The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1961 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1961
Page 16
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IS**'—\*"*' ' , Humboldt 6; ace Conference Goliaths V™ liVtr'^* Y"*'Nf A • '. | ?*{§ ,, , v , ,._.-... i.f , jMgona'i, „**.;,<..».. ..A ..2 Clear tike Siii.::..L\2 Webster City _,. ____ 2 rove -,..i.^v-l . Hampton —J...'.'_ ..... 0 •ltiiWjdldt V:-... LI. ___ (j ----- — ... ' F riday'4 results! Clear Lake 26; Jtempton Oj and -SEagle drove >14, Clarion 8. 'Games this Friday; '^Webster City • at* Algdna; Efiglt rove^at Humboldt; • Iowa Falls H&mpton; and Clarion at Clear Lake. ,By Don,-Smith AfflenSittgh school's aerial circus irorked to perfection, despite ' Inclement weather 1 that made playing conditions far from per 7 "fcci .as the ' tfjllldogs clobbered ^HumDpldt'SS-e/in''a North Cen- •tral 'Conference' game at Humboldt %iday night. The win was the tHffd 'straight for the hustling •Bulldogs-i-longeSt winning streak here since 1955, played be- /qre a crowd tfiat included more •Algona than Humboldt fans. The win also set up THE REAL BIG ONE — a meeting ;with .Webster City's loaded Lynx — at the fairgrounds here Friday night. ' ' . The Bulldogs, Lynx and Clear 'Lake are tied at the top of the conference with 2-0 marks and all, are undefeated In three'starts. "'At least' one of the three will be ...jyhii KueCk got his second iinl .after touchdown to make 1 f20'-0. Algona's ._ . nfgh't made 5 «ft'.27-0 midwqy through the third stanza. fTHe '"Mto—a staH£d f /t**theif'Own 12 seven plays covered thi. Biyards necessary to score. Runs JM Waller, Kueck and Hutchins sparked the .drive. Waller" went the'last four 4 yards for'the scbre. Parsons added the extra point. 'Mike Kain set up the final six- pointer when he intercepted a Wildcat pass bn the Humboldt 26 yard line on the fourth play 01 the final period. Willie Steintnan. number two spinbaetf, raded, tKtough the Humboldt 1 -line tp t^I. in «!.»« 1~»n.. n l*..J *H t^l.*...!. 1 * "' ~ ' ^ * f l C^ '• \ ^ *. - ! - '"' ''" ^ r ^ ' ,. .,v'.»*!£L VtA ^*it ,lV ' * , ' P ,'^ 'H A ,»n third place when shooting is Jrver-' Friday. I Webster City is an overwhelm• ing favorite to win the loop "crownj as usual. The Lynx havt Braced past three foes this season, .outsconng all opposition, 129.-7. along' the way. They have mater T >Jal to burn and feature one of 'the state's finest backs, big Frank Reinhardt, fullback, whc .-,can go like the wind. ' Meanwhile, "Algdna has out- 'scored,three foes, 66-6, and has shown 'fine offensive and defen< 'sive balance tp'date. Coach Jim Hers.hberger'3 ' charges hustle all the time^-and if all hands are ready and willing Friday, might ,,give the Lynx' : a pretty, good go. Of'three .'men Jiurt at Humboldt, "Bill Wetzel; Bob Ellefson and Mayjiard Shackelford, the latter "two ends, only Shackelford ap- ' pears on the doubtful list for the •Webster City game. He suffered a twisted knee. • Now to the Humboldt game. It ^took the Bulldogs a little more than a quarter ^o put their first points on the Scoreboard, but Jrom that point on, it was strictly no contest. After a shaky start, Algona forced Humboldt . ; to play defense most of the night, Jerry Parsons counted the first TD on the third play of the second period as he slammed two "•yards into the end zone. The "touchdown followed a fine 18- yard punt return by Rich Hutchins to the Humboldt 30. Runs by .Tom Waller and Wetzel moved the ball to the two. A long pass from Waller to •Jack Williams, glue-fingered end. covering 28 yards, set up the second Bulldog score. After be- "ing stopped by an interception, the Bulldogs recovered a Humboldt fumble on the Wildcat 10 'and Waller went the last nine yards for the counter. The score remained 13-0 at halftimc, dos- .pite the fact Humboldt completed an 84-yard pass to the Algona three yard line on the last play of the half. Hutchins dragged the receiver down short oi paydirt. • A pass from Waller to Hutchins, who outrun the Humboldi • **M| vv n\j v/wthtuti w iv; 41LtJllLJUll4t ..-•" f>-»aui^ **iiv.4t 11 secondary, on the second play of se ven yards to paydirt the third quarter, covered 52 the 10, then lateraled to —»-.... add the latter went into the end z6he untouched. 'Humboldt's -TD came on the ensuing kickoff. Alan Clipperton oi the Wildcats fielded the ball on ;the HumBpldt eight ya?d line, got through the' charging Algona reserves and went all the way to the Algona' end zone, 92 yards away. j Algona's, end situation became so critical when Ellefson ana Shackelford got injured in the first half it' was necessary to put a suit on fresh'man Jim Abbott at mlftime. The youngster got in lis first game during the final half, after'.being a spectator in the first half. Bulldogs amassed 421 running and passing, while jg the losers to 139 "yards. Waller, with fine help from his pass receivers, hit eight of 10 passes "for 179 yards and added 100 yards in 12 carries on the ground to rack up 279 yards-, perhaps the largest total ever racked up by an Algona back jp history. Hutchins latched oh to three passes for 93 yards, Wil- lifcrns got two for 44, Ellefson two; for six, Streit one for 36 and Kueck one for 35. Wetzel : Kueck, Hutchins and Steinman all ran well during the night. Defensively, every man in thu lineup did" his share—which has been the case through the first three contests. I Official statistics: , t ft « & - ' • -Alg-* Hum First downs 16 3 Passes attempted J.4 1^ •Passes completed ___l9 4 Yds. pass'ing 214 108 Passes int. .by __2 1 Yds. int. ret: ._— 13 "u KO—Ave. 6-44 2-35 Punts—Ave. 3-33.3 8-39.7 Yds. kicks ret. _. 98 175 Fvimbles lost .2 4 Yds, penalized 51 41 Yds., rushing 207 21 Tot. yds. gained 421 139 Twin Rivers Is 27-12 Winner Friday Night Twin Rivers got off to a two- touchdown lead in the first quarter and hung on to take a 27-12 win from Gilmore City at Bode Friday night in a Twin Lakes Conference game. The win was the first for Twin Rivers after two losses. Twin Rivers will travel to Manson for a meeting with a loam that trounced Laurens, 3213, Friday night. Laurens downed Twin Rivers in the second game of the year, 7-6. A 27-yard scamper by Gar> Waechter oi Twin Rivers opened the scoring Friday night. Norm Armstrong added the second TD of the period when he crashed for a counter in the trflr . and .five yards for anqlher pobter'in trie final stanza. ' Gilmore City* got f'TE oh a 20-yard , return q| _an intercepted pis/ 'in the 1 * second quarter ajid got its last points on a 55-yard rtifl bylBobfLanus Jn the- 1 last quarter*. 