The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1961 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1961
Page 21
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, ON TH£ . . doorway of x the neit log cabin -&nd Waited for the lady ofHtlKJ house .to come to Jthe .dofcr. ' I had.been going so hard on tht subscription drive,'that I had broken through lheHime*barrler it was 1621' in Plymouthlfcolony and I had come to call all Prudence Morton to see if. U could H talk her into taking the .Algona Upper Bes Moines. '' ^ "': .•;,..• * * • SHE WIPED HEft HANDS ON her crisp white apron as she opened the door. "Come in", she said, " but you'll have to excuse the mess. We're getting ready tor Thanksgiving." ENCE .mused, ."but, i ,must say, a real feast; .Will be'trtrly ; w>elcome after all these somber months tn the New WOcld. J.^tnow ,'tis sinful, but I often long for just ohe evening - of the • rollicking good fun we used to have, in England. May the good Eldef BreWster never hear me, . But: price in a while, I even have, the fancy that Id like to kick,'up my heels and dance a bit!" -:.'• PRUDENCE BLUSHED AT the folly of a staid old mother of ""•ee acting in such a manner, "Still,- 1 she .went full ,. , and ample rqason for 'Governo lUWWWWWJYJV^^ , viiig, We got 0* through ><ll LAYERS IrVIISr OFFICIAL IOWA TEST FOURTH STRAIGHT YEAp Earn top performance index basedSri egg production, egg size, laying hoiise livability and body weight For the 4th year in a row, Hy-Line layers ranked first in the official 1960-61 Iowa Multiple Unit Poultry Test.' This important test is sponsored by the National Plans Division of the Iowa Poultry Association. i ^ Results of the Iowa test are especially significant due to the largd number of birds in each entry and the number of .on-the-farm locations where birds are, - r^I tested. Each entry was .produced in five,hatches and:'; tested in five farm .units. The number ofCpuljets*.:v housed averaged about 1000 birds per entry.v.'. up;'.,, to twenty times as many birds as are housed;in otjierj' •. Random Sample Tests. .^ V : V' ... .The<Hy-Line 934-H advantage ; per bird^oyer; thjis,^ average of the other 15 entries is shown belowl ";Ii\- : / come and feed records were not kept. Note how put* . ' standing Hy-Line 934-H is in all: important .profit characteristics. Some birds,,;may haye; perfo/med Wejt : \' in one characteristic; 1 but'" none performed as''consist-' ' ently well in all of them. It is this good all-around performance that makes Hy-Line layers jnot only winners of official tests but also excellent profit" makers ' onyourfarm , ^ - , HY-LINE ADVANTAGES 27 more eggs per hen housed 4.2% better laying house livability 4.3% • more large and extra-large eggs 2/10 Ib. less body weight If eggs are your business, mate Hy-Line your, chick ORDER-A^CHICKS NOW! Kleins Farm Supply, Algona Robinson Produce, Wesley Hurt Produce, Burt James Mayne, Ledyard Calvin Vaudt, Fenton Senius Isebrand, Titonka Glenn Opheim, Cylinder Walter Vaudt, Whittemore Arend Swalve, Buffalo Center LeRoy Schiltz, Bancroft Alfred Hurlburt, Elmore George Eden, Swea City Aaron Steussy, Algona Howard Wohlers, Algona OR WHITTEMORE HATCHERY - WHITTEMORE, IOWA , SAVi $3 per 100 pullers . . . ... by ordering. I-Iy.-Line phicks now, .for ! either winter or spring delivery. • *5Lt* « -* k '' " *-J _t the crops were abundaht. The Lord has been especially food tc us at out house. He spaced every ohe of ite, .except Granny* She-lies ovet yonder in the burying plot along with 12 othef oldsters who couldn't stand the Winter. The Marshall's twins are there,' too, the five little Lodges the feve/ took, and fidelity Cabot and her firstborn. We 1 had burying services at meeting almost every week -last winter;" „*.. * '.