The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 16
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o.) Uppor Bq MolnM thwittay, Otfober tfr, 1961 Swea & Eagle Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Isaac •ton and family moved Saturday to a home at the' Pete CaSsem elace west of .Swea City. TM§ Donald Johnsons, who sllved in the Mel Krumm house, are now residing in the House vacated the Isaacsons. Morris Holm, who left for service, lived at the home • now occupied by the Isaacsons/ Mrs. Holm is taking up residence With her parents, the Jens Mad- sens, Bancroft, while her husband is gone. Mr. and Mrs, 4 Ordean Kabrick and family of Bancroft visited at the Kenneth Isaacson's Sunday* Thursday evening at the Carl Lofstrom home were Mr. dnet Mrs. Louis Holcorrib and Laurel ' of East Chain, Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Holcomb, Alfred and August Melz, Mr. Adolph Maass and Verna, all of Lakota. The guests observed 'the birthday of Mrs. Lofstrom. Friday afternoon at the home Of Mrs. Carl Lofstrom were neighbors, Mesdames Andrew Brones, Walter Magnusen and Arthur Kracht. The guests brought refreshments and gifts. •Mrs. Brones brought a decorated "birthday cake. ; Mr. and Mrs, Art Person and family and Mr. Lee Person of 'Lone Rock were Sunday visitors at the O. R. Person home. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Christensen were Sunday visitors at the home Of their daughter and family, the Russel Kauffmans. ; Members of the family have been making frequent trips to -Holy Family Hospital to visit • ,Mrs. IdEt Kluger. A daughter, PLANTATION BALLROOM Whlttemore, Iowa SUNDAY, OCT. 22 MARV REEDSTROM SUNDAY, OCT. 29 GUY DE LEO TUESDAY, OCT. 31 HALLOWEEN DANCE Come as you are ntte 1 NOISEMAKEHS ". FRANK BUHR No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 rjlllllliuilllllllllllilillllllillllllllliuili MM. '. WillfiM HaflffdOn 6* . James, Mlfth., stayed With her Moftday night and visited at Mlltoh hbhie Tuesday. , Sunday afternoon visitors at the Home Uf Mrs. Glen BUrt were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hargreaves, Algdna. Mrs. Qlen Burl attended the funeral of a friend, Mrs. w, B. Keliy, Guekeeft Sat* urday. MfsT Kelly, 7$ Was fatal* ly injured as she crossed, the highway Bft,the>way to tHe post office at Guckoen, when she wad struck by a (Jar, She died tw;o hours later at a hospital at Blue Earth. • f ' ' Mrs. William Holm and Keith were Sunday guests at the Clay ton - Clark horhe at ; Northfup, Minn. The Clark's Infant sofi, Bradly Allen was baptked at morning services, Mrs. Holm i£ the baby's grandmother. Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Walkei and Dori were Sunday guests at the home of his sister and husband, the Ralph Wittes. Mr. and Mrs. Qrville Baker and family visited the William Becks over the weekend Sunday Sunday dinner guests, at the Becks were the Bakers and Mr. &nd Mrs. Alvin Richardson, Jr. and Gary. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lohse and, daughter of Raymond, Minn.- were callers at the August Robi-' son home Sunday and at thei Tony Lohse home. - % • Mrs. Clifford Beadle and children were Sunday dinner guests at the August Robison home. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Mortensen and family of Brownton, Minn, were guests Sunday at Fairmont at the Don Mortensen home where a family reunion was held. Edna Pearson attended the funeral of Mrs. G. A. Sutherland, 82, Thursday at Fairmont. Mrs. George Pearson has been spending much time lately with her father, Joe Gross at Burt. He is 88 years old and has been failing in health. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Brekke, attended the funeral of her uncle, Emerson Camde'n, Saturday; at Armstrong. He was 76 arid iad v been ailing since suffering a stroke about 5 years ago. He died Thursday. Mr, Camden is survived by his wife, the former Vlayme Kennedy, and four children. Mr. Camden was Emmet county supervisor for many .rears. Sunday guests at the Lyle Srumwiede home were Mr. ana Mrs. Wilbur Bacon, Fairmont. Supper guests were .Mrs. Henriet;a Krumwiede and Ardella, Triumph. Afternoon callers were Mrs. Arlo Hanson and Mrs. Larry Peters. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schauberger ^ridj?|arnily and. Mrs. Alice Garry • caile'd on the Harold Inglet family at Ledyard Sunday. .Callers at the Kenneth Brones home the past week were Harry Noel, Fairmont, and Jerry Kauffman, Des Moines, Sunday evening coffee guests were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson, Jennifer and Jerry, and Mr. and Mrs Wltfffim' Ml'fl'. , — •"'— ' •' Art Spear, former resident of Jaile toWMhift;w«ti|».patmiS ft lstHerville'>t Holy Family ,Ko!-' pital for stiteraf days' latt.weefi: where his ilWes'fi wis • diagnosed £s: diabetes, -MrY SpedlP now reside* at SHWburri, Mfnn. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Preston, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Boever and family and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson -and fa'mlly, Es- thifviiie, efijo-yisd r.pffchie Sunday at Fort Defiant Park, "' Mf. and; Mrs. KobSrt Papen- fuhs and . family ' were Sunday evening callers at*ihe Hefb^'Pa- penfuhs home. ",..•,' , ^i Bertha Cofdes of Rolfe^is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Herb Papenfuhs. , At Cattle Congress The last' girls' ,'4<H' demonstration team to demonstrate out of the county were Lorrie Funne- rhark and Liftda Detmering' of the Wesley Wizards 4-H club, They . demonstrated homemade ice cream at the National Dairy Cattle Congress last week, 5 where they received a red placing. They were in- .competition f.., with 29 counties. The : girls were •aecbrn- panied to the Cattle Congress by their leader, Miss Lois Ben tele and Avis Lettow, county extension home economist. " Motion vui A i«u» . . i Motion by Charle* Plathe atidf oivded-by^Jens SO»H" " " o{%tft defiKribed fl& cail'i 'A?S. be .,._.., Nay*? ndhe Motion carried/ ; CHarWS Newel ' Motion by . • " by. Cha ________ r __ sessed twice be cancelled In of Farmer's Coop. Elevator ., city, Iowa. Ayes: all Nays; none tlon carrlfed. Absent: Newel MoWoil by A. J*. K!oUa»ali,6ftd ' iwM'&iS "6'7-if'foVfUiS j P.,** r A«^d,.Ayes! B| ... . Jtvtni* Nays! ttonft ii,and see-,; wiiuuv* wjr W>I«**«EV A JCIV1119 VI ml COltlFflGt^ ft?.! "ejV ealfculator foi»JHa/AudH6fS lotion carried. A~b"«entt-~:R Motion by A. M. .I&ilas onddd by Charles Plat USE HORMEL 42% HOG SUPPLEMENTS Available with antibiotic (180 gms. Aureomycin) Antibiotic and Wormer or Regular FOR Faster More Economical Gains "Always Fresh — Always Available" HORMEL LIVESTOCK STATION Algona KNOW ALLJUEN BY THESE PRESENTS! That on the 8 day of September, 1961, there was organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa a corporation known as t, & L Construction Company. The principal place of business of said corporation Is 321 South Jones, Algona, Iowa. The general nature of the business to be transacted ,by this corporation is to be the buying, selling and Improvement of real estate, and the corporation is empowered, to. enter into any and all manner of contracts, lenses, mortgages and deeds to accomplish these purposes. There : Is authorized for sale and Issuance by the corporation Teh Thousand 'Dollars ($10.000.00) of Capital Stock in the Corporation. The-stated capital with -which the' corporation shall commence business is Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000.00), which Is to be paid in at such time as the first Board of Directors shall have approved and ratified on behalf 6f the Corporation subscription agreements for said stock which were entered into prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation by the Secretary of State. • •,' ,' • , The Corporation commenced existence on the 6 day of September, 1961, and has a duration of Twenty (20) years thereafter. The affairs of this corporation shall be conducu-d by the following officers! Gus Lundh, 214 N. Woodworth (Street, Algona, Iowa, President lind Member of First Board of Directors. • Al Lundh. 2041 Garfield. Dubuque, Iowa, Vice. President and Member', of first Board Of Directors. Jerry D. Leanengh, 321 South Jones, Algona, Iowa, Secretary- Treasurer and Member of First Board of Directors. . . The First Board of Directors shall serve for one year after commencement of the corporation. A new Board of Directors shall be elected at each, annual shareholders meeting' on the second Saturday in February, and shall cake office on the fifteenth day of August of each year. Private property , belonging to each of the shareholders in the corporation shall be exempt from all corporate debts and liabilities. Jerry D. Leaneagli Secretary-Treasurer Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS REGULAR. JUNE SESSION 1961 TWENTY-SECOND DAY SEPTEMBER 1, 1961 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were John Kode, Chairman, and Jens aorensen, A. M. Kollasch, and Charles Plathe. Absent: Charles Newel Motion uy *.. M. Kollasch and seconded by Charles Plathe that upon Hearing and that no objections were filed, the budget for 1D81 be approved as read. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion Carried. Absent: Charles Newel. Motion by A. M. Kollasch and seconded by Charles Plathe that taxes be suspended on Lot 3 and W',i Lot 2 Blk 13, O. L. "C", Fenton, Iowa. Property IB In the name of Ella Peril. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Absent: Charles Newel Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by A. M. Kollasch that taxes be suspended on Lot 4 Blk 147 Call's Add to Algona Inc. — property in the name of Eugene & Lucy Myers. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Absent: Charles Newel Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Plathe that the 2nd quartely report of the Soldier Relief be approved. Ayes: all Nuys: none The FASHION Wise... A re COSMETIC Wise! NO MATTER WHETHER YOUR WAR PROBE IS COTTON, SILK OR SATIN, SELECT YOUR COSMETICS WITH CARE AND FROM NATIONALLY ACCEPTED LINES WITH ACCENT ON BETTER PERFUMES , . . WE STOCK FOR YOUR APPROVAL I REVLON MAX FACTOR DU BARRY SHULTON TUSSY COTY LANOLIN-PLUS YARDliY AND MANY, MANY OTHERS* OUR SERVICE AND ADVICE IS AS NEAR AS YOUR TELEPHONE. RUSK DRUG AND JEWELRY 117 East St. 4-3349 |||||p|||w^ It was motioned that the following [alms be disallowed. . , *.' ..A. Oayidson t; rent — *.....