The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NE VOL. XXXIII—NO. BlythtyUli Courier BlythevUlo Htr»ld THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOBTO8ABT ARKANSAS AND BtythevUle Diilj Newt Valley U»ow 80UTIIEASY MISSOURI AHKA.NSAS, SATUIiDAV, .MAY HO, IDiiti SINGLFi COPIES FIVE CENTS' * Trying to Make Congress S ha r c Responsibility,• Republicans Charge WASHINGTON, May so (tip>— Republican charges th(\J President IJooscvelt got into "hot water" on the Passamaquoddy, Maine tidal harnessing and Florida ship canal work projects and now wants congress to "share responsibility," enlivened tlie senate holiday debate loday on the $1,425,000,000 relief Anxious to dispose of the relief! program so that debate can start on the controversial lax bill, administration leaders ran into a hot fight over the proposal to make new studies of 'the projects. Fletcher Pleads for Canal Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg <Rep., Mich.), mentioned 'tis a possible Republican presidential > nominee, shouted (o the crowded' galleries that Mr. Roosevelt Colorado Rains Send River Out of its Banks DENVEK. Col., Mny 30. (UPJ- Thc Republican river overflowed at Severn] points in Colorado today, taking ai least one life ami dam- nging pro|)crty along its banks. The Hood threat exendcd into Kansas nnd Nebraska. Families in menaced areas Hod tearing repetition of Die disastrous flood of last Memorial 1 Day whc" Hi? river ravaged lowlands for 200 iiillrs 1mm Colorado Springs to Mc- TVd |jy heavy rains on (he eastern waters'ned of the Rocky moim- lains. the river anil several normally dry gulches went out of (Heir banks. The Arkansas river was reported rising. Womeirs Grim Masdurnule Prolrsls -A wins! . . . . ,~ "" ! • i • I. i !••,, n, ^__ '** i' for Youth Re- turnine, High School Class fs Told the btood on his hands and wants .^n Graduates of the city 'nigh Sc h 0 3l •l, as ! were congratulated on their the senate li" house to share . v -1.U uit mcii ujiprji - tunity to pioneer in Hie fields of social undertaking, cooperation and control, by Henry Hudson, guest speaker, at Ihe 1033 commencement exercises last night at Ihe cliy auditorium. * Diplomas were awarded th- 7= graduates by c. M. Buck, president . ^.,t uudiiumiiiieiit ^01 me siso- school board, following n 000,000 Atlantic-Gulf canal which 1>ro « ram m Which Mr. Hudson, for" - - merly athletic director <?. the school here nnd now of Arkansas Tech spoke on "The Outlook for Youth " A number of the graduates gave chrM-( toll.- r_n_. - .. E»>i- Vandenberg opened up tlie opposition argument after Senator Duncan U. Fletcher. 77-year-old Florida Democrat, appealed in a. quavering voice for action to prevent abandonment ^of the $150,- o: Vandenberg ridiculed as 'a pipe dream. A new tax plan, designed to salvage the administration theory ot a high reform tax on undivided corporate profits, was prepared loday for introduction In the -senate as a .substitute for the fin- • f.r.ce committee's compromise rev-' (•Hue measure. i . . . •:~!'-T^r**? -..Drafts' Tax ' I'fcirO" ' '•-*-;•- | Senator Hugo L. Black (Dem., ...... . ^^ tlOll prnnrkcfltt* i« committee, worked report embodying short talks followin t'heir intro- " • -•.">, iug iiiL-ir miro- ductlon by Basil Locke and Gene f ll,e class for mmm^^mm ^^ ^ , ^ _ , _ - ^vV^r.- : : ;: <-: - •- v: - .:•••(' ' v ^;.v a ... -...rare, London, in a grim protest against \vi\Sylvia Pankhursl, noted snUnigcllo, and ether pacifist lenders. Sykes, presid the two semesters, b. Ala.), who vainly fought for „„.- nammhitratioii proposals in the on a minority .,...„ the substitute plan which would attempt to meet criticism of the reform tax by offering a method whereby corpora- Awards were , su- tions could retain e.imiiigs but escape Ihe 'high super-levy bv dLs- (i-ibLition of profits in a specified c ^" form of new stock certificates. '- , a\pid reform taxes but stock issued to -~-fi vi-ne Branson, valedictorian won a scholarship t n Brcnaii c ol-' I'm" ;p ai ! le5vi "e.