The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1961 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1961
Page 10
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I ^ 1 iHlllh, ArHcdrt 68lWlfl"to v v ' NctfiBHi hbw Hrfs d lotdl rM^rnberihip of x • •'• Just around the corner, also, waltmg lor admittance, 1$ Maurliflnla, d fdrmW Milch eo- lonlal possession, dlso iti Africa 1 . When the United Nations was organized !h 1945, there were 51 nations represented at thtt charter meeting, sd ths U.N. has almost doubled Ih membership In a little" ovfir 15 years. And .most" of tHe Hew meHBers* fire srrtbll, former portions of old colorllal e'fflplres 1 ; and mostly In .Africa. With each nation, from the- largest, to the smallest, having one vote, it is clear that the ^balance of power within the United Nations can 'easily swing as the new natibrtS flf Africa 1 may so desire or agree. And it Is this Which should "cause considerable thb'udht dri the future of the U.N. In the past 10 years the percentage 6r nations within the U.N. that definitely coOld be .counted on to sjde with the United States has ^dwindled; there are now only a few votes difference between the bloc supporting U.S. policy and the bloc supporting the U.S.S.R. We have the U.N. headcjudrfers in New York. The next qdestion Is - will we shortly find ..that this headquarters jri. our own country is dominated by Russia ? Arid By Africa ? NIXON REMOVES HIMSELF Richard Nixon, in his announcement that he would seek the governorship ,of his home state of California, also stdted flatly that he would NOT be fa candidate for president In 1964. If his word H to 1 be tdken at Its face value, this means that the republican parfy $lll have to come up with a new candidate. At .me moment, Nelson Rockefeller of New York and Barry Goldwater of Arizona seem to be more of less available. More can be -expected to follow. • > • But Nixon may find himself in a formidable fight in Califdrnld for the nomination. Former Governor 'Goody' Knight has already announced and Mayor Christopher of San Francisco has 'been rrienriohed also, although some think he will swing his support behind Nixon. The year 1964 is sOme way off, but in the 'meantime 1962 gives indications of being Interesting in >itself - even if the Russians-*, calm down and stai;t acting cordial. , . . , _, : " " '' * •/•..'{ & t It is truly d wise ,mah who can read the handwriting oh the wall. Daniel was such a man. To us whfen the writing can't be read it is an indication there are children in the family. If we can read ft, there's usually a telephone nearby with no other handy place to write names, telephone numbers or addresses. — Dunlap Reporter. ' : * */.•*.' Sure, women live longer than men. Most all paint companies claim., that ;if you save the surface you save all. — Bldkesburg Excelsior. Appier P CB J Ul E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algona. Iowa Second clan poilage paid «t Algeria, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. TWI SAME BbAf .t$if n a(3s notiilriQ will corrle of o dirt school bodrd* fre»M Alftohfa.aHd Whl t4- (fiBre 1 all the 1 subject bf fJoiSifalS IhclUSldH' 6f \M m\\mm district tA »rre Algbna aiilHci. ', s We' only hope that.fhe t\v<J bodrds dfa rfitot, dhd df least Idlk It dvfeh Pefh&pXtKere dre prS- blems tHdt cannot be «uVmoUhted) perhod* Whltfembre vVould prefer to |eln some other, district. But we're still friends, We in the Algond district should bt- le&it make WhitterhOre dwdrg of dh dpeiym'lrtde'cmes's dn our pdrt with recjbrcl to the subject of cHang 1 - iHg the bolmddry lines p'f the present dlstr^ts.' mdy have th'ought thaffhS VcfrleWs^ort