The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1938
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L BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TI-IE* t^^>Tf V A KVM XTCmrci* A rtt^t-* v> T-» «. j-i .>•••*.*-** » ^^*^ VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 310. niythcvtllc Courier Blytheville Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NO-KTHEAST AliKAKSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi vnllcy Lender" '• ~ • BlytiievlliB Dally News HI AT11RV1LLK, ARKANSAS, KU1DAY, JIAUCH 18, IMS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS iPPnOVESuILL OFSlftlE Senate Basses Measure; $175,000 Appropriation For Rural Schools LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 18 (Ul 1 ) —The house loday passed a resolution introduced by Keprescnlii- Uve Janifs Campbell of Hot Springs lo complete its business and adjourn on or before April 1. The rcsoliilton must be <on- i-iurcd in hy Hie senate if its provlslniis are lo be upheld. Invited To See Work Underway On Stadium lilythcvllle ciil/ens who wish to vlfcw ihelr nr-w .stadium "In the makm?,' yet- invited lo visit lh«- liltjh school uroniKij, Ui(. s afternoon and loingbl, »•)«.,•„ Hi<> ram-n-ti; i.s tcinii poured i,, r ui<> tloor <,r 11)1' I'CJilf-l- MfflOtl fjy W 'i>A W( j|it- i-r.s. As nn lidded pri-ciunKm !o |mv(> tlif Kiiidlimi und gymnasium un- UMinlly mil liuili, cxirn can- is lx>- 1U8 taken to pour the conwie without Mopping until in,, work is completed, nmlnij the past several ni'ius. m . ws ImVl( work(ic] until i-arly morning to cojnplcic each pan u f the job. Tne v.«ik i.s now mom than 20 days iilu-ud of schedule on tin- stadium and tin. v:ork order for llio UMiuia.siiiin will be issued within a slum lime. ELECTROCUTED Tall Man With A Bio- Job !"• WH*«MnrAMM« rT"n ^ r~ i - i r n* iniin ' - 1IJEFEHTEB vc To Curlail Presi- •lenl's Bioarl Powers Is LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 18, (UP)— The slate senate, today approved the bill of Senator Luther J. Wilkes of Helena for a 51,000,000 highway maintenance appropriation. The senate also approved the S115.CCO appropriation lo insure normal terms for mral public schools. Both of the bills were passed unanimously. The bill of Senalor H. M. Barney of Texarkana. seeking removal of tolls from bridges was under debate when the solons rccess- i'd for the noon hour. The senate was expected to vole on (his bill and consider confirmation of Oov. Bailey's appointees, sent ihe last session before adjourning late today. In the house discassions ccn- Irred nromid bills from the sen- ale. . The bill written by Senator Joe- Kimzcy of Magnet sought reduction of auto license fees while the one of which Senator Hendrix Rowell, Pine Bluff, was author provided for repeat" of the law returning heavy tracks to install air brake systems. Representative Lloyd Darnell of Phillips county introduced -.a resolution recommending that a broad construction be given the word •fibre- i» the constitutional mntitdmeiit exempt-U^fibre pro- dijolnsr firms from ta\es diirfni; (heir first seven years. The provision which was adopt fd viva vcce would have "fibres include' cellulose products of rite straw, cotlon, corn, soy beans and v;ood. Majority Of Insured Motorists To Get Refund The majority of insured inoloi -' Lsls in lllythcvllle and Mississippi coiinty are expected to earn the hale Driver Reward of 15 per cent, of a year's liability premium amounting to $5.25 or more on R standard limits policy, according lo a survey made by the National Bureau of Casualty nnd Surely | Undenvriiors. ' ' Safe drivers of private passengei tnrs will get a reward of $5 25 on policies covering low-priced cais while for the policies on medium- priced type cars the reward is $5 70 • Since rales are the same as last year. Ihe rewards will mean mi actual reduction in cost of insurance. If