The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 15, 1930
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Served bij the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXVII—No. 12<i Ulythevllle Courier, Ulythevllle Dully News, BIytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader, .,. H i 1,1 ARKANSAS l.'RinA ' l-"i II'IO ' SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ARKANSAN OF TORCH MURDER TRI-SM Endurance Flyers are Still Aloft LAMBERT-ST, LOUIS I-'IKLU. St. Lcuib. Aug. 15 (UP)— Five day* of a month in tlie nir. Hie monoplane, the Greater Famous British Regalia Attended hy Royally n i r r> i 'St. Louis, circled overhead today. UOUnCCS Kestllt OI UrOllth ! Al. 12:11 p.m. the orange ami Q, ,..,,„,, • TI ' c ,• yellow monoplane lind been in nUt uos hours. . , ,..,,„,, • TI ' c ,• yellow mo suivey inhis bection. [continuous MEMPHIS, Aug. 15. (UP)—Consumers In the trl-s'.ate area, consisting of Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi, will pay approximate- i ly $50,000,000 additional for iootl- j stulfs during the fall and coming ' winter, and farmers will have a crop value loss of SI CO ,000.000 because of the drouth. L. A. Nivcn, nationally prominent statistician, forecast here today. Tlie estimate made to the United Press by Nivcn, who Ls agricultural expert and crop .statistician for Progressive Farmer, nationally circulated farm magazine, represents a county by county examination of drouth, conditions here. Loss to farmers on account o f tlie drouth within a radius of 100 miles of Memphis was estimated al $-18.575,000. Average crop yields in this area. Niven said, are reduced 35 per cen 1 , Many farmers will not suffer severely because Increased prices are expected to follow decreased yields. Niven's statement followed close on the heels of a report submitted to President Hoover and a confer- enre of governors of states moil severely suffering from the prolonged dry weather which listed 31 Tennessee counties as those where stiller ing was acute. The list c counties where federal or state ai:l is needed totaled 151, Washington dispatches said. Crop 1 values in Tennessee, according to N'ivcn, will show a de crease from S203.000.000 in 1929 t: about S152.000.000 in 1930. Arkansas from $21-1,000,000 in 1929. t •S169.500,000 In 1930. and Mississippi 'from- $262.000,000 in 1929 to approximately $196,500.000 in 1930. Arkansas Turns Helicf LITTLE HOCK. Aug. 15. (UP) — Arkansas turned from politics today to relief for its drouth stricken farmers, nnd prepared to meet the prodigious economic problem caus- Farmers of Southeast Missouri and Arkansas to Gather at Osccola. •?d by three rainless months. One of the first steps was OSCEOLA. Ark., Aug. 15.—Rcp- rf.sen'alivL 1 farmers from suulhens! Missouri, and (he adjoining Arkansas counties of Crnlghead, Critten- dcn. Cross and Poinsett have been invited to attend a farmers, meeting sponsored by the agricultural committee of the O?ceoia Civic club and to lie held here 0:1 Wednesday evening, August 20, for lh?> purpose of considering the local agricultural outlook following the drouth. Plans for the meeting were made at a luncheon meeting of the Civic club here yesterday attended by fifteen of the largest planters of Mississippi county together with business men and bankers. County Agent S. D. Carpenter. w!io returned yesterday from Fay etteville. Ark., where he attended annual Farmers Week and county agents conference, read a telegram from Arthur M. Hyde, secretary of agriculture, stating thai Presidenl Hoover is deeply concern?:! over the drouth and possible evil consequences to farm families, aiv stating .that relief measures .a'r-? dependent upon accurate informa- j lion of Ihe needs of each county ' affected, which the department hopes to gain through a survey covering the following points: Ihe percentage of damage lo grain and forage crops based on present conditions and assuming normal raln- TRIPLE 1BEB Threw Gas on Victim Is Charge William Hovvell, 63, Is Old- csl Man to Die in Clmir at Slate Pen. LVITLE ROCK. AlllT. 