The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1961
Page 13
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Models $50^0 J27S' ^g^^^^^^^M^Lj^^^^X JJJ : EAR DIPLOMAT • S HBAHING Alb "Royalty of HeaVifig Aids". ' ALGONA HOTEL > ' MONDAY NOVEMBE& 201h ' < , 10:30 A.M. 1*0 1 P.M. ; Batteries tfnd service fat most 'ftiakes—You are invited to come in, ;.,,,„ Ground Flr.j flaming'- 6 214 Sixth AVe.,* D.M. ' AtJTHOmZED ZMtTH HEARING AID DEALER PLANTATION Whlttemore, SUNDAY, NOV. 19, ARTKIRMSE THUfeS., NOV. M Thanksgiving Dance DON HOY SUNDAY, NOV. 26 HENRY CHARLES No Advance. Booth Reservations i Door Open at 8:30 niniiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiuiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For bejfer living, for better farming, for safety and convenience, be sure your farmstead wiring; is adequate. Ask \your • I . • !• • ' I '.' ,. .' '• : electrician for to wir-; ing check-up. Don't : • • • Symbel ef ce- . •ptratlve ratal iltc-j Irincallan - - - ami ( dtptndable, nen- prefll eliclrlc »rvlc> far rural foralllM el UUt cemmunlty. Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 - Humboldt, Iowa i USE Afe-** 21 STORM WINDOW made by manu'ictyrir «l inuin! Flei-0-qijii •v) 801., PJutijj H In*!** Qn AT YOUR LOCAL DEALER YOU SAW IT ADVERTISED IN THI UPPER DES MOINES IN VISITINO .WITH MRS/BBAILWHWHT the oiner^aay, we talking about drivirig & c&f. Mri Wright doesrt't drive either, these days, she said, but she used to be the pilot if the family Model T Ford. Mi's. Wright ;had been, oajling on'aft eleven year old neic6'to«drive n het' an her errands.' qrie day. the nelce Wasn't' available, so Mft;'Wrlght -got into the Model T'and started driving from then on she managed'very nicely So long 'as she. ctfUld drive "forward. She never did leafn to put the .thing into reverse i ' , <(•..,*** ' THIS CONVERSATION NOT ONLY was enjoyable, it „_._ me a column .stibjeet, for this week! I confess to drawing h'edvily on-'a woman's World of a few years ago, but with this subscription race going so hot and heavy, column writing -time is at a minimum. ?Antf there is' a Model T In, my background that I recall,with a great deal 6f nostalgia There never'.was, or: evei 1 will be, inyi'autombbile quite like A,,-' .--.,,."-".*..'* % i * . i •. i , WHEN, I WAS ,A LITTLE <SIHL,;my Dad's grandfather passed on and left him some money. It .was $500. /That was a large amount of cash and was'not to be taken lightly., After considerable discussion it was* filially decided that the' wHole blpdmirig $500 should go in one grand splurge. We would get a family can t '•>' '., i i •:•-. i ..'•-,-.;.• f • , :» ' THE NIGHt^rHAt i3AD bRO.VE UP in the brand-new black Model T still stands out as a red letter occasion. The car was definitely above the flivver 1 class; it was'Heiiry's.latent'development — a two door s^dan. Dad shot the works and the-car had all the extras — balloon tires, r windshield wiper; and tm, electric. horn. • • It had upholstered ^cushions,instead of the slippery leather kind:and only the driver had-tO;gct out so the; seat could be lifted up to fill the gas tank. • -..•••.:.••> , [ . THE CAR,HAD A GADGET ON IT called a speedometer. The thing would turn^every time'.we went another oneitenth of a mile and wtfien the. numbers 99.99 wei'e about to shift to 100.00, the suspense was terrific. BUT THE SPEEDOMETER HAD ONE drawback — it told how , fast we were going.' In" Spite of his advanced age, (he was almost-,30) was quite a reckless .character and he would watch his chance and -gun that car up to 40 miles an -Hour I- If Mamma had her' eye on the speedometer and caught 'him at ill, she didn'Mike it very much. ; , . , ; r ••-..:-. .'