The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 16
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if your heat goto YOUR FUEL BILLS Gl Ordinary heaters pile the heat up on, the ceding until some of rt finally steps down to the living level. If you own an ordinary heater; you know how costly and uncomfortable that system is! Siegler does just the opposite... your floor gets heated first. Heat is not wasted on the ceiling ah^ 1 out the chimney. Don't close off rooms this winter'and pay high fuel bills to boot... order your new Siegler now. IT PAYS FOR ITSELF WITH THE F1IEL IT; SAVES BURT HARDWARE & APPLIANCES Phone 58 BURT IOWA •wiu.rM.em Minneapolis' very newest - finest fa hospitality, food and tetvlco. Completely air-conditioned rooms and suite* witfa FREE TV and radio. Heated Swimming fool In garden setting. Holiday Dining Room - Coffee Shop. Near Metropolitan StadluM and airport - only minutes to downtown Minneapolis end St.Paul. Banquet - Meeting Facilities for up r* 300. Children under 12 Free PSone. TUcedo 8-7911 1WXMP794 U. S. Interttate 494 & 34fh Avenue Sou* MINNEAPOLIS-""""' CHECK YOUR 8-AIgena (la,) Upper 0«* Mdlnfc Thursday, NovambgrJ^ Ijfct * . _^ .^L....JTV....-. .. ... ^. ..- J -^-- - -.-.-..-.- .-y -.--*-- • * •-"- *^- j r ""•"•' 1 ^Tji-riitrt mtilufL The William Navoichicks and Corwirt Peers , Were particularly concerned over the burning ot the gym at Luther college, Decorah, for the daughter Pat and son Gary, respectively, are students there. Cause of the fire was a boiler explosion and the building-was burned completely. With it many important things were lost, all musical instruments among them. Fortunately, there were no injuries to persons. • « * • Friends of the Raymon Henrys will >be interested in learning they ' are living in Indianapolis, Ind. Raymon was transferred there last spring by the John Deere. .company with which he has been associated for many years. They had been living at Moline, 111. The daughter Patty is a sophomore at Bloomingtofi college and " ' ' school. Kathy is in higfl It will be of interest to Algerians to know that Vice Admiral William. Schoeck, native of Lakesburg, is a cousin of W. C. Irelpn,-. He ../was recently made t&mmander: of .the U.S. seventh •fleet' at ,:;Wpkusuka, Japan at 9 ceremony -on ;board the carrier Ranger. His fleet consists of 125 ships, 650 planes and 60,000 men. -.'.-••» • » Of further interest is the fact that the Irelan's son-in-law, Robert ;• Middletoh; .-'Riverside, • Calif., was aboard the jet which had trouble landing last 1 week. 'Middleton is, a pilot and he'frankly admits he was worried" over the way things were going. Fortunately, the landing was made safely. He' had been called,, here by the sickness of his-,father, Guy Middleton, 1 72, Clarion, who suffered a j stroke. ' . ' : • • ' -* -•. " The James Whitlemores were recently Visited by Mrs. Whitte- mpre's mpth'er, 1 Mrs.' ; Helene .Fass' bender,' Fort 'Dodge 'and/.her frierid' Mrs.'" Antone 'Green, 'Oxford, Ohio. : Mrs. Green married an American in Germany .where they continued to 'live many years. They came to' thV' States and Mr. '. Green,died here' a : .few years ago. Mrs. Green .left', many friends in Germany and believes she will be happier among them 'so is leaving soon. . ' , . '•••';•' t * '' • Tom Zender and his sister, Gretchen, are now living in an apartment together in Minneapo? is. Gretchen Is employed and Tom is attending the university. Recently he accompanied friends p Des Moines, young men who were taking their physicals fqr service. ' ' ' ' ' ' 1 *' *' • Boys will be boys and spacemen seem to be on their minds. Paul, 12 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Watkins, was at play in the basement with Kis brother and had some boxes arranged on his head and shoulders. He