15. <UI>>— Tin 1 words "I fuvBlvr everybody Kir it" on 111;; lips. William II. Unwell, 113 year old triple slayer, was electrocuted al the slain penitentiary here today. Howe!!, (lie llrsl -while, man to pay the tlcnth penally In six years, walked composedly Inlo the death chamber shortly lifter seven o'clocX this morning. Ho was strapped In the chair nl.7:lO o'clock and \vns pronounced dead "^ I'' 1 ' o'clock. Unwell was .thu oldest man to ever die In the electric clinlr In ! Arkansas. lie was convicted lor the kllllm: of Clilloi'tl ncncnbnueh. super Hi| teiid-'tit of tlie Crawford county Infirmary. Mrs. DcfTcnbaugh nnd Jeir Nicholson, an Inmate 1 , two yenrs an". CEDAR OLAUES. Ark.. AIIB. 1ft. lUI 1 ) —Uiivc Gulden, 20, mis ur- lested here today churned will duelling ijiisolliic! over John Outier, 1M. an lie sal In his automobile, tlieri llghtlni! the HusoHm. 1 ,' Imrn- liii; Ontler to dentil. Feeling' was running high In the Ouachllii river valley this utler- tuxtn when dL'lails of Cutler's deal!: were learned. Olllcers were using piiTiuuiou.s Jn fliumlliig Goldci ailiiK piohiiblc mob trouble. Golden tins refused to iiuikc : :itemcnt rci;ardhiK Cutler's denth Iker.s .said. A coroner's Jury was empaneled lid Immediately started an Invrs- ^attcn. Oiulrr wns burled Inimedlntelj cnusc of Hie severe burns he had ecclved. Hoover Pins Gold Medal on Col. Charles Lindbergh WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, <UP)A gold mednl, commemorative llic aviation achlcvcmenls ot Chns A. Lindbergh was pinned upon Ihe . famous llycr's breast today b; I president Hoover. It was under the gnze of Britain's royally lhat the filial sail-craft in England raced during the Ills-1 \vilh a brief and unpretentious tcric Southampton Yacht Club regatta at Cowes. Above you see Kin? George's "Britannia" and A. A. j ceremony In the president's prl Pat:n's "l.ulworth" Queen Mary leavin competing in the race for big yachts. their royal yacht afUr races. fcregronnd; Ihe queen, in white, is talking in advance of him. The loucr picture shows King Oeorgc and j vale office at the .White House The king, in uniform, is seen in the center i 'l^ 8 sm^neXl nuthorized' b 1 an act of congress. farm families unable to purchase Ink- i [ a u i n the future; the number of en by tile state highway commls-1 f? c d for their livestock and the ap- sion ordering road constructors to i proximate amount of feed r.eeder use only Arkansas labor and ina-jlo cnrry through the white: 1 : terial in road building. A resolution cf thd highway department called for the cancelling of 25 per cent of the contract it the contractors fai!.?d io use Arkansas labor. The state health department is nearest points where feed can he had: how long the available supply of [ecci will last: and the extent to which local authorities and interests have helped or can help. A committee on arrangements for tlu> meeting here Wednesday evening is composed of Ed Teaford Leachvillc Marshal, Local Woman Slis,litly Hurt in Accidents Here. Cops to Put End to Tree Sit tin g Race making immediate, effort lo prevent disease which is following in j of Lnxora, R. H. Cromer of Driver, the wake of shortage of water. I J. H. Grain and R. E. Lse Wilson While awaiting the outcome of jr.. of Wilson. Dr. N. R. Hosey and ll\- governor's conference wi'.li Mr. Tom Laney of Joiner. W. C. Pace. Hoover. Governor Pavnell is plan- H. J. Hale and S. D. Carpenter of ning to hold conferences here with Osceola. leading men of the state in order to devise plans of aid. The fish and game department has reported thousands of fish arc dying from lack of water. Texas Minister Will Conduct Revival Here Two automobile . collisions last nieht and this morning caused damages to four machines and slight injuries to some of the occupants. Mel C<-oper. town marshal! and depiitv constable of Leachville. has his lefi hand cut and a laceration on his lr>ft ear and Mrs. H. F. Duncan. 