The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1961 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1961
Page 18
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M, 1941 PAGE et Besiotees - . •-. - .We Had 4 Frustrating Day Humboldt Republican — We went to the fgotboll game between Minnesota and lowo at Iowa City Saturday. It was a funny day, a disappointing day, a frustrating day/ and the frustration did not all come front the score of the gome which Iowa lost. t We started out Ot 7 a.m. in order to arrive fairly early so we • cot^d find" a place to park ,„ that didn't require an hours walk to the sfodium. With such an early* start there was onfy time for a cup of coffee a home, thus breakfast became a subject of conversation very quickly ofter the start. **- So we drove and we drove. It was a beautiful morning- and the fraffk was no) too bad at fljst. We made good time until we joined the thousands of cars on Highway 3Q. And we rffuit remark that we paid in bumps and jars and slower speeds for the row between Ames, Boone and other towns and the highway commission, who wanted to reroute 30. The commission, bless their little hearts, have allowed (got portion of Highway 30 that the argument was all about, to go to the dogs. It is rough a/id narrow and dangerous. But we had to drive it, for hunger had decided thai we must b/cakfasf at the Pancake House at Marshall- fown. ' So we arrived at the Pancake House, sure of quick service and small loss, of tigie. But to no avail. Tobies were empty but we were not allowed to use one until it was reset with all Jhe junk they put on tables in restaurants. So We waited, and we waited, and .waited some more, and time was a wastin. Finally, finally, vie were allowed a table. Then came more ^biting. Couples and foursomes that arrived (djhg after we did were served qn,d on their wtay. We sat. After long last came a waitress, V^hp took our order. V/e made it simple so it could be quick. But it wasn't. More delay, until we could \ust see all those parking places being filled long before we arrived. * When our orders -come they'were mixed up, not what we had ordered, but we ate hur- uedly and made no protests. We didn't dare, for if we had wanted what we' Ordered we could possibly have been there yet. .' * At last we were on our way again. We failed along at fair speed, and the traffic got more dense by the. minute. Finally came the accident we always see ori the way to a foot- boll game (and which we always give thanks we have so -far avoided). One car had to slow down suddenly, the car behind was too close olid so rammed into the back of the first car. Another'car following too closely-rammed into the back of the second car. Three cars put out of commission. Passengers injured, and the holiday spoiled for three car loads of people who wanted nothing but an entertaining football game to watch. On we drove, in ever thickening traffic, along that winding ar.jf fwijtrinfj highway 212, until we finally joined the big mob on highway 6 ot Marengo. From there to Iowa City it was start and stop, I'm sure our stopping'and staffing was governed by the traffic light ot;lowa City. Finally we made it, to the parking 10? we like to use, and found a spat to {lark.' Then to the football game, where frustration, and errors abounded; and where state pride was humbled by a fair but not unbeatable Minnesota team who seemed to carry mare than their share of rabbits feet. But the day was not ended yet, nor our frustration to get its last innings. Lloyd's has* always been a good place for the evening meal on the way home, but this time the/carload decided (mostly 'the women) that we should drive into Marshalltown and dine at Stones, that famous eating place down under the viaduct that Duncan Hines so recommended. (The restaurant, not the viaduct.) So, after much inquiry, we found Stones, and it was under the viaduct; and there began another waif "that stretched info frustrations path again. Once more, as during our morning wait for breakfast, _ other couples, foursomes and sixsomes, came, ' were