The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Page 16
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•*.,'/• j.4 *j W-j w-njv-. i^.iy: - Thursday, detober 26, 1961 , daughter of Mf. and Mrs. Ralph Richards is art instructor at Evergreen high* school at Seattle, Wash. She Wiltialso teach creative art Wed- nesdjiy t and -Saturday evenings al Higffline Jr. College there. Semday was Layman's Sunday at tKe Presbyterian, church, with Mrsy RalpK RtcHards in chargfe Thopie who gave Alks^w'cre Mrs W. E. Hundertmark,-Mrs. Ear.! Long, Naomi Strutters and Ralph RiclJJirds. The Sun'day 'Schoo! children sang twd; numbers, " Mrs. Loren . Daftiel and Mrs Johft, Vinaas accompanied other Twin Rivers school cooks to' the Food Service Association Contention at Fort Dodge Friday -•'and Saturday.' Friday evening they attended a banquet at Waffltonsa.: Hotel.'. Paul Espinosa, son of Mr. .and Mrs,, Paul Espinosa of Mason Citjv' was confirmed Sunday at Trinity Lutheran church in Mason ^City. Those attending fron) hcra.and who were also dinner guests' at the Espinosa home were Mr,*and Mrs. k Merle Holt ant' daughters, Margaret Holt an<? Mr. and Mrs. Loren Daniel, celebrated -{heir tenth wedding anniversary Saturday and as a surprise friends took (hem but ta dinner at Fort Dodge. Present firere Mr. arid Mrs.'Louis Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs, A. Wehrspann, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Paul • Meyer, Mr. arid Mrs. Conrad Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Schult*, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Worby, Eldon Meyer, Larry Telford and Mr. anr l|lrs. Jim Jafobson of Rutland. A hobby Show was held al Humboldt Friday afternoon. At' tending from IJssie Cooper, here Mrs. were Mrs Earl .Long Margaret Holt birtfiday 'Monday. celebrated a Evening visitors were Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs of Bradgate, Mr. and-Mrs. Merje ; Holt and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Loren, Daniel. M&. and Mrs. Dean ,Telford MTS..W. G. Cooper, Mrs. Joseph Leitl, Mrs. Roy Telford, Naomi Strainers and Mrs. Mike Coyle Sunday dinner gttests at the toy Telfords were Mr. and Mrs 3d Von Bank of Rolfe, Mr. anc 1 Vlrs. Loren Larson of Irvinglon. Hr. and Mrs. Dcwey Peterson ind Mrs. Louise Hansen of Alden, Mr.' and Mrs. Ed Stappela and Sandy, Mrs. May Telford Mrs. Ellie Telford, J Bruce and Gordon of Waterloo) Mr. a'nd Mrs. Dean Telford and family. IVtr. and Mrs. LeRoy Worby and family, Mrs. Caroline Telford and Lawrence Telford. i ; 'Rev. and Mrs.' Harold Mountain attended the Iowa District Pastoral Conference at Waterloo Tuesday. '•James Fowler and Jeanne Meyer left^Monday after spending two weeks at the Kermit Fowler home. They visited Stanley Fowler at May wood, 111.'en- route to Miss Meyer's home at Lima, Ohio. Mr. Fowler returned Ft. 'Bragg, North Carolina. , THERE ARE LOTS 'OF THINGS and! situations in books, 'movies, »rtoons, and television'that have been portrayed in a certain way so ong that they have become all but traditic-nal. We'tend to acdettt.theni ie way we've always'heard about them but often these concepudnii are n;ore corny than credible. If, we 1 take them out of ftetion mtb real life' We" find they are quite different * * * FOR EXAMPLE, THERE'S THE -"little red schoolhouse". Haven't- you always heard of that ? Have you ever really seen one ? Country s^hoolhouses are all but extinct in Iowa now, but when they wetfe around, weren't they usually white? , , , : , r ANOTHER THING I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED about has long been featured in cartoons about stag convention 'dinners. Do they ever really have one. of those big cakes that>burst open; and a scantily dressed dancing girl,pops out? My knowledge ofjthesfe things is necessarily hearsay for, although I. have 1 been to conventions; my experience with stag dinners is rather: limited..' ; ? > r . • , - : ? , • '. . ' ' ' ' " ''**•'•*''•'• ' ' THERE'S A CORRECT POSITION to pop the question of marriag in the fictional World, also. The guy always gets doWn on' his knees. I'm not telling the exact circumstances of, any proposal I may'have received but it was most certainly not from a bended knee, nor did I gasp, "This is so sudden!" : ; • ' *;' ' : WHEN A BLESSED EVENT is being announced, in fiction they often do it this way. The husband comes home to find his wife" knitting away'on a pair of tiny bootees. The poor guy is all but overcome because thftris the very first inkling he has lhat- ; he is'going^to, be a : Papa ! I never happened that way at bur house. But then,: I never did "learn to w.lro Ing. lytathryh Jphannesen,, iSihes Ift'^SE PlSul sM Rahneseh, 'fiftfefct itF Wifitetf llege spent tttJftiilgMi '6t "• t \j * .