The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1961
Page 13
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October 19, 1961 Cub Scout Pack Slates Meeting Here Oct. 24 October 19, 1961 About two dozen persons interested in Cub Sbofts, attended a meeting at the hlgH school here Tuesday evening. meeting of all bo'ys (ai least' eight years of age) ahd-'paririts interested in Cub Scout'work at the school * here Tuesday HIGH FUEL BILLS make you hit theceiling? CEILING HOT WHEN YOU HIT IT? THEN YOU HAVE AN ORDINARY HEATERI evening, Oct. 24, at 7 p.m. were announced. It is hoped a Cubmaster for pack 70 can be named then. Sev* eral of the other officers of the pack were named, or' volunteered, Tuesday, artd it was also learned that several den mothers will have 16 volunteer their services so the program can really get going. The other-loell/Cub pack, number 29, has already begun full operations, There will be games fot the prospective Cubs and a *rie*eting of the parents at Bryftht, Jean Hall Wed Oct. 14 Jennie SO YEARS Hammond. uciuiie xitmmiuiiu- 6fj ''Belle Pldine recently received her 50- year membership pin and certif-' icate to the Morning Star. Chapter of the Eastern Star, ietfs NO EXTRAVAGANT CLAIMS! MISREPRESENTATION OF SIZE OR QUALITY!. NO FALSE MARKUPS! AIM JKJFALSE DISCOUNTS! Available in Yellow or White Gold CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS It, pays for Itself with the fuel It saves I We don't blame you for hitting the ceiling if you con. tinually pay for heat you don't get! The new SIEGLER Oil'Home Heater wrings the heat out of every drop of oil, then pours it out over your floor. With a SIEGLER, you get'the comfort miracle of SUPER FLOOR HEAT.' no over-heated ceilings and low, low fuel bills. So don't ;j(}t:fcitbelceiling i..hit your Siegler dealer for.a hot demormtrationt "' • • \ BURT HARDWARE HARDWARE & APPLIANCES Phone 58 BURT IOWA - American Gem ALGONA.IOWA Our reputation and experience are your guarantee! The best diamond values ever offered! Klnm and dtamondj enlarged to show detail NOW! A NEW WORLD OF WORTH! '62 CHEVROLET JOBMASTER TRUCKS WITH NEW High Torque Power! Here's new High Torque power for every weight class—light, medium and heavy...the most powerful engines In Chevrolet history.., sure saving power and dependability for every Job) There are plenty of powerful reasons for • Chevy superiority. High torque reasons, Reasons that range all the way from a mighty new High Torque 409 V9* for heayies, right down to the thrifty Sixes .., Including the High Torque 261 Six* that's available for the first time In light-duties. Loads of other reasons, too. like the new work styling wfth downward-sloping hoods that let drivers see up to 10V5 feet more of the road directly ahead. Like Chevrolet's proved Independent Front Suspension for even smoother riding, easier working trucks. Like the heavier duty hypold rear axles for mlddleweights and the rugged new I-beam front axles* (9,000- or 11,000-lb. capacity) available for extra-tough jobs on Series 80 heavyweights. Like the longer lived mufflers. Like work-proved Corvair 95's (2 pickups and a panel) that haul up to 1,900 Ibs. of payload with low-cost dependability and sure rear-engine traction. Like to know more? See your Chevrolet dealer. 4-PDIOMl 130 hp; 271lbs-fttorqua NEW CHEVROUT-CM DIESEL DURABILITY Here's new earning power for middle' weights... rpfk-boUom maintenance cosfe, compact */*», low weight, top torquq and top power, «M VI 252 hp; 390lbi-tttorqiM MEW HIGH TORQUE V8 With ievk per cent more torque than eve/ before available from Chevrolet, 999 your focal authorized Chevrolet dealer KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY AlOONAJOWA CY 4-3554 Leah Jean Hall became the bride of William. Francis Manly in a ceremony performed Oct. 14 in St. Francis Xavier Chapel, Phoenix, Ariz, by Father O'Brien. Miss Hall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hall, Algona, and the groom is the son of Mrs. Charles Manly, and the late Charles Manly, Grinnell. Mrs. Robert Evans was matron of honor and best man was Robert C. Manly, brother of the groom, Salt Lake City, Utah. The bride wore a street-length satin sheath gown with an over skirt of satin, Sabrina neckline and short sleeves. Her headpiece was a satin bow with a shoulder- length veil attached. She carried white bible and white orchid:Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Richard, E.'j **• -Mie "bride ' State University of Iowa. The groom attended Southern Methodist, Dallas, Texas, and University of Iowa. He graduated from undergraduate school and law school and was affiliated with Phi Delta Theta fraternity. After a wedding trip to Pinetop Lodge, White Mountains of Arizona, the coujSle. will be at home at 902 West Glendale Avc., Phoenix Racquet Club, Phoenix. (UDM Engraving) GO-CARTS Roger Moser of Dallas Center became interested in go-carts and first operated them along the Moser's long lane. When it provr ed a little bumpy, he used a wheel disc, a drag and his tractor to shape a circular track in •a,small .fiejd on ^his farm. -There's .