solidatlons that have, taken pldce are the end of it; but It seerrts thdt this \^bs bhly the begfrifilnc R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher . DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL A F F I L I A T f M E W B f ! NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. Orw Year, in.advance . J3.00 Both Algona papers, in combination, per year JS.OO Single Copies . joe SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One V**i> If «4vance —_,, ,14.0? B.oth AJgona papers in combination, one year J8.00 No subscription less than 8 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST It is now! belhg very bluntk Sta|e,d !rl er echelon educatibhcil circles that oHe Big hig school to a non-rnetropdlitan county,- or p'fefhap's two in a county thfe size of KossutH - is gpinfc io be the future setup.; '' ' ' ' "• " I If so, th^n almost every existing school d!s-| frict is going to see Its bouhdaries 'changed ih the years sodn to come. . We don'i khoW where tKe drive originates on this program, but it is well known ih state circles and in county boards of education (which seem to serve as a steering or directing mechanism for these various school re-aijgnments.) . The people, all of us, are in the same boat, whether we live iti Algona or WHittemore or anywhere else. We seek the test possible education for our children, with 'the ledst, possible waste of and- overlapping. of expense in public 'funds for schools. And school costs dre the biggest single tak load by far.-. • ' , ,. , • In Algeria; dlone, the school directors are actually the directors of 'd'*7bO,000'corpordtion, whether they; think of it that way or not. That is, about $700,000 is expended yearly to operate the corporation, whose net valuation is considerably higher! than that. One thing seems certain. In whatever -re- alignmerits, are. made, from how<or^,-fhe distrjcts makih'g the 'move should be pretty certain that ip a few years they will not be forced to make yet another move. . *.|v *' * * . ' r "> , - *' DON'T BLAME HIM A BIT "• - t A recent' reader's letter to the Des Moines Register cites the fact that as the purchaser of a new car he had to pay sales tax, on the complete total price of the car, even though he had a trade-in^wjatcft Deduced the actual cash payment made. i * "•; .."» The writer pofnted out jhat he'jpajd a 'ful sales tax on the old vehicle/ then' another fuJI- price sales ta'x on the new one, so thpt on the qmount of th>, trade-in he was. actually paying a sales tax tyv'ee. He, wanted to knovy why. • He has a good point. The sales tax was meant to be 2 percent, hot 4 percent. The letter writer asked if any sta te lawmaker could explaip why he had to pay theitaX'twice. -We-avyait the, reply with considerable iriterfest, ana don't blame the letter writer a bit for objecting, * *.•«•• HEADED FOR THE Fairmont, Minn. Sentinel — Few have more than a hazy concept of how much a million dollars is. To get the picture, stack $1 million in $1,000 bills. Measure it and you'll discover you have eight inches of currency. To visualize $1 billion requires a greater tax on the imagination. But, If you've ever seen th'e Washington monument — which towers 555% feet above the nation's capital — it is possible for you to visualize $1 billion. Just continue stacking your $1,000 bills until they exceed the height of monument and you'll have it, a few millions more or less, Simple, if you know where to get th'e money ' Now then, to visualize the ^siz'e of our national debt, just keep piling those $1,000 bills until they reach 293 times the height of th'e Washington monument, and you'll find the top 1 most $1,000 bill 162,761.5 