The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 12
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I&7- H'- . S 1 ' » V S ' • tHiS PAST ffl|i |ot ut| , - c - gleet, But so far ^liave had ft .wonderful, time and' have made mysetf some money! You^fcah hardfy beat a deal like that. >' ' *' ' *. * * '•, ' • 1 WAS WAHNElSj^HBfj.I started* the contest, that stopping to visit would slow me down.4I, found that this fs certainly irue. but I made Up my mind that if,, I can't talk, I'm not golrtgi I Visited with people I ha;dn t seen for months; was in some of my neighbor's homes for the very first time; drank innumerable cups'of'coffee and turned down even more. ' • : - .:' .!. V •'•>.•''••<•. • . - , ' -: .1 .._._. GEORGE BROESDER WAS out at their son's baby-sitting with the, grandchildren, when I called,-so I did'business with her husband.. Grandmothers..make the. very best baby-sitters, as all parents know, and 1 found grandchildren at Jerry Briggs', Mrs Elmer Potter's nnd the W. E. Brandow's. Mr and Mrs Brandow showed me a pictur Jhey had made from their wedding, photo. They really don't look 51 years older than when it was taken. : I ADORED YERNA^AND ART O-BHECHt'S, house. It was in such a conditi«Wh6h theyfbougflt it several ;years ago that a. friend told them they mig^|fas •well : set a match to-it. But, almost entirely through their own labor.ithey have made it most liveable. Restoring antiques'is, both a hopby and a business for, them, and one of their difficulties is that often they can't bear to-part with them after the furniture is restored. Can't say that I blame them, particularly with a table, a desk and a Clock that I saw. I also admired an antique clock at the Bud Robinson'3 JJUth said that it belonged to her grandmother and that it was in her girlhood home. She wasn't as fond of it in those days as she is now because it had a way of'striking out the'hour to her parents when she would get in late. ' •. • ..''•'* ' * * * THE, NON-PARTISAN ASPECT of, the League of Women Voters was what we talked"about in my brief visit With,Ann Slagle. At my husbands aunt's, Mrs Fred Wegener, it was the world situation and fallout. Aunt Hilda said she wasn't going to get panicky over either. "The good Lord has taken care .of us so far, and: I think I can trust Him the rfrst of the .way", she said. \ ,?. - At Lakota .*'"»«« ~-v«t*!»* •**—w*i *f-*^ Jim Meurerj-'Kay iienzKe, Meinecke, William 'Lafsort. •^H«niita«, Jake ftfe- -'" , . H «. ...L. L'akoia -^-'BasHetbill practice has begun for the, tysys and girls teams. There-are ISSfflrll but? fn* eluding llx letter Wfflhjfrs fro'm last year, Juahita CotdfiiJ,- Carflieit Cook, Judith Eichhosnr Marilyn ftlppentrop,' Patsy Tjadrn ahd Dlanne Becker. Others on th&squa&ave Kathy- P.e{erson, Cheryl Artaeifsgn, R$t<. en Bauihan, PalHfcj'a"j Emien, Jdaf^ Millei-. Bonttie • Beck'ef, tiriH& Claytdn, Sally ETcfiMfn, fcindl Sollasch, Anna ' Mlleharn and Jirtda Siemens. John' 'W. Cook" la he coach with Mr. J?e.rr|ri as- assistant. Janice Thompson is tnan* ager. Lettermen returning to th£ >oys team are Cla're'Barrett, Paul Geilenfeldt, Kent. Gerzenia, Lary Becker, Charold Barrett, Robrt Sunde and Jim Rose. Others out are Roger Neuman, Dick Cushman, Kent Rusher, John Kollasch, Marvin : Rippentrop Robert Peterson, Daryl Boehm Stanley Tjaden, Wayne Cordes, Richard Thomson, Jerry Sunde John Olson and Gary Garrett. Jerry McMullen Is" the boys cciach with Don Peterson as assistant. David Sleeper is the trainer and Milton Paulsen man- ttil|6ws«ft Paiiy ™ , I Friday evenirfg, at the .T. ^, « C j home for the lst> 2nd, 3rd 'fittc 4lh grade Sunday School classeS of the' ** ••••-•—-•• • •••• ^ I COULD HAVE STAYED ALL DAY at Inez Wolfe's. She was long associated with ^ewspapering both in a weekly paper and as correspond- 'lu *°r, out - of -to wn> Papers, sq naturally there 'was lots to talk about She told me about a time.long ago in a county paper when the headline, t Strange Bedfellows," for a political editorial, got misplaced