*.. 40.00 dward Lenzr Beans damaged by Sjrfayirlg ----- i.t»*.Ji n ___ ..... 28 Od If was motioned that 1 the payment claims allowed, at this meeting ot l^. 1 *! 8 ?! 1 " . and ^ trms1 ?!? ted tomedl* e J y » ^.te 1 !! 8 b ? ' ra(ut <»>, • allowed, and confirm g r. John K. Uren, inspection 17.00' r. j. F. Johns, Jr:, inspection s.oo Dr. Jay D. Rush, Inspection „ 2080" Dr. Duanc G. Jacobson, Inspec- • ••• . tlon •«»„ .j.._.' j«..»..».>'•'• 400 Dr.. Alexander R. Citlfem.'In* •'•« spectlon --—-..-.. .:_..;.„.._ 13,00 TOiVt •niKtt**«dfcwA l l,b,ba*d'Aaa_U4 tM A Armco Drainage & Metal Products, Bipe £ supplies .1.1.1,.. Brown JSupplR Cev'iHflwjjatta Curtis Induhrles fnfc., Battt .... Frank B. Fliher, .parti .«*'.... EvehW Brfli., .cortatett .*.*— sanford J»ib. ajati., sart» ... wm. J. Baker, Rodmafl .^.^... Donald & L6I3 JftcflbS. graVSl Town' of West'BeBd; utfhtifj . Spender Grocer Co., supplies' . J. E. Ukena Co., parta .—.... Gambles, supplies *„.»...* Deng-Oil Lubricant Co,, oil ** Swea City Oil Co., tires „. . ..... ____ apeslus, Inspection lir InspebHon .*„. Dr. K. J. Ca Dr. J. K. Hli .*„. Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, ingpectldri Dr. D. J. Shey, Inspection ..j. Dr. J, R, Walte, Inspection . . Dr. A. J. cofttsn, inspeetibrv .. Dr. John- E. Uren, inspection § r. H. P. Shoeman, Inspection r. Jay D, Rush, inspection ___ Df. N. M. HesSB^ inspection ... Or, E. J. Capeslus, Inspection Dr. P. ,C. Gellenfeldt, inspection ...,^. ___ .. ...... ..; Dr.'J. K. Hill, inspection ...I. 0r. A. W. R. Lichter, inspection ______ . ________________ Dr. J. A. Santtner, inspection Df. D. J. Shey, inspection ____ Dr. J. R. Walte, inspection ___ Dr. R. E. Weber, inspection ». » T. B. FUND Dr. J. R. Waito, inspection _____ SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., elec. serv. Algona Mun. Util,, utilities ___ 1.00 S'M 33.00 26.00 MO.OO 4.00 21.00 14.00 28.00 14.00 12.00 44.00 54.60 13.88 _ ^ O1 *1 St." Ann Hosp^ medlcai""I.III 924X16 27.00 41.00 6.00 2.70 5.00 1.00 12.35 50.00 Ted Fisher, rent . 25 00 North .Cent. Pub, Serv., gas ._ 2.08 Dr. F. C. Bi'ushvmcdlcal ' 35.00 Bill's Jack Sprat Store.-food .. 121.00 John N. Keneflck, M.D., . , medical— ^i**..;.*...*.-..!.- 6400 Otto Laabs, mileage 23.00 Dan L. Bray, M.D., medical .^ 29.25 Welp Drug Store, medical 16.15 Mrs. E. Behnkendorf, rent' ,- 25.00 • .HQADI CLfiAHIHO FOND Payroll Fund, road clearing!»„ 711.26 VCOUHT FtJHD , Payroll Fund, court . i 1,431.60 Delia Welter, J. P. Fees • —\Dr. C. C. Shierk, mayor's fees Delia Welter, J. P. fees .... Ralph Llndhorst, mileage -._.._ Dr. C. C. Shierk, mayor's f6e» Ralph Lindhorst, mileage .,_„ Koch Bros., supplies '.*,;±. Joseph J. Straub, court costs J. STATS INSTITUTION State Mental Health, care and Keep '.-.*.*.*..,. f ... 21,937.24 Corwin" Keith, Emmet County Auditor 50.12 Mental Health Institute, Care and Keep — 245.88 DRAINAGE FUND John Thompson, Dr. 4 12.60 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. 9 — _:._ 8.15 John Thompson, Dr. 63 . 