The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1961 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Page 4
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S "Fct," •«••«"—••••• , f Mfi ->")Su* K; 1 Bo ^ure - B|;|lgff t$ See Biusfrom Foml»ure,;Alqonq ? * * r* t iA 'Of ';?•?* Swetf diiy — Funeral services fbf Mrs. Nada Pehi'Son, 69, long* time area resident,- will be held today (Thursday) at 2 p.m.' iri Immanuel Lutheran church, with Rev, Lerpy, PiJjman, dffldating. Burial will follow at S^vea Cits and Slaba Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. •Mrs. Pehrson,'.who"suffered a broken hip in a fall some time ago,' died Monday at the lows Lutheran Home at Madrid Where she had been a resident' for 10 months; Borri Sept. 14, 1892, she wat, married to , Robert & Pehrson and they farmed in the Swet. City area. He preceded her in death. Sue is survived by two sons, Vernon, Armstrong, and, -Ray, Indianola, six grandchildren and her step-mother, Mrs. Mary Mc- 'Neill, Clear Lake. Her parents and a daughter preceded her in death. Hospital Group Set To Begin Member Drive Members of St. Ann hospital Auxiliary will have a fall luncheon, program and card party Sept. 26 at 1:15 p.m. at the Algona Country Club.j Leo Cassel, local attorney and a Lt. Col. U. S. Army Reserve will discuss briefly military organization reserves in Northwest Iowa and the position of Northwest Iowa Jn respect to atomic attacks. Mesdames J. F. Milder, Gordon Winkel, D. J. Shey and Everett Baldus have planned a card party to follow the program. The membership drive for the year starts with this party. Mrs. .Phil Diamond and Mrs. Ed Adams will sell memberships at the meeting. If you are np). contacted .please send in your' $1.00 lee to either of these chairmen. Make reservations for trtel luncheon with either Chairmen Mrs., J. F. Milder or Mrs. Gordon WiriKel or with a member of the telephone committee. Charge Pending In Theft Matter An la-year old Algona boy, -Steve Obrecht, admitted Uief^ ol a set of hub caps from an a,utp owned t>y liayle J)'rank, Algona,*: to local police oificers here 'utesday night, oounty Attorney Gordon Winkel siatect Wednesday the matter was cemg studied and that necessary cnarges against the boy will' be laed sometime this week. The hub caps were taHen Monday night Irorn the Frank car, wnich was parked on Colby street. Ubrecht, according to his statement, tnen sold them to another person, 'me hub caps were recovered by local police, who investigated the matter, Tuesday night.' Mayor In Des Moines Mayor C. C. Shierk of Algona was in Des Moines, Wednesday, attending a meeting of tne trustees 01 the League ot Iowa Municipalities of which he is a member, and also on the nominating committee. Ftifttu'Fot date , ,uJvMkW 320 A. lefe,*4 & tt, 240 A.1 Se&, 31,v "160 A "Se^i*17 Kossflfh, County To|> PMileefi Beef arid Grain Modern .Bldgs.'