The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1961
Page 2
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^Alflona (lo.) Uppar Dsi MoltiM '1Mnriday f Wesley Honored WSsley j- Mr. and Mrs. ficl -eels - Oei Sail Catholic '• church, A 1 ", family di: ner * Wa$ - Served Uo 1 65 ; relatlv in the parish haU and 200 rel»| tives >ahd- friends Bttendetf'-O;"* house; f, '?. < "^ L $ /V v ^ The dinner WaS-prepared aiu served by five 'grandchildren Beatrice Hildmahv Angelina Foer^tSch, Mildrld ''Martin) 'Rofe- mary Hildmafi*\and Madonna Wirth/ They alfo, ser,ved, during open ' hoilsi^A' daughter > Mrs Leona Lyons,perv'ea |the" pundh ___iu__ fl.iVutrru' ***«- • •• t ,i«:ri. another Mrs.'' LiJcille Porrttnerening, poured, and Mrs dlfira ' (Hildnian) Eiseribarth had char|e bf ^the" guest' book. Two grahdchildren, Mrs. Robert Katn and 'Mrs. Dick Kain, took care of the 'gifts. Elizabeth Wirth.and Ed -Hlld- , man ' were married at Gilbert Oct. -3, 1911. They lived, in North • Dakota five years before coming to, Wesley in' 1922. Mr.'Hildman was manager of, the- Farmers -Coop elevator for 21 years. They have five children: Mrs. Verna Kain of < Algona,' Matt Hildman of Long Beach, Calif.; Mrs.« Leona Lyons of St. Paul,' Larry, of Long Beach and Mrs. Lucipe Pommerening, Lovelock, 1 Nevada. Mrs. Kain baked and beautifully decorated the . cake. Harvest Festival Jffayvest home festival was ob- seryed Oct. 8 in E.F. church with a fellowship dinner at • n,oon for 140 guests. Rev. Dale , Oliver, Bopne, spoke at all three services. Special music was provided by Mrg. B. E. Jongewaard. Mrs. Lester' Larson and Mrs. Ray Carlson sang "a vocal duet, mixed quartet of Dr. and Mrs. , R. E. Jongewaard, Mrs. Ivan ; . Johnson and Clif f*. Carlson arsd'sangCr* ..... The offering, at the'se 'services was sent to home 'missions. M*-T ,-• ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wier drdve to 'Grand Junction Satur- da^ evening to visit their son Lyle,''and family. Their grandson iScott celebrated his first birth/ day. The' We'sleyans ' visited their * daughter arid, family,' the Albert Jondalls at !Des Molnes' Sunday,. Ri\th Wise ( ' 'student' nurse ai ' Broadlawns in Des Moines, spent the weekend -at the-'parental-Her| man Wise home. ' Mr./: and ,Mrs. Darrell Adolf and daughter Shelly of Mason City and -Dale Adolf and children of Everly 'were Sunday guests in the ' Will Martinek home. .«- ' ' Mrs. Sue Bramble, Jefferson, S. D,, came Friday to spend a week in the home of her twin sister, Mrs. J; T. Mcurer and hus- • band. Other Sunday guests were Mr§, Don Vogel and children of • Lohrville, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lemke, Algona and Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Mcurer, Plover. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hutching and baby daughter Beth of Memphis, Tenn, and his mother, Mrs Madelyn Hauptman Hutching and daughter, Linda, of Fort Worth, Tex. came Friday to spend a week in the home of Mr and Mrs, Harold Martinek anc family and other relatives. Al were Saturday evening dinnei guests of the Harry Bartons o: Algona in honor of Gary's birthday, Gary is in the Coast Guard and is being transferred to Sacra mento, Cal. His mother and sis ' tor .will accompany the family to California next week. fyji-, and Mrs. George Ward o Clear Lake, formerly of Wesley were' Sunday djnner guests in th George Vitzthum home and attended the golden wedding anniversary open house for Mr. and Mrs. pd Hjlciman whjch was held in St. Joseph's parish hall. CDA members are invited to attend a meeting with the CDA? of Mason City Tuesday evening. Oct. 17. A pot luck lunch will be served at 6:30. Donald was born Oct. 3 to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Forburger at the Britt hospital. Both were brought home Saturday. They now have a famjly of fguj sons and a daughter. The family dinner held Oct. 1 at the Mike Wagner home honored the 15th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Wagner, the lOtb anniversary of the Tony Wag* ners of Algona an.d the Roy Kit-ins 14th of 'Aideji. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Alne <jf Ames visited friends here one day Jast week. of marriage were pub- LAKOT) t ;«&ii£jk- :r£Sr J Mason City, Mi's'J6hn S(jeenhai-a ! aHd i.. win visited'all day-Sinday with Mr And Mrs Edwin'^ed./CJfl^- artd Bradley at FotI Dodge. Sunday ' dinner guests at the Herman 1 Wirtjes home were Mr and ily of tt»s' .w Jijftrd, Berg end'fam rfc/oft. Afterri&on, v/Si- rMr and Mr), - Atoin Wfttjes and family of Ell >' ' •'' SEANS ( ' ' * ! ' ' ; fced t!' 'tlobbs bf fled' Oak 'hVs a pet hobby of planting castor bean seeds every spring ,/n his back yard, Twb plate, gr*w like tr^es,this-j|ear,, .Otlt .plant mea- sUfed'.iftofe thari 18 feet,high and m I v/ ' ;fijitt -.-i- the regulat ,-jofflt ttdetingcof'ithe ^Bttft AfHefic|ft •Legion 4nd-. AMMiafy tfa'r'heW Tuesday evening. Hostesses .were Qenevieve Spry^ , Etta HbWafd", and/Dorothy,Becker, ,, /| The Aujflto^Vated State' HolpW sen, cHitd,, Welfare 'W nounced' that* a-' bo 6t' sent to the group's assigned chihj. at Woodward. 'The group alsajUeek make a: stfidy 5 6n'|diyll' p^larts in order to, i' m iia son on han usual ho made pi bonnets fdr possible Xmas gifts. Hefflftan. Bode Mr. a in'Jieu bf ttti . The Women ..—A,. »-4«a« *-'«f . and Mr. |nd'Mrs7,'FrlrtJl«lin t "Bb*de „** --- i«j ttiU('<KK* m i~i'l&'tr~.jL,LJ'* attended :i in,i d. »•» Iv / ;« t**J \i! X^^ *"*""" & BUrt *.tfbM day, Oc „• Will fc twill be f f ATJ-J. t M»«» •>*».• ftnvg «*• AI S!J bf their as barn \past we '«{ 'Pr4M e rYaA%omt *\/ 4hi --teisatil .1', '»,£V*-*-'? Ml -, and 'law, khd'-daiigHtef, 1 Mf ! fiort' JjaHge %of 6116 Ifvefy Mrs-Herbert-Lange, ef.ahq Short orene i&rfi l"v -is &«&$!$ O Arittlfa »«!$ .Fate add mr JM.61 V'li. J-MIH.! i«ow»»* - " * w* ttfclft&Sfti*.; and Wo, tfbta' Tfl^lfe&l 'BragjT/Nl 'day, to sf With his, K6?fnit Fr3 ^to sinct Mrs John L&t J$y. of Omahaf-JfebVri] Wekehd a't the, DOnaltLi for >d AtViptegil ari'd family.^ gUests at' the, hcfene at Whitternqre,, ' t 'Mrs Kermit ^dwler, v yttl a C'J ft *i-it', -f, WiWftte W "' W n '»£,. wra?? fttt *hl aere S'iaayja iiOelii irdi- Ml- "'*•«££!? f,- hf^^i* i^J b^X.' 3nH macniiaren. .