The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 15
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Arthur Olson, wh» accepted «S ^Jogy .*miHngly aftd' with unreported Mr. ana Olson as haying *r r"™\. k'rthday of their son, H a , rk - , The sub-conscious is an odd thing.-! know' the Albert , .Olsons and Albert Bopped out ' & S i e \ d of . Art h"--- I have never had the pleasute of rrieetihg Mfcs, Arthur Olson. I hope to -some day. f ••;••'• ;•'-,, ' t ' So many people have asked ml Why Mankato went to CBS frorr NBC, and of course I was as much in the dark as they 1 decided foget first hand informa- ,tion and a recent Better from Bob Cavanaugh explains "Many internal situations involving NBC jvas responsible to ou> changing to CBS, but primarily; was the change made because NBC was depriving us of the versatile programming we felt our view-' ing public deserved." There are a lot of disappointed, people in this area, I was one. . Lewis Ferguson has been interested and active in numismatics the past 25 years and recently received a plaque from thf American Numismatic Association of Wichita, Kan. The. plaque is four inches square, black back• ground with a 2% inch-circular, center with raised design, a woman's head, all in gold.'The let- •tering also in gold reads "Heath Literary Award." and is in recognition- of his treaties on "Currency and Banking". His writings take up early Iowa banking land has illustrations of old bills, all obsolete currency. Of particu: lar interest was a paragraph devoted to the cardboard discs used in Algona's early history. These discs were 1% inches in diameter and were of different colors—green, five ;cents, yellow, ten cents, orange, twenty-five cents and red, fifty cents. They bore the imprint, H. F. Watson, and around the edge, "Pay the bearer 5 cents in currency when pre-- sehted in sums 'of one dollar." It, also bore a notary seal. This book is rated as having the most complete listing of Iowa obsolete notes to date. the work thefe, df the assistants, Mary Frasef, Aludrey Duhcfln and high school girls, it amazes the, How little we- realize .the work involved arid pet-haps 'wd are unaware because everything goes so smoothly. , •* * * The woman t read about who had wall-to-wall carpeting on hfer living room'CfifLfNG Sure needs her headYe'xamihe'd. » * •' i ' * t *')'*. i'f A card fram a friend showing Bishop's Btrffet at. Duqkt Creek Plaza, Bettdndorf, filled me with nostalgia. Hazel Lusby, Lizzie Post,.;the Longs-arid I enjoyed our dinner thefe. It is a'wondef- ful place for' gourmets. » * • ' ASh'i « the fruiti? "Many a man whf marries a wisp of a girl is aitonished at the will 6" the wisp.*} . !• -. * • ••• • How about that— '.'Did you hear aboiif the Texas oilman who tw-ote ft check — andt the bank bounced." * * » Mr. and Mrs, Harold Smith were visited Oct. 26 by the letters brother and sister-in-law'i Mr. and Mrs, Leo Rlchter and daughter, Beverly, fitonka. Beverly is teaching at Mason Gity and will complete her course in teaching at Cedar Falls. 1 assume this is practice teaching. She arid Marva Nygaard of Wesley spent two months in Europe last summer, a project of the State College social service seminar. * •«.•:'•». .