1 ,! • 'BoV-Jtellapf tord, and iKicK Ftillei'tOT, lWebS$Ker;«,were bgf* standfriiN ortTdefense i-ior .Coach Bill Weddin'gleld's'te'am. GarridanRuns Win String To Beaf/ completely throttled .Emmetsburg Catholic to roll .to an easy 34-0 victory over the Irish before a crowd of hardy fans who huddled under* blankets' to watch the fray 'J6n.",'a jyafer-soaked, 'partially * snow-covered playing • surface" at Garrigan Field Saturday night. Coach Beanie- Cooper's team, now 3-0 for the season and With a 74-20 scoring edge over'all opposition, will travel to Waterloo Friday* nighf for a meeting with Columbus, ilumbus The' Bears aj.^ agq, downed but the Don Nielson took over in the yards and shot the score to 19- second half as he went 23 yards GRID GUESSERS CONTEST By 01' Man Mose Thl?e tjp game; cut down on the guessing averages last §»lHrday, and 15 yjght out pf the 20 game.s took first place. Only l§-game guesser was Dave Everds, Algona. His high game tpisj pick was 50, and the actual high game total was 49, the North (Jaroline (27) — North Carolina Stale (22) contest. fecojjd p%e wen^ to Wa<t Hagen, Algona, with 14 right arid | high ? a me tot^l oi 55, third place to Steve Eischen, Wesley, M' light and high game of 59. 1 $89 W*h 14 correct was Garry Hagen, Algona, but his g^iess was 6}. flfU entries, with 13 correct were Kenneth Durant, D§yey Thorespn, I3on Hagen, Rick Slobe, Andrew ThP<f es 9 n - J»in ^Phnson, and Becky Thoreson, all rank Mueller of fenton; and Douglas J. Hansen --'•• - ' Bench for this week is a little . Picking pn)y six correct out of 20 were Judy ; Suzanne Pf|sch, all of Algona, and Bobby wriP filter Ivjcfc t%i week. ' be found in section three of must be in the fUHualay naen te Waterloo team is reportedly im- jro,yed. 'From, the opening 'whistle, it as" apparenK Garrigan" would dump E'Burg Catholic with ease. The Bears receiyed;,the kick-off, put the ball in play offensively for the first time on-their own 12 and in just seven plays rambled the 88 yards; to'the Irish goai line to s2bre. Bob Reed, Lyle Loebach and John Fandel -shared ball-carrying chores and Fandel got the TD at the' end ,of a 13- yard sortie. Quarterback - Jerry Krieps squeezed .through the,line and got'the extra'point to make it 7-0. . - . - • The Bears got their next chance near the end of the -period. An • Emmetsburg fumble was> recovered by several of the Bears, 1 on the Irish '43, and five plays later it was 14-0. Reed, "' " Krieps took turns Fandel and carrying-the •'ed from, the' pne., Loebach 'srnash^|jl ed for the extra point. Garrigan went 64 yards in six plays-at the. start of the second period to wind up. first-half scoring. Fandel, .Loebach and Krieps got the long runs and ,Reed capped the march when he slammed .into the end zone from the seven. For variety, Bqb' Schneider, flipped a pass to Bill. Rahm for the extra "point. , Two-thirds of the way through the third< period the score went to 27-0 when Loebach scored from the seven. .This time the Bears went 54 yards,- and were not slowed by a 15-yard penalty. in 10 plays to register. Longest ftm Krieps. , *"?; J":~'sr-\»"rs«Mt.