The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 2
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sfld (la<). Upper DM Molntt Thursday, .Mavdcirlwr 2, 1961 .a..A.a~.k -»~-:JuijL.*r.-.. jta^* JL-Ja.^«..».. *..*..j-oA.. .*...,L-.J *&*.'. *S^deA.. j.-umt-^ . *a-jt.^ - Coach Jim Hershberger, who Algona Bulldogs won seven, losi'six end tied two during his tenure here, left Sunday .for Arizona where he will report for 12 months duty in th.e U.S. Army. He Was in th£ reserves and ordered to active duty several weeks ago. ift , t >, • Befofe he left, Jim guked the Bulldog^ to a Ifer;illingfl8^ 1 wfii''6vei' p/eviously unbeaten Clear Lake at the fairgrounds Friday night: Line Loach Champ Martin will be at the reins, 1 ^sfeteil^y Coaches' Hbwie kfephenson and KeitH Christie when tfie BUlldbgi r^ost'. Clarion, herd tomorrow (Friday) night. "'' l ?r » In the above photo, Coach Hershbergei 1 'is shown as he gave instructions to spinback and signal caller Tom Waller, who passed for two touchdowns during the win over the Lions. It is riot known just what strategy the pair were discussing, but at any rate it worked to perfection. (Photo by John Phillips of AHS Camera Club -— UDM Engravihgl '; , Gary Pearson Of Wesley Is fYedOdJ; •Wesley — Many "relatives and frjifends attended the'wedding of Gary Pearson and Anita Kay fteichenbacher at Westminstei Uftited Presbyterian church in Des Moines Saturday evening Oct. 28, . ••.••.• The groom is the son of Mr and Mrs.'Anton Pearson of Weiley and his bride is a daughter of ; Mr. and Mrs. 'Ralph J. Reich enbaqher. of Des . Moines. "Attending the bride were Mrs Donald .Kelso; Mrs. Steven Becker, Mrs. John Coogan, Elizabeth W^ods, Cheri Miller and Bettc Sharp. Mbn .in the wedding par- •ty were Larry Pearson, D'enr.i: Pqarson, Jay and Dennis Reich- ciiBachcr,; Jerry Summers and Jajrics Edgintori. ' ; , The couple will live-- at ^es- Moines. Mrs. Pearson .is .a teacher at .McKinley school. She attended Cornell College, Mount Vernon, and was graduated from Drake University. She is affiliated with Alpha Xi Delta. Mr. Pearson is employed by Howard Martin Auto Co. Back From Hawaii Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Kleinpeto arrived home Sunday from ; three week outing. Their son David Kleinpeler met them at Per ry. They had joined the bank- IT'S tour of Chicago at St. Pau" and visited muny places of in- Icrest at Lake Louise, Canada Vancouver, Portland, Seattle and attended the 3-day national convention in San Francisco, Calif They flew to Honolulu when thty spent 5 days. Bazaar Planned WSCS met Nov. 1 in the Methodist church with Mesdume; John Paulson, Glen Smith, Herman Wise and BeUie Wester The lesson was given by Mrs Robert Jones and devotions wen. led by Mrs. W. R. Smith. Plans were made for a buzani and supper in late November They will not have their annua chicken supper this year. First Communion The 23 children who rcceivei their first holy communion Sun day in St. Joseph's Calholi( church were Jeffrey Bauer, Mar lo Jo Cink, Dwight Dornbier Theresa Eisenbacher, Mary Kathleen Haverly, Joann Hrubcs, Pa trick Hughes, James Kollasch Beverly Laubenlhal, Virginia M u e h e, Franklin Rasmussen Andruw Reising, Mark Richter Dale Studer, Jerald Blain, Rub- uft Erickson, Daniel- Gaiman Kevin Hamilton, Shirley Havei- ly, Kim Marie Marlinck, Guruld Slulzer, Mark Studer and Richard Hildman. Mr. and Mrs. David Klcinpetci- ulti-nded a 3-day banker's convention in DCS Moines the fon. part ut' the Week. Sunday dinner guests in the parental Alt' Studpr homu in honor ol his birthday were Mr and Mrs. Geruld Studer of Mason City, Mr. and Mrs. Lcr Young of Garner, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gerdes of Wodun and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Downs of Wesley. Sunday guests in the Maurice Laubenthal home in honor ol Beverly's first communion were the four grandparents, and Mr and Mrs. Matt Bornian and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Laubenthal Algona, the Herbert Kaisers, Lu- Verne, and the Harold Bormam- St. Joe. The John Muelies entertained at a family dinner Sunday in honor of Virginia's first communion. Guu-oU wc-ru Art Kicke, th- LeRoy Rickes and Urban Lick- teigs of Wesley and the Albert DWksens of ; Albert Lea, Min. f The | Anton Pearsons,''Stanlej Simpsons of ^Wesley, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 6erber of Algon? and- Mr, and ;Mrsi Kenneth Don- ofcm of SpiMt-LakW visited -theii- i mother, [Mrs.