25.50 Melvln Rleken, Dr. 81 0.00 A. J. Kollasch, Dr. 82—*_ 21.00 Walter Frambach, Dr. 83 2.80 Harold Frambach, Dr. 83 2.00 David L. Shumway, Dr. 132 _. 10.00 Fagre Const. Co., Dr. 133 (9 3 Warrants written) *._ 8,009.18 Axel Brattlund. Dr. 133 lo;00 E. J. Seeney, Dr. 133 48.SS Fagre-Const. Co,, Dr. E. K. 4 ' (Z Warrants written) Walter Framba,ch, Dr. E. K. 5 Harold Frambach, Dr. E. K. 5 Garner Sec. Rd. Fund, Dr. H. ; K. 3-48 76.84 Sec. Rd. Fund, Garner, Dr. H K. 7-120 _•_'----.„.._ Jess M. Shearer, Dr. H. K. No. 8 (3 warrants) 2,290.80 Waltep Frombseh, Dr. H. K. No. 8 - j so.OO Harold Frambach, Dr. H. K. No. 8 . . 40.00 Leonard Harmon, Dr. W. K. 68-136 .— 179.56 Charles K. Booth, Dr. Trl. 84 . 5.15 Pedersen & Fetersen, Dr. Tri. 84 ..:.. 10.52 Erven N. Anderson, Dr. Trl. 84 20.81 SECONDARY ROAD FUND Standard Oil' Co.. diesel t uel _. 2,370.80 Goplerud Lubricants Inc., fuel 144.14 Allen Equip. Co., supplies 42.03 Vogel Paint & Wax Co., sup- piles ..„ j 50.75 Rock Island Lumber Co., supplies , 84.03 Baade s Repairs, repairs 17.13 Seed Hdwc., supplies 14.88 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., parts . 111.31 Williams, supplies 7821 trvington Store, parts ' 7.98 K. & H. Coop. Oil Co., luel 68.90 Lone Rock Tel. Co., Tel. serv. 34.35 Quick Supply Co., ditching — 32.80 Algona Imp. Co., parts 20.60 Dukehart-Hughcs Tractor & Equip. Co., Inc., parts - 1,022.27 Cook's Welders Supplies, supplies 56.80 Sgesdal's Briardale Store, supplies 4.78 Pratt Elec. Const. Co., labor * 1,556.80 12.07 0.66 8.41 An and parts nold Motor Supply, supplies 17.93 27.68 •84 Laing's Plumbing, parts Blanchard Lumber & Hdwe., supplies 55.25 Don Bakeu Supply, supplies y.2Q Miller Lumber Co.. supplies — 5.78 Martin Oils Inc., fuel : 103.28 Algona Welding & Manufacturing, repairs , til).00 Ready-Mix, supplies 2.88 All Wheel Drive Co., calcium chloride 2.475.08 Adam Heiderscheldt, labor 11900 Everds Bros., proj. no. 1139 (3) 22,386.08 North Central Pub. Serv. Co., gas - ...i... 2.32 Algona Mun. Util., utilities ... 8.74 Elmer Dole Company, Gravel proj. No. 532 (2) & Malnt No. 5 8,624.05 Elmer Dole Co., Maint. proj. No. 6 12.285.95 Everds Bros., proj. No. 90, 329, (2), 805 (2). 1134 14,019.35 Payroll Fund, sec. rd. payroll 15,502.31 Elmer Dole Co., Gravel No. 531 (2) & Malnt No. 7 2,747.23 P.M. Stone Company & Welp & MvCarten Int., final: V Cover Agg 1,773.0} Everds Bros., #a»e proj. No. 508 (2) ,- 3,115.82 Everds Bras., final: base proj. No. 1139 (2J 2,553.93 Everds Bros., Final: Base proj. NO. 1142 (U — 1,274.40 Everds Bros., Final: Base pioj. No. 507 (1) 1,80331 Everds Bros., Final: Base pruj. No. 312 (1) 1 2,534.23 LuVerpe Build. Co., tile & cement ..,. „ 208 Greenberg Auto Supplies, purls 280 89 Central Iowa Tel. Co., tel. serv. 21 05 Thompson Dist. Co., parts Jack's O. K. Tires, tires West la. Tel. Co. tel. serv Bomgaars Ben Franklin Store. supplies ,_. Iowa Pub. Serv. Co.. elec. serv. Iowa Elec. Light & Power Co., elec. scrv Norton Machine Works, parts Henry i'clir, grave! -- -_ 1,'J80.4' Carpenter & Son, parts 7.7; Lariy Yuunswiilh. supplies ,_ 13,01 Fred Ducrr, labor ... art -it N. W. BL-U Tel. Co.. tel. serv. - 4$'.% Kent Motor Co., pails .,- 333.8! Jaine* U. Marrynuiu, labor, management, equipment , 3#Q.59 John Thompson, labor _., Vi'i.50 Kos,?uth Motor Co.. purls lo.Jjfl Cullen Hdwe., supplier .