The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1961 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 17
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LakofaGirlls , as with a shower Oct 18 at the city hall In Lakota. Scrip . Buffalo Center: reading, Alice Karels a' f|fl$ihg,. Holly Nelson of Mrs. John' Karels] Karels, Mrs, -An-! , , , c ( . s "Boedkholt arjrf Mi's, Ray Kayler. J . • Th'ff Ledyard Townships Homemakers met at the home" f Mrs. Wallentlne for the stiitua iL* ti "'« ay tea> Co-hostesses wer MM. Raymond Birele, and Mrs Earl Paulsen. Mrs. Walter Canto h eyof Burt spoke about her trib i Washington, £>,C. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson rt' e . p ^ ents of B daughter born dot. 22 at the Buffalo Center hospital. She weighed 6 Ibs., 13 oz. They also have a son . Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs,; Charles Stroebel. Mr. 6 and Mrs. Ray Krominga and family were' Sunday dinner $i. f" at * the Olen Millers \ at Titonka. The birthdays of Terry and Marsha • Krominga and • Celene; Miller Were celebrated.' ' » Mft and Mrs. Edwin Aukes and daughter of St. Cloud, Minn, came Friday. .Mrs. Kenneth Aukes -.and sons returned home with'them 'to spend a week. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Miller of entprt visited Sunday with Mi's: f Bertha Nemitz at the A. C Biersted hoit" and better varieties Hy-Line 934-H Layers Trim, new white egg layer. Bred to go e'asy on your feed dollar and boost your- profit. Outlays Random Sample Test- proved Hy-Line 934-C by about -five eggs per hen housed, according to Hy-Line tests. Lives even better than 934-C, too ... especially under stress conditions. Ideal egg weight. Hy-Liiie 934-F Layers Ruggedness and vitality are characteristic of this new Hy-Line white egg profit-maker. Hy-Line 934-F'offers'the '..same.high egg production as 934-C, the Hy-Line variety proved superior to competing layers in official Randbm Sample Tests. But 934-F has mord resistance to jntestinal coccidiosis, stress, larger egg size, and even better growing period Inability. Hy-Line 950.Layers Ideal for the poultryman who wants .a slightly larger layer than the Hy-Lina 934, ; Series bird, the champ of official tests. Same high egg production as 934-C but starts laying sooner, has more disease resistance under crowded, tough conditions, is tamer;, has drier droppings and lays White eggs with somewhat firmer albumen. and Order N-O-W! Joins Farm Supply, Algona ,<.,,Waliftr Vaudt,,.Whittemore abinson Produce, Wesley • Produce, Hurt nes Mayne, Ledyard nlvin Vaudt, Fenton snius Isebrand, Titonka ilenn Opheim, Cylinder Arend Swalve, Buffalo Center LeRoy Schiltz, Bancroft Alfred Hurlburt, Elmore George Eden, Swea City Aaron Steussy, Algona Howard Wohlers, Algona OR, WHITTEMORE HATCHERY - WHITTEMORE, IOWA SAVE $3 per 100 puSlets ... . . . by ordering Hy-Linb chicks now, for either winter or spring delivery. i , - r, an , A. 0. filerated wem- td Al* g6na Saturday morning atid ae-* companied other school lunch clerks frofti the count/ by bus lib Fort Dodge where they attended a meeting of the lotya Food As- soci&tion. . Guests from Wednesday to Mbnday at the C h H, H. MUrraj- hbme were theif daughter and family, Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Farmland "softs and Dr. Farner's parents Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Fafrter of Toluca, 111. Monday the Muf* rays and Farners all wertt to penison to visit Dr. aftd Mrs John Lundqulst and girls. Mrs. H. H, Murray will" leaVe Oct. 19 by t>lan<4 for Mesa, Ark. 3he will visit their son and ftffrt- ly, the Dennis Muttays. She will also visit with her sisters Ann Robinson and S6phie Ellsworth at Prescott, Ariz.