* •PRUDENCE WIPED AWAY A tear, then went to the fireplace Where a kettle was simmering merrily. She made a pot of tea "we used to have coffee, but we've .used.all of ours and there woh'.t be any more Until the riext Vessel gets in from England. ¥bu might like this tea ~ I made it from herbs the youngsters gathered last summer." *..:<.,».' « • ; "YOU KNOW", PRUDENCE said with a'twinkle in her eye, i sometimes wonder if Governor Bradford didn't call this thanksgiving just so the men could take a day or two off to go hunting. We're going to have turkey for the feast — there's plenty of them back in the woods. Last winter when food was scarce, the men really had to go hunting' so that we could eat. But nowadays, THESE^WOMIIN! "SURPRISE! It', for you, bowl" .. _ „ VMVI d_rMu AAW nrauajro, they hunt for the-pure pleasure of it!" I t61d> her about'the pheasant hunting, teasphttHat is opeh in Iowa "now, and how ritir son is looking forward to getting some birds when he is home from college for his Thanksgiving vacation. : . . ' •., . .,. . ";'; > •:,••'•*' ••.;:' * .-'- - . -.-f :••• "I HOPE Y.6.U DON'T THINK I'm flighty-minded", Prudence said, ''but I do sometimes have a time getting used to these sombei Puritan, ways. My parents weren't very -strict Puritans and our; family was given to much gaiety in their ways. But the moment I lay eyes on •• Jeremiah' Morton, ,;J Knew I'd followhirp 4b..the eijd of the earth.'I very nearly did, oo by coming here in that May- lower! Still, he's a fine man ana Ve -never regretted my choice." told her that father is'Mhd of mrd to get started • on a party oq, tout he did lake me to tftt Fireman's Ball last week .and we had a real good time.;. * •* .;. .••.*,'-' ' ?RUDENCE AND 1 GOT ,TO jragging about^ouf.thildreh. H'er's re JHatlehcJe, jFaithi ,antf, Jeremiah, r. Jeremiah,. Jr,> she said was _,oihg to- ibei'he death 1 of'her yet. Last Sabbath at meeting, the pas- toi^'s sermon'was •only three hours' long instead ,of Me uMal four, yet Jeremiah, Jr. started to wiggle and the-tithing man^ whose duty it; 4s -to keep orderi xl fiaa"-t6"taJEi' J Jeremiah's head with the knobby poje two times! And during the same service, Faith jiad gone to sleep and had. her face .tickled with the ; fox-tail 'on Cthe" end 61 the pole-'to orm. It isn't but I'm working on one for years,.and hope to some day,try to have'.-it, published. Mrs Jessie Shearer Caftip'of Friendship Haven, Ebrt Dodge, w.rott anothei- of her interesting letters and there was a card from-'Jan Zerfass VerVeer, Downers Grove, ..')-. .--.,. ". * « . THIS: WEEK'S RECIPE. IS from the tKird graders' Johnny Appleseed Cookbook. v lt's foi Harvest Torte and it Was submit' ted by Jim Harris lit. 4 .cups diced Unpared apples ,v 1 cUp sugar Ms cup sifted enriched flour 2 tsp. baking powder' 1 egg 1", tbsp. melted .butter 1 teasp. vanilla. v * '/, % cup broken, walnuts ' ' Vz cup pitted dates; cut up. Combine all ingredients. Mix ihoroughly. Do not:.beat. Turn into greased ,8 by 8"by 2 pan. Bake in hot oven, 400 degrees for 40 min. or till apples are tei- .der.CjCut into 6 v or 8 squares :Serve'With whipped cream. — GRACE. NOTES OF .ing in the Western Pacific with rthe Second Battalion ' of tht 'Seventh Marine Regiment on Okinawa. The battalion departed for the Far East "from San Diego; Calif., Oct., 16, pausing enroUte to par-* ticipate •': in "amphibious exercise "Operation Silver Sword" in Hawaii, before joining the Third Marine Division.".oh Okinawa. BREMERTON. Wash. — Eddie E. Pratt, seaman, USN, son of ,,Mr. and Mrs., Eltan D. Pratt o' 313 W. McGregor st., Algona, f is serving in the Pacific aboard tht anti-submarine warfare support aircraft carrier USS Kearsargp Which entered the Bremerton, Wash., Naval Shipyard, .Nov. 1 tor a seven-month modernization program. The Kearsarge, which operates out of Long Beach, Calif., is receiving the modernization -upon completion of a seven-month tour ;n the Westefh Pacific with the Seventh Fleet. MEN :SAN DIEGQ — Darrell H. Bohr, seaman, 'USN, son of .Mrs. John Bahr of 32Q N. Lantry st., Algona, is serving in the Pacific , . .:-,- . . r aboard the attack aircraft carrier SATURDAY" EVENING.;, PA. "SS Lexington, operating out of •— "-- - " "•"- San Diego, Calif. -,.. ; , The Lexington is