The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1961 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1961
Page 14
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•i fl »^, -•'" " " ' •' - --• Homecoming At Lakota Is Huge • rr-;™" — o-iemuia nign school held homecoming Friday evenin Nov. 17, A good crowd saw bot the boys and girls win thci games and the crowning of th •queen, Janice Thompson. Lloyd and Lowell Eichenber ger rolled out the white carpe as the senior boys, Kent Gerze ma, Larry Becker and Paul Gie Jenfeldt escorted the queen, Janice Thompson, tand her attend ffgy!g bM * 8 ' Wl1 * lves las* Monday evening at the I Hertzke and Glenda. ~" ' &. ft °L R T e «i. a ?. d , Mrs Marvin I Mr and Mrs John V, M^ fJ »£ ak ! £ 61 & bush were Sun'day dlnne* jffiKh Mr and Mrs A, E, Weaver were at the Fred Mabus home toS Thursday evening visitors at the Mrs Mabus celebrate ™--«<--- !|) William Mabus home, day. P. Haahr, office Manager IE,^"!^,^^; % ster <*\ • Mf and **« Fred of the Kossutfi County ASCS ot- g™SL* e J? ^""^ .^itors at an d Mr and Mrs Jerry f «*. •Synced today that the lo- M^Z d M " tt D> were Sundfl y supper cal ASCS office had received a l MUSSman - '"-- * - Issue Ruling On Grazing Acres PttrMfl TJ TJ-«*t. u _*>»^_ * [spent the weekend with their ReaiHg) fit with St 11, —' & J$$ M TonjM&eeker- from here artd Mr and Mrs James Becker, Bancroft, attended funeral 7rtS?*.f w*. a w Collsit k Oeoli ge Zeller, at Watertown, 'S -D am. a jf° ! is i te & wlt , h ^ h » ^ke in j<--e inompson, n ents to their plac« of honorTfhc queen s attendenlsIWere Juanita Cordes, Kathy Pe'telfcon, and Patsy Tjaden. Claire &(rrett crowned the queen and Milton Paulson was narrator. BarbaW Kollasch was flower girl while the crown Was carried by Jimmy Steenhard. .Following the games the homecoming dance was well attended by both students and alumni. .The girls won their game from Thompson 59-29. Lakota led all the way with a 1st quarter score of 18-4. Half time score was 41-8 and at the 3rd quarter they led 49-14.. Marilyn Rippentrop was Lakota's high scorer with 36 points. The Lakota boys led all the way to win their game, 55-41. The first quarter ended with La- William LuVerne News ** «*-*•«* j^aivci.} ttilU iVlIGKcy I a i k 5 funded the wedding of Faith Ann Rowen, r daughter of I Mr ahd Mrs Gilbert Rowen 01 Garner and Larry o. Paulson in the First Methodist ehureh in r , uu v> 18 ] Mts Agard as With serving at the recep- an elevator accident a few weeks ago. son of Harlan were weekend vis* itors in the parental Edwin Marty home here, Mr ind/Mrs. Laverne Jeffers visited her sister, Mrs Georgia Barton medical patient, Mercy hospital, Fort, Dodge, Sunday. wSc° r and J K^ r h ° f Whitewat «V —« *.*, AI, ^iiuiuii at ijeavarci incf i ~t •—" "***•** »*«3* 1.1*15 wjtii 1145 i -•-----—-—» —.»*i t j. , >. • _ *> , ^ Jvuoiy of Oak Thursday and Friday evenind S^S r anc? famil y> Mr and Mrs S. U - P -W. met Thursday after- ff ,', I ! 1>) a £ lved f °r the;holiday „!,„,.« »!,„,. u—j ~_ '.. -"{'b I P. Poumro I noon at the Presbyterian chureli y aca «on with their parents, the "—- i! ' ' ' Laverne; Jeffers and Elmer Kub- Jy s. Mrs Frauke Schadendorf K.U ocnaaenaorr and rv. t—£—•? ** ™.> vj.ciu Stecker accomoanied V? 1 ^. S P 'Monday. i~w »*«-••. me WCBK Mr and Mrs Jasper Smidt to the Willlam Lynch of Chicago Wlth the Wayne Heetlands E. & R church at Ledyard last s P ent last week visiting with his Northfield, Minn. • Thursday and Friday evenind '*"**'"' a "* fnm!I " »* J »• ' TIPW —* w where they heard Dr. Van Dyke speak. Mr Bulfer of the music depart- e "t and his students presented Thanksgiving program Wed- osday afternoon before .. Webelo Den is being started Devotions and topic were glVen for boys age 10 *k to Boy Scout P 3 ^ Fave Boyd, and Genevlve age. Jake Peterson Jr. will be the Hoeppner, assisted by 'Norma <.