The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1961 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Page 19
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ONE POLICY INSURES THE WHOtE :?,t+(•>•', •.-««-, "-'bJi"-^ , FAMILY': NtW ARRIVALS! one pracficaf, convenient and ' iffllcal [way- to cover. ths> i i'family with oi " JIT that gpw§ with,^... Ly. t .'aXflo iffer«fee W ! erniuni. And you'll like budget- *t *_*jtttf^ *.Wik^itiij*jt. i.fcx._..aiAt>* A.i i For Details-Call or Sc« fflR(ll BURfftU FARM BUREAU BUILDING- , •*<* 7. * *^ ' J?tt S. Moore r, ftr, •. '-'•'.' CY 4-3351,. i i , • INSURANCE' COMPANY DES MOINES, I A. A-^fviHlV yields of sound COM • Ask me about A-T Brand Certified alfalfa seed - Vernal and Ranger. GET YOUR? FROM- 'YOUR LOCAL PIONEER SALESMAN: R. I. Mawdsley Algona Aaron Steussy ^.._.._ Algona Ted Hoover, Sr. ....._.._.. Algona Henry Scbreeder _..____ Lone Rock Eugene kpllasch Bode Walter Vaiidt . '..... Whittemoro Robinson Produce. Wesley ,.. v ,, Jack Detbmers '—;, PHON? CY 4-3535 - YOUR NEWSPAPER ., itUd"enfs of' Twin Rivers Com- hove ejcted .,. . , elected Sharon lenerte,' iiFf Kent. Schufze, -,vice president;- ^rb- Tbm^kkiff, see- fetaTy and RBfc' ^x*e r ' tresfsdre'r. , ! ouniors elected,, Bev", :Fiderllok ^' l .dentj B*ib* Enriia'rd"t, and Mjchelds P*Iri1e^ treasurer.'^ ' Sophomtftes .- elected' iihs, vicfe president! Karla* son, secretary and Howard Ze^ Aian, treasurer. FresWnion' elected Esther' Mac* klntosHj president';' CatheMne Cpl" tins, vice president; Rachel Holt, secretary a'nd Donald Gronbaett,. treasurer. • . • \ ' Student Council members 1 a're, : Senior holdAver member,*- Neil WehrspSannj ,new nte'm'ber*' Kfeft fuflertbif'a'nd' Pat Mc<3eie; 'Jutifot fioldbveify , B'ev ffderMfc,'. • nSw members", Rich OfsUn aim Dfaffne Halsfud; „ SofinoW'bre, 'Vftolflo'vet mernbei?, Memdy 1 ' HSnien, ndft, memBers, Jeanne Johnson v and Jerry , Jensen and Fresftmafr memBeVs, Philip Sinclair, antf ftrfstle 'Erdmafl. • Electric home heating is cleaner, sdfer, healthful, more convenient—and economical, too. So if you're building or remodeling, find out about elecfrid heat. You'll be slad you did. • - - Symb«l of «*• •ptratlvtf rtjral «l«e- MUfOMf-' • • and Humbofdt County R.E.C, Phone 99 - Hurhboldl', Iowa WE NOW OFFER... KENT'S NEW SCIENTIFIC APPROACH TO CATTLE FEED .._']• la not a new feed... it is not a nevr ingredient, It is more than these. [RF] ( is a perfectly balanced cattle feeding pro* gram... scientifically developed to meet every growth and health requirement t throughout the animal's life cycle, ^RF] ? SCIENTIFICAILY"*PROVIDES THESE i IMPORTANT FACTORS REPUTION FACTORS,., Shipped-inwttle£»ra , depleted in many nutritional and biologi* cal lactors, due to the strwses of shipping, weaning, drought conditions on tbp ranges, nutritional deficiencies of the ranges and other factors. Stress factors are constant , throughout the entire life cycle of your ,'<CjRttle. Tftese stress fafctors r cause vital health nutrients to become'depleted. Re* : plejion factors in Kent IRFJi Cattle Feeds ere dfsigne^ to m9ke up these defieiewies ^nd provide a perfect fat foryQUF CS^ftf'f RUMEK FACTORS. , , The rumen contains bfl- Uons of rrucro-orgarUaito that nj\is(ib* kept plentiful and