national averages hold In this len-itory. the survey pointed out' B8 out of 100 Insured motorists v, ill make these savings. WASHINGTON', Mar. IS. ,Ui'l- I:i the bitterest- atmosphere of lint session Ihe seiiuie today defeated tlio Wheeler amendment lo the gov- rrnment I'Porganl/atlon bill refusing to curtail the measure* biond Brant of power to President Roose- vi-ll. The vole ivn.s 4:( to 3<j. I The vole came shortly alter the I t senate lobby committee launched j ;in inquiry into u campaign by tlic | National Committee to uphold' Constltulioniil Government against] the bill. Opponents of the bill' charged Ihe aeimmistrnlioii ti.wd I "pup" (patronage and projecls) to "Snvrorirlni- n,- P ' I " T "''" ""PI*"' 1 of wavering senators. Jlllieiltlei Ul I ensh Is President Roosevelt today sug- W a r n i a 2 • I ovalists ^ s(Kl " lat lie mlgl>t nsc his C!im °, .'""5. LO)aUS[Sj u V e i V w« s to create n special righting Back ' agency to investigate the basis of . charges of dishonesty on the Tcn- BARCELONA. Mar 18 UJPJ- llc « ce ,Valley Authority directorate. A "surrender or perish" ultimatum' , Platly deinn ™ 1! % »'» basis of to the terrorized populace of Bar- i ™ ni 'S es lnatlp by TVA Chairman cclona was punctuated lodnv bv ne-1-*''"""' E ' <M° r f?n'i against liis asso-1 rlodic blasts from nationalist sky ctatos ' XD '' Roos(lv elt «>id llic TVA raiders that added lo the large I acl ex l"' css! .v empowers him lo crc- clcath loll almost hourly ' nlc lln investigating agency to ob- For the third consecutive day 1 ! tain lhem bombers roared over this loyalist Congressional i'rulie IJoublful capllal on systematic raids. | ' rlle suggestion, marie as he called Tlie government was beginning' llle tl)ree directors for a .second to fight back. Two bombers were showdown in their fend, indicated reported to liave been shot down lllat plans for a congressional In- OF LIUII11 \Vnr Fever Reaches New eak In .Warsaw iiss an air battle on the outskirts Qulry into the TVA battle might be of (lie city in an afternoon raid, headed off by direct action from Anti-air Anti-aircraft guns were reported io have hit a third plane which hurtled down in struck a building. White House. Until the suggestion was made mid-town and both friends and foes believed a 1 congressional investigation was in, Rector Named L ; ovliable. No decision r.n siicli nn ] inquiry was made when Mv. Hooss- I veil adjourned his personal In• -r O • ! t! " lry Iodfl 5' 'mill .Monday at'y.iVs OU1L . Morgan's opponents on Ihe direc- ™,™ _ locate—Dr.. H. A. Morgan and David Lllleiithal—quickly assented to such •suggestions for a special inquiry under White House authority. 1 We most emphatically ore ready loday or . tomorrow or any lime that you say for such an Inquiry as you have proposed ... or any olher kind of an Inquiry by anyone anywhere." Lillenthal said. Britain's tall Foreign Minister, Lord Halifax, has become one of the Cabinet's busiest men since the world-shaking events In mlildlc Europe brought the policies of his chief, Prime Minister Chamberlain under fire from Liberals and Ubortles. Lord Halifax is pictured above, os , hurrying to the Foreign Ollicc, he is questioned by reporters on 'possible change of attitude by the Government. School Districts Through- Negro Gets Fine And Jail Term For Theft A. Ci. Robinson, negro, iva.s fined S10 and sentenced to 30 days in jail in municipal court today'on i charge of petit larceny. He is alleged to have stolen a battery out of a car two weeks ago. The city police arrested him last night W€Lt IU T€L YOU BY " BOP — BURNS _ I don't think an actor's necessarily conceited Jest because he hires a public man to wrlle nice things about him. Pret' near everybody likes to hear nice things said about himself. One time down home, our worst citizen was arrested for stealin' hogs. When Ihe trial came up, he told the judge he wauled a lawyer to