- Mr. and Mrs. Otto Karqls and p amily visited at the, Oscar Hammond hottitf at Burt Sunday evening. ,Mr. and Mrs! Carl Qarrett Mrs. Herman Weringa, Rita, Dennis- and Rodger. and Mrs. Gene arrett went to Wilmar,' Minn. laturday. They attended the vedding of Ruth Gunn .to Harey Hoffmari. Ruth Gunn is a granddaughter of Mr. ah'd Mrs. Carl Garrett. Mrs.: Herman Wer- inga served the wedding cake al the reception. , Friday visitors at the Henry Oltoff home were Mr. and Mrs. Avery SWensbn and David ana Mrs. John Minor of Spring Valley, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley , Steckef and family were Sunday dinner guests of the Vance. Haiinas at Woden. They visited Sunday evening at the Bruno Stecker home at Thompson.? , Monday^ Mrs. C. Cf. ,Gerzema, Mrs. Greta Stecker of Lakota and Mrs. Elmina JTrerichs of Buffalo Center attended the funeral of Charlette" Frerichs at; the Good Hope Lutheran church at Titonka. Mr. .and Mrs; Stanley Stecker also attended. , • ' - ' Sunday, Oct. 15, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Lewis took their sort Richard to Ft. Dodge to take the bus ;o Des Moine& to take his physical for the" Air Force. He left ;he following Tuesday for Lack- and Air Force ''Base in Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Peters of Smmons, Minn, were Sunday afternoon and supper gUests at the C. F. Enneberg home. Mr. and -Mrs. Burdette Hoeppner and family went to > Storm Lake recently to attend Buena Vista Homecoming and also visited friends and relatives. On Sunday they attended the 50th wedding anniversary of Burdet-i te's aunt and uncle at Storm Lake. Mrs. Lauren Thompson" returned home Wed. after being a patient for nearly three.- WeekSj at, Mercy hospital, Mason City. Senior students college day will be held Nov. 9 Any interested students are to contact the principal. Monday afternoon W. D. Le went to Ft. ' Dodge to attend committee meeting" of the boar of trustees of Buena Vista Col lege and architects to complel plans for the new chapel on th Buena, Vista campus. > Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Thomp son and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sto' of Blue Earth left Monday t "spend a few days with Mr. anc Mrs. Rodger Thompson and fam ily at Poynette, Wise. Last Thursday Carolyn Lej went to Des Moines and then ac companied Mr. and Mrs. D. -Isle: and Jan to the American Roya at Kansas City. Sunday the W D. Leys went to DCS Moines to & hard to come by. In entertainment I has .to be a spectacular perfortrfande to gain our applause- a news story has to be frightehing or shWkte^ tetadalous to keep our attention; and most things considered truly merW&iible take either money or position to achieve. But if we look around us a" little, there are plenty of thinus in ordinary life that ate fexdting. Here are ten things that make my heart beat faster.' • • 1. Bunrtlng up steps too quickly. t 1 Suhshine after several days of rainy weather or a shower after a lohg, hot, dry spell, 3.-An unsolicited hug 1 , kiss'or Word of affection from any of our • Children when I least expect It. Especially when I've been mean crabby. 4. The sight of a golden brown bubbly casserole of macaroni and * cheese; a glimpse of a placid blue lake through a lace of green ' leaves; the whipped creani ; trall of a jet plane in a cloudless blue • ,• sky. . • • . '.• ' ; .v. ••.;.-. 5. The "Going Home;' theme" from the New World Symphony; the coo of a mourning: doVe.*the hush of a crowd as the flag is raised at a football game. ; 6. The'smell of freshly.-laundered, sun-dried clothes; the essence of home-made bread baking; dill picked fresh from the garden, the odor of babies fresh from,a bath — a mixture of baby oil. powder and velvet Skin.,«'.{ 7. The feel of percale'sheets just before they are so worn they tear . into shreds;, the-touch of a^hand in wordless sympathy; the crisp;•;, ness, of fresh ^rackersi ' ,r " 8: The organ prelude at Church —. that peaceful interval in which to make the transition from the hurly-burly of Sunday morning , to the worship service. . 9. The'flash of delight at an unexpected punch line to a joke- the Warmth-of a deep base chuckle; the nostalgia of a "remember when" session. 10. The relief when a headache goes away; when an important paper has been found; when' a Iflng awaited check comes in the mail. '*••', •>.'•••;•.'.";'" ' ,,;'„• ">,*'.*• •. Otf THE OTHER HAND, I tiaVfe another list. It is ten most unpleasant senatjoris: '" — livTKe suspicion thatyou .have ; j.ust swallowed a fly. :5._ Finding a mouse's calling .card In the silver-ware drawer. ' 3.-A' cold sore. . ' •''.;.. ;J , 4.;.The smellof Ben Hur perfume generously doused on a little 1 < girl's hair. '' , • • "•; • f : 5..,When your feet "go to sleep" and you don't realize it until you try to step on them; '• 6. A cat rubbing against your ankles. 