The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1961
Page 2
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a gi' o'clock luncheoh Sept 217 P«t&ldent. Mrs. I. E. Wortman ducted the business meetihfe. lion,, of, officers ,jtor the -t^™*. ...dirt l&rifeitfc ^s^ecied r ._. ttent Treasubr is Lenrf'Gut- kflbcht. Officers having another year 16 serve a»:.* 1st vice preside*^ M*^ 'Ronald,Heetl«nd»*sec^ «J&ryi.Mrs, Earl PAulsen, assist' ant sec., Mrs. Elmer Paulsen ana Mfs. W. D. Ley, program chair- ITl^ul* if & *l • < i T '• "" ^ .Names Vere .drawn for the afternoon circles after which el&Qon of officers»for,the cir- cl«v^as. held. Elected for the Eiiefci cfrcte**\ i VC e ! e: prestdeiit Raymond Bierle, vice j>resi- Mrs. Russell Winter, secre- ......i, Mrs. Mary r Telkamp, treas- UB*T, Mrs. George Ennen. * iam circle, president, Mrs, Rippentrop, vice president, Burdette Hoeppner, secre- Mrs. Albert Rippentrop, , Mrs, H. H. Murray, cvotions were given by Mrs. Afcrin Rippentrop. Announcements were made for thi Mission Festival to be helo O«t. 15 and a Presbyterial to be h«8 at Dows, Oct 19. Bnde Honored • TMrs. Thomas Julius was honored, with a shower at St Paul's Lwheran church Sept 19. "Rev. Mienecke gave devotions, Luella Price gave a narrative, Mis. John W. Cook and Carmen sdgg, accompanied by Judy Jut- "-g, Mrs. John Dprenbush gave humorous reading and Mrs. Boettcher gave a reading. following the program Mrs. JiIJSus opened her many gifts, after which lunch was served by tHS hostesses, Mrs. Otto Hertzke, Mrs. John V. Dorenbush, Mrs. BiU Griese, Mrs. Maynard Hertz- key Mrs. Alvin Boettcher, Mrs. RJJ^ Becker, Mrs. Henry darken, Mss, Ivan Roelfsema, Mrs. Milton Trasemer, Mrs. Robert Kol- la&h; Mrs. Don Kollasch, Mrs. Join Roelfsema and Mrs. John Wrbben. JJjIrs. Julius, the former Karen Pstce, was married to Thomas Jufius at Fairmont Sept 8. Mr. aryjj Mrs. Julias are both, graduates of Lakota high school. Shcwer Honbree , jjlfs. Harry .Mileham was honored with a shower at the Presbyterian church Sept. 22. Devotions were given by Mrs. 1.3s. "Wortman. A trio, Carmen Cook, Carolyn Ley and Linda K^jppen accompanied by Marilyn Rippentrop, sang, Mrs. Earl Paulsen gave a poem, Mrs. Bur- dcjie Hoeppner and Mrs. Henry Dontje gave a skit, narrated by fttrs. Earl Paulsen. following the program, Mrs MHcham opend her gifts, after which lunch was served by the hostesses, Mrs. Burdette Hoeppner, Mrs. Irvin Koppen, Mrs William Kienitz, Mrs. Carl Gerz- ma, Mrs. W. D. Ley, Mrs. W. E. Ley, Mrs. Earl Paulsen. Mrs. W E ^Meycr, Mrs. C. A. Gutknecht Mvs. Henry Dontje, Mi-s. Elmer Paulson, and Mrs. Veron Smith Jklrs. Mileham, the forme: Sharon Apka, and Harry Mile- hotu were married at L;ikola Sept. 3. Both the bride and groom are graduates of Lakoit high school. They are now ai hqtfie in Elmorc where the grooiv opej-atcs a body shop. , D _ Ann 1, second grade, Sue- Ellen *, -and Michele Rae 2. ;, ;•* •~Ah»toa#i*t' Lakdta wishing *<tfr call Mtk, Steckta- with,. news items ifiaydd Wby Residents Are Supt. and Mrs. John \V. and Carmen and Mr. Bulfer were dinner guests Sunday evening 01 Mr, Bulfer's parents, Mr. anc MCS. Hayes BuUer at Garden City, Minn. Ma-. Bulfer is the vocal music instructor in Lakota. Sunday dinner guests at the Stanley Sleeker home to helj: DeJwrali Ann celebrate her 7th birthday were her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ehrhardt oi S\yea City and Mrs. Ferd Steck- er.of Lakota. Afternoon visitors wore Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Sucker and family of Woden and Mr. ;uid Mrs. Fred G. Sleeker ana lazily of Riivgsied. UDM Has New Correspondent to Lakota Area The Algona Upper Des Maine? has a new correspondent at Lako$. She is