* Chloie Simpson Mr, lank ptfrs. Louis Simpsor and.'Hr, antttMrs. George Seaberg •.we're siiripers guests in the Ed- wih,.,Bur|«Hqme in Des Moine.* SaturidajM qvehing. The men visited DW Lj 4. Pfeffer, a patient- in VeferanV hospital there. Sunday breakfast guests in the August Studer home after the first mass in honor of the first communion' of their grandson Dwight'Dornbier, were the Dale Dorribiers; Duane Studers, Jerald Arndorfers and the Donovan Studers. 6:30 i dinner guests in :he Dale Dornbier home; in honor of Dteight, who also had his seventh birthday Oct. 30, were :he Clare'nce,'Don .and ; Edward'' Dornbiers. : . Mrs. A. N. Richtstneier's brother, David Ctaonen of Bassel, i spending* JaGj&fffal wrecks there. Mr. and Mrs. Mark ;Bode and family of Qmah'a, Neb. spent the weekend at the parental Herman Bode and John Steier horn es. They were Sunday dinne: guests in the Elmer Steier home at Whittemore. A family dinner party there honored Kay Steier who. made her first holy com munion that day. Mrs, Herman Bode entertained her Jolly Dozen club Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bode were Friday evening guests ir thc home of their daughter anc' family the Kenneth Prohaska near Britt. Other guests were hir parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Prohaska, and Mr. and Mrs. Ai nold Prohaska. The baby girl born to the Kenneth Prohaska's Oct. 10 was baptized that evening in the Duncan Catholh church and was named Kathleer Marie. Mr. and Mrs. Arnok Prohaska were sponsors. Sunday dinner guests in thi Kenneth Haverly home were the Dennis Haverlys, Roy Kollasches Mrs. Clara Haverly and Audru mid the Paul Haverlys, Algona The family honored the firs! communion of Shirley and Mary Kathleen Haverly and Jim Kol- lusch. There was no school Nov. 1 in the grades of the public school as the parent-teachers conferences were held by appointment The junior class play "Oh Kay" was presented that evening al Corwith. Sunday dinner guests in tin parental August Carman home were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carman and family, whose son Danie" made his first holy communior that morning, and Mr. and Mrs Francis Pierce a)>.d Barbara o Britt. Sunday guest.- lli'iibes in honoi communion were at the Will of Joan's first the Ed Hrubes Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. R. C Bauer, the George Wellick family of Brill, and Mi 1 , and Mrs George Hrubes, Gregory anc 4 Lurry of Brilt. Mesdamcs F r a n k Johnson George Seaberg and Lester Larson and Anna Flom and Alma Funnermark attended a regionu 1 meeting of Women's Missionarj Society Oct. 2(i at Polk City. Banns of marriage were published in Si. Joseph's Catholic church for Elizabeth Thilges o! Algona and Robert Willian- Rockwood. They will be murrlof 1 Nov. Iii in St. Cecelia's Calhoiie church al Algona. She was honored al a shower there Oct. 30. Mrs. H. B. Rauti of Alexandria. Minn, is spending several week.: v\ ith her sister, Mrs. L. L. Least and husband. Another sister, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. M. T Rye of Emmons, Minn, were- guesis in the Lease home Thursday. ' Mrs. Hazel Gerdes in spending &evei'ul weeki ill Uruineil wilh her daughter JSnd vrifh'LinColnS,?Ml«s. . Wattier JiriVfny ^dvlfeBbieMpf Jftfnne- apdfls wtte-f hbftWgHeSts of thr A. L. DlscheW. 'The 'w'omiin art .Sisters. i l • i i Carl JoHnfeOn's brother TJavic tfohrtson, '{terivith, -wast -i burlett Ih'ere Tuesday. Mrs. Dayid ^John- Son died in November,' 1060. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Perstl anc 1 children of Waterloo spent the Weekend in the parerffal Louis Ferstl home. Mr. and Mrs. Vitidertl Crulsr attended the''ftincral 6i her-neph- etv,'James Sabin, son of Ut. anc) Airs. Kenneth Sabin of Kana\v> ha at Corwith Monday triornihg The 22^ear-old .tnan_ was injured" in a car-truck collision near Belmond Oct. 10: ' : The Clayton Connor family of six sons lost,all their possession? in a fire in the home, in Cedar Falls, which was owned- by^ Esther. Longr recently.- 'Spontaneous combustion is believed, „, paused the fire. Clayjoh iff _ • Cedat ndi- g ,_ the Metholist cHiifdh "will' _. held at 11 (ftlbck. Mat evening" there will,' be a church-wide pb, lutfe-suppter and-progftal^Thts is-the first Jin a series of, fafriijy* night meetings. The Ladies Rural Club met-ThiirS=- day afternoon with Mrs Roy T6}- ford. Mrs Mike Coyle gave the Jest son and Mrs-Eirl Long had recreaf i! ™- ' T • ^.ty- 1 The Progressive Club met TnurS" lay afternoon at the home of Mrs Le Roy Worby. Mrs Percy Watnem recreatldri. Patty StrUthers Was guest. •'' lie Arhi .hostesses. Rev. Hardld Mountain. New,- . Beers elected for, next year ? were ** i -- Lo#«ft Daniel | presidentf'1»f,rs .is Jaoobson, vits& pyesid ref Jones, secttetgr^.uM ___ Kensfeth, treasure^ Mrs Donald LMier, secretary, Of educatiott.Jand "" ': Hafold Mouniain, secreta wardshijl -:MrS ' Louis Jaox ' p e the ' ' and uque ____ „ -sts of Mr> Clara* Oliver CHristianson. The United Presbyterian Women met Friday* ih the church, parlors. tfsonil StrUthers 1 gave the lesson. Mrs Albert Thor^en read from Con""• ah'd ? ^Mrs Earl Long 'read_ T _^e;,The ladies enjoyed fl pot .tick luneh. Mr and Mrs Alfred Schultz at:ended the Dad's Day Football game ' statlonecJ at Okinawa, is pn,a twd week furlough. He will report to figlund Ai^ Force Base in Lbulsiahai, '& *..,', Jt ].-, > ' f'San'day evening Visitor's "at 1 tHe' ,'CBrroll Olson-home to-help?M« Olson celebrate her birthday,, which was Oct. 31, wete Mr and Mrs s,Tom Olson and Nels. Ol$oti ( of West Bruce &M JoR df'CylmSefif' * '?* i Mr a'nd ^Ralph^^e bf Ttd^ i ' —^* tf ,', . f AZfj5 ' 11 JTitliJliu.4* £.^ttiil£^b£t»Ui , . guests at the Oliver )£ee home. , Sunday dinner guests at, the Earl, Olsons were -Mr and Mrs Barling Jacobson of Humboldt, Mrs Shirley Shaftf and Ka£of Gllnidre City, Cr. and ; Mrs Wmi\01§oti 'and '•children bf Charles City,,'Mt'6nd;Mr's Maf' A. E. Siekmeier of Bode. " , Mr and Mrs Laurel iWorster were •visitors, M Bia J?4 at ' fnvJnome 'at LiyerrnorBi inJIMlU with ^ft6tSMoMa, Aaii&iaiiin linl JiMMUtA ^ ~' J^t __ ft* ' l&LQ *• i , j "* , ? jft r. '* Em'borfj totdtipn ., .. .• . „. . J,,W>«»,.jt.-«»«*»*. f. Emmetsburg received ,tM) ! gbt neWs, last week,'- thatl^* 88 ^ filftJ^yt -JSfa J.I - fe ro-Si^Kr- ts • t»8nv tnere, fin goi transie ffonHLarp, fll;,,, Corp6^atl6h,* manufactufef of v fe>! fillable^.aerol dlsft6ns,ers,. Used ii#' fi^Ktjngr Insect pestSj 4*'*'-'.*''i h%er It^'hiajor sutt^flrs 61-Chi4 da'ipra'rfd; Des Mtilrtis, t^fromj Wntr-e ? It" gets* the^'mtejal 'bottles! hsttSm<int ws «fe ra« Win rman >E. t UUoatKe! an >. t UU 12i' ,1983,, Having , been • this day , bperi'ea jffid refld,,, t^yvn 1*1 .jvuwt, Jiaviiid , uccit tiiio uctjr fifed,',e>pert'ea t a»a refld,,,MSnday the 'tarn ,dhy. w .Ntfvembei 1 ,, loffn is fixed ror hearing proof ot same at'the Court House Itv AlgdKa,, Iowa,- befbre the rustrtetrcoUft of Sara C6un», or'the Clerk of safe Cburt: and at ttn o'clock AJMt., Of the"day.abbve mentioned all pbrsohff Intdt-estcd ,afe hereby .ftotlfled Shd reinilred to < appear, . and show e«uMi*.a any. they • have, why instru- ttfent sViflind not be probated and allowed as and for the, last Will and Testament of-laid deceased^ .v,Dated/at Algona, Iowa, November luol. . . 1 • Aim" a PearsSn, Clerk of the District Court. Delia' Welter, Attorney, 'Algond, Iowa U. S. 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