feet up. * * • No one can condone unreasonable en forcemeat of traffic laws., But when a sign ?a "Stop", it doesn't mean "darn near stpp", if n sign says 25 MPH, it doesn't mean 50, MPH. I" it says "slow" that's w,hpt it means. /y*larty of .u are guilty of some traffic Violation .or ar)6tHef When we're caught, we must pay our fine/ that'; the law. In 99 percent of the cases — officer; are honest, sincere and efficient — yes, and in vast majority of the drivers are careful, tburtq ous and alert. The laws are made for everybne' safety. It's easier to obey them, than to violqtl them, — Adel News, * An executive is one who cannot work unles he has assistants. IF A MAN SAYS "I hove hothihg to advertise". He virtually says "I have nothing to sell." Our newspaper readers dre looking for the place that "HA§ SOMETHING Tb Sill." The ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES q 5,500 fomilies eaen. issue ifrfiuli ••" -V "^ : '*r X'i'^VC'iiSV'^"^ 1 ; \u^^.^^ ; ?^-±k^^^^^^^^^ r pr „. i&. I. .. ,.''}U*^5lvV^ aa^ ^^fs^j^i \ • »'»««•!? •»-? f r ^g3 tf • ft- r-^3 ft, nJW !#£" i^»* vH>l • a* •, r •M'? »?.,*' ',*},»;•>£'? !j u, fCfltC e/« }«. tf*S= rfj 4» !«!» ,'(netl' *» i Stat »rwll ?OV*", t •riftf Ihl .wH ^ay* Or bthef ridfid raising gifted over males?, -,; .• , '. -,• • -a. '. >.» * t • , ' * , president M^m> '««\V —'"M^* , ' <-, * -••-,*' " , ".iM/.wv #-& i£u .%<»'!*%v.",4.i\,''>'^' 1 *»- i -' am vijhat Is I girl supposed to do whin her parents say she 't Ctpitml »r JUy The next Presideniial ; coriJSst governor's race. _ more, than three years off bat his doesn't meari grass is This was a wonderful oppor- Ho^everi Doc , dldn'U.f<fer tod • Deaf Dam',....... - - 0 „„ . - — hadlv—vmi see the fellow who can attend the weekly teen dances but also stipulate that she has to ••8SSFw»^^ MBM tMttHffltMMWlfc girl friends of margins was his brothel-, Dr. and I walk to the dance which is about eight .blocks from Mere I live - - - ' but4«have to get a ride home with an adult ana I can't always do that. - " •*-" ""• •*•••* at least one boy willing tB'ghre'a girl •& ride home Mom won't let me ride limn any teen-agers. She 2 and neither will Dadi|Mc|t 'M my friends are al- ua i with boys and their pafiHts slfjio neeii in playing .>,.» v.« . « ........ this is very unfalfc, don't yBu ^"^'Bdrbara. division of the Dairy Cattle Con- "o«« 0 Baib'««« It's not urifaifc'oi youKm^He'^anting'you to ride cress at Waterloo and.rame norm, with an adult driver only becatistfflany p*a$ril§ fdll the sarhe way. The ' ^arilg j"B^^|m"'wat6h5f em- unfairness comes into the picture 1 ^h&i y^f.^^ints refuse^ to help out b ^ na ^f W U ^^ S *>' % ^ Jf S a,Mlf "dozen of*yougif}s Itih W8und together, why f couldn't the dint •cncWen fwho l« now am' six fStiiife each take turns in Brirlfihg yBU girls.Horhe? ThatJWoUld mean plSed ft Universal MfgT C?" y® ^M^ 0 ^ onl y have f td arlVe 'dike every stawedd and if your £ lg Snfu- hSSnSf .WJ!!,* r»S ^«5%ou8H8-owSn^if y8u ffreW kllttifed-fc go 4 the dances S*h n h^niffn 1™ Thf vnnn^ ^ becauses yottf JaTenis have given you the green light, they should •Sfcu^'IB^rfa 16 ^^*^^'; . ; . J and _was dkert td ,Mtfsbn .Cjty , jjb. ., by, Dan, MV betf&faid smokes with his Barents' con! --£*---, . .. . r •a- n . on n,- notn L""-, - '.T- ;u TJ"ir~~ T-"" ^ T " ' ' beax'Dans My bestrmerid smokes with his parents' conlent but now ' ng under the feet of politicians tunity for Gov. Brown, the uem- hi S i e ft elbow could ,be set pro- T. V _ been t( ii d T r*_. t -_ ^M,^ with him anvmore Mv father savs it I^VS?vJl*^^ Formfer Vice President Richard —,, —.., Nixon's", announcement last-We&k Knight's bharges are true—ana we e;k. hat he will run for-governor'b"f he insists toey are—it Is the .. «, * • _ . , w^ Califorriia did nOt in ahy sense; most shrieking politibal sfcdhaal • Andlher l&m oh tne "when f' *"•"*• lear the picture'on .what RejpuBi in the history of the State." ( ., , _H;n tj. it_r T%_I_Jj'J^-_^- iJ: ut«mim rtirl n/\f cfrtt^ friorii ,TTn ) 964. ler was a teen-ager tnd 16-year„ _. r , r .. that right? — Buddy's Friend. . F.: Sixteen-year-olds snfoking in public may be accepted only, by 16-year-olds. I Qbn't approve of kids' of that age ue je no... one ^"'e^ ?