The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1961 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1961
Page 17
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LAST WEEK, OCTOBER l TO ftwas National Letter Writing Week I didn't catch on to this fact until the week was over, but i guess 1 ob served it all 'right.because 1 both wrote and received sevdral letters. A in so many cases, the 'mail at otir house is eagerly awaited these day on the chance that it Anight contain a letter from a member of the familj away at college. Marly of our outgoing envelopes and parcels are ad. dressed his way, also. * *••-. '» SO FAR, OUR SON HAS BEEN remarkably good about writing home. I think it is seven or, eight letters we have received In the three weeks he's been gone. This is much better,than we expected and I hope he keeps it up. Not a few of them contain requests for either money or cookies, or both, but the letter we received this week is one we enjoyec - most of all. It was a form letter/ put out by Fenton House of Hillcrest Dorm,.an all-purpose affair designed to save time and effort on letters home. The messages don't have to be written, merely checked. . / • , ' ' •.*...* * ; ' .: ; THIS SEEMEp TO ME SUCH A good'idea', I thought I would design a form letter for people at home to send to their college students This is a Woman's World public service project and you are very wel- <C")me to use it on your college students. Just check the item that'applies in your case. DEAR _ Son, ___Daughter,, : Nephew, Niece, ' Lover, _ 1 _In answer to your recent letter, Brother, -Grandchild, —We have not heard from you in so long we are wondering ii you are in school.. ; —Because you failed to ask for more 1 money in your last letter, we are wondering if you are ill. -—Remember me? I am the one you promised never to forget. —This is our last letter before hiring a detective 1 'to trace you. 2. WE ARE GLAD TO HEAR THAT AT COLLEGE YOU — lave finally convinced the profs you are not a custodian, 're attending most df your classes. •. , , • re supplementing your allowance with a part time job even if it did get you arrested. ; '• • . Can go to the bathroom by yourself now. .».'*' * 3. HOWEVER, WE ARE SORRY TO HEAR THAT — Your professors all hate you. , : Your roommate does, J doesn't, understand you. :—The — girls, fellows, do not appreciate you. You will be needing more money very shortly. —The food is terrible, lousy, ^better than at home. * * * 4. WHEN YOU COME HOME, YOU will be surprised to note that — _ We have rented out your room. ——The light company shut off the electricity. Your cat had kittens. Your dog can do a new- trick., ' Your home-town love has found a new soul-mate. . _Ypur draft board is looking for you. . - : -Everything is the same as usual, only more so. -There, was a break at the county jail. -Mrs.' :—1_ :—1_ had her th baby. ran off with 5. THE NEWS AROUND TOWN IS THAT — It is safe to come home because the cops are no longer looking 1 for you. Read the Algona Upper Des Moines I am sending you. 6. THE NEWS ABOUT YOUR RELATIVES IS THAT — They are planning a nice family reunion for the only day you plan to be home., -Your grandmother is getting quite proficient at the Cha-Cha- Cha. Your sister moved into your room. —Your brother has appropriated your shotgun. _Your mother is overdrawn at the bank again. Your cousin is going out with your girl, _ _boy, friend. 7. AS A WORD OF FRIENDLY advice we would like to suggest — Your extracurricular activities are too expensive, relaxing, illegal. Is-it really necessary to spend all that time studying Biology outside the lab? iTry to be more patient with your roommate, even it it does involve taking a bath. Try to understand your Logic professor when he calls his entire class, "worms" and "idiots". After all he should know, he was once one himself. Study so hard that you will finally attain the grade of D in most of your subjects. Stay away from that red head! Corwith Girl Is Medic Graduate Jane Widen, shown here, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dale Widen. Corwith, graduated Sept. 22 from the P.B.I. School of Medica.' Assistance, Minneapolis, with a class of 99 students. Mr, and Mrs Widen and son, Tom, at tended the graduation. (UDM Engraving), ' : 8. 9. IN ANSWER TO YOUR REQUEST, with this letter we are sending: . All our love. . All our love and $50. All our love but no cash. . .All our love and cookies, too. . The raincoat you forgot. Your other shirt. Your Cub Scout Wolf Badge. IN RETURN WE ASK THAT YOU refrain from sending — A'i you dirty laundry. . ., All your over-parking tickets (especially since you don't have a car). : .The pawn ticket from your Grandfather's watch. Despriptiuns of the girl who sits next 'to you in Communications Skills, Requests for more money. -Sister, Creditor, —Grandparent, 10. WELL. THAT'S ALL FOR NPW, We shall be — _._ .Waiting for ypur next letter. Sending your overdraft notice. Thinking of yo'u. Waiting for the* report on your grades. Your loving, ..: Mother, Father, -— Brother, ._ Sweetheart, Ruddy, Cousin, Uncle, Aunt, .