-... „ one" problem:"M6ser's farm' work college, Notre Dame, Ind. and keeps him away some times" 'new Westinghouse f \ . /LP /, I . "electric range with FOUR GREAT FIRSTS in convenience 1 FIRST Magic Mirror Door ...light on, see in...light off, neat as a pin. An exclusive Westinghouse feature. 3 FIRST Fine Tuning Surfaca Units., .rotary controls show live marked settings, also lets you dial an infinite number of cooking heats in between. YOU CAN BE SURE...IF IT'S Westinghouse FIRST Pantry Shelf... often-used utensils, seasoning and cooking implements have a placa right below the oven. FIRST Plug-Out Surfac* Units and Oven Heater* ... heating element! plug-out as easily as 9 lamp cord to make clean* up so easy. As Advertised In Todays Farm and Home Section. Beecher Lane Appliance CY 4-3613 TIRMS Algong A BROOKLYN.COLLEGE FACULTY member, Dr. Eric Riss, 32, feels that a scientific approach to marriage pays off in greater wedded bliss. He backs up his theory in a practical way, and incidentally makes himself some money, by running a.scientific, machine-made mating bureau. The bureau does as much as possible to eliminate chance. Whether or not Dr. Riss is himself happily married it does not say. » « * I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ONE TO think that although marriages may be made in heaven you have to live them right here on earth. Science didn't have much to do with it in my clay, but if Dr. Riss can 'do something about taking the risk out of one of life's most important adventures, I suppose I'll go along with him. And if his bureau, by scientific methods, can also teach couples how to cope with marital problems after the knot is tied, it would have my unqualified support. * * * THE WAY THE BUREAU OPERATES is to submit each marital prospect Id an exhaustive interview to find his likes and dislikes, family background, and goals in life. Some 70 personality traits are indexed on a card for each person and the cards are' then run through an electronic sorter. It picks out the people, who according to scientific theory, have the host chances for a successful marriage. * * * I DON'T WANT TO BELITTLE A MACHINE, but it should be very simple for anybody to sort out the ideal wife for a man according to the prospective husband's business or profession. I'm not saying; that marriage would work out successfully because the traits were right, but if the machine came up with this particular set of personality traits, I think I could pick what business her husband should be in: * * , * 1. DEFINITE MUSICAL ABILITY. 2. Is able to stand having a man around the house a lot of the time. 3. Meets people readily and is able to soothe "ruffled feathers". 4. Has willpower to keep her weight down. 5. Doesn't mind being in the public view most of the time. * * * WITH THIS SET OF PERSONALITY TRAITS. I would say that this woman should be the wife of a preacher. She needs her musical ability to play the church organ or sing in the choir, and ministers, especially those with their study in the home, are around lots of the time. All minister's wives get lots of chances at peacemaking and with all of those meetings to attend, with a rich dessert served at every one of them, getting too fat is indeed a hazard. Her living room, at least, has to always be in order because people drop in at all. hours. Though her home belongs as much to the congregation as it does to her, at least she never has 10 worry about the mortgage payment. * * * NEXT, LET'S CONSIDER another woman with this set of personality traits. 1. Doesn't mind being a widow at least three days out of the week. 2. Is able to cope with problems by herself. 3. Can type. 4. Can laugh off jokes about her husband's way of making a living. 5. Is flexible in her attitude toward a permanent home. • * * ' * THAT SET OF PERSONALITY TRAITS indicates to me that this woman, should be either the wife of a traveling salesman or a cross- country truck driver. Most of them are left alone quite a bit of the time and that's just when the furnace acts up or the kids come down with the measles. The typing ability would coma, in. haridy with all those reports her husband has to make, and lacking that ability she should at least be.