The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1961 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, November 30, 1961
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-.—_ii. ^m... , .j ^ .1^.. USTABLISHCD 1863 f AW&NA, IOWA, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1961 3 SECTIONS— 22 PAGES VOL. 98 - NO. 48 y Russ .Waller '* , •• , • ' M . i. Mary Devine, and her son were'hosts at, an oldrfasn- Thanksgiving gathering week, one of those family i Where only a little croWd drops in. One of the guesis Irt. Deyine's Sdri Dave 1 , who aght with him his .bride of "it a month. Brother-Bob' Was tie opinion that 'a crowd of elatlves was quite a' chun*' a-young bride to meet all at time, but she'carried "it off t'\ * * * *» Mother local couple \had a newhat. similar experience, "'and Mrs. Del Clopton* were 'ited and decided to p*,tend a p-flung family .reunion on anksgiving near Alden. They ind about 35 present, it was Irainy day so the kids had to |"kept in, and the house rean> bked and rolled while the oup ate in shifts. But old-fash' tied Thanksgivings are fun! * • * • ' ' |The season has ' temporarily sed,. perhaps, but we note ;ere, the turkey industry has Dme up with a frozen, boned •key, processed so that it can' thawed, cooked, and then |iced more or less sandwich yle, like a loaf of bread. What iey won't think of'next!-Maybe lis will help the turkey.'market, jioweyer. Some of our turkey •owing friends report that they timate a loss of about $1 a bird the current season's crop. _•' » * The Newspaper Farm Editors Vss'n of the US met: last week i Chicago/ and one of "their, pro- pram speakers was Torsten La- Jgerstrom of. Burt, who outlined ithe beef production record sys- fetem he and his wife, Edith, are ]|using, "from;the cradle to the !« grave" so to speak, of their An~>. gus beeves, -. • ' •'K •' • •••*:/ *' . ..• , '• Coach Howie Stephenson ot -the Algona high basketball 'team received a player roster from Webster City which included two "transfer students" from New York, one listed at 6-4, the^othei- 6-3, and a third from Benson high, Omaha, listed at 6-6. Two 31 Families In Need Of Yule 'Adoption v Once again, a list' of 31 fam 7 ilies froirTthe, Algona or nearby area ,'whq are available for "adop-> ti&n" for,: Christmas, by Jocal groups, 'organizations or individuals, has been Compiled in co- operatiort with the school nurse a'hd the Kossuth County Relief Office. ' . v All of the families listed could use a Christmas basket/ or supplemental '•gifts depending upon the children involved. The list is not as '.'.. 1 long as in some previous' years. . ; ;•-.. None of the families are on Old Age Assistance Or Aid to Dependent Children, although th6 income of these families i'is beloW average. . , Here are the families available for adoption, by number. Some have already ' been spoken forj Groups wishing to adopt'any,of these families are asked to call the Upper Des Moines officcj Cypress 4-3535. Names will' s« released' shortly, before Christinas when groups are ready io make deliveries.' If cieSired' the delivery will be handled through the Relief .Office i and Cou'nty Supervisors. ' ' The list has been compiled in cooperation with, Mrs.' Beulah Richardson, school nurse and Mrs.'Marvel Immerfall, relief office .supervisor. Family No. 1 Mrs Capesius Fifth Fatality in County, 1961 St. Joe Woman, 60 Mother, and six children. Adopted ' by Lodgt 1045, International Ass'n of Machinists, Algona. i Family No. 2 — Nine in family, adopted by Algona Presbyterian Women's Organization. Family No. 3 — Parents with 12 children, • adbpted by Lodge 1045,' International Ass'n of Machinists, Algona. Family No. 4 — Eleven in days later'another roster arrived, this one without the "transfer students." Couldn't resist the temptation, the WC coach penciled, referring to the recent ouster movement with regard to Webster City in the North Central conference. • i • »/ It has been said that only one man in a million really understands the international situation, but if that is the case we run into him several times a dav. • * • We're sort of intrigued by this battle of the hams, whether water added is or isn't a good thing • • * • _ Some local citizens are wondering about aspects of the new athletic field grading and leveling project . . . after driving out and taking a look, some wonder how in the world people will get in and out of the area in football season unless several new roads are constructed and paved. It does appear a wee bn unhandy at the moment, but perhaps provisions have been made. In answer to some „.