The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1961
Page 10
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-^>' ^^^ft^f '>» 5t >.^i' „_ J '.£ Se'^t, 12, 1081, *0» SPP " ,.'* pttf^ose of'learnln^L^ ' .. 'areas in plahtiiHg"whe%,"some J of • '• thw-lbbn&ultive ^crvic'eswghi tfe *555~F^S STFjH i *1 •#$t Mwin%-.;fo f ,i ""ogramtTn grades 7*12, »thle«J, Mib •?hey WIS aJj li to t^e , Aon, indicating t-.j -%ourse|, - \;r' . pflering,,^t)^: one. m the science offering. To ofiefed .._... ;>;artd 'physics - _-„- , ich;year ihstefa ernat^ years. ' ,, ' yjears ag6, Sentral'Coni- School sponsored adult ' Last year nb adult' classed were*. offeydd beb'ause of the •lacK'of.' Interest. 1 I'KiS year the question of adult classes has beerf fals^dl If fcnybtfe 'is' interested ih,adult classes they should wrltfe '&' postal 'card and- address jNonn uarounB up^warr his wife Judy and son Josep.. 'Carl now live in Tucson, Ariz, fwhere Richard is on the faculty 6f Arizona University. He teaeh> es elementary Greek, two Latin courses and beginning English 'wordsr - - Recently 'he • receives hotice that he had been,,granted an educational exchange awarp to study Latin in Rome/ but wa£ •ttnable to accept this because he •had signedIVcoftt?a*ct 16 ,Arlzdna<, ' '* ,;.:'•'»<.' " Mr alid ^ : .Willis Cbttbn --•*-Investors Diversified inKossuth DONALD V. GANT 'Representative of « • > «^ Investors Diversified in,: the East half of Kossuth'County. Handling 'Investors Diversified business in the east half of Kossuth county is Donald Gant, pictured •.above. : 4 t^ '. •:'".;;. " 'He has been'a resident of'Algona since Sept. 1, coming here f rom Bers? ford, S.'D. He is a native of Akroni Iowa. Sally and Don Gant have five children, ranging in age from 2 to 12. THOMAS F. PUTNEY Zone Manager Representative in West half of Kossuth • Mr. Putney moved to Algona on June 14 and is handling Investors Diversified for the west half of Kossuth County. He came here from St. James, Minn, and is a natiye of Hutch'inson, Minn. Mr. Putney,is married,and he and his wife Joyce have three children. . Are you Interef tf d In A balanced fund, for Instance? Investors Mutual, Inc. is 9 balanced fund with objectives of reasonabla return, preservation of capital and long-term appreciation possibilities through diversified holdings of more than 500 common ana preferred •tocks and investment quality bonds. ' ' ' ' A common stock fund? Investors Stock Fund, Int. is an open end mutual fund with professional Supervision of diversified securities, emphasizing comjnoii stocks. The securities for this fund are chosen with objectives of Jong-tcrm capital appreciation possibilities and reasonable income. Canadian Investments? Investors Croup Canadian Fund Ltd., is a diversified, continually managed mutual fund organized hi Canada with investments in Canadian securities, seeking long-terni growth possibilities through (1) Investments in companies participating in the development am} expansion of Canadian natural resources, industry, and commerce* (2) Automatic reinvestment of all dividends and other earnings. (3) Special tax considerations. A bond and prefe rred stock f,und? Investors Selectfa fund, Ins.— the primary objectives of this mutual fund are to provide a reasonably stable quarterly income and to conserve the value w the investment. A variable payment fund? Investors V&iablf fayrmA Fund, Inc, is a mutual investment fund with professional supervision of diversified securities, primarily common stocks with emphasis on growth possibilities. "Inf fa Jlment type" face-amount certificates? These Investor? Syndicate of America certificates can help you accumulate, money systematically over $, 10, 15, or 20 year periods. A practical approach to life insurance needs? "jfmir f&ancjal plan* for your fjamjly's needs should include sufficient Ufa insurance. Tall? to ypw •Tpyestors man" about life insurance designed to fit to tiie famijy&paacjal program. Insurance information and descriptive prospectus-booklets concerning these pompaoics avaijabje from; Thomas FP Donald Y. Gant 603 E. Oak St, Algpna ") Box 375 Algona MAIL THIS COUPON 1 let sutteral on (b« company(s) cheeked be/put, Io& I i Iiiv£&tors Stock Fmvj. Ioc« FjMjid, loc. Q Invftttyf Syijdiijat? of Amcric4 ^ji»|iM Fugd J^L Q I»y?»tpr| Yapabl? .Payment Fuad, lad, nveitort Syndicate LUe Iniuranco »nd Annuity Con >y^oy .............. ,^Brlen is at English the Lofte Cotton will take part in the ,suth< County .