- On., where she will attend, and several other scholarships which wore not accepted Miss Vera Salita; saliilatorian won a scholarship to Draughon School of Business, Little Rock. The Public Speaking medal, given by Oscar Fendler, went '•• "--•• Miss Branson to Emmett Colvin won tllc En S"^l> ,r S , elUcd by thc J"" tor ' Woodrow Hall received the science award and Jolin stsvcns Warrcnl for ress in Canada QUEBEC, May 30. tUP)-Harry Bannister, divorced Yiusband of Ann Harding, swore out a warrant today for thc arrest of the blon; on the charge that she-»»»..,«lawfully depriving him or the opportunity, to so; their chil;l, v .7-year, old Jane Bannister. llannister and his attorney, Stanley J. Harte, asserted that Miss Harding and the child did not sail ,„„ „ ,. last night on tlie liner Duchess or ,!" tlv Athol. ns 'iier rrmmot •,„„„„„„„,, ! cl Sn-born Thousands Witness Osceola Centenniaj Parade, Pageant ninS^Vlb* J^J^ ^^^ ^ «"and an historical pageant at I o , i»u D mm. niyht climaxed Osccola's comM ,, b ° mC ° f lhc " n ^ 1 ^ <=lmi'ac- Wned centennial celebration and h, r " >1|H ; 1isoll "J« 1 »> Uie eele cumncnccment exercises yeslcr-' | • II'*£•% Osccola, por- The festivities began : the prevl- '.pr toss'?'Dm"' Fulte ns%enmruTo ous Friday with the sniwii/m nr in n o«>.. >T- ..... .__'"" Miss Marguerite Pope and 15 .. z ns crnano the selection of | De Soto; Triilam Hill as De Tonti as . "Miss Biuce Ivy as Col. Robl, Crltten- for thc arrest of the blona film star S™?h ?"" ,' 5 • S ', r l S 5''°'" Ul - e "™ ; Mlss J " il11 Llllart"Craig'n.s on the charge that she was im - °° l and neighboring town* i Miss Winnie Davis -• daughter o! lawfully depriving him or the op- f llcr " 1!>lds ' :•: , | President Jefferson' Davis; Bob porUmity, to sas their child.,-T.DMr. 'U', . Maiijv.,..yisil Museum .j.j.Kcndrlck as Gen. Albert Pike and '• A inuseuiii 'containing' iiiany''m-[MnJ'br'A": S/'.lVogc'rs as Wooflrd\? tacsthuj articles connected- with j Wilson. NoV"" 1 }' l !l S t OI ' y ° f Osceoln ' ! >" <l George >I. Deer, superintendent n,m A / k T" S : « s , we 'l ns of-dty schools, was general chair- aniiounced i Ihe native countries residents, for- was club which sails for England '"»'"'»""« would be subject to income taxes The original house bill embodying the administration theory and providing a graduated tax up to « 1-2 per cent on the indistri'but- ed profits was turned down by the senate finance committee. It approved a 15-1-2 to 18 per cent tax on earnings, a seven per cent super-tax oil undistributed profits, and boosted by one per cent tlie present surtaxes on incomes starting at $0,000. ' Hector Thomson Wins British Amateur Title honors. Miss am received presented by thr A. R. ill _. - - ned Cliarlevolx chapter of the D Miss Bobbye Jeanne Blayloc u" Citizenship awarci given by the D ' — •• «w« ui iy fi- j) -- Speaking award for the northeast Arkansas district The graduation exercises 'climax- cj several weeks of varied activi- pated" W ' n ' Ch thC Se " iors p -' lrtici In discussing the theme nssi<>n>d him Mr. Hudson .said in part- " " American youth was dealt •»• especially ctue i blmv b " c - 11 •» c™?'^- ? e C ' rects of inactivity catis.d youth to lose enthusiasm become less cnvolovable. to <, ro ,.. „ scnlful and to tu'rn to r-rim? £' 30. (UP)—Hector Thomson. 22- year-old Scotchmnn. w on the British amateur golf championship today defeating jams s Ferrier. Aus- ira Ian champion, two up in the 36-iiole finals. Scot Sends Shilling To Cover State Taxes ^SUPERIOR, \vis. (UP) _ ^ , , r , 0 _ tui'^ — u Grant, a resident of Kirkhill, m- and private, lo aid youth iii securing employment and further \raln- tn ' n ° rTa *atlon again means opaw- Youth fe finding m atcr"a| tl "om'or' tumtie; | n a widc ran al °m.m~ ment projects. Soil co°se?vati"n social service ,,.