„„. inquiries about our plan W send -single wrap papers in sacks, instead of stapling, we just Haven't received the sacks yet . . .< 30,000 of them are on the way, however, from somewhere, Asked by newnmen bow »he felt after receiving a check for $20 million as her share of .an oil company founded «by her father, Mrs. Lufline P. Rpth qt San Francisco gave an answer that is something of a classic: "Don't forget, that's about all 4 have." * * * If a man empties his purse in. to his head, no one can take jt from Win — Ben Franklin, The way things we going in the Congo, the Vmte4 Nations who helped give it to the Congolese, may find the Congolese m favor of giving it back to the Belgians, whp by this time may not want it. t . i t FSRIQU? Last Lif «•» If yew »k» it, 4Wf* wW , yew just go ' Florence Smith, 56, .Truman, Minn, farm wife, decided to pay a $25.speeding fine in/Mayor C, C: Shark's court here Saturday after spending 'Friday J night in jail 'at Ft. Dodge. _Mrs Smith was arrested Friday night by local police officers. She was traveling 67 miles an hour In a '60 mile an hour zone and when brought to the local police station, became belligerent. Mayor Shierk was called from his home and the woman continued to be argumentative. The fine, which was originally set at $7 and costs, was upped by the mayor due to her actions and continued talking. . • /. The'fine,was then set at $25 and costs or five days in jail. She told the mayor she would serve the jail sentence; and was taken to Ft. Dodge by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst and his wife. There are. no facilities for women in the local jail. The woman's husband returned to the couple's home at Truman the same evening. Early the next morning (Saturday), the-mayor was notified by police radio from Ft. Dodge that Mrs Smith had decided one night in jail was enough -and she requested the right to pay the $25 ..... fine. She was returned to 'Algona,' ter. paid the fine, and 1 called her husband to come and get her/ The Smiths were returning to their home after a trip to Missouri when family, father works, but low income, ages 8 months to 17 years. Family No. S — Parents with five ^children, 2 to 14 years. Low income situation. Family No. 6,— Parents with five children 2 to 16. Low income situation. Family No. 7 — Parents, two children. Adopted by Lodge 1045, International Ass'n of'Ma- chinists, Algona." ' Family No. 8 — Father (a veteran) and mother with three, children, 6, 8 and 9. Winter season ;work, not steady. Family No. 9 — Father, mother, four children, 12 to 17. Low income, although mother does, some day work to help out. ' Family -No. 10 — Parents, four children. Adopted, anonymously, Family No. 11 — Parents with, five children, 6 to 12, Ix)w income situation. .Family No. 12 — Family of eight, adopted by Presbyterian Women's Organization. Family No. 13 — Mother and four- small children, another baby expected. Adopted by Newcomer's Club. Family No. 14 — Parents with five children who will not get much at. Xmas without a little help, ages 4 to 15. Adopted by Lodge 1045, International-Ass'n of Machinists, Algona.' ' Family No. 15 — Large family, 11 children. Father works as farm hand when possible, but low Income. Family asks very little relief, just' question of doing without. , A 60-year old well-knbwfl- St. Joe area woman, Mrs. Mary Capesius, becamelKossuth county's fifth auto fatality .of 1961 -when she-died Tuesday night 'at "St. Mary's hospital, Rochester', Minn., where she was taken for surgery for head • injuries recelvedAitt • a mishap '6% miles southwest 'of Algona Monday afternoon;!, Her injuries were at first .not believed to be serious, but Whea her condition worsened, she. was taken by 'air to Rochester Tuesday morning. She had been rushed to St. Ann lippsital'by ambulance for treatment of ,her. injuries after the mishap Monday and talked with the "ambulance driver all the way'to'the'hos- pital. Besides head ; injuries/she suffered a cut on the face'and-a shoulder injury. " « '* - On Gravel Road "•, • The mishap occurred 'at a g»av- el road intersection, 4%-- miles south and two- miles 'west ''of Algona. Mrs. Capesius, driving >a 1966 automobile, was' alone in her auto. A truck, driyert' tfy Cliff Blanchard, .38, Algona^and owned by Kossuth'.county,-,;wris the other vehicle involved.-,Blanchard was not hurt. ' x . i; ; • >' .The truck, empty,at;,the!time, approached the intersection,from the west and Mrs. Capesius was headed sputh at the": tim|;. Tne truck- was in the intersection when the Capesius . auto . struck it near the door on/the driver's side. The truck sweryed neai the "north ditch after 'the' collision then headed into the south ditch where it came to rest,'upright. ,-._-, -.; ., u ;--.-:.v. ';, * ,j^f«*'v * < "\ vVfw';, The car in which Mrs Mary Capesius, 60, St. Joe, received fatal injuries is'shown in the above photo at the right. Mrs Capesius died Tuesday night at Rochester, Minn, of injuries received in the mishap, which occurred Monday afternoon, OVfe miles southwest of Algona at a county road intersection. A truck, shown in the 'ditch at the left, was struck broadside by the Capesius auto. At the time of the crash, the truck was headed east and the auto south. Mrs Capesius was on her way home "from Algona and the truck, 'owned by Kossuth county and driven by Cliff Blanchard,, 38, Algona, was being used on a county project. Mrs Capesius was rushed from the scene to St. Ann hospital, then to Rochester for possible surgery early Tuesday morning.-(Sheriff Raph Lindhorst Photo — UDM Engraving) ' ' , Family No. 16 — Parents, two boys 3 and 14, Father does trucking when available, but a basxet would help. Family No. 17 — Adopted by Zeta Xi branch of Beta Sigma Phi sorority. Family No. 18 — Adopted by Catholic, Daughters of America. Family No. 19 — Parents, three sons, Father laid off for the win- she was charged with speeding. In other mayor's court action during the past couple of days, Arthur Conaway, Corwith, paid $25, drinking beer on a highway; Gerald Wai- ford, Spencer, $10, illegal mufflers; and Theodore Chrischilles, Algona, $15, Donald Sjogren, Algona, $15, Benjamin Herbst, Algona, $10, Vernon Cecak, Laporte City, Ind., $10, and Ralph Peterson, Des Moines, $9, were fjped for speeding. Court costs were assessed in addition to fines. Ploy Jan. 9 * long-time favorite of theatre-goers, which was to have been present^ fa* fee AJgona high school auditorium Dec. }2, has b$en postponed to, Jan. 9 with curtain- time set at 8 P.M., according to Supt. Q, B, Laing. AHS Wrestlers Wallop Elmore Tuesday, 35-8 Algona high school's wrestling teant grabbed every match from 95 }ps. through 154 Ibs. to register ah easy 35-8 win over Elmore at Elmore Tuesday pight, The win was the second straight without defeat Cpacji Champ Martin's team wi}} travel to Eagle Grove for the annual Eagle Grove Invitational Meet this S4tVday, then will host Clarion here Tuesday night, Dec. 5, in .,.., .„,,.W°rth Pentral Conference duel meet of the year. Immerfall,'Miller, Skogstrom and iri came through with faJJs 'fhnqre, meet. Brandow, Alt, ffeith-and Pingel picked up whje Elmore got ife „,,,. „---,*B.-9H a forfeit in the J75 lb. class and a decision at 165, The Ipeals ppened the season ...lit- _ A»'_111J__* T nn «n i . ' ' pyrilft^ Family No. 20 — Father working as farm hand, has five daughters, but only small wage income. Family raising a niece nlriA ' * also, Family No. 21 — Husband and wife. Husband's work irregular since surgery. Wife now seriously ill. Party No,. 