defend him. The judge said "Well, you were caught redhanded and you've already confessed the crime. I can't Imagine anything a lawyer could say in your behalf." The prisoner said "I don't cither, Judge—that's what I'm curious to hear." out County To Hold i Election Tomorrow I Mississippi county residents who paid (heir 1036 poll lax by June 15, 1937. are eligible to vote in the Z&vAn OFFICE W. W. Fowler Seeks One Of Three Offices Of resen ta live The Courier News has been authorized to make formal announcement. of the candidacy of W. W. Fowler of Manila for Ihe Democratic nomination for one of Mississippi counly's three members of Ihe slate house of representatives at. the party primary In August. Mr. Fowler's formal announcement Is the first made by any candidate for the offices. Mr. Fowler has served as superintendent of the Manila public schools for three years and has lived at Manila for five years. He Is 54 years old, is married and has Elections will be held In all of the county's 54 school districts, with J most of them having no contesUi. faculty. Mr. Fowler's friends declare that Lions club and Is given much credit, by his friends, for new school building construction and expansion ot the Manila school departments. They also declared Uiat in view of Uie re-appointment of the stale legislature that the territory west of Big Lake Is enltled to one of the county's three represta- Ihe cily hall, Hardaway Appliance company building, and Arkmo Lumber company. The third box Is substituted for Lauge school, where the election was scheduled to have ban held bul which Is impossible because of the building having been heavily damaged in Tuesday's i tornado. I Dr. Hunter C, Sims and C. W. Afllick arc candidates for reelection and the only candidates whose names will appear on the ballot. i Most of the smaller dislricls did • not circulate petitions for the filing of candidates and names will be "written In" as Is frequently .the custom. Testifying in federal court at Steubenville, O.. Cora Lillian Burnhnm, top. 43-year-old divorcee, charged that the Rev. Harold Zris, center, Episcopalian rector, broke their agreement to marry In 1935 and wed Instead Emma Sharpe, lower photo, Steubenville social leader, in January, 193S. Mrs. Burnham, who seeks $100,000 for alleged breach of promise, raid she met Rev. Mr, Zels In 1925. Five of every six lieutenant com- nmndcrs of the British Roval Naval Forces arc "shelved" before the age of 40. Uves. New York Cotton NEW YORK, Mar. 18. <UP>Colton closed barely slcady. open high low close E83 881 £56 855 Mav July Oct. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, IJ]., Mar ls (UP)-Hog.s: 7,500. Top, 9.40. 170-230 Ibs., 9.15-935 HO-lfiO. Ibs., 8.00-8.25' Bulk sows, 7,85-8 10 Cattle: 1,500. Steers, 7.50-8.65. Slaughter steers. 825.975 Mixed yearlings W Wars, Mar. 894 695 692 898 897 893 903 862 854 8G1 867 868 871 WAUSAW, I'olami. Mur. |8. (Ul'i —Thi> war lover In Poland reached Its pi-nk loilny ut n huge mnss mcnlng in tin' main suiuaro of Vllnii, whore | tip crowds shouted for invasion ot I.Hhmiiilu. IJftiplle credible rcportd that Lithuania would urrcdr lo (lie Polish tiltlniiitinn nnd seek uetiotlii- lions, (lie mass meeting passed n resolution demanding elimination of Lithuania. The meeting was engineered by the pllsudskt legion members and the club ot polos living in Ihe Kovno dhlrlcl of LHInmiw. Tlie resoutlon also demanded 1'olkli access to tho Unlllc by the river Nycincm. whose lower course nml eslunry, forming the border between Ensl Prussia and the Meincl district. Is considered by Germany as potentially « Cler- IIIBII rlvor. Part of its upper course flows Iliroiigl) Enst Prussia. Planes Meet In Mid-Air; Two Killed MANILA, Philippine islands, Mar. l«. (UP)—1,1, William Mc- Al>r« of Einekii .Sjirlii(j,s, Ark., nnd PrlMili- Harold Nordt|Ucst ol Mu- rloii. Olilo, K-we killed near hew