•'», .'• *:.'-. • * ; '. 1 HAVE 'TOliD, YOU ;TH AT _. this car was a deluxe model, andrto prove it even further, -'let me, state that it had nickel plated bumpers or both the front and the redr 1 .! , Years later they were painted brigHt red and we could always distihguisty bur car frorri the hundreds of other black Ford sedans. > ' < •'" '. -.••.:•'•.':,. ,<,..,. ' " ' . '•'-'• " ' v I t » * # 1 " #j .; ' * ;.-,'• • ' • 0 THE BUMPEflis.jWliflE. CALLED, "cow catchers" and sometimes if if our folks didn't hush us in time', all -four of us kids would lean out of the windows and yell at', a; farfrier ^driving his herd, "You better .watch out. We got cow catchers oh our car !'' •'.* - -. ' -• ' , .' •-• '.." .; ' *•'•'< '*,'.•- - • • j. ON THE FREQUENT" SUNDAYS WHEN THERE Were dinners with all the relatives gathering, we kids' we're all but insufferable about the virtues of otic car. Ijnctej Art had an .Overland, Cousin Alfred 'had' art Essex and I think somebody ihad a Hupmobile. They were big cars, ( they purred loudly, j a^^jpde, irjuch closej tp the ground. But they .we're all touring .cara.<ShupKsl|fVhenHt!rafned they had to'go oat and button up the curtains, 1 while all We' had to do was roll up the windows on our sedan! •'" ' '• ' ' ' : ' • ' ' Our Savior's Lutheraft Attfljjtfone Sunday, H^y.guiSs wr-*" ' #;Julie, Teft members ,^. uxillfiQr" ,met «i.' th'f Mfs. A. P. Cla,rk 6ct. .,. pital work. Serving- Itifteh' Mrs. Wallace Jphh^on, " • Gordon -vt Jones and Mrs, Jim John-soft rt ' ' '''' ' 3. A Rober,t ., and a niece, Kelly, JefthaT Mi urday te visit Mr. has been a house guest -"at th home of :a\.brather-ln*laW'aM "Sisfer-in-law,' the- George JqMn* son's, sinc'e May,' "•« ,' ,-i . ,>-. : Mr? and Mrs, Fraftk 'tdofb- and MA'flnd Mrs. ftdbm Sartdei 1 ^-^ f'airmon't were^Surjday guests* at the home of the AlbeH' J8hni$5i. Mr. and M>i Joe Preston' v')s» ited-Joe Gross at BuK Sunday. 1 ' Nln'a" Jayne, infant daughter of the Hans Peterson's, was bap* tteed Sunday at St. Mary's'Cath^ olic church "at" Armstrong 'wlfn Rev. Everett Apt- officiating Sponsors were Mr. a,jid J^trJ. Verne Anderson of Ledyaro. Dinner- guests were the Andet^ sdns "and Mrs/ KatherMe Schnsill, Afternoon callers 'were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Irmiter. . , ' ' Mrs. Kenneth Br'ones and Mrs> William Tobin were coffee guest's at the Ole Johaneson home a|&; turday. . . -, « , Mrs. Agnes Searle and Mri. Anna. Glaspie, Osage, are making an 'extended visit at the J: A. Carlson home, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ole Johansert entertained Sunday m i honor 01 his birthday. Guests 'were , Mr", and Mrs. -Matt Anderson, Duft- nell, ,Minn., Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Johnson, Esthefville, Mrs.v Alma Peterson, Mr. and Mrsr ;Jerfy Wegner and Mr. and Mrsy.'E ett Johansen and children.". •\ "That long-legged puddle jumper!" some of our cousines. were known to.hoot at us. :But ; %eri, they were just jealous. •' '• -•.ft i r. i .. i I. ..: • v > ',:„,.:* • •• ' < i :' I . 1 - •. : i l : •_ ..''. . .. ; , ••••{ UNTIL THE' ADVENT. OF'OUR SEDAN, previous experience: with [cats had taufeht, u£ .that 1 automob'ile trips were both uncertain'and/;'un- »Cwmfortable. Flat/-tires>wer£> the'rule tr'ather than the exception. Eyefy-: ,body piled out while the'.tire'kit/was;extracted and the puncture .was •mended. But our car was notably-Immune to flat tires and once we tqbk a 500 mile trip without a .single, blow out. ',.'