•".";•••Occasionally I have wondered what happened to Capt. Harold Fischer, Jr., Swea City,'who r Was ?iven such rousing receptions when he returned from the Korean war where he was held prisoner of the Communists. He is- a et ace and won considerable glory and distinctionii.I read recently he has been transferred! rom Offutt'Air Force Base at Omaha to Heidelberg, Germany where he will be in 1 /the air force intelligence' department. :'..'' •* *" * May 'Walker, well-known former Algonan whose husband was the late Will Walker, has been , here, f6? : a ^Weekeffd '-vSt-Vth Mr. and Mrs. bori tftitcfiisiSn She ,c'am6 fronr Chicago whel-e sh'e had been with her stfn Phillip and family and sdeji 'after her return thefe "Will Ieav6{,for Phoenix, Ariz, f0f .the Winter,' r custom o£ years.. She is stfrttfis- ingly'alert and active at-"-t wfn'l tell her age, arid enjoys this best of health. How , Wonderful "it s , is to be so 'blessed. She. notes tho passing; of , the 1 years; by the los? of ;g<56d , friends,;- Mrs; .">fl6wafd Morgan, and- Mrs. .ShaCk'elford Bfcirfg among 1 those forltvhpmsht' rrtade inquiry. , Alas, /they jOfce r deceased. Mrs. Walker /,1s an avid game player and wHat-ln asset that is—a good timer pas^f and a joy to companions. . She Is a cousin of mine,, so I hope 1 can inherit s'ortle of 'her vitality. Her grandparents' ends my g r e a t- grandparents were "'Mr. and Mrs. John Heckart. They; lived to be past- ninty and a,': quote I have heard credited jv:t&v ; grandma H. Was "Everybody , can die but a Hcckart." , ' , •'.•/ * ' * * - . ' ' Addie- Driver's niniieth" birthday wag celebrated, here Oct. : jjJ3 in the customary manner, An interesting bit 6f newi came from Mrs. Clare Kleth, who told me her daughter MaToa-and husband Hbwhrd Rosengarteh are enroute home from it trip to the Holy Land. They sailed ,from the States Aug. 5, so have had ample time to cover a wide territory. Traveling abroad is not new to Maroa for she has been a hostess tor conducted tours many times. Certainly an interesting employment. This trip was purely for pleasure. « . • * We who attended Ihe Kossulh County Historical Society banquet last May were given stamps on which is pictured Louis Kossuth, to be used as we saw fit. I have attached mine to the rei vorse side of letters. I hope my friends, taking a hasty glance at this bearded fellow, don't'think it is Castro! KILLED Eleven year old Francis .Hester of, Marengo was killed recently when he fell from a treo in front of his home and suffered a skull- fracture. AND JfR.VIC-EJ Open House At Twin Rivers Hi On November 7 .Twin Rivers Community Schools will participate in the Iowa Visiting Scientists Program Tuesday, November 7, 1961, n< which time Dr. Paul F. Romberi of the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology of Iowa State university in Ames will be present in the High School to talk with students. Opportunities wil] be provided students with interests in the various scientific areas to meet with Dr. Romberg in both classes and smaller sized groups. Also, on Tuesday, 'November 7, the high school will hold Open House throughout the day. with parents being invited to visit classes. Grade school parent- teacher conferences will be held n both the Livermore and Ottosen Buildings on Tuesday, November 7. The grade school buildings will lold Open House on Wednesday, Novembef 2, 196T Algeria go.) Upper Dei Motoes-3 November 8, the date on whicl high school parent-teacher con ferences will be held. Parents are requested to note that buses will run on their regular schedules both Tuesday anc Wednesday, November 7 and 8. No portion of either the high school or grade school open houses will be held after the usual dismissal times. Boys 4-H Crop Show & Election Slated Nov. 4 The boys annual election of 4-H county officers and fall crop show will be held Saturday, November 4 at the Kossuth County Extension Office in Algona. Corn, grain, ft^l and {fee collection projects 3re due in the office by 12:45. A A crop and weed^dentification and judging contes/will be held at 1:00 p.m. for"'all interested nembers .under the direction