The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 10, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 1948
Page 2
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PACK TWO U.S. Draft Plans Are Streamlined Official. JUv»*« W.rM War II $.t-up Fw Emergency Action BLYTHEVILLE (ARK,) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 1948 artime Selective Service SysUm Is busy stu U.S. Cumulate We*ker Charged With Conipiroty PRAGUE, March 10. <UP>—The V. 8. Embassy sale! yesterday that Joteph Spiro, a Slovak employ* «I tnt American Cotuulate In Bratl- slavii, ha, been arrested by police on conspiracy charges. Th« embassy said Spiro, a we- relnry and translator, w»s belnc held In Bratislava Prison for one.- Uonlng. Spiro wu arrested Monday night an embassy spokesman said. U. 3 Ambassador Laurence A. Steinhardt has Inquired nt Ihe Cxeclio- slov.-iw Foreign Office concerning Questioned In Death of Son —j~ "•»!« *j uuay aiU- -!„, T-I , ».**».;n how to get every man and SOV ' 1K ' F «^>en Office concernli -B IB tbj U.S. Into an all-out Me el(llct cl"»'«s against him, .;.-.!« flcat* wir effort u war should <on« afsln. But, officials say. It's all strictly planning. No orders of any kind have been Issued for the reorgan- . any of the World Wtr n e an act of . from Kentucky that the drift boards are being reorganized for any emergency «p- parenUy stem from the planning work which Is being done by the Office of Selective Service records, •ueeenor to the wartime selective "rvJc» »y«tem. OHieUli of thU organization uy a much faster draft of rn»n-and- womanpower for righting and for war production would be needed In any future conflict, because time will b« a most Important factor. Their plans Include a universal draft of all men and women, and allocation of draftees to the armed force* and to Industry. KaJ. Oen. Lewis B. Hershey, wartime draft director «nd now bead of the Olfice of Selective Service records, said In San Francisco yesterday that the framework of a "reserve" dralt organization was now being 'set up to provide "reasonable preparedness" in case of future need conferences on the plan an being conducted In six regions oj the netion. To Train Reserve Personnel Under the program, Hershey said. an inactive reserve will b« trained as potential selective service personnel t«' be activated "at any time 'the sltualton warrants " It was emphaslwd that the arrangements themselves did not reflect an emergency situation. The wartime draft setup died lust March. Without even time out for luncheon, Hershey took over his new job of preserving some 150,000,000 Individual records from the last war, and getting ready for a nation-wide draft If there is a next one. At the wartime peak, some 300 officers working under Hershey at national -headquarter. 1 ; sparkplugRed t ° f Spwd Termed Essential v,.,n5f ° 6SB *"" occupies a brick building next to the modern De- "•rtment of stale Building. It \v»i ^ overflowing during thp wnr ™ ^f P *' sonnel - Now s'a'c has il'jL'? OUBh roo;i) 'o'^heniity* outfit to keep plugging. Here la what they arc doing now ind want lo keep on doing: 1. OSSR has two scoarat* hut coordinated entitles - A planning Kioup and a training division, the personnel nnd membership of which Ms been recruited from among se- i . • —-"-u ituui ituiuiiLf ; lected reserve officers and clvllla who worked wa r. ductlon-powcr. This group is sitl . djnig also Improved methods of registering, classifying, and spotting any number of citizens to nn agency which In war would utilize them for the national Interest It also seeks ways of cutting down the time between registration of Americans and their s pottln E i n essential war duties. 3. The training division comprises i .!', cs , e !' v « officers. A production subci vision of 13 In national head- quar ers prepares the training ma- lerials and supervises the overall Program at state levels. A training group-two officers In each of the nations six army area—administers (he program In the field Effective State Unlti Sought The program entails selective service conferences two weeks every year In each army area, extension courses, study projects for selected officers from cnch of the armed services, and a national headquarters school for poat-sraduate study by pnrtlcularly qualified officers To keep his program B oing, Her.. :-• *t—'~K'"be.^i, shey ha* obtained 2 041 officers HUH the countrywide draft which in its ' enlisted men for OSSR trah,?,4 best month called 406,175 men to TH... „„— ."._... . K tlalnl "8- bear arms. It now 1, operating at one-tenth of that strength, and It It trying to make up Its lack In cumbers by Its output of Ideas. "The OSSR has got to be a decentralized outfit," Hershey hammers at his aides, "because the attack of the future may destroy a *holt art* »t one time." wcii „,„.