vigorous if your cattle are to make fast, efficient weight gains and to produce exceptional finish mid bloom. other eutrients in proper balance can meet the animal's rumen requirements, Kent [RF], Cqttle Feeds and the Kent [RFJ. developed for your s&* lt ell of the f tutors whfch ti IT^fa & [RFIiTT. tne c«|ro|rvitfoirof 35 years of intensive research into the needs 9f,ca,ttje at e^ry stage ir| bto* ribbotf stock,,«fer SEE US AT ONCE FOR THE [Rf], FEEDING PROGRAM DESIGNED FOR THE SPECIFIC HEEDS OF KOUR STOCK Ar: t. 5,. at St.VMary& chi iter- oi Mr. andflVlBS/ 'Dorw^iler, Fenton^ became the Mde of Pdt tfon tBahJijr s*bn oi ( Mr. . aril* -Mft. ,'Johh? yon Bank, Bode at. lO^O.' twitH1-JReW. Fr,: Er Everett Apt officiating at the, double ring' ceremony. Mary " Fitzgerald accomiiaSiied}. !the, so-? soist, Dorothy^Pefe'rsojl! I! •. ' V •"? • Patty Dorweller was maid oi honor and Jean Wood was brides-: maid, .Best man was t Robert Von Bank -and groojnsman .was Ray porweiler. Melvin VonsBank and •Joe Dorweiler were ; ushers^ ;ana 'acolytes were David. Brandenberg< and Jack, Rooriey.,^ < i ,/i , - , 'The'; bcide,. givens in mSiriage by' her fatherj was'- attired 'in -a go\yn ;of Rachelle^ lace and ny- 'lori!tulle over; bridal, satin iwith -.fitted bodice, scalloped Sabrina "neckline and long' pointed sleey.-*. es..The bouffant floor-length lace skirt featured front and back panels of tulle which' were, ap- pliqued with lace bands.. A se-, ((uin embroidered satin and lace dfsc held the fingertip, illusidii; v^il. She wore j'eweky of pearl'S; and carried a ' bouquet 61 pink- roses a'nd'.also .a rosary; of white" ...cBysJaJ,) a,,"gift, of .the'grooms,. tS A dinner was- served at 12:30 V at the Plantation for '80. gues$ arid a:, reception; followed |f|pni inson had charge of the guest book, Mrs., Leona Snider cu,$ the c'aJce arid dferaldine Von V Bank and Mrs. Helen' ( Youngwh-th poured'. • •'' ' '•' '• The bride is a graduate of Lu- Verne high' school and is- employed' at, ,the . AS€,S^,office;c Al- gp'na 1 . The 1, employed at Jack's OK' Tife* Service;. Algona After a wedding trip through She Black Hill's, the cou$l v e is at home," ftv Vtigbna; (kirkham Stu- dto Fnoto—U&M Engraving) f'Mc ahd -M*s. Ke'tttieth Oik 'oJ Jay for* Ridge, I1T. - are ' visiting Mrs. 'Hattte 1 Shaser. ' " '.Mr. ^nd Mrsv faalfe' '^chroeder rfftd Mr. and Mrs^Htmry Schroeder - were Sunday guests' in the home of Mr. an'd' Mrsi Dean Meyers at Lake • Crystal,' Minn.' :'; Mr. and Mrs. Williart Cha'm- pion visited in the 1 Ward Champion hofne at St; A'nsgar Sunday; . Colleen Collins 'spent 'the weekend in the' parental?' Rofl&l'd Collins home. Colleen is 'atfehd 1 - ijng ; Mankato Commercial College. • • ; ''""'•". • Mrs.: Darryli Householder Mys. BJred,, Mortensen «,and MrSi Wil- tred LaabS; of ••Fenton. vjsitejd in ,he i Mrs. .• Francis .'•• McFarlanct 7on)e/in:.Fort Dodge Friday. :• ,t;Mrs.. Ruth, Duttoiy, Mjrs., Ethel Walker, and .Mr. and' Mrs.. .Wai- ace' Me Arthur, visited Monday in tb.e, Otto . Richter home . at; Elmore.' : . , • , . - / . T.Mr, and Mrs. Milford Mitcfieh v^ere Sunday guests in the Du- aiie Habe^gar home. They cele- brpted Kent Habegars third ;> % ? ; i 'rpiu^; T I C E i i in of real estate and personal property will become delinquent on October 1 si, 3-4 percent penalty will be added for the month of October and 3-4 percent for each month • • ; >'• ,• -".' ' . .