waited On ,pnd Departed, before 'we were waited on. I accused my companion of the delay, due to the fact he wore a 'sport shirt and not v q..white shirt and tie. Which suggestion he && flea 1 Aay moVedto Aigona dot-tag the 10 mohihs were eligible to attent ai newcomers. the whole gtfcttl to attend the Algdna-Titoiiki fcdl game theft complete v game. dal ,16-yeaf-old girl kiss ft girt I** «»e Leslie (and it was a real fine- vie), thir JMfe"owith Mel t?" t tr. uturteir Bttnafttrm' *" ""' Hub! >r ,with Ross and Chick Chandler. The two fellows starred in the latter movie -• later gained a amount of fame on TV. I'm ll, 1 wouM4lke Texas and Florida but Seattle 5, Wa|f, peoplsayHhat the boy t like'o^lten't « but the Mayor Shtertf, »mJ the J sometimes 1 believe it's'true. t like this boy very tat talk has spoiled-everything. — Dixie. > What should I do'to get US together? — Dixie ?; i , D*at Oixktt I'm only guessing but 111 bet you're hot a d 13 andrif that* true, ytSfw got a hopelesrcase on your hi may fte y^"lea|,enough (from a diMnrJe) but won't 're jusi^fgoing fo,hip to ;grow a little older before you action youMwanw* t > ' ** .^-^ * t * * * • • . D*« t>aa: There's a boy who lives across the river from ine but certain I see him everyday Wheh I'm alone with him, we have a blast qnd he really seems to like me."However, when we're with the other kids/Hi ignores me completely. Do you 1 think I have a chance at all? Or should I try ttf ftfrtfet him! -~ P. :J , \* •« -SS^-^'A* 608066 *jr.,whatf- What you may take as being ignored may He jusf good, "manners' dri the boy's part. Certainly he's all atpfflion tot you when you're'alone together but when, the crowd is arotffia, he divider that "attrition. That's as it should Be-and. T don't reall rttnnlainf TVin'f fnmani r *Vi!o w£>'.. .««»»„« ' -£?" «*& * ^^^ compldnL Don't expeoi Tftfi boy's attention lOfl. per * cpnt °? ^ 3$*^ fl* W h£m li king you. I tonaglse he does. " * •* *- **» t / --^ ^ i *-* * * # . ' > ' j older s^'graduated from high school, two ye^rs'ago profanely protested. At long last (we must use that expression many times in this .narrative) we were served. The food was good but the ' long frustrating wait had served to diminish our enjoyment and even manna from Heaver) would have tasted bad. : So we left Stones (under the viaduct) and journeyed back to highway 30 and westward ho. (The waitress not only did NOT receive a tip, the whole .restaurant became off limits for us from now on.) We made it safely home, offered a prayer of thanksgiving for no bodily harm, and then rushed the icebox for food. It tasted better than the so-called ambrosia that Duncan Hines sings so lyrically about af Stones. It was an interesting trip. One that we can look back on with some measure of amusement, but we suspect mat the full measure of amusement will:not c 'bloom until several years have passed x when "dcv you remember that trip to the Iowa-Minnesota football game" is only a conversation piece. ••• '• : • * *•••••<..': : Athletic. Park. -/The; Council agreed, to Th« ihreat of a sneak Russian clear: there will be a big fight can? . he Park ' attack on this country has hung in Congress next year over a pro- Resolution over our heads for some 10 years jfosal that* the Government «•««•»— »~ yet in all that time we have not 3 $20 'billion shelter program, come up with a civil defense pro-/:'* Out of' all, this ' controversy , , , , , This isn't fair, l)ant and honestly, I sometimes feel like running y f Maybe if you print this parents will realize most kids do their best gram that makes sense. .there are some unanswered ques- , Take the case of fallout shelters.itiohs. First and foremost there ia ., wp o.e«, ordinance to amend the «mfr, as just one example: And there this one. If we put in such a won- ^oalniTghapter of the municipal code , \\» Coi wread ard comm. was read and placid . - j. — . jj ,- * -- - f ,.___ — i • . .—> *uuu v»ij UlGlc I in school even if they don't get very good grades. — Discouraged.^ n.*, nh~s,~>~4.