The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 18
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" t- .v , ,;, W$ WH,4T IF WB 0|| NOT H^ypWl NIP 0RAIN PJl&ftAM? Havthg nojhlng rnueh elto tfl criticize, we, .find forrtcleadefs 6f >he oppotltlon lashing but -«t Seer'elj&ry *f Aflrieolfure Orvllle Freemdn be- B the pfesent harvest year It going to yield ** •"" despite acreage reduction, crop y/e 6l| see every day. has provided one of the finest PKETTY FAIR-MINDED Announcement that,af the two new Federal judges slated for appointment !n Iowa, one Is to be a Republican, Is 1 a link dlfferertf than the expected political develojwenfsVV*,.,, ' Frankly, we'are sdmfewKat,surprised ourselves. ' J " * i ' k f.' , ' Appointments of Judges, 'postmasters, ,ahd similar officers have cerne-to be-expected'as political plums of the party [n power. To find that f needed, early planting, late frost ing a Republican to one of these plums is'sort of setting a new course. ' .' <•' While there were a number of capable'and qualified Democrats-suggested, none of them have said a detracfiftg ''word Iq cftiy way about the man slated to receive the appointment. That is sportsmanship on a'high* plane. ' ' >. Yef, we sort of wonder whether-or not Dick Nixon would hove selected one Democrat to fill one of the posts, had he Been electee) president. The Kennedy administration may be a wee btt naive .even though exceptionally fair-minded In the matter - '' • * * * , , • i HAMSTRUNG BY OLD PLANNING that despite the acreage under the feed grain program, our i in basic crops will be nearly what befere. ; . , But this would net have been'the case had vye not had an almost perfect eflijnatie"crop year. About all we cdn ask--is this! what in the world,vyould crop surplus have beert'like WITH- OUlf^'feed'grain.'pr0g ¥ ram; that curtailed acre*•"- ' 'hibi'ting all kinds of emotiondl friendship with Russia. The same can be said for a' few other of the new African leaders, too. All this time the United Stdtes has been Ihe major underwriter of these nations,, financing their every whim, and making every effort to be a good big brother to new "republics." ' The good-will efforts are getting nowhere. Now the Kennedy administration has decided to postpone decision on donating 80 million dollars to build a dam in Ghana, In view of Nkrumah's antics. This is probably the wisest move yet made in Africa. Some of .our own people may cry that the Russians now have a chance to completely step lh and dominate Ghana — and other African countries. The chance may be there, but we seriously ' doubt that Russia is foolish enough to think it can financially support, build, maintain . and pamper every little splinter country in the giant continent of Africa for long. If they do, they will not find that their efforts are being properly appreciated. None of these new countries to date: has shown any Willingness fo reciprocate with benefactors. Eve.n in Egypt, where we pulled out of supporting the Aswan, dam project { and Russia stepped into the breach, trouble has developed. Ill will is growing between Russia and Egypt as work progresses. By the time the dam is through Egypt will have had about 'all of Russia it wants— and that was primarily money and know-how, , . One of the best ways to make friends in Africa might be to act -kindly at a distance, and let them settle their own problems. ^ei c4 etfi W ^i *- a, *'v< —^^*™B«^ >'tifcb£, -t r rtf-1 '«• %e^ 1 ' ' ^M> t 'V', '.. ,, '«.'i«. U' CZZ i~\ \ Msy^^^»'\ .(_ ./• •' ''',v ',BUri;iowi' .«.--. jHfot At; tff MONTA^ MONTANA ** *• sw '0«J*J iy fdi thex! Girl lh Tf 6 ffifeVor «ftB fUBS „ , ^ UPPER DES M6tMES ntf. 2, 1941-•*"•' :/ * . * id .you. Sled the iJitercontinenk ! 5 .ffltiowee 111 E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa S«cond cUu poiiagt paid at Algana, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1981 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R, B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman NATIONAL IDITORIAL NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. SUBSCRIPTION HATES IN KQ8SUTH CO. On< Year, In advance ,—J , 13.00 Both AljEona papers, In combination, per year U.OO Single Copies 'We SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE K08SUTH One Ye»r. & advance ..„„_„,.,„,.