The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 9, 1930
Page 2
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.PAGE.TVVO ^^^^yARKl^oymEKjji.^.^ TUESDAY, DRCEMBKK 9. IWi '«/ Calendar . , Members of the Business and i Professional Women's club who arc i taking Hie cnurse In public spank- | Kt . ' '' Wednesday The Delphian chapter Is having at the'Hotel_Koble. ' ; I Ule C | a£s Mol)day evening 11 at"the »H rl^M" < , ! aofri!olcl The brief talks, which ! 2d Daughters of the made up the assijfnmciils we - ni~u~~\fv, "!'- " E a ' lhe h0mt! EU PP'<™™t<;<i with a parliamentary ' of Mrs. M. Fitzslmmons. ^rlll ' is mee!lng thai and Mrs. Anna Welnberg at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. R, p. Kirshner Is haviii; the Thursday club. ' . Friday The altar society, of the Church of the Immaculate Conceplion Is having a Lotto parly nt thc social hall in the evening.''' : Mrs. C, T. Morris is having the Night .--Bridge club. The Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Baptist churcij Is meeting at the' home of Mrs. Frank Simmons.for a Christmas party with Jirji-.j,, M. .GHlssple and Mrs. R. I.'Haley also as hostesses. The I^delU,'Btinday school class of the^flrst'/ Ba'pttsl church Is to liavejjr.Chrtstnias. -party at the homc-'.or/Mrs.^Plcas' sVcoy. •lhe • wen • (if 1 .the',- First-- Ba'ptlst church-will have a fellowship banquet at the church at 7 o'clock. Society Makes Thus Tor a Lolto Piirl>. • Mcdon rchoo) ({round equipment .will be purchased by (lie allar so. 'c!;ty of tlie Church' of ihc Immaculate' Conception v,/rom the proceeds of the recent -bazaar, it was announced tit the mee-llmj yesterday afternoon at thc rectory.'There I v/cre ten members and one guest, i Mrs. Jim Evrard of New York city i The Woman's auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will have a Christmas program at" the churca at 4:30 o'clock. Duncan-Collier. Announcement is made today 01 the marriage of Miss Eunice Collier to Mr. Lee Duncan which was solemnized Saturday afternoon at the home of the Rev. Works who performed the ceremony at 4:30 o'clock The bride was qtlractively.dress- ed In a wood.brown transparent velvet dress with a circular effect skirt and the waht was gold medal cloth. All the accessories blended. Miss Wilsle Halsell, maid of honor, wore, a'brown lace dress cut with an ovcrskirt' and with long close-fllting sleeves. " The bridegroom liad for his-best man Mr. Marcus Taylor. After a bridal trip to points of Arkansas arid Missouri they are now at 'home with Mr. nnd Mrs. N W. Trahtham, East Sycamore^ slreot. • - . ... Both -Mr.-'and .Mrs. 1 Duncan' arc ?:el! known here Mrs. Duncan, V.I* is th&,aau'g»«j;44«M«n/,iaiicv- 'Mi's R. J.- 'ColJMf|libf,:<ei8 > West Davis avenue, has lived In the city 15 years and attended the city schools. The bridegroom is the son o[ Mr and Mrs. N. W. Tnmlham. - Circles Men.. Circles of Ihc First Baptist church woman's missionary union held short meetings at the church Monday afternoon except .for ths Young Matrons group which met with Mrs. Robert Grimes. The seven in circle 1 heard .Mrs. J. W. -Bishop read and. comment upon Luke 1 (or the devotional nnd she also had the mission