The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on September 3, 1961 · Page 27
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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 27

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 3, 1961
Page 27
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mm kktv "J Dti Moii Suny Rtijitfer Si y. '''A-v.vr . a. Inisfiiiw CIRU fed? ; fei : N4,iS INTERSTATE ii .ffi: U-'&tlti' f 9rln tK!JJ'V:h' k l UkA rf'V rVfn A,on, continue MrTT&f WnH- : l-T 1 e ai i r-v TC by-lfi foot sign is on R i rrl VJ-V'r.z, . -u. IliKvfjrji 5 - y-V northwen of Davenport. The AU' L "V f , T3U? It?V77--:iT'L bJh &&Ji? panel hoard i, about 55 ptVfrVC ' farm seven mileg east of Greene waa tranaformed into a ahamblei of fallen tree, building, and acatlered hay balea by From Farm to Rubble Friday night tornado. Neighbor view damage, typical of farm in area. Kegkter Photo by Daid IVuney. STOKV: Page One. CHURCH I, SPACE nwy s"Jy PUBLIC FORUM '? Rod? INSTITUTE SET ON HOMES SET T?y- Th ftfwr I n S rvl. 1 1 INDIANOI.A. IA. An aerospace institute, planned to help church leaden and rollege personnel, will open at Simpson Collepe Tuesday. The three-day workshop will feature discussions of theological and philosophical Implications of the space age. There will be a helicopter demonstra 1 1 o n on the campus at 5:20 p. m. Tuesday. Speakers will include Dr. Willy Ley. New York. N. Y., tiM i.'tA D a ...II pioneer authority on rocket nr"' W,M ,r,vc s . . , . . a consultant in states where .mi iravei. u... Kono ,hp insllUlp I H III ll.alrh In I'll rl.lf I WASHINGTON. D. C. James R. Berry has been Mrtrf ,hHn in pne named a traffic consultant for A public forum on 'The money will be awarded in tne insurance iw as an investment win trie fourteenth annual tri- Inst itute for be held at North High School Mate rodeo which opens here Highway Safe- at Saturday, ty here. r''Vi K n. m. Wed- s; Berry has fi'-wV. K nesd,.y, Sept. formers in professional cir cuits will be here to compete Arthur in saddle bronc, bareback Meyeis. jr.. bionc and bull ridinc, calf 'J j St. I-ouii (Mo ) mping and' steer wrestling. L i niversity pro- he show ends next Sunday. l frssor of eco- m .... n T 11 ........ k. .. rioeser w i am (; . "..' t mason Limner i i thai f.oisC rr j.' R III IIIC II. IV. .F personal e c o- D. M, ACTRESS BREAKS BACK 1 1AU of the road itself. National Advertising Waukesha, Wis., obtained permit fur the sign last June The Outdoor Advertising 1 Association of Iowa am proposed a limit on the Interstate of six "hack hack" billboard units be tween interchanges. Present county zoning rules .11..... L . 1 1 L. J . . I . 1 j. aii'ivv niiiinirtius nn inr rn- " r .7 --m ' tire Smile stretch of Inter- I f ' , -J I state SO in Scott County if i-j-y they are 50 feet back from the f k.-L...... ..-u. , ...... n..... llilivnv IK1 1 'v 11 "v. lri i-iii discussions have brought out a possible .100-foot setback from the right-of-way. LTtTX no oiner requesis nave -. . neen maae lor permits to build signs on the Interstate. Joseph Kimrnel, sr.. chairman of the county zoning board, said be has asked zoning office personnel not to issue such a permit without notify- , ing him l" .1 1 , i'i.l" u ' 4 1 i m . a; .... . j - w a in, nesd,, !( been a super- f Y 2o. j visor of tec h- "5 )r ? nical serv ices S-yt JfS .f ( i, with the safe- j ty e ducat i o n division of the Iowa department of public-safety. Russell I. Brown, pres ident of the safety organiza IURHV 1' Lill pr. trniM n o m i c s. Dr. Mevers has helped place nrovides "Hired : . i,.ki. . ii , I ,. v... v...c t.,,.. i ' rconomn s in wiiinainr n-imi w nson, New York, editor and ass stanv in iraffir afpiu . assistance io iramc saiety fnf tn(, avPrap. person in ra ,..,, n m and te evision appear- A native of Churdan. la..' i- c, i iseiry was graduated from tHK mm WalteraC. Ploeser of St. Louis. Mo., former congressman and ambassador, will speak a t a 51 dinner