- 1079 Louw K'jtk Coop, exchange. coal and Hie _ 1519' O. H. Snytjer. giavtl sijr George BeenkeU. gravel 100 Herman M. Broun Co., parts and repairs . tmj.ifl Hilton's Supyr Svvice, impairs a««l fuel '-.,... J81.84 DeutUii Wetwr. laiior 43.73 Cuiivt'vUj J'j'uJ',-'-- Cory JJII;L CeoU«J Iowa KmJ I el. Co, tel 78.48 45.10 66.50 72,88 435.83 156.04 6,824.61 3,lo0.41 8.00 246.80 27V.S3 17.19 2.10 '3.13 . 4.03 6.50 •40.18 1.19 6.00 2.90 2.25 4:00 4,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 • 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.004.00' 1.32 4.67 5.33 22.00 .50 289.63 795.40 84.98 3.90 87.'50 Lee & McOutfe, road work ... Standard Oil. fuel .—.»—...Ken's 88 Oil CO.", fuel ..j....^' percival Motors, parts ana repairs ..... . . Standard Oil Co., fuel *..„...». Sleg-Fort Dodge Co, u |>atU( — N. Cent. Pub. Serv, Cd., Gal Algona Mun. Utll., Utilities . Algona Mun. Utll., Utilities Payroll Fund, County Payroll Payroll Fun, County Payroll Webster Co. Detention Home, Keep ....... Ralph W. Llndnerst, Board & Lodge df Prisoner* * Ralph W. Llndhorit, Meals, Mileage, Assistance Donald M. Wood, Mileage .. Davis Paint, Supplies ... N. W, Bell Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. Long's Studio, Supplies . —._ Spencer Grocer, Supplies — Joyce Hayden, Mileage .— Rusk Drug', Supplies -i.- — Culllgan Sott Water, Soft Water i...i. .... Honsbruch Drug; Supplies ._ Dr. Schutter, Blood Test Leonard Sterizel, Meeting -. Leonard Dittmer, Meeting Ralph Bicrstedt, Meeting ... Harold Holmgren, Meeting ___ Rapheal Montag, Meeting .— Leo Hanselman, Meeting ---. Herman W. HarrMsj Meeting _ Clair L. Reding/Meeting •, Gaylord Johnson, Meeting — Raymond Dreyer, Meeting ..— L. H. Seegebarth, peering Mcrvin Christenson, Meeting . Advance Pub. Co., Supplies . IBM, Ribbon _ Koch Bros., Supplies . North Central Pub. .Serv. Co., Gas : Cullen Hdwe., Supplies N. W. Bell Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies Klipto Loose Leaf Co,, Supplies Security State Bank, Checks Directory Serv., Supplies „•„*, Jenkins-Fergcmann ..Co/, Supplies , Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies :. Koch Bros., Supplies „— IBM, Supplies ! Surrough's, Supplies Addressograph-Multlgraph Corp., Repairs — -1 IBM, Maint. Agreement Drs. Schultz & Schultz, Blood Test Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Board Proceedings — Advance Pub. Co., Board Proceedings . : Advance Pub. Co., Notices — Advance Pub. Co., Supplies — Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies & Metal File Gordon L. Winkel, Expenses Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Ad County Treasurer, Bounties _ POOR FUND Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll __' 990.00 Roy Bjustrom, Rent 24.45 W. A. Hedrick, Rent 10.00 G. R. Cook, Rent 25.00 Harvey Rath, Rent 35.00 Milo Durant, Rent 2500 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage -- 62.95 Mrs. John Kadow, Mileage . 15.00 Leona P. Snider, Mileage ... 35.00 Schellhammer Funeral Home, Ambulance 10.00 Algona Bus Depot, Bus Fare 29.05 Weaver's Furniture, Mileage _ 17.bO Charles Schrader, Gas 7.50 N. Cent. Pub. Serv. Co.,. Gas _ "• 5.88 Algona Mun. Utll., Utilities . '-" 32.31 St. Ann Hosp., Medical 1,339.24 M. G. Bourne, M. D., Medical 67.50 Joseph M. Roqnoy, M. D,, Medical - -- 14.25 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 16.60 Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical 60.75 John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical i j.... 84.75 lohn N. Kenofick, M. .D., Medical ... 