The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1961
Page 19
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TV M u onans on ™A . t ^ on y-,, houses have bu "".'d and it is* still out of control. The Wind is not blowing in our din*. '?" or . we would be ^howered with ashes and srhoke. I saw the fire start this morning at 8 a m on my way to Work. We heard the fire trucks and jn just a few minutes the flames were leaping up m the hills near the road, We' have had 4 or 5 years of drought and that doesn't help the fire problem. Later, the fire has now f|«n raging out of control for 13.5 hours and there is»ho Con. trol m sight. I can see '{he fire from our patio and I have* a step ladder out to see over thfc house in back of us. The TV .coverage is excellent. Shots from helicopters, mobile units and other points. 'Men are standing on the ridgt; throwing dirt on the fire. They are driven back every: few minutes. The TV now preparing to make'a run for it bd- cause the. fire is getting loo close We are about 15 miles from the mountains that are on fire." *• . * • Ahoihdif leife? "of infeteaf was from rrty cotisih, the late Harry Ooddard'i- widow, Vinnie, Rev. A. A. Howe, Who is rnenlioned, was a •forrrtef,^Bancroft resident When -Haf$ r , liyed there and Jiav & _ son living 'in Wichita, Kan., where Harry and Vinnie have lived several years, "Rev. Howe and his. wife were., here visiting their son Kenneth and wife. I had the four of them for dinner"'one evening. Last'Sunday-they inVit-, ed us (Ethel, Vinrife's Sister who makes her home with her) to dinner at -BeaumdAtj KanYThis place s abput 45 miles east of Wichita. The town is nothing, but this hotel is quite well-known, simi- lar to Knott's, Berry Farm In Cal ifornia. It was- primarily -built 'for cattlemen. Tetfas owners pasture their cattle in the Flint Hills"neai there and the acconiodation was necessary. We passed a pla'di where one of the big underground missiles sites is being con* structed. There are several abound this territory. The eJtcavatiori' is about CO feet across and 200 feel deep. A missile will be set foi a certain target, the fuel frozen, and it can be set off at the .push of a button" anytime needed. Kh. thinks he. has .us so scared.; He'd better reconsider! Yestbrday Ethel and'I were. awakened by a noise we thought Was rain Looked out and saw the greatest rnigratiori of birds I ever witnessed. They Were flying right over the house, a wide black streak in :he sky and we could See them f6r miles?' / ... :, \ • . v. '*"'• *': ' -•••.' i kading and Cady must sound alike over phone • for now and ';hen people' get 'us mixed. One jme it was a .buttons delivery,' ater a storm window. Mrs Kad' ng got my buttons and her storm window was ( deliyered ,where it No. 12 of a Series IOWA GREAT wasn't wanted or heeded, frequently those who do not khbw hie thiflfe Cady'i$: spoiled wittKn K. Years ago I went to pay a bill and the clerk couldn't find any charges to. me. I said "What .are you looking under? K or "R", he answered. 1 said -! - • ?• • •* the Employer •In the jight of today's bright business outlook in Iowa, we owe .a special .vote of recognition to- the man who helps make this possible... the employer.' ; '.'.' " . ; ' Iowa payrolls are increasing.; New businesses, new jobs are developing. In all this, the enterprise of Our employers has been" a key factory yS^ia building^ari expanding economy . • also creating ttie Sound s&ucture which; niakes Iowa^erhploy- ment among the most stable in the nation.- -. ;' - J ' U4> •;> it >>- ; '• •'• „ -3;. ;••--.• 4.1. r~>--:* ••*• *••--•; ''.I'.' •'•••'"• •• •• It is.difficult to say which industry is the largest employer in Iowa. But, high on the list stands the brewing industry which now employs over 23,000 lowans. Yes, as an employer, 3 taxpayer, a buyer of farm products, and in other ways ... the Brewing Industry contributes to Iowa's growth Some more nicknames ihaf stick'— ''Slim'.Smith, "Shahky'' Holtzbauer, "Dutch", Lorenz, "Kick" ' Moore, -"Pud" '^Turner, 'JTedder" .Nelson and of .course the usual "Chuck" for Charfe Nicolilin and.,Chal-les Cretzmeyefc "Babe" Hart-of years'- ago and ."Pat" Cavanaugh tot Williatti a deceased brother of-Nellie Van Allen, -Bernadine Allen; Esthet Benson and Katherine Cook, th§ last named also being for known as "Pat". Pat was the father: Oh yes — there was a "Tugi* Wilson. Don't remember -what His real name was. And "Pat" fot Walter Jensen and- Willjs >Cadyi' my uncle. -\ . >, *> I * * "6 Mr and Mia Aufher Alson nave named their . daughter Laura, Anna for the grandmothers. My grandmother Cady : :was ' Laura Ann and I am Laura Evelyn. I've IWays been grateful' to' my par"- nts for the selection. ' ' . • ' * «• . .