—, ,$4.00 Both A\eot» paport In combination, one year W 00 No aubscrtption less than ( months. OF?JCIAI, CITY ANR CPVNTV NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST on the defense of Laos, and cities it as the first failure of the new President in the field of foreign relations. If the American people accept this as valid criticism, they will prove to have a very short memory indeed. Perhaps Mr Miller himself has a short memory, and should be reminded of a few facts concerning Laos, which was virtually abandoned to communism as far back as last November, several weeks before Kennedy went, into office. The fact that is most convenient for Mr Miller to forget, however, and the one that should be paramount in the minds of the American people as they judge the events of the past several months, has to do with military, not political decisions. It has been very reliabjy reported that the new Kennedy administration was prepared to make the political moves necessary to involve our country in the fight for freedom 'in Laos. Militarily speaking, however, it was an impqssi- ble decision-to make. For Kennedy was to find that during the previous eight years all military planning was concentrated upon the theory of '_„ massive retaliatiqh 1p.the event of nuclear attack '"Upon oflr, country," 1 'vVlifri no qllowance-.glye.n fojr the fighting of small; brush-fire wars. We could not go into Labs at all — we'simply did not have the means to do so at our ready disposal. The communists knew -this — and acted accordingly. Our country was prepared to wipe out Russia in the event they attacked us, but we were not able- to defend the freedom of a small country halfway around the globe. So long as this line of military thinking prevailed in our government, the communists could continue to make piecemeal grabs of land ahd people. Now .that our military planning includes small-scale warfare, another Laos might be prevented. * * * IF GOLDWATER WERE PRESIDENT Grundy Register — Senator Barry Goldwater started late to become a candidate for President in 1960. He is. starting earlier as a candidate for the election in 1964, He has been making more speeches than any other national figure during late months and he draws good crowds at all of his meetings. Senator Goldwater was in Des Moines Saturday and was greeted by 3500 cheering republicans at Veterans building. In his speech he said: "We don't care what it will take to beat the Communists. We don't want war, but we are not afraid of war. If we took a vote now of the American people, we would be in Cuba tomorrow." . | •ctfi4t : If the Arizona senator were President now, we would not only be near war but we would probably be in it. The Senator was right whert he said, "We don't want war," He should have added that we will use all honorable means to keep gut of war. That is what we have'f?«M?rv doing for several years. We are-sure a majority of American people want it that way. > * * * • "The word is silver, Silence is Gold Repeat only half Of what you are told." — Bayard News The dispute over whether-Ho er Alans' is as good as Babe Ru or whether Joe Louis could have licked Jack Dempsey is no less heated than one now going on in Washington. That is, did P^esi*.. dent Kennedy come out on top in his tough struggle with the first session of the 8?th Congress? - ' It all depends on whom you' ask the question. The - NeW' Frontiersmen insist Mr. Kenne* dy scored the greatest first-yea* legislative' record in history. Not so, say the Republicans and most conservative Democrats. J i Naturally, a lot of what the' President requested was passed by Congress. But how much" 01^' this is major legislation- and;' how much of it is minor again depends on the view point. .. . ' ' "W.* The other day a couple of top White House assistants met with 1 newspapermen and .gave them what they thought would be ia achievement. Bui the other team (they have an elephant for a .mascot) ridicules any suggestion that the Peace Corps is either new or major in the way,, of legislation. They say it's jtist a new name for an old idea; that it was really thought up by the* Eisenhower Administration. » As far las' we are concerned ,the reader will have to make up his own mind on this one. ', let us bear in mind that this is no Sunday afternoon ball game. And we are not just spectators because what ever Congress does it is bound to us either directly or in-' ous Congress has treated the new Administration. But it's hard On ihe surface there is a lot of bitterness in this .Whole matter of legislation since'the issues are sometimes such that emotions are aroused and the feelings are tense and strained. But it is encouraging to know that all of the people involved-—from the Pres,. down to the newest of FIRST FttOS.TS m. COUNTY was'one heaffilite! on the front, page 1 oft the' Ut>M . was not gritted'with t&sVmuch' enthusiasm by, area' residents. 