The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1961
Page 10
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*!U» *r 4 ' '" \M~4 MI ' iL* , » * * t I ' * ) ' * ' i i * "'• * |^Al|8ifaJtt|1Ulppiy Pet Mejftti ThuMJ^r No^mbeV 9, 1$61 iffdfher 6f resident at Q. S.,'observed a birthday, anniversary Oct^ 24 in the cuStpmary manner-cake and soft fc^vferage. Jacob Eis'chen's was the day before and j observed, of course", *H * « 1* ^Frances GaiiphiJs'a ( Wal gardener. You ,sh6uld } nave seen the 2% pound Carrot she brought oyer here. Peculiar, in shsraej Jut huge in size. One b'riugh't? by Jter about the same time t furhished eftpugh for salad Bei-ved here to Sfjrne 50 persons, so iyou cat imagine the size of thai one. It' ' When Velma Hag^nd" t were down town the other day 1 was pleased to mdet three persons two of whom 'I- .have 'asked for ft5ws many times over the years The news ones were Mrs. James Whittemore and Mrs. Anna Sh'ackelford. The other |-as Mrs Oatherine Krieps, who said she had not seen me for such a Ion? ti'me and frequently wondered what had become of me, I mus, dp some phoning to her so she will know-1 am still in the news business. * * * "K. D. Long iold me he and hi; wife are right back where they started from in the picture business in Algona. They started here Oct. 1, 1940 in the J. C. Penneji building, in front rooms. Oct. 1. .1961, they moved from their basement quarters back to the J. C. Penney store, and now have back rooms. * * * .If is seldom Leola Geigel slows ap^-and when she does it is for a very brief period. Recently she. sprained an ankle but didn't le' it keep her down except a little for tTiree days. She has more pep than a dozen women I Power tc her! ..•• . ' ; '. » -j» Another person with whom I have chatted news is Claire Wol cott and I was glad to meet her the other day. Netha Mathe.- brought/me some mums and Mrs Wolc'ott was with her. These yellow and bronze mums lasted a long time and were lovely tr look at. i • •• * • .'•Patty and Dick McGinnis and l.h'c children, Suzanne, -Michae? qnd Janelle, had. planned • to go to' Grae'ttinger Oct. 29 to assisl Dick's brother-in-law Verle Baas yrith some carpenter work. Since- ir Si rained all day, I, wonder J;. they went, • ; .'. • . * * Maurice McMahon came frorr Minneapolis' to spend the weekend with his mother, Mrs. S. E McMahon. She told me he war going to get things prepared against Halloween — the porch furniture stored and a few other chores. •When I took a little ride Friday afternoon I was glad to see the curves had not been eliminated from the road south of town leading ppst Potter's hill. That is such a lovely drive, so picturesque and "woodsy". I only favor grades to enable people tc get back and forth in rainy seasons, but the old flat road of my youth, broad and roomy is gone and in it's place a graded highway, and if I had to cope with the mud, I'd say a more hearty hurrah for the new "highway' which describes it—"HIGHway" if I must point out my wit! • « * Two Algona families have been interested in TV of late. The Anton Didrikscns watching their four year old grandson Keith, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Didriksen, DCS Moines, and the John Sjres family seeing their son, John bowl, over the Fort Dodge set-up. His mother Thelrna told nv> about it, mentioned the scoring etc., but I'm not a bowler, so I won't attempt to go into further details. » *' * Jessie and Albert Reid have sqld their cottage at the Okobo- jis. Got rid of it last August so hatf ,the, summer" to enjoj. St. Jessie said" ft 'got to be" too much of a -job, maintaining two hom|s whlcH inzjlfe double Mdrk: "*"[« howM!she r says, tliferwflf d a hotel 0r jttotel whet! they the v need ;of».