7. The sound of raucous laughter during a serious dramatic scene at the movies. , 8. The start of a migrane headache. " • i 9. A wife nagging;her husband (or vice-versa) when there are others present.' ; ] . • -j 10. The knowledge that, you have hurt someone's feelings or that you have made a fool of yourself. : THErLONG AWAITED DAY, HAS come and gone — when, like so nany other Algona college students, our son came home for the first time. At least, I think he was home; there was a strange suitcase parked at our house this week-end. I wasTat work when he arrived-so he went down to his girl's house to greet them; They were having an early supper so he ate,with them. I was worried about the big supper I'd prepared and that I'd'have too irhanyV leftovers. I needn't have. He ate again at bur;house. Then, excepting for quick rthoncJaa nf nlr\tl+nn , +Unl).. tU*. -1 A -_ _____*• -.1 Vt>i* .. ^* ... w of either Bill or the car until to sit with him during the ball were elsewhere. Oh well, I ex- I guess I can remember to ask until he comes home for Thanks- Cover Your Windoj and Doors with' CRYSTAL CLEAR, SHATTERPROOF PLASTIC j&<*^ Keeps Out Cold Holds In Heat Saves T °o p 40% On Fuel CQiti So Llttlo,,, Anyem C«n Afferd It Compare the low cost, light weight convenience'And weatherproof qualities, of Warp's Flef-Q-Glaff with expensive, breakable glass, So iaiy i • i Anypn* Cqn Do It |t take* only a few minutes to put up any of Warp's Shatterproof Window Materials. It's w ea»y that even the womenfolk* enjoy doing it. Don't let cold weather catch vow unprepared) G«t' Flex-O-Glas» now! WYR.O.GUSS, CIAU-Q-NET, SCREEN-OIASS, FtiX<Q-f^Hf, PpLY'PAHl d EASY>OH KITS «rt ol'» ntdt by W«rp »r«i, <jh(to j» J I, 111, ONLY Ml*, i ft. »»'wld» CUT WITH SHEAR? tci l^lcx-0 GltiiS uf Your Hardware arid Lumber Dealers iuku liii> AJ to You* Locul Ucuk'i lu Be- Suic You Gi.-l Only llu- Genome Original f-lcx-O-Clu-.-, changes of clothes, that's the last we s the trip back to Iowa City. We did get game apd church, but then our minds pected"it to go somewhat like this and him all those questions I've been saving giving vacation.' ''••-'•. • * * ., MOST PARENTS FAITHFULLY go to school, church and Scout affairs their children are involved in, but'-what amazes me are the number w Algona couples who follow youthful; affairs long after their children are grown and also the ones who attend these thing who never did have a family of their own. 1; • , * * *,-* ,. ALMOST EVERY PLAY. GAME. BAND concert or commencement exercise Ive been to, I've seen Marc and Pearl Moore in the audience. Leora St. John, when her health was up to it, attended every event in her church involving young people. It's;a rare sports event that Dot .and Don Smith, Henry and Rosetta Johannsen, Joe and Elizabeth Lowe, Slim and Eva Smith aren't among the rooterk These are just ones who come to mind right now, and I know there Sire many others. But the thing these people have in common is a youthful approach to life; this is un doubtedly because they retain an interest in young people. THIS WEEK I MEANT TO follow through with Missouri Mix recipes as'I promised last week. To tell the truth, I still have a box and a half of commercial mix left, so I haven't made up the new kind. Until the time I do "the'personal research, we'll have other recipes. . This one is for Cranberry Bread and it originally came from Vivian Dutton of Burt. 1 cup cranberries % cup sugar' 3 .cups flour 4 teasp. baking powder. .1 tsp. salt Ms; cup chopped. walnuts grated rind of 1 orange 1 egg, beaten 1 cup milk 2 tabsp. butter Put cranberries through food chopper, mix with half the su«cr. Sift remaning sugar with dry ingredients; add nuts and orange rind. Combine beaten egg, milk, and melted butter and add to flour mixture. Fold in sweetened cranberries. Bake in buttered bread pan in moderate oven about one hour. This bread slices bust when one day old. — GRACE. jet her, On the way home they visited at the home of Mre, Opal Wheeler at Ft. Dodge and Ed Buckels at Boone. . Mr. and Mrs. WUam Reynolds of Marquette, Mich, are spending a few weeks at the Fre'd Huett- ler horpe. On Oct. 19 Vera and Viola Huetner and Mrs. William leynolds were guests of the W 3.W-S. Missionary group of the Grace Evengelical Brethren church at Keister, Minn. Mrs. George Ennen of Elmore and Mrs. Donald Heelland took heir father, Q. J. Rjppentrop, to Mason City for a check-up Wed-' nesday. Mrs. Stanley Stecker attended shower Saturday evening for Roslyn Heesch at Titonka. Plans were made for Aunt Jemima Pancake Day to be held Nov. 18. It was decided that all business places would close at noon on Veterans Day. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 16, 17, 18, Mrs Don Boyd attended Presbyterial.' at Cedar Falls, Conrad and Dows Others attending at Dows were Mr. C. C. Gerzema, Mrs. Jerry UHena, Mrs. Frauke Schadendorf MVS. Raymond Birele, Mrs. Harlan Kruse, Mrs. Earl Paulsen, Mrs, I. E. Wortman, Mrs. Herman Bosma, Mrs. Harry Rose- anu, Mrs. W. E. Ley, Mrs. W. D. Ley, Lena Gutknecht, Mrs. Vernon Smith, Mrs. Alvin Rip- peqtrop, Mrs. William Wirtjes and, Mrs. Russell Winter. SHIPPING TAGS — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., AI- Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery e *— Itch-Relieves Pain •tv T«r%. N. T. fir»t tim« science b*a be»lipj[ »ub 8 tanc« witi th« matoo- iibin? »bility to (brink bemor- »bpW», • top itching «nd relieve fain -T without fVfjt«ir Jo«Me »fter f« {hproufb th»t •swni»hing »UtemenU like "Pile h»*t «»«8d to be » problem!* Tfct tecret if • now b«tling lub- (Blp-Djrn««)-dl.covery «f inatitate. »v*il«ble ** W Algona (la.) Upper DM Moln«t-3 Thurtday, NovembftrJ, 1961 NOTES OF SERVICE MEN YOKOSttKA, Jajian — William H. Turnbull, seaman apprentice, tfSN, son of Mr. anc Mrs. James T. Turnbull of Hil crest Court, Algona, is serving aboard the attack aircraft carrier USS Ranger which arrived in Yokosuka, Japan, Oct. 23, for a 14-day visit. Since the Ranger joined tht powerful Seventh Fleet it has visited such Japanese cities a. 1 Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nagasaki, and welcomed thousands ol Japanese visitors in Sasebo anc Kobe. FORT HILEYcAN. — Army Pvt. Donald A. Zittritsch, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Anton W. Zit tritsch, 315 N. Hall, Algona, completed four weeks of advanced training with the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kan., Oct 21. Zit- tritsch attended Algona High School. FORT CAMPBELL. KY.—Ar my PFC Arden L. Kramersmei- er, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Kramersmeier, Swea City, participated with other personnel from the 101st Airborne Division's 187th Infantry in an airborne assault demonstration which was part of the Strategic Army Corps (STRAC) military readiness display for President John F. Kennedy, during the President's visit to Fort Bragg, N. C.. Oct. 12; The 19-year-old soldier is a 1959 graduate of Ledyard Community High School. Elecfric cooking is cleaner, cooler, safer/ accurate, automatic, economical. No wonder more and more homemakers in this community are cooking on electric rangesl - - - Symbol el (»• operative rural «lfc- Iriflcallon - - • and d«ptndabli, nonprofit •liclrlc iirvlco for rural famllltl of this community* Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 — Humboldt, Iowa DR. D. D. ARNOLD Chiropractor Above Penney'* MONDAY . WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY A160NA PHONE CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER ewWestinghouse ^-/ electric range with FOUR GREAT FIRSTS in design*., in convenience 1 FIRST Magic Mirror Door ...light on, sea In...light off, neat as a pin, An exclusive Westinghousa feature. *.•••••• »< ... 3 ' FIRST Fine Tuning Surfaca Units.., rotary controls show five marked settings, also lets you dial an Infinite number of cooking heats In between. ' YOUCANBESURE...IFIT-S Westinghouse FIRST Pantry Shelf... often-used utensils, sea- sonlng and cooking implements have a placa right below the oven. *. I FIRST Plug-Out Surface) Units and Oven Heaters ...heating elements plug-out as easily as a lamp cord to make cleanup so easy. LOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY TERMS BEECHER LANE APPLIANCE ALGONA IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS SIDING PORCH COVERING-BANKING PAPER-WINDOW COVERING INSULATION ZONOLITE FOR HOMES OR BUILDINGS GLASS SERVICE STORM WINDOW AND GLASS REPAIRS - ALL KINDS BUILDING MATERIALS ROOFING FROM REPAIRS TO A COMPLETE JOB, SEE US BUILDING CONTRACTOR WINDOW AND DOOR WEATHER STRIPPING 50 and 75 FOOT ROLLS SLAT CRIBBING ROUGH BOARDS FOR FLAT, TEMPOARY CRIB FLOORS — Estimates Cheerfully Given, SQUtH PS ST, 'M§9NA Phona €Y, 44619

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