«ru ties. T ties in „. chemistry. , housing programs. "- stria 1 and ' -» ».wlllioc| llllliUll[]Lt.U I - ,, ' ••—' "" but were aboard thc Emm-ess of',,, Progressive club rooms. Australia ,,-hfnV! ....ii- r^_ ^..",... . I the Sonlhwe.stern ncll Telephone company sent an educational exhibit showing a model of tlie first. instrument used by Alexander Graham Uell in 1870, followed by improved type In the devel- latc today. Bannister declared that if he e could prove Miss Harding actually did sail yesterday he would attempt to invoke the fugitive act to her to return 'Here with tile IES FILE opmcnt of the telephone (o the present day. Several hundred visitors also examined with interest firearms used in the war of 1812 Colonial costumes, early legal documents, rare pieces of jewelry and silverware nnd musical instrument,';. In yesterday's parade led by the CO-plece Christian Brother's college hand or Memphis, were a log wagon, loaded . I v/ith cypress logs rnirt drawn by M I' T S ' X 0!ien ' a Cylinder Cadillac - Wlonopohze 111- ««r made in 1904, a family car- terest in Prmisr-nt fnun '''" KS Of clv " wnv da S' 5 - harvesting. LV.ICSL in i emiiCOt UMJn- machinery, beginnins with t |, e [ Primary hn '" 1 cradle «"<! rea'pcr and coining down to tllc tractor-driven modern binders. One float carried . , ar man of the entire celebration an Ben Hluestcln directed the IWR- Cf.nt. Memphis men who assisted as marshals in handling the parade nnd thousands of spectators were Hughes, Jnck Goldsmith, John John Valentine, M. A. Ughtmnn, Ciant, Saul Dluestein, Ephitam Bluestein. Jessee Poltz and Herbert Meyers. Rcpoi'lcv aiirj' La wycr AnVohjj Casualties in Apartment Mouse Baltic WASHINGTON, May ;«. (UP) _ Police were called lo the emlml|le<|' apartment of Rep. Marlon A. zlon- chcck again today niter his wife ullegcxlly threw Mrs. Denjamlr, Scott. Young, her Inmllnd.v, Into Hie hall. Police, bcciipanls of nearby ni>nrlmciil«, spectators drawn by fhc sound of buttle, and iiewspaiwi- reixji'lcrs and photographers par- (Icluntcd In a general melee wbicli ended when one reporter was cut slightly on the. nrin, MM. i Young had lo be taken to Emergency hospital for medical trentmcnt. Hospital oflidals declined to discuss 'ni-f condition but an unconfirmed ropwl snld tluil she siiffercd a fractured hip, I'ifilil Is Thriller Thy niinpus shirled, police ic- iwvted, when tlie Washington can- yressman returned from Pittsburgh.. Mrs. ZIonelicck an<l Mrs. Young a writer w'iio sub-lot ho,- np.nrlmcm lo the Zlonchccks niiO now wauls it hnck. had been occupying the nixivtmeiiL Jotntly-Miul peaceably —during t]i P Injsijaiid's iibsencs. Hostilities began when zlonchsck remarked about ft long dlstnnce telephone call 'ne had placed from Pittsburgh. Mrs. Zlonchock said she hadn't talked with her husband and accused Mrs. Young or Impersonating her on file telephone The resulting n»Jit, police were told, was immediate and thrilling. H ended with Mrs, Young lying on her back In the hall, screaming and complaining of an.Injured leg TJ"> offlcm wont into, immedliua Conference with Z!mirtieck"nnd hTs wile while spectators helped Mrs Young to'her feel, nnd led lier uack'i Into her apartment, which she Vitul charged wns virtually wrecked dining Zionclieck's tenure. Hils Wrong Jinn Hostilities ended, but not for lon» Zionclicck. parading about the apartment In black pajamas. learn ed Dint a reporter had been cut Hc accused one man of doing the stabbing and threw a cocktail glas< In his general direction. His aim however, was poor nnd the glnss struck L,. Q. C. Lanmr, Zloncheck's attorney. In the back o! the neck nllictliig a sllg'nt cut. Mrs. Young snld she Intend Wed U. S. Girl Ai lik fimied t.iilni did tjofoie l»m, f."il Hcatlv, Lord noio- iiile, shown bcloW, will \\cd .m il. : inislics First fn 24lh Rc- ncwal of Memorial l),iy Speed Classic TNDIANAI'OUB MOTOR SPKRD- WAY. Indianapolis, rnd , May .10 (Up)-Louis ^re J or of Huiillngton lurk. Cal, bc-Binb the iirsl three time winner in ilia history or the nicinoilnl Day 600-mile siWdway rnip vUien h c lliiUlicd nhCad In llw J-lth immtiiij of the annual clnssip tills afternoon. Mojin was leading at the ^oo- mlle iiiaik nnd sinyed out in front most of the \viiy. SiXMlncular driving by Kelly I'e- I Wa, 19)5 SiicivTuay wlnnci ami im- lloiun champion who relle\cd Oeo •i we" MacKon/lc of Eddliwlon, I'n, at tno end of mK miles ima funs sonic thrills M™ 11 .?., 1 ' 1 . 