# lake vitJa'tfoh^ A,j Smart ides?, ;t say. t ? ' ' ' [ i > 'I? WoriaifriWHai I'dOes ; J "sirtalf boy stand to gain when a base-, ball strikes a Window? Pain! So this <is hW it' Works! f'fne secretaries looked over the new bachelor 4 out of bridal curiosity." ' . ' ' » t 0 '*' " Yeats ago Agalha Coughlin Hansen, Ruth Jackson Achilles and Frances Wright were classmates at , Algona high school. Ruth now lives at I^ew Hamg-' ton, Frances at Eagle Grove and Hazel 'Brooks lives with her. Oct. 29, the Hansons drove to Eagle Grove and met the others at Frances'. Rutli Achilles i$ a sister of the late Sarah Long (Mrs. Atmer). They Viewed' ._ fields, of interest-'to them! because of the participation 4 bf ' Hazel*! grandfather, Casper ffbufiftah At Bull Shoals Lake, Ark.,'they saw Dr. arid Mrs. A. W. AmUniSen and Mf. and Mfs.-Howlfd.HQe'nk Ml Jrc^.'Th'e^Jpeht se^f&Taiys fit" Ne6shot Sad'-witWiiHowrfrll's mother, MrS.'fiiti'rria f%tf,' ' I Mrs. '-ieA 'MiUei> ^.«4 sop John^ Suffered a accidenl ', recently and < htS t ... been able to do rtuch farnl work. He caught his thumb in the' V- ba'ttd' b? a- 'cbmbine ahd it tbok 15- stitches" 'tp, cloS^ 'the wound Infection followed'and the member still pains considerably. * * * Bill Bourne, 'son of Dr. and Mrs. M. G. Bourne, is" 1 nicely launched on various activities at Dartmouth college, Hanover, N. M., among which are membership in the Barbary Coast Jazz Dand. He plays trumpet and it is quite an honor for a fresh'man to be included in the personnel. He also is a member of'other music groups, all of which points tc m inheritance ffifin his musltfa mdther, Opal* " " bly doing"-ttery tfel r$tfcally too, and well this to his doctor father. * * ' ' *« To have reached 99,,yfaM 5ft quite an achievement and £„* might say strliggJeY aMd it' s a pity that hiViMg reScheS venerabje years, one should .hays to co'be-with a bfdkeh.hljJi Such* is "tfie ca&' bf the 'father oI.Mrs, Charles Koliasch, St. ^aul,' M1H1S, Charles is a. (J'ousin of Mary Saf- r'y ahd he and his wife w«re fttffe recen'tly over the weekend. *• * U ' A letter airmailed froni Hermosa Beach, Calif., had me pUz» zled for a moment, I couldn't thihk of anyone I knew there. It turned out to be from Karej f-Ioran. Remember his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Horan, who lad an electric shop here yean* ago? There is a son Clermtiei Who lives on the west coast, tod. * * .. • Velma and Ed Hagg spent the weekend at Wellman with theii on-in-law and daughter, Mr. and tfrs. Bob Tolsdorff, Mike arid Pony. They also drove to loyra y and to West Branch where :hey visited Hoover's home. > talk wlf" ftflsd .„ othe¥ dly. fte7Wair Sfftlhg in ffs car and it must seem go&d o- him-"to be out- again- after ~t 6ng convalescehee from a brok. hip. As I haVfe": would **"*" Id break bones Or become sick. '} Marie Sjtteier of ktosaY City , _____ ____ . $tr. a» Mrs. bfiei daVs'wfth her ' As, _ " ' and,_._,..... v _. .. _. §,; M'i'nriT ¥dt!da? where they were flintier Quests in the Kb-nte* 6f-MK'and RGfs, 'fiSfBaFa: Tiegen, Mrs. \tPiegah is a niece of Mr.' > ~ " fei^rJ tf^fty,l*t f <• RETIRES ,. Ernest "Pufdy" Rett/of Wye- ttilHfc J<jwa recently relfr ^d aft'ef serving as that community's post- c%me Saturday iff spend ! a few 'master' for 27 years'! 4k ..,'„.,,.... ,* ,..' . .......ft. r . „ nr ,. L- .. "..,.. FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 ' Burt Phon« 233 GOOD NEIGHBORS TO KNOW Joe Bradley South Hotel Pa rni Machinery — Equipment Algona! Trucks — Tirer , Oliver Matter-HarrU AllU-Chalmer« • CMC Truck! Fixation* Tin* Phone CY 4-2421 Algona 'innirauiiiiuiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiawii | YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR 1 i Branson Building Service "Try Us And You'll Like Us" Quality Lumber - Elliott Paints By providing efecfrfc service for them* selves, electric c<K»p members hove created a huge market f4ff fttfrf* equipment arid appliances. Everybody fn the com- MILL