^ "ff *• « itt W« potatoes m me spua paten; at the horfte front. Then it-Willrtie Up,tO-hini 1 nows for sure .what Mr. Nixon's eluded chief justice-of the Call- ^ av Mc whorter's -near .fiurt either you or the cigarettes, if he chbosfe tht , ilans ate for 1964. ; , \forma supreme court, - whv then when he ran into' Brie, that Was liifcky in finding outjult'hbw ybii rated ^ith the guy. The immediate reaction'to the he should immediately withdraw more than a litt ]' e d j t ^ f , t h% &. - '^ , - t V *•• :% fixon announcement ^was to fo^ from the race: dinary. The potato was weighed 1 Dear Dan: If a boy'asks a girl to ride home with him frbt us attention oh two other Re- ' ., r~° — . ,, —and registered 2% pounds. And . rink,Js,he obligated to^buy her Some lunch'? — Wo'HHering: publicah presidential Jiopeftilsi- , I« lj » ls wdnderful world pi wKat ,' s m( jj. fe - Ild tQggi^e'd it It Dear Wondering: He's riot "obligated but he ,#b'Uldn't b Gov. Nfelson Rockefeller of Netti: politics we, find Mr. Nixdh and the UDM jjffice to prove it. asking the girl about sdrrte refreshments.- t • • York and Sen Barry Goldwatejf Mr - Knight fondly greeting one • . . . — 1: •' " ^ ^ '— — f Arizbna. „„, , - ' i another when they nteetas Meanwhile, H. .W. Hobsoh, $'-*&. • n "Dick" and "Goodie." But they ib ne iiock ,farmer t ,was crooned P.... jy»-.. - - ... e,*itj _ a _il,, Jocnica'oanVi ntVior- TTnltrttt •>"->' .» A. _ m_i. K >l-'i i wrong in INJURED in 'wrlij really despise'each, other Knight w infier' O f the Tall born Contest, Herman Bartlett of Jballas'Cen _J. .^ K,_ De MI«,« ««, th. H,»rfmhd -^ ons< 5 r bd^By jy u^er i0/ ttes ter was injured receHtly, while mowing weeds. He w&'s,mowung with a power mower^lOrtg the ggss'srsw !T8.' r a'Jsyn.« a. vg^yatir^ atr ^ ^^ w - s - eral office. James and John, of , LuVgriie T"['" ••,-*•"* ;—' " "- • •" ' -~ « —°— , . took second and third , with *•»•*•'»+«»f»«+»'5»»»'»»»»++»»« t »^fr«t»»»»«i It was a foregone conclusion stalks that measure 'd 12-7 dnB I i& • « ii'i •, . /• • ^ • *,„. ' It was a foregone conclusion stalks that measure 'd 12-7 | that Nixon would not stay out ot 12 . 4) respectively (and that de- 1 politics for long after his defeat mands a i ot o f respect). ! for the Presidency last year; He ( " ' entered a lucrative law practice 1 ; ad stood to bebome a wealthy M - ss Donna willing to fort- D6 seHbusly injureH in' the eye while playing in he park th - . surlery? ••• f • *' NixoA>silcf ng—thSt 'his ^ojhly plans are "_$ run fof goyernpr of, Califbrr 1 n 1962^ and'*.that he.wolildfii >e a'candidate fdr President, 964. O.f course, a politician lilS i woman has a right to changl lis miiid and this Mr. Nixb may well do thrde years heri'cl Thi« much seems certain his point. If in 1964'"ffie Natioi s-enjoying relative {teace am elative", prosperity- Nixon wil probably not risk tdking bn PretfS . . . „, dent Kennedy who would b^' love for politics. Close inenas at ^^tly. A stick thrown ilmost assured of a second term *e former vice president say he . J j d ^ n office. But if other conditions' is still sensitive over his defeat * _•"_*«-_ -r *u_ ^.._ prevail, particularly ih the inter- last November ,and wants an- national field, Nixon could be other chance to prove he "cart be >^_^. persuaded to try and tilrri the a winner. What happens irt Cali^ •.