. arid. Facilities , ..MarcH 1' Possession Immediate S,ale l Price 1 Murray. Fttftrt Co." i :'• Donald,^. Murray, Mfft, ^ • "Banofoff, Iowa (38*39) e'Oft SALfi — 3 bedroom, 2 bath- i'oom Horrie on Potter's Hill. .Oil 'aeat, Garage and Breezeway, targe lo«.,Ir'yihg Urch, CY 4-2977. ,. (oOtf) , SALfi — 80 acres Kossuth C!o. 2 m}. NE of LuVerne, Iowa. vVeill. improved located on black iop road.. See Clarence Nielsen, LuVeme. 37-38* For Rent FOR RENT 1 bedroom home in the country, furnished or unfurnished, partly modern, garage and full basement, Oil Heat, water' furnished. Call Harley Hanson CYpress 4-2983. 38-39* FOR RENT — Very desirable 3 room furnished apt., 309 S. Harlan St. all utilities furnished. Excellent location. Taylor Apartments, CY 4-3498 after 6. (38) FOft RENT — 3 bedroom house; also 2 bedroom house available immediately. Modern, will sell on contract. Phone CY 4-3964. ' 38* FOR RENT — 2 bedroom furnish- dd apartment. Close-In. Laundry privileges, private entrance and private bath. See Bjustrom's Furniture. 34TFN FOR RENT — FURNISHED & heated apartment, close-in, private entrance, private bath. See Bjustrom Furniture. 4Stfn FOR RENT —' Newly orated 2 bedroom apartment, centrally located, phone Cy 43776. ' " 37-39* Found FOUND —i Sweater,'ladies, found in fairgrounds grandstand alter fcKHban game. Call Mrs'.' Hansel- Card Of Thanks iiiipiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii CAHD OF THANKS We wish to thank our friends and relatives for the flowers, cards, gifts and calls on our Golden Wedding Anniversary.— Mr and Mrs Sarry Hobson, Clarion. 38 Cuts Thigh Bancroft — Mathcw Fangman, three year old son of Mr. and ivirs. Melvin Fangman, fell from a tree and landed on a boll which ran into his thigh about two inches. Fractures Arm Jill Bauman, 8, daughter of thu William Baumans of Ledyard, broke her right arm Sunday afternoon when she fell from a pony she was riding in I^dya t>ne was treated at a doctor's of- iice in Bancroft an4 leleased. AIRLINE Pusitioiis of prestige as ^ WSS, RESEttVATlONISTS, COMMUNICATIONS, STATION' A- L,tNTS, TICKK'4' AGKN^S, TRAIN iNOW — short, low cost accredited training can qualify you lor thuse pusitions that oiler FriEE TRAVEL Basses, paid vacations & public contact. SERVICE It' you are 17-39, high school gra- uuate, see how you can qualify write, including age, phone number, GALE INSTITUTE Pox 69-G3 % Algona (Iowa) Upper Pes Moines (38-39-40) man, CV. ^, and pay for ad. (38) Miscellaneous NOTICE I will not be responsible for any debts other than those contracted by myself. — Mrs. Fred Martin. (38-39*) H o ME IMPROVEMENT" LOANS — NO MORTGAGE QUICK SERVICE — PATRONIZE DEALER O F YOUR CHOICE. SEE HOME FEDERAL AT ALGONA. T.F.N. M! - Per 'Word, Cadh' In' Advanc* ' , ' ' * 1 J , k /. fe Per', ytotd, Charged >' • »0c Minimum 3opy Deadline Monday, 4 p.m, t PHONE CY 4-3535 § ItDM Wfant Ads-tteacK'5,400- Families Each W&K1..'*- **• " t fOR SALE/ general /OR SALfi — Meat-.type Irfamp- jhire boars, blqod tested, March and April tarrow. — Frite Frey- noltz, phone 409,'FentOn. 