of Dean L. Barnes, county exten- sion director. The boys' county election will take place at 1:30. All clubs arc encouraged to send a voting delegate and candidate. The election will be under the direction of the present county officers — Tom Henry, Algona, president; Tom Nurre, Bancroft, vice president; Art Mogler, Whittemore, secretary-treasurer and Tom Lampe, 8 Herds Rote High, Butter-fat Twcny-sevcn dairy herds with CG7 cows were tested on D.H.I.A. and 427 cows were tested on owner-sample in 25 herds during the past month, according to Forrest Hofbauer, Swea City, D.H.I.A. supervisor. ,, One new herd started was Fred Richlcr St Son, Ledyard. Herds averaging 1.1 Ibs. of but- erfat per cow per day were hose of Laurence Loeschen (16)Sidney Payne (33); Leander flenke (20); Milton Madison (22); iVank & John Drocssler (27)John Rugcr (57); Ed Tiggcs (17); and Harry'Vigdahl (24). LITIEJ AND PATR-ONIZf • • ' • • • • VIKING OIL CO. GASOLINE AM) FUEL OIL . WE GIVE GOLD BOND Or . KING KORN STAMPS BULK DELIVERY SERVICE Station and Bulk Plant North Milwaukee Depot **•»»»•»»••••»»»»»•••»••» + »»»»«. il Co.-23 < i' < ' Years In Busines ., On the 10th of July,, 1939 the Viking Oil Co. was founded here by Mr. E. B. Carlson. s?i B rr*"** •T ? ?.-^ a r whh a ihriving buuc wa9 ° n •"*»*«« °« lion and just two tanks. Since that lime, the installation has been greatly expanded. firm which FARMERS ELEVATOR Buyers & Sellers of All Grains • Get our bids on your grain before you sell. • Federal Licensed Storage Warehouse. H. Dale Cole or Corwin C. Peer 419 S. Phillips St.. CY 4-2741 < Beulafa and Chris Wallukajl celebrated their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary Sunday, Oct. 15, and were taken out to dinner at Hampton by their son-in- law and daughter Mr. and Mrs,' Herbert Weydert, Waterloo. The Weyderts had brought the daughters Kristy and. Kathy so ,thej could go home with grandm and grandpa tor a-few days vis it and Hampton is about half way. Others in the party were Beulah's brother-in-law and sis ter, Robert and Hazel Scott. * * . • Lei's board with Emma Crouch She has picked 2pff quarts" o raspberries and 93 of strawber ries. How about a shortcake 01 two? Think of the work involv ed with processing so mucl fruit! * , * • • A card from, my cousin Lola , Henderson Swinney says she and her husband Chauncey are just back to Mentone, Calif, from a trip to Tucson, Ariz, and other places in the state. I wish they had come on to Iowa. It has been quite a few years since she and her son' Melvin visited us. Lola is a native lowan, a granddaughter of the Thomas Hendersons and Wilburs who farmed northwest of town. How many of you remember Elmer Wilbur, a barber here about the turn of the century? They moved to Calif years ago. Mrs. Wilbur was Nora Robinson, sister of Ruth Cook, Elmer was Lola's uncle, * • • Jtfr. and Mrs. Everett Baldus have a nephew, Hector, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Baldus, Austin, Minn. Hector plays on the Austin Pacelli football team and had the son, Larry,'of the local Baldus' been old enough to play on the .Garrigan team, it would have presented an interesting situation. Like the one ] read about recently-—the son of •a 'couple who was coach of a team playing opposite one for which the daughter was cheer' leader! * • » And while on the' subject of sports—I watch the fight of the week Saturday evenings merely because I am waiting for the Lawrence Welk program and am too lazy to change channels after "Beaver" and there are no other programs of interest till L. W. So I saw Sugar Ray Robinson win what to me seemed an even fight. But as I said, I'm no judge. It looks mighty silly to me, punching and jabbing at e4ch other. BUILDING MATERIALS ') • ' it OF ALL KINDS AND TYPES * Oil. A Phone CYpress 4-4266 • For Remodeling, Modernizing • For Farm & Home Building • For Ready-Mixed Concrete nc Ready-Mix Concrete AND LUMBER CO. modemizi j\3 and enlar 9 in 9 P'03«n« have occurred during lhe.23.year life her. of Viking rn garage addition, was erected in 1946, to house up-to-date lubrication, battery and wheel THe stalion and office were enlarged ta ^ fa KCQm ^ » »••»*•••»••»•»»+.».».