•-' '•',:.'.;•*,"*' * • . •-.•-. IN THE WINTERTIME WE DIDN'T have to take all the quilts and•blankets along to keep warm for, our car had a heater with registers in both .front-and the back seats. Some mightly peculiar-odors emanated- 'from'the back seat heater outlet now'and then for. we kids were alwayfc stepping, on jtwith, qur-o.Vjershoes or dropping-peanut sliells .and other items down it; :> ;•; - ' - \ ' ;••'. ' "' •' .. . . . * i * * • • ' p SOME GOOD, CARS. LIKE OLD SOLDIEHS, don't die — they, just fade away. That's the way. it,was With",our sedan. After we moved to Algona, Dad used yellow service i trucks in his business and-after, he buught another family, car, the sedan was fitted with a box and- painted and it became a pick-up truck. / , '• ' ' ' . • • ; ". '•','*..* : THEN A^ ER T^ 115 PARTS failed to work as a unit there, was still good left in carburetor,;pistons or What not, "were transferred to other cars. Who knows, maybe some of those parts are (still functioning today in some jalopy of the 1960's. ••• ' : ; ;*, *••'•* PRESE^Tr DAY CARS 'HAVE AUTOMATIC SHIFTS, decorator colors, they 'can go 100 miles an hour, and they cost several times the amount our early car did. But as far as I'm concerned, they don't have a thing that'could surpass that 1927, black Model T Ford sedan ! , COOKING HAS BEEN AT A MINIMUM at our house these past two. weeks. I would hate to ponfess how many times we have had hamburgers or canned soup. Cleaning has also been at a minimum until this week-end when Mary'Ann took over. She polished up the buttons on the kitchen stove so. nicely that now she is suggesting I use a cloth to keep from getting finger-prints on them ! One of the nicest parts of family life, I am convinced, is when the children prove, they, can take over in an emergency. • • •',*''*.* • .-• THIS WEEKS RECIPE IS FOR Shirley Pratt's 60 minute dinner rolls. Naturally, I ,'haven't yet tried them. , , 1 '/4 cups milk.. 3 Tablsp. sugar . • % teasp. salt • - ' • * . , , 2 Tablsp. butter , , • . 2 yeast cakes | ' ,i '/4 cup warm water. ; ' • 4 to 5 cups bread flour • ' , Combine'the milk, sugar, salt and butter and heat. Combine yeast with water', add to the first'mixture. Add flour and beat thoroughly. Put in a greased bowl to raise for 15 minutes. Turn out on a floured board and knead. Shape into rolls and let raise 15 minutes in a warm place. Put in a cold oven, turn it to 425' degrees and bake 20 to 25 minutes. • .' — GRACE, '•• ;'• .'" ".- Three Baiiftcift WojtnenHurt|liiu^ Home Mishaps .Bancroft -*-' Mrs;'Alfred Hell mari*b'urned her Igft hand Thurs.- day when she spilled boiling < wa- terjOyer her hand while scalding chickens. She was taken.,to .-the•* doctor's office where it was dressed. It will' be sorne tinie*:b fore she will be able to use.'tfte hand. . " . i , - ~. • -. • .---: : Mrs. Cletus-Dorr''-lost part of th'e' n^ii ''and. cut a gash in her 'middle finger Friday. ' morh'irfg when she stuck her hand '• in'-'an electric fan. ; ; '. .', ,,^ ;;. ^'J Mrs. Laurence Bergrn'anV-'fel] and hit the corner of a table.?a week ago and fractured two ribs and injured her shoulder and ami, She is suffering much pain but is getting along well at this Writing. ' Altend Wedding ' Relatives and. friends here attending the wedding of Barbara Kockler were her parents, the Walter