1209 West Hearn street, was j ^iRhtly in.iured when two enrs col- I lided at the corner of Main and .Eighth streets this morning. Mrs. Clarence Grisby, stenographer for Reid. Evrard and Henderson, re,-rived slight cuts on her arm when her machine collided with Miss Jane Gosnell's car last night at Main Blythevlllc's youthful trio of tree sitters were literally and ngma- tively "oul on a limb" today. The Burns toys. Dick, 12, and John, 14, who v:erc nearing ti80 hours aloft in a big tree at. 328 Dougan this afternoon and Virgil Wright, perched in a Sycamore tree on south Franklin street faced Ih an ultimatum delivered by cily police demanding lhat they return to terra flrma by 8 o'clMk tonight. M. G. Goodwin, police chief, stated this morning thai he had been ordered by Dr. I. R. Johnson, cily health officer, \vi;h : (he su[iporting AU Not Well As Race to New Oil Well Eiw TF.XARKANA, Ark.. Aug. 15 (UP -Miss Viula Origsi-n, M, rubUe a couple of tired knees today an ] decided she wouldn't talk o'.it again. Central Committee Hears Contests o f Fletcher, Neal Offices al Osceola'; (Special lo Courier News) OSCKOLA, Ark., Aug. 15.—Contests over ballots cast at one box in Hotelier township ami two boxes In Ncul township marked the meeting of the Democratic central com- mitlee In Osccoln this attornoon lo cnnvass and certify returns.o£ the primary held in Mississippi county 'l" No contests had developed In any of the county, races early this afternoon, the con- o Rush Completion o vrolct He Occupancy in November Plans are now under way for Ihe IcslK before the committee pclng filed by township candidate .in Flclchcr nnd Netil townships. Elliott Williams, defeated candl- ;lato for Justice of peace-of Fletcher township on the hnsls of unofficial returns, nnd W. H. Lucas, who ran second In Ihe race' for constnb'io of tlie township on unol- ficlnl returns, filed their exceptions through S. R. Simpson, Osceola attorney. Williams nnd Lucas alleged M „, I'M i that only 90 voters were legally New LheVl'Olet Home lOr qualified with poll tax receipts to vote at McFerrin where 189 volea were cast in the primary nnd that voters from outside the township east, their ballols In the township offices. Elllolt Williams rnn third In the nice of the two Justice or. peace offices In Fletcher township, according lo unofficial rcporls. but Is only contesling Ihe election o! Joe Powell to the second justice of peace office, Tom McGarrily having finished with the highest total for the llrsl office. Lucas polled, unofficially, 151 voles lor constable ot Ihe township against 217 for Macon Forrest and 25 for LcRoy Woods. " A commlltee composed of J. B. Herman Cmsi of the W. I. Denlon Chevrolet building at the corner ol I-Vaiiklln and Main slrscls, ac cording to Dudley IXmlon. The building, which was completed only last January, wns recently deslioycd by » lire which swept thr mitre slructnre. rendering 11 a total 'loss, together with 40 automobiles and all shop n,nd office equipment. A modern, semi-fireproof building will replace the burned stnic turc nnd Is to be erected nt an np proximate cost • n\p.'.od. -.. In general tlie proposed" 'new building will he similar to the old one as far ns size nnd material Is concerned. However, a number of _, _ r usl of $35,000, it Is estt-1 \villlams ol Joiner, !.. ( . •-•'•y^ n •.