1 ' cl " "> eWHli poal- lon I'Btlllo luincd llic first lap nl 111 miles per hour, skidding Intu lie turn and lockellng down tho Etratghtnwny t!ir 'throws Vfhtfl Al Miltci, Detroit, was Injured when his iai lost a wheel In fiotit of llic itmuA nlHiul ns he w hh led flown the strclcli Mtllei was llnovVn from the car (tie Impact but was conscloiii licn Inken to u hospital Itaspllal attaches sntil Mlllu suffered a broken leg and luccra- tlom He v,as thiown from tho car Into thu Hlie feme guarding the stands His mechanic, Jimmy Jackson wlmimpoILi, was unlnui except i a sll R ht shaking up cais, slowed down yicckngc was removed, their speed nttor 10 Inns tjio icsumed , O ..... " "« "- llltUILULl - Monday 10 ssck a warrant chafing Zlonchcck with the destruction of property in order to force hl< eviction from the apartment. ' CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo—Peml- scot county Democrats will have a full slate of candidates in the primary election next August 4 but apparently there arc to be few IJ>- publlcan entries, with June 5. the closing date for filing, only a few days away, only five 'nave filed on thc Republican ticket. ;uid thos? are for township offices. The Democrats have contests for three county offices, also contests m several of the townships. Most interest is centered on thc Democratic race for 1'ie shcrilf's office. John Hosier, former chief of police of Caruthersville. and R. W Ownby, chief deputy to Sherifl S. E. Judcn. arc tlie candidates who Chief Osceoln and his princess a ix 20 Indians. There was an his float with DC Sntn nnd his Seized as Soldiers Pass Through PEIPING, China, May 30. HJP) oo nnd hs gu. tosf Tllc queen's ! Pclping railroad station today while br.nd of 60 explorers, .,__ _. 0 „ llllt float, carying Miss Osccola, her three Irainload's'o? Infantry' '""Ids, and a 10-plecc orchestra, 1 from Japan rolled oslw-i'r.l was a reproduction or an old TOrd •ningcho™ CitsUllrd ' ,-^ I 1 ^ ptuULLLU U11S Jear lie sent Grant an early statement, saying: reim-t°" arc 22 «n!s short. Please <fy o^tols were astounded when they opened an envelope recently ana found a sbillin, money order from Grant New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 30. (tlp)- Prtce fluctuations were small on t'nc r*ew Orleans cotton market today and the close wn.5 two points higher for near months and one to two iwmts lower for distant months A general holiday ft, other "markets restricted trading. open hlg'n J »'y 1153 1153 Oct 1053 1054 low 1150 1050 close 1153b 1051 Jan. Mar. 10431 1045 1043 1045 — 1046b 1044b vnich wit. requfr^ Ihe fu "en" ^ "' of youth if u, c r u(l , re u to ™ cr ^ R iestion'! r ' hrcc ca "<lidale.s. George ciinrav i f nc "mbent. J. Floyd Keelcy and - - t. >MLUI Improvement on the McGhc elcy an.. MuHmiks, the latter fin- ls to b" an • AiuimiiKs, tre latter fin- prcseut "and istlin S Ollt a tDr m as county treas- |nrer. have filed as Democratic can- Al Jofson Company Hunts Mineral Riches DEADWOOD.~S~ D (Up) _A company headed by Sid Grauimn owner of Hollywood's famous cw nese Theater, and liavln. as »1 president Al Jolson. will be=in d n l"g operations at the B tack imk Exploration Company's ttldates for assessor. Others w'iio have filed for county offices are: State representative—Sharon J. Pate, Democrat. I Judse of county court, Second The company's 800 mineral properties n e s , x , from Dcadwood. The diamond to be used is the largest of kind In the world. It is acres of s >x miles . C of drilling to a depth of 5,000 feet niul may be adjusted to anVangte The results or the prelimE explorations will dctcrmln™ ?2 extent of future operations. District, Samuel ocrat. Rob " 15 °"' Judge of probate court—Thomas E- Brodertck. Democrat. stern-wheel Mississippi river show boat. Poslal Official Speaks The dedication of the new posl- o.tlcc took place from 5 to 5-30 |> m. in front of the building. A. L ""-' post office official of Washington. who was Biuce Ivy nrlt j welcomed . A by ers. reviewed the history of Arkansas. particularly that of the Ohlnesc charged it was the first open act of a- military campaign to seize five North china provinces lor addition lo Mancnuktio the empire alrc;.