lodp.y when Uvu United Ktnles army oliwrvnOon plimi'.s locked wings In mld-iilr mid m.shcd In Ihtmos. EMC! BLfiSIS Call For Fiery Speaker Before Committee Would Produce Fireworks "Justifies" VJolcnco BERLIN, Mar. 18 (UP)— Fuehrer Adolf Hitler lold Iho Reichstag tonight ihal Qernmu lerritorlal claims when Justified cnll for violence, if necessary to curry Iliem, out. He referred specifically to Atistrln nnd dtd not mention Mcmel, tho Polish-Lithuanian d 1 s p'n t e or Czechoslovakia. Hitler declared that the land frontiers of Italy arc "inviolable" and Hint (he Romo-Bcrlln axis "saved 1 ' pence. Ho thus gai'o HS- suruncc he Intends, no military move southward through the Brenner pass. Ills Intervention In Aus- Irfii", the fuehrer said, saved tho life of Chancellor Kurt Sctiusch- nlgg us well as the lives of lens lof thousands of Qorman-Austrlaim ' who might otherwise hnvn been killed In Internal strife. Denies Rumors That Oil Mill Will Not Be Erected This Year There Is no foundation for rumors being circulated thai Ssvlft nml company Is not going lo build an oil mill in Blythevllle this yenr, Ihe Courier News learned llils afternoon. P. A. I.-aws. who Is m charge of the Memphis ofllce of Swift and company, and who handled negotiations for the purchase of Ihe slie for ihe proposed plant, told the Courier News that so far as ho knew there had been no change In the plans. The plan, as announced about six weeks ajo, fa to erect a plant costing between $100000 and S5CO.OOO, and which will employ approxlmalely 200 men. hfr. Laws said he knew of no changes at all from the nrst plan of Uie company which purchased a Iracl of land on ihe west side of Highway 01 across the Cotton Belt railroad trad;. For some time, rumors have been circulated that the company had dropped all plans for putting In a plant here, following the purchase of a mill nt Cnlro. 11.. nnd credence was given lo the rumor because work lind not been slarlcd. fn olhor instances where Swift and company have creeled plants, work has been started as late as June and the mill was in operation by September nrst, it was stated. Stock Prices NEW YOHK, .Mar, 18. (UP) — Heavy liquidation loday scut tho stock market doun to 1935 levels in the most active trading since — _... „.. late January, second grade rait-, •i ,, 3 ,,.= *°, 3 , o'°° ^l 3 - 11 , TOad bonds droPI**' to rccor<1 low.! ~/v o. , \y a n street nerves were on edge' over the European situation. AT&T 126 3-4 Anaconda Copper 30 Associated DO 57-8 A huso roadside boulder at Ard- lln. Scotland, was .split in halves by a tree which grew through 11. 'Hostage'Threat Stays His Fathei Spols closed quiet at 800. of! .1",. t\'ew Orleans Cotton Beth Steel NEW ORLEANS. Mar. 18. (UP) aeu . s -Cotton future.? closed barely! Bn( .!n, steady today, down 30 to 33 points. -- " Liquidation which followed Hitler's speech in foreign mark: is and local liquidation preceded by «„_„ ~i m "," fiock market price falls account- S e " m ^ c ? trlc 36 cd for ihe losses. P 1 : 1 ":™ 1 M °tors 335-8 open ' ', rvlco 53 1-8 27 48 1-4 1 5-8 4 36 Slaughter heifers. 600-375 Beef cows. 5.25-800 ' ' s Cutlers and low cutters, 4.00- ! Deo'. Jan May Julv Oi-l. May Jul. Chicago Corn open high , ow , 591-8 601-4 69U8 eT 61 1-8 62 611 . 8 8 , 5 . 8 397 902 907 903 910 8,t3 DOS DM 009 910 864 SSI 175 K7J 881 SCO 87'2 b77 860 881 Sjiots closed quiet at 876, r.n 36. Wheat high low close 887-8 87 ' 88 80 843-8 851-4 60 1-2 open 87 843-8 Int Harvest ........ Montgomery Ward ........ 31 1-2 N Y Central ....... P 3-4 Packard . ....... 4 Phillips Pet ..... '..'.'.'.'."" 35 £«"<> .................... 5 7-8 Scheniey Dlst .......... 20 | Simmons ............. !,] 18 1-4 Socony Vac ........... 13 1-4 Standard Oil N J ..... ' « Texas Corp ..... ...... 33 U S Smelt ............. " ' 65 U S Steel ............ 