~Es drive for a final scor the. third stanza from 'I. metsbUrg 40. They got to I on the legs of Reed HndiC Nitchals /When -the 'periodl A fumble, reeoyired by, t| ips, oh'the-second playf fdttrth r^und/ 'rherely * things., Tjie,fleams got Back after a-ptmt on 1 27 and a five yard penaf two funs by Fandel, tfil one dbveringViO Jftirds, p^ Tony''Bradley tooWa f the "extra point, rhWng ' the Bears' were an the , five yard line wh6n thergamfe ended. s ;*f., Statistically, a game cc-uldn't' be much more- lop-slde'd. ^'***'• 'gan wqiind up with 36*6 ,„_.-_, rdshing and 44 yards passing for ah aggregate of "410, while'",Em'|, metsburg was minus 19 Bn' ( the' ground and got 27 yards iafn orll.' completed pass for a net of efgrlt ; yaids in 48 minutes. (, . f, The ball-carrying averages ^f the Bears were, astronomical, rieed went IfiO in 13 tries'^ fpr ; *a 7.7 ave., Loebach got 70 irt,seven for a 10 ave., Fandel went t '95 in 10 for a 9.5 -ave.' and Krieps got 67 in nine for. a 7,5 mark.', He also hit two of four passes for 38 yards. ? > Defensively, the minils 19 yards garnered on the ground by the/losers' speakl for the fcrarri- gan line. And the backs helped out with tackles at timds, too. Jim " Brennan, ' sophornore half-> back for the Irish, was injured' and taken from the field ,iri an ambulance. He suffered a leg injury, • 5 , The turf on the field held up well, but it was so wet-and crusty that ball carriers and tacklers alike skidded in, a prone position many times after they' hit''the ground. " •; Official statistics: */ ' " • Gar. First dbwns 18 Passes attempted ._.'_..6 completed 3 , Yds. passing Jl 44 KO—Ave. _ —.5-33.4 Punts—Ave. —_..__2-15 'Yds', kicks ret. 66 Fumbles lost 3 Yds* penned —' 52 Yds. rushing 366 .410 Em. 2 • 4 1 2V 2-39 7-23 22 ,2 ' '5 -19 *SJr" •*(*'»' • Trojans Elect '•••,, The St.' Joe Trojans met Sept. 27 at the home of Virgil Wagner and an ' election of officers was held. Elected were: Kenneth Bormann, pres., Virgil Wagner^ vice pres':, Robert Erpelding, secy., Richard .McGuire, reporter, George Illg, historian, arid Duane Hilbert, recreation chairman. Lunch was served ; by Mrs, Wagner.. MAGIC MARKERS, for labeling boxes, packages, drawing, marking, etc. Varied colors. Upper Des Moines Publishing Co., Algona. ' CAUTION! LITTLE HANDS - DEPEND ••' ON YOU HOW "POISONiCAREFUL" ARE YOU? 1. Do you provide a safe place for Coring household chemicals? 2. Do yog avoid use of lead-containing paints on home interiors accessible to children? 3. Do you provide poison containers with safety devices to avoid mistakes or thoughtless application? ....'• 4. Do ypM destroy empty containers ef potentially poisonous substances or dispose of them in a way which makes them ingccesiib.le to Children? 3. Do you keep drugs in medicine cabinet or other place out of reach of children? 6. Do you avoid use of other than the original container for drugs? 7. Do you destroy old prescriptions? ... 8. Do you store drugs of a dpngerpus nature apart from other pgents? 9. Do you carefully read the labels and fpllew the directions for us* ef pe,f ticic 10. Do you provider suilgble cppditjg n » for safe handling, storage and disposal of RUSK AND JEWEiKY CY 4-2349 ? § .v a .««. f v\ 5f .« f Vst-iW* 'Recognize any*, of these* gentlemen ? They comprised 1929 Algona high school football team. They are, back row,'left toTrighi? Coach Aubrey Bonriam.Hoyt Raney, assl.' Coach, Ken Cowan, Ton Stevjenson, Kenny Samp, Carl Medin, Clab Blossom, * and Adrian Burmeister, asst. coach. Front row, Ed Osirom, H«old EvMiil 'Adams and' Bill Cliff, ';>'The ieam won four'and lost six. .The schedule included games with Mason City and Fort Dodge. The 1928 team, of which'Eprne of'thesd.flayer! were members; had an-exceptional year, losing only to Mason. City^7*6,'and lying Fort'Dodge,' 0-0. On Display FRIDAY, QCfc 6 The New 1 WE INVITE YOU TO SEE AMERICA'S fJRST - AND .; -.'