The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1961 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1961
Page 11
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) , ^ i - nf his wife, the former Trix Pertl have been visiting with relatives here and .at Whittemore. Both u*«u« A J.a«VC rkllVSWll 'f V CL^C tt 11U111- ber, of -years and- M ouf high school d^ys, Zada Br'tmson, B6njdmin , Cation ocnjamin Mcuaae,, vot i*anot Smith, Edna Ndrton" Jhsr'gtisofl, Buena Reed Dodge and I with ~*^ »^^ " M '^»BH^^ WWP B^^Up-nn GEO. t>. ROPEft OF KANKAKEE, W x • , , . is proud, ^^ - . , V * to anxiouiice BEECHER LANE APPLIANCES OF ALGONA 1 1 a. fra>ncliised Roper,*s fiab^y to yelcome arj- other friendly, progressive dealer, located and equipped to • - serve .you best. Stop in soon and get acquainted. You're,' always more than welcome. • • - -.. •- •' - ' ' • ' Typical Roper value Is this 30" , gas range. Features' "Rotis-O- Grill," range-top cooking center that barbecues, broils, grills, covers neatly. See rt soon! - Appliances Sari Grafte,' Malcolm Tracy, Walter Turner,- Rheihhold ,'tHeisei vKajfz' r Essewall andMterie madft uji a group of classmates who eh' joyed d picnic and pijrty together. ! 1 asked him about Ewory and Ldrraine SeWafd. LbrfiJlrie was a neighbor of mine many \. years .When she.lived vfith her grand- mblher, Mrs. Josephine Crammond; They had lived in Chicago for some time but for the past several years > have made their home at Pompano- Beach, Fla., Vefle" Said \ >.< ' .\ Mr.'' and Mrs., August' Slagle were Visited Sept, 24,-by AbgiiSt'S aunt,. Mrs.' Carrie K, Slagle.'-widow of' the' late Frank * Slagle, and Mr. and Mrs. Eiler Jensen. Mrs. Slagle lives at Strawberry Point and the Eilelp -live at Elkader. It "Will«" be remembered atr., Frank SJagle' went to 1 the Philippines'WJiere-jie taught' in the schools seVerdl years', the name Cirild caught" Kis fancy and when he came home and a daughter Was addefl to the family, she was named Cirila.' Mrs. Slagle has a small class in music, as does the daughter. ' ' •. • * Thank you Dorris Long Pitcher of 'Wellsville, >Pa. for, your communication. •' Will • Perform your missidn re^Addie. * . .»' • . -» I almost • sh^d a fear when I tear a saw that- takes down trees. [• didn't watch the bne at : John Helmers fall, but I, heafd the buzzing and saw the felled objects It 'was quite hollow so i suppose/for safety's sake it had, to go, but more likely it was for parking arrangements. * * T * . * Over; the years of : rhy news reporting I have had many an item from Mrs. Fired Wegener. It was only a 1 few • days ago I met 'her. She dropped : in 'for 1 'a i few ; moments after a call on a resident' here. - „•• •'----'-'. , ' ,•.'•• " ' • •'»' ' * "'•*"'' "-••.' I am accustomed Jo seeing one of our. nurse'p aides in other,garb and when }she Ca'me in' : the 1 other day : 'clad in, ; mbdish , ; navy/ 'blue; and heels, I had to look'.twice at 'this blonde s'irenish looking young woman. Well, 'tis said "clothes make the man," and visa versa,' , • ; » •- * * '-. How many water skiiers are there in -Algeria? When-I watched "77 Sunset Strip" the other night and saw rCookie skiing, I thought of Mrs. ( James . Baker Who told me she Ha? been doing a lot of it-this summer. I gather she;is quite' adept. ' , ^ * ^ * ' Thankr. io Hugh Black I had one of his miniature melons,' 1 water • melon that is. Very nice too. Hugh complains of too many seeds but. give : scientists v enough time and ' ^hey A jwill probably come up witfi'a-'seexflf'ss variety. Now about seedless raisins—are they a specie, or are the seeds somehow extracted? V , « , « I had thought Budd was a nickname but I find it is the surname of Budd. Lawson's mother. Did you think the same? Mr. and Mfs, tfmits Cahwll at ttthy Kramer and Fred RantSey. The bride fs'a granddaughter oi 'Mrsv (ft G. , D6y, Glarwrlj daughter- of- Mrsr-'Mdrle !i Brti . Klettime 1 , and wwre the^adfflg gowtt first worn 46,"yea8^agfi.b 1 J Mrs, Da>, and ftter by" h€f 'Mother. A third generation gOw*h is quite a novelty, artd surely^'an honor to have worn it. ' v >$,. * * * i ] Glenn Culberhon and his girl frjerfd were •»hiving',ft bit too ,ftiuch fun ' riding .a Coaster. I gather i£ : .