•=_ Democrats out of pbweh , Thif fornia governor's race will also was what happened in 1932 to enable Nixon to determine whe- Herbert Hoover by voters smart-; tner to make another bid for ng from the effects Of economic the White House. ollapse; ' j —• Nixon/ Ip Be sure, will weigJ^ lis chances carefully during hese next three years. He is only 8 now and if he passes up 1964 he will"* be-only 55 in 1968. WitH a good record as governor be| lind him and the fact that he was vice president fbr eight years makes him an odds-on fa* voritc for ,,the Republican nomr J er,,he slipped^on thfe wet grass ^-*) i *1«- O«A^/^fcV> V/** b * J V' WCb glOO^ aha his foot c.arne' in contact with 'the blade .ori.lthe mower. The gfeat toe ori his'right foot'had to be amputated abdve the first |oint, and slilh grafting was ne- !TB ;; t » ^^ ^ Rae .Gardalen .ot... iSBasssss Professional Directory INSURANCE A. J. (Arnie)"Rlckrefi ', HospitaliZatlon ''. Health & Accident; Life—Auto.—Fire 7 -? Hail 2 E. State.. .,' ;qV'4-452« afctor KNOW ALL MEN BY SE PRESENTS: ...That on the 6 day of gcptcrfiber, 1061, • "of Ingiirknce" tWrt> was organized pursuant to ..the ^,-j. ••. 0 ,4a ^nsurance^ laws of the State of Iowa a corporation CY 4-317D tatepf L -St. £i, Construction .Company, The principal place of business of sa!4'corporation Is 321 South Jones, ALGOKA INSURANCE 1AGENCY J; H^(jrim)KOLP ' Surety Bortds -^' AH* Lines i ' ' 'cev ; 206 E. State Aljfona, I . Tl " . The general, nature ,of the business to be transacted by this corporation Is to be the buying, selling and Improvement, of .real estate, and the cor- ' u empowered to enter Into nation .in 1968 if that is the way ic wants to play his cards, i With all the hazards connected with politics Nix'on could havq miscalculated in his .decision to un for governor and his politii banker F. 3ny and.all manner of contracts, leases, mortgages and deeds to accomplish these purposes... ,. . There is authorized for sale and FROM THE FILES OF THE issuance by the corporation Ten Thou- r/lWTO »JT»IVR,^&O wr *na Dollars (SIO.OOOSO) of Capital UPPER PES MOINES stock llt the CoiporaUon. The stated Oct. 9, 1941 * • it ' * • capital with which the corporation shall commence busihess is Three Thousand Dollars ($.000.00), which W. Dingley, , _ cal future could be destroyed at shortly after midnight Wcdnes- Cor Poratton subscri . ; ' day following a lingering illness. %\ 0 f l & the iss^nce died proved and ratified on behalf of the 'ption .agreements the California polls next year. [ day following a lingering iimess, ^y- tKTTsauanc» of 5r thl'certUli± He still must take oh a formldJ -Mr. Dingley was s4rvived by Ins -of incorporation by the Secretary pf able opponent, former RepublU Wifc and two daughters. Helen, PW^J corporation commenced exist- can Gov Goodwin Knight in ori Algona, and Mrs. W. B. Nugertt, ance on the a day of September, IBJI der to get the Republican nonv Des Moines. ^ «nrt has a duration of Twenty. (|0| ination. And theh, of course, he. •• ,, ,. . t •... must defeat the man now in of? . R**n. which tell fice, Democratic Gov. Edmund days,, left fields in Kossuth ig G. Brown- If Nixon loses either ty ?oggy with mUti, and was ex- of thes'e contests he is virtually &$*& to slow "& cpr J l h V? kln S S5iek Se r aii ^^ **"*>. 3?^elteT^e^S JSSS And if one' likes to. look at stai .gjJ^C f ^ S^ fcldsive. ^o^esV temperatwe teeing .during thfe p'eriod w^s ?9 tjpt.'8? While the high, 7$ ^is iieached Oct.. 1 and BLOSSOM INSURANCE . \ • . AGENCY' ;«:-,''•• .