meet- ing at 5:.'W) p I m. Wednesdav State College of Iowa, Cedar f alls, in 19f)8. No Echo Star For Few Weeks A panel of five will discuss various phase of home buying and ownership as seen by a lawyer, a lending company official, a home design planner, a builder and a realtor. the ft. ; Dismisses Suit V'J In Cab Strike Out for Thrills OITUMWA. IA. Judpe Arthur MVGivcrn dismissed clay against an Ottumwa Cab Co. owner and three of her employees which were the result of a strike here. The charges against Yellow Cab Co. owner. Mrs. Florence Kry, cab dispatcher Mrs. F. T. Ferrel and drivers Charles Jones and Robert Strong t i rI I f t a i were brought by striking Named HhySlCal Ot C. Annual drivers who contended a un- T)irertrir n V Picnic MondaV Robbe (iail Throckmorton, ion sign listing grievances RikImpv R Farmer of kan- Council 644. Des Mo.nes amateur actress and had been stolen from near ;ic cu'v Mn h.,, K.n k'mnhic r,t r-,.i,,mK.,. ,n statecraft worker, was in the cab office. named director of physical hr.lrt itc annual IaIvw n-iv picnic Monday at? t h e Vit- i.i ' i i r aT MIlfi l.iniLI . . l II 1 1 II " S ill H I n ill a i-i r wari.i r . j ;.t I i . . t iv. oniti., a M km i i a i .aiurnav vvitn a immm back. Children under lfi went to he f?'" free Saturday. The filed into the midway, fi'n. 1 the rides, and found Ihe thrills they wanted. A hot sun shone favorably on the pleasure hunters. Register Photo by Maurice Rosen. Bohhe (iail Throckmorton Fell 20 f'ref to Ground -f opening fall ac-V tivities of the Des Moines f Consistory at the Scottish dii, Tpmnl 1 Younker Rehabilitation Cen- Sixth avenue ter of Iowa Methodist llospi- miss the charges was upheld the Des Moines A defense motion to dis- education at She suffered two fractuies The strike has progress 1 1 weeks. been PR. Ill UK. M HII.IT publisher of Hying magazine; street P I o eser, a i.i .it t c ...u r : , a ' ' " III llll PvllC . - 'Mon with rank of Knicht in a fall from a tree near UttlCerS Named by signed Aug. 1 j Commander of the Court of dear Lake on Aug. 2fi. She CloVer Hills P.-T.A. 'lTl fVi Honour was rerinient of a : . ., i,c...i .. .. privsual oirec- 1 I - ' . vim in n i'ih.wm v mj iM"'iini jn C. A., suci ing Don Stan- n ton, who re- I signed Aug. 1 - Mrs. deorce Ihompson. ir.. mr of the wtv-j until Wednesday. p,.psjdpnt of , h p clover Grand Rapids iV Miss Throckmorton, daugh- ,,,,,, p j A jn Wps( npf. (Mich.) Y. M. ter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Moines Other officers include C. A. Vi I I i Qiiestnins mav be subnut- AMFS. IA. Fcho I. the ,pd j advance "by mail and , balloon satellite, will make from ,he audience at its last visible pass over Iowa forum. for several weeks at 7:2S pau K. Ashbv, of Paul C. p. m. today. shay Realtor, will be the j Ihe next visible ixho realtor representative on the rndom Foundation award Lt. Col. Vernon Kullowatz.,imssmRS T1 , morn'nR panel. He has been active in jn 194n He wm ti,k nn national air chaplain. Civil l bPC'n U" ,he re' PS,a,f f'eld hp'e " "What Masonry Can Do in n.., ru.L. ' . :. m0"'h- .. ... .years. the Free World." Mr lauoi, liiiiiiuii ah. r.cno timetables, prepared Legal asnec ts of home buv Force Rase, Tex.; and Dr. by Prof. J. II. Senne of Iowa ing will be covered by Ed (rnrn 1041 ,n 1Q4Q Ploeser . f. it : 1 . . . . ano ra . n is neen aiine i"i j . .1 .... i.-.i n.n ... Paul Schilpp, professor of cjnivcrsuy ana pun- ward lesdeii. jr., attorney. was app0inted by former ve , years in Roosevelt l,PM,"r,el, 1,,v nt,wr assistant physical director at philosophy. Northwestern lished each week in The Sun- e is a member of the title presjdent Eisenhower as am- Mj h School js Moines retnrdnK secretary; Mrs. the St. Louis Y. M. C. A. He University, F.vanston. III. day Register, will be resumed standards committee of both basador to Paracuay in 1957. ,.t ' d u'u ., . . Ravmond Pockrandt. corre- is a graduate of Midland Col- Prof. Donald H. Koontz. when the balloon is visible the Iowa and Polk county bar in . years r,.' m ' . . M lege with graduate work at ' At least 22 persons were .. . 