< -flj. jpijg. ^ a teeiHJger does his or her-'best Utont? Vrnii- fatViaf>"{e»»'* n «Mi1KM M ^t»« :_ he ! Z*$.? at ? aod thefes nb reason arernany more. bombs. . •• derful system of protection won't r *?»**& , to -l e l a P 6 "? 11 Sl ^ v . e }l ai if he wornes about falhttg t^Want? Your father isn't a millionaire, is taila lot of niillionaires in this country . he shouldn't be one. " That sounds a little sfllyj .doesn't it? But it's the same theory your tfher; IT applying. '•*/>,.. - - f * > ii" »{»"».'.«* *, ', f »{. *. * * ' for hMrin , _ {he Dan: 'ivty' girl' frieifd'has to drop out of school this yar e£ *£"?&<£ £* «u« of illness but everybody J. taUdngW hen ae-i^fi I a ^.-W. iB6i at,8«o PJK. couple of months with her married sister in another city but her Mends • > ^tume| ep ori w a , read and placed have ttefctea s^je's in a \fa$toi unwed mothers. I've told them ' Jt«t lon't ^ll^e nie. How can I save her good : to , Out o On the one hand . <u of the kids- . . . . —o— . out 01 Kussia.- on the one hand fttttee Tavern- It has even reached the point we heard they are undertaking '"•'•'.. s' -/0EHEBAI. .where you can . get in trouble an ambitious civil defense pro- | hl SL>fc **}*>&'- "2J50 sprea^ J with your neighbors if you build gram. But; on the other hand, we ' L the only fallout shelter in the are told 'they are doing very little block. The theory here is that about civil defense, 'you wouldn't let them share your ;' -"At a'time of such grave peril shelter in event of attack and thai "confusion of this type is utter Perhaps'if you tell her parents and they contact some , can hjake them, understand and these same kids 'can 224.40 19.10 59.60 Jj "ZTj-'if s ""T? •»j*-»»»-> -*«•--•«•_ «««4V4«>*dK«AlV< CUJVA U1C3C kKUIlC IVlUS Cfc truth just as quickly as'they've been spreading their lies ' "—•' '' *~ ' 1U-9U I. Ldsi, election exp, 10.50 of course, wouldn't be neighborly, .folly. The Government should act E! sigsbee, election expT'IIIIII 10JO We have this fact to consider, and quickly- to clear the murky" 9-SJff"""' *'""' °" n SHnlllH fhA n,11,A««»*A..4 iLi. «*,n*n*. _ i.*. and Int. ,... _ ; la. Sta.te Bank, Interest ..vll... la.-Des Molnes . Natl. Bk. • > - ' • • Interest .._.„___„—v. r js..,L. ,400,0< METEB Upper pics Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Second clau poilag* paid •! Algon«,,Iowa Issued Thursday in 1981 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL SUSTAINING MEMBER NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N, Y, SyBSCRIPTIQN RATES IN KOSBUTH CO. Orw Year, In advance . ___________________________ »3.00 Both Algona paperi, in combination, per year ____ $5.00 SU88CBIPTION lOc OUTSIDE KpSSUTH Beth AJgona paper! In corabinatipn, one year ---- ta.OO No CJTY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER APV6RTI8JNG RATES ON REQUEST MORE FOOD FOR LESS Sheldon Mail — In all the talk, discussions and arguments about the "farm problem", one significant fact has not been presented adequately to the public, and that is the highly significant one that we are now actually getting more food for our money than we have before. In 1947-49, for example, the average citizen paid out 26%. of his spendable income for food. In 1960 this average went down to 20 r /fc. This, it is pointed out, is the same as saying that American farmers have through increased efficiency of production, given the average American a six-percent raise in wages between 1950 and 1960. This,, in turn, enables us to buy many more other, goods and services. The farming industry, because it is made up so greatly of comparatively small, individual operations, has difficulty in presenting its side of the economic stuation to the general public* particularly the residents of the larger cities who have no contact at all with the farmers. It Is easy for such people to blame any price squeeze they may find themselves in on a scapegoat such as food prices. Actually,, most individuals who find themseve? in a price squeeze in this day and age are probably there because of the cost of goods which a generation ago were considered pure luxuries. « * * Hope all those pheasant hunters who got