^TdfeHr^a. ahd6hlW. * r <i* • ••« PRICES SQO6 tHRO'C Wi|%; -oefiUj t£oi ....ftlSHtS RESERVED ro:$; /uri ^,?-v r/wt Ctrf 1 W m '"« . . ----- . „ mother, M&iTfiuftfr Boc}!, % 'A1-, gona, Mohday' at St'. ' Cecelia's Catholic church in Algona. Relatives received <. Word of the jirth of a son, Gordon Louis, to Mr. and Mrs,*" Gartn Uauptman Sept. 20 in TucsOn^Ariz. Mf: ana Mrs. Frances Hauptman of ,Tuc^ son, form ( eriy bf* Wesley, are tfie [tandparents, and Mr; a t nd' Mrs. j. W. Hauptman of Wesley are ;he great-grahdpare.nts. Mr. and'Mrs. 'C.{H. Rose of Itanford, 111;, visiteds friends here asf week! t ! • ' '\ Mr. and Mrs. L./Lease were' Sunday guests of their- son Loren and family/iin Clear Lake/i ir ibnor of tji^ youngj couplSs 1 5th wedding an|iiyersary. Herj 'parents, Mr. and 'Mrs. 'Harold) MU- er of Clear L'ake, were also'din- ner guests. Bill Rdckwood; son 'of 'Mr. 4 ano Wrs. Robert Rockwoqd, and Bety Thilges, daughter of Mr. and fc *» rs it* * i W m £u el -ifiMlfji^il 1 ^ You'BEf.jojf.TJjM* w J ' 'juicy, Ttndef Ro«ih. ./ >(.' »EP LB. vi *. r /. n - p. _,.-. ! (**"'* . ,i]l t.'iC'v '|r FOOD STORES JV 'i,. f 275 E •»•, v EE STAMPS I Swiss 0. S. CHOICE U.'S. CHOICE ^ful W*y Trim ft* Steaks^mirte Stea 71 m" "BO"NELESS ^. as-cflliUi , , ••* «r •••» ••••^•j, • j—, — : — — t * _ • mmmmmmK*mm**i!.m>»m-mmmmmfimmmmm*mj ! 50 IS"Stamps FREE ; rou BUY • .•' ' I' CUTLETS i •»»••**•• PER i4.t|......4 HttpS PER LB. TOP TASTE Essex Sausage P. SO FRESH '.<1'^>.' , Fillets %: . L^'rJ^ 4 * * ,JAR \L FOOD STORE J ! OCT. 14, 'tl J if mm mt m m'm m. m'm mmmm' j^, w . . j ' »f m imps FREE sw»SJTj«!f"y* "BT • • '^ -,- T| THIS COUfON WfHEN YOU BUYi >.Cdii.N< s At*'Your FOOD: STORE OCT. M. '41 • NATCO QUICK 0/iTS •MfB* 1 gona. ' Mr. and' _. .. , .. . __ Sritt entertained'' several relatives m' their 'hdWe' > 'recently' in- 1 honor 1 of -their son Donald's, second jirthday. Guests were the John 'ennings and Barbara, the Joe 'ennings and sons and Mrs, /Edward Haack and (ihildreri,' tlie Ray Pennitigs and HarolSi Pen,-' nihg famiUes, the Eldoh- • Peri- nings and Ed BedforSs. Mr, and Mrs. Armin Adolf of Hartley spent Wednesday win., ' i sister, Mrs. Will Martinek and tiusband. , ; •'< Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Pommerening, Jan and Susie of Lovelock, Nevada spent several days ovor the Oct. 8 weekend in the parental Ed Hildman home. The date of the C.D.A. initiation ceremonies will be held Oct. 23 instead of Tuesday evening. Oct. 24. The annual K & H Oil meeting will be held Oct. 24. St. Joseph's parochial schoo! was closed Monday as the four nuns attended a teacher's conference at Sjjorm Lake. Donna Mae Bleich of Cedar Falls was home over the weekend. L. J. Merrill, Portland, Ore., spent several days here as guest in the Lester Larson home. Linda Rciling was honored at a birthday party Sunday afternoon in her parental Rich Reiling homo. She was 9 years old and her guests were 3rd grade girls. i| The D.iMicioui . Hst-,Cereal or for Ciokic^ (<rid Other. Baking Uses 42-Qi;. Box 'J -5-«'T'J^ t(-A t i ' '* ' * \ ETS BAKE A PIE! i"i * t ? ; * J I ' **»,> F »'. J Ja, .f ' ,r ' PIE FILLER s .