33-47* FOR SALE — Good cooking/ and eating'apples. $1.00 to $3.50 per bu. Haroison,-Red Delicious, Ftfe-; side. Koad out of Algona on Hall . Street is OPEN. ' * ORTON FRUIT FARM ALGONA, IOWA 38-39 FOR SALE — 2 or 4 spaces in Trinity Uarden at Eastlawn Memorial Gardens, Algona. A. D. Newbrougn, Lone Kock, WA 53782. '• 38-39* FOR SALE — 2 Purebred 3 year old Suiiolk rams. M. I. MawdSley and Sons, Burt, Iowa. (38-39*; FOR SALE — 1960 Chevrolet 4-itov Biscayne. Make us an offer. After 6 p.m. Eickelberg, 405 No. Phillips St. (3»*) FOR SALE — PUREBRED Spotted Poland China fall boars. Bert Ueerdes and Son, S., Ite E. of Lakota. 17tfn FOR SALE — Reg. Yqrfcshke ooars' and gilts. Vac. and-Banig's tested. Cut out information. Jsu-, gene HusKamp, 2 rru.' 'west 'aid iva- mi nomn of Feniton. Pho'ne u'enton'473. "' w ~(36-37-38) HEAVYWEIGHT, TARPS AT LIGHTWEIGHT PftlCEiS. h Wfi HAVtlrt'i GOT" IT OH CANT/ GET IT, IT IS NOT MANUFACTURED, ,- 01AMONDS. ' Ifri FOR SALE — 'Black Poland uoars, litter mates to .the grand' champion K fV'A. boar ana gilt at tne l^ossuth Fair and Iowa dtate Fa{r. -'Berl E. Priebe, Al- goha. 37-38 FOR SALE — 'Meat-typeT shire boars, blood-tested, back probed. February and March iarrowed. Ralph, Keding, phone' , Bode. ' ' . (37-3«*J FOR SALE — - Purebred Duroc boars, big, rugged, ready for service, Vv. J. Stewart, 5 east, 1 nonth, Burt. Phone 4 on 96." 37tfn FOR SALE — ALL ORINDARTi legal forms can be obtained from us. Contracts, mortgage forms, leases, deeds, bills of sale, liens, notes, power of attorney, etc. At the Upper Des Moines IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE BUYING CAR INSURANCE. SEE L. S. BOHANNON, 6 N. DODGE, ALGONA, IOWA. 38 " NOTICE Mrs Mabel Rentz will be calling soon with Watkins products. For orders, call CY 4-3^09 or call at 717 N. Minnesota. 38 FFA Officers The Algona FFA chap, officers attended a leadership meeting at Britt Sept. 12, The/ purpose ot the meeting was to acquaint the new officers with the duties ana responsibilities of their position. The boys were accompanied by Vocational • Agriculture instructor Ge°''ge Setrit, The new officers, who took office Sept. l, are Gary Priebe, president; Jim Pmgel, vice president; Lynn iiuecK, secretary; Bob Gerber, reporter; Jerry Pingel, treasurer, and Mike Kam, sentinel. Enten Vet Ho»pitql At Bolkes, employee of the Consumer tsuper Mai-^et in Algona entered the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines last Thui'sday. lie is in ward one, room 172, y//MM'S//^//yMSM'//SM'M'My/^^^ CHICKEN SUPPER (Served family Style) THURSDAY, SIPTiMHR 21 SERVING STARTS AT 5 P.M. LUTHERAN CHURCH Ipwo TTw?