tagged in the state patrol radar check recently don't hold it against our fair city ; , . the.rad.qr check was well timed for the traffic influx but honest, we citizens dicjn't have a thing to do with it. * * * Note where Senator Margaret Chase appeals to Mrs. Nina Khrushchev to have a heart- to-heart talk with her hubby about atomic bombs and such . . . Nina better be careful . . . the last one who talked up out of turn was Molotov and *ie hasn't been heard of recently. .» » « gt plane is down where this And we are in ihe difficult po- *' iition of trying to figure hovir the' iRuaa^ns! accept this whole- busi-'- jiess. A vast nationwide shelter program might give them the impression we are getting ready for all-out war despite the fact we Well, morning? WELCOME... TO 209 NEW SUBSCRIBERS LAST WEEK, AS MEMBERS OF OUR 'FAMILY' The AIGONA UPPER DES MOINES too. Should the Government or water, ithe individual pay fof his own * 'home shelter? No matter what' the answer we can't overlook the" underpriviledged who can't af- • ford a shelter of their own. e, election T, .election exp. S--JZZ: '! ^^r**£*?*t+-3® xp. 9.75 s^ iQjy ,..:;::;:;;-;;.-;;: 33$l ^'Raney, "election exp. ;9.7S T. Bartholomew, election exp. . 9.75 D. Feaster, election exp. 9.7S Ai«wia~wS« K. Eisdhen/election exp 11.25 ±£°J£J22! E. ,Wagner, election exp. 11.25 E. Kafewskl, ejection exp. ..... 11.25 sAlsry • .. - inn_25 la..State cBwUerwa^tSsSHJ''* ^7JO Trurt ft Agency, pension „. 3.29 '-,9Bfee,, envelopes.. :a8.00 Allen Equip., signs 17640 S-,».?Vi tel h T Pa»ntlng 18.37 City Clerk, adv. cash 117 Cycle Shop, repairs '^.6486 HutoelJ-s pities Service, gas ... °9.10 Pratt Electric, repairs 3.75 _, • „ THPST It AGENCY Linda Counley. pension • 2000 WAKT. APS BRING 1125 FROM THE FILES OF THE keep talking peace. Or they might ALGOMA OTPEH DM MOIHiia fel w At -G°«A UPPER DES MQIHlSQ feel we are so freightened that could be on the brink of surrender. NOV. 27, 1941 Open house and Dad's" concerned to be what " civil defense — day n j g ht. The gym was turned . J *•*&"»» -v**c fijiii waa tLUiiuu C. Baldwin,.'election exp. E. Ou'nlap, election exp. E, Strelt, election exp. B.. Wildin, election exp M. Ostrurn, election exp. I, Bunkofike, election exp. —.. M. Reid, election exp. 1125 • Advance Pub, pub. & supplies 108.30 Arwell, rat cqntrol .... .i 25.00 City Clerk,'-advanced cash 3.86 Clvfl Defense Mais., sub. 3.00 Hutzell'a. supplies — - 1,03 IBM Corp.; maint. „• 42^0 Int. Bldg. Off., evaluate plans . 82.25 ITDM Sub.-Cii'.. l puSl. e !-IIIIIIII 46'iO STHEET Burtix, salary 174A» . frambach, salary 162.27 Higtlt t^shbrook. salary . ^. 219.84 ' 174J8 163.50 225il 180.39 Directory INSURANCE A. J. (Arni«) Rlcklefs Hospitalization Health & Accident Chiropractor v« But what ' ... la State Bank, WH tax and thev want tn rln """ a 8 ame P ar 'Or, with practl- ia. state Bank, inv. bonds „... 2.467:66 right to nrot^fhlm^.? c « ll .y . ever .y father present taking A|gona ins^Agency^premium. . 134 - Part in the The con av .. Thk I 6818 werc followe d by a program grBian;Bn»!!p--a: r "«pSiS"::. jtoS ALGONA 1NSUHANCE •' ' • ^, .JAGEMCy.-, .-_»,./ Surety Bonds r-")Alj| Lines i * , of CY 4-f what is the wrong way? This in the audUorium and" a" lunch" *"** W P^" r « alrs IS the dilemma. „„„„.« u.i. ? juncri, R R. Hut?ell, gas & mdse MI.II ThP *wiprai rnvprnmont ,,,v.i^t, ser vea by home economics girls, Cuiien Hdwe., mdse. 3.82 .the federal uovernment which ', » » ,-.&.. j- t .Dodgf Towel, service 355 . ^^ ^_ has stirrea them up about a bomb • tjnrmai ».!» ~: • * Frederick Hdwc., mdse 15.46 BLOSSOM TUQIITJ a wrP threat hasn't decided vet whnt.t s .. «°rmal early winter tempera- Gibbs-Cook, repairs 183.48 ^^0^0? All Lines of Insurance; Automobile -'Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodgfe Phone CY,4-273& threat hasn't decided vet what its normal ear| y ^>w»' tempera- Gibbslcook, repairs ".'.":.:' m.w tnreatnasnt aecmea yet what its ture reaf jj ngs returned to Kos- Greenberg, repairs- ne.45 civil defense policy should be. So • """'e^ n-iuineu 10 „„.