•-:<W of. ^filythevllle. and,. . minor Improvements In- recommendation hcatlh unit to of the have the county youths rp. f O f^, t- • illlrll UK" 1 ' 1 1 races Ol Jie. uenCVieve ' She has just completed crawling U i i rL ' , from here lo Ihe new Lcnx oil well IKOVered by LhangC 111 \ w mttcs distant. She wagered her fniii-CP nf MissUsinni sis'.er "" ll Jess Kcmlcll >'' vll ° wns LOUlSe Ot Mississippi. i(|olng l]ic snmc tnm(? woul( , never STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo.. Aug. 15.! ™*[^ b^^elLfsMlng'frirnrts (UPi-The old Mississippi Imsif!" „ fcw davs given back Hint which It toDk more j ^ thnn 100 years ago—the site of. Missouri's first permanent seltle- menl. ! During the reclamation of land' alcng the Mississippi recently., Iraces of Ihe village of Ste. Gen-! evlcve. covered by earth, were dls- • covered on the CTiginnl "Big Common Field" the site of Mio village. The village wns built", according j j to various historians, about ' by French settlers. The Big cluded, according lo Mr. Denton. Osceola was named lo cariVaoVth*' McFcrrln box. The committee was Instructed that the results or only the contested offices In ihi: M>-'- Ferrln balloting would be questioned. who says if work can be started ) ^ M C ooper, candidate for con- soon the building will be complet- I s(nt '| e O r jqeal township, who rail cd by November 1. I scccm( j in the unofficial returns. -. through Claude Cooper, Blylhevllle Truck Driver Killed - attorney, protested the legality oj .... „ ., r n votes cast in boxes, one and Uo at When Bridge Collapses Lenchville, aliening that non-resl- denls were allowed to cast voies In EL DORADO, Ark.. Aug. 15. (UP) the township races. —O C .Thames, 30, Iruck driver |' A commlltee composed of Clem •us Instantly killed today when n J Kowen, Osceola; E. H. Taber - ol ridge on an oil field road near i Leachville and Edgar Borum of mackovr-r collapsed beneath his Blythevillc was nnmcd to inyesji- ruck. The Iruck was overturned | gale Ihe charges with^ instructions rushing Thames. " " ' ~ '"" "" •*«"*- Gurdon Hard Hit MANILA. Ark.. Aug. 15.—C. T Key. former editor of Ihe Manila Sentinel and founder of the local weekly, was in town today. He stated thai conditions at Gnrdon. where he is now editing a paper, j ..,-,. and Division. The Grisby car. wilh auranc.5 tree sitting fea SCO worth of damages, was the juriuis to. health and ™' Several Express Disap- om- j . ^, PI c ' age. most Mvcrcly damaged. Tlie Rev. Samuel L. Joekel. D. D.. professor o! the Chair of English Bible at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Austin, Tox- j In tl)c ;K . c jdeiit today. Mrs. Dunas, will conducl an evangelistic ciln was croFsiim Main Mrrel go mcetirr: • " ' "-' '— ' at the Firsl Presbylerian | jng north whm E . H T -,,j Cr B F church beginning August 31 and: Smi , h and Mc] cooper, of Leach- vilte, in the Taber's car, collided. Arc-rding to Raymond Bomar. traf- lhat section, and unless tlie government comes to the aid ot the lessons. Listed in the "Who's Who" of fic officer, Mr. Taber's Btiick sedan back on solid ground by 8 o'clock tonight. The order p was based it is staled en the decision that cn- ,ts arc in-. because I health authorities of other cities have already acted to stop the recent novelty rage which has swept the country. The youthful (rc2 sitters were emphatic in their protest against the order of the city officials tins afternoon. Tlie Burns boys declared thai they did not "want- 10 ft. inu DIB vjuiu-I . - ,-. mon Held, a Iract of about 40001 poinlmeilt UVCI' acres, was cultivated by the pco- '. > i . p ( pie of tlie village and products. Advanced al LOHU divided among them. : The vIllatOTs lived peacefully on i WASHINGTON. Aug. la. nit 178S when n Several governors PI 1 in |!lis 5J[e „-,(, nbo , . . here for the was going east at the rate of be- ccme d(m , umu lncy nlnkc tll!U