22 — Handicapped widow, smaH income. Party No. 23 — Widow adopted by Presbyterian Women's Organization. Party No. 24 — Veteran's widow, handicapped, low income. Family No. 25 — Couple raising grandson, deserted by own father. Man of house has heart condition, but at 62 not drawing social security. Boy of 14. Family No, 26 — Parents, two little children. Father works on commission, low income and irregular. Family No, 27 — Mother with three children, 8, 6 and 3. Family No. 28 — Parents and nine kids. Father works, but income insufficient for any extras, Anything appreciated here." Family No. 29 — Family of 11, father works full time but the money never goes around. Party No. 30 — A veteran's widow who struggles tP live on a small pension, age 60. Just food woijld help. Family No. 31 — Parents with 7 children. Father works for $100 month and hard pressed. Get some supplemental help in fuel, but kids need some extra help. A-QKs Meet The Algona A-OK 4-fJ Club met at the hpme of Susan Bul- laelc. 17 members were present,. Discussion was on ways to earn money for the club. Capesius spun around by the impact and wound up in the' souih- ,easi corner of the intersection, facing northwest. Mrs. Capesius was'found lying on the front seat of the vehicle. Investigating officers, including Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst, Deputy Sheriff Don Wopd and Patrolman Bill Tordoff,; stated that it was probable that Mrs. Capesius struck her head ' on the windshield frame on the right side of the' car when the crash occurred' The Capesius auto was called a total wreck and damage to the truck was estimated at $750. Mrs. Capesius had.been in At gona earlier in the afternoon and was on her way home at tht time of the crash. She had been considering buying a home here and had. made partial plans to move, to Algona. Mary C. Reding, daughter of Nicholas And, Anna Laubenthal Reding, was born Feb. 7, 1901 at StN Joe. She married Julius Capesius Jan. 26, 1926 in St. Cecelia's Catholic church, Algona, and Mr. and' Mrs. Capesius lived on their farm near St. Joe since that time. Mr. Capesius died in Dec., 1958, Mrs. Capesius was a long-time member of the Riverdale Friendly Club and St. Jo 7 seph's Catholic church at St, Joe, ' ' She is survived by three sons, John, James and Thomas, all of Bode; a daughter, Joyce, St. Petersburg, Fla.; six grandchildren; and the folowing brothers and sisters: Peter, Kate (Mrs. Frank Capesius), Andrew, Louis and Mrs. Clara Walker, Algona^ Mrs. Elizabeth Bormann and Will Reding, Bode, Nick, Whitte, more, George, Ottosen, Susie (Mrs. Steve Devine), Corwith, Peter C. Reding, Trimont, Minn., and Sister M. Phyllis, Sioux City. Services Saturday Funeral services for Mrs. Capesius will be held in St. Joseph's Catholic church, St. Joe, at 9:30 a.m. Saturday with Rev, Leo Schumacher officiating. Burial will follow at St. Joseph's cemetery and Hamilton Funeral Home, Algona, is in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers at the services will be Dr. E. J. Capesius, Marcell and Clair Reding, Robert Kirsch, Harold Thilges and Maurice Devine. Rosary will be recited Friday at 8 , p.m. at Hamilton Funeral Home. Lyle Mathes New Member Fair Board One new member, Lyle Mathes; was elected-to .the Kossuth ;i Coun-' Free Movie, Pe?, 14 On Thursday, Dec. 14, starting at 1:30 p.m. and running continuous, a free show "The Canadian" wjll be shown at the Algona theatre. Tickets can be picked up at Algona stores displaying the Signs in their windows. • , . , eeting held' Monday afternoon" a the .courthouse, here. . >l Tfoo' '.others, '' former board members,, were ( re-elected., They are .Claude ' ... Seely ,'and Orville Thorespn,, Swea ,City.' At the organization meeting which followed, Fred Plumb was re-elected president of the board, Seely was named vice president, and Verne McClure of Algona was reelected