The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 19
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; <fwite to ,you but the'path of least 1 Resistance is so much easier! But /how, the sweet' corn iteni just .,:mu'st be enlaced ijpon. 1 haVe ,-loaned the back'• ''issues of im ^ Upper Des Moines.|to my neigfi- ,bor, a Trunkhill'girl from Burt so I don't;,know jjlsT whlfe,h > .,iSsUe' the swcet f ,cqffl,pa1'dffl-Sth;,W^"iii • but I am sMre y#vi' Will r'emem- ber the item to which 1' refer! t. * '* ' * .^ , • "Sweet corn isx much ;m6*6 commonly available •, out • here , than in Iowa, or'not f •The growing season? of ^course is" the yeariround and, so', succulent , ears are in the markets find road-; side stands at alfr 1 : tlffies.. Not .knowing jthe situation of sweet •corn on \he east coast, 1, asked .- lakdr afid! she quickly"* Infortned taei that" it' was thfi^easteM Sea; btjard'Where we "intruders" flfst •Were Introduced'{cfeaftt by'thef Indians, so of course the eating 1 ,of £6rn in all shapes,'sizes f , man-; > , foreig 'to'l-dluf'amaienienl^e, 'of ten sawtA/absjw-Mkirig alahf.e^t ,ing' corh' off J'tte' '.cob •fen'tli Stfee^ ' % Cairo?; Egypft, Enterprising 'men-HaVe' large 1 '~'carW" 0? boiling wfiter over charcoal .fires on the streets;: These' cans : we ,fuli'6f sweet 'corri.'Wiey leave &e .husks'that are jy'sfhext', td thfe kernels '.on— (1 have 1 tried it 'and it. IS- Better) The .purchaser peels bacj* these 'husks, gftes merrily on his' wa'y.' chomping' away ''at the-cohi. Pmu$t<vsay,, Ed and 1 didn't try this native delicacy as We observed the water in. the Can You ; Bon* M bully bnltM |it|it»db« *• wfrty «< yaw KM* . .. stop in tod*y; iw ouAunr MAKI Juvici. wrvi JUST »tetAuro A cbMncn AMMCO MAM SHOT — «• CAN coana vout MAKI IKOUIMS. BONDED BRAKE LINING JUMVV.? INSPECTION Compfet* B«l» Job «fcb BOMOtO K>WHI MAO UNMa 25,000 AAHe turn Dnm* Ate Show to Pit Df«n Rebudd Wheel CyBiKJ<M , totwra Bleed Hydraulic SystoM Add Hy*«ac Md A. NMM hupoct VKMMI B6Hin0i .•epecUFwol Who*! I AcQvst Front WnMi • Aspect Emergtncy Brak* $32^5 end WAGNER D-X SERVICE 304 N. Jones Algona . CY 4-2806 A telephone is for finding out how things are at home A few reassuring words, a pleasant chat about the day's happenings and the traveler is at peace with the world, 4$ No doubt about it...'a telephone call is the satisfying way to keep in touch when you're out of town.. NORTHWESTERN BELL Service .First. cans was the color of the Nile \river! We ate corn in the.hotel dlriing 1 • rdbm,. with treat • gusto; hot. being able to see the cooking process, therefore/ • not »con- eefned. ', • ' ,r * * * f'But Ih6 * m e $ I sWe"ct corn observance was 1 it Jerusalem. We' were taking the complete walk along the Via Dblorosa (the Way of the Cross) from' St. Anthony's 'Tower, (Where P.ontius ' Pilat's house stqa'dHtb'the-'Church /of'.the Holy Se|mleher', TM' fourteen statjbns 6f the', cross are all along the Afas Dolorosa';ahd 1 was" trying to ire- member, each one and trying > to get the Spiritual feeling, of this very, r Jioly< place. But the';sweet eornt" What a < distraction! The Arabs had these vats all along this-holiest; Of '/ways": It; being .Sunday afternoon*I believeievery Arab. in Jeruselem' (Jordan side of course) ,was enjoying his treat of the week, .which was,>an ear 'Of corn! "So npW j>ou have-it Sweet corrt is::mighty sweet,and enjoyed by many peoples' in many iclimes. * » « "My oldest grandson, after two days in first grade, informed me last 'evening that it wasn't worth his time going to .school as even after two. days the'teacn- er hadn't taught him how to read. Donny (second, grandson) ii in kindergarten'and he told'me his "schedule" was air mixed up. Timmy, the baby, 3, is truly thee-e- baby, but he s u r 3 1'y doesn't think .so. Ed and' I have a trailer park in the desert. We have an excellent manager and just go but there once a month" to balance books and extra work that needs to be done.." 1 * * * • Callers Sept, 18 were Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas, and her brother-in-law and sister/Dr.