43 j. 4 Threais ol the new Austrian Nazi reelme to nold former Chnnrellor Kurt S^hu^chnie^s ll-year-oid son. above, as a 'Pledge of his father's discretion.' were reported lo have caused Schuschmns to cancel his olnna to leave Ihe counlrv after the Hitler coup. "1 orefer to face mv arrujprs." HP wnj Quoted as savins. The lad, Kurt. Jr.. is shown kneeling during a public dedication ceremony In Vienna while his father still was v chancellor, «y HODNHV nUTCHEIt WASHINGTON. - AlUloiiRh Mr. flurry Bridges is a hero only to tho pro-labor groups, It will bo cause for general evict In Washington If he doe.i not eventually Bel the • chance to appear before Senator rioyal 9. Copelnnd and the Semite Commerce committee of which (ho latter Is chairman. An encounter between the seu- nlor nnd the West Coast 0. I. O. leader, whom Copcland wanls deported as ,an alien agitator, would bo this capital's Idea of a spectacular show. Bridges, militant, aggre.ttlve and highly articulate, has been demanding n chnnco lo appear to answer witnesses who him charged at hearings on maritime labor allalrs that ho Is a I Communist and a bad innn. Copelund, who encouraged the lantl-Drldsies witnesses and made it evident ho believed them, hns been reluctant but ,now (indicates Bridges can appear If the De- pnrimenl of Ijibor doesn'l -hold against''him In Its InvoUignllou of charges lhat he is depminble. It wouldn't do lo siit^cst tlm! Copelnnd Is afraM lo cios? swords with Bridges, although oilier com- inHlcc members have boon con- uluoraWv more eager than he to take on tho asslanmnt, C. I. O. Scores Copeland But Die c. I. o. has been digging up the "dirt" on Senator Copeland, Just as Copcland hns been digging up "dirt'' "c-.i C. f. O. maritime labor leaders. And Bridges, who Is no shrinking violet nnd doesn't care who knows 'what he has in mind. Is loncHI with ammunition for Ihe fray. Letlers In \vhleii Copcland is made to appear lo have sought and obtained free ocean trips from ship owners—rtcspltj his key position as a fnimcr cf shipping legislation—are one Item of the Bridges ammunition. But meanwhile Bridges mi/si answer deportation charges. He and (he C. I. O. lawyers profess complete confidence that they can beat thoie charge?. If end when they do, Washln?tonians will start reserving ringside scats lor the Brld?es-copeland bout, ( Scrs Fight on Arnold i Fnlth In Mr. Roosevelt's recent determination to do and say nothing thai might be "disturbing lo business" Is bound lo be slhhlly shaken by appointment of Thur- niau W. Arnold of Ynlo to succeed Solicitor General nobcrt H. Jackson as assistant attorney- general In charge of entl-trusl cases. Appointment of Jackson's successor was generally considered a definite test of the seriousness of Roosevelt's post attacks on monopoly and his future Intentions. Members of the administration's liberal wing are delighted. For Arnold, who has done various special legal Jobs under the New Deal, Is one of them and they consider his recent book, "The Folklore of Capitalism." one of the finest things ever written. Arnold has been an outspoken critic of "uncontrolled business dictatorships," ;of Inadequate anil-trust laws and of courts which have emasculated those laws. A conservative fight against Jibs confirmation by the j Senate seems certain. In 1935, the passenger Tare rate on American Class i railroads was 1.935 cents per passenger- mile, as compared to 3.0SG cents per passenger-mile In 1922, (lie peak year. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, showers in northwest portion tonlsht or Saturday, showers In east portion and south porttoii Saturday, cooler Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wanner tonight with lowest temperature 60 lo 64. Saturday cloudy with showers; Sunday showers and colder. KILLER DIEM Bi'ockclhursl Declares Sweetheart Is' Jointly Guilty Of Murder 11Y I'AT WALSH Unltcil I'rcss Correspondent . TUCKER PRISON FARM. Ark., Mar. 18. (UP)—Lester Brockclhurst, ' one lime, Mormon Sunday school lonelier who turned killer to amuso ntul eiilcrtnlii his sweetheart while they hitchhiked about the country, died in liie electric chair at Arkansas state prison nt dawn loday. Tlio switch was thrown for tho first lime nt 0:37 a.m. awl tho current surged Into his body a acconct time nt 0:30. Ho IVIM removed tram the chair and pronounced dead ono minute later. Brockclhnrst, pule and ashen and " extremely nervous, entered th,o dcnlli chamber at 6:10 and madb iv Icnglliy speech to tllo 20 witnesses. "You know i inn going to a great pinco after eight months of hell', which has caused my parents much grief," (lie blond slayer said In n trembling voice. "Crime Does Not Fay" "Grime does not pay—take 'it from one who knows, If any mcrri- * 'bcr 'of tho dates family Is present I want to ask their forgiveness lor taking the life of Victor dates." Brockclhnrst was executed fof Ilia hltch-lillcc murdco of Gatea whoso bullet-riddled body ho tossed Into a roadside ditch hear Lonoke, Ark., last May 6th. Broekelhurst accused his former sweetheart, Berntco Fcllon, of causing Ills troubles arid told tho witnesses, who Included several legislators, lhat "sho Is as guilty aa" "I am guilty paving for ... my cjiinu'wii; Benitcc Is as guilty as I mii.'f life/Bald? ' •-••'-•••- Brockelhurst sat lii the death chair as he talked and once ho faltered and it appeared he would fnint. He was under great nervous ' icnslou. , ' * After Brockclhurst finished spenk- Ing guards quickly snapped tho electrodes on his arms and legs and placed a black hood over hla face. . Switch Thrown Twice When tlic switch was thrown for the first time Brookelhursl's head •snapped forward and his body I tensed. Tliou the, switch .was 'lirown a second time. The prison nhyslclan stepped forward, exam- 'ned Hie body and pronounced him •lead. There was no evidence of Brock- "Ihurst's former nonchalant bra<?- ••adoclo -when he stepped through the small door Into the death "hamber. His face was ashen and •>!\le, Ills eves seemed blurred and •omcwhat bewildered. He paused momentarily Inside 'he door, made nn inaudible ve- •nark to a guard and then walked itcadlly the few feet to the chair. "I hope after my deatli that Mibllclty concerning mo will stop," I'ockelhurst said as he sat in tha "hair. "I have made mv rescs with God and I believe In Ood." He paused and turned to euirds ind thanked them for their kindness to him during Ills period lii '.he prison. "I killed Gales but she told ms to, She said 'do If and before I knew what had haopened n thrill -hot through me and I had killed Hie nmn. "I nm sorry but It Is too late low. You peonle dori't rsslly what •nu are about to do. When you -ct home studv the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and no-vhsro 'vlli you find that It says to take i life." Brockelhurst stated that he was not tried In the right countv and did not receive a fair trial. He again accused Miss Fellon ,of causing his troubles and said his par? cnts had warned him not to go with her. "That onlv made me love her more," he said. Brockelhurst then said he would \ offer a prayer in the hooe that his parenls would hear it and be comforted. He prayed: "I come before You, Lord, as I 10 to Hell. I hare praved that my Mfe be spared but it Is Your will. 0 Father, that I die, and I know 1 have flnKhed mv dutv on fvrfh." Brockelhurst, who had boasted he would never die in the electrlo chair and who made several attempts to commit suicide, calmly bid farewell to Joe Newt Sims, hi? cellmate. Sims died a few minutes later for hacking his wife to death at their home In Class-rood, Ark. ; last Mother's Day. Sima. who claimed he was "crazy drunk when he killed his wife" was put to death at 6:53 a. m. It Is possible for flsh to remain alive after, being frozen in Ice.

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