The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 8
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t«, Ban spittm ives ihut _..._,__ MasoM _, ;end HSjf IWt ,. ,....'. and MMii MA as guestS, lat. P ar ?2M*tl is in Oh , d«ya,frit WF ~"7 arid Sf. Joh II*. *«H . spent SulfdaV at ttoyal with Mr and Mrs. Harold Anderson. Mr. and Mft. Bex Taylor al tended at Iowa, State U.-Ransa State football gahte Saturday Ames. . * , H. fa Plefcli is spending, week ~ BHb hltl Mrs . Nellie fiat as callers n» . Cllnion ||6ht ^Uflfay at Spenddr with •Mfv-'ahd Mft. clarence Ellis and *fr,;tifld''Mrs. Robert Sliss.- Mr. affd Mrs. William fearry iy visited 'by t»e IM- s; Mr. ,ahd Mrs. 'Charted fcollaseh. St. Paul, Minn t i Ife. and Mis. ftay AMerW have befeh visited by the latteVs iftolher, Mrs..«Lbttie Wheeler, Friendship Halten, Fort Dodge. whd has concluded the visit and •returried to Fort Dodge. , Malt Kapp and his daughter, Mrs. William Hemmingson, Des Moines, recently returned from Breeze, 111. and St. Louis, Mo. where they Spent ten days with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Olspn spent- Monday al Lakbla wfth Mr. and MrS. Jorm Alkfe, ' Mr. and Mrs/Valid tfaudaiii were visited one Say last week ,by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence • Mai land, Elmore, ' , Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Sharp had •Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Sh&rp and family/Ashland, Neb.,' as guests Sunday. ^ * • • ••>' Mr. and,Mrs..Hugh Harifcy aJ- tended funeral services Sunda> at Livermoie for Charles Everett Raneyf#|3- Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Rooney are spending the week at Omaha, Neb., where the former is attending a medical convention. •Mrs. Willard Zeigler and Mrs, Don Sherman Spent Tuesday afternoon at ttdnWilk. .with the former's sister, ;Mr%? ,Tjten Nerem. ' , ; ! Mr. ad M|s. ; A. B." bakland spent Saturday at Ames with heir son, John, a student at bwa State U. ahd attended the football game; Mr. and Mrs. i. W. Nclsoib were visited :over the weekend >y Mr. and Mrs. Don Nelson and amily, West fjnioh, Sunday they ad as additional guests Mr. and Mrs. Harold Nelson. .'• • VOTE FOR DR, C. C, -FOR MAYOR- PROGRESSIVE FORWARD LOOKING CITY GOVERNMENT Resident 26 years — 4 children Home owner Mayor of Algona — 6 Years Representing Algona: Past Pres., Iowa League of Municipalities; state Civil Defense Commission; Governor's 'committee on U. N.; Founder and 1st Pres. Northwest Iowa Mayor's Ass'n. Life member Algona Junior C. of C., vice-president Algona Industrial Development Corp. Many other local club affiliations. "EXPERIENCE FOR PROGRESS" Sponsored 'by Shierk for Mayor Campaign Committee were visited iSunday, by ,Mr. anc Mrs. Larry St. John, Larry Jr. and Kimberly Kay, Fort Dodge. Mr. find Mrs. B., Ml Richardson and daughter; Mrs. Ralph.tfich- ards, spent Sunday, at Fenton with. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hurl burt, , • ,', v , • • , s M«. Harold. Hdlh , and , Ittfc niece, Delrae Kemna, spent the weekend, at Rolfe with the latter's parents, iBir. arid Mrs. .William Kemha. '. ' . ,, " . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller recently visited Mr. and Mrs. Paul Miller at Lake-Ci,ty, Minn. Sunday they guests Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, Burt. Mrs. Paul Seeley was at Min neapolis. last week visiting Mi and Mrs,. Richard Boisjolie anc family, and her son Mark, a stu dent at St. Thomas college. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Heid al tended funeral services Monday at ;l,akota fofflaymdnd Winter',59 where a son was born Oct. 5 ,s - t „ .. M At LuVerne Get TB X>Rays Sandfa.. .. .family. Jamls Meur ! * ' i ?i$fti^*l^ Meinia, Hvea Mfd fitt<4 with; his iflTjthfcfo I l>**i*iB""«»i****^^ Alfred he TB Seal 12 o'clock dinner at Van's at Algona Saturday. Mr Kubly is TB chairman for with his sister Vogel and fa« ,' Mr. ahd Mrs. HI of Oakota 'City daughter Mr. and -fiffli'girls' ning. , . Visltdrs in the Mr. and Mrs" 1 Clifford' Holmes hgirie are hifr brother Mr. and Mrs. William- Holmes of Otfa'wa, 111. V, Mr, and Mrs. Bohhie EllifriW •**|,Gary aHd T " " ' Mrs. Emma the Mr. mewed to- the Hoepfler residence 'aM Soffi ,6f > D>«tti^%efS |ay>|«RblfS 'in Hfe<JJa*ent&l Is of M?s., Jessie 1 ' Stfiplffig and, Mr.