Kocklers' and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo; Kockler, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kockler, Lakota, Colett and Laurence Kockler. Barbara was married (Saturday, at Mirirm- apblis where! she has -'.. been employed for several years. Has Surgery Mrs. C. J. Stauder entered Holy: Family hospital, Esthcr- ville, and underwent major surgery Thursday, ' Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McClicsh entertained a group of Dennis' friends and his six brothers, honoring him on his twenty-first birthday Sunday evening at din- lier, Present were his brothers. Duane, Chicago, David, Albert Lea, Dick, Dale, Darwin and Darrel. Friends, Kay Menkc Ames, Meredith Bergman, La Donna Friders, Algona, Kenneth Ber.gman, Patty Dolan and Mr. and Mrs, Marvin Becker, . Many relatives and friends from here attended funeral services at Seneca Thursday for Thursday, November 16, l961A!flona (la.) Upper DM Moln««-S Wes/eyon IVec/ Ocf. 28 FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance artd Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 Burf Phone 233 II Holiday Meals •• :ft*'..\ AT BETTER GROCERS EVERYWHERE ^rtwvv i AlVw^^rW^^ 934-H Pictured above are Mr and Mrs Gary Peart Bn, who ; Oct. 28 at Westminster United Presbyterian church, Des! Moines. The groom is the son of Mr and Mrs Anton Pearson, Wesley, a^id the bride is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph J. Reichenbacher, Des MoineE. Tho couple will make their home at D,f s Moines. The wedding story appeared hi the Nov. 2 issue of Jhe Upper Des Moines. (UDM Engraving) .... ^-..-.i' Laurence Johannsen, former Bancroft resident. ' MIMEOGRAPH PAPER. • all sizes, colors —• Upper Des' , Moines Pub. Co., Algona. , ., i PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER and beauty are captured-In tha MISS AMERICA. 17 Jewels, beautiful, ly matched expansion bracelet . executive look- jtop level In perform* ance but not In price. The SENATOR has 17 Jewels, Is shock-resist int. YOUR CHOICE ONLY Lay-Away a BULOVA now for as little as one dollar. GET All prices plus tax WILTGEN JEWELERS WIN IOWA AND MINNESOTA OFFICIAL LAYING TESTS Hy-Line'Sl^4-H layerii showed 'their extra brcd-in profit potgntial'by Vrinning'the'dffidal 1960-61 Egg Laying TesW in, both Iowa and, Minnesota. In the Iowa Multiple Unit Poultry Test, sponsored by the: National Plans Division of the Iowa Poultry Associa- " lion, Hy-Line layers ratjked first on the Performance Index'fpr ;thd fdilrth yirfr-ih 1 a' row.^ This top? rating is , based on egg productionj laying house livability, egg size and body weight. Iti the Minnesota Random Sarii- pie Egg Production Test, 'Sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Hy-Line layers ranked first • in income over feed and chick cost for the second time in three years. • -• v i ' All major brands of llayers competed itj Jjplh the '' , ' Iowa and Minnesota Tests. Here is the Hy-Line 934-H advantage per bird lover the average of all other entries: v - ( ^ , •• • Vl ; ( -^ ,.,- . - - • , ; - ''; r: '"•.'