1 It meant .-ffcat befor^lbrlg the 6dld winds, vcdfrylhg I6ads ofsWhite stuff, would "-blast out 'of the northwest and ''Make things difficult' ?f or everyone. • The Highest • temperature ' mark , during the week was 74 • degrees 'SefSlt. 24, while the low Wa$ 33* degrees Sept. 28 and 29, with 2.02-inches of'rain registered here Sept.' 29310. ' • '< . - • * • Prowlers broke Inio ihe Barker Drug Stdre in Algona sometime Saturday-night, but evidently got scared away before getting a chance to steal much merchandise. They took inexpensive items after getting into "the store through the back door, which .was either partially unlocked 6r artfully jimmed open. Local police investigated the incident. The "Beer Boys" were leading the pack in the Kossuth County Bowling League at Barry's. Grain Belt led the' loop with a perfect 6-0 recbrd, While Old Style Was next with a 5-1. mark. The "Corn Boys" DeKalb and Pioneer, werlB tied with four other teams in the third place slot with 4-2 records. ••The Algona Creamery team was having a little trouble getting started—and had a 0-6 record- to prove it. «l • * Guy Stokes, well-known railway postal clerk from Algona, retired after 38 years of "riding the rails" after his trip t Saturday night Mr. Stokes* had' been "on the run from-Algona'west 6n the Milwaukee Road, and was,clerk in charge of the west division at the time of his retirement. He and his wife had letimes'isn't'thd cssi! betfiike thMH. ,_ _. t* ••tffcaW are fodf fflttiy/l tdd"ay;fof i t thrdhly\thing »~_. - anfKar tr ar-61d Iclfon, Mst tnylufk. huffed -i'to bijl? Jd always !fi troubles N in this you." ^mothers "' v' , W Ww •*•>** *'«w :»I*M» JfrJ^es&s&fe three months ago and fi VantetTme to wr|te ye'^Ha^^l'fetseive^-SIIIefjt^^JM^yfg.ltt,' £ —- 3 --,- - .»,- tVji friend (Sf'hiS'mMheli&mt'OUtfillfe sayS-ffils-feoy is Very nice but hasn't any fartiuV and'aeyer,W!ceiveS.ahy'nIaili sw •>" - * 1 wouldn't mind wriUflg^rjce in.a yjhile but I'm afraid of what my boy friend might say/MI'S a Jealous guy end he may,get the .Wrong idea. Is it perniijsable for.a girl' ^.correspond wjth'p feolcliei? toaei!;}the clr- doesh't _ _ _ _ _ brother you'U'be happy to exchanle letters but that'you want the soldiek 1 boy to write first. * - .' " '. f • ; Your boy friend may have a point with his jealousy but as long as you two talk this over before the letters start arriving and he knows you'll just be writing as a friend, he. shouldn't hayeMoo many objections about the project. I know whflfit's like hot'to receive mail when in service •— not personally — but 1 knew of many boys, who seldom received mail. Dear Dan: I'm not like most of the boys &t my school. I'm a runt and I'm skinny and I'm no athlete, .Still, I've got feelings "and likes ahd dislikesVRight n&w'ofte of my, likes is £his junior'girl. We qnly speak to each other in the hall but I'd-really like to infrije ner as my'date to ofcr harvest dance next "month. The trouble is, I'm afraid. Should I just go Up and ask her br what? — t Afraid. Dear Attaid: You'll .never .get the girl to the dance by wishful thinking so the orily thing left to do is to ask' her for the date. The days oj the "football .hero" beihgJ'AfaC Big 1 ' -at high school' are over. Sure, he's still recognized but. so are the "brains" and so are "the just plain "nico guys". You're one of 'the latter, 1 hope, < ' '' ' ,*? >;' * * Deal: Daft: HoW often dhoiild A- girl say something to'her boy friend about his-manners before getting mad?-My. boy frieiid has no manners and'l'ye told him over and over but I'haven't Sotten through to him. •— G, H. ' 1 _ p ^ . ' > , "Dear.G. p.! Keep'telling him but ddh't germkdrXhgry is a ladTof manners and I'm sure you don't want to lose yoiirs in trying to get your boy friend to show his. "^ • ,'•' *. show at, Algona's two theaters during Upe week—but one, "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. BJyde", was sure to be the' real hit. Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, Ingrid- Bergman^ Donald Crisp, Ian Hunter, Barton MacLane and C. Audrey Smith were feature?! stars in the thriller about the doctor Whb led lives. (Saw it again on TV the other night—and it's still:a movie). Neuroth' family dar was badly damaged by fire about, 11:30 p.m. Saturday, a half-hour after it had beeniused.'A .short in the wiring was believed to have caused the blaze. , f • Some of th« old timers can rfmfmlfer the headquarters of beat generation, was the wpqdshed. - lake View flmrt . > < ,'.'.,.'.• EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT... Every Wednesday night, after the final press run of the Upper Des M?i«es |s underway, wroeww from the staff |akes off pn a 76-rnile reute carrying papers to the posloffices at Irvinglon, LuVernp, Uverrnore, Bo^e, Qttosen and Weit ?*nd.. Without this quick personal delivery, sHbscrjbers frpjn those po«toiuces would pot receive thei* papers promptly on Thursday morning. The Upper Des Moines pays ihe usijal second class postage. We value 914* loyal readers and strive tp wpye the pbyit in Urn instance, regardless of weather. ' Th» AlOONA UPP1R DiS MOINES Reaching 5,500 families each issue only two people in on a story, let alone 30. So it came to pass that the "secret" briefing was all ovei town before you could say Jack Robinson. And this was all the opposition needed to make its own "box score" on how well —or how poorly;—Kennedy fared? with Congress; 4 , ; •;; .The situation quickly became', one of Utmost confusion to any^ one on the sidelines trying to- find out who really won the r , ball game. As far as ihe White House is concerned Kennedy got 33 "major bills" through Congress. They say this compares with 12 major bills in the first year of the Ei-. senhower administration and! only -11 passed during the now-* famous First Hundred Days or the Rposevelt administration when the Nation struggled to' pull itself out of a grim depression. l If we go back over the record we find that on February 21 the' President gave Democratic lead-, ers in Congress a 16-point priority list of • legislation he said he hoped could be passed at the earliest opportunity, Eleven of these "priority" from an increase in the minimum' wage law to the creation of an office to boost international travel. Congress postponed action of fou? of the. other five. These included health care for the aged Under Social Security; federal aid for medical education and search; 'federal aid for col education • and an easing of .„. striqtjqns on trade with Iron Cur, tain countries. Mr. Kennedy sujf» : ' fered prpbably his greatest de*J feat when Congress flatly refuse' ed to approve using federal money for schpol construction and teachers' salaries. • ,_o—, This*:would, seem to be a fairly good batting average in any league, gut we come up against this business again of trying to figuife oUt thfe final score in the Kenndey-versus-Congress c o n-. tt's^. It's lipt so simple and we reach a point of comparing apples and oranges. Mr. Kennedy's opponents laugh at this list of 33 "major bills" listed above. They go so fur as to claim it's downright dis.^ honest to brand some of them as anything more than minor or routine legislation. Let's examine the Peace Corp?, for example. That's one of the 83. The Administration has bally- hoot'd the Peace Corps at every opportunity, insisting. it will make friends for the them right or it may prove them wrong. The important thing, we feel, is that in either case they believed.they were acting in tht best interest of all of -us. Professional Directory SOMETHING IN COMMON? Editor, Upper Des Moines: Our new United States Senator from Iowa is a persistent and determined fighter against all ot Kennedy's farm relief programs. 5. Army,- in answer to draft 20. The men left Algona Thursday morning. Two others, enlisted in the navy' and three of the original list were being inducted in other counties. • * • *. * •..,.•' . • ' t' Here are ihe market quotations for the week: Heavy butcher hogs, ,.240-270 Ibs., $10.65; veai calves, $12; no. 2 new white corn, 64 cents; no. 2 new yellow corn, 60 cents; no. 2 yellow soybeans, $1.53; no-, 3 barley, 42 cents; premium eggs, ; 34 cents; sweet cream, 40 cents; hens, over fivs Ibs., 16 cents. , • * • ,# Several movies were slated to INSURANCE A. J. (Arnie) Rickleft : Hospitaliiation, Health & Accident Life-1 Auto — Fire — Hail 2 E. State CY 4-452U ..