preparing for a .deployment to -the Western Pacific where it will' visit ports in !i ': who ' knew very'- WelJ that Sabbath begins at 6 o'clock, went skidding .and sliding .On the ice wheit'she-was' vsifpposea to walk sedately, at least untU Monday morning. ? "Young peopjc, nowadays -, don't realize how much it, means to have freedom of religion", said Prudence. I replied with a few complaints about jur Mary Ann and Jean monopu- IbJng the telephone with their .giggling conversations. Prudence didn't seem to know what I meant by this. I guess there is no phone service to the Mortons, * • * THE SANDS IN THE HOUR glass showed it was nearly half- past the hour, so I said I really must be going. I didn't Sell Pru- ience a subscription —• Mary T. Bestenlehner had already bee.i .here before me — but I enjoyed talking with her. So, I slipped rapidly down through the centuries back to Algona, Iowa\ Tht turkey was waiting for me, thawing on the kitchen sink. It was 1961, and I, like Prudence, was getting ready for Thanksgiving. : * /*'.».' SO MUCH FOR WHICH TO be grateful! The same good Lord who brought Prudence and-her family; through the first Winter in the new world has brought us through a rough year, a\so. So many of our prayers have been answered in unexpected ways. All five of us enjoy remarkably good health,, there's work to do, and things to talk and laugh about. » * * AND MQST OF AW, THERE s love. That's the magic ingredient that takes the sting out of even the Worst of troubles, and f you hayen't got it, all the luxury jri the world won't do ypu any good. It's a fon;e rnore powerful then the atomic bomb, and t's just .laying aj'ound all over waiting for us to take advantage of it! The romantic variety is H,st great and I'm a.11 for it, but bank goodness, it isn/t limited to hat- HI(SH ON My THANKTWI, ist is friendship. Recently I've tallce4 with; a great many 'qf the mjfst people, anywhere and they live rjght Iti my pwn, home town! In a4dit[on to this, the mail has been extra good lately. There were letteys, wi^i subscriptions in them, fjspjrn Mrs Richard Hengel of Amhoy, Minn, -and Flcw-ence Reynolds pf Tjtonka. There was a lettej.- from Mrs Leon Hoskinson, Gfaftd Junction, asking if the column was available in buok Japan, pines, Hawaii and the Phillip. OKINAWA — Marine Pfc. Dennis L. St, John, son of Mr 2 nd , Mrs. .Wilfred St. John of <U-W. State st., Algona, is serv- NOTICE TO BIDDERS FOR CONSTRUCTION OF FOOT BRIDGES AT ••• • 4 IOWA STATE PARKS Sealed bids will be rcelved by the State Conservation Commission at Its WWices, East 7th & Court Avenue, Des U lolnes 8, Iowa, lor construction o£ (l .venty two — 6'-0" width, foot, bridges l;i .seven-.State Parks in rvariable I ingths .f»mj:ie ls t;,tQ,*2 < ,-4 1 fi!j|i«ft'*« 5 ,m, on Friday, December 1. 1861. {Project locations and bridges are as Allows: " Project No. LWP 2070-3 — Ambrose _; Call State Park, adjacent to the southwest city limits of Algona In jKossuth County Iowa. 2 foot bridges. I Project No. LWP 2100-5 — Ft. Defiance State Pai-k, one mile southwest of. Esthervllle in Emmet County, lown 4- 7 foot bridges. ! Project No. LWP 2200-10 — Pammel State Park, 5 miles southwest of Win- tersct in .Ma'dison County, Iowa — 3 foot bridges. '• ' Project No. LWP 2210-8 — Pine Lake State Park, Va mile northeast of El- dbra in Hardin County, Iowa — 1 foot bridge. i Project No. LWP 1170-7 — Springbrook Stale Park, 7 miles northeast Of Guthrie Center in Guthrie County, Iowa — 1 foot bridge. Project No. LWP 1180-5 —- Waubon- Sic State Park, 4 miles south and 2 miles west of . Sidney In Fremont County, Iowa — 1 foot bridge.. Project No. LWP 1200-8, Wild Cat Den bridges, ch project m W» of (II ment, and to construct the br -. involve! the fcirftl«h« lOterlti, \66\i ind «4Uip» •"*—''}* «Ji of th* work -- —.-»..