1 - 11 aiiia " "i n.iiiwii loiu v. 10iiv .1 u w 11 u 1 11 k fliiinoiii ... associations ana is counsel - . . . ctrtn. ru. r-war 1 aL . , n .. . Washington University. St. believed killed Saturday when for the Des Mo nes Savinns U-. D M Arinlt """' ceonara Koseninai. treasurer; and l.oan Association. The Des Moines Home Buyers Forum is co-sponsored by The Des Moines A Missouri congressman Throckmorton. 5R20 Wood- Mr. RnK,A r.rknhMr rarmer. .,11. - formerly was " . dent-elect: Mrs. Kelme. ( the Firestone plant on Second avenue, Dinner will be served from noon to 2 p. m. with games afterward. Peter Leo and .John Sitronito are dinner chairmen; Charles Gd-bnde has charge of adult entertainment, and Dr. Donald Henry will direct youth activities. director of Simpson's town again. and country church program, .Wt is director of the institute, jet LlOSSeS lOT made possible by the Iowa r n Aeronautics Commission. t Ordgn DOm lyr 1 r C.--.r. The fall term of classes for the foreign born, sponsored r..fi7 MnnAn, bv ,hp nepartment of adult I unci Mi ItlUMUU iTti, K.g',1 - Inw Nw Sen lr education of the Des Moines 1 I public schools, will open INDIANOLA, IA. Services Tuesday, for Ned E. Spurg.n. 86, of. classes in English will be' Beech, farmer and cattle buy-, Monday and Tuesday at T er wno nieu rriuav ai iviercy Register and Tribune. Questions for the panel may he addressed to Home Forum, Register and Tribune, Des Moines 4, Iowa. Other sponsoring organi- . . I, L'U. nl.l I A .1 M IM Will K . .ir I fllTU n . ... 1 ri nrinrinal mles a. Roosevelt. . arpnacK. Springfield College in the Playhouse ( hitclien s Theater, and with Cobblestone Players during the 1960 season. Adult education classes will be resumed in West Des I Moines Sept. 25, according to j Mrs. Wilbert Gray, chairman of the sponsoring committee. Classes to be offered include slim and trim gym for both men and women, slim and SLIDE KILLS 22 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA Saturday when and the . M. C. A. a stone and concrete emhanlc- Spring-. merit collapsed under heaw parliamentarian, and Mrs. field. Mass. He will assume rainfall at a hillside residen-Ralph Kullander, historian. his duties here Oct. 15. tial area. 1 Louis. zalions are: Des Moines Real; trim, art and millinery, hi idge. Estate Board; Des Moines beginning sewing, better .. 1 n-.. 1 it; i n m. ano on i ursn ivs. wpci- 1 1 . r . . i j hospilaljn Des Moines will nsd,vs and Thursdivs at l ,ome "mae,st on;, cresses, .ypmg, """e n -bep. mrMondayinthe r narses fn SenJmV Mr,RaRC BankerS Associa- rating, draperies and slip Beech Christian Church ;P.n- Classes n c.t.en.shiplion; Savj and Loan coverSi ceramics, square ocetn iiiimmii suuicii. will he on luesdavs at I n. m 1 1 n : . .m..:. i : Mr. Spurgin was one of the "V T. ,".,, : t' ' ld' ,u ' uw" nu " 1 arcing,, .k...iB largest land owners in War- Zr Iwn 117 s we" as ,he more vnced I Association; and these local Student at LorOS and Thursday evenings. Eng- Co . Des Moines chanter. Na-'anH ceramics lisn classes inciuae beginning : tionaj Electrical Contractors hentance tax appraisal boaid. Surviving Mr. Spurgin are three sons. Tom of Stans- instruction. 9 DIE IN MINE BLAST TAIPEI. FORMOSA groups, lumber dealers, ab stract and title companies, brick manufacturers, and con- berry. Mo.; Murray of Lincoln, i Nine workers were killed and inijiinies Neb., ana iviuri ai nome; a tnree seriously injured rriciay brother, Bert, of Indianolajin an explosion in a coal and a sister, Mrs. Besseimine at Juifang in northeast Leutzinger, of California. ' Formosa. Family Fallout Shelter Means Higher Taxes lowans who worry about both rising taxes and falling; nuclear bombs may find themselves in a dilemma: A radiation fallout shelter in your back yard or basement will in-; crease your property taxes Iowa Civil Defense Direc tor