— ^^_»r_. • , =« are cropping up all over countv»h»na«». ™? lytle past w ° STni»~ H w K P ^- .u after a d 'P near real frigid the place and compounding the ther . Thp l L fm . rv h /lo 6 Hilton's, repairs 4.50 Kent Motors, repairs 11.80 Martin Oils. '" ^ Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Qffke Phone — CY 4-33W Hours: 0:00 — 5:00 *, ^ Open Friday Night Monday — Wednesday — Fridaj , Dr, Williajn t. Clegg ,' Chlxopractpr 521 E. Stete : St. Hours: 0;00 — 8;00." thru Skt. , 8:00 — 9:00 Friday Ph." Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-34g( confusion daily. Well, the Pentagon says I* will up with a national ther. The mercury hit 19 degrees c early the rnornmg of Nov. 22 then Percivai Motors;, repairs 6.38 on falt shelters r ary and the return of aiy diiu int. leiurn OI down to eight degrees the a.m. After scaring ev- V death ' therrnome- ers . shot back up to 18 the fol- 2 g5.oo 2.79 We nrobablv ™n , ' uo , I > gres ,f; lowing day, then up to 25 and 30 We probably can assume there'll rfpo r «»« Nnw 7s =r,H ->u TK« „;«.,» a pamphlet on the Nr>u 9s nnH 9« INOV ' ^ D and 2e - ai«h,» e '8ht ^ . .. - _^ '"5.00 PtffiUC SAFETY Boekelman. salary —-. 320,32 Bulten, salary 235.18 BOHANNON WSUHANCE SERVICE; : ,s.rt 5 N. Dodge ' Phone CY 4-4443 T.S3 TT__. ..Automobile • Polio insurance the mail before rush. Already a lot of people get the iVi - ' - Bulten, salary ...... .. ........... 235.18 degree mark was the coldest o« Hutchison, salary ............ 225.48 1 T -------- — •— • — •• ~= i i- . the Christmas ^j.^ geason* 1 a list of Amer- school's ^& The locals trounced the _ _„ salary-- r . 214.05 McBride. salary:.... 194.65 .Kohl, salary 20.00 "-'-• '—«--••' ' ••• ' 216.35 JQTg McB ie anv in i 1 yn pkl ti pener Wednesday night at Web- Bradley Equip, repairs ........ 2^5 their first on wshgto natioal erment - Th , loca ' s " Hi!fcfe^ ic a 0 dv gacs as h sians would spare Washington to 3.62 1-2$ CHARLbg D. PAXSQN Dwelling, Auto, Liabilily, | . Life, General » : v. Phone CY 4-4512- ' s KO88UTH MUTUAL P INSURANCE ASSOCIATION 74,000,000 worth of Jn- h force, CY Lola Scuff ham. DOCTORS G, BOURNE. M. p Physician d- Siirgeon US N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227J J. N, KENEFICIf, M. D, Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 all the records intact. There is a special channel on Two upcpnunp banquet date, , were announced during the week. Irs Konf. ex HERBST INS. AQENPY .„„.„ lou For Auto, House, Ho To a b™:::;:::::: AM. fiwiia, »id Many other Advance ; Pvb.. adv. 56^ Phone CY_ 4-3733 '.'."'. 722.00 CAROL L. PLOTT. M. Q^ s 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hour* by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 r Officq CYpfeaa 4-4331 Residency, M, 8CHUTTEH, M, p, Residence ;p^oneCY 4-2 101.45 ->^jr iauiu aidiion aesigned to The annual 4-H banauet for thp BAWITATIOW puss on information tn thi nnhii/. *9S "W 1 **'^ f 1 "•ITOUei wrHlP la,, state-, gink^ Invert. W,— -2,018.45 if' PMR!.» C efnjre CPHOty was to be hejd ip E§st End Foundry, material? 438.60 in event of an impending attack, the Burt high school gym Pec iO g«jner-Beiinsw. ma|iiftpfljice ;. 54.66 £t t e m?°k7T e f nt 1S talk ' nfi 4 thVdiftrict meeffng ofth; !?^S^i^™:::."- J38 aoout some kind of a warning i o ^ 8 Turkey Grower's Associa- Nortn^Centfal Ser?,,gas 5.68 system in which a buzzer would tifln was slated the followine PVP. prat < Ei * c 'iJSRfi^»-™-iV,—" '-f rf Co, , Wfe Phone Phone: GY 4-4M7 Physicians & Surgeons -330 No, Dodge, Algona ' Office Phone CY 4-449Q 9PTOMETRISTS Beaching Over 5,500 families each ISiUft U3East Telephone CY Saturday )ndse. ; . Certainly , the i big question now s6yt^a|«| is how much of a role the Feder- ' -I Oovernment should take no. eggs, 4JJ- cents; ^ j hens, over J. E. f Council wwriniof (and 9 lot q| ) at tl^e I^SSH}!} r4i§tfict * nkbnd * tat> "S ' his for hcommg shelter program. 5 }b s ., 13^ In . another period in history the ' 't step j, and ^ ~~~ th ^ fs ' toWe«'«"W» Scouts active in the county at the In ihis couiicmion one tluny is

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