lost his balance, hit his head, wound up at St. Ann hospital with a concussion, w7ncn kept him hospitalized a few days. About the best thing out of the deal was he was kept from school a few days after he was dismissed. • • • Karen Downey leads an interesting' life. She is a stewardess for Northwestern Air Lines and lives at Minneapolis. She and fellow stewardess, Carol Boelkc recently returned from a two week vacation at Acupulco anc Mexico, the journey made vi jet, of course. Upon reaching headquarters, New York was next on the agenda. City Dr. Ray PoMer was limpin ;iround a few days after letting a gate drop on his foot. Luckj FOR THOSE COLD AND FLU "FIRST AID" SUPPLIES Cold Tablets Sprays* Mentholatum Aspirin Analgesic Balm Electric Vaporizers Hot Water Dottles Cough Syrup Nose Drops Cough Drops Gargle Electric Heating Pads Inhalants Vitamins Ana' v, her. the dcctsr calls - BRING U r i YOUR PRESCRIPTION for prpmpt, accurate compounding. JEWELRY 117 East State CY 4-2349 Algona no bones were broken. * * Some Of ihe musie of Ihe "roaring ' twenties" WiSis ,' well worth listening to and' I,enjoyed several numbers on the"Daw"fen<:e WelH program Saturday "•Highl I am glad His time has changed to 8 o'clock instead of 9. I'xtt-'an early to bedder and to wait through the fights which 1 don't.'care for was indeed an, endurance test. '• : *• * *_. .,-.. The mother who heard ihese words from the lips. of her .very small 'off-spring was aghast. WHERE do. they'pick up such language? The tot, so young the words were.- not spoken,-- clearly turned ; to a'nearby 'Woman and said, ''Twicks or tweets", holding up, a bag. The Womffn fdspdnded by dropping an apple iri. the sack to which the youngster said, "You --"I You broke my cookie.", • '.'The .'-.child was too young for the;soap and water treatment. • > * * . * r What a difference a letter and punctuation can make^ <r Wheri Tom Smith joined the navy), hii) wife asked the minister to read the following . notice after the Sunday service. "Mr. Tom Smith having gone to sea, his. wife I'e' 1 quests the >congregation to'pray or. his safety." The minister idn't have his glasses, Howfe^er nd so read, • ."Mr.' Tom Smith, aving gone* to .see his wife» re- uests that the congregation pray or his- safety." ,'..'•: "••• • ' •* .;-;..••-. • , * ' ' :,: " I hit this .^'jack-pot" with mail bv. ,6! A' 'jar of Bbysenberty; am s^nt: fr6m "Weatherman*— range county,' Calif." f and pbst- iarked, Anaheim.; Now. I haven't he least idea it actually came •om. a person with that respons- sility. I think it is,from;the'per- on who has been noticing'my omments on California' weathei nd.'has in reply sent cards.from me tp time reporting tempera- ures in'the Anaheim area. Wei', riend, who ever you are, thanks or the jam. It is . delicioUs!- c J rove past the farm in 1024 arid 939. If 1 ever go again • I sui'e ill stop for a. meal. We had just aten breakfast at Fullerton, s6 ood so close on top of .pancakes nd eggs didn't appeal to us. )'' • # , *.-••.' .•;'. Q I've often .•, wondered • hoyr''it ould seem to have the keys- to city given to me.-Now I know, or I had a key presented to.hit y Mayor Hardin, no less; s 'bl ook Hill, South Carolina, Vfa lenn Naudain. Come on, ariy 1 - ne who..wants to take me there. /e get free parking'for as loh% s we please in metered -placeV. 