-ly carved Irom china by thc Japanese sword. Soldiers, operating with swift precision, marched Into the station of the ancient capital of imperial china in mid-day, swung nnclllnc guns to cover entrances, train p |,t- forms nnd-surroundiiig streets an-l summarily cleared the building The united Queen Mary Sets Record Of 766 Miles in One Day AJ30AHD STEAMSHIP QUEEN MAIIY, en Route to New York May 30 (UP)-Orcat Britain's At-' Ir.iitic callcngcr, the (-taut Queen Mary, set a day's run reclrrt ISC miles and forged ahead high sliced toward li's goal New York. of Osccola. He told of thc establishment of the first county- scat in 1833 at the plantation home of Peter Reeves. Records, he —r^girX towrt rsi n s "^«- Plum Point, was the first one I ^ tho* TiorS, S * ! ™ mS established In the county, on railroad m ni^rf"' 11 ?""""" 10 Jaimary 6 1836 and rwp- f H *'\t '" UIJ - ^>"'.> pusnea out of the by land ant! one by river." Tliej State Counts Crns-sinj Crashes HARR1SDURG. Pa. (UP) --It doesn't sound rlgril. but 227 iiiito- mobile.s crushed into the sides of railroad trains at grade crossings in 1935 ill Pennsylvania, according to Public Service Commission report.';, six persons were killed ami nearly 100 injured in these accidents. . c-u^,, „ name was changed to Osccola on In . S Jl°'"*' forward three train- January 15. 1840. I ? ad , 5 0( sollllc " arrived, one hun- Thc. Progressive c.ub served a ro 1 -" " lc ^ served thc bands ana n u, 6 cmn ,,, ollfc historical pageant on me high school carpus was pre- ,. picmc supper for orcheslra nwn The ccrled by in. U!llld cShcert Diplomas Are Presented tlie end of the pageant the Surveyor—YV. E. Oo'cher, Democrat. Public administrator—H. B. Docr- iier, Democrat, Coroner-B. Jack Kelley. Telegrapher on Job 60 Years TOLEDO (UP>—Beginning his ^Ixty-first year as a telegrapher, I Ed Williams, 74. believes he Is thc ' iicrntor iu D" -IVILWI JJiHUHilUvi Wl'll: rded diplomas by o E Sullm- , secretary of the sc |,ooi board. scholarship to the • University vvas Presented lo Eloon Fairley, valedictorian of thc C!«ss. A citizenship medal, offer- DAH " .- Strong --..... was awarded to Miss Uibleaux Offer of 5 Million Made For Hawaii in Chicken in Pot Leads lo Negro Thief's Arrest , n|.nc .i.ul thel, e,,«, K emeni Will he iinnniinccd lortnnflv soon, ll, u wcddiriR In be in .lulv nccordlin! i» Lnnclnn disjialcW loiin/! HenllyVt mallicr, wife of he lute "Hero of Jutland," vu.s blhcl, .. only tlauuhicr of Marshall field. Chk'iu-o millionaire A c'licken cooking In Ihe pot flt a negro's house these days Is enough lo arouse intcrcsi and when the negro is suspected of participating Iu a chicken stealing raid the night Ix-forc it's very embarrassing Tfor tlir cook. A farmer, w'iio lost several fowls in a raid oji Jits chicken house last niRlit. had roason to suspect that a certaiti negro was involved. This morning he sot:»ht out a deputy constable, socuifo a scarc-h warrant and went to thc negro's house. When tlie searchers stepped Into Ilio kitchen the odor chick. Uphold Ideals For Which They Gave Lives, Wni Leader's Plea WASHINGTON, May 30. (UP)— A rcconsccratlon to thc "Weals of liberty and Justice" In the face of I'nrcatened war and the spread of dictatorships was urged upon the American people, today by Cien John j. pershlng. In a speech reminiscent of Un- colu's Gettysburg address, thc leader of American forces in the World War said that the nation could best 'nonor the