— Others. THIS WEEK'S RECIPE is for Date Crumb Bars: 5 eggs 'Hi cups brown sugar 2'/a tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. almond flavoring 2 cups fine cake or cookie crumbs 1 cup chopped dates 1 cup chopped pecans Peat eggs thoroughly. Beat sugar, baking powder, salt and flavorings Into eggs. Add crumbs, dates and pecans. Turn into a greased and floured pan about 9 x 12 x J2 inches. Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. Cuf into bars. Swea Cityans Attend District Legion Meeting Swea City — The 8th district Legion and Auxiliary meeting was held at Mallard Sunday, Oct. 1. Special emphasis was put on membership drives now being held in the district. Eddie Godfredson of the Swea City Legion is district chairman. .. It was reported by Mrs Gus Simonsmeier, Ledyard, that 75% of the Kossuth County Auxiliary quota has been reached. Attending from Swea City, were Mrs Fern Peterson, Paul Johnson, local commander, Mr and Mrs Kennie Kollasch and Eddie Godfredson. Auxiliary Meeting Legion Auxiliary met Tuesday evening. A piano duet was given Dy Molly Hazelhoff and Sheryl Briggs, Jr. auxiliary members. The group decided to again sponsor a girl at Girls State next summer. Discussion on the Past aresidents helping the Jr. auxiliary buy'flags for their use was also held. A new table will bo purchased for'the park as a community project. '•-.,'•• Seven books are to be purchased for the school and public li- arary. Articles for Wqodwai-d. waj-g collected, also. . Proceeding' the meeting 12 ladies worked on new drapes for the Legion hall. New Arrivals Recent births have been announced to former Swea City residents. They are a son to Mr. ind Mrs Larry. Woods, Dafter, Mich.,' the couple's first chile, )orn Oct. 3. Grandparents are he G. W. Johnsons, Clear Lake and the Dale Woods, Midwest City, Okla. A son to Dr. and Mrs VarSellt Weaver, Boise, Idaho, the cou- )le's fourth child born Sept. 28. Mrs Vina Haglund is maternal grandmother. lomecoming Plans Roger Conway has been namea king for the Swea City home- oming to be held Friday eve- ling. Three girls have been lected candidates -for queen, 'hey are Elaine Verbrugge, Loraine Kracht, Darleen Mino. The ueen will be announced pro- eeding the Sentral-Swea football ame. Homecoming parade will be eld at 2:45. Lunch and a dance vill be held following the game for alumni, present and former teachers and board members and high school students. Swea & Eagle Mr. and Mrs. Glen Clark, Mary and John, and Jay D, Clark were Sunday evening visitors ar the Bert RoalSon home where Mrs Sadie Funderburk is staying since suffering a . heart attack two Weeks ago. ' Mr. and Mrs, Francis" Torino, Kay and David McCoy were Sunday supper gitests at the Virgil Jensen home. < Mr. and'Mrs. Richard O'Green entertained Mr. and Mfs, Fordes Bergan and daughters of JSt. Paul, Minn., Mr. and Mrs: Walter O'Green and family and Mr. and Mrs.'Sam Larson and Ann, at supper Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sanftner and family were among guests at the William Wiskus home Sunday. Others there Were Mr. ana Mrs. Ed Meyer, Ringsted, Mrs, Tony Riesenberg and son, Alvin and'family of Carroll/ Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Papen- fuhs entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Curtis, who was 1 year old Oct. 5. Guests .were his great-grandmother, Mfs. Hulda, Papenfuhs, grandparents, .the Roy Lanus,. and Mr. and Mrs. John Young, all of'. Rplfe, and grandparents, the Herb Papen- fuhs and family. Mr. and Mrs. Al Nelson and Marilyn of Henry, 111. came to visit her .parents, the Joe Pres- tons, and other relatives here. Mrs. Nelson will spend two weeks here. '' Gene Newlin and ' Leonard Fromm of Harlan were Friday visitors, at the Fred Newlin home. They drove to Lake Andrews, Minn, for fishing, returning to the Newlins Saturday where they were overnight guests. Patricia Bailey spent the weekend at home. The daughter of the Elmer Baileys, she is a student at La James Beauty School, Mason City. Mr. arid Mrs. Homer Henrickson and family, Ringsted, were Sunday supper guests -at the home of her parents, the Everett Rippentrops, to celebrate the 5th birthday of her sister, Evelyn. Mrs. Duard Perdue' was a Monday caller at the Hans Pet'er- son home. >, , Mr and Mrs Elmer Alderdyce and Janet Walker were weekend uests at the Ralph Walker home. Saturday afternoon guests at the Walker home' were Mrs. Carroll Viland and Terri of Elmore, Minn.,' Mrs. Ed Peterson, Mrs. Albert Swanson, Mrs. Martin Dahl and'Mrs. Richard Dahl anc Doug, Sunday. . Mr. and Mrs/ Philip Grarid- ;eorge of Woolstock and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Grandgeorge of Eagle Grove were Friday guests -A the men's sister and family ;he William Sanders. Sunday visitors at the Sanders were Mr. and Mrs Philip Looft and fam- ly of Blue Earth. Darlene Johnson, student