<, „ , n , . fc^-U^rts ?*&« s^*"". & «s , with the age, sex, distribution, skills. , , , ss. _ s! Specu/otors In Cotton Hit By Lawmaker _ u ._. u ""sun Jti i\a i-mujLcll luen JOr OSSR H*Rtnfticr best month called 406,175 men to , They come from thei rwerves or the bear urra. rt now 1, operating at ' Army. Navy Air Marine Imi r^t one-t«nth o» th.t .tr.n^v. ..^ t . ' ^...'^ *,: .' M » r '" e »nd Const and from the National Giurrt Guard setups of each state His emphasis Is upon each state's ------ - »-.» ™." ^layion national gunrd organization, the ! * nri hls crowd'of cotton specula- tliat got the wheels of the | tors to ««p another terrific pro nr*f* mo^l-.4 n ._. tll_ i . .. l*ll r Un t ~~~ 1 .-tii.. , . f>u WASHINGTON, Mar. 10 <UP>- ll«P. Prank B. Kecfe. R,, wis yesterday said big cotton speculators ^fn!, ,? '''*" H "* ul<i »'> harvest" under the foreign aid programs &t the expense O f u. S. consumers. ii. . ' ""'^ " cert «'n Wg Interests ( k * r f ** mb " n « < m tremendous forcing 1 U 1 et,ce° t !,p n " m " rket '" .. " II ! «>, dol'iB (hey arc forcing the textile manufacturers to exact unconscionable prices from the consuming public nol 0 ,,|y ncr8 ln weT' C h. b , U a,d! n f ° re ' Sn ' and5 " by wni^oft/ie'Tn^ mous proflLs In cotton and If prospective deals for deliveries of cotton under the various Marshall plans go through, they will reap another golden harvest at the expense largely America. "The United States government should never be used for the purpose of permitting will Clayton of the people of s drnft machinery rolling last time. ,, M"" get the draf t machinery well oiled at the state levels, Her- ---i- _.. ut ..^ t itinin; UIU- fit thnt must ultimately come from the people of the United States. )Vith li.V CHANCERY ^Margaret -.Ju»n»a Brown vs rifcmes Edwnrd'B.rown, suit for dl- YOUR RED CROSS NEEDS YOU 1 . TO BIND THE NATION'S WOUNDS Whenever disaster .ink.,, the Red Cro.,, ru , hcs Rid lo th . •cent. Wherever a veteran needs help, the Red Cross stands rc-uly to assist him. Though disaster relief , nd veterans' welfare •re two of it, most important service, to the nation, the R C(1 Cross Perrorm, m.ny other, of f r,at value. Your , up|X)rt makel these vim »ervicei posiibl*, Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, M«,f«r /i Four Cheapen Commodity" Baptists Select Paraqould Man To Head College . Ark., March 10. . - -- uuv ,^, of trustccii of ccii- tral College was waiting today for lormal notice from the Rev. Irvlnj M. Prince of Paragould (hal ho will accept the position ns president of the institution. His'selection for the post was announced by Dr. E. C. Brown of Bly- thevlile. president cf the board The Baptist Collcg« Is due to re- opeii at its new site, the former hospital « CB OI Cnmil Itobinsoli] The Rev. Mr. Prince lias been a BaptLit minister In Arkansas for the past 11 years, nnd prior to that served HS superintendent of schools in Pope County, Tennessee. He Is a former president of the Sin of the Arkansas Baptist Coi In Poland, wafers are used as Christmas cards. They are made of flour and water and are so thin l " at . th «y »r« almost transparent j $200,000 Voted To Spur Check On Subversives WASHINGTON, Mar. 10 (UPl The House yesterday granted III UnAnierican Activities Committee' $200,000 to continue investigating! lubvertlve actlvltlei. «»«Mng i Thlt amount U for 1MI It I* twice what the committee «ot i.,t year and brlnjj to ne»rtyVSoooOO the amount of money earmar'ked for the committee since it t.« ! created In 1939. j •Die money was approved, 337 to ' 37, over protests of critics, wno said thy committee ft "unjust and un- ; fair." They particularly cited the' case of Atomic Scientist Or id Ward U. Condon. ' Condon Is director of the Commerce Department's national bureau of standard!. He was accused by an anAmerlcan Activities Subcommittee of associating knowingly or unknowingly with an allefed Soviet spy. Condon denied the charge. Truck Driver Accused Of Currency Mutilation UTTLK ROCK, Ark., March 10 fUP>— A Little Rock truck driver 29 year old Maynard Lee, was be ' Ing held loday on $1,000 bond, pending action on a Fedora) Grand jury Leo was arraigned before U a Commissioner Lee Miles yesterday' on charges oj possessing and attempting to pass a split $10 bill He was arrested while attemp'tlni' to pass tlic bill In a Little Rock department stoic. The split bill WHS made up nt the lace of a tell dollar bill and he tack of a one dollar bill. Sonet Service Agent George Dausevvcln said four other similar | bills hud been passed in Arkansas I (luring the past few weeks. The bills turned up at Marion, Marked Tree, Nashville and Texarkana. Read Courit-r News Want. Ads. 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