- ^ * v - " FIbya Salisbury" 6nter- a group-of v ladies at 1 home Friday aite¥floMr,-: .• Mn and'Mrs, Mb fifSi-gurti &&(. fflmili- spirit 'Friday" eVeftiHg al the home of Mrs. Bergums' sister, the Donald Larsens, Algona, knit;! How much interest .-'.':•'•• * will you pay ; in 1965? IT COULD BE LESS ... if you have a Land Bank Loan! Three times in the past the Federal Land Bank has voluntarily" reduced the interest}, rate • on all existing loans—a reductionjau)dp possible f because the Land Bank is-fpwnecf'|B5?Those .who use'its services,-i Come in arid let us ! tell you about'the many* advantages of a Land Bank loan on land, whether ifs used to pay off'debts, to buy land, to' make improvements - or for other purposes. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOCIATION Algona, Iowa • Algona (South of Penney's) Mon. & Wed. O Forest City (West of Forester Hotel) Tuesdays and Fridays. E. H. "Gene" Hutchins, Manager For our homes... our abundance.* our freedom...' our faith,,, let us be thankful! HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION ALGONA, IOWA MAKING YOUR CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE, WQRK & RAISE A FAMILY . MEMBER W TUB SAVINGS AND KUN FOUNDATION. INC.. 5PON50KOF THIS ADVERTISEMENT IN READER'S DIGEST AND THE SATURDAY EVENING fOST , • » ; • *'•*.. t • -QUITE FREQUENTLY MOTHERS oh TV»Jnd in'the movies give birth to their babies withput benefit of hospital delivery room. In those cises .there, are usually several extra men, including ithe -prospective father, .standing, arbund andfthe .dottor or .midwife, puts them'to. work boiling/huge kettles pf water.-!, suppose this id, good:psychology'arid keeps unnecessary' •personnel"from, getting iUnderfpot.l But ih'as anybody ever' figured out'whatthey do .with aH|that':hdt; water? • :M ' •"•' •• ... ,; •";.--•?:.. j^ • i'v. ; .. ,= -i f ^ •;•*•- |f !•} >M.'.••-.'• i ;••••'-'. .•; • '-.«.. j.v.- , i AJMO-n^'MEbiCAL'SITUA^bNi^il^^mtf if th»w> 'sj U^S, • .• , ; i . . r ^* • ; * • ~~ t — i ~ V yw™t MMWMV^JA i.i^i_ic ia a ua~ t.'ent with the mumps; MumpSi victims 'are; alwayjf shown with a scarf-6r - - . - bandagp tied, around -thdtf JiWolldrf jo^ls. -Maybel this is sourid therapy, but I've never' dtae in real life!, 'at 'least 'in the several case's oJ mumps- we've 'had at our house. . , ,";,, » ' , ":••''''' * * * ; ••.''••( ".• NEWSPAPER PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED to' stick' only to'tftV facts in their stories. But stories Jjbout! newspaper people aren't handicapped so much by this rufe; Fictional ,rfepijrters-:sit around with their hats son and type out the news, When thjjy mren't doing 'that' they are out 'getting a story in some saloon, Sided and abetted by an awfully good-looking blond. On the paper's time,' yet ! i " ' '' , * ,* ! .-* r » *.;1*V ; WHEN THEY' GET BAGK TOJthe plarit,,they wave the scobp^in the 6ir and shout, "Stop the i presses; Kin nly experience in the newspaper field, the presses have; also be^ri Jstopped. But very time it was LuVerne Pastor Attends School In Des Noines LuVerne — Rev. Worthie Ush- rg pastor of the LuVerne Methodist church, attended a training school under the direction. o£ 3whop ( Ensley in Desl Moines" on Caching the "Book of'Romans". SiS; hundred were registered ano ;hg; Rev. Usher was one of 70 o'hosen to teach.; Rev. tJsher is'hv Gilmore City 9-11 a.m. Monday through Thursday training sub-' district Methodist ministers in the teaching of the Book of Romans. Each .train local book. minister will then members on the , , ;'called, da-Her paffettts, Mri iMre. C, 0;McCMlan,'slf. urday, ' " • ,-V u,' -".-; Mri; Wilrtia Tiede attenlld, a *at the country 5"**TO W 4 *w*«»*icvi* '.eifc i>uc UUUIltl y club in Fairmont;-Minn., Thursday. Friday overnight guests in the Henry Kubly, home - were Mr. and Mrs. Robert-Streiff; Mr. arid Mrs. Philip Marty of New Glarus and Mrs. Alvih Sffeiff 6f tta* cine, Wise. Mr. an'd Mrs. Henry Kubly &$'» ited their granddaughters .the Arnie Ilberts in Hflrlan. the Ju dean-Welthas iri Randall and.his sister, MfsV Ldulsfe^utf'^- to Moifles >,Sunda'y , M>s*; Q; A, ffigfglestoft' ' ' , with 'Mr. 