The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 9, 1934
Page 9
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1 FRIDAY, MARClt 9, $34' BLYTHETILLE. (AEX.) COUBIER NEW! PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED SECTION - CLASSIFIED;, „ ADVERTISING; INFORMATION Dally me per line ror consecu- ive Insertions: (Five average words w » uneji Oiic time per Ihiu — • *•£ Two times i*r line per day ., We Three uniw per to* P*r <J»y •• «o gix chnes per Ibis per day .. toe Minimum chsrge 60c AOs ordered lo- three or su I'mcs and slopped before txpira- fne figure diagnwb U your *MM. .Mrs. J. J. l>»vi», .Phone 421 Spencer Cors«t|cre ' EXPECT Typewritu U* AMtaf Machine RcptlriBf , U. S, BUM- tMhip, 116 'E. KM,*. C»il ItS-j'. • ' ' ' ' •' 3SC -kStiU FOE SALE 25 JERSEY HEIPERS that will be frcsli Ui from 3 to JO d»yt. Will make a reduced price on a buuc sale. Haines' Men's lihop. aw v/. Main. Phone 211. • 10-cfc-u 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 row planter, one 4 row cultivate FUS W P. 1 FUF in Prlv Mtl NISHED bedroom, 1017 W. alnut. Mrs. Ed Hwdta after 5 «. 'lo kU IN18HED 'i or 3 room apurl- ent, lights, water, etc., fice. nto bath. Keaiontble. 819 W. ti. 2Jc kti POULTHY & EGGS Frwh e«s daily. R. 1, Ked wiling 0 ' ftn FkkJtrd Store. 1H< Chick»- uwko. fy M-ll POULTRY. HIjhMt C»5h pJlCtB paid. J. K. FUher, eom«r Vl»» ft Second. Across from Naurene Church pk-3-14 BOOH & BOARD rales low. 'close lii.-' tits, U)[Un Wi 6. Second. 8-ck-<-8 WANTKD TO HBNT U N F U H N I S H E D Three-room uiwlnicnl with balh. Close i . Call 30fi. -, HEM' WANTK1) ROOMS or room nnd board on BOYS WANTED: 'To do nlcukurit meals. Good meal, clean roonjs, cihu-ulional work aftcrnoona und UR BOARDING HOUSE liv Alien? ^^"«3WTH«-VoiiVESOLt> WjWf-'^^'~^ -• / Wr-U'- w'v o" ' f Mf A SHORT STORY. TO A ^''|f 'RELUt'— •; LV''i..V !1V ' V, X><^i . ^A^,^*T1K1P- T CjCt^C.n-V/->* 1 ^\"(-, • IL&.t ». * vl.r-..,.. . ~ S«lurd»i'5, Orxxi vay. Ages Itrrtct: \'i to 14. Apply by 1 to J. T. cure Courier News. Fre 1 PA UX M, nch Tax Colltctor ook Suit Off His B HIS (UP) Unable lo l» collector, J.ouls IJcshoviill LEY OOP /* 5TANO BV, / ViERE THW COMI f\ (IF WE VICK'EM.- i,\ Jt 1M1S TIME, /\ 's Wants pro- t'on will bo chargcc lor the nuin-'ono IS by 20 disc harrow, one 3 ber ol times the ad appeared aua ow biuswr with marker. All lu adjustjncjil ol bill made. All Ciuisilied Advertising copy subimued by persons residing out- Bjde of the clly uust, be accompanied by c;u : li. Rates may oe i-ufity'^cqfnputtd • from abore table. . ! <•' ) i '";*••'•' KO re'spoiiilDlllty ' will be UKen 101 more than one Incorrect Insertion ol any claimed ad. Advertising ordoKd lor irregular insertions. i»kf the one time ratt. Phillips' Bargains Every Car Clean Mechanically Right 'JO K O R D TOWN SKDAN. ' A Real Buy at '30 CHEVROLET COACH. Rule Good (£1 Qt^ Bargain '33 AUSTIN COUPE. Clean us .1 Phi . '29 ..Gay: ana k-t rv\'O good mules, priced reason able. K. A. Smith, MO W. Mali tu 10, on hlfc Swud-jy dollies' tnid vvvnl lo (he Inx colloi'lor's oiflct. He dLsmbtd Hnd lisindcd [lie snil over the CQiinlcr. "Hero you are " IK" said, "I 1 nvcu't any money, bill lake these riid U'dv« me «loiic" ShlvtrliiR lit hit skirl niul nn- f'tcwtftv, lie tried to creep lionvj iiiiolilnislvcly, but, iiiifoilunmcly, v.f.svs pholosmplwts rauglvt lihn, tiiv'. his heavy woolens were exhlb- l!ed to the public In print the following day, The mnmiiH or the unjxild taxes "us 30ft francs •'•• TO THK LAST MAN! A lidcrul law enacted In 1893 gives Hie president authority to hmnttrtillon when the )iiil>t!i< licnlili Is thrcalcncd by ' By Haralli THINK THAT AUTHORS ABfc MOV1N6 OVER ON TrV BENCH fTO TOR YOU, EH SAME WAY WHEN I SOU) A STORY VENTURE AU THEN I WENT THRU A BU7ZATO OF PROP IN 7HC LIBRARY AW) AUTOMOTIVE ONCE A MONTH AFTER 'THAT, ALL rAY WAS TO HOM6, FOR MONEY V iiiberu'nc