over a \veddmg story. Fortunately the mistake was discovered after only 25 £? p w rs u had been Prated and they were immediately destroyed. Mrs Wolfe has recently retired ffom her. job' asi school board secretary/ I WA ? T 9° ^T? AT THE M. H. McEnroe's — Mary T. Bestenleh- rer had already taken their renewals." .Biif I figured if the mother of 8 children could beat me to a call in my own neighborhood, I deserved it However, Mrs McEnroe, told me about her, neighbor 'who was about to go oiwn-town to renew Ihe papers, so I had a nice visil wilh Mrs Soren vidriksen. J :-. , , »,»•-#••' ' V - . , LAST SUMMER, MRS, PAUL HUJHN'S children gave her a real surprise. They arranged for a jet plane trip to the west co 9 sl to-visil her son without even teUing her. about it. They arranged for her to return by automobile with Helen Comfort and the first inkling Mrs Hum had about it was when Miss, Comfort wrote her a note to check their schedule a few days before she was due to go ! Mrs Hum has ah unusual occupation .which would make her. a good candidate for '^What's My Line?" on television, but I'm saving lhat for a future'fealure storv « * ».• '' •v, • A 3 THE f^V 1 * PALMERS, we visited about the days when both their Mary and Chuck baby-sat for us. Mary has a:son of her own now, and Chuck is in the service. Mr and Mrs Hugh Pierce were putting their raspberries and strawberries to bed for the winter, and Mrs Pierce called ™ £, mreet , me because they have long been readers of the column Mrs Edna Harr's papers weren't due for a long time, but she renewed anyway. That's the kind of people we all like renewed. « * *• I MENTIONED IN A RECENT COLUMN that I had never seen anyone with mumps wear a towel tied around their cheeks like they did in the cartoons. Well, Mrs Allen Wagner sad she had the disease a few year" ago, she wore the towel and it really helped/Mrs Lenore Hlilz said she l»ad never driven a car until five years ago, and that if she could learn! Johnso wa baking as usual - this ager. Cheerleaders elected were Betty King, Patricia Koppen and James Paulsen, The basketball schedule, for the, coming year is as follows, with'; games beginning at 7 p.m.: Nov. 10 — Lincoln^Centra.l,' lere. ' . Nov. 14 — Woden-Crystal Lake, there. . Nov. 17 — Thompson, here. Nov. 2J — Burt, there. Nov. 28 — Rake, there (boys only) Nov. 29 — Whlttemore, hen (girls only). Dec. 1 — Ledyard, here. Dec. 5 — Titonka, he>e. Dec. 8 — Armstrong, there, Dec. 12 — Sentral; there. ' Dec. 15 — Ringsted, here. Dec. 22 — Burt, here. Jan. 5 -r Whitjefriqre,' t)\efj$ (girls only). • , . . . Jan. 6 — Lincoln-Central there: ' ' • > ' ' ; • 'Jan. 12 — Swea City, there (boys only).- ••'-'"• • • Jan. 15 — Sta^e Line Conference tournament. Jan. 23 — Thompson, there. Jan. 26 — Rake; here (boy& only). Jan. 30 — Titonka, them. ' Feb. 2. — Ledyard, there. Feb. 9 — Woden-Crystal Lake, here. Feb. 12-17 — Girls Sectional Feb. 26-28 _ Boys Sectional. A basketball clinic was held Tuesday evening for. parents o< the girls going out for basketball Boy Seoul Drive •The annual Boy Scoyt Drive was held Wednesday, Oct. 25. The goal for this year was $226. Supt. John Cook was chairman. Men-helping with the drive' were Harold Koppen, Don Boyd $s',. Mrs.. ' Gink'"• Siri-clt, Mr3, B&ynlond! Blefle, .ajnji Mrjs.. W t DLLey. daffies, relays 'and'.lurioh Were enjoyed "by all.- ' , -, « Mrs. Herman Jut,Una Judged the costumes with 1st priie going ,to, Becky Beenter,, 2nd-to Bflatt Hatftilton, 3rd (o Steven Julius. CfteM and Cj>nt^l|.'^ontje. ' '•' • Cub Scouts hefd'tljfllr monthly paCk'meeting at the^ily hail C-ct, 2o. A, Halloween, papy was en- jdyed by all with tire fathers a's- sWtlng. The dlibs did tricks and treats door-to-door for UNICEF; $35'dollars was collected. Lunch Was served by Den II- with Gen'- Hanken den mother. . „ I Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mlllep an family of Manche,sterjF ^Mirtrt Mr. and Mrs. CarL"Chr!iSt;'6f Blu Earth, Minn., Mr;, Jand Mr%. Pef .Bruer and Jim' visited at. th'i Vmoerit Miller home Friday eve nlng to help Roxane celebrate he 6th birthday,, - . , Mr. and Mrs. John Griese fe* turned' home- 'Saturday after spending 2& weeks with their daughter- and family the Charles Petersons in Minnesota. Mrs. Jennie Gutknecht' returned home,Tuesday after a 10-day stay at the Buffalo Center hospital., . , • . , : ' Mr. and .Mrs. Louis Price ahd family went!