'Irttf ' Beulah find fipris of tie's Moittes,. •• ' • 'Jordan- of Des . Mftihfe was a'Weekend visitor"'with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weber. Their mother, Mrs. Lulu Jordan returned for the winter in her home; in Des Moines after spend-*, ing the summer in the Weber home. - Jj . . ?V,' Mr. and Mrs. Homer TUttle, Calif",, formerly tit' Al friends, Mf. ^dalfers Stifi^a^ in the 0, •figgleston ,hoffie% were Mr; «»<< Mrs; Kobert dhainbers of Albertf City; iMt-ratfd ,Mrs. Allen Thut' 'atfd childfeh.of-Gfcjettinger andjj j»fov. and Mrsf-Vernon Eggleston| s and girls/LuVe*fne. ' •• ^ E- Rev. and Mrs. Worthie Ushefji 1 ' Mr. and Mrs. William Goetsch?' attended Homecoming pf Morn-; ingside College at SibUX City. Jr ,Sonja' Goetsch was a candidate- elect for queen, ' Marie Kay Marty of Kalona 1 • Visited h'er pafehts,' Mr. 4 and'Mrs. oa, , oer - e er aen, .anrs. t gbna, were Friday "dverrilght^Henry Marty,-FVfday to Sunday.. *" ^ - - ~ - —- -^ - - ~ -t J - "— - ~> —- — -'-^.- .1 - ^u., - t.4 v 'S CLOSING OUT SALE OF ALL PAINT!! JSTObkllUS f Ct}O!! WE NEED ROOM FOR ALL MER- CH4NDISEM 0EALERS INVITED!! FIRST COME . . . FIRST SERVEb ; . .'ALL I*AW PUT ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK SO GfcT YOUR SHARE NOW!! Y -^ Canadian Visitdrs >.Mrs. Beatrice,'Lichty Harrison her' son-in-law and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sims of St Agatha, Domahi, Canada, arrived Saturday to visit until Tuesday with the Phil, Harry and Grace Lichty families, brothers and sister of Mrs. Harrison. Sunday, they were all dinrier guests fit Van's Cafe, Algona, of their brother, Mr. arid Mrs. Don Lichty, visiting here from Chicago ^ Also' present were a nephew, Mr. arid Mrs. De Ray Lichty family of Mason City. , .y Bockes 01 Mr, - and Mrs. R\ _. Waterloo came Thursday fpr the weekend in the home of his brother Mr. and Mrs. John Boc- Kes. - i Oscar Behnkendorf went to for a mechanical difficulty, not a sensational story. They was yelling all right, but somehow the words never sounded like, "Stop the presses !" ANOTHER THING I AM WAITING; for irealllife newspaper experi- ence'to bring me is a chance to help the law ; solve'a crime. Anytime Sheriff Lindhorst wants me to dig up> a few 'clues he has overlooked in a murder case, I am available, but I never'get called in like the reporters on Tjy: detective cases do. ' ' ' ...••......* * * jf FICTIONAL c64>^U§tt«LLY,-|all=at ; lgasf a'-little in love with one or more pretty girls in,eVery detective shcXv. They also seem to be able to find out quite a bit about killings b> doing a little kissing so long as a girl is standing around at the scene of the crime, anyway. I doubt that our Algona cops operate that way. Perhaps their wives frown upon it. * * * ^ EVEN FICTIONAL 'FOOD IS different from most of the Vvittles" in my experience. I!m not.'saying people do not. serve a whole roast _ suckling pig with ! a red apple stuck in its mouth, I am saying that'I, personally, have never seen, cooked or eaten pork that way. Another' thing that, bothers me is that although fictional kids always .hate spinach, at our house it is one of our favorite vegetables * * * ' AS THANKSGIVING APPROACHES, magazines are full of pictures of kids demanding and getting a whole drumstick of a turkey to eat all by themselves. They have napkins tied under'their chins and they wave the drumstick around. There are only two drumsticks on every turkey and there is an awfully lot of meat on each one of them We always have at least three children at the table so not one of them has ever had a wTiole turkey leg. We cut the meat off the bone and it makes several servings. Furthermore, I think napkins tucked into the neckline are quite vulgar. Why can't they wipe their chins on their sleeves like they're supposed to do ? SOMETIMES A COMMERCIAL, in'illustrating an easy-to-care-for garment, will say to "wash it just like a hanky" and I've used the expression myself. But hankerchiefs don't really wash easily if you stop to think about it — especially in the head cold season. I guess I'll have to bo