Tires & 'lutes, Keplact parts »c4 luxsiutvet ui kind. In- auj niuke of car. llqii., liuuoard Jiu». co. lo IF THERES A COPY A COLLECTION 0 Auto All KUMJS insullcd The Art-Mo Lumber Co. 10c-kS-ll) NOV4 WE GOT WfAf TAKE ItA AUME.M XWE 1 )^ N.WF* DOWNf 1WWS VJE CAN'T HOt-D OUT M\UCH LONGER ?W New Ford Batteries Iteutal - Hecnuclng - Kepnirlng 77 TlHE &' BAlU'tltY STATION SEEDS & PLANTS SEED Potalots,-. soy .beans, flelQ peoa and nllalfn feed. Uet my prices. Ean.Hauiher. C»U WANTBIJ TO BUY Cttts for i ixet uwo DICKENS') BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BOOTS IS SURE OF IT! We Pay 52 per ion lor Scrap Irun. Also buy nides, brais, cupper, leau, etc. Won Allan, I'nont; I'*D, uo B. Main. • M-ci-3-Zb COO\iVc.-riiOy\ KtlAL Kb'J'ATK For Trade: Cily property lor Turn Mrs. Ed Harain. for sale. Z0% down, rent, ttbel B. Thompfion, luiQcr.vvuie, mo. *pU- BUY NOW WH:LE CHEAP! ¥} acre tarm aud home, near Blythevilie, all in cultivation. Ureen tic 300 Kiis! Main Street BJythcvilie .. HtO DO ,»'£Top TOR -w' nt'o BE riO OOOSY 0V SV ' BUSINESS DIKECTORY FOH SALE OR TKADE T006H HOW DiD SHE GET HOLD OR W VltVbT , SSOT *4\N Vt BiOVJ&Vi WEAR-EVER aluminum is belter and costs no more. Sola exclusively at Hubbard Hardware Co. good location at Steele, JIo. Will sell cheap, will take car as trade m. K. L. Williams. 7c VASH TUBBS KXJ'LANATIONS! . Bargain TRUCK Sl'EGIALS '29 CHEVROtET TKUCK. Special '30 FORD CLOSKI) PICK-UP. New- Paint and Tires ."i 1 - Vitil, Our UKccl Ci\r Displays or 'Phone Our Used Car Department. Phone 810 - 811 Phillips FOR RENT Repair i'Vvniture Now I You can save money by having! furniture upholstered now us < For Rent—Four room unfurnished materials are cheaper. We make) house, bath and garage. Call 299 - • • - 9-pk.-13 the old new again. Free estimates. ', or 916 Holly. Complete line samples. Work guar- ' ameed. j BEDROOM Icr 1 Jenkins & Son, 1U CliicUaiaftba 26c-k3-27 We specialize in Floor Sweep Special kinds for special floors Hubbard Hardware Co. 12-ck-3-12 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut fit. C?.H 451. S-ck-U FURINSHED 5 room house, oath, garage and servant house. Available March 10. Call 280 or 83. 27c ktf lil am Ferguson WHEN A CADET AT V/EST POINT,'ftECEWEO '- '- 8/2. DEMERITS...<nw 23 SHORT OF THE NUM8BR WHICH A\EANT DISMISSAL.' .. HE CQMfAITTEO 455 OPPENSES. STANDING ON THE EARTH, CAN MAKE HIMSELF H£ARD AT AN ALTITUDE OP s.9oo I Gcnerul Ciiater'^ rccwd ,it West Point cim be read to MILS di in a ihceixskin-toiuul \olimic, iti the administration ti;i)lduig tlial Institution. The long array of offenses commltlrd by yom Custcr covers six pnges. NEXT: Whit became; of the Maylloivorr PUT WE \ CloeSN'T MftTTBR. DONT KNOW YOU (AH RIDE, SHOOT. 8WNS /I'LL DR6SS \CO FIT ABOUT [I TO KILL. YOU'LL CATTLE. J \ DO, VOU'LL CO. TK£V STRUCK OIL OVtfTBV EL OORflOO. PAYING. QIC, MOMEV, NCTT A tfifT ON THE PV*CE. r^=f I PONT GET THE IDEA, SUM, VOO FAV/NCi 2OO A MONTH FOR COWHOWDS. i f. dUESTS COMIMti. FRIENDS FROM Tiri. EA5T."^ J [ WEVER BEEN WEST OF PttlLtV. tiOT T.T ..;• 'EM,SEE. GOT TO PUT ON A SHOW. SALESMAN SAM WHY KfU TliEJJUSTOMERS! Vessia( m scxm.v ; SIP.J By Smiii "'(Tr'ouGHTft eeH'ALF FRIED Jx ^ S^-^-^^CHICKEM \_^__^-^^^ss& l^lnjj^r ^h? : -z? NV fe^M:&* •.I I .-•_ X.' , •—j FRECKLES ANU HIS FRIENDS ; 1 UJKIL& -/ea IT, CHftM&E. tK 1 OM TM' Menu 1 . \Tsp,-/s FRIED UftLF CHICKEN -' UEVKRSK ENGLISH! THIG IS JEREMIW. SCUTTLE--I JUST' CALLEP To LEt MSJ THAT TVi£t?= WILL BE PAYMEWJ.DUE ON VOUR HOOS6 IM 4 FEW DAYS.' FRECKLES,! HAt A.UUHCH ABOUT THIS STOFF....TT IPOXS IT-SMELLS VALUABLE...70MORROW/ I'M COSNA TAXE.SOME To A'FPtENP OP M1NE,0\>ER.AT • PORT STOCKTON !.' LA6T MONTH W£ PAID A WEEK IN ADVANCE;..-THE l-totfTH BEFORE TXAT V/e PAID EIGHT DAYS IN AD- VAKICE...AM[>,M DECEMBER, WE PAID SIX DAYS BEFORE By Ulossei in

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