*........< Chiropractor COUNCIL MINUTES Petition lor Curb & Qutter was presented to the council on a portion of N. Harlen street. Council authorized same to be put in. • City Clerk was authorized to attend meeting of the American Public Works Assoc. Resolution accepting a new city street, in the south part of the city, called Fairlane Street was adopted. GENERAL Shierk. salary $ 112.50 Smith, salary . 213.48 Iowa State Bank, W'Holding 19UO la. Plan, Assoc., dues ... 10.00 Advance Pub., pub. 65.78 Arwell Inc., rat control 33,00 City Clerk, advanced cash 10.50 Directory Ser., maps . 22.SO A. B. Olson, refund ... Z.OO M^Parrptt Co., i Pub., pub. Bradley rrqurp., mdsc, . '_. Cullen Hdwe., mdsc. . Funk Plbg., repairs RECREATION Inertrol, mdse. ...... $ Norton Mach., misc. ... Cullen Hdwe., mdse, NW Bell, service O'Brien Trucking, hauling Pratt Elect,, repairs . Suds-Yer-Duda, laundry PARKING METER Cade, salary $ Qroen, salary Rlley, salary Sands, salary — la. State Bank, W'Holding Trust & Agency, pension Post Office, envelopes 25.00 3.84 126 61.80 1.00 1.35 1.00 37!&6 20.80 15.10 107.78 31.87 J00.25 48.60 2.20 49.60 R. Groen, painting 25.48 Cities Serv., ges 10.91 N. Cent. Communications, radio check— — 8.50 Pratt Elect,, repair* 1, 1, Burtis, salary ... _____ ,„ ....... % 139.83 _ TRUST -fc AGENCY ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY , J, H. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds—• All Lines of Insurance ,'."''. CY 4-3176 206 IS. State BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile • Furniture" Loan 7 N. Dodge •.. Phone GY, 4-273$ BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, "Life, General Phone CY 4-4512, KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force, CY 4-3756," Lola Scuf lhaJH ( Ste'lr ') Dr. D. D. Arnold ,,. Chiropractor OVer, Penney's Office Phon^ — CY 4-3373 Hours: 0:00 — g!00 Open Friday Night Monday 7- Wednesday — FridaJ Dr. William L. Clegg Chiropractor 521 E. 'State St. " Hours: 9:00 >- 6:00 thru Sat. 8:00 ~ 9:00'Friday Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-346! Metzen, salary ,.. —,— 172.85 ry ~""-"II-"--- 18a!s9 187.12 St'atjTBahk, W'Holding 114.70 p., repairs 30.30 ., mdse ,.,,, —- adVt cash „—,— der», rodse, — ...... rowel Ser., service .. . pension ..—.. . 20.00 pension. 1 .'..„, 20,00 i:?? 7.98 3.25 8.03 r mdse."™ 'IL-~.~-l~-— 21.12 .,,,dser!———-!—- 28.00 ptofS, mdse. —.. 1.49 fit., sidewa)k ...... '36.30 concrete „.„._--— 38.70 SherwUV' BstfSsy, wpjvatt ----- ........... ^elg & S^rten, Hock p ™.. . Boekelman, salary ... .......... f Bulten, salary .................. HutcW«on. salary ...... - ....... Jorgenson, salary ... ........... cBride, salary „..,,.— ..... chwarzenbach, salary - ....... Kohl, salary Vofgt, salary ck's OK. repair enabled rwrcJfomiliM of tWi comiw/nJfy to provld» f«r them- $elvMo$ervkt which no on« e!»e would or toy Id provide —qt a cost rural HERBSt INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms. Phone <3Y->37«3 ' Te4 S. Herbal '.i IIL.J.^..IJBMI*" •!'.. u" ,i .*""! •". '. JI.JB 'ijjyJUBtw*"i.i.jjiji" ;*' f ' Farm Bureau MuJJHBl Jn». Co ( Affiliated with Finn Bureau Auto (with $10,Bf$uc,{ib}e;| ^ Life T Hall - TrftctQF, .. Phone CY 4-3351 Don Stark, ]l\ 9 t IpUa --.,-..,,...,,.,,.- ^tr« Kobl,. expenses' —------ T — .,.,, 7.6 Culled W we., supplies ,-.. T ,..f Statgs wherever these dedicated volunteers serve. So the Administration considers this a major The Society -, The United SJatea i-interest 3600 HwmttWf '$$&» R^, Phona 99 „ HumbJA. 1 *'• ^^p*^» -^ ^p • -^" • <fw»ip^i(p^i|flp*^ DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Mpore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-227* J. N. KENEPICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L, PLOTT, M. D. 110 N, Moors Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hours by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4-4331 Residence JOHN.M, SCHUTTER. M, P. Residence, Phone CY 4>2335 DEAN F. I?OOB, M. D, Residence Phpoe qy 4-4017 'Physicians & Surgeons 220 No. podge, Algona Office Phone CY :4-4490 OPTO/yipTRISTS Algona •Telepttu,, „, ,_. Closed Saturday Alternopng eifto 9 Eaa Hour Ciose. 8 Eaaf State Street Algpna, Iowa ie CYpress 4-2190 D a.m. to 5;00 p.m. ituitfay * " DENTISTS - B» JWi, W«f«dsr|, — -QV 4?i*i*

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