- to Titonka Sunday to visit with her .mother, Mrs. Anna Wibben and helji her celebrate her, 85th!'birthday. X. Lu' [hne Pehteri; ihtoni'i** j; Music -; lalth chrrti, __....„ . chm., Diane Afh J chM., Becky 3 '" d deni6nsira1i6ft , Jane Raney, Mart made beauty «*as given • by Mrs. Edward .rend, Lunch waa ; servedt. Nex< .ieeting will ;be--i'f Sti Jewedicf S|ll Nov. 26. *""•- ( J" • • & catted* StflMfey te ; <fe*h(Wte ' ^^^O^lf .>„ *«f»,. *B''-*i<j u«« tr««rt. •Itriltife etiiiri ** family. *J$KM^**S*t*:**J^^ . * : i , - .- - , i • . , J , if teK*^ _ I ENJOYED VISITING WITH MARGARET and Carrie Durant this time in person instead of by mail or over the phone. Miss Carrie is recovering nicely from a hip ailment, but Miss Margaret was cominK aown with a cold Mrs Leo Lichter asked if our family was hav nf birthdays this month because she knew "they all came in a batch but it was September instead-of November. Mrs Pat Heogarty recalled the Ume we both had babies at the old Kossuth hospital Sept. 25 15 years M JT MET SEVERAL NEWCOMERS TO ALGONA. One of them was Iare John Hams whose husband is employed by Everds Bros. They^have purchased a lovely home on South Main street and have two young children. Mrs Harris was a high school pupil of my friend, A — "' LOOK I HAVE IT ON THE WORD OF my coffee companion down at the church, custodian Peter Heldt that we are due for a vough winter Mr Heldt says that when the caterpillars are black as they are thtaS we be^rnUd Wh' ? th -n y m ' C r *t f they WCre last ye «''- 'he wintei ' be mild. When caterpillars are half red and half black, the first 'toTl C b,Tl f° temp . Crate> th °u° lher half ' ic ^' H"" neve H to tail, but I hope hes wrong this year. Revlon s Newest Cream "Eterna 27 2 cups thinly sliced apples '/a cup brown sugar, firmly packed 1 teasp. cinnamon 2 tsbsp. butter Cream. Irvington Ideals .The Irvington Ideals 4-H club met at the.'home of Jane Raney Oct. 28. New officers were installed with Betly Wickwire declining her pffice> of rpresident to Linda Bristow; 1 -ylc.e."pres.,.' 1 Ellen Siemer, sec.-tr^as., 'Jan^ Raney, historian, Liiaifc: Lfeek; 'ipep ; orter Mr. and Mrs. El ^, g/oodbine were weekend |ith their son, Mf.-'ar™ . pwight Savage and D,anny.. '-Sandra Patterson of ,'For-t Dodge was' a Sunday visitor in the parental M'il'o" Patterson ibme. ' , r '" ; Mrs. Pearl Moeding' of Arikeny vas a Friday overnight gUest of wrs. Anna Hans^Ini^n. Saturday, jhe accompanied h*er parent's' Mr. ihd Mrs. Anton Sko^ of Hum- soldi to A wedding at Stewart- i»ille. Minn. : ^ Sunday visitors in . the L. C Wittmeier? home, were their son ,Mr. and Mrs. Gary -Wiithleier- and baby daughter ? of F6ft ; D'odg^.' .: Mr. and Mrs. Verhoil • Eggle^ton, Rita and Jeannie and- Marlin Gregerson of' Rutland werf Sunday guests in • the Arthur Larson home at Ayrshire. They went to see-pictures of the HOty Land taken' by Mr. -Larson ' on yhis trip there this summer. He was accompanied by Rev. William Baddley 6f State Center The Rev. Baddley was pastor of _£he LuVerne Methodist 'church about 3*0 years ago.' Rev.' Baddley is now convalescing major surgery three weeks .' ago in a (ifaspital at,; Marshalltown. Tht. trip to Europe -was made by air. The Egglestpns farmed near Ayrshire several-years ago. Mrs.' Charles Hinz entertained wo tables of 500, Friday evening, ligh, Mrs. Herman • Hinz, low, (Irs. Clara Wolf.• Honored guests were.Mrs. Emrha.Hoepner, Omaia. Neb., and Mrs; Pearl Moed- iig, Ahkeny, both--.members of he card club •' wljen residents of LuVerhe., ; . ••';>'• ; Mrs.- C..W. Bjustrbm returned Saturday from. 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