memory of those who died in battle by upholding llic Ideals for which ;hcy °TU- heir lives. . " Pershing nnci Secretary of Com- ncrcc Daniel C. Roper spoke al Memorial Day ceremonies in ,\r- Ington National ccmclcry where Vie licroes of three wars—Civil Spanish-American and World—are .mried. President rioosevelt at- ended but made no address. After payrng tribute lo patriot- Em of the dead, Pershlng said: "H is not necessary to recite the gallant deeds of the nation's defenders cither living or dead. Nothing we can say here could add to or detract from the splendor of t'nclr courage nm; the glory of their achievements. We do not glorify war but we do glorify their brave defense or the nation's ideals. "Although thc exultation of victory U often lost in compassion tor the victims of ils sacrifice, yet the story of valor of those w'hom we mourn Is forever ctutiriitcd- In our hearts." Ai thin Lupp, Believed To Be Oiganiyalion's Aim- oi'er, Disappears DETROir, May ,10 (DP)-lall Muc eject Artlim P Lu pp who oks more a retired farmer than n brl«adicr general of the Blact"' fgion, a|>[x;ared today to bo pivotal pawn Jn Prosecutor Di.ncaii c McCrea's campaign to stamp ouT the hooded band. ' Liipp, sought for oiiesl!onin g: by nutnorltics who believe he knbwv more than he pretends regarding' tllc armament of tho legion, had disappeared today. Both he ami nls wife were gone from the lake cot age, near Algotiac, w'nerc th»v had been staying with Fred Reeves rs. Uipp's father. "They did not tell m e where they were going." Reeves told aiilnori- f U.i" 1<J ' tlo ' Vt belicvc th °y wciit to Detroit." No one-was home at the Lupn Higlllnnc1 pnrk ' Liipp was to be nucstloncd over' tlie week end to determine whether he had furnished guns to ot'ner tlon*" °' th ° lbrroristic o'Banl- The posslblllly that, Ll , p p niay '|U'e bcch the Michigan bhfck le- n !° rcr dcvcl °I>=d yesterday cn Dayton Dean, squatty tri^er nan who Is charged with shooting Charles pool*, confessed li,nt H was 'P *"«> SO 'C him thc .« calibre ol that took the life of the L»- glon victim. ^ of This was in 1353 or just 4S v«r< tcfore the Islands became a mr of I'ne united States. pa ' , Lightning Bolt Kills Revolutionary War Oak DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (UP) -A spreading oak tree, believed to have been 4CO years old. lias been . n i , ","'" B <lM troycd by lightning. pot they picked out a The tree's branches aordfled shade for nearly all the clmrcli- CoRfronled with the accusations of tho man whose chickens had been ^stolen the ne^ro admitted the Iheft. said he had sold all of Ihe stolen fowls to poultry dealers ex- cej>( rooster in Ihe pot and that lie had b?cn afraid to dispsse or tl-.c rooster to a dealer. He implicated another negro and both have been jailed, They arc Bozle lfmv.ini .1111! ,1,-imr-.! Alexander. yard al Churrti Warwick The tree, Presbyterian about which were told, has been "rebuilt" numerous times. P1NDLAY, O. (UP> - ,\ severe wlnlpr :ipj>,irenlly dirt not impair the watch which V J. Crawford lost till: Dr. Clay Hudson Will Address B. T. U. Group Dr : flay I. Hudson, field work- of the Baptist Nashville, Tcnn., will address the a members of the B.T.U In the n-st Baptist church, who will receive diplomas for having completed the required civic course In Christian Living. Sunday night. A special musical program is being arranged In keeping witli tlie occasion. In 1513. the tofal circulation of nil newspapers in czarist Russia was 2,500,000; today, in Soviet Rns- sra, it is approximately 40.000,000. ~WEATHER : Arkansas—Pair tonight and Sun- flay. Warmer in east portion Sunday. Memphis and vicinity—rair and continued cool tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature hern was 81, minimum "49, , , ,, f "• vin»iuin iiaiciuay was B] minimum -49 t in his yard last fall ami found clear, according to Samuel P NO,.' ls sprln *- rls, official weather olxsorver.'

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