*-. .-.-.. .' ' :•"-.' There were 15 Snyders at the airport to. meet Mr and Mrs Hal- •lai'd Snyder who have gone there 'for the.winter. Till March^ thej .will.'be with Mrs Snyder's aunt?) Mrs C. E. Prisler at Cudaha'yV Calif, The Snyder's sons, Cecil and Junior and families live at' /Anaheim-and the son Claire and family live at Riverside. Another; son and.daughter-in-law, Mr and Mrs Darl Snyder, came from Chi-' cagp and saw them off at Des Moines. The flight was not BJl pleasant for Mrs Snyder as it, might have been. Unfortunately she is 'one of those pel-sons who get "flight sickness." ; . Are you as sick and Hred o "Sad Movies-.Make Me Cry" bj the Lennon sistefg as t am? *.., * * . .Speaking W music.—, believe it or not, it must be later than we think, for I heard '.'peck the Halls" — a strictly Christmas fong ployed today, Nov. 13, And we AIN'T even had Thanksgiving yet ! A letter and newspapers came today from my cousin Melyin Henderson, Upland, Calif. The papers dealt largely with the recent fires. Such utter destruction, and in his letter he said it is thought to be the result of arsonists. How terrible. 'Hope they are caught and punished". Ex* cerpts from his letter say "This was not the only fire. We have had three in Upland. Sunday night, ope was just east of our house toward the Country Club. That night one broke out in-Alta Loma, that we could plainly see from our house. Then Monday was the clincher. A brush fire broke out just east of the packing house about half a .mile, and with the strong winds it was only a miracle that we were not burned out of a job. The fire was almost at our .front door. I had men on the roof with fire hoses, ana others with sho,vels. There were dozens of pieces of local and county equipment as well as the plane bombing from above with borate solution. I sent the Women home about 3:30 p.m., and honestly I felt like we were doomed, and the plant would go. Fortunately, the wind, changed and wt were spared. IOWA DIVISION UNITED STATES BREWERS ASSOCIATION, INC. DES MOINES Mr and Mrs Julius Knopf, residents at Good Samaritan, r cele-> brated their sixth-fourth'wedding anniversary last week. Both art 87. "Sixty-four years is quite a- record. The cake was a beauty', all white with pale blue lettering and such lovely white' frosting roses. Quite a masterpiece by Bill Finn. Blue is a favorite color of Mrs Knopf ,• T was told. * •*,-.. * Older Algerians will' well re- membe'r Arch Bushjiell, a " gay young man-about .town quite a ; number of years ago. He was Lt. Bushnell in World War I, and I recal\ what a, fine looking soldief' ie made.'For many years he has lived in 'Childersberg, Ala. '.He has a son, Dr. James'J. Bushheil, Birmingham, an ear, nose -.and ithroat specialist^ who has made fquUe^a-; name -¥01* himself- ir| Ks^ field. In a recent letter to .his aunts, Jean Wadsworth and Margaret Hofmaster, he told of a trip he is on with several other doc tors — a convention being held at BUenos Aires. These doctors chartered a boat — a de luxe affair with swimming pools and orchestras: That's the life ! Arch's wife, Grace, died several years ago and of late he has not been well. A few months ago hd moved from Childersberg to 'rooms in his son's home, a beautiful place, very large in size and set in acres of ground. I saw some pictures ut it and was greatly impressed with it's beauty and grandeur. Here's 4 Homes For Sale Picked from our fine selection! If not satisfied, we do have others to show you! Sunday and Monday we had the Santana winds and they were awful. (I know it, because we had one the winter mother and I spent in Pomona. I'll take a .blizzard. At'least it is a clean affair and the Santanas are so dirty!) We must have cleaned out two pecks of fine dust, from the house. Leaves have been blown about, trees and flowers damaged and limbs down. In other words, Southern California is one great !big MESS! Why, oh why, can't we have some of the rain which is so abundant in other parts of I he world? We are simply parched." Well, giye me good ,old IOWAY! * . * * Sign in the window of a store which went bankrupt after two weeks in business, "Opened by Mistake." .," : . * *' * Too true — "An intelligence test sometimes shows a man how smart he'd have been not to take it." . - ' ' * * * I wonder if there is ever a ,mix-up on mail.