^ and Mrs,i Gordon -Greg* x Mr,? and Mrs: Jess Lindebak speTStttheJtfeekehd' at theirvhom<? in Luyerne. They spent the sum- kef %t' their farm n&r *""•--' Mihn. Mrs. Philip Wuflestad of turhed . Vis)t with „ Eii . Eager from - &n ex son Elmer . . Kubly is TB chairman for LO^t Vis)t wit . h % ir son Elmer B& 8^* Verne township and Mrt Webe¥ at Grartby, , Colo. Ertroute h6m% s chairmah for r - " 6 ^ viaim Mrs. Bager's brothel- cousin of Mrs. -Reid who diec suddenly of a he.4ri attack. > i Mir. ahd Mrsj tt^ri-y <5ree4- berg spent the weekend at Minneapolis with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friedell and attended the Minnesota-Michigan fdotball game, Mr. and Mrs. WaliSr ' " Fort St. even eaU V automatically... ivith the mafy gas flame From corner to corner, room to room, a gas furnace supplies just-right warmth at the temperature you want. Just set the thermostat and everything about" a gas furnace is entirely automatic. Only gas gives constant, even heat that's both spotlessly clean and soothingly quiet. Best of all—it costs less! SEE- North Central Public Service Co. CY 4-2434 "Your Ga$ Company" OR VOW LOCAL HEATING DEALER )N THf rieo'ERN MANNER « AUTOMATlCALtV WITH NATURAL Algona Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Muller and Jim Hoffman attended v the loot- ball game Saturday at Dodge between Garrigan - Edmohd schools. Mrs. Ogren's apartments. ' Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Cassel spent the weekend at Minneapolis with Dr. and Mrs. Robert Horton and also attended the Minnesota- Michigan football game. Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Eogue capie from "Grand Island, Neb., and spent the weeekhd with the parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Logue arid also visited Mrs Logue's father, Matt Kapp. . Mr. and Mrs. Paul James were visited by their daughter, Beverly, the past weekend.-She :: a student at the State University Mr., and Mrs. Rea Hutchison o' Waterloo were dinner guests Monday of the James". ' Mr. and Mrs. Marc Moore spent the weekend at Columbus Wis., with Mr. and. Mrs. E. W Dean, who recently moved there •from Fort Dodge. Mr. Dean i= employed-with-.a. job printing firm recently established t'here. : Mrs. Marie Ogren left Thurs day with her daughter, Mrs. Nell Alger,' for "a-Visit' till- this week §1 i h ?R:|¥?Cl c i }R /SfesaBojiSvtJnjiL Mrs. Alger pilots her own plane During Mrs. Ogren's absence Mrs. Bessie Jones is managing Dr. arid' Mrs. F. C. Scanlan spent a week ago Sunday al Spirit Lake'with'Dr. and Mrs. H D. Scanlan. Dr. ahd Mrs. F. C Scanlan are going Marshalltown Saturday and will meet Mr and Mrs. Richard Halpin, Muscatine, for lunch, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Guderiar visited last week at Waltham Minn., with Mr. -and Mrs. Meril Bacon..!his week the Bacons art- being visited by Mrs. Floyd Bacon arid Mrs. Nina Kracht. Thej will alsb "visit with Mr. and Mrs Florentine Kalahar. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen spent Sunday at Eagle Grove with Frances Wright and Hazei Brooks.. Other guests were Mr <md Mrs. Clarence Achilles, New Hampton. Mrs. Achilles is the former Ruth' Jackson, well — remembered AJgonan. Mr. and Mrs. Bless Rusk and Mr. and Mrs. Everett Barr'spent from Tuesday till Thursday JUM week at Minneapolis. They caller 1 on former Algonans, Mr. and Mrs. James Egli. They also visited the Kirchner-Renich ring manufacturing company. Mrs. C. N. Robinson and daughter Mildred took the for mcr's sister and brother, Mrs Pearl DC Muth, Milford, 'anc' Perry Rickabaugh, Harris, tr. Spring Valley, Minn., for a weekend visit with Mr. ahd Mrs. Earl Miller, former Algonans. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sig?bec and children spent Sunday a' West Bend with Mrs. Sigsbee's mother, MrS. Adolph Bruellman Two weeks ago, Mrs. Sigsbee and Mrs. Bruellman .took Mr. Bruellman to Oakdale where lie is again a patient at the sanitarium. Mrs. Sarah Lallier has relurn- ed from visits in Ventura with Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lallier and at Bioomington, 111., with 'v brother and sister. She also visited "with relatives at Muscatjne |3he will be employed as housekeeper for John Arndorfer beginning Sunday. - c -r •», Mr. and Mrs, Everett St, John look- their son Francis to' Iowa City lust week for-a check-up al University hospital. They were accompanied by Everett's mother, Mrs. Carrie St. John'; who went as far as Newton v^h^rc she visited till their return with Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sutphjn. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Murtagh returned Saturday from a week spent ut White Sulphur Springs, West Va., where the former at- k'uded ;i board meeting of the National Alliance federation of Mutual Insurance tumpanies, En- route home they stopped at Friendship Haven, Fort Podge to see Mrs. E. J. Murtagh. > Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowm§n went to Esthervill£ Sunday tc visit their daughter, Mrs. Boger Kucha at Holy i'anuly hospital s chairmah for Sherman town- hip; . Mrs. Bager's brothel- Mr. and Mrs. Chris Christoffer, ent, is chairman of the, town of . LuVerne. The annual TB Seal « ,, , Mr> and Mrs< Howard Stoddafd Bnd cn " dr en moved Nov. 1 from campaign starts Monday, Nov. 13, Bnd cn i ldr e" moved Nov. 1 from Mrs, Bigings assisted Monday L their , far j n , , a | Carthage, S. D. t to 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the tn6'p ve during'the winter ihbhths in bile unit of Kossuth county with J he residence of the late Mr. and TB X-rays, for food handlers atttth Mrs ' William* Ramus> which they personnel, of, the LuVerne school Recently purchased.-.. atV the school house. She was ' lr * " "" *"-**-'" sisted 6y Mrs. Alvin Weber. Mrs. Phil C. Lichty. was hostess to Canasta 8 Wednesday evening. Guest: players ,were Mrs. Jess Jergenseh, Mrs. J. O. Cok, Mrs; WiWia. Tiede. High, Mrs Duane . Neal, secohd high, Mrs. Tiede and low, Mrs. Cox. J J Harold Waito of Cedar Rapid* came Friday to visit his mother , _. 0. McCIeilan visited' a few 'Says the past \veek with Mr. and ;Mrs. Jess Lindebak at their farm ,j{iear Pequot Lakes, Minri. 1 Mr. and; Mrs. 'Guy biddings iheir daughter, Mrs. Harold Wolf jclnd Susan and Mrs.-,Jessie San-' 'ford returned Saturday from e .three week trip to Palm Dale, palif., visiting their son and daughter,' Mr. and, Mrs.'Robert panford and family. "*"""•*• * •.***** t 7 tv^ YAOAV 111O lilUlrlil»£ >p^i-»»*.w» fc» kaA&vt. iWliliiJ". , - f- Mrs, . Ella Mino aver the week-,/; Dale "llirimer of Cedar, Rapids end - . . Jamestown. R.D. spent .the past Visiting he? daughter, Mr. Mrs.' Carroll Marty and son LeRoy Hanselman, Eric Gra^ Leslie Pechumer and R6b- **"-**fc*J ifetbUAAV. A ^WAJMAIA^A Cl 1114 XWU erf Blglngs fished .Thursday "id Sunday on the Mississippi river in northeast Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Naffziger attended the funeral of her uncle Lester Risser at Metamora, J1L Wednesday. Her mother, Mrs- Catherine Wagner of. Peo'ria, 111., returned with them Thursday to visit. , a Sunday visitor with rela- Thursday thru Wednesday "Come September'! 7:15-9:25. Sunday 1:30-3:35-5:45-7:5510:OD. Special kiddies matinee Saturday at 1:30. I Friday night midnight show v af II p.m. "Sex Kittens'Go, To College", "Fast And Furious". Starts THURSDAY — FOR ONE WEEK —I ALGONA CONTINUOUS SUNDAY FROM 1:30 ROCK HUDSON • GINA LOLLOBRIGIDA SANDRA DEE • BOBBY DARIN WALTER SLEZAK — PLUS COLOR CARTOON ADMISSION — -AbClLTS 90c JUNIORS 75c CHILDREN 25c PLUS 6 Color Cartoons And Chapter 4 of , • THE GREEN ARCHER' ' i • >' ersiM of ANNAStWEaiSCREATtlASSIC! i .i.' ALGONA FRIDAY NITE AT 11:00 TEENAQE ftOCK 'N RIOT TWIN S-O-e-K MIDNIGHT SHOW! NEVER BEFORE so HUGH ,-jn ' POM PLUS co-Hif -r^mfStf SPEED INCITEMENT" JOHK DOROTHY IRELAND MALONE ADMISSION All Seats YES, FOLKS.,,; WE'RE "OPEN FOR BUSINESS"! ..... t, " '* "- • ' ' k 8 » . '. .-.'; . ' Pardon the mess ? folks, but for the next several weeks we will be in the process^f re$po4oluig the fronts of both of our stores. And when this work is completed, in plenty of time for your Christmas styling, we will have sparkling new faces to decorate State Street, ,: •*** > '•;•'-.' t <i . ' So come on in -, through the wooden doors - and in fact, that way you can see what is going on inside. Our front entrance might not be fancy but we will have our familiar service and courteous smiles Waiting you, REGISTERED Jcwacp AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY ALGONA, IOW A DAVIS PAINT STORE Mr, and Mrs, Frank Sailer Algona ** . •* '. > ^^ i

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