secretary-treasurer. Several plans were made, and program numbers approved. The new quarter mile track will be ready for the 1962 fair, and book-. ings were arranged for the Bob Smith Thrill Show, the Northwest Midgets,, and the Grand American Carnival Co., a larger unit than in former years. Fair dates were set for Tuesday through Friday, August 1417. The final Kossuth fair date overlaps the opening day of the Iowa State Fair, but arrangements have been made so that county winners can also compete in Des Moines in practically all Friday Last Day In $3,000 Newspaper Campaign Drive The big Trade Expansion Campaign of the Algana newspapers, .with $3,000 in cash prizes, will close Friday, December 1,.at 5.p.m. .; . . First place winner gets $800 in cash. Tabulation of the final votes for, each candidate will, •\±< i take place .after/supper, Friday evening.. The judges, ;X.vy;hose decision; will be final,; are Gordon Hall of .the Iowa State r 'B'an%, Algona, Russell Medln, manager of the Consolidated Co-Op Creameries of Whittemore, and Art Boyken, of the Tltonka Savings Bank. Many workers are still active", rechecking in areas where they have been'promised new or renewal subscriptions, but all workers must have their reports in not later than 5 p.m., Friday, which is the absolute deadline. At the same time, the Marion Circulation Co. expressed appreciation for the fine cooperation received in the past five weeks from both the Algona newspapers, the campaign workers, and the people of the area in general. Hundreds of new subscribers, and thousands, of renewal subscriptions, have been received. W. E. Reinsch, general manager, and Geraldine John, assistant, conducted the campaign. Dip In Sales Of New Cars categories. With reduction in the track size, the big car auto races arc gone, and other program numbers will take their places, McClure said. Ex-Algonan Dies In California Word was received here recently of the death of O. J. Stephenson, 85, former well- known Algonan, whp died Nov. 19 at Santa Ana, Cal. He succumbed to a heart attack. Mr. Stephenson is survived by his widow, four sons, Ellis, Kenneth, Maynard and Eugene, end a daughter, Margaret, all married. Mr. Stephenson served as Kossuth county clerk for four terms and later went into business with \. L. Miner in a candy shop here. L-ater, he and Tony Goeders added a bakery, Mr. Stephenson was nanager of the CCC camp at 3ancroft for a while, then moved ;o California where he has since resided. Sales of new cars dipped in Kossuth county during the past week. Only 10 were registered at the county treasurer's office. Owners are: Chevrolet — C. T. Williams, Algona; L. M. Kirsch, Whittemore; Pat M. Berkness, Armstrong; W. J. C. Erpelding, Lu- Verne; J, A. Olsom Fenton; and A. L. Studer, Wesley. Dodge — D. C. Pooch, Algona. Mercury — A. P: Soever, Titonka. Rambler — A. J. Budlong, Titonka. Ford — Jennie or C. R. Deibler, Algona. '62 Car Licenses On Sale Friday Iowa auto license plates for 1962 vill go on sale Friday morning at I a.m. at the county treasurer's of! ice here. Plates may be purchased 'or vehicles until Feb. 1. After that i penalty accures, County Treasurer Rqsella Voigt pointed out. Special numbers are always in ome demand, and insofar as pos- ible the office tries to accommo- late license plates buyers, but it is i caie of first come, first served, un- esg preliminary deposits have >een made on the plates. Fines Following Bancroft Crash Mike Woltz, 15, Burt, was finea $10 and costs for driving without a driver's license and $10 and costs for failing to have his vehicle under control in Mayor C. C. Shierk's court here this week as a result of a car-picker- sheller mishap (i'/i miles southeast of Bancroft Friday morning. Woltz and a passenger in the auto, Robert Leininger, 16, Algona, were injured in the crash. Woltz suffered lacerations of the scalp and Leininger received facial lacerations. They were treai- ed at St Ann hospital. The mishap occurred as Milo Johnson, driving the picker came to the