study. Circle 2 had eight members present. Mrs. R. L. Rccder gave Die devotional and Mrs. Ivy W. Craw- lord conducted the mission lesson In the third group the five women present offered sentence prayers in thc devotional led by Mra. T. E, King. Mrs. E. F. Blomeyer gave the study.lesson. There was a new member. Mrs. M. c. Outlaw, and six other members at thc meeting of circle 4 in the devotional led by Mrs. J M Workman, Mrs. H. L. Chambers offered prayer. Mrs. Alfred S Harwell taught the mission lesson The ten who attended the meeting at Mrs. Robert Grimes' home were led In a program by Mrs Her- Echal Smart with with Mrs. Marion Williams using Acts 1 for the Bible study. • •'• • * .* • Council Members' Sew. Members of the Woman's Domini iul the I1|rst ' Chris «an church quilted yesterday afternoon' in n meeting at thc home of Mr< I o Westbrook-.-"lt was voted to'spenti next Monday in the Red Cross office assisting thc executive jecre- cww "T Ethel ' Wllson ' "> '»» clothing, department... •^ -lT tBSS ^ rved P'-Iection salad with coffee.. "VT GAY GIFIPFOR GAY, YOUNG TUINGP (fc{ tflACX C«l : FO!l V,VC*lRCi\f-r- WITH Bits of- Mostly Pei-sonaL Ihe social hall Friday evening »„„ fancy work as prizes. Thc public !s Invited lo this Christmas all air. * * • Sliijly Relljloirs" ? " Arftlvidrs of Korea. Korea and the achievements of IJie Presbyterian church In tint country were thoroughly discussed In programs of the meetings held by circles ot the Woman's Auxiliary In the First Presbyterian church Monday afternoon. These I'roup-, —cet. monthly.. IvJrii.Ross ' Stevens iml.irtalncd circle 1 which had ten members present. Mrs. J. H. Morrison led the^ devotional and Mrs. R. S Mutt r-nduccd the program. Mrs. Rny Worthlnglon, secretary of literature presented the prayer calendar Circle 2, with 14 members In attendance, met at thc home of Mrs. I Rots D. Hiigli,;s when Mis R F Klr^iner was also hostess- Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway, chairman, offered prayer before Mrs. Fred Sancie fur gave Ihc program. The prayer calendar was taken up. uy Mrs Worl-hlngton aftd Mrs. B. R. Allen led thc Bible study from R-.mans. Plans were nnounccd for the annual Christinas service Sunday afternoon, 4:30 o'clock, at the church when n Life .Dedication program will be carried cut in use vesper service. An uuuiiually Intercrtlng program is being planned. The 12 members and (;wo guests at the meeting of circle 3 were guests of Mrs. W. I. Osborn. Mrs. 13. R. Allen, secretary of spiritual life. made, a' short tnlkV/aud Mvsl Jafitfs:H..Brooksle'd.thc ! 'devaicnsl fi 1 om d 'Roriiiins.' > For the 1 progi'itm Mrs.: James B.'Clark and Mrs. L. 3. Briscoe assisted Mrs. H. H. Dyer, leader. .Tim members nllo sewed on l-hc quilt tc. fc» glv.;n the orphanage I at Monticello Christmas, i The Night circle was entertained. 