•-».». Roto-Rooter Sewer Service For Clogged Sewers and Drains No Unnecessary Digging — Guaranteed COWAN'S ROTO-ROOTER • . i Serving Kossuth County - Ph. CY 4-3523 Algona Collect ' »*••»»+»••»•••••»•»••••»•»»»•+»» BEN WIBBEN Building Contractor All Types Building — Farm and Town 122 South Heckart, Algona Phone CY 4-2865 (Please Call After 6:00 P.M.) The vrett lor the Wolk program was most rewarding for Maurice Pearson, the blond Canadian tenor who was- visiting it) Californa, was persuaded, so L. said, to sing a number. As i have said before, he is my fs* vorite and I am sorry he is no longer of me Welk "family," I think Bill Wright is gone, too. He was one of the violinists, a smiling, good natured looking chap who occasionally did numbers with Bob Lido* * * Iffl! , Apjgs, Vbriita), IfftM me supplied with books and magazines. When she tells me of MILLER LUMBER CO. Building Needs of all Kinds LOWER PRICE MAX BARTHOLOMEW, Manager East State at C & NW Tracks - Algona ar ee «» f i> ^u " "" ^ iOn Undel *" dilection of Mr> ^'^n and always has a friendly exceli f 0 ^ ' ^n ^ ^^ When " WM f ° Unded Bnd has «»»«««»- «»» ever LI. *«, , ?u "? SMV1Cei DellV6ry S6rviCe C ° vers * ierrilor y of 50 mUM "«"«". Th« b«lk wagon handles fuel o.l. lubes and greases and tractor fuel, in Ihe city and in ihe farm areas. At Viking Oil you'll always find complete care for your car. Besides regular and super gasolines, grease and «L and the usual service work Viking carries the famous "Varcon" batt.ri«, Jtf-^eS ^> TI complete Ime of fine automobile tires. An extra at Viking Oil Co. are "Gold Bond" premium stamps wilh overy purcn&so* . Viking Oil invites you to enjoy its friendly and economical service facilities. VIKING OIL COMPANY OftQ KI*K A A A Ik. I V-njBAKIA^... .. Your Banking Needs SAFE • CONFIDENTIAL Serving and Growing with the Community IOWA STATE BANK 902 No. MAIN E. B. CARLSON, Mgr. PHONE CY 4-3749 ALGONA $0. Phlllipi St. Cook & Heat with 'THERMOGAS The Preferred L, P, <3as BOTTLE AND BULK SALES GAS APPLIANCES THERMOGAS CO. of Algona Phone CY 4-2841 Algona < > < • < • i t Moving • Storage • Crating We Move Household Goods Anywhere Fully Insured — New, Modern Storage Warehouse All Types Crating - Phone CY 4-2275 POST Transfer & Storage ERNIE WILLIAMS Your John Deere Headquarters In Algona "The Quality Name In Farm Equipment" On Diagonal St. at NW Tracks Algon» Implement Co. FARM EQUIPMENT • FARM SERVICE MOTOR TRUCKS HOME APPLIANCES Phone CY 4-3501 1407 Commercial St. General Machinery Repair Welding - Cylinder Boring <ww SPECIALTY PARTS MANUFACTURID ALGONA MACHINE SHOP W. State St. E«l Hggg DONOVAN'S SPECIALTY SHOP HOME OP CUSTOM MADE ALUMINUM AND COMBINATION DOORS & WINDOWS • RUSCO & NELSON • ZEPHYR AWNINGS : 610 N. Diagonal ALGONA CY 4-3203 ALGONA PLUMBING & HEATING t DAY OR NIGHT SERVICE-THE FINEST IN PLUMBING AND HEATING EQUIPMENT Kohler, Rhoem 8c Crane Fixtures •K Rheem Hot Water Heal•K Lux-Aire and American Standard Furn- ^ Burner Wales aces and Air Conditioning. Sofenen •k Electric Sew•K INSINKERATOR Garbage Disposal Unite er-Hooter Service. PHONE CYpress 4-4240 IN ALGONA

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