d uie— the big glamor treatment you —as, for example, Sen. Zilch or fdjo Sen. Know-it-all? There have & 1. I don't want to push you nto marriage put wh^ 8 g^rl is 20. been many national heroes made think she can dh more with her social life than serve es substitute dating m the Senate because of televis- material for the varsity player who is aw«*y. dwlng the week. There's ion but none in the House. To a just no future in this for you, t ' , politician this is the rankest kind * * * ' • of injustice. Bftrift B P y4, 12, years old ao4 a seventh grader, of Lawrence, Jnd,, — o— would like to have girl pen pals of the ssm,e age and. Would «lso like As soon as Congress meets them tg be active in Scouting. Karla, whose address .is 7739 fast 6|st again somebody will quickly Street, Lawrence, Jntl, is active in 4-H. girls. softpaJl an4 Wettiodist Youth suggest that a new look be taken Fellowship. at this no-television policy And P«« DSBJ My sister and 1, twins of 13, have to pome homo from we predict, it will be changea! school dancesjit U o'clock^and H'soulytheo thaths scho.pjband. pe- ines that normally end in a will drag on for a month. the. boys in the House get a taste of this new-found pleasure they'll •- . « - . . ., . - . . • , , 0 want to sit behind those cornm rt . P«» ^ w}n » ! ^ m , s ? rryJ b ^ $*.**?** K ^° - »}* ^hen you're Jj tee tables as long as there is a V/hy CW»'t the school band start playing an hour earlier? Personally, - tV camera aimed in their direc* think you two are very lucky to be allowed pijt j^ntil U o'clock $rti a lion. c lon| as, yPtt've got a goort thing $o«>«, -don't kick. ' as S p!Lh°b!!fo«fh kee Se^te B La 8 rin g ! 3ee, tSw'glrjf baye boy friends and MWrt'w^Sw,; there is every reason in ?h th e «e && The problem is that a couple of'guys get together on a phone world whv sf.m» Hn,,<T - t or two Snd call some boy's girj friefl4 and try to d«SUise tjjejr voices, fee wiU want t^, hp-» > , comnut - The boy or boys then tell (he girls their poy frwnds don't like them any- estlmony even if^t ouad SS h n ke &s*VW do thte Jurt for, kfew but ttieyta losing » lot o| fiir) friends .he rta/iJT 1 .?* -,Tt^ rt»*!^«pif*%^ pbone CSJJS? ^^^ Qm ' "riarU: Believe it or not put phone calls of thj$ nature typical 9i JWW bpys of 1?, 13 and 14 an4 |hsy do #/ Just to, have to do,. Most parents don't appj-eciate thfir, slaughters recfivij and in most cases, the ca]l$ stop when the Barents iaronnugh. ThB bovS ahnuM IHMMB Imt.tan hut if ' iw« <•• ~ — ^••••••W' •Plrf'^W'WP*™ «I«»K fff^fif OT^I^HCTP BMgff ItniK^^s^-Mff', JBwff*. W The Walker csic has Jr-i bil- J&wFM bard Wsty, that wM have •»—WT- • an » °J d - movie ' r-Hcds m go> i P v «ewcr» to the TV a Roman charry : ace. J, N. KEKEPICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL 'I* PLOTT, M. D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office-Hours by Appointment C&press 4-4864 Office CYpteSs 4-4331 Residence JOHN SCHUTTER, M. D. 'Phone CY 4-2335 F,,«OQB, w, p, CY' 4-4917 - Surgeons o, Podge, Algona i Wot*' CY '4-4490

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