_ IOWA MULTIPLE 'UNIT TEST. • 27 more eggs per pullet housed 1 ' • 4.3% more .largejond extra-large eggs • .if 4% .be.tfer Joying JidUse, livipbHity • 2/10 Ib. less body weight MINN. RANDOM SAMPLE TEST • 38^ more income over feed and chick cost • 21 more eggs per pullet housed •> • 614% better laying house livabjlify « 4/10 Ib. less feed per dozen eggs If eggs are your business, make Hy-Line your chick CHICKS NOW! ' ' Kleins Farm Supply, Algona Walter Vaudt, Whittemore Robinson Produce, Wesley Arend Swalve, Buffalo Center - Burt Produce, Burf James Mayne, Ledyard Calvin Vaudt, Fenton Senius Isebrand, Titonka Glenn Opheim, Cylinder LeRoy Schiltz, Bancroft Alfred Hurlburt, Elmore George Eden, Swea City Aaron Steussy, Algona Howard Wohlers, Algona OR WHITTEMORE HATCHERY - WHITTEMORE, IOWA SAVE $3 per 100 pulbts . . . . . . by ordering Ily-Llnp cliicks now, for either winter or spring delivery. Swea & Eagle ; . . ; V ' T^^^- • * fatty Quirin, Molly 4y Davidson aha S hi Hey §mpu§e were Tuesday overnight visitors at the home 9f Pstty's avipt and uncle, the Pale Cummins at 'Armstrong. Mr. end Mrs. Homer Henrjck. sqn and family of Rjngsted V!ST ited at'the home of her parents, the Everett Bippentrops, .Sunday evening. The Don Geerdes and Bub Qger4es families an4 Why and Yit'lji Roberts were Sunday visitors at the Martin Geerdes home. Mr. a.nd Mrs. £.eo .Crowley at' tended a birthday party in honor of their grandson, Mark, Saturday evening, at the hpme of Mark's parents, the Virgil Pres- tons. Other guests were grandparents, the Earl Prestaui, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Presfcan ^nd ems, Mr. wi4 Mi'?. Bwefy.Pfssj ton and boys and , Kathleen Crowley. Mr. .and Mrs, Ronald Johnsop Sharon-were Sunday guests at the home of -the Arthur W. Larsons. 'Mr. and Mrs. Floy4 BreHke and family called on his mother. Mrs. qonrad fyetys at flsther'- ville Fri4ay evening. • Dr. ?n4 Mrs.- Sari DeZeeiw en4 chi!4ren of Orion, 111. visit- e4 at the Truman Johnson hotm Sunday.. The De^eeuws an4 th». Mervin Johnson family were dinner guests. Mrs, DeZeeuw and children plan to spoo4 several weeks. visiting at the home "qi her parents, the Truman John- Sons. Sunday, Mrs. Mervin Johnson and chil4ren visited a,t the Nel*. Godfredson home, Others there were Mr. arid Mrs. Cecil God- frc.dson of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Picht and family visited at the hotnv of her parepts, the Albert gos- mas at Lakota Sunday. , Mr- a»4 Mrs. M*rUn Paul were hosts for a confutation dinner in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Glen Mino and Laura Jane, who were confirmed ut inoniing «crvkct> at There's"Something Extra" about owning a '62 OLDSMOBILE .see fpr yourself in a dazzling £7 VA/>a/»r/£7 B&; CAR OF SUPERIORITY! Built with a New Concept ol Quality and Reliability I Oldsmobile'* Foclory-Seoled lubricplion is just one of many new feature! In the Dynamic 88 that save you lima and money . . , add to reliability I All chaisii "lube" points are lealed, so they need no further lubrication under normal operating conditions! DYNAMIC PERFORMER! New Higher-Compression Rocket V-8 ups horsepower to 280! More power than ever — »iondqrd_eqy!pm«nnn every Dynamic 881 Higher 10.25-10-1 compression ratio! New Fire-Swirl combustion chamber — with unique con. toured head and dished piston — squeezes more energy from each drop of gas . . , gives you performance p'vil DOLLAR SAVER! New Low-Ratio Rear Axle delivers more "go" per gallon! tower 2.56-to-l roar o*lc ratio takes you farther at every turn of the engine! You get extra distance from every gallon of gas . . . with the eilra zip of the new high-coniprtiiion Rocket Engine! A real economy oclion combination! v-ff wwlVwc? in wary ^-w gee AUfel>'THi '68 OLOSMO8ll.eS . . , AT YQUR WQCAU AUTHPR|<Sfp OLDSMOBIL6 JjgAUITY PEALER'SI w --- — DAU'S gARAGE- 125 SoMth Dodge St-Algona, Iowa IN BVERY TUESPAYI DON'T MISS "THg <|ARRY MOORS SHOW" f Ci8«TV "v>""" ' :"">'• ' '-"-•"! '•»""*

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