Ben Fowler says his office has been deluged with requests for information on fallout shelters in the past month. Iowa Property Tax Director Ballard Tipton says state law considers fallout shelters taxable as any other home improvement. A bill to make residential ,s.vf I-.T -mk sr f A J rV "LJ i She had been attending Drake University this summer and did not join the Cobblestone company for Ihe season just closed. In addition to her dramatic work she helped on several productions on properties, wardrobe, and other "crew" work. While spending part of the summer with her parents at Clear Lake, Miss Throckmor- mm a , , lllllllrtu I ICC II llui.irunLii lining Heads College Unit with a group of friends. They PITTSBURGH. PENN U stopped at the farm of a Michael . I. Val'der, a senior familv fripnd and started at Loras College at Dubuque, clambering about in trees. Ia., Saturday was elected Her foot slipped and Gail president of the National fell 20 feet to the ground. Federation of Catholic Col- j Doctors said she will have, lege Students at the group's: to spend about two months! annual meeting. Valder for-j in a cast, then wear a back merly lived at Osage, la., but i brace for some time, but that now lists his home as St. j no paralysis or other perma-Petersburg, Fla. nent disability is expected. iMMfM J ! cerned about fallout to build a shelter would Deterred by a few dollars tax increase. A government pamphlet on family fallout shelters estimates costs from $150 for a simple, do-it-yourself basement structure to $1,500 for an underground concrete shelter built by a contractor. Tinlnn cairl a to-al accpccnr fallout shelters exempt fromjwoud probabIy SMS a shel. local property taxes was in-; ter at on,y about one.fourlh troduced during this years .s actua, vaue .. fyen t session of the Iowa leg.sla- a ower eve, than tha( con. lure, but failed to pass. isiderjng the pUrp0fi of it." There was little interest in; A $im sheher assess?d fallout shelters at the time of;at $2no jn an flrea whpre ,he the legislative session.. ;-x ra(e js ,nn ms vou,d; Tipton said he doubted (raise Ihe owner's taxes $20 a anyone sufficiently con- year. lenith's Smallest Eyeilass HEARING AID SAVE SAVE $00 Value Special SAVE - i Y Small THm Prtvtous Zinith Adjust To Your Head Shap 4-Transistor Ptrformanct You urchsit int e ttm yui croic m ffiu mwm Tfli IMfltt1. ; fHmt LIVIN6 SOUND ' Ml AWNS '05 Horn Dmonitrtio 8y Appointment AUDIPHONE CO. Alt-II Flm,nq 8IW1. Phon. CHrry 4 7?2 I Wrap this coupon around your next roll of exposed black and white film, and include I 49c. We will process and send to you beautiful glossy jumbo prints. LETS GET ACQUAINTED I MR. SPEEDY IS ANXIOUS TO SERVE YOU "as close as your ntartst mail box" j SPEEDY PHOTO SERVICE i5 Box 1095 Omaha, Nebraska I RIVERVIEW PARK OPKR A I ED BY NEW R1LRV1EV AMUSEMENT CO. EiRhth nd Turning Street DES M0INE5 15. Telephone AT 8-3621 To The Families o Iowa: tWp's a lot of talk these days to the IhSft families don't spend enough time effect that families t ether as fami- rilfdS'ihedddlys Frankly, 'that talk .had us worried for a while ... ecseifRvxew Paxlc Lnned to SSJude things eSiry'ise group every member of the family, vill enjoy. happy to say that Ipwfj-l- lies haven't cnangeu. xw , r iits ' .1 . r,1T, c fhp very best Kino. ai. that family-fun is very git- fun. Thousands of Iowa lamina ..nnrlprful 1Hn-J.. iarir this summer ... wonderrui ea KiveLvxv.w - , M To tnem, But, i 1. a.i n rr people, iwyi0 vr . for proving once our most sincere thanks toi Provx g nicest-more what we've always knovm ... the people anywhere come to Kivervxew t. during w hnne vou'll vibiu "X2r T1 1,.-1 of our 1961 season. .esR :" jnnprl Pine The park rides, the nr facilities Sunday ana nonary. this, the final wee The p Room restaurant, will open . We'll hope Sincerely, will open at noon on bunaay "J-trlii i nn to see you and youi family ytn-tm tm m tmh

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