'hank you, Glenn, for your iii2 cresting letter and the picture f your lovely Gleneairn Gaf 1 - ens. I wish the old European otel site could be made into omething as beautiful., John Donohue, whom, you .mentioned, ives in Hawaii, as does his daughter and husband, Bay livfes n Chicago and Juanita lives in lendale, Calif. She followed her art successfully for some time jut I don't know whether or not she has kept at it. Probably not as she is now middle aged. OHe lets down, you know. ,' » • « Charles Osiwinkle was visiied Sunday at Good Samaritan by his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Mc'Grane, Elma. * • * A friend called me the othei day and asked what Clarence Paine's nickname was. I replied "Frit?.". Then I got to thinkinp of names that have clung througli the years. Because of the color of my hair I was "Red" and the name still is used by several of my friends. Then there were "Skin", "Pret" and "Bones" Laird for Ralph, Ray and Claire respectively. "Dutch" Honsbruch "Katx" Rosewall for Hjalmer "Jock" for Walter Turner, "Snap" for Walter Reid, "Shortie" for Ethel Lowe, "Bruntz for Zada Brunson, "Judd" for George St. John, "Heinie" for Henry Stebritz, "Tiny" or "Tee 1 for Dick Post, "Chris"' for Theo Chrischilles, and were I to devote more time, could add more to the list. "Hump" King foj Horace, I mustn't fail to mention and "Ted" for Edna Norton. firs Co-Op wffl be held Nov. 3(J at fl p.m. in the Legion. hall at Hurt. Ffee pancakes', sausage and hot chodolate' wflj be served to mem* bers Who attend the meetlfg., There will be a free heifer given away as a door prifce at-the. end of the annual meeting, which will folldw the pancake*sausage dinner. Kathryn Pompe Kathryn- Helen Ponipe 'became the bride of Allan Burt Selich- now in a - ceremony, r »J ning, Novf 3,''in. Trini an church jheije.v daughter 1 'j$£ A 'Joe riday ty Lt .. eve* ,tlther- of * gona and ' the * 18,13 Mrs, '• Esser, and the bridegroom is a 'son of Mr. find MfS. Button Algofla., • • - RfeV. (3. J,'C» at the eefehiony, The attended by Mr, and Mrs., fific Willfite. ; <; the'bride Wore a. pale nylpn lace, ovef taffeta gotvn with'royal blue. abceSsofies. Her thtee>strand , true cut crystal necklace and earrings Were A gift from the bridegroom and her flowers w'ere a corsage of pink sweetheart roses'. '• frnmedlhtely foll^wblg - the ceremony, a reception was held at-the Johnson House, The Bride is 'a graduate of Whittembre high schdol and Is employed at -the Weldenhoff Corp. Thp bridegrobm js a graduate of Algona high school and Attended Emily Griffin School of .Opportunity in DenVer, Cold. He Is also employed - at the Welderi- rjoff Corp. here. Breeders Co-Op Has New Type Refrigerator A new type of liquid nitrogen '-•fri»r;rator, capable of dropping 'he mercury to 320 degrees below •>.TO, is b';ing used in this area now '••• G-ry :>;Bi om, Al fa 'ona, and Paul !•'•..;:•, Burt, SLTV'CC men for the v/n Breeder; Co-Op, The refri- ,-,-rator waj designed to further im- ,'iov;; the co-op's artificial cattle Hiding service. The men each carry one of the ••^frigsraturs in their cars. Inside the refrigerators is a complete sup- -ly of semen fur practically all ' of cattle. I''ruxfn semen i: not new — but the refrigerators replaced the old ciry ice variety formerly used by the service men. A total of 95 men working for the Iowa Breeders Co, Op. will be using the liquid nitrogen" refrigerators. The annual meeting of the KQS- suth county unit of the Iowa Breed-, A- ** iMW^gin --*£$* 'j*»$v-VuJjM. >•***' "-- • bring the fun , \ •.**?- **N S-M:•.-•*• f >' to lllifnei '-'1? Connie Column MUNCHERS' SPECIAL Mrs. E. Halligan of Nebraska serves this easy, "upside-down" cake to surprise guests: One-lay er-siae. white cake mix, prepared per package directions, poured over a mixture of 1 cup applesauce; 2 cups ( coconut, % cup light ^ raisins, Yz CU P brown sugar arid ft cup butter in a deep cake pah, greased, 9 inches' SAVE 'MONEY!... CALLSTATION-TO-STATION i ^SAVE*lME..VCALL BY NUMBERS . . P.S. Make your Thanksgiving plans by phone, too!. 