The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1930
Page 3
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UKSDAY. PECKMBKR 9, 1'JSO BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OFFER l Wisei ? Planncd Christmas Feast Will Make Day Happy Oiie For Housekeeper sulhern Institutions Are' Meeti ng - Subj Demand f o r j :cts. : I lly 1'OSTKlt EATON j n'U-tl Press S'aff Ccrresuomlenl - 'tpyrijlit, m\ liy United l'r«s) Atlanta, Ca. -UI')— A survey of I adiii£ colleges and universities or ! ic Bouth disclosed today lhat in : ccting the ever-increasing elands for higher education they : - e reaching out into new fields of : -t, science, politics, commerce. I The United Press addressed a! lestionnalrc to the deans of the ajor southern schools, and their plies significantly reveal that n»w j nirses of instruction recently add- ! 1 embrace F.ucli u wiite range of i Ivaneed human activity, as the: Mowing list: Ae/onautical cnslncc-rlng, cGeoi'- ^ Tech). kCuttcn marketing, (University of iississlppl). Textile Chemistry and Dyeing, ^lemson College). Public relations, (University of ennessec). Dramatic Arts and Play Produc- on, (University of Sautli Carona). Forestry, (North Carolina Stata ! ollege). Music, (Sewance). Public Building Program; Paul C. Jones of Kennelt Has Met Missouri City's Chosen at Meeting of Mis- Uneinployment Problem, souri Club Offi New linen daniaski, crystal and flat silver add thrir bit lo the Christmas dinner table. A snow man centerpiece and snow min favors have thtlr appropriateness heightened by a elcaminj reindeer dr signed ctcth. Unset) On a new holly patterned while cloth, glUtcning Santa Claus favors and a Christ mas pudding with fifts in the center make a colorful trim. CYindli-s on liolli are red and intn. IIV SISTER MAUY NBA Seivice Writer Christmas customs and ities remain much the | bcullon should bs made and clari- , Roast Goose fied all ready fcr reheating. A frstlv- (cream soup can be made ready for same : combining. Prune Siufllni Business administration, also fine .year after year. In fact, most fam. j Hum pudding is bstter if made!Tomato Jelly rts, (University of Florida). l!i: — ' "~ ""'—' ' .=- . ... . . . i History, philosophy and princi- les of Education, (Vnnderbili). Giblet Gravy Martinique Potatoes Brussels Sprouts Hies resent any marked innovation Honors Curriculum in Chemistry nd Chemical Engineering, (V.P.I.) Helps Students Find Themselves Washington and Lee University ffers an interesting solution to the in the festivities and eo:isider Christmss dinner lacking i[ the cook fails lo provide the traditional lavorites. Christmas breakfast is an important meal in homes where there are children. When the stockings several weeks before wanted for I icrpetual question of all students,! h> lr >g over the foot of the bed or What do I want, to do?" by revis- ng its curriculum "to permit an fireplace are quite small, breakfast may be wanted as early as xploratory year in which the stu- i"'' e o'clock. Breakfast any lime ient will be given an opportunity i until eight o'clock means a fairly - " • • ' hearty meal, but It should be sim- o find his special interest and .ccjuaint himself with the world in i-hich he lives." The aeronautical engineering ourse at Georgia Tech was made xxssible through the appropriation 'f $300,000 by the Daniel Guggen- leim Kind for the Promotion of Aeronautics. "The object of the course," said Professor Montgomery Knight, in- tructor in charge, "is (o train men n aeronautical research and in the lesign and construction of aircraft." ,._ There are 5Q students enrolled n the course. Cotton marketing at Mississippi, conducted by James Stone jr., for nany years a cotton buyer, has at- racted 30 students in th2 present :em ester. Cotton is the principal 'money' jroduct of this state," Stone ad- Jlsed. "A knowledge of the whole process of marketing It, from gin .o factory, is of