173.50 University Hosp., Medical 192.10 Dale A. Harding, M. D., Medical ... 3.00 Hugo A. Llndholm, M. D., Medical 26.25 'aul L. Warner, M. D., Medical 38.00 iancock Co. Memorial Hosp., Medical ,- 131.30 Holy Family Hosp., Medical . 237.75 . G. Clapsaddle, M. D., Medical 11.75 Mallory Drug Store, Medical - 37.40 k Drug, Medical 210.47 114.61 183.71 5.15 6.25 6.10 53.33 20.00 ' ,. < 10.00 157.86 158.06 13.39 3.50 80.00 166.75 229.62 15.56 70.43 Inlurance ilo/ < Foo*d""I iVi food .. MJrt/ f66d , ---Vogel's Grocery 1 , Food *... ___ Serv,, Burial ----------- - McCullbuoh'Sy Ambulaftce — Algona Good Samaritan Cafe & Keep „...•-....... 'Curtis Rest Home, Card & Keep SaraH Harbour, Core'.& Keep Delta H, Falvey, Care,& Keep Lutherarv Home Finding Soe., Cafe A Keep Mrs. Olive M. Bates, Care & Keep _ .....'......Convent of the Good Shepherd, Care & Keep _...J State of Iowa, Dependent Children .j.' . State 6f Iowa, Blind Fund ... State Of "Iowa, Emerdertcy Relief I.....".,...... State of lowo, Disabled .... Mary B. Noe, -Labor .. Ira Dutton. Shelling Arthur Thilges, Baling AldOn* Locker Plant, Rent — Cullisah, Soft Water f Thermogas Co. of Algftna, Gas Bobmgaar's Beri Franklin Store, Supplies .. ,—. Cullen Hdwe., Supplies N. W. Bell Tel. CO., Tel. Serv. Honsbruch Drug, Medical Thuente Pharmacy, Medical . Surge, Dairy 'Equipment Hegarty's Plb. & Htg.,' Repairs Algona Imp. Co., Parts Roger L. Whipple, Fuller Brush . ' Supplies -.. - Oryllle Duncan, Subscription Vincent F, Esser, Haircuts — Consl. Coop. Creameries, Dairy Products ,, j'--_ .. M. & J. R. 'Hakes, Supplies — Finn's Bakery, Food Council Oak Store,' Food S & L, Supplies ..-.i.- Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel Hobarlon Coop. Elevator, Feed ' , : PAYROLL FUND ' Dr. Richaro anyoer, Liep. Medical Examiner Mildred Butzke, Assists the- Treas. Office Joan Mueller, Assists the Sheriff's Office Verna Aldrich, Assists the Treas. Office ___._.! . R. K. Beck, Probation Officer Fern V. Miller, Court Reporter L. C. Rovn, Probation Deputy Dean G. •Parrott, Court Reporter Heiko C|app, County Home — Alice L. Clapp, County Home Hulda Jorgenson, County Home Murl Jorgenson, County Home Claire A. Boltze, Court Re- ' porter Raymond H. WisnonrJr., Court Reporter .—,—; John H. Rode, Meeting* & •Mileage A. M. Kollasch, Meetings & Mileage Jens M. Sorensen, Meetings & Mileage Charles Plathe, Meetings & Mileage '._, Charles H. Newel, Meetings & Mileage R. A. Harvey, Weed Commissioner . Folkert Stecker, Weed commission T. J. Fisher, Weed Commission • Andrew Reding, Weed Commission John Batton, Weed Commission H. M. Smith, Engineer John Fraser, Assists Engineer Hazel Anliker, Clerk James Hpffman, Rodman J. W. Burnett, Labor ._•_.•.__ ,70.66 94.50 ' 29.06 491.60 15.00 206.44 ' 65.00 31.13 • 85.25 1,251.89 225.91 104.56 53.45 15.00 10.00 120.00 12,00 24.50 3.10.59 '20.38 12.29 21,35 S7i89 8.00 52.60 197.86 5.50 " B.oO 2,20 9.00 254.14 259.92 80.18 75M2 73.60 86.96 339.89 37.38, 150.90 116.19 171.10 109.04 66.06 105.19 54.12 142.12 142.12 123.25 133.05 80.70 , 64.84 526.36 505.83 380.39 453.74 328.46 208.86 152.22 26.70 183.07 48.39 703.23 480.08 209.35 132.27 260.28 FRIDAY, OCT. 20th FRANK BUHR AND HIS RAMBLERS SATURDAY, OCT. 21ih JULES HERMAN AND THE DEBUTANTS MIDWEST'S YOUNGEST TALENTED VOCALIST WATCH FOR FRI., OCT. 271h AND SAT., OCT. 281h OCTOBER FESTIVAL More Colorful Than Hawaiian Niles Beer Mugs From Germany •:.i.:•:•:.i-i.:• BLAKE FUNERAL HOMES CORWITH RENWICK HOMES AT LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA ALLEN J. BLAKE, DIRECTOR 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED - RADIO CONTROLLED PHONE TU 2-3322 (collect) LuVerne (Home Office) £tI8X8^^ GeOrQe,, "» l>OCK(Gr| La DOT 4 -i A, J* KOllasch, Labor j.