-willing to,give up. an evening out while her husband works on themvJokas about^ th'e-"farmers daughter'.' and. her husband living it. up on an expense account are so prevalent she wouldn't;, dare take them seriously. Company policies being what they are, she 'often is required to move to ah entirely new town every few years. T * * * .. • : - . ANOTHER SET OF PERSONALITY traits might be: 1. Able to stand telephone interruptions. 2. Recipes for many dinner dishes that are still good after waiting for several minutes or hours. 3. A lack of jealousy of other women who share their most intimate problems with your husband. 4. Patience with people who rob your husband, and your household, of precious sleep for trivial reasons. 5. Sympathy. « * * THIS SET OF ATTRIBUTES INDICATES to me that this woman should be the wife of a doctor, because in that exacting role a wife needs a great deal of patience and sympathy. Or this set of attributes might indicate that she should be the wife of a plumber! You didn't know those two ways of making a living had any similarites ? Well, I've seen the time when a heatless furnace or a plugged drain could be just as much of an emergency as a sick child, and a plumber knows till sorts of intimate things about other women, including what her basement look like and what stopped up her drain. (Most of the time he won't tell them !) Besides that, a plumber's wife has to put up with jokes about marrying him because she didn't want to be called the "plumber's friend." But in the amount of money earned in the professions and the trade •— there the similarity ends. Doctors have it all over the plumbers. * * * SOME GAL MIGHT COME UP WITH THE following attributes: 1. Has had a course in accounting. 2. Is a good quantity cook. 3. Has a strong back, 4. Has considerable mechanical ability. 5. Can cheerfully limit her social engagements to rainy days during the planting and harvest season. 6. Understands economics — home, the law of supply-demand and government-support variety. If a gal has these, she should certainly be the wife of a farmer. * * « A FARMER'S WIFE HAS A GOOD chance to do bookkeeping because these days her husband is involved just as much in business as he is in agriculture. She also has to cook for several additional men, many on short notice. She needs strength and energy because, despite the multitude of conveniences farm homes have now, there are still many things that muscle can accomplish better than machines. And most farmer's wives, so I'm told, take their turns at being extra-hands and at driving the tractor. Farmers' wives must also have an answer ready for their town friends when they say, "You farmers must be getting rich — judging by the price we have to pay for beef at the grocery store", * * * DR. RISS' MACHINE DOES NOT claim to be a final matchmaker. It just picks out the people who, according to scientific theory have the best chances for a successful marriage. However well-intentioned he might be, and no matter how scientific the attributes, I will bet my bottom dollar that match-making will go on the way it has always gone. A boy will meet a girl, notice that she has a neat figure, the kind of face he's always liked, and that certain something that says, "she's for me!" Wham ! They'll be in love and science will have nothing to do with it. » * » I HAVE KNOWN A GIRL WHO SAID she couldn't stand preachers; a woman whose closest contact with a farm was to eat a bowl of corn flakes; and a girl whose philosophy had always been that if you had to wait around for some guy, he wasn't worth having. But they fell in love and married, respectively, a preacher, a farmer and a doctor ! Without a single scientific attribute, they are now ideal wives to their husbands. The science part, it seems to me, comes in adjusting to your life after you have done your match-making. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE COMES FROM A wife of 50 years — Dot Smith, who with her husband, Don, celebrated their golden wedding Sunday. When they were married, an old friend of mine tells me, they were the handsomest couple in town. They still are, and they get such a kick out of living. Congratulations to them ! The recipe is for Baked Chili: 1 pound hamburger 1 can red beans % cup rice 1 pint tomatoes 1 medium onion, chopped. Salt, pepper, chili powder to taste. Brown the hamburger until it is crumbly. Add the beans, tomatoes, washed raw rice, onion and seasonings. Place in a casserole and bake in 375 degree oven for at least one hour. This gets better if it is reheated the second day. — GRACE. 60 YEARS Bert Snodgrass O f Lament will observe his 60th anniversary with the railroad next May. jje has been Lament depot agent for 57 of those 60 years. Still s and in good health at 78, : _ Snodgrase has no plans to retire.

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