'NORTHWESTERN .BELL '''* '• hri^uM&r'B two -~ 4 Jfc'a gooey, doesn't it?" • DATfrMATE Look! A cookie-filling recipe for "holtibakers," from*Mrs. H. H. KirkiJatrick^pf Sioiii City, I6.wa: Combine 2 cups fine-chopped dates,'% cup sugar, % -cup water, and fa tsp. lemon juice in saucepan. •Cook over moderate gas „ . . t heat,' stirring constantly till patches, in pretty colors, be ' ' .thick. Remove a gay touch for a.set of white linen place-mats? BIG DIPPER Mrs. E. N. Towttflend settdl this Hot Cheese Dip, jeclpe, says it serves a crowd: D«J" solved 'bouilton"citbe ifl J4 cup boiling water. Combtea in top of double boilef with 2 cans cream of mushrdom soup (undiluted), one 6>og. package cheese sticka (crushed), % tap, garlic salt and 1/4 tsp.'.table salt. Heat thoroughly over boiling water, stirring'fot smoothness. Serve hot. with toasted bread "fingers'' for dipping. CORNER THIS la there' a tired, dark-tone corner cupboard in ytfur dining r<-ro6'm? If you asked'Dad or Son, that,cupboard might be stripped and painted white in no'timelJustfor the Hoh- days, line it with* holly red adhesive-back paper. You'll be' so pleased, you may leave. it that way year 'fqundl PINKY, PATCHES Anqther lowan (Mrs. Allen H£leen of Bbpne) says iron- on tape patdhes stay better if you cut them with pinking shears. This* set me thinking. Wouldn't "* from"rangg; add 72 c U'p chopped nuts. Cool slightly, Plant it, by •half - teaspoon, between rolled, unbaked coqk*. ies.. Seal edges by fork; b'akp 8~ to 10 minutes; in i 40p-degree gas .oven. (Fills' fiva. dozen.) ( ? .1/SWEET.ER B.REATHING .Whether heat's on or not, you can cure a "stuffy" room without opening the win^ dows—if you own a modern gas, heating system! The blower ,on your .§as furnace CHRISTMAS CANDLE Sleek and silent as a ' c'a-ndle... that's the tiny blue gas flame that controls "even cold," in your gas / refrigerator! i vThie only t bloving part? :• A small circulation fan for automatic defrosting* i Same tiny blue flame does so many homemaking jpba better r and more economicallyt' Tell Santa Glaus about it! Resends aif ^ihto circulation, mind him natural gas is sent changing it constantly^, It's to'-your home 365 days a clean, pure,air-r- a Happy year by yo\it-'-lo'tftt : t: gtf* no-dust atmosphere for holi- company, 'supp'lie^'W'your day-minded, jb.pmemake.rfl! town by the -pipelines-?bf You coujd ; 6wn a nevj.^gas Northern Natural Ga« heating. system before Thanksgiving. Phone your local gas company, or .gas heating Contractor,, , '.. panyj ,© Northern Natural Gas Company, Omaha, Nebraska ;• NOW! A Series M80 Tandem with 10-yifd dump body NI=W HighBrque POWER JUST RIGHT FOR YOUR JOB, '62 CHEVY JOBMASTER TRUCKS offers sun-swing power for wtry truck Job with 9 total of 10 High Torque, tight-fisted engines for '62. Rugged new Cbwy'GM Diesels. A new High Torque 409 V8, And 9 BUILT TP KEEP WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND a six for your job! The famed High Torque 235 Six, for instance, Or the HUh Tprque 261 Six, thia year available* for the first time in Ught^duty models. . EAGER EIGHTS. Four of 'em, inclu$»g a brand-new High Torque 327 V8* «nd the mighty new 409 V8*. DURABLE DIESELS. New Chevrolet,- GM 4-53'« and 6V-63'8 we compact and rugged, Ind are backed l>y y?«w» 'ot GM Diesel experience, NEW DESIGN-NEW MODELS. New work atyllnf permit drivers to oee the road aa mach M 10^ fett closer to the truck, Chevrolet's proved Independent Fypnt Suspension gives you a smoother riding, harder wprWng, longer lasting truck, Three work-proved Corvair 95's add rear-engine traction and muneuvera* bility to the light-duty field, A total of 203 mo4eU in all. See your Chevrolet dea4er. •o»««Miitiati« M | WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKIN8I New Jobmaster Trucks! New Corvair WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND WORKING AND (08 SOUTH HAU KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY ALGQNA, IOWA CY4.3M4 "^•"ppffiKp**

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