great importance o the budsiness man of Mississip- >i." Textile Chemistry and Dyeing at piemson fs offered by Prof. C. E. iviullin, to 38 students, "to train In |Uie theory and practice involved n the chemical side of the textile jidustry." The student may take •our years undergraduate and one fear graduate training. Well-train- id chemists are turned out." Teach Public Relations Public Relations at University of Tennessee is conducted by Profes- />r Stanley Johnson for 80 men, 89 , A-omen, and is designed, he said, 1 to acquaint students with Tennes<e, with a knowledge of its prbo- eniE, and institutions ,in order to irovlcie them with the working -ools of citizenship." Dramatic Arts nnd Play Produc- ion at South Carolina is conduct- id by Professor William Dean, for JO men, 15 women, "to train stu- Jents in acting, play-writing, and Droduction of plays; to serve as a ple and prepared easily prepared, the day before, Fruit toast and Cream Chees Sul ad use end stored In a closely covered ! Plum Pudding Sunshine Sauce crock or tin box until Christmas | Christmas Candy day, when it can be returned to its ] Black Codec meld and steamed one hour before ; The polatocs are cooked, sea serving. |so::ed ar.d molded the day before All this planning produces a Christmas day they are baked 2 schedule that reduce the minutes In amount of v;ork left, to be done on ' snake moderate oven hot; brown slightly. Christmas day to a minimum. | The salad is made the day be Goose has been the popular Christmas bird for centuries but any sort of fowl or roast is In perfect keeping. A study of worldwide Christmas customs shows a great variety of meats from which to chcose. Many housewives plan their Christmas dinner with regard, tc, the preceding Thanksgiving feast and the following New Year festivity; Turkey for'Thanks- giving, goose for Christmas and duck for New Years. The woman who has no maid will hesitate to serve an elaborate, many-course dinner, but if chil- i drcn arc present it is best to start : made at the table and a simple, easily digested main dish are all that is necessary. Excitement retards digestion so the children's breakfast must be a simple meal. Careful planning on the 'part of Ilia housewife fill simplify the preparation of her dinner so that she may enjoy her own gifts and guests without overwork and worry. Several days before Christmas she will take stock of her. staple supplies and be sure that j hot soup steadies small nerves and '. KEEPS PEOPLE IT IRK CAMPBELL, Mo., Dec 9— Des KENNETT. Mo. D,'c. 9 — At Dimklln county and Haytl In Pom.' Iscot county. A an up meeting of the clubs wilt bt> held early In January In this clly at, which tlmo plans for (lie ensuing year of club activities will be mad*.'. Oilier Council olllcers elected for the coming year included T. pnul King of this city us secretary nnd V. Tinkhoff of Maiden os vice- president. Tho uosillcn of Council President to which Jones was elevated was formerly held by Clyde Wellman of this city, recently cycled lo the position of dlstilcl governor of Mls- r (hi 1 Lions International. Jones is a.; graduate oJ the'Missouri Unlvcr.uty. School'-ol Journalism and was employed last year as Associate Professor' of Advertising In Ihe University cf Louisiana School of Journalism- •. . '. ' Is a doctor's' Frescrlptlon for Colds and Headaches IS THE MOST SPEEDY REMEDY KNOWN. Cfi6 ALSO IN TABLETS. IT own municipal borders and pro•cut wkMijircad suffering. Finding Ihe city In need of 1m- ;>roveinriUs. Including a city Jail and oflicc building (or the recent"y Installed municipal light nnil |)r.?:idcnt of the Council ol Lions Clubs of this district. Jones win assume his new duties! at once which will extend over ihu clubu of Kennelt. Campbell, Sen- power plant, the city council, under j «^._^onicrsvnie. mul CampVell In lie dlntction of Mayor n. M. Jones, decided lo concentrate on all bulld- acltvlly