1 by Mrs, Louis Greene and Mrs. Ed-1 gar Borum at thc Greciv? homo; when ten attended. After Mrs.! Wcrthlnglon had presented thej prayer-calendar Mrs. J. &?al Gcsell' lecl the program. Mrs. Rives Allen discussed "Thc Native Church in Keren" nnd sue Bible institute there was talked cf by Miss Leone CnlllcotL "Gifts" was thc clevo-i llonal theme led by Mi's. C. M.' Gray, chairman.. In answcilng roll call the members related activities of the'Korean calendar. Delicious refreshment:, were sc-rv- •sdnoiS am |pj HI po Hospital Notes Mrs. W. G. Logan,•Carathcrsville, was .admitted to lhe niytbcvillc ho-'piial and Louie Hall. Carulhers- ville, dismissed.. . CLOTH MTU CROSS-BAR.SI-ITCHING OF MR. J, \V C'nachere, who was i)s- LeRoy Wildy President j of Club at Etowah ! ETOWAII, Ark.—The EtoA-ah • Peter Pan club met December 3 : ant! reorganized with the- followin-j officers: Loroy Wllciy, pr==i'Jc.u; Otceola Society—Personal fore her i.:cent mavnage Miss Gen-i toward Wray.-'vico-prtsiilent; Josi; I Fifteen manta;, t-.; ih: eva Stalllngs, left today ftr Kinder. | D «is, secretary; Opal Richardson, j Missionary Union o; t::s i-'hai E.tu- La., where she will join Mr. Cha-1 reporter. - - j list church attended a niteting lie'.:', Stewart, oncl Roy nillaid an.1 Mlf Ethel Jor.cs ot Oj;oeh :.t;:ivi cil cf t:-e MUiii'ilmil Caun.y ':•.?! list asiDcir.tic:i in lilythr.'ilk 1 y, day. A ceremonial mcctin? c'. [ Ajjaniim rjampfnc Cihl; • :;i iV.'.ii'.s-ijihdd at the haiiK- at Etivr: ..:.-_-; l-'i-iday evoninj. chcre. After spending the holiday,;! A program committee •at the home of Mr:;. \V. F. H'iL-: —... .,,**...*,.*.£ v.n. i.u.iu.L.u! /i piuxrutn committee vas naip ' — »•"»><.- v* ..i..). ^., i-. jiu_-: , with his parentr, they will U o to n| e j consisting cf lfaz?l Hall, Toel-i ^ Clld:ly afterllos » '" obs-rvaiu-c£: : Viirj!;-?;FlV->nuP'if r « O--"l.;.-<as city for their future home. | ma Caldwsll, Pauline Williams Th- " hrD , lvcck cf P'W '--' ^"^' ' '-,-'' ,v ," ' r ', ' ,.'. Ur. J. A. Salita Is hi Memphis to-1 entertainment committee Ircl-les ! l " l£5lons - rifli tlUCi a ifasy i\:.jij : ''"•• <tr - a', meeting of Ear, Eye, I Jimmy Meadou-s, Velma '' ind Throat physicians. I and Lillian I'.'iiltt. Ei-.v- J. Levy .has returned t-; her j Is the club critic. In Memphis after u week's 1 The c!uu v .adjourned t' ._ i i day for . a meeting of Ear, Eye. I Jimmy Meadows, Velma Caldw-1! The' program dcvelcno:! :r;im- : Nose and Throat physicians. I and Lillian I'.'iiltt. Ei-.v:>.rd Wrciy ' llle subject, "Love Finds a Way," Mr_ J. Levy .lias returned v-. her Is 'lie club critic. l, v> ' as Ie<1 u >' Mrs. J. S. Dilhhtiii.'v • nome etay with Mr. and Mrs. J. J: Daly. Russell Blair has returned from a two days business trip to'Little Rock. Miss Cordelia Wllhite is -expected to remrn home from St. Louis ! tonight after having'been there a ! week consulting her specialist. Mr. and Mrs. Brown, of Flelsh- or, Drown nnd Co., of St. Louis, ate attending to business here. A. Conway has arrived hem:: from a week's business triu in tit- tle Hock. PrKay, Dec;3ib;r 12. Driver G"oue with topics dlscussKl by M.-ijai-.i'.'i isltln" sch-ols and ro:i-:iici :: l hoi'.-, meetiiig.s in th? coui>| the pa-i! rjio:i!':i roiijur:!; 1 ! Ida Tucker/?.!. L,.• Sur.iners, Har;y i cf '-'' kuihvfi tiu:c- oi Mi Brooks, O.'O. Dowen, Henry iir^i!- A; L a«s=n. county* s«|icriiitentl'--i| ford and Ekl Bsall. ' " ' "" """ . The next prayer jsi-.^o will be i counly - lipc and Miss Winnie Vii-gil Turn.l Russili Sprln-icr cr^'it Saturday' •- °" WcancS[!a V cv.'niirj in ;;;.