at State College of Iowa, Cedar alls, and Dennis Johnson of Emmetsburg, visited over the weekend at the parental Albert John;on home: Mr. and Mrs. Roger Holcomb, Mason City, became the parents 3f their second' daughter, Nancy Ann, Sept. 12. Grandparents are he P. A. Holcombs, Swea City, ml the Albert. Lemkes, East Chain, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. George Schroeder f Lakota were Sunday visitors t the Walter Hans home, Mrs. Ida Kluger is a patient at Holy Family hospital at Esther- ill.e, entering Sunday evening, ie result of a fall and complica- ions. Mrs. Kluger fell at her ome Saturday. r. and Mrs. Rueben Holcomb nd family and Mr. and Mrs. larvey C. Larsen, James and ulie visited the Roger Holcombs t Mason City Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Duer at- tended the Pounders Day banquet at Esthetviiie Saturday evening. All who had been cort* firmed in that church were invited. ' * Mr. and Mrs.,Donald Gage of Gruver were recent guests of the Andrew Brtpnes. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Preston and family were Monday evening dinner guests of the Gene Thompsons for Gene's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Thompson and Lionell were Sunday dirtner guests at the Dcttmcr Thompson home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Santner were Sunday guests at the Haf- old Carr home. Mr. and Mrs. Carr spent Saturday evening at the Joe Fisher home; 'Mr. and Mrs. William Gies and Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Link and family visited Sunday at the Louis Paulson home at Ro-lfe. Mr. and Mrs. Thiman. Johnson were Sunday evening visitors at the home of her brother, the fieryl Bromleys at Pnlrmo'nt, Minn. Wednesday callers at the home of Mrs. Carl Lofstrom were Mrs. Walter Magnusen, Mrs. Andrew Brones and Mrs. Arthur Kracht. Mrs. Walter Magnusen received word that Sharon has been accepted as a member of the a capelln choir of Modesto Junior College at Modesto, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Cutler of Fairmont were Monday caller? at the home of the Walter Mag- nusens. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lund were Parents Day guests Saturday at Buena Vista College, Storm Lake. They were the guests of Gary Snyder, whose parents, the Paul Snyders, were unable to attend. The Lunds had dinner at the training table with Gary and were guests at the football game. Lynette Lund. Mankato Commercial College student, spent j the day there also. Thursday, October 12, 196t AFgona (la.) Upper Des Molnet—3 John Tobin of Emmetsburg and his daughter, Mrs. Joe Conlin of Ruthvcn, spent Tuesday afternoon at the Kenneth Brones home and were coffee guests there along with Mrs. Albert Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. William Tobin. FUNERAL SERVICE £ Ambulance and Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 Durt Phone 233 Movea power forward for «rrow-4triOght going IT 'ir_ "'_-_.!•-TLiuii-uaj-—t'-'urn.'!- IT,i—rr--iiriff- k IT TELLS THE WIND TO GO WHISTLE! Just looking at the ' handsome '62 Buick lifts your spirits. Those bold, strong lines. That wide, fiat hood. And when you toe the pedal you're off swifter than the windl Reason? Advanced Thrustl Buick's big, new Wildcat V-8 and Turbine Drive transmission have been moved up over the front wheels. You get straight tracking. Faster wheel response. Sports-type cornering. More foot room, too, because the HOOT'S gone nearly fiat. No wonder the word is that Buick's the one to watch. See '62'a big car news—the Advanced Thrust Buick—at your dealer's now. There's anew driving experience awaiting you. 62BUICK SEE YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED QUALITY BUICK DEALER NOW . . . YOUR QUALITY BUICK DEALER IN ALGONA IS:$CHULTZ BROS. SOUtH •—"—— i llg selection! B/8 valued See your Bulclc Dealer for Double *w Check Used Cars! Ledyard Girl !$ Queen Candidate At Forest City Janice Edwards, daughter 01 Mr and Mrs Lavern Edwards, is a candidate for homecoming queen at Waldorf college, Forest City. Janice, a 1960 graduate of the Ledyard community school and a sophomore at Waldorf, plans to be an elementary teacher. The coronation of the queen Will be Friday, Oct, 13 and the Homecoming game the following afternoon. CUCUMBER Linda Eckenrod of near New Hampton found a large cucumber in her garden: It was 15 inchet, long and 10 Vi inches in circum ference. BANCROFT LEGION HALL iP,, QCT, 18 ON TELEPHONING,.. Get her a private line «• all her OWn! Happy youngster—happy family! Give your teenager a separate telephone line, complete with personal listing in the phone book! It's an ideal graduation present—and an inexpensive way to free the family phone. If you wish, your teenager's phone can have its own distinctive ring, And arrangement* can be made for answering calls on either line from any phone in the boijsa, • TO order, w for fttfttu* intemaiian, juit <»ti,Ujt.Kfirthw«diw

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