Mrs. Stanley Sleeker, %vlk(*se parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ruy Khrhttidt, live at Swea City. Sirs. Sleeker attended high sdipoi at Featon, graduated in 1949, then graduauxi from Suit Cogese of Iowa, Cedar Falls, foi- a two-year elementary and taught first grade at lor a yoar and was inar- t ;ed to Stanley Suxker of La- kola at Swea City in 1952. The Stcfckers lived in North Carolina for same lime white Mr. Sleeker was stationed in ths Mujims 91 Camp L«jeune. thta? in 4954 moved to Woden. Afwtr a £$»• tbiei-«, they lived at Fw- est,"Cijly for ihic« ytir moving' to Lakota. .Mr, Sucker operate* a *-» Joe,Z6hbon, who fractured t\vo ribs, is a patient in St Ann hospital, Algona. ' ' The following people are hospital patients: Mrs Peter Vblk in St Anri ." .'i Peter J. Fuchseh, 'St' Ann hospital as a medical patient Monday; Edward Potratz, son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Potratz, is a, patient In VTercy hospital, Fort Dodge, and is being treated for ; an ulcer; Billy Reed and Dean* Harms were released from Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, 1 Saturday. • ' Attend Funeral Mr and Mrs Fred Kollasch of Whittemore accompanied Mr and Mrs August Elbert of Lu Verne to Sioux Falls, S. D. where they attended the funeral service of a nephew, Edward Enright, 48, who died suddenly of a heart attack. Birthday Observed •'-'-' A number of relatives* gathered at the home of Mr and Mrs Charles Schultz to celebrate the birthday of Mrs Schultz. The guests included tfr and Mrs Norman Schultz and family, Mr and Mrs James Schultz and family, Mr and Mrs Kenneth rtergen and Keith, . Mrs . Ruth Schultz, Mr and Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, Mr and Mrs Ernie Meyer and Mr and Mrs DelberJ Wichtendahl and family. Cards were the evenings entertainment and-lunch was served. . , 4 ' ""If.'' Wedding Anniversary * ' • ' A number of relatives were Thursday evening guests at the home of Mr and Mrs Gerald Ollom honor of their fourteenth" wedding anniversary. Those' present were Mr ahd Mrs Raymond .yoigt and family, Mr and Mrs- Herrnan Voigt' Mr and Mrs Milton Espe and sons, Craig and Kent Mr l and,-.Mrs Arthur Heidenwith, Mrs Dorothy Rosendahl, Rosella Voigt and Billy Johnson, the latter two of Algona. Cards were played, Arthur Heiden- witlv winning hi^b,iBUly(Jqhnson second'* high; Mrs Herman Voigt, high, and Mrs <Vrthtj» Haidem\itb r second high. Roselli Voigt w travel prize. A luncheon was served. Mrs Elizabeth Loebach and Mary and Agnes moved from the" Loebach Farm northeast of Whittemore. Tuesday to the former Adolph Naas home in the east part of town which Mrs Loebach bought early this spring. Gotlieb Loebach, son of Mrs uoebach, will move to the home farm in the spring. Martha Schumacher daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Schumacher, started her new duties Sept 25 with the Navy Department in Washington D.C; as clerk-typist Mrs Kathleen Farrell and Erne- line left Friday noon for Camp Lacklin, Texas, to visit with the son, James and family. James has been stationed at Camp Lacklin since his return from Japan where he and his family spent four years. Mrs Anna Maahs arrived Thursday evening from Fergus Falls, Minn. She came to attend the 50th wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs George Meyer. Mrs Maahs is the former Anna Meyer, sister of William and George Meyer, Mrs, Arthur Heidenwith and Mrs Herman Voigt. Mr and Mrs William Rudnick of Ainsworth, Nebr., and Mrs Fred Heibult of Ashton were Thursday NeW Band Queen *.i«., j^.,». .•.»»<».. -teurf.. — » • At Loner Rock .JLons^oc.TvJoan Direyer, pictured here, 1 wa* jtected Band Queen by the Sentrtl ssttool sttfcent body and -—, yv-~ --.,,,.