^. ; All Lines of Insurance" Automobile - I'urnitQir&VLoahV 7 N. Dodge Phort^CY ^735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICED 5 N, Dodge „ CYU^' / Horhe y Auton^obile • Fsurrn Pblib Insurance CHARLES D.'PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, JLiifc. General ' Phone CY 4-4512 . •*T f *P» -p-*» • «*•%£* ,, i\ , S<?E ,ASSpCIATION .„., Over $74,0do,0vfl wortH pf in- T1«S affairs of this .corporation shall surance in force, CY 4-3756. . nnnrtitntart hw t^ig following officers: . ' * it- a..*t«il<»••» o^t.'«> -- -- — » Lola Scvfinam, sppy tistics 4nd draw conclusions results ( of the; Presidential elec? tion in CalifornJs last year should be considered. Nixon carried CaU ifornia by a mere' 35,'623 out of '6Vfe million cast. votes gjg^ ^ 'According to the jfr^ljthi < ma.n, a cold wave was s^lat'ea t KWCBk, Algona, «uvva, A-.VOIUC.IV and Member of First Board ot Directors. Al Lundh, 2041 Garfield, Dutm. que, Iowa, Vice President and Member of First Board of Directors. , t. • Jerri D. Leaneagh, 321 South JoneK Algona, Iowa, Secretary- Treaairer and Member of First . Bijard of Directors. The First Board of Directors shall ••— • forgone year after conunence- '«|th> c<; INS, AGEW6X . For Autp, ', Hpuse, ' |T0iMI9hold Goods, and M? n 7 °H«Sr ' - Dr. D. D, .. Chlfbjractpr Ov^ Pfinney's Offlce,Phone.»- CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:fl6--4 5:00 OpenJVidiay Night y — wedrtesdly — Monday Fridaj . •' Dr. WjUlBjl L.;Clegg ' . ChlropracJor 521JE. State St. Hours: 9:00 — 6;OQ thru Sat. - 9:00 -i- 9:00 Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-467| Res. CY 4-346« DOCTORS KELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon , , 118 N. Moor§.St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227¥ J. N. KENEFICrt, M. D. Physician & Slirgeon 218 W. State Street , Office phone CY 4-2353 Resi'dgnt phono CY 4-2614 CAROL L. PLOTT, M. D. 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery .Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864. Of f ice CYpress 4-4331 Residence As of now, Nixon is still frontrunner among the Republicans, in terrnp of Presidential possiblu Hies. Sen. Qoldwater is gaining in popularity month-by-month but neither he nor Gov, RtickeS feller appeal strongly enougfj tp middle-bf-thc-r o a d RepubJi»ah» who nfake yp the buik tt| strength, in the party. There are some dark.h^rs?*' men.tior|ed but nobody' is getting excited over them yet. Some bl the light-colored horses have to be disposed of |^rst. . . •, . hit the area within the * * * ibtat of 500 Bo# a' Camporee at A)f(onp ' ------- l - corporation. A new B ectors shall be elected r«H> Affiliated with Far|i pn the fifteenth day soeh year. ,, property belonging Jo ihplders |n the cor it frofn all c ,,iUes. arieagh asufff BUA FUNERAL CORWITH AlltiN I MAKE, In ti& California r4cs we £4! expect llo be treated tp sorni good ol|l-fashidrted political mu'd- slinging The ^Sxon-Rhlght fcami puign will be kn,'ockid<iwn and drag-o4. variety,, .We gf}t a him,of that the other day when, ' Knight Charged that a wealthy Republican friend of Nixon's "of i fered fflm (Knight) any job in the state ••-•»• <88WS»«» frm M would withcUaw fi-om the 1963 gft»»sagagffl^^ AfA 24 HOUR UNCE SERVICE > RADIO riiFfti Manag JOHN M, SCHUTTER, M. D. ResldjBjlce Phpjie PY 4-2335 DEAN f, K009, M, D, Residence Phqne CY 4-4917 Physicians & Surgeons «i3»__ ^Jg ona ., Phone OPtOMET L, L. SNVDER Algona Optometri 113KasVSt ...._^. T 4-2711 , Saturday Afternoons J?r*. 8AWYER end Eyes Contact Lenses 4-4400 USTS t 3RICKSON NNOR iwTatot

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