•' •' ..-• ' ' ; - ; •'•'' '"•' ' ' • '•' thereafter, as provided by law, ROSELLA VOliT Kossuth County Treasurer m t,. Y<V 'I, A f '^->- *""/<;, '*/*£>$%•>,& '-. , '£ ,.AK ' , ; ^wjgJ , I; A, o ' . s -, -« ,/ -,; -'*'/"' v "» ,41 .-V**(,*tVjf$l ,.,*»«? >-j-* 5 , ,-•; «, t* *' >'M'' - <" }''"•- *"* /""'," '"r>*t >',,* r>'*A-'Mwlll f4H^4>¥i4^5*^;* >wv + ^^^^!^^*'^^r^1 >' ; p^;^^^^ V7 1 -: * m ^f^:^^^:i - -^frT&Aj*}^ ,* ^>J „ LONE ROCK Sy Mr* &arryl Mr! arid" Mrs.' Forrest Christiansen .of Watsoriville, Cql. .visited last week in the.P. M,. Christiansen homo near Lone. Rock. Mrs. Louise Goddgn ..of- Lam- pop; Cal. has beqn visiting with her four sisters in Iowa. Mrs. Oodden visited last week in tht E, M. Christiansen home..- . . The Sentral bandtnotners held their first meeting of tti'e year Sept- 13. • • • •'". ."• Mr. and Mrs. E. A, ly'ee: tqpk, thtir daughter, Susan Montgom ery to Cedar Rapi'dff toriare • she enrolled at Coe ColLeg§.,.SMixdjay ; They attended a dinpe^ for -ppf-!. ents on the campus. - •• ••'< '••- • The Sentral high school board held the first meeting of the new scn'oot year,' Sept 11V There; were bids on, coal for the Fenton and Lone Rock Grade buildings presented and accepted from the Fenton Cooperative* cTe'vator and the Lone Rock Co-operatjvs EX- (Stipn|e Co; •. ••. • 7. "• : . •';••-•.' i Mr, and* Mv$. Tracy Stone end Bjcky sccen;j{|8nied Me, and M*'§ 'i^atil 'Arf'n^ of JJurt to Sajiks, Ask; whgrp.-. tl^ey, yiftide^ W tfee home of Mr, . and','Mrs. b{ic St0ne A payeptf ,.o| Mv- Stone. Tht 4r<ends\ 8Rft ^tpries amended a wedding \,o|,^ Iri?fl4 3Tid-|ormei Louisiana, H Mr. and Mrs. Woqdj-ow ppttit were honoi'ed'^t a surprise anniversary party' at thfij homr Tuesday evening. «^Mr. and Mrs Walter Packen,' Mr.- and' Mrs Hubert Manna, Mr. -^tid Mis Garvyl H,Qu?eholder, Mr and Mrs I-eRpy gnn^ an4 Me.rvin, Terry Jijnl an4-'©av}4' Hamzinger al> , f Ss > i* ' v X', *, " '-^A'^'k '- \< * '"' *$&*'•"!< * *'''"' i/k "W> -,">>>' V'ti* "pti*.*. V % s f v*-*" 1 vWv ^...^•'•v , X. in the glamorous a pot luck lungh. Mr. and Mr%^^q. >Sjssncr and family attended 4 family reunion ' Mrs* teen, Mgrlow and' family ^ejt^np* hfimjj tqtiilr^* giipids, JVIich, after yHttn^f in the par- MW62MRK- Compare tf>'e new '62 rarTwItK any other 1 NEW lavish Interiors In costly j/inyl^ NEW giant safety bonded Brakes, car. Discover how much more it gives you f or nylon. -*»& — *~ ,75% longer life. in lyxury, looks-in everything that means J|^ NEW higher, wider doors.- _ more for your dollar: f NEW convenience. Flat floor^no NEW Fine-Line, Fine-Car Styling. wells mean new ease of entry. - f NEW quiet "super-insulated" ride. NEW, true big car interior room. NEW comfort-high, contour-tilted NEW engine efficiency in 112 to 2?5 , »eats, luxuriously foam-cushioned, f hp range (choice of 6 or V?8). NEW extriMarge, *asy.loading trunk. f NEW glamor colors In no-wax en am* els and metallic?. " ' '"" -'-"'^ Orlvs it Surprise car of th» y««ri ' THE gXCITINQLY? GUMg?89^S NiW'^2 LARK AT YOUR STUOi^MP OiALER $EPTE/|A8ER 26 BROS,, South Phillips St,, Algona, Iowa

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