a little more careful with cliches. * » « MAE SCHENCK BROUGHT ME a booklet which is going to start me experimenting all over the place. It's for a basic baking mix called "Missouri Mix", developed by a friend of Mae's, Cleta Rodgers and Georgia Amick at the University -of Missouri agricultural experiment station. You make up the mix in large quantities and use it for suven to ten bakings of everything from biscuits to cake. The Missouri Mix recipe follows, and later we'll have ways to use it. 9 cups sifted all-purpose flour 3/8 cup double-acting baking powder 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons nonfat milk solids 4 teasp. salt 1% cups vegetable shortening or I'/fc cups lard. Stir baking powder, dry milk and salt into the sifted flour Sift all dry ingredients together until well mixed. Cut fat into flour mixture until all particles of fat are thoroughly coated and mixture resembles coarse cornmeal. Yields 13 cups and can be stored in covered containers If you use lard, store it in refrigerator. This saves time and is one-third cheaper than commercial mix. — GRACE. Waterloo Saturday for the weekend 1 " with his aged,father, Fxed Behnkendorf, who is confined to lis bed in the home of his daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Gfeason. _Mr. and Mrs; David Morris and Kelly of Waterloo visited her Barents, Mr. and Mrs; 'John Bpckes, Friday and Saturday. and Mrs. Dennis Albright Rubber Base WALL PAINT None Finei* — The $5.00 Kind, now 5 2.27 gallon ALL PURPOSE WHITE ! Reg.,$3.69 Value ... Out it Goes at v - , ^ v i ,1 • ' , , V '., • gallon ! Rubber Base Porch & Deck , None Finer — -'Compare at '$2.69 'SALE '''' ,.., quart SUPER RED BARN PAINT .' .. Regular $4.49 . ^ now S 2.47 gallon ONE GOAT WHITE Regular $1.98 quart SALE, PRICE 88C quart Lead; Zinc Titanium Painl ,'>.•. Compare at $5.95 gallon , ! i ' " now S 2.47 gallon DIAMOND'S i^j I f i I J^K^f IHEAbQUARJEW; ^jff.ljifl/: I^WA' '' f\ "" '{i • i I'M ' ' '* l''\ '•. i .-!''".>7.11"!.? r.T*,'i;ii <•>?..'•;.-.'• Irvington Marguerite M. Hqyei Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Skare of Brieelyn, Minn, called on friends here Wednesday when enroute to Spencer to attend funeral of his aunt. Geo. was a long time depot agent here for C & NW Ry. Co. Mrs. Gerald Frankl accompanied her, mother, Mrs. C. Kunkel and her brother, Hob Kunkei. Algona, to Mankato Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. K. Spangler a patient at the hospital there following a car wreck Thursday uvcninjj. She is recovering satisfactorily, though serious injuries were sustained. Chas. Reaper lelt Sunday fo. 1 a two week vacation in Denver Colo. His daughter, Bernici Leek, and Win. Clark accompanied him. Joan. Bii'd of Iowa City i; spending this week with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. E. Dole. SENECA NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Ot'is Siegler and daughter, Elaine, of Chetek, Wisconsin, arrived Sunday evening at the Charles Osborn home and spent until Tuesday visiting Osborn relatives in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dahl accompanied by Mr. and Mrs Clarence Petersen of Ringsted visited with Mrs. Hans Wuiff at Armstrong a week ago Saturday night. They were very shocked to hear of her sudden death tilt- following Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs, Henry Looft spent Sunday with the latter'i sister, the Harry Vahldiecks. 01, High Lake, pear Walljngford. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dahl and Dennis attended the funeral of Mis. Hans Wuiff of Armstrong Sunday afternoon at Armstrong. Mrs Dahl and Mrs. Wuiff wen cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Withan were Sunday dinner guests at the Hoy Wjthams, Clear Lake. Mr. Ben Slpter, son-in-law 01 the Everett Withams, of Troy Grove, 111., and sonic friends spent Friday night at the Withams. The men were enroute to Suuth Dakota fur pheasant hunl- Carpeting - Draperies - Furniture At Djustrom's you can see all three matched in perfect balanced Nq guesswork! Our dec-oral ing consultant will help you! i • < YOU CAN BE SURE YOU'RE RIGHT . , , . . VMi you buy al EASY T6RMS Drapery by Decorating Consultant ^TAItrllHIi - • -"-r-" "•'-•"" PM5T PRQQI5 VAN DELIVERY! EASY TERM§ . i

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