immediately. Under the careful selection of employees by Mayor Jona. and Chief of Police Jesse Sinitli n large number of men liave been < mplr.yed at Intervals on the municipal projects and others allowed lo work out tlv?lr indebtedness to Die clly for water, lights, tuxes, etc. According to the plan used by tho city In selecting employees for the construction projects no one was used who svas not In Immediate need of work and who had no prospect- of employment elsewhere. Men with families have Mn gli'en preference. However, at this time the construction .projects are nearing completion and the city will be, unable to continue to Jurnlsh employment, to such large numbers of men and other plans will have to be arranged. A ma^ meellng cf citizens will be held with city officials Uils week, to determine a possible course of action for the next, three months to alleviate the unemployment situation. Agents Meet This Week With Clubs Over County Tliisl week's activities of the county agents. Miss Cora. Leo Colaman, and J. K. Qrltz, include several nicotines wliti Hoys and Ohls 4H mid Women's clubs They are In O.sccola today lor a meeting wllli Hie Miss Cole-man wl committee lo can 11 beef at tlllmon Wednesday and en Thur.v ny. when the Woman's club of ward the 411 pilzes for Ihe year. urdelU: meets wllh Mrs. J. P. Compkhib, she will give n demon- 'ratlon In canning beef und chlck- i. Thursday's schedules shows a 4H meeting at Ekron and Dogwood nd New Liberty •!!! clubs will meet iiday. fore and on Christmas day Is re moved from molds and served o a bed of lettuce. With the exception of roaslln tlie goose and making the gravy, the actual amount of cooking'and tirae required to prepare the dinner is very slight. MENU—NO. 2 ' Grapefruit. Cocktail Consomme Crown Roast of Pork Blushing Apples Glace Sweet Potatoes Molded Spinach SUiffed Sweet Pepper Salad Ihe meal with a clear soup. The filled P!um Pudding Fruit Coke all table appointments are ready for use. 'I he day before Christmas is usually a very busy day for the cook. Tin* fowl should be cleaned and siuctl nnd trussed, ready for the c-vcn. The pudding sauce can be made at least in part. The salad dressing can be made one or two days before wanted and kept on ice. The celery can be crisped and v.rapped In a damp towel until wanted. The lettuce can be washed and crisped end kepi in an air- is an aid to digestion. Following are two menus that can be elaborated or simplified to meet individual needs. Keep 'in mind the necessity of serving foods that children niay Nuls Fruit Coffee The roast is prepared ready for roasting the day before. The blushing apples are made, sweet potatces parboiled and the salad and pudding made reany to serve. Car dwell News Notes Miss Mary Smith, spent the week-end with her parents at Kcn- nett. Mrs. Floyd Slmpkliis of Horners- vllle was a Cnrdwcll visitor Thursday. Pat' Burcham has accepted a po Eltion. at Taylor's Garage. Jimmy Fielder was In Paragould ori business Salurday. O. D. Hall visited In Kcnnett Wednesday. Klbert Ford of Kcnnett had bus iness In Unrdwell Tuesday. Born, December 2, to Dr. am Mrs. M. L. Fuller, a daughter. Jake Steinberg of Corning. Ark spent the first of last week her eat without an aftermath of dis- The fruit cake has.beili baked for comfort. Let a dish of stewed piunes garnished with a dab of bright red jelly take the place of plum pudding for then- dessert. MENU—XO. 1 bouillon tight container. Consomme or [Radishes Celery Assorted Olives Smallpox and Diphtheria Are Diseases Easily Preventable F-Y DR. A. M. WASIIBUKN i its administration should be fol- Dircctor, Mississippi County Health j lowed by a Schick test to find out Unil i whether immunity is complete or The United States Public Health j "°t- If "Ot, additional injections Service states that children should I should be given- It cannot be too weeks. On Christmas.rooming-tfie cocktaQ must be made and •chtllbd. Later the pork must :be'roasted,' (he consomme reheated, -the .spin-. ?.ch cooked and th« sweet potatoes finished. But there is rib-elaborate and painstaking hissing necessary in the preparation ol thc'irieal. ' Ray and son, Cardwell visitors OSTIEK be vaccii fore they are a year time they hav.