The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 3, 1951
Page 2
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PAOB TWO BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST S, Ml Schools Financial Base Crumbled, Newsman Says LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 3. (If)— "The basic trouble with the public school system in Arkansas U that the financial base has crumbled at the very bottom/' says an Arkansas newspaper executive. Executive Editor • Harry 8. Ashmore of the Arkansas Gazette told state school administrators at a meeting here last night tlmt "ultimate control of the public schools must rest with the people In the local districts." He said local districts cannot hope to retain prouer control over tliefr own schools if they shunt responsibility for financial suport to the state or federal governments. •The picture Is by no means entirely dark," he said. "We still have the beginning of a great school system, and. more importantly, there remains a Brent reservoir of good will toward the schools among the people of the state. 1 ' A part of that "reservoir of good will" Is the iiewly-organl/.ed citizens' steeriiiR committee, he said He pointed out that the committee leaders—nil laymen—have taken up their task ot trying to help the schools without recrimination or past, mistakes or perconcep- lons of an easy cure-all for the school's problems. The meeting climaxed the first day of the school administrator's iiimmer conference. Some 275 officials attended. Farmer Freed In Slaying Case Man Pleads Guilty; Sentence Suspended AHKADKLPHIA. Ark., AUK. 3 {API—A Clark County farmer, accused of the fntal shooting of f neighbor, Is free todny under f seven-year suspended sentence foi manslaughter, Clinrlle Hutson plfiadcd guilty t< mnnsln«pliter ypsterdny nrul recclV' ed (he suspended sentence from Judge Richard Juie. Originally h< hnd been charged with first de grce murder, Hutson wns accused of the fatal shooting of Lucius Newton at a livestock snlos barn near Gurtlon Ju)j* 39. Newton died from a charge of buckshot which etitered his chest. The shooting was the result of a sis-months feud between the two men, reportedly over some bustness differences. Both lived tn the Vaden community near Gurdon. New-ton was under indictment at the time of his dcnth on charges of assault with intent to kill. He was accused of shooting and. slightly wounding Hutson Jn the courthouse here following a minor court action Involving the two men. Ex-Van Buren Mayor Dies VAN BUREN, Ark.. Aug. ». «•>— W. G. Furry, 85-year-old former mayor of Van Buren, died at his home here Tuesday night. A native of TUvenna. O., he had been a resident of Van Buren for 50 years. He operated a general Insurance agency here. Survivors include his widow; a daughter. Miss Bessie Furry of Van Buren, and a son, W. O. Furry, Jr., of Atlanta. Fire Sweeps Sheridan Area Damage Ettimattd At $60,000 SHERIDAN. Arlt., Aug. 3. (AP) — Flr« of unknown origin swept through two buildings In th« buel- nea* district ot 8h«riil»n yenterday causing damme estimated at 160,000 Volunteer (Iremen battled the flamet tor nearly three hotiri before bringing the (Ire under control. The buildings wei« o*ned by Frank Springer and .Sam I», McDonald. In the Springer Building, the blaze damaged the Masonic lodge, the Sheridan cafe and * hat shop. The law office of Ed F. McDonald, an abstract office of Mrs. Ed F, McDonald and a hardware store were damaged la the other building. Southern Democrats to Bolt Again 'Should Truman Run' The capital of the Hashemlte Kingdom of Jordan Is Amman. PHILADELPHIA. Mis*.. Aug. S. W>—Southern Democrats will bolt I the national party again before they will accept President Truman to head the 1952 party ticket, predict,! Oov. Fielding Wright of Mississippi. Wright, 1948 States Rights candidate for vice president, said the South is opposed to the "central- l?*d, .socialistic" proposals advanced by the President. He said he did not think the South would accept President Truman as a candidate for reelection under any conditions. Wright made the comment* lut night in a telephone Interview from Jackson. Miss., when he was asked to elaborate on a speech earlier In th* day here. Wrfcht fcreart another touthen rebellion It th* nations! party fol. lowi 1U MM court*. He tald th* national administration had not soft-pedalled its civu rights proposals. but that a coalition of Southern Democrats and Republican* had blocked them. He listed Ocv. James Byrnes of South Carolina, Sen. Richard Rua. sell of Georgia and Sen. Harry Byrd of Virginia, aU Democrats, aa lli«. ly leaden. Read Courl«r New.,. Classified Adi. HOUSING IS MUSHROOMING—When Italian architect Mario Cavallc of ft'llan says his business Is mushrooming, he moans )ust that. He built this "mushroom" house in the suburbs of Milan at a cost o( some S3000. It !