-and Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Hartford;' Conn.' Mrs. Ellis has"'for some time spent the summers .with'her'sister and is joined here by her husband Whose visits have'been of briefer duration. Now he is in a position to remain as long as he wishes, go and corne freely as he chooses, for he has now retired from his 'position as medical director, industrial medicine and surgery division, medical department after more than 36 years with the Travelers Insurance Company. Just in case it may have been forgotten, his wife and sister-in- law are the former Yarda and Segrid Nelson, daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nelson. • , Mrs. Perry i Collins has been uncomfortably close to the Carla area at Sulphur,- La., and a phone call, home "'assured her husband she and the son Dale and family whom she was visiting were OK and would-stick to home and "ride, it put". It was sort of on the fringe, so to speak, but that's plenty close en'oUgh. I have a cousin living in Houston and his daughter and family live in Galveston. In a recent talk with my cousin, he said Prances and Bob are building a new home at Galveston. I wonder how it fared, Bob is a doctor ai John Seeley hospital and I suppose he stayed there. I hopt Frances and little Brad havi been at Houston with her fath er and mother, * * • , While scientists are workinc on this smog business and its elimination, why not concentratr on odorless tobacco. To that 1 suppose might be the odorless onion and cabbage. It wouldn'l bp a bad idea to include fish. Mrs, John Schimmel told me she thought of me, Hazel Lusbj and Lizzie Post when sh^ was at Muscatine, Davenport and Clin ton recently and agreed completely that the highway along tin Mississippi affords a wonderfu; view. One thing she has seer, which we didn't was Eagle Poim at Clinton. Well gals, we'll havt to see E. P. some time. She and her daughter Mrs. Dyrl Jones Laurens, had attended burial services at Wayland, not fa'r from Muscatine, a territory famous for the huge crops of watermelons, They had stopped in Des Moines overnight' with the .son., and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schimmel. They went on to Clinton and visited with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy. Having driven a good many miles without sleep, they found when they reached Hampton they just couldn't go another mile without a nap, so they pulled up in & well lighted spot off the highway and had "40 winks". Upon arriving home they found Mr, and Mrs, Howard Scribner had arrived from Sacramento, .Calif Mrs. Scribner is another daughter of the Schimmels. * * • Ah, the perfect gentleman! "When a husband opens the door and helps his wife into his car, he's probably just acquired one or the other." * * • How about it—"A lot of men miss their wife's cooking—every chance they get." , .» * * You bet— "If the Russians were really proud of their communist experiment, instead of their Iron Curtain they would put in a plate glass window." ft* It was quite a thrill having a little interview with Mr. j and Mrs. Kenneth Fridfres, who had been married at Bancroft a short time prior to coming here to see the bridegroom's great aunt, Eva The bride was tensing. There is a special fir- diance about, a - bridal < couplf. Corigrdtulatiorfs, and- belt : ^ftH » * * * ' „ . Mr!.' Xri Wel66 had a phone calliSaWrday-frdh* her husBantl Who is dn construction !wotR "In Greenland. He told her" he, was fine,- the weather Had been 'Cold enougrf to freeze since August. He rather expects not to be Home for Christmas as there is much work to be done. . » * - * '>**- »' * I-can lesiify ihaf Theresa O«t> winkle is a go'od cook.* % 0n various occasions 1 -haVefhad' culirl? ary offerings froM ,Herv The lat'« est were a few dayis^ago-eookife cakes, I think she tailed 'then). Well, you know the old,, saw-" "A rose by any other rta'me, etc. —" which applies to cookies or cakes, .. • ' . . ' < * *; -• * A call from Mrs. Habeger' of Burt inquiring atidut Susie 'Nuisance came a bit ,Iate I am afraid, and f r am sorry,- Susie would have Had an .excellent home and- plenty 1 of loving attention. JusJ what Susie's fate was, I am nof certain'. She was a feline''.charm- e • , er. Walker Named * Prexy At GHS : Election of officers 'took place at Garrigan High School last weeks Elected to .lead the senior class fo* the scholastic year 1961-1962 were the 'following: • president, James Walker; vice president, Eleanor Becker; secretary, Blondina Erpel- Thursday Sept, 28, 1961 At§otta (la.) Upper D«t Meln»«-9 ding;' treasUretV S&fy kfSepS} 8&< cial chairman, Mary Carol Gengler and class historian. Kenneth Tnil- ges. • :•: • ; . •„»"'•' •= "•:• - •: The,' junior Class will be repfe» seated by: president, Robert Besch; vice president, Dlanne 'Schneider; secretary,' Mary Lou Grandgefiettt treasurer, Richard Stoulil; social chairman, Victoria Bradley; class historian, Thomas Hudspeth. ; . Leading the sophomores Will be: president, ;Norman Klein;'vice president, JoyceY Erpeldingi secretary, Patricia Rejding;;treasurer, Thomas Hughes;, social • chairman, Jailis Venteichefj. d&Ss historian, Michael Dahlhausen , ;. The , freshman;", class will hold their election Oct. 2. Class officers will fomvthe Student C6uncil for the year with James Walker as presiding officer. Eleanor Becker as vice president. BlOttdiha ErpeldJrig as secretary dnd'Jerry Krieps' ; as treasurer, .; - • , : ':• : / reigning queen of the 1960 Festival, will be here to crown the new queen at the fairgrounds in the evening, M; C. Metcalf, president of the Chamber of Commerce, will serve as waster of ceremonies at the evening show, which will feature a massed bands program. There will also be a parade in the ; morn- irig and other musical events staged here during the afternoon. Complete plans^wlll be announced later. :, SALES B00KS - Upp« DBS Molnes Pub. Co., Algona. Save up to 40% on fuel , Band Festival Here Qc. It's almost time for the annual Kossuth County Band Festival; which will be held here Oct..?, and preliminary plans for' the event wore announced this, week. The Festival is sponsored by the^Algona Chamber of Commerce'. ; • A total of 25 area bands have been invited to, attend, arid accpf'd- ing to Bill, Steele, Chamber .secretary, it is possible more bands may get .invitations. Mona Kahl, Britt, FUNERAL SERVICE ^Ambulance and Air Charter / Algona CY 4-3731 Burt Phone 233 Choice Latest Colors Sandy Beige Patio Green Tile Red Gray Silver Gray i Walnut Brown Light Oak Inca Blue Mahogany Tile Green Black White Save 91 c a quart PORCH & FLOOR ENAMEL 1 Top quality guaranteed Davis Enamel. Use inside or outside. Ideal for porches, fibers, outdoor furniture, work benches, pipes, etc. Use on wood, metal, linoleum or concrete, f , Regular $2.10 Qt, PRICE GOOD THR OUGrl OCTOBER 7 Buy As Many Quarts as You May Want AT This Low PRICE I CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING! Sailer's Davis Paint v i: CY 4-4253 ASSOCIATE STORE Helen & Frank Saiter, Owners -«'**^ of'W^ from Chevrolet for '62! '£# Impala Sport Coupe—with a roof lino that looks like a convertible's '62 CHEVROLET new styling with Jet-smooth ride ! Here's everything a car fancier could want. Fresh- minted style that comes to a climax in the sportiest sport .coupe you've seen yet. A road-gentling Jet- smooth ride. A new choice of V8 skedaddle. Rich Body by Fisher interiors. Beauty that's specially built to stay beautiful. Here in '62, is more than ever, to please you from the make that pleases moat people. It's like owning an^expensive car without the expense. Check'it over from its clean- thrusting prow to its rakish rear deck. Then—head for the open highway. • That iittin'-on-satin feeling you get is Chevrolet's famous Jet-smooth ride at work. The standard six and V8 are triggered to do special things on regular gas, and for real hair-trigger reflexes you have a choice of four optional-at-extra-cost VS's with out- put all the way up to 409 hp. B New steel front fender underskirts guard against corrosion. Even the heater and defroster coma as standard equipment this year. This ia the kind of car that will make you feel luxurious all over, and your Chevrolet dealer will be only too happy to show you how easy it is to have one of your own. Corvuir Afonzo Club Coup* THE'62CORVAIRMOM The car that puts sport in the driver 1 9 teat I Step right up and meet the latest version of the ear thaft proved its mettle in the fiercest competition going-'62 Corvair, Bigger new brakes team up with Corvairt renowned rear* engine traction for just about the surest footed going on the road, A new Monza Station Wagon makes its debut, 4nd all models sport freshly tailored upholstery inside matched by sassy new styling accents outside* Chevy U 300 S-Doar Sedan f: HERE'S THE NEW CHEVY U Modern basic transportation in a totally new line of cars Here are all the solid, time-tested virtues you know you can count on from all the Chevrolet family-plus some surprises you've never seen on any car before. A full line of saucy new* size models, each built a new way for easier service and maintenance. Thrifty? Choice of a frugal 4- or spunky 6~ cylinder engine (in most models). Roomy? Sedans seat six »olid citizens. Price? A real pleasant surprise! See the '82 ChevroUti, &M new Chevy JJ's and '62 Cormfa at your local authorized Chevrolet dealer's KOSSUTH MOTOR COMPANY 108 SOUTH HALL STREET ALGONA, IOWA CY 4*3554

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