-auny anernoon before school r i • r, •— W|1 ' B ' 1 "; " atE10 H " u was Jet out for Thanksgivinfva- £ ^r\ G , arre tu ave sig ^ ed up l ation. A band group also took ^ We ^ elos - T ^ met in an or part. p IOOK ganization meeting with the Boy , I Crtf\tt4-n t+i. A Jl^.. 1 il •• •• •» . * -o— »».»v. ^ wn_*ouii ui* wiu uc me i *•« ' «««.«!.*.» M< y A^urma leader. Ross Larson, Al Johnson, Smith, Lucille Ley, Barbara-Bfee- Jeff Neuman, Douglas Karels and mer and Harriett Krause "'A r«_i_:_ r* _i i > l « '• •"• • • —— '/•** ——- .. uwiiiuv.1* and Swea City were Satur- Hn,, c,,,.,-. ~" w » Y ' wcie °atur- ounaay supper gu SL~ Pper guests at the Roger liam Griese home. Harpers. Scouts at city hall Monday. August and Alfred Melz were Sunday supper guests at the Wil Saturday evening visitors a Mr and Mrs Bill Hippen visited theRoS Th^son^lo^hel^ Jnday evenme at th« r>:-7. «oi«u_» t _ T.«,. i? ( s . v. . ° " ei P 1 1 . 7» "*"•"* *-****^-** TT.1V11 4Ja~ I XUriffOtr A*fAni««> A .1 " *" I --—»•*.»• J.4*Wll*W£HJlia LU Iltfil K° t3 J e l? ng 18 ' 8 - Halftime Snears MrfSLrfh ^ the Di ^k celebrate Jeff's 5th birthday were brought Thompson a little closer, Mbndav af tK^^ rump s P ent ^ and Mrs Marvin Gangsted of but Lakota still led 26-23. 3rd' onday at the Dick Snpnrc In^^tt »/r_. T,.__.._ £ ? . OI quarter saw them ahead 37-32. Clair Barret was high scorer with 18 points and Kent Grezema got 13. It was the first Confer- I matphT^n" •"""•";'• «Pproxi- ence game for both teams. mately I 37 . 0 ^ as ne 'ted from the I .SIITinO?* KnlynJ H__.1_ If - — „....„ Aj^inia il-ump J Monday at the Dick Spears The God's acre sale for the St. Paul's Lutheran, church which was held Wed., Nov. 15, was considered a success. Approxi- •nmwMi Good Neighbors A group of friends and neigh bors gathered at the Ted Wallentine farm Friday and Saturday with pickers and wagons and cribbed 65 acres of corn. i . "cucu irom me supper, baked goods, fancy work and auction. Jake Peterson auctioned off the farm produce and £°° d ai ? d was ably assisted by Ray Heitzke. * Mrs Bill Hippen and Spear Bancroft, Airs Fannie Schaumberg and Walt Boeckholz of Elmore, Minn. W. D. Ley went to Kansas City last weekend on business. David Ley, Roger Brack and , Don Cook, students at Bueua Vista College, Storm Lake, spent the weekend at the parental Bill Ley, Wilson Brack and John Cook homes. Sunday dinner guests at the Robert Hamilton home Were Mr M» ss* ^^v.™ if$»s,sdi I sag-as^ s-« e. , quartette, Linda Hoeppner. Patty and Peggy Boyd and Monica Beemer,. accompanied by Judy Jutting, furnished the 'music Hostesses were Olga Wortnian; Esther Steel, Ada Wirtjes 'and Atta Johnson. _—_ «w. 1 *.i.i* & wcic: juaverne Edwards, Keith Klinksiek, Cycil I r> on " Miller, Roland Smith, Jr., Paul' " Ver Koppen, Henry Steenhard, Jake Peterson, P. A. Holcomb, Reuben Holcomb, George Wallentine, Robert Wallentine and Virgil Wallentine. JWrs P. A. Holcomb helped Mrs Wallentine prepare dinner for the men and cakes and, bread '.will visit the Marim ''" at Silver — ' ' they At San Di- will visit the Gerald I he Spears will also relatives in Los Angeles. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Mauman and family visited Sunday at the George Baumans. Sunday evening, Mr and Mrs George Bauman visited at the John Gerdes home at Swea City. Sunday evening visitors at the Wm. Grieses to help Mr Griese celebrate a birthday were Mr and TVff»»« T^.1* _ Tr T-* • St. Joe lady's Brother Dies In S. Dakota St. Joe — Among relatives at- ending funeral services for George Zeller, 65, at Watertown, S. D. were Mrs Maggie Thilges nd Bernard and Alfred, Mr and YErs Ray Thilges, Mrs Cl&rence Smith, Mr and Mrs Tony Becker Mrs. Thilges remained for a visit with her sister and other relatives and to assist with the affairs oJ her late brother. Mr and Mrs Florian Faber from here and -Mr and Mrs Ernest Berte, Swea City, ' spent weekend visiting relatives friends at Alta Vista. Mr and Mrs K. L. Kohlhaa r s were Sunday visitors with a heice and family, Mr and Mrs Kenneth Lallier, Humboldt. ;< > Mr and Mrs Harold Rediiig . %t fih| Mrs Judean Weltha 6nd children of Randall came I 'nday to the parental Edwin Marty home. Mr and Mrs Weltha Went to Minneapolis until Mon> ay. The children remained here I tiring their parents' absence, "tr and Mrs W. Raymond Leg, Johnny and Charles attended a family pre-Thanksglving dinner j ihe home of i'her parents — Mrs John Barnhardf at cahontas Sunday everting, "ra Arigellihe Knudslien leffi darto spend the .Thanksgiv- veefc at her home in Charles i Mrs 'Nelle Bieggerigoes toi .to visit her• daug'hter, -Mr Mrs_ Lawrence McDermott family. Mrs " Mrs, Lichty returned with after a week's visit. Mr and Mrs Henrv them lT, MariyJ were ^ uests Sun^ da ? of Rev - and Mrs Harold Dellit • fJl» * at Manly. R ev . Dellit Mr a 0 d m®>m®y. tr •* , V *• ?-'gLiy'f ?" '*- * 'ffZr^ffi&f -• %"!***• , 4 ¥ f ^ Jfo- * j^i SOCK IT AWAY FOR NEX;T YEAR JOIN OUR CHRISTMAS c|UB NOW Save Only 50c to $10 a month and yoti'ri Easily have the money to those gifts you'd really like to give. Our Christmas club starts as low as 50c a week— up • to as 7 much as youjike to save per week. About next ' Thanksgiving, you'll receive a check for the amount you ve saved. ' . «,»« F % 1 merrier Christmas next year, try our Christ- IJ13S ylUp* . ' HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ALGONA, IOWA MAKING YOUR CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE, WORK & RAISE A FAMILY the and were brought in by the 'ne »h Rev ' and * bors. Mr WallenHnP^ i.™ g ?-' 1?*™ guests at '^^Ss^^^^&'ASSS^fi^^ A ttSTiS. j^ ministers and their cher and family, Mr and Mrs Otto THANKS A LOT Yes, we at LINDE IMPLEMFNT rn i, • 24 years We have been i ° f the larffest picker NEW and USED CORN equipnt. and and used pickers and other have taken longer and with so raanv vice ca,, as P rlp tly -a ?e l ING YOU for be ng pat tat us b been doing their best " ou ? est to i tH ^ Goes the Circulation ° f ° Ur Se '™ e calls "" takinS *" ^ ° f THANK " " L ™ DE IMp LEMENT have _ kind of service yo u are entitled to. appreciate the extra parts pairs and have them here when vou , * in the MmWEST, W e hi ™ C " iot ° f •*— « *- ** ^ ""* "*" ^ '° ^ * heSe ra ° St nee(1 « 1 """ ° M " <"< ° Ur Par ' '" your continued bu si Linde Implement Co. Phone BR 2-4601 SWEA CITY, IOWA (Where You Receive Service With A Smile) OF THE ALGO NEWSPAPERS EACH DAY MORE AND MORE PEOPLE - MANY FROM 35 MILES AWAY - ARE SUBSCRIBING TO (and reading) THE ALGONA NEWSPAPERS AS A RESULT OF THE TRADE EXPANSION Subscription Campaign YOU CAN STILL SAVE $1.00 ON A 2-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION IN THE TRADE AREA. BOTH PAPERS, 2 YEARS, FOR ONLY $9.00. HELP YOUR FAVORITE CANDIDATE WIN COMMISSION OR CASH PRIZES! THE KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE THE ALOONA UPPER DES MOINES The Tuesday , Thursday County 8wt : C , rtw |,,,, n

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