•"^>'-• ,v .*LJ».. - jy ' .' U.,-J^ 1 . DAPPLE i« ' .j?. fL£MON Jjshejj : jn St. Joseph's Catholic chupc^ Sunday for Margaret Ann Blejph, 48l4Jghfeer of Mt ; - and Mrs. Fra^K Bleiph and "Verri Olson. wij} be mgrrjed Oct. 28. ivir. 9nr4 Mr§- Mark Bpck^r 01 Boulder, Colo- spent }ast week with his mother Mr§. Justine Bet^pr ansj IpiMy ' a«sl with othejr rfc-iatives. They left Qct. 6 for Cfu'c^gQ (to spepd, a w with' tei' parents pefpj.;e he ports for .military service at re- Frances Bradley Weds Oct. 4 At Blue Earth Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic church at Blue Earth, Minn, was the scene for the wedding Oct. 4 of Frances Cecelia Bradley, Humboldt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. J. Bradley, Algona, and Howard Kelley, son of John Kejley and th.e late Mrs. Kelley of Clare. Msgr. Satory officiated at the double ring service at 9 a.m. Sister Mary Ruth was organist and the junior choir sang the mass. Mr. and Mrs. William Casserly, Humboldt, served as attendants for the bridal couple. The bria> is a graduate of the Ft. Dodge School of Cosmetology and owns and operates a beauty salon at Humboldt. The bridegroom is a carpenter. The newlyweds will reside at Humboldt. mm m ft* COOKIES -Your Chore* .No.&CAN.t".^ i JC« ""BETTY CROCKER |4c b«i) A| 441 m Crust••Mix far* '19 BAKE A PIE 9 Inch >' ;' fie Plates « 9 of s...: • "• NATCO PIE-- •/ * A 39c Crust Mix ST..Z lop KINGLjCjDBty STAMPS 100 KING KORN STAA^S 'i:' , I : 3' GQQ^H'S E 5. IB.. BAG • BLUEBERRY, : ;, \AND SERVE IT,WITH... \ ,, TOP TREAT for 3 ICE CREA '*«P' Mo. Prairie. — Win. R. Shoonhair, councilman, has filed for re-elec- rf^ppt near St. Lows, tion and Dr. H. E. Weber for re- eJeciion for the park board. .fears met Oct. Mrs. wag co-hostess, Mrs. • August Studer and Mrs. and Don Welp. . Others holding offices are P. j, Schiltz, Mayor, Wm.' Kennedy, Rgjph Cay lor, Don Shillingidn ,-it Real Savings on a Qualify, 'Creamy Rich Ice Cream. "Vpurj (tylfi-tf-'fyftw* LF GAL./....'. •'**! * WITH THIS COUPON WHHj YOU BUY '' ; Jol|y: Tii?ie POPCORN ! " .'At Your FPD, "STORE * ,' • > COUWN WIRES OCT. |4/'*I , • | •'. J ' WITH THlVcOUPON WHEN YOU BUY ! " fcl >;|C^^ MATOHiS^ .» fate xv 50 SS Stamps REE J '• -WITH THli COU>Or| WHEN YOU BUY j 2 Caip Epsy Life Suds \ 'At Your'NATIQNAL FOQD STORE I • COUPON EXPIRES OCT. 14. 'il | tm mmm mmmmm f m mm m m mm mmm m'm m m ft' t "t CmDENBOOK t 9|i Sate. 69 e Karo 5yriip,,n4i GOLDEN CORN Oil. iVldZOlcl 9u«H Bort«,,, 7c DEAUON ^ ; .,-» : .;. ;' SpPy ; 3 : Lb. C»n, yjf..';.;..i Niagara Starch QUART SIZE ; , . ,, v «. Liquid,Unit,!...: FOR AUTbMATiCS .-. iij - •, All ,,u , OL <r«ll **t* , **W* r*^* *»•*! PINT SIZE Hancly Andy REG. SIZE ~' Breei?e n» - *« •"•••••» «ifci> Lux Liciuid ...................... Z2-OZ. SIZE A|- C Swan Uquid ..;..,... W RES. SIZE -- ~t "A LUX Ton.t s,^ 0 OUR LEADER ^d Home WH»TI ^i/sr BROOMS • Good Quality —^ Get Ont for the. Kitchen, One for trie Basement, and One for the Garage EACH f Ju»t LiU lifofne Made Orchard Fresh FROZEN ORANGE Juice '-•.'• r Cf . 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