— the . Robert t !Bi9kert,,family J ; lives on -j South "lobre; street and , the . Robert ;uckert family on South Minnesota street. « * • By accident I got a Mr. Coffee .on the phone. Coffee — thats a good sounding name. Wonder It his first name might be Cuppa. . ,Mr and Mrs Vernon Jensen and 'Mr and Mrs Everett Anderson were at Estherville recently attending an organ recital: The women are especially interested as both play organs — one a Baldwin, one a Hammond. I was glad to know Meredith Holzhammer took her mother's, the late Ruth Raney, with her to Dubuque. Meredith is an accomplished musician. • LAKOTA By Mrs Stanley Stecker 514 NORTH MINNESOTA ST. (Viwnt Now) ' « 821 EAST NORTH STREET 3 Bedrppm,, Well Bui.t S12,OQO -$ 9,500 t 721 NORTH WOODWORTH STREET 4 Bedreems. N»9t, Nf»r Ntw — T . f ON HIGHWAY NO. 19 — EAST $15500 3 Brooms. Beautifully Finished. '" Built-ins. In Developing Area $21,000 JOEL M. of TED S. REAL ESTATE (Over Pinna's) Name Officers . The student ' council election was held Friday, Larry Becker was elected president. Senioi ^representatives are Kent Ger- 1 ' zema, Paul Geilenfeldt anc! Kathy Peterson.' Junior representatives are Charold Barrett. Kurtis Rusher and Janice Thompson. Sophomores art Cherryl Anderson and Milton Paulsen. Freshmen are Gary Geilenfeldt and Stephen Tjaden. Homecoming Set Homecoming will be Friday Nov. 17 with a game with Thompson. Queen candidates are Juanita Cordes, Kathy Peterson, Janice Thomsen and .Patsy Tjaden. The crowning of the .queen will take place between the halves of the boy's game. There will be a sock hop in the gym following the game. There will be lunch in the hot lunch room. Rev. and Mrs. Harlan Krusu entertained members of the session and their wives at a coffee hour following the regular o f session meeting Monday nlgnt. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Smith, Mr. and Mrs. George Ennen, Mr. and Mrs Russell Winter, and Mr .and Mrs Andrew Jansen. Herb Zielske and Mr. and Mrs Alfred Zielske of Swea City visited Sunday at the Richard Zielske home. . Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Roelfsema and family and Mr. and Mrs Milton Trassmer and family of Elm'ore and Mr. and Mrs. Dou- fll'd Kollasch and family visitea Sunday at the John Roelfsema home. v Sunday guests at the Hugh Lewis home were her sister and family the Thomas Hellings a,nd Ppb of Mason City, A Thursday visitor at the Paul Christ home was Mrs. William Schiitter of Titonka. Sunday viS' itors were Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Rode and boys and Mrs. William Rode of Titonka. Simday visitors with Mrs. Signc Nelson were Mr. and Mrs, William Wells of Blue Earth Mr. arid Mrs. Albin Nelson, Monica and Eric, Do Anne Nelson and Robert Hassebrock of Buffalo Center and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Christ and family. Mr. and Mrs. Milton Paulson attended; the jr. class play at Titonka, Friday evening and wort- lunch guests afterwards at the John Welhousen home. Mrs.' . Frauke Schadendorl s daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ennen and son of Lone Rock visited witri her Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Harper and 'amily went to McCallsburs Sunday where they visited with icr mother Mrs. Chester Neeld They also visited at Ames with lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Haran Harper. Mr. t apd Mrs. Robert Stenzel and family visited her parents, he H. B. Thompsons at Elmore Sunday, . November 23, 1961 ftlgono (to.) Upper Dea Moln«$-3 Sunday-dinner guests,, at the Stanley Stecker home were Mr and Mrs Alvin Stecker nnd family of Woden, Mr and Mrs Freci Stecker and Annette of Ringsted, Mrs Reginu Poppe of Blue Earth and Mrs Greta Sleeker. Sunday, evening supper guests were Mr and • Mrs Hank Arends and Mr and Mrs Roland Gertz of Kerk- oven, Minn. Mr and Mrs Robert Rosenau of Chicago visited at the Walter and Harry Rosenau homes. Saturday visitors at the George Bauman home were Mr and Mrs' Ronald Bauman of Wells, Minn. Sunday visitors werp the Ernest Bauman family of Hanlantowh, the Kenneth Bauman family of Lakota and Mr and Mrs Ronald Bauman of Wells, Minn. 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