•' ,,:"' ™* "- <"i>;s fix-nt in ihc f,-\ hisht with Pc-tc" Brc:l:. " '" ^'^" ^ dllK ' i;ln >. ivil.vrd l:y ;,! .'^ -^' .^ C:L . I > ;1;: --«1 }'' :".:-:;:u-| The-following were listed 0,1 the i S"^, ^^ a ^"™* ^ tl! = i dalV =„ tW-'''iic^ho !-' '-r J Sunilcy school honor roil fov laa!, , ^ Mrs - H H ' a ' aa *> ail;l - ' »cV, will •>•• t ? • 1 month: Ten Brock B--.JC B-oel- j Colli:lllc!ln 3 ^ week's ob3?vvf.iicj j ^ Wlln l ;* ^ Hicsc- tca^vjl H<vyc Hlllhouse, Eunice B'-rok'- lr-'!';' V 3 meetin s Frirtny p.rtcr:;oon a: I ,:" 3 * J!!U " !0 ' e '-Wrs LU:II uuL | eno Rtirsell, Lociv. Mccrty ana Mar-. ° crae 01 Mri - c - c - i53'.'-'?n. i " ;.', ,. ; ,,:„.. , . i I'll Tlrii^to,^ i •* ' .'I'.'- •"•'" Ul - iCMOC-li !>.. .'i.-Dll- Brackens. i Mrs. Sarah Hall, and daughter/ , . I--3lah, of Calumet were the guests ot the PlrM - vt «hod!si c.-.urch m;i llrs. Charles H. Wlndt, of Port ! of Mrs. Maude Springer. Wedi-es- >' es 'erday afternoon fcr th«h- re••- Wnyiie, Intl., who has been visit-j day. • tla r mission study i.^.-c.: 1 .'^i ing frieiicis here, met Mr. Win:H i:i Memphis yesterday and. they ar; leaving today for home.-Mr. Wiudt I spent a short time here eiiroute ta Jackson, Miss., on a business trip. John C. Jacksoii, of Tiptonvills, i Tenn., spoilt yesterday with his 1 brother and sister, Tom W. Jack' son, and Mrs. J. J. Field. Mrs. Hale Jackson and Mrs. Charles LowTance jr., of Os;sola, Chopped here yesterday. Mrs. I. R. Johnson went to Memphis Ijst night for several days Rty. Taylor ef Elythevills fH!c-.l . v ' as ls;:i his appointment at. Driver Groves witn top Sunday. Mnrllii Brackens was the dinner I S Rrs - Twenty members guest of Ted Rrock, lust Sunday. Mr." and Mr:.; Ben Knight were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer, Saturday night. Toe Nails and Bathing Suits Musi: Match .-jiji* e Woman's Mis^nrv =o-t- i ri ' w;ii:!0 "' '^nMa. BiiYicfV. w'l - - -- - " ••' "n. Gridcv, Lone Oak, Luxo:'| New Llbirty. D:ll, Periv. Grove and Black Water Mbr, Tur.l er cojifened with ID ln<trir'--| ho!:i -15 :.-r}ir-r:i'.rri ar.ti ::i::- ic" ers 1 meetings. She travel-; [I niilc.s In the IB days rhs v.^o : 'i 11 were pros- j- ii; !;l. T-.vcivc negro trl-.och Mrs. G. discussed by Muij i Howse, Joe Rhodes a nd W. L. ai>- The High School Pai-;nt-Teaci ers association will hold liu ;'•;• i-clal inceting of U;e '>X'.,i' "•fu'r-- day evening at 8 o'clock i:i ih high school auditorium A lar l'.'-i- months ;'.clivi:ir.i '.:-. visi'.ir.g cf 15 t^'.tocls, ^ ] | b;en arranged. • Everett, a. Gee is attending business In Kcnnett. to Miss Edith Eillott oi Spvings, Ky., who r. as bucn singin- ' " in an evangelistic inciting at^tiv Airtraiia'5 Martin Avenue Christian clntreh i:i • abc '-' PARIS. • (UP)—Countess Vera Tolslci, grand daughter of Toibtoi tile Great, has opened. a beauty Mrs. J. Louis Oherrv Mrs C W I f ] ™ °" ^, C , r ^h!on!b!e Avcnu> -•a^."-^^K:Sa^-3ffi5£:s^?&^s: culture. . • - i and Mrs - J - Jreilk Shippen. The Countess, an exponent of thc 1 •' Iiss M Jr >* ^:lith Silei-, daujh;'-.