<:»-Lone Rock.- She plays . «.« .~ -----in the baria. Is a me*n%,of ja cor* net trier. jfl&V'pitfhb,' te 4 * ...' i New Salesman.! „.,. ._Don Asa of.Aifcona, sales, and service representative-for Walnut Grove Products ComiSanyjrj teas returned from Atlantic where he t ?r * , R" %• r» s -i', .'t&&> 5'i *t*rj Funeral Jet-vices .- tot' WirilifeU Sarchet» #V>life-long Kossuttf 'ere^iield Monday afc •MflCullough's 'Funeral «..«^... .^^NWtqri Coughe- rtour^ Methodist pastor, officiated - - J - ' ia.Rivend&at, cemetery. " 1 i *„ .,,, • <; Miss Sarchet diect FMday at University htiSpitar J» I<Ma City. She Was born 'Sept. 8, 1890 at of car sales jumped —, .past tw*b "weeks twVfeWolelM •-" tht' oftieeToif-' er here. New owners at*: u-^wi-^*- Claretiee "Werlififc :3bde, pickup; G. Jr'or Helen Ferris, Al'gonai W. I*. Baker, J A1- >r Marilyn Paul, Swea City? «KossutluMotor Ben V Get Flu Shots dents-fecelvlScf; flu'/shott this <Veek,' in ,effort, to .protect thai area •from an out break! of influenza expected this winter. Booster shots given in about Other- routihi >bfliliii&s$ Ivas dls- ussedj ahd ttistu$lbiytook - place rt -feasibility,, of^mafcil&'il&t'Jabor two weeks. xur^ 'an; • aivt-jM*""*^"* '""*r^r v noon, Oct 18, at .wh^ch -tinte^ ,&\*u>jAivM*»tr « •—— — \"** ~ »i W isus in Algofta artd\furrotlndihg- grea^ based on- pers&ftSuavailable " ,new; emplpyment.^, .y • / \ CAll 05 fOt OEPENOABU l» SttVICE PaOTOFACT EQOIPPLD V« (altntaM F** set because we're lull» a SAUS PHOTOf ACT Data Libr»rj — tV» •orkfs Sa*st Wt kavc tiw MMtai «tk tul » tonutiM en 6* ejrcaitrjfc and proper Rlaceineat (wrts t Curate *4 Parts * BEECHER LANE APPllANCg CY 4-3613 Fancy, ! Grade "A" Whole FRYIN<£ FOR DARK 1 DRI FOR WHITE AAfi FOR RICH CHICI&I SOtff b* 39 Necks & Backs 5 L as D DB.ICATE FLAVOR; CHICK! WINGS rEK^ DHJCAT6 FLAVOR CHICKlN ; ; 5 if ft» :|. : l! Bi :. ., wHh excess fa» and bone Wans yoJ get Wf3 meat - SMOKEY TBEAT. BONELESS SMOKED i • i PORK SHOULDER BUTT S- is W NATIONAL ips"FRli""" * -','. ., C • ! Af Your NATIONAi: FOOD STORE • ... -COUPON roiRte SOT. ». -*i SWIFTS PREMIUM you com- Sf wy T A L rercii TOP TASTE FROZEN MEATPEES • CHICKEN BEEF .TURKEY Lcb 0-. rirsji.r'Wc^ • " . RJc*! F'aVy C-i,!*! '(CUR CHOiCt E-OI.. .: AGEN FROZEN StrawbfiVries «t.» •v-tettAfc*** '^MONADE. •..:. , ^ Youc.NATIoNAL FOOD STORE , i^^j£s&sasx#ji^.m..* Swiss Miss FROZEN FRUIT PIES High m Qualrty Lpw.ip. Price U* D.n g Wful R«vor cf ifrO£:FK6r ® CHERRY • APPLE * PEACH' r endc-' c lakv Crt'ih ^nd ' ' JJ^CY Fruit Filings .' 20-Oz. EA. BbUEiRJBBON . » u ii •>r?. Jusf About the Handiest Item ,i0 the Kitchen 1 at a Price You 100-FT. ROLL f -, i,"jGRfiW VALUE VfrHOtE;FRUrTt - '^" '"^ '•' . : "'- •" • "*' " '' ' A 5«ue« Of 0»u»fj TtitV* Ready to Sinrt BIS NO;'2'/ 2 OAH, So Fresh SALAD DRESSING FWESH CHJ>«©MiR«»" DOUGHNUTS WHh That Tart- Sv.eet M^id Rfavc ;Thar.Males Ar\ V • Salid Beiter, QUAftT JAR PIA1N OR SUGARED^ ^'1 Fresh J.B.C. COOKIES I .LB.. REOAL 6RAHAMS I-LB.. PECAN DANDIES 48 Ccunt, SANDWICH YOUR CHOICE, PK<5, KATlOhUL NSCUtT CO. OAO Premium Saltmes ,»..•. W TOMATO on GRAPEFRUIT JUICE LIBBY'S TOM : flTO JUICE GARDEN GOLD GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Your Choice 46-oz. CAN I RIO, M,«. VAC, CAN ........ CRISP ROSY R^D CHEEKED FOR AUTOMATICS Ad 4-U, *K* P* ROOM DEODORANT » 9TT* •»»»» fir~" ***~ ••' AJax Cleanser 2 WHT 79 s JONATHAN SUNIUfT Cm't B*y Fr*»%» F&wr. HAMI CAPE COQ SJUAINW '.- •#• Cranberry Sauced 0 FRUIT CRAfT • v **. • , Sliced Peaches &^. NATCO '•, '.- ,< '* Cheese Slices , w n». . WhiteM.atTuna, V 19' ' RtS. SIZE A A<fl Polmollve SiT 3 ""• 3V r*4«9« «-OZ. SIZi Vel Liquid. ya, RIG. s?r Beaury lor 2 «*r» ntr

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