^arm Bureau#a •totir*'Wedfiesdgy1 1ft jfelW ' ' ' '* t 'i'l l \ • ' Mrs "Emma Hurlfiurt vMed Friday in > the Harvey- Rath home in Algona. , . *1 fMr art'd Mrs Junior Hurlbur't, Mr 'land Mrs Merwyri Hurlburt- and Mrs Emma HUrlburt cde- 1 ' brated the birthday .. eder'ltftne-'gcHr^d fio Mr and Mrs', .'ArBb-"i'JUli»and am is r reer-o; Ann ancT'tftftie aftd MrS-'EUrier 1 Nalg'Of'Eihmetsb'ur'g w&6?Sun*{ day dinner gu&ts ' s i the^avidi Dreyer home. in Humbert,'. Mr and Mrs . Larry"'»'Stfayei < were- Sunday 1 guests in' the Edwin'- Wichtendahl hdrtie. ', { ' , •; Mr and Mrs William' O'Brien of Osage are parents of a daugh' tei? born Oct. 2. The bab# .Weighed ;6 Ibs,, 13. oz. arid has- been named Christine Marie. ' " Mr. re 83rd'bi onday. Guests Settit were Mrs . chard, Mrs Roy Jensen, Mrs Jack Qtilnri, Mrs Frank 1 Plaff,* 1 ? Mrlf RUth Krueger, Mrs Jirri"" Loflg, Mr and Mrs, Robert .Hanna and 'family, Mfff Darryl l 'Ho*Useholder and Danhy/Mr arid.JOs.Ol^lyl Householder' and VI&cTJtf.f Mr dftH Mrs Woodrow,f;£ettit4fafld family, Mr l and-Mrs;Harlan-Bla'n. chard and Jonathan, Mrand'MrS Olenn Householder, Gloria and 'Oennis. •• , , • * t'^Mr and Mrs; Glenn Householder visited Mf. 'and Mrs' *LSrfy 'Householder arid Ricky Wafriei? inJ/tinneapolis.Thursday;. . -Mr and Mrs Henry' : Schep'p- rrtann and Mr'and Mrs Ben Seh- fliidt attended' the 25th wedding a'nniversary of Mr and Mrs Aug- ^eMt--an'd-grands l%ere l Mondaw Jensen was hostess'in her •h'bin^ hoHoriflg-Mrs'Frank-flaigV .birthday '.Wednesday. Guests' Vwl^'-p-s Willis Cotton, Mrs Eric* See'iebarth,, Mrs Roger Jensen^ Mrs- Ro'y ,Jense% J Mrt Mauds' —"-iChftSMf MrsTMflfora Mitchell m Mfiffj-attft'Fiafl.^, ^ty.-^ .' r .-&- M 4*T- 4«- «^' 4 _ - 'lV-\ ' Will Present Play Oct. 17 —-The Junior class play ^'Great Caes'ar's. Ghost" will be presented Tuesday, Ock 17 at 8 in the schooTAuditorium. It is under the direction of Gene ,.-••. .Af-dsi..,..-—„ -v,>.—: u —^ GonkMnrt „ the Eighth lOIJ/*UAli"" J «•• lock-Saturday. in the afternoon's r--o---~ giving ^e.Roem "WhatFree'doni Cub Scbuls Kfeei "Seventeen prospective'- Cub Scouts and their parents met at the school dirflhg foam day and heard EaM Berg of 'City tell of the program and -,_ -Ni& Ideal* Scoutmaster-, ekpl&irt- ed'tiM* Bdy-'Scout trogjram. JtW Victor Vrlesen, pastbrvtf the,local' 'ETand'R. Church, was , in charge of the meeting: r Sunday has been set .aside as Laymans Sunday in MethodWt churches and in the local church the -ladies will be in 'charge 01 the 10 a,"m. service. . . t *hi£sday Mr and Mr* J. F. —- livan and'Jeremiah attended the funeral of'P. J. Kohrt, which was held at Spencer; ' Overnight guests at the CecU Enc ***»*»• -• pitai last was. Mr'and Mrs an'd faMly wet-,.--.. ' father's, the G. at dfevSftrSundfty, "••'• ; f ~r" tended We morning tewees, i St Mathew's Lutheran > chy" there at which time Jaafcf wards and Marvin were sponsors for,the Kevin Leroy, son of attended the fur Esser Saturday/ Final rites ' of. Patricir ' a r , Elmer Smith, " evening aM thlJltfM, her home *"=»= 'jy?'"^ 'aKS u*~a and Mrs Harold IJerzag. She had been in Mason Cltytot^ Mr and Mrs and family visit— Zoo at Minneapolis £ FOLLOW THIS 10-POINT FIRE SAFETY-CHECK LIST: You can save lives . . .you can prevent tragic loss . . . you can protect your family and yourself — when you, fight fjre the right and best way, the way that's up to you, every day, everywhere. The only way to be safe i .from fire.,is to prevent it before it starts. Check your v^home,Solace of business -and' farm^for^ife'hazards . .<,. f -'be carelitl with flame,in any jfofm." '. " ' ( • BE CAREFUL WHEN SMOKING. j . • TAKE CARE WITH FLAM- MABL'ES. ' ; • KEEP MATCHES FROM CHILDREN. j - • CHECK ON HEATING EQUIPMENT. • CHECK ON COOKING EQUIPMENT. • CHECK ON CONDITION OF ROOF. • CLEAR OUT 'JUNK' & RUBPISH. • CHECK ELECTRICAL! WIRING. • CHECK ELECTRICAL CORDS. • USE CORRECT FUSE SIZES. 25 FIRE CALLS Since January 1 The City Fire Dept. has had 10 city calls, 14 rural calls and 1 call to Bancroft so far this year. The Dept. also had equipment at all Stock f\>r Races held here. The 10 city calls Included 3 residences, 4 businesr •; ° trees and 1 car. THE CITY OF ALGONA proudly-" SALUTIS ITS VOLUNTEER FIREMEN DURING FIRE PREVENTION WEE£ — QCT. 8-14! Ralph Elbert, assistant chief ,,, Chester Webb, 1st assistant chief . . .Chester Willey, 2nd assistant chief .. .Harry Barton ,, .Stanley Muc> toy Vv Cyril Venteicjjer , , , Robert kaing , ,-, Henry GeUenfeld'. , ip«n gherraan , . .Rex VoyN . , .Don Meyer «, ,Don Peterson . . . Jim Utt.. .Charles Benson ,,, Jolin l^evy ,,. Roger Hoover . . .Warden Brokaw. Ira Kohl is Fire Chief, To Report a Fin PHONI CY 444S4!

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