- long painted fingernails, displays:!! of ^ r - antl ^ Ir s. D. A. Sile-r! whD her own in sequin tint with deep j has . teen '" la'-' several days u-j:u silver points, and she says that !o: | a throat inrectlon, was able the suu-.mer in all fashionable re- j 11 P Monday. sorts, toenails will coin" in lor J[l ' s - C. E. Welch, Mrs A-.iJrov : | Florida and Mts Cormi:j V.-clcii I spent the week-end in Joue--n;'-j i with .Miss Lucilii- Wek-h, v.-;:o i, ;;;i tending _tlic Baptist c^lisije ihe.-e. Welch, Slcidainc? R. is expected and an enl:r- state tcach-;= .i2rc:!aticn -'i Lii I Christmas program has Rock nn:l he itato P?.icr.-.-T;:r.-!- ts v.'l-.. ! gone to Helena for two days. ; Marx Smith spout-the week-end i in Cooter, Mo., with friends. Miss Keturah Neely had as her guest for the \veek-end Miss Imogene Walker, of Paragould. . Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Sebaujh re. •- -| turned from Ironton, Mo., Monday IHS-a^^B^Sasa I ' Paul Buckley attended to busi- | ^rfirfs'oTthe llaHs™" ""^ """' ' -} ness in Memphis Monday. < p le uali:>1 - ^fr. nnd Mrs. Jack Horner. and son-'spent the weok-end in Bloom.?«•- the Bridge Table ; ot Elwoo<l City, I'enn., i= espectiil to arrive this week for u vi?lt for the first time since she entered thc field, yvlo., 'with Mr. Homer's •ther.i.V; -,,,: . .,. ... ,- Mrs. Joe Shanks ' and children I went to Conway Sunday where ihcv i will. visit • relatives until afte'r : Christmas. • O. B. Spradley, formerly of Royal Baby Will Soon ,H. Jcnes, J. S .Birchfiefd.' W. M.'i cemcsfrciui ^ V^iy '-i! ------ 3 A 'Vf iJi.^P 1 refcJn m^jj mivilhin^yj?gSJS J '. S T ta( M,°J n ! atrlmon y- Mr - a ^ Mre.l "ml nr.-.v cf'Memphis, is visiting J. Nick Thomas will give up their . in thc city. hon«e Mrs. Loy Wclcli. Mis E M Mc- January 1 anil take up | By.-Keen. ' ooaraing. Thelma Beale HhntTer, oi \ Call antl Mrs A C Ward ^t Memphis mill Little Hock, will : Memphis tcilay. '•" "• I b l' e " (i Christmas hoiitiays iicrc aiid Marion Gray spent Sunday Instead of gossip flashing back. her attractive sisler-in-lnw, EUn -----and forth across the b;-i;lge tihle; j Marie UrUcoll, of Memphis an'il Memphis with Miss Mnry Have New'Pjaymate; LONDON. (UP)—Princeys Mar- : gaiet Hose, baby daughter of -.lie, Duke and niiches": ct York, is 3:011 to have a playmate of ha: 1 own a^e.: Crown. Prince Olaf '.'. No:v:ay, j and his wife, Crown Princes. 1 . Mar- j U;c, arc expected on a vifit i'.oi^ • ave in i scon ' mA !ll ey will 'firm- with tlic'.i!' | princess Ragnhi'd Alexandria, their- fivc-months-old daughter. ' They will stay at Appieton Hall. Galloway cl Covinjlon, Tenn who ' K ° rt °l k , English rcsidcr.ce of tin- is visiting I'nei 1 ' ' Queen cf Norway, which the Qiice::! Mrs. Alice Womack n able to b- Ilcls bKn preparing for them. ' now it's "viilneiab'.f". "urccniptivc", • New York, will come up fur a day "penalties" v'.ici llic like since c,:n- j or two. Reared in the blgccst city tract has at las! taken the city. I! j I" the world and a.former"sljijJcnVj' ° M MKS- a brief used to be "to bid or not to bid". in Virginia schools, she is a dnmi-'l Among those froai'h'-rc who at- -• bin now it's "how much, lo bin." i ing person in the sunny south In- tended l!l3 footb.ill "ame In Mom-' u " cle> Ki " s Geol '8 p . and uthL 1 ,'i The clubs arc yet