-J not begun to run about and are in no danger of hit- Cotton compress receipt? at Blytheville last week fell to 1,379 biles ' bringing the total for. the season .natcti against Smallpox be-! strongly recommended to parents to ',i«7 «„ Y™, ? •y are a year old. At this <*at they have thq-r children im- • 1° -.?„• a " .f mount j to Uttle Rock among Arkansas munizcd against diphtheria by this' --If . . ... „_. _ means. It is' believed possible inj 1 ^ ting the vaccination against hard this way not only to check the' Receipts for the state as a whole. lion docs not always protect for i On entering school they should be vaccinated again, for. several rca- laboratory ,to the department'o'f'• sons - In " 10 nrst P lp -cc. vacctna- Snglish in the study of drama; to'""" J ' "' —'"' "" piomote and encourage dramatic ictivlties in communities and schools of the state, and to main:ain a bureau of dramatics which xssists oil schools and communi- I'.fs throughout South Carolina in Jay selection and production." Dr. J. V. Hoffman, North Caro- j ina Stafe College, is in charge of' -Is course in Forestry, embracing [he whole range of that- subject. The course was introduced last year, and this year interested 38 itudents Into enrolling. .Music at Sewanee, Professor Ber- li ", <1 , E ', Hirons i" charge, has cn- 3o students for "apprecia- objects (T of getting dirt rubbed | prevalence of diphtlviria, but after wcre 27 . (M1 Ia «t »'eck, which com- into it, and they ore rendered im-i a tim e absolutely to eradicate it.'P arC5 ""' 38,698 the week previous mune practically from tha start, i In fact ' several American cominun- and 42,586 the same *eek a year :lon of music; ,-oice production aopreci general history; principles of Ital- the immunity in many individuals to make sure of protection agninst heavy exposures to smallpox. Fortunately, if the child already has an immunity, the new vaccination will not take. Instead there will be merely u little red spot developing for only a bout a day, which is known/ as the "immune reaction." We can now state also that dipJi- Iheria is an entirely preventable disease. Diphtheria antitoxin has enormously diminished the death rale among those attacked by the dissase. It is an almrst certain cure if given early during the attack; but there occurs altogether too frequently some delay In its administration, so that Its befie- nclal possibilities arc not realised. This delay may be due to negligence on the part of parents or hesitation on the part of Ihe doctor, but the child patient too often [ piys for it with his life. Antitoxin ities have already practically reach- ago, it Is reported by the Arkansas this goal after persistent- efforts ; Cotton Trade association. is should be While it 13 or after the' reinforcement of 1 * 10 ™ a ^ a " ear l- v r -EC. year ..» fo I rti >ear BB ° for icadlll S on business. Mrs. W. T. Kennett, were Tuesday. Emmett Jones, J. F. Ladd, J. W Warren, C. C. Jones and J. G Williamson made o business lri| to Memphis Monday. : Mrs'. -Alma-'Duhaway has.return 'her home at - Texarkana Tex.,- Having'been called here be cause .of' the- death of- her sister Mrs.iA'.i'A.VS'mlth.- ' Born,' December *, to Mr. an Mrs..'i.|p. /Jelks,-a son. Jimmy: Ed wards had business h Kennett -Thursday.. '.Mrs. -Rex Hopper of Benath anc Mis.' A:: LI •'Datldson of kcnnet Yliit«cl:ttiilr mother ana-other re! stives here Prldiy. .,/ . D.'