*Zi ftt*If-E, MIIUry.UMf "" Herbert C. Neflft, Labor... Edward Rlek«, .Later;%—*- Gnarlel Th6rtiH»6ft, Labor .. 'Q&rijd WerlrigaY Labor .... OfvllTs Wfllland, Labor ..*. Raymond Balds, Labor ._'»_ Ev.'M. bo*W r Labor *..... Cllffbtd Holme*, Caber .... Dale Helmers, Labor -»-^-L. A.' Hackbarth, Labor & Urban Neurtlth, Ufaer tern Stockwell, Labor ...... Clifford BloncHird, Labflr .. Maurice Eischen, Labor ..._ Donald FrldefM, Labor George flade, Uabor -----Albert Granzow, Ubor & 81.78 3M.o5 287-47. 293.05' 326.45 284,45 329.66 303.15 274.35 294.94 313.25 73,84 293.05 303.32 274.35 39.0S 33.67 44.28 ..... HehtasS, Ubflr ij>- E«rL Johns, Ubor f ..i..~i- Amon Kardo«,t Ubor • «•.-.. John A,.Utton, L«b8f .*** Ralph Markla, .Labor ..—. Ben Metioer, Labor .„....E. C. Ohfti, Labor — - ---- John Schuster, Jr., Labor .. George C, .Studer, , Libof — James Willis Schulti, Uabar Ant6n Sorenseti, Labor & Mil " «< i*..**,- — ----»; Walker, WS«' '»<•-,Cyril. W«flfl*fi,'L»bbr ._.>.. ErUfr WfflWH/.Utor . — * C. £. 2»Qdd, Labor ...— Renry 2wjif«l. Ubftf •*.. • BoarB 6f '.SupirVtJori ' ATTESTf Mara M66W, " • , , KouutH &>, Auditor '" Linda L Larson "LINDA" The attractive young lady pictured above knows kilowatt hours and cubic feet of water backwards and forwards. Thai is, she can take a meier reading and convert it with pin-point accuracy'into dollar* and cents. She is Linda Larson, now in her 3rd year of service with Algona Municipal Utilities. She is employed in the AMI/ business office, where in addition to her work with meter books she does the posting. 'Counter-jumping' is also .part.of her work — Linda likes wailing on AMU customers and considers it good experience. ;. - i a> i .••!:'••• \-'t : ' ••. ',; ,• -..I'.,"; ••;1JTO' Linda is just learning how to bowl, she likes movies ' and the thrill of stock Car races, and greatly enjoys music. She is single, and commutes to Algona from a farm near Lone Hock where her parents reside, but expects to move to Algona for the winter months. Oh yes, Linda believes that "a family of three children is just about the ideal size." Are You Always In "Hot Water?" You are if you have an electric hot water healer. There is never a lack of piping hot water when it comes from an electric hot water heater. Besides, it gives you a low •basement store' all-over electric rate. Algona Municipal Utilities "LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY" AT FIRST LIGHT have « wwh on the n$w frinw What yoyngstw wouldn't like a pretty Princeaa for her very own? It'a dainty in s^e» ^w4 charmingly It cornes jn five colors, too. Anrf the dial light becomes a bedropro nigW light Bttheflwkpf»|witch, " It's so inexpensive that many teen-tigers pay the pharpg tbemselvea for their own Princess extension jeryice. Call the telephone business office— or fej your telephswi ffiyi^WWi,, * '

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