^^^ 1 Cond. will trfiide. - ^ '* I-~i»bU i-—Awl SOiiH Metr'o. ^''B* " • • 1 jti.Ai86' > " n ' rti "-'- v *' r ' ! ciean. , *:, -mo Dodge IT Tru.ek, O.. With DOA, gOO4- „ - ' *"'; " a— lao/i-orcif r-foOU w/hew nidtor, 2 speea &x±e, ,xti» good JUres. ft. Case ' combine, . A-l <for 'beans , _-•— -- ! — — - — — -'-- '$200 1-~A«,, CasffV combine,,- A-I* U I^Not '62 Gomblhi attra. cifeah. : '•• -' Case A8 w/motor. Case F2 -ft* PTO,.., „ j, „ .', 1956 ftiG 2,ME Mid,- Picker, overhauled, v ,- > - * lx,. |,- •-, Oliver ,2ft. Rill — rear^Etevlfor., - Newldeir 2ft P.ult -r, reaf r eteyator.' M. tt. Self'-pr-opelled 2'ft:, goo& Oliver No. 4 mtd. Picker,!— 70. • 4-18 J, D. Plow, trip-back bottom. Plowed 100 acres. 4-14 1HC" on rubber, . , ' • , 3-14 Case "bn 1 rubber. '' , :~ . 2-18 Oliver 'Raydex. ' , 3-16 Oliver Heavy duty on rubber. 3-16 Allis mtd., Throw away,? shares. 4-14 M. H. No. 37 mtd., A-l. ;> v 10 Additional, Plows," A.U &: Guaranteed — 1900 "MJD,' A with tomote control and Usipeed $1695 i— 1041 "M", reail clean — $1050 i— tfl2, gooa -------------- $«u i— itfod WJJ Aliis Tractor, A-l. i— Jj'46'0 & 660 I.H. Wide ---- ?175 ( PLOWS,.,, 1-^414 IHC t mounted plow with • '•^Buper Chie'l iJottoms , $3oU Irf]No. : ;;16 1H 314 'Plow with PCS Bottoms, A : l, , "- 1 ' 4—No. 1 BLl* Plows..— SAVE $$$$ '; , MISCELLANEOUS 4 Bottom Mipls." Mtd. Plow — $300 1— AC 2-row Cult. i-7-Oaswelt loaaer w/snow bucket. T^' tt Little Giant iilevator. -r-^-it. Alayrath'"i!;ievator, Used 2, years, - ' •• - - . , " 1— ixevv cnaih saw 24", Bargain!! -No^ -. ^ -IH . niower with 7ft, i — No. 32 New Mowers ' i—jLawn Boy mower, A-l '. $25.00 j>—]Mo. 1 JiD. hay crimper, ' A-1/lu.dO. Savejiiff ' "'" I—Boleris Garden Tractor with mower ana cuiuvaaor __ ^>ti^ 1—No; aysNew Idea Mpunted 4 inii...^_* —.— ciean'__ $780 USEO FARM MACHINERY 1—J.D. 12A Combine w/PTO Drive, PRICED RIGHT ! t—IHC plow, 3-14, "Super Chief bottoms, throw away shares _' $250 1—2 MH picker, 1959 model $1990 1—Steel Flare Box $"65 1—2 yr.old New Holland Silo filler, with pipes. 50 ft. $395 1—Stanhoist Loader w/snow bucket $190 1—Humboldt Loader w/snow .bucket $150 i—New Idea tractor spreader $190 1—Hilex Forage Box, Good Shape. _._ „ . -_ $350 1—JD 48 ft. portable elevator W/Fi'O o*we, 2 wnevl trucks - $395 1—1937 JD tractor "B" — $126 i—John Deere "B" itractor, 1946, painted and overhauled ?423 1—NEW GEHL field cutter with single row. folage attachment. 1—NEW GEHL PTO Blower with pipe for 50 ft. silo. 1—NEW GEHL' unloading box with' 1 beater. ALL PRICED TO SELL I ij_4B ft. 2 wheel keyeiwane Ely. ;• .w/PTO Drive and spQ.u|s!$3ij,5 :J EH. %otinted Picker. A-l ............... .L... |36U' 1— -2MH PiCKer — ''A'fr'"' ''":''' ' 3-— aiyi picKers IMPLEMENT, CO. (38) FOR SALE — Oliver 2-row ,-puli- type picker, good'condition. Marvin Leigh, Aigona, CY 4-29^91. : 3a-39* QUALITY Used Cars AT FAIR PRICES 1961 -FORD FAIRLANE 2-dr., 6 cyl. R. & H., WSW, and Ford- pmatic . ,—', $1895 1-1960 FORD GALAXIE, lovy mileage, 4-dr, V-8/ autpma- tic trans, radio & heater, like new „„-,., $1895 1-1958 MERCyRY, 4-dr, V-8, auto, trans., motor just overhauled, looks and runs, like new : —,,,-,, $1095 1958-FORD CUSTOM 3QQ, 4-dr., V-8, Auto,, ppwer steering and brakes. 4 new tires, and motor overhauled $1050 1-1957 FQKP CUSTQM 300, V-8, auto, trans, R & H. ,,„.,„.,„„.