divide;! in taki:\; ; cideutally she looks exactly lik'« Fav i.Phis Sunday v::rc G G Caudill • membera of the EiiBli=h royal f:\m- Princess Ragnliild will aHo make; j the acquaintance o! her -grand- I up the new game. The \Vei|ncs;li;y ' nines, we!! known Memphis-girl -''•'• '•-' '" ' ' '- '' who visited Anne Stevens Potter. Margaret Mahan, wlio has become am! J. ^^ell IJrcoks. club, which has disbanded,unlil alter Hie holirtayi, ti-.e Tuesdu Bridge cliib nml the Thursday a woman of the business wcrld wi'th Luncheon club lire :il It but th? I; er kindergarten, was seen deep- i JIr! - Alice Runyan left lociaj- fo- Jlld-Wcck Ilriilgc crowd and the ; rating a lovely Christmas tree list ' Lil 'le Reck where she is lo make Young Matrons are still playing • night fcr her children. Children ! hc " home. She was accompanied auction. . . IwhQJride Jlmmlc Boyd's ponies on i by ' m ~ son - Ben nunyar., wiio re- There are only ;i few- inform?.! Sunday afternoons on the Clyde i """-'•' graduaicd from Eastman Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McCmighan | ~ " ' spent lhe weel:-rnd in lUcknian, HllgG Soul FUiiQ GlVSS ' Relatives Big Problem I Literary Societies at :ArmorcI Students.of the 'Amoral.'school "The thllomathean °Llterary* "so- c.etj Ir.ts? officers were selected • JiSlI o Smit htnn iM-^^i^^^,*. *_»._ Smithson. president: Lone Oak Items Klnnard Walters spent Saturday night with Wcss Carl Richardson. Altola Walker sp:-nt Saturday inrr.t wish Miss Virisnl^ Richardton of Gosncll. MiLses Ainu.. ?v'ccdhain, Thelma Richardson ami •'•Margaret I'rullt were HID guests of Miss Helen liodge, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Criss Ovfrion and family wer.s ti^e g uf . 5[s O f Mr. and Mrs. Erby Ho<ige, Sunday night. Mildred Kichaulran of Gobncll spent Saturday night here witli he;- grandmolher. Mry. J. N. Robinson. Mr. and Mis. Ben Overtoil motor,.ed to, Memphis Friday lo spend .a j.wc,:-:< with Ihcir.-. .daughter, Mrs. i Weidfield Yomigblood. who is very ill. . | Missrs Ellen ar.d Helen Mocry nP Blythcvillc s;unt Sunday hero with : tlmr motl-:r. X!r> Moore '• Misses Hazel Walker and Louis i Wnlkcr were tl-.i- Saturday nighi 1 guests of Miss Alma Nccdh'am. ! HOTHOU$K HAX/kNAR" FVTKN '• NORTH BEADlN'Cf .Mas;. U)P> : —Air unusual dolicacy for this Rcainson residence lut on Vjzsl \ Uinvfrsity at Poughke?iisie, N. Main street have quito a treat. Tho ! r:1 '-^ un o wilj make his home vvith slick black beauties seem to enjoy """" I ~ n i>:.. _._'..,.. . J J parties these days aithcUb'h il ir.i:.-.t bs admitted t!:at the ap;iru;:c!iin ; ; holidays- have nothing lo do wi'.n it. Few seem to have th= Chrirt- ! (retting around the ling with pvot'- mas spirit—niaylie it's thc weather • 'V HlUe misses on ihcir backs. ' al and a gocl snow would help. Mar- ' B U! ten days until the main drag garel Merrill an-.l Cliarlir.e Rot::i- 'will be'fiiled with college students son had a crowd ir. Saturday n:;:v. ,1101110 to show oil Hie newest vo^uc-s for Fannie Mac Uinlorel. "of Browt-.s- ! o[ 'heir various school;—and asVne ville, Tenn., w'.