tween 20 and 2 3 miles per hour flood swept over the | drouth conference continued dls- | ctissions wiMi Prcsiden 1 . Hoover Secretary of Agriculture Hyde and disastrous land. Dismantling their chinch and a number cf o'.her buildings,' the v: lagers moved the town to highc: ground --jiving up their original, homes to the river. i Now. more lhan a hundred years • ,n a i other officials today regardim; mca- i," r: sures to carry oul Ihe relief pro Ihere was no public crill IV,e governors here cism among later, the rivjr returned the some expressed disappointment pri firmp-« minv of them will tc ir i America. Dr. Joekel Is well known I R . hcn lhc accidenl occurred. The i farme.s, man> ol tnem thrcughoiit the south. In the World I Bllick . whi ,,, lurnc( , ovcr Oll its lcft i silc. Although the river has rtc- ™. in Chalfee, (Mo.l who has a, tew hours on us COIM down too." 1 slr °5'«> the struct "We feel all right," one of the ctnres, it has Ml i jjf^f ^p^MHty remnants of the btnldinss scattered . | hc stnt< , s . va'ely that federal funds were no by the program whlcl largely upo. How Hoover Keeps C'.ool similar lo those given Ihe first committee. No report of the conimlt- • tee's findings arc expected until ! , late today. ovcr 100 additions lo th church, going North and Mrs. Grisby was , np. He Is now president of Ihe Kiwanis turning into Main street from the | Police say the boys will come I club at Austin and an outstanding north. The damaged car had.the j down tonight or tliey will turn hcc|Hunt NegrO JUSpect in figure in civic affairs o! the city. JLack wheel, fender and running ! climbers themselves. The Rev. G. Greer Davis, pastor [board smashed. I of the Osceola church, will lead the I No clnrijcs are contemplated It singing and the local pastor, the! Is tmders'ord. Rev. Marsh M. Callaway. will also j assist in the services. j Luxora Youth Breaks ' -n Fall " TAMPA. Fla.. Aug. IB. (UP) — Kansas City, Mo., was unanimously selected as their 1932 convention city by the Knights of Pythias In session here today. Mrs. Elsie Vandervoorl, of Washington. D. C.. wr.s the newly elected supreme chief of the Pythian Sisters, which met jointly with the men's organize-' tion. Oilier veniiou Memphis. Philadelphia nnd Chi- LUXO RA. Ark.-Wedncsdav while cago. Kansas City, however, was , . m Ulc nl . Wi( , ]m(; ; Lcon iceommended by the committee and | gnidcr 8 j.,,,,^ oirt fcn rronl n tvcc was unanimously chosen. ; and slirTcre d a broken arm antl se~ . j vere head and bruises. HP ! Restaurant Entered rcnuim-,1 unconscious for sevcra'! . ,, i ii i , T I hours. However, his condition i.-, At Carriwell, Loot laken! not x ^ m ,.,. CARDWELL, Mo.—Martin's cafe HONEY COJH'ETITIOX nt cavdwcll wits entered sometime I SPRINGFIELD, 111., (UP)—Bce- Wcdncsrtay night, entry being gain-1 keepers of Illinois are urged to inert by removing the leek from Ihelduce their wives to enter honey- front door. Candy, clgarets nnd to- sweetened culinary products In barm were taken, nothing else ly. [competition for premiums offered im missed. i at the Illinois Slate Fair. Wins OHice-Ready ! to Get That Gang VAN JIUKEN". Ark.. Ail?. 15 (UP)— Difficulties mean nothing lo Hartley M. McGehee. now politician, ersiwhlle evangelist actor, school teacher, nnd other things. A candidate for .prosecuting attorney in the 15th district McGehee wns disbarred shortly before the primary election Final returns, liowevcr. found McGehee had been elected with a strong plurality. "Now," said McGehee. "ihat courthouse eanR Ls sure goin; lo catch trouble." I Typhoid Innoculations j Given at Cardwell, Mo. CARDWELL. Nfo.