.Tatflm/and-Roy Stanfi had mjsifiess In Kenhetl Thursday John 'M. Karnes of Benath ha business in.Cardvrell Monday. Cy Steinberg of St. Lbiila visltec in Cardwell the first of last wc«k The Baptist Women's Mlssionarj society met Tuesday, Dec. 2nd, a tre 'home of Mrs.' Urjie bonne; Mrs. L. P. Wigger had charge o the program. Cardwell Gin company has clos cd their gin here for this seaso on Saturday, Dec. 1. Mrs. Ell Back nnd Mrs. Monro Bishop visJtfd In ttachvllle. Wed nesday. John R. Mann, who is a teach er in the Senath school, spent th week-end here with his mother. better to do child enters school than not at all, j the preschool age is the period dur-1 ing which the greatest danger from; diphtheria occurs, and it is advised that the injections be given asi soon .aftor the age of sox months as possible. j Health officials are so convinced! ol the need for univeisal immuniz-; ation against both smallpox and diphtheria that they are doing everything prs-'ibte to make it .rosily available, and facilities are extended in most of the health offices for the immunization of those lor one nrason or another do not- consult a 1 private physician tor such services. [ The MissisJppi County Health! Unit is rendering such services through the schools of this county; and invites the inquiry of anyone inteicstod In arranging fcr immun- • izallon clinics. | the week Little Rock. 4,355 Pine Blurt 3,305 West Memphis .. 1,112 Helena 1,762 McGehee 1,592 Blytheville 1,379 Eudora 1,337 Texarkana 1,216 Walnut Ridge ... 1.125 Newport 982 Forrest, City M9 Hope 730 the season 78,492 69.627 54,003 29,415 34,125 71.767 31,047 29,450 22,209 22,831 28,747 28,942 Read Courier News Want Ads, Says St. Louis Man—"H's A 'Iciisure To Endorse This New Medicine". He Adds. Where Mark Twain breakfasted at 3 P. MR. ALBERT W. BUTTON "I suffered from stomach trouble for five years", said Mr! Albert W Button, 2815 Missouri Avenue, St Louis. "I was badly constipated; my kidneys gave me a great dea of trouble, and Ihe run down condition of my health caused me to become extremely nervous. "Only two botllrs of Konjola convinced mo of the merit of ink great medicine. The gas and bloating alter meals disappeared I am m) longer constipated, an; Ihe kidney weakness has gons. To day I am in perfect health. It Is surely a pleasure to endorse Kon- jola, for. to my mind, it Is th; master of all medicines." Konjola is truly a medicine fo all the family. It may be given to the Infant with surprising re suits—it .Is especially effective in cases of tho aged. Buy a treat mcnt of six fcotiles today. No fam lly medicine shelf should be with out Konjola. Konjola is sold in Blythcville Arkansas at Klrby Drug Stores and by all the best druggists in a] lowns Ihroughout this entire see tion. _ Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 W IIEN Mark Twain, the American humorist, lived in New York, he used to wander out of his house on Ninth Street ami Fifth Avenue at mid-afternoon for hu ItUEAKFAST. Tins lie ate in a certain French hotel nearby which in even now a gathering place for'.cpicures., its dining room, still bvturtained in Nottingham lac*, has looked out over the avenue for more than -80 yean, Not long ago I, too; had breakfast IhtTe—but not at 3 in the afternoon! And, my dear good reader; if the immortal Mark Twain hod ever eateu such pineapple fritters and bacon, I don't believe he would ner. Imvc wailed so long for them. Those slivers of pijteappfc simply juwtta/.iu'a delicate'batter frwd to. a honey- brown crtinchincss. . , . •; . : I've fouiid the rcc!|» for you. You can deep-fry:thcm in the French fashion, in your own apartment for'Sun- day morning breakfast, if you like. Crisco ia,so frish- taating anil ritiii-H'moklng that n'6 frying odors ever lin'gf r. around to offend early afternoon gueits'. They s^on be u«xl, too, as an accompaniment for other meat courses for other meals; or fi a. dessert by tKemselVea, r .;•.-.•- l . •yOther fruit (hah jiineapplo o»n Im.iiitirtJlV batter I'm giving you k\i\'f itolildn.'t'rjilf'» another fat. For Crisco -u-.Uje oily; f at I lu allows the real flavor bf thy *- LJ L -- 1 --- 1 '— ! " to Assert it^ individualityV Mix and .rift; flour, biking pgwtkr jmljialt. 