>as four rooms, kitchen and bath, plus polka dols. (Photo by NEA-Acm« SlafT Pliologropher Ole Killerich.) Newport Lass Wins Beauty Title; Ex-Blytheville Girl 3rd BATESVILLE, Ark., Au|r. 3. (AP),of Blythevllle finished third. Harahon Case To U. S. Court LITTLE ROCIC, Aug. J .IIP)—A federal court :fdecislon • to permit removal of road^ay« on the Hnr- «han Bridge across the Mississippi River will be appealed to the U. S. circuit court of appeals. U. 8. District Attorney James T. Oooch snld yesterciny he «'ill appeal the decision of Judge Thomas: C. Trimble on. order from the U. S. attorney general. Trimble denied the government's petition for ft restraining order to prevent the Atatf of Arkansas and Crittemden County from removing tlie roadways from the little used •pan between West Memphis. Ark,, and Memphis. The old bridge lias been replaced by a new one. —Beauty titles are foecomhiK a hab- t for Bettye Castleberry of Newport. The 17-year-old daughter of a Newport physician last night won the "Miss Nortli Arkansas" contest, a highlight of the second day of tlie annual White River' Water Crunl- •al here. Miss Cnstlrbcrry. « senior In high school who plans to attend the University of Arkansas, less than a week ago won the "Miss Keesler Field" title In a contest at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss. She defeated 22 other contestants here, second was Miss Nancy Elwood of rtusscllvlllc. Miss Billie Richardson of Helena and formerly Another beauty contest—to select Queen While River—was to be held ' today, final day of the carnival. Lire Given Confidence ROME (AP)—Italian postal s»v- lugs totaled about 81,200.000,000 on June 30, 1951. an Increase of 74,200,000,000 llres. compared Tlth the '• tolul on Dec. 31 1950. | Rpme'5 imanciRi nswupaper. "II ' olobb" 'Stud the Increase reflects j Italian confidence in "the stability" of the lire. ( Read Courier Newi Classified Arts Jews to Avoid Berlin Meeting JERUSALEM W)—East or West Berlin—for Israeli students It's still tlie capital where Hitler once ruled, the swastika was tho national emblem and millions of Jews were doomed to death. That's the reason the "Centra Council of the National Union o: Israel Students" has decided t< boycott the "Third Youth Festiva of the World Federation of Oemo cratic Youth and International Un Ion of Students" which will opei in East Berlin In August. When (he invitation to participate in this Communist-sponsored congress first, reached Jerusalem from Prague. Israelis sent a letter of protest against "holding the Festival in a place which niak^s it Impossible for the Israeli delegation to participate. Two official rephe.s came from the congress promoters, who recognized that the name of ! Berlin had been bhickened by Ihe Nazis, but they added tha; "a ne\v | peace-loving German youth Is no'.v j growing up." This nssur.incr did i not change the attitude of Ihe 1 student youth of the Jewish Suite Bargaining Election Ordered in Pine Bluff WASHINGTON. Am. 3. i.Ti-A coJJFctiv* bargaining election at thr Federal Compress and Wnrrhousr | Company's two pine Bluff. Ark..] plants has been ordered by the j national labor relations txruri. I The election is to dctcrfhlne whether production anri maiiUcMinnoe ' €n;p!o,i PS u'ish to be represented by the CIO United Gss. OkE and Chemical Workers of America. Kxnct dale of the election has not been fixed. HOP ARTHRITIS, STOMACH AILMENTS, „„„,,,*, ^!JMATISM, m HEADACHK, WIAK KIDHfYS, *l»o Aclrfs. Toxltw. Lacfc ol Vitality, Energy, Aching Buck, Lumbago. Underweight. Drcnylng Teeth, Prilling Eyesight, Bad Complexion. 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'nu-ro i al.vuliitrlv NO AI.('Olt(ll. ii llopr Miiitrxl. !l uill nnt civ 5«n tliat f.ilsp lift n-lilrli vicars ofT n-hcn the alcohol VUMI.S oir. The intestine Is the must important, ors'an in your luidy— anil it is also the most abused. When you l-frl ami Look Olil Before Vour Time-, lose lliat sparklo and frrl rtcnil tlrrcl, inaylw your body Is eravinc something. New Life Old Home Changes Hands in Missouri SWFDEN, Mo. U',—The home Col. Samuel Severs built here In 1797 has passed for the first time from ownership of direct descendants of the town's original settler. It i\a> bought by Mr. and Mrs. George J. Strong of Montclair, N. J.. ss f. permanent home. Tae last to occupy it were Ethe!')ert Bennett ind hi? son Chnrles. Charles Is Ihc great, great grandson of Col. Never s. Nol only nil! you FEICI. rr- sults wllli HOPE JIISEltAL luit you nill SEE Oit results IValcli yuur rliminalinn a fr\i days aflrr nvlni; HOPE MI\- KKAI.. 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