«. ...u w*.u80(t AS ddtftlldd ott the plans. Coillraetors nre to -submit llimp sum bids for each bridge and n toGl bid for each group of bridges tot each state uark. Awni-da will oc based on the total bid Cor each group pf bridges included In c«ch projett dfeslgttftted for each state park. Proposals in duplicate shall be on torms furnished by the Commission and shall be accompanied by n proposal Ruarnntefl consisting oC a certified check, cashier's check, or bid bond (no fash accepted) made payable 1 to the State Conservation Commission and drawn on a solvent Iowa Bank «S liquidated damages In the event the- successful bidder 'falls to entcf into a contract and post an approved perforhiancc bond wlttitn ten uu) davs after formal acceptance of his bfd; I Thurtdoy, November 23, mrAjgeru. (la.) Upp.r DM Mo!n.*~S * ' ' ' II r I n. rrt i .1 T ,- - II rtimAn Mi •.!- - , •:... . - - - -^- J The amount of thl* guarantee to be ten percent (10%) &t the total nominal amount of the bid for all the groupi or s«parat« projects for which the proposnl Is Submitted. lie* of" proposal forms, plans and -,—Jlfl*ntlons may be obtained at the office at Mr. D. M. Hill, Supt. of Engineering Construction, State Conservation Commission, foes Molncs, Iowa' All plans and specifications are the property of the Commission and shall be returned to this office and In good condition on or before the letting .date whether you do or do not file a bid. Sealed bids filed shall be In envelopes furnished by the Commission and plainly mm keel to Identify thole contents. The State Conservation Commission reserves the right ,to waive technicalities and reject any or all bids. ' - ,' STATE CONSERVATION COMMISSION (publlimed Nov. 33, 1«1. In *hi Afc" goiia Upper Peg Mblne») ACCIDENT ! John Dunham of Dunlap rc- fccntly suffered the loss of the lit* * lie finger of the right hand and! a bndly mangled third finger in a corn picker accident. ;, CALVES .': Mr and Mrs Nestor Reicks ot'J near Cresco recently had an addition to their dairy herd, triplet calves. The calves, two bulls and. one heifer, were born to a four-* year-old Brown Swiss cow. They, weighed 40, 60 and 60 pounds. « BULOVA Thenew To make her Diamond Dreams come true. A COMPLETELY NEW SERIES OF DIAMOND SET, 17 JEWEL WATCHES Each model Is a perfect blend of case and shimmering facet-cut diamonds. And of course there is a 17 jewel Bulova movement to make this a timepiece that will be worn with love and pride for a life* time. FROM ONLY > Genuine facet-cut diamonds, f , ' 7 jewel precision accuracy. 9 High fashion jewelry styling. See our complete Bulova Diamond Watch collection. AS LITTLE A WEEK DIAMOND DRUM "E" Nigh fashion endplecsi twirl •round th» 2 ipirkllng dlt- mondt and blind Into tin •xpanilon bncilet. .17 Jiwili, DIAMOND DRUM "I" The luxury of 4 quillty diamond! and a ityllth meili bracdit. 17 Jiweli. In yel* .low v white., M9.I9 WILTGEN JEWELERS ALGONA S LEADING JEWELERS A GIFT FOR THE HOME IS A GIFT FOR THE FAMILY ! 6T THIS YEAR GIVE A BIG LIFT TO LIVING ' ( • • fhe best pift of oil i» « gift of on appliance ... a lasting gift of leisure. This year you can afford to give pppiitmce* «u we are prepared to help you in every way possible. You'll find 1961 model* «f W**tinghpuse and Frigidaire marked down to a price you can't afford not to buy! Vpull find gleaming new 1962 models that will dc.?t!e your eyes. You'll find on extra big selection of Television sets and Stereos priced so low that nobody can meet the price You'll fine) that we ore anxious to help you give appliances this year because we offer you free de- ttv«fy, easy terms, fake in trade-ins, no down payment with trade-in, no payments this year, «U 4h» instrvcticnt you'll need, a parts department to bqck up our warranty and with no delay. In qther words ... we are in the appliance business and appliances only. Come in today and take advantage of our experience and services to trim her tree with a useful gift. •***» TRABNNS ACCEPTED «. NO DOWN PAYMENT (with trade-in) - NO PAYMENTS 711 NiKT YIAR I ^^^^^ ^^^^^9- ^^^^M ^11^ ^^R dW BHl^W ^^W iW ^^WW MP PRRi ^B ^P !^^M|F^ VMP i^H IMP PPPi PBPPPI PPIp B|P PH§ MB TjHI ^818^ wBBBil

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