1 . juic*. lemon iui«, wtll-beatin «* »tid Cruic&'Mi _,! •_ _•••"_•»• r\ • V— .-i_i .™- '*_r. .-._.»• ... u *a)V Dfiin.ot uoglatnl paper. with powil'red iugafto s^rve (tio«Wr£ Serve plain with mot.' '".'•; •.••,'''."•'."-,'':. •.-"""•'."..•:.'" SUNDAY SUPPER dJlE^HED EGQS 0 hard cooked tgga I .- . ' ft ^k« of to%ii .' Save out 2 (£g yolks. Slice remainder of eggs thin and idd yenlly to this cream SAUCC (mU well 8, tablespoons Crisco with 2 tableapooiu Hour, 1 teaspoda sflt, >g teupooa pepper, 1 tablespoon cho{)pccj onion. Then add gradually i cups hot milk and stir over a slow fire. Cook UU thick. Tlieu add L tablespoon chopped parsley). Arrange toast on hot plaUc?. Pour crranicd eggs over toast. Press 2 egg yolks through'* sieve aud aprinUe over lop for a garnish. ALL MEASUREMENTS LEVEL. Recipes tested and approved by Good Housekeeping Institute. Cri*co« the registered trndc-mark of n shortening manufactured by The Procter & Gamble Co. Qiuo,*. an Art of Bel canto, and individual instruction in sight reading." The combiiiKl course in Business Administration and Engineering at Florida numbers 40 students, "arranged for students who wish to jreparc for administrative and sell- K >,o .„ .ng positions in the Held of manu- i d-es 'not cure or prevent the con- facturing, railway and public utll- i dition of "carrier." "Carriers" nre L^™" 0 " 5 '" Plorl <ia also has' D'Pple who, wthout being sick idded a course "leading to the de- themselves, carry about the germs Jaircn Epperson, of this city, have _iree of Bachelor of Fine Arts, to of diphtheria In their throats or been accepted by the United States prepare students in Commercial "o^ 05 nnd innocently distribute! army and left yesterday for the Art, .Mural Painting, c t cetera" I t hcm among persons with whom Philippine Islands. They enlisted Enlisl in Army \ Jim Blythc, of Black Oak, and' come '" contact. Consequently Professor Joseph K. Hart' is in charge of the new course in His- :ory, Philosophy and Principles cf flsht against diphtheria, great Education at Vanderbllf Professor I tllo "Bh the advance had been. This I. W. Watson conduct?' HIP H™, was found in tha toxin-antitoxin :rs Curriculum ir Chemistry and ~" "" ""'"' ' """" -hemical Engineering "at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, nine men )ne woman, enrolled. something new was needed in the mixture, evidence concerning which Read Courier News Want Ads. suggests that It is capable of munizing fcr many years those to whom it Is administered, possibly for the remainder of tfc?Jr lives. This preparation not be absolutely relied upon to Immunize ev- at tb.i local recruiting station. l cry DHL' to wlicm It- is given; and'he says. DEGREE VALUED AT S7Z.OOO BOSTON, (UP) — A college degree, on the average, Is worth something like $72.000 to its pss.,CEsor. according to an estimate by Dean Everett w. Lord of Boston University's College of Buiineis Administration. Increased earning power resulting from higher cdvi- call'n accounts for the high figure, ARE You SMART? This Puzzle Tm *N ii «S Ob Mt M. la OJ. OC« cm of u« WIN $1,OOO FORD SEDAN—Bitr» for Promptness SSt^fSSSvSS-B • zim wonderful .7 B '?r : ' I1 °L tl i TWlr "•"" KtwrSi. BT.ii. «% r ^. V £ ff 1 uSU""" '^"^ EVERYOKE REWARDED Pill 1 B Uu; bUnV apKxi ihovc ullti tic noratxr. I to », K> Uu,t ih, (ol»l *ili l< In etrry Jir.-rli.>n-op ri, »TK] Jias-^l^. 15 wkrn Iddnl ftad down, THE PUZZLE MAN. 83 Soothern Fanner ffldg, MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA I Taste Crisco—then any other shortening. Crisco's sweet, fresh flavor will tell you why things made with Crisco taste so much better. FltS BISCUITS COOKIES • FRIED FOODS MH it* *fic airtight turn—a* firttlt \ HHtt i it eel at Hie <M» It tent made ;

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