-,o is visiting !ic:«: oi •'tomorrow's flappers" said, "I aunts. Mrs. E. M. Terry and Mrj, ;can't wait lo hear tl:c newest slang Edwin Robliison. Thc chicken ; "' sister's school." As yet no nn"- wiches were HH- toatnrc of il;?' ! nounccmcnls have- bceii made-'of party. Twenty BU?S;S played i'.u;is . an >' I'.irtles for (lie Yulctidc seasfc'.i L . Ihcr. Slu CINCINNATI. C. 'UP) — Rfl.i- I tivrs are iioadtriir-; over | j-hoiiltl be clone '.uth the iv.on;'V i Misr. Ailce McGlinu left to pr.\icit | nnd danced. The newest club is the ''Mustarho club" with coiton b'.iyi-rs as fi;-.'- tcr nietiibci;-. Ac.-oi-(li:i5 ;o Ai-lh.:v Pnllcu (he nn'nibr:. pl.i:-. to ur/.v muslaches, IIDI to to cut i'i«ll\- it- ton goes to 12 ecu:;. T.-.c man su... - hig the loni;c--t im::,'.acli? will bj. 'come i»rcsidcnt <..[ tiie orrirr. >r_ need to name tiu 1 luenibers— ?. : •,.looks will- infonu- you. The most checr!iil i:cws n\;-.\: i. that the bpciui-.s; ,:.i:uc o! !;..• .,-.-. mory was, a serial ntccess xv:::i ..;: thc married coiiplcs gcttin; u .-..-.f. lushes. Which reminds us ~::i~.: ~ visitor in the, city thc oihr-.- -.,y Littli busi:ip5s r. few Ihou-and dol!;:r:-. .'•he thc.ujht/ I'l'USUKUS I!LlM)i:i) EO she left it to insure the rcinsu: ST. A1.3A.VS. VI. (UP)—liorrter! of 'lor soul. I rum smugglers have adopted a iv:\v : She specified that $-J,5^5 wr,; to' Plmi to Iruslrals customs agents ' t^ given to thc Church of th. As-1 wr.a p'.iiMii' tbc-ni n this section ' .sumption, for m,i?sc.; fcr hcv yoiil! , r - no:-;hern Venn -m. ,\ nml c; , r and tho-'c rf her parents.'Hidi sh..-1 rnimbir of "dvou-i-i' 7 «rf'ii- Thr ' ca::uireri recently WKS erniipp-i left $1.000 for tl-.r- caro of he:' • iaiv ' " i'^.K-n.i n ,-(.., r . S!X%1 llg]!| , v | lich \ vas r . n!l ;!ic Ri-avcs of relnlurs. in thc eye:: oi jnirsucr.s Afiov clfaf.i it "as cii ;<.;cfl ' thc estate would aincum 10 5V.... u. gaioty (o a,, i-.v^-i,.'",":...""":"* I : T ''e ii'.crcnsc in the valu, icntA o- Would you r.i.ikc your friends truly ' . nlti:nugh the: re v/i] probably !hi 3 h school w has beouLvtasjSashcS in'tl^'^of^ 11011 "^ : h^_ ,r ^{"u^'^sis | ""'•- «^«£l^ m^cK'ijs/ivgj l-.ajipy this Christmas? 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Mr. Wiley Ir.ui'arM i ISlythcviUe Satut.iuy. ^^ro Rr.z?. Lar.oltv ;,.. frrwi Tennessee where . h with her father, w!;o i^ ., ... . . ' McGiinn estat-? wa? ciu. Aii.ipiig i tlie ",;;;.;!" -, v . ns 0 :-,;y • \,\ e inverfments. j imen.ccl about 30 « 3 .i. tl-,-0 Helr.iives staled they would c LI- ' arc ^a]d lo be more than 1400 <lif- i v-t the will fcrcnt inixlifrcs on record. : end yellow beneath. n na Caurlcr News Wan: An- avc --_ vho .va s a Bly- ovall v.'..-c the ill -tr <$^ \ - ^- iluniu; the- months anil yc.-.;i ; ! -. t A- Then select \Vist- iiigliousc Appliances [ ( ;i your ;;ift5. You cm he as sure ni ;!;'.ir ]5i:i:;g SLTVZCC as you src- of their us-j- fulncsi. Anil you can he- ;-jrc .'i-n tier yojc fricnJj will !, 0 ; U; ..',,i many, m.uiy times for the tbn'.:. : ;-..j';;i. r.cssihjt prompted you: choke-. WATCH THIS SPACE Ociif Heduciiniis. 1-t Oft' „„ ^eniiiii^perfcel liluc White liiiimontls ST CO, 1011 K. i\hi«'Sl. °/ i (Olcclnccd Arkansas-Missouri Power 8 "Al Your Service" ^^M^im^^mm^^smM^^-^smm

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