$as of a juvenile, sort, •but they> didn't corne"6ut so well •Glenn'didn't have It tfrider'eort- ttt>J,'ft.Wen\; over a diiff,',ahd suffered a'broken 1 cdllarbone'. He ii in service and Ideated at .RichJ m'ond, Cal»;&6w, about entering the, boys! derby; Glenn? ' • »'•?•« «<r A- mouthful-^'About - all tile United States Id;getting to see" of the ' dovfe of peace is the ' bill.!.' And "vole for the man who" pf6<- mises the least; He'll be, the least disappointing." « i • • •, ' ; Years ago my grandfather Ca* dy 'bought a melodeon in Boston for niy aunt, Eva Cady^Goddartt. ilucH of the.time it was in my grandmother's home, but when she and grandpa came • to "live with us. the house, was rather crowded 'arid the melodeort waji sent to aunt ,Eva at Bancroft. -After the death of her and uncle Bert, the instrument was back jn bur home. It was eventually sold to Lucille Brown and after hei death it went to Evalyn McDougall. With her moving to Masdn City, the melodeon became ^a problem child 'so it is now being ''boarded out,", at the Glen Grahams, who are ' treating / it with loving .care and kindness. It is •a darling' little,, thing, lovely';tp look'at and sweet of tone. ,i * ' * » . • ; i • Tom Slull,.well-known- former Algonan, is here from Glendale, Calif. He '.-.• and ( Gordon . Kuhn dropped-,in.^a.^ee-jine...^^ other afternoon.', It?s, aiwaysAriice having callers. Then'"came ! Mrs. Bertha Barringer, Elgin, 111., and her sister, Fannie Lee., Their mother Mrs. Mary Johnson; lived in our apartment ten years and I got to feel well/acquainted • with the various • members' of the family. It was nice Catching up on all the news. "','•'•'-•• i ' More and more of the Victorian .trappings are becoming the vogue. Remember artificial flowers under glass domes? Well, real flowers 'under blown -glass -are; now available and Mrs. Bill Dau and Mrs. G. : R. McQuiston' have been at Jackson, Minn.,'seeing the work done by a man there, getting ideas and probably learning •• to 'do it themselves. Pieces range,,.in, price from. $4 to $50. arid various receptacles, are used from apothecary urns to snifters. Well., better flowers' in a snifter than what they are actually made for * * * Have you heard of the new Motor-Homes? Well, neither had I until I was told about the one Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Tripp, Fort Lauderdtale, Fla., hnVe and wefe here with it to visit the Carl Hutchiiis • and other 'J%lativeSf, Mrs. Tripp ftfld Airs. Hutchitts are sisters. They* have been visi^ng their children ( widely Scattered in, Colorado, • Washington and Florida. They left for home Septv 25 and Will take their time, prob> ably ; not arriving for a fe# months hence. Now that's what I call LIVING! * A*'*'"., r- •' Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medlft recently celebrated their fiftieth wedding 'anniversary, at which the sons Carl, Kenneth Shd ;Hiis- sell and families "took pfirt'; MiMth Mr. and Mrs. Walter 1 Bleich.; The celebration was-held at the cot-, tage of a sister .-Of Mrs. MedJfi and elaborate preparMfdnsT had been made, from the,anniversary cake to appropriate' accessories. Russell had made a metal tree from which; hung .golden .leaves and' 160 isliver dollars wrapped in gold ;f6il.