WOFIJC Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks 8c REDWOOD Tanks N. of Jet Hwys. 18 & 169 Algona • CY 4-4369 Mimiimiijpp •• •'•"i"..c4» Kelley Lumber Co. '» "Oifr Business Is Building" ' v< • ' " • LUMBEH • CEMENT W« Aim io Pleii N«ar Mllwauk** Depot - Algon«" iiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiniiiiiuiaiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuHWk IIMUIIiUIUIWIUIfflP^ , . tta. ,/m'* Beecher Lane Appliances "Where -The" FAMOUS NAMES Greet You" In TELEVISION Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona iiiiiiiiuiiuiuiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harvester Pealer f ARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS Sales & Service Phone CY 4-3501 Algona Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equ'PPsd To Serve You Completely" Plumbing Shats CM or Oil Pumpi W»ler Syittati Complain CY 4-3«4| Out on Diagonal street on the CNW tracks you w 11 find ERNIE WILLIAMS FARM MACHINERY, pictured above. The firm was established in Algona twelve years ago under the partnership of Ernie Williams and Cecil Taylor. In 1953 Ernie became sole owner, Andy Anderson is manager of the firm, having had over 20 years of continuous service with John Deere. Andy stresses service . . . and a main feature in his service department is that all servicemen are factory trained by attending an annual John Deere Service Training School. The personnel at the shop consider it an honor and pleasure to serve your needs. It is a policy of this firm that "the customer is satisfied in every way and the service department is available at any hour of the day or night. IMB»V- ^*««ss5i«-»-*• >.-_T"~ :—_."•' i*i«i»t *»•>•' —»" i«atMiin«rgyn>ir''• '«y-*r^,.^»,.>,,,... • *-•- — The firm handles the well known John Deere equipment mainly, however you will find other equipment as well as a very fine selection of used farm machinery. Each customer of Ernie Williams Farm Machinery is a V.I.P. .(Very Important Person). For highest quality equipment, and prompt, effecient service, call on Ernie Williams Farm Machinery. YOUR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR Meet Walter Heerdt Of Algona This week's Country Neighbor, Walter Heerdt, Sr., can be celled a lifelong resident Q| Iowa, with the exception of a few months. Born in Illinois, Walter moved to Iowa with his parents, Mr and Mrs Adam Heerdt, who later lived at Hurt, when he was only a lew month* old, And he'* been living on farms in the Algppa area for |h'e past 23 years. The Heerdt's present home is situated lour miles north- weft of Algona. They are tenants on 9 240 acre layout and raised 68 acres o| corn, 55 acres of beans and 40 ftCfef 9* <><>** (luring 136,1, The balance if pasture, hay and buildjng area. There are 33 cattle, 80 hogs and 42 sheep pn the place, also. Mr Heerdt is a member of the Farm Bureau and used to hunt, but claims the walking is a little rugged any more — so he keeps busy on the farm. Mrs Heerdl is the former Audrey Bojin. They were nag, ried at Swea City (she's from the Lone Rpck-Swea City areas.) She is a member o| 9 mother and daughter club.,» hom|mjkjrs club and church circle and enjoys crocheting jnji ps hpfebles, WaiilnghouM Frlgldalr. YoungilowB \ Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneppolis Moline - Kelly-Ryan — Papec New Idea Farm Machinery Cullen Hardware Our Own "Hardware Store" A Complete line Of t Howiewqre* e t lldg, 5wpp|it» Phon? CY 4-4630 WATCH THIS SPACE iViRY OTHER WEEK TO MEET A NEW COUNTRY NEK3HBOR Mr and Mrs Heerdt have three children, they are Ruth (Mrs Allen Wagner), Algona, Walter, Jr., at home, asd Margaret, who is emp}oYe4 at Jhe Arqw ffcUfft &»uj%ucf Ag«ncy here. Mr Heerdt also has a brother, G. W, Heej4i; wW live* at Hurt. (VPM Polaroid Photo—Engraving) .

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