The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1961 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Page 15
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! \ DINTY MOORE SUPER VALU '•f t 1 Sodci. Crackers 1 ' L 1 Lb. Box NEW PACK-CAMPBELL TOMATO SOUP ' • ' ^ *^ POWDERED OR BROWN Sugar 3 Lb. Bag 39 FACIAL TISSUE IN WHITE, PINK OR AQUA . . . 400 Count Boxes OREA BRAND SALE -A f BETTY CROCKER BISQUICK 40 Oz. Pkg. 39c WHAT IS MOREA-FED BJtEF? Beef that has been fed Morea has more marbling; tender texture and less viraste fat on the outside of the beef. Less waste.fat means you get more eatable meat, and results In savings. If you haven't tried HOOD'S 'Morea Fed Beef. . . ask your neighbor I / ! • CREAMETTE -MACARONI 2 Lb. Pkg. 39c AlCONA UPPER DES MOINES ALOONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1961 HIND FRONT A BEEF LB.49c LB.39c LB.44C LOCALLY RAISED BEEF OF FINEST QUALITY.. SELECT YOUR OWN FROM OUR COOLERS-CUT & WRAPPED, NO EXTRA CHARGE. KOOL-ADE ....:.*..:..-l Packages Ik i__^ . ' •- ' .• •.:-,' ' * ~ •.-"•• I HAPPY HOST - 303 TINS . •?i* • •- " • -, CUT UP,, READY FORjtriE PAN OR TOMATOES Each 57 .CENTER CUT CENTER CUT 1 -j?*7.*_-»-, «„**• *s»s* J »-wj^«**~«'i«'V <*«.-•>• -•***w,> •,.__.- ->' Lean Pork Chops Lb. 59 JURGEN'S TOILET SOAP 6 Bars 36c 7c OFF LABEL - CORAL LIQUID DISH SOAP 22 Oz. Container 39c HOME RENDERED L A R D Lb. Bucket 99c ASSORTED SMORGASBORD LUNCHEON MEATS .... LB. 59c THIS WEEK, THE SON AT our house packed his boxes.artct bags and was off to college. He Is the first of our brood to leave the riest and we are fttll 6f mixed emotions. His mother, 'at least, is just a little weepy to see him go, but we are proud and happy, too. For this chance at college for our son is the culmination- of a lot of prayers and hopes, his own hard work and some unexpected help from several sources. * * * A LONG TIME AGO I MADE up my mind that I would riot ge.t sloppy about the whole thing wheri it came time to untie .the apron strings. When parents roar their children to the point where they don't need them so much, it should be a cause for rejoicing. I used to sympathize with other parents when their children left home, and I said then that I thought I knew how they felt. But I guess you never do until you .experience it yourself. I do know this lump,I haye In my throat would be a lot harder to swallow jf our boy didn't have a ehah'ce to go. **• •'••.. •'...**» RECENTLY. I HAVE TALKED WITH several parents of new collegians. We all seem to feel the same way about the experience; we are glad they have the chance to go; we shall miss them immeasurably; and education sure costs a lot of money, nowadays — about three of four times as much as it did when we were young! College is also more j>t a necessity than it was in the old days, but on the other hand, there are more opportunities now for. scholarships, loans and work. « * « . I AM CONVINCED THAT NO young person need forego higher education. All it takes is a brain able to absorb learning, a lot of hard work and planning, and a few minor-miracles in the way of opportunity and advice. It starts when a-child is quite young and Mamma starts putting a little of the grocery money into a savings plan. If this evaporates, as it has been known to do, you start working eyen harder and the child takes to paper routes, mowing lawns, selling night crawlers, and hoping for other opportunities. • - * » , * • .' TEACHERS CAN BE OF GREAT HELP. They often light the fire of desirq for education under their students''tails. Then they convince him that he is worth educating, and they help him to cover every angle in searching for ways and means. They fill out innumerable question- aires and forms of recommendation, and once he is in college, they follow his progress with great interest. I know that when, and if, our son gets, his college diplonrib, he will owe a generous'corner of the document to a hahdful of teachers at Algona high school. •».*:* A LOT OF LOCAL GRADUATES ARE now and will, be in the future eternally grateful to the Thompsons, the late Miss Ella and her brother, Willard, .who .died last -week. They left this huge for scholarships, for Algona high school graduates only. "You can't take it with you", is very true. But what a wonderful way of leaving it behind'1 > ••-..• -.', '..,'* * \ * . -•-. , . ...•• -.•'..-•• I REALIZE THAT DEPOSITING OUR SON at the do'rm in Iowa City is but a start on his education. He probably hasn't seen anything yet when it comes to work, study 'and worry. We, his parents miss, him already, but-I doubt if Bill will be homesick. In the short time we were at the dorm today'we met John Wilson, Davjd. Paissmpre, Dayid HujtcbJrjs, Jphn Platt; and Jack VJpbnd, all living ivithJR/fevft,doora '] from, each other. And there, are lots more Algona students at Iowa ,Cityi '' . • .' •.. '-V-.v - - .'.,... . *, .. * . *. ',*,.•'. " • •-' •'••:. ' • FLEISCHMAN'S CORN OIL MARGARINE Lb. 39c STOKELY'S FROZEN ORANGE JUICE Cans NORTH STATE FROZEN PIES CHICKEN-TURKEY-BEEF 5 For $| ALL FLAVORS - DAISY BRAND fl^^^ .^^BHH? _^^^^^^PI , . .. ^^BBBff >pl^W.- w^ff^ i^^^^lBp WPw ^Wi^ iHPB «Hi '. BHHi Gal. 59 C f . i lUffifNUT ^^Hl^^ ^^WW^^*» *•* ^^^W ^fl^Pj MR^^^^V . ^^^^^^^ - ^WwBi ^j^^P^^HW(P ^' - ^^Ml ^BHH(-pRi " • TROPIC ISLE - In Heavy Syrup CRUSHED PINEAPPLE No. 303 Tins $1 FRANCO-AMERICAN SPAGHETTI (In Tomato Sauce With Cheese) 4 o: 5 L 59 CHEF-BOY-AR-DEE PIZZA PIE MIX With Cheese 2 - 89 always iron to suit him. Will he be able to do any ram reminded-that there are 11,000 students at the " some of them have solved the laundry problem ! r!? However, Surely, NO. 1 GRADE WEALTHY APPLES BOX BU. $169 CELLO BAG CARROTS 10c NO, 1 RED PONTLAC NORTHERN GROWN POTATOES 25 Lb. Bag 79 PRICES GOOD THURSDAY, FRIDAY SATURDAY & MONDAY - USED OUR FREE PAVED PARKING VOL 3 - Golden Book Encyclopedia SUPERVALU ALGONA I'M NOT WORRYING VERY MUCH about our son's diet at school. With his appetite and radar nose for food, he would 'get enough to' eat if. somebody parked him on a deserted island. It's traditional to gripe about the food in any institution. I'm afraid he'll be a non-conformist and write me and tell me how much better thd dorm food is than it,is around home! However, I am anticipating with great glee the great reduction in our grocery and milk bill. ••»••• FATHER AND BILL HAVE ALWAYS been close, and I know they will miss each other. Especially, when it comes to fishing and watching the ball games. I'm not much of a hand at those, but from the time BUI was very little we seem to have shared the same taste in books, movies and corney jokes. Besides, he is the only one I have ever let read a column before I send it up to the newspaper. I wouldn't dare show him this one. He'd say, "way too sloppy-sentimental, Mon!" * * » . NATURALLY. IT IS OUR OWN SON in whom I am most wrapped up, but in looking around, I am convinced that the decent hard-working young people nowadays outnumber the juvenile delinquents about a thousand to one. I will even concede that kids as a whole are better .than they were in my day! . . * * * ' . WILL THE WORLD, AS IT HAS too often in the past, take these young people with their bright hopes, dreams and talents, and turn them into cannon fodder ? Will the powers that be, in trying to prove who has the most efficient nuclear bomb, blow us all, together with our hopes for the future, into Kindom Come? Or will these kids for whom we washed diapers and typed history reports somehow manage to straighten things out so that we have a decent and livable world ? * * * KATE VIPOND AND I MADE A PACT with our sons, who are roommates at college,' that to get a box of cookies sent to them they have to write at least two letters to their parents. I hope I will be able to find time tp keep my end of the bargain. These lunch box brownies sound lik£ they would be a good thing to send. They are this week's recipe: 2 — 1 ounce squares unsweetened chocolate 1/3 cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs ' I tsp. vanilla Vfe cup sifted flour V6 tsp. baking powder Vz tsp. salt Va cup whole bran cereal % cup chopped walnuts Melt chocolate and butter in a heavy saucepan, remove from heat, add sugar and stir until blended. Add eggs and vanilla, beat. Sift dry ingredients together and stir into chocolate mixture, stir in cereal and nuts. Spread in a greased 8 x 8" pan and bake in moderate 'pverj050 degrees) 25 to 30 minutes. Makes 16, 2" squares. ' — GRACE. • YOU'RE INVITED TO THE GOOD HOPE CHURCH CHICKEN SUPPER Monday, September 25 MENU - Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and gravy. Dressing, Buttered Corn, Cabbage, Salad and Relish Plate, Apple Crisp, Rolls and Coffee. Serving Starts At 5 P. M. And As Long A* N«e«ary S5RVIP FAMIIY STYLE - APULTS $1.?5 * UNDER I? - 50c Phone CY 4-353S— Your Newspaper

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