—Typhoid in- nociilatlons were given Thursday by the Dunklln county health mill lo Ihe pupils enrolled in the Cardwell public schools and to all others who desired them. The innoriila- tions are given free to the pupils of the schools. To other people charge of fifteen cents per Inncc- ulation is made. The first shots were given last Thursday. SPRING UNCOVERED ST. LOUIS. Aug. 15 (UP)-Rccord low water on the Mississippi river due to dry weather in the middle west, uncovered part ol the old 'e vee here, and a spring of bubbling water, which came trough the stone paving. Levee hands have used i for drinking purposes. , the law pcnnllled iallcxillon ol road building funds. Murder "ofSecTionBoss! Driver Is Speaker . ! at Rotary Banquet DEnMOTT, Ark., Aug. 15 (UP)— , . hunt was under way texlay for a i congressman W. J. Driver of Os- icgro laborer who was believed lo \, fo \ n w as Ihe principal speaker al have killed Claude Harper. 40, sec-' n hnnnuc t Thursday evening when ion foreman, robbing him of $2,-.33 mcn ,bers of ihe Jonesboro Rotary XX). Harper was found dead near • cul |, an j m- 0 of their wives were «s home. j guo5ls of llie rjlythcville club at the Shot for Thief When I'^'lE'D^-'^veThi^ry He Tries to Find One oTilie planIbcEim-.m? «»h the up' per Mississippi throush to Ihe gill! CLEVELANND. Tenn.. Aug. 15,-with n thorough explanation of tno i UP)—Creed Clark Is dead of Bun- .bills already passed and tnose now shot wounds because he vas mis- pending, taken for field. Kennett Lawyer's Car Hits Miin Near Arbyr'd CARDWELL, Mo.-John Fllppo of Bticoda was severely Injured aboul ten o'clock Wednesday night when struck by an automobUo while walking on the paved higK- wny between Arbyrd and Bucttt[a. Mr. Fllppo, his wife and another j man were walking north on the I highway about a mile south of Bu-. i ccda, where they lived. .A north- i -bound train on the Iracks by. Ihe highway iirowncd the noise of Ihe ! car which was driven by John Dalr i ton. Kennclt attorney. ' The people were walking on the i right fide of Ihe concrete slab, and • upon obscrvlnq the car, which was ; very close. Mrs. Flippo nnd the ! other man stepped to the right of I the road and Mr. Flippo stepped i to Iho left, in front of the car. lie I was brought to Cardwell and given ! first O'tl treatment, and was then ' taken by the Hownrd-Andeioim I ambulance to the hospital at Para! gonkl. " ! Rains Finally Strike ; Parched Alabama Lands Men. if you want, to keep cool and a thief in his own corn-i" For the music. Crawford Noble rlght up to , he mode in wearing |of Jonesboro. played Hie piano ana j a p| )arc i a t th e snme time, just take Clark nnd his father-in-law. Tom i led group singing. '••«!«'— I BIRMINGHAM, Aug. 15. (UP)— i Light to heavy rains which fell j generally throughout north nnd ! middle - Alabama Thursday and ! Thursday night broke the state's (long drouth and put money In the i pocket of the farmer and truck ! gardener. i It was a rain which brought all • benefits and no damage. Heavy : electrical displays were reported ; from numerous points, but In no section was there wind damage. WEATHER Stoneeipher. went Into the corn-' gene Barton, president ol tne us- field last night lo woteh for I iting club, thanked Dr. H. b. uaus. thieves. They became separated.;ihe local president. l"r me nos,- Later Ihev met and Stoneeipher pitalily and extruded an invitation Ihonglu Clnrk .wns an armed thief lo the Blythevllle inembeis to visit and fired. Slonecipher told officers. 'Jotiesboro fnoii. lips fro*. President Hoover i ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy, The chief executive is shown here ' scattered showers in north portion as he appears at the White House ; tonight and Saturday. during the hot summer days. : ... Tlie maximum temperature yes- is white sho?*. light trousers niidjterday wns 93 degrees and the dark coat? | minimum, 73 degrees; partly cloudy. Doesn't he look trim nnd coal in h

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