top of a hill. The Woltz car, traveling on the wrong side of the road, came over the hill and hit the Johnson machine head-on. Johnson was on his way to Burt to pick up some repairs when the mishap occurred at 10:30 a.m. Damage to the Woltz auto was estimated at $900, while damage to the picker was estimated at $1,000. The mishap was investigated and charges filed by the highway patrol. Mrs. Ben Meyer Passes; Rites Held, Titonka Titonka — Mrs. Ben H. (Tena) Meyer, 88, died Thursday at n Buffalo Center nursing home. Funeral services were held Monday at 1 p.m. at the Ramsey Reformed Church north of Titonka. Rev. John Jensen officiated. Burial was at the church cemetery with Blake Funeral Home in charge. Born Nov. 14, 1873, at Wellsburg, she was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harm Jaspers. The family farmed in this vicinity until retiring about 10 years ago. Surviving are five children, Dick, Algona; Mrs. Harm (Tena) Kelt wick, Titonka; Bert, Buffalo Center; Wesley, Elmore, Minn.; VTi-s. John S. (Delia) Rippentrop, 3uffalo Center; 14 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, a sister, Virs. Ida Bunger, Well.sburg; two jrolhers, Jake Jaspers, Sioux r alls, S. D., and Nate Jaspers, Clinton, Minn. She was preceded ifi death by her husband and two infant sons. Pallbearers were Henry Baade, Win. Spear, E. J. Sonnenberg, John Welhousen, Henry Van Hove and Ben Miller. Leon Merritt Dies; Funeral Here Friday Leo'ri M;" Merritt, . 67, well- known Algona man, died Tuesday night at Lutheran hospital, Ft. Dodge; where he had been a patient for the past five weeks. Prior to that, -he had ,been at Veteran's hospital, Des Mdines, several times. Funeral services for Mr. Me*~ ritt will be held tomorrow (Friday) at 2 p.m. in First Lutheran church here, with Rev. Edsel Isaacson officiating. Burial will follow at Riverview cemetery and Hamilton Funeral Home ij in charge of arrangements. There will be a 'military service at tha graveside. Leon M. Merritt, son of James and Roseanne Brody Merritt, was born Jan. 15, 1894 at Perry. He came to Algona about 30- years ago and for many years operated the Merritt Funeral Home (now Hamilton's). He was a charter member of the American Legion post and Elks club at Perry and was very active in Legion affairs here. He also was an ardent hunter and fisherman. He is survived by his wife, Ann, and three daughters, Betty (Mrs. Neil Monaco), Phoenix, Ariz., Dorothy (Mrs. Arlo Larson), Clear Lake, and Delores (Mrs. Ted Zittritseh), Detroit, Mich.; seven grandchildren; eight /•* great-grandchildren; and a broth- or, Howard Minn. 'lucky Escape Merritt, Austin, Four Couples Get Licenses Four couples obtained licenses to wed at the office of County Clerk Alma Pearson this week. They were: Nov. 22 — Gary Snyder, Storm Lake, and Lynnette Lund, Swea City. Nov. 24 Gerald Lunn, Lakota, and Roberta Addy, Lakota; and Henry Seller and Berniece Smith, Algona. Nov. 25 — Ole Frendahl, Boone, " and Rosa H. Hansen, Algona, Whittemore — Donald Meyer lost, control of his car, a 1955 Fora, Wednesday night while returning home, three-quarters ot a mile east of Whittemore on the McGregor blacktop road, and rolled the car'and demolished it. Fortunately he was uninjured. Santa Claus In Algona Dec. 2 Santa Claus will pay his first visit to Algona next Saturday, Dec. 2. He will arrive about 1:30 p.m. and will travel dqwn State Street to his headquarters on the courthouse lawn, via fire truck. There he will have free bags of candy for the youngsters during the afternoon. There will also be a free movie for the kids, the first show starting at I p.m., the second at 3 p.m., at the Algona Theatre. The picture is ''Adventures of Robinson Crusoe." No tickets are required. Algona retail stores have also announced a night opening schedule for the Christmas season. They are Friday, Pec. 1; Friday, Dec. 8; Monday, Dec. H; Friday and Saturday, Pec. 15-16: and Monday through Saturday. Pef.

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