.fltitti »>i • •• »h .',".! r- ui'.i ii ./.a,- , " ;;f , FINEST COMPLETE CAR IN THE COMPACT YET MAN SIZE CLASS . . . AND IT IS COMPACT^ ON THE POC- KETBOO«, TOO! ; : OPEN 8 AM. TO 10 P.M,->V BE OUR GUEST - COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS NOTE - The Automobile Buy Of A Lifetime! 6 NEW 1961 RAMBLER CARS - AT REAL CLOSE OUT PRICES! * NORTH IOWA'S CHOICEST USED CAR LISTING RAMBLERS I960 4-dr. Custom Cross Country Station Wagon, 6 cyL, R & H, Air Conditioning, overdrive, tinted glass, individual reclining seats with head rests, twin-traction rear axle, 24,000 miles, tires like new,' and unconditionally guaranteed for 4,000 miles (cost new $3,700) V-—----- $2,595 1J80 2 dr. St^tjor* Wagon, R & H, overdrive, engine, loaded with accessories, $2,630 n?w retail $1.745 1958 4 dr. C^t9>7i' R % H and overdrive, very nice, clean ... -—- ',. -,——, $1,185, 1955 2-dr. Sedan, header, completely overhauled $ 595 1954 2 dr. Sedan, R & H, real sharp -'- $ 525 1953 Nash Ambassador 4-dr., R & H. auto, trans $ 165 1952 Nash 2-dr. herdjop Ambassador, R & H. autP. trans,, very nw e -- -— $ 225 ,J950 Nwb 2 dr. R & H (43.0QO miles) 1 $ 175 FORDS $854 Tutor, 6 cy). Custom, straight shift, priced at'--,- $ 365 if$3 4 4f. Sedan, 9 cyl» H * H I.,-— 9 135 $53 2 fa, R & H- auto, trans, *. i— $ 250 CHiVROliTS 19S8 Biscayjie 4 4r» 6 cyl., all black, 'pice, stick shift, priced at -—- SU95 1955 4-dr. Sedan, V.8, R & H, and auto, trans. ____ „___ $ 795 1955 Station Wagon, 4 dr., 6 cyl straight stick ........ $ 795 1954 Station Wagon, 4 dr.', real clean and well cared for, 6 cyl, —.„_,:._...„..... ...... .. ...... _ ........ $ 695 1953 4-dr. Station Wagon, motor, tires and battery A-l, Little on rough side in appearance ______ .!__'; ______ ..... $ 165 2—1953 4-dr, sedans, both 210 models with radio & heaters, " both PK,. -.;\i'j', — l,5i _____ . ____ 4 ____ '— 5ach $ 350 1952 Hardtop, 2 dr., 6 cyl.< R & K, fairly clean ____ .— $ 195 '.• •••.'•'•• - : > •>-', '• V- » ' • ' *• .»• • • . OTHER MAKES 1952 Buiqk 2,dr, Special, ^ «t JJ, anto. trsns. „ ..... ,__ $ 135, 1954 Kaiser 4-dr, with R'& H, auto, trans, one-owner car. ,, -------- »— T -, ---- Sf , K ,.,^, -------- ... ------------ $ 395 J 952 Kaiser, 4'dr,, R & H, overdrive, runs good, plenty miles fo go. -.-,,.-^.-.$.,4 ..... _,.,_,„„,.„„„.. $ 1QO J952 Mercury 2-iJr, hardtop, R. & H, iharp looker __„ — $ 195 J953 Podge 4-dr, 6 cyL, res! nice ....... . ............ $ 135 )951 P| Soto, R if p, )pt pj ifans^ortationjeft in this - $ 125. )955, Dodge 2 ><Jr. hardtop, R & H and automatic transmission, •rjal sharp - T ,., ) . n -, t i- r ---.,--- ........... -, ----- $ 69§ 1957 Plymouth Savoy Sedan, 2 dr., R & H/ Powerflite, real nice car. — pi — „-•- ..... .................. . ..... $ 745 WE TRADE , . . . . AND TRADE RIQHT, OUR OVERHEAD IS IOW TO YOUR ADVANTAGE , ' ' ."'„>' ' ; - ' 3 CUP THIS AD AND BRING IT WITH YOU FOR REFERENCE • , 7 EXPE^NCED MEN IN OUR SHOP FORCE IOWA PHONI3381

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