\ Under the <treef was a small golden bucket filled;with golden wrapped cpinSj a gift from the grandchildren;,, The sonSj and daughters-in-law contributed 50 siver dollar^:" eachl in honor, of the years./'Added to..this jwere many cards and check enclosures from friends, and many other gifts for-the hofrte; Since the' Medins did not have a formal wedding, this takes it's place. Carl and his wife were not there . in person as they-are iri*the; process of moving 'Int6"= their new home at Ripon, Calif. He expects to fly out in October, and plans to take hjs- .parents.' on a trip,- to' Yellville, Ark. . of Worth from Chevrolet New Impala It-Door Sedan Rich neiv styling with Jet'Smoothride '62 CHEVROLET Think of just about everything you ever wanted in ft car-* and darned if this one doesn't have it! A toad-gentling Jet-smooth ride. New choice of V8 skedaddle. Beauty that stays beautiful—right down to new rust-resisting front fender underskirts. This one may have you asking, "How did Chevrolet do it?" There's a new V8 choice ranging all the way from a standard 283-cubic-inch sizzjler to two 409-cubic-inch powerhouses,* And there's that '62 Jet-smooth ride with a supple Full Coil spring at each wheel and well over 700 body and chassis sound insulators and cushioners. There are longer lived mufflers for all engines. A Grand Canyon of a trunk, Magic-Mirror finish. And, well, we could write a book about it all. Matter of fact, your Chevrolet dealer's got it all down on paper, Get a fill-in from him now. •Optional it entn cos! Station W<wm New Bel Air t-Door Sedo* See the '62 Chevrolet, the new Chevy JJ and '6$ Cowafr at ywr local authorized Chevrolet dealer's KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HAU AM3QNA ( I©WA ' Of 4*3554 Bancroft Has 3,000 Books In New Library . The Bancroft 'library has< collected 3,000 books for "their new library to be opened soon, in the Bancroft public ( „ school. Bill Droessler, . Palmer 'Jensen,' and Jim Kennedy haye .been putting up new shelves for the books. Several 'ladies have been getting the books in place. .-.•;-•:;; ;.-...;• Duane McGliesh; Chicago,' and. Richard Schiltz, both working*for United Air- Lines, Chicago, spent from Wednesday tilt with their parents, the Glen Mc CU'eshefc and' Arthur Schlltz. Mrs. Rose Murphy left Sunday for a week's Visit with her sotit Thomas and family, 6rrtaha ( Nebi. ; ' . Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Bergman entertained at dinner Saturday eVenifig in - honor of their daughter Mrs. Leland Derncf, Mrs. Cletus Dorr and Arlis's, Kenneth McGuire, Mr. and Mrsf. Glarehce McGuire and Pat. Sunday guests were Kay Menko, AmeSi .Duane McCliesh, Chicago, Dnvia McCliesh, Omaha, La Donna '^riders, Algona, Mrs. Tom Lensing, Joyce, Lori, Steven, Whittemore, Mrs. Richard Menke. Mr. and Mrs.*Leland Dernef, Redwood City, Calif., came Thursday . for , a five-day visit with thfiir parents, the C. A. Derners,f Whittemore and the LauremSe Bergmans, Bancroft. They, Visited with the Vic Han- senS, .Chicago, Thursday morning. Mrs. Hansen is the former For pennies per day, electric motors can do the Work of a full-time hired mtirt. Use electricity to feed your cattle, milk your cows/ clean your barns, pumo water. • • • Symbol of «fr^ , •p>rallv> rural •!•<• trlflcoll»n ... and dtptndobli, n*n* firofll •lictrlc ••rvlcb for rural fomllloi el Ihli communllir. Humboldt County R.E.C. Phone 99 — Hirmboldt, Iowa Thursday, Octdber 5, 196T Algona (la.) Upper Oe* Mofnes—9 Alice Menke. Mn and Mrs. Roy McGuire. Bertha Welp and Mary ^heri dan spent four days at Galena, 111. Dairy Judging Team Places 13th The Kossuth County boys 4- M dairy judging team placed 13th at the state judging contest at Waterloo Friday, according to Robert C. Johnson, county extension associate. 26 teams took part in the state contest held in connection with the National Dairy Cattle Congress; : . . Team members were—'Dennis Frit?., Wesley; Allan Uode, Al« gona; John Ruger, Fenton arid Ed Droossler, Bancroft. Eight classes of dairy cows and heifers were placed in the contest and oral or written reasons given On four classes. Following the contest members attended a banquet'held in their honor. Special bnriquet speakers Included the stptfc secretary of agriculture, state dairy princess and secretary of. the State Dairy Association. '•'•' AUTO LOANS BORROW AT LOWEST RATES Just as you compare .cars for value and price before buying ,. so should you compare auto loans. Not all loans cost the same! Compare our low bank rates and ecisy terms with those offered by any other loan agency. You'll find the savings are greater here. Low Interest Rates and Personalized Service Cost No More STATE BANK ,,.'.'. Your Partner In Progress Member F.D.I.C. ; J ; , ALGONA DAVIS EVER-BRIGHT House Paint Full-Bodled- Regular *6&a Gallon High Gloss Self-Cleaning Time - tested formula has given satisfaction to thousands of home owners over the years. Lot Sale DAP KWIK-SEAL Seals Crack* Around Tubs, Sinks, Etc. ' -'••'• ''. ' Quick easy way to put • wafer-proof seal around tubs, sinks, lavatories, or to point tiles. Reg. 85c 69 GLAZING COMPOUND Does a better longer-lasting glazing job on wood or metal .sash, new or old. Sets immedi- i otely, permanent adhe>|bn.| Reg.: "Pin. i-r LONG HANDLE , WIRE BRUSH Special brush for reaching hard- io-ger-ar places. Use for removing blistered, peeled paint on exterior sur-1 faces. Reg. 46c PUTTY KNIFE 11/2 in. Flexible A good quality all- metal tool for the home owner at a real bargain price. Cas« Lots of 'Single Gallon COMES IN WHITE AND 12 HOME COLORS • White Is Brilliant White —High Pure Titanium Content • Colors Made From Fade Resistant Pigments — Alkali Resistant • Easy Spreading — No Brush Drag • Brilliant White Is Gas and Fume Proof • Self-Cleaning — White Washes Clean After Every Rain -— Colors Remain Clean and Bright • Made With Chemically Treated Oils Davis House Paint Primer Also At This Sale Price DA-SPAR SPAR VARNISH Bay 1 Quart at Regular Get Extra Quart for only ........ Buy 1 Gallon at Regular Price, Get Extra Gallon for only ...... Extra tough top quality Spar Varnish exterior surfaces . , . also use for inside. Will not soften, chip or mar. Perfect for doors, window sills. Pries to brilliant high glosi. Gallon, Reg. Price. .$715 Quart, LATEX RUBBER BA5E WALL PAINT life on ony interior painted or unpointed surface of plaster, wall board, brick, wallpaper, file or competition type material, • Drlei in lei» thon 1 fcoiir • No lap*, streak* or brwifc work* • Apply with bruih or roller t Eoiyeleon-wp with wop &wot«r GIVE THE UNITED FUND WAY! CAULKING GUN CARTRIDGES Each cartridge caulki 15 ro 2S lineal feet. Tough, elastic, non- staining, water, repellant compound. , Can be painted with-' But stain.. Reg. 45c each 39* CAULKING GUN All steel with long pistol grip and trigger action. Notched ratchet piston. Ideal for use with spouted car; tridgoj. SQUEEZE-EASY SPONGE MOP you won't want to miss this Compare with mops selling for $2.98 or more • 48 inch Handle • Bright plated head—-not Painted. • Genuine DuPont Cellulose sponge, & Button Hole Cutter A "must" for all sewing emd alteration work. Rips seams quickly, cuts stitched button holes, cuts off buttons,, removes snaps, picks threads neatly and safely. Saves time ~ — and material. Reg. 55< Value ( / PRICE SALE! If ^^ Buy Now at Vt of Retail Book Price 12 WALLPAPER Our everday prices on Wallpaper carried in stock are less than established Retail Book Prices but .... during this special sale you can save MUCH MORE! SAITER'S ASSOCIATE DAVIS PAINT STORE 3 EAST STATE ALGONA

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