„, $ 895 1-195,4 CHEVR016T 4-flr. 210, R. & H., $ Cyl., pcjwerglide. „--,-,— $ 345 1-1954 DOPQE, 4-dr. Royal, Y-8, gvto trgns,, R & H, nfW tires, just overhauled $9441 1-1953 fQRB 2-dr. V-8, tyer-i drive, rims f 99& Hew , qnd tires ,.,_„,,„ $ USED FARM MACHINERY ' 1955 MM UB __ $1775 1952 MM U - —__ $1375 1952 DC Case Sharp $975 1951 MM ZA $ 775 1944 A JD _ $ 450 G J. D. $325 3 MM Z Choice $325 82 MM PTO Shelter c MM PTO Sheller D MM PTQ.Sheller Uni. tractor w/picker shelter 2—Uni. picker shelters 1952 6A New Idea Picker with Rear Elevator. Just In. $625 Yn£ Huskor §everg! good vsed pickers and Plows. Need some more good rear elevator pull pickers. See MS on new, pickers today for best deal I BUSCHER BROS. IMPLEMENT 1015 No. Main Algona, Iowa Phone CY 4*3451 Krquse f W Service F6NT0N, IQWA JOE BRADLEY Algona 5 CY 4-2421 " (38| SELF WAtfneD" jl ."' SALESMEN OR AGENTS _ Want to jnake $3.00' of more per hour in pleasant route work? .Can use man or woman, part 6r full time. Write D. L. Anderson. Box 152, Madrid, Iowa. , (38-39*) MEDICAL CLASSES Starting September 25 • Technician • Assistant . • Secretarial Co-educational — Free Place- menl. Write for Free catalog. PARK MEDICAL INSTITUTE 225 Clifton, Minneapolis (34-38) AUCTION HOUSE subsidiary of Bjujtrom Furniture) FLOOR SAMPLES 1—7 piece Walnut bedroom suite, complete with new mattress $134.50 1<r-6 piece vanilty bedroom suite, complete with box spring and ~ mattress, w $146,QO 1—2 piece Green Mohair Flex - Steel living room suite, new $260.00. NOW —,.•-- $ 95,00 Wanted^Used Pianos Use Our iasy Payment Plan (38) . >, , SAL£S;M£N Oft - 4 Want to 1 make, $3.00' br'-'moreVper, houf in pldasant fbutesMeJ work?, Local' area/ Permahetit, 'and an' Op- fidrhinity 'for* advanceme'rit" for a aroducer. D. L. Anderson, Box 152, Madrid, Iowa. • ", ,-,' t(3fc39*) /— Waitresses arid Kitch' en help/ Contact Darwin' Voting'-' wirth at Frank^ Em's Cafe. 38 : 39* WOMAN WHO CAN DRIVE . . . If you would enjoy working 3 or 4 hours -a day calling regularly each month on a group of Studio Girl Cosmetic, clients on a route to be established, in and 'around Algona, and " are willing to make light deliveries, etc., write to STUDIO GIRL COSMETICS, Dept., -SW-14, Glendaie, California. Route wiU pay up to $5.00'per hour., • '.,(37-38) I NEED A o sell and service^ custprrier,s on Oeco,Protein Plus'Mineral F^ee'ds. 5 *>lo' (hvestment* neciessaey, Ptree}- o' fai;m 'delivery -system^'pius' de,al credit 'plan foi" 1 *farmers* Wusf have cbr. Top eaarglngsjpf ambitious, eonscfentiouS man. 'or personal; interview, write' terman Beenken, BoX 335, Buf-' "alo Center/ Iowa. " TO LEASE — corn stalk land. Krme Nauman, phone 11 on , Butt, la. . (23tf) WANTED TO BUY — Alfalfa nay. 'Ernie Nauman, phone 11 on JU at Burt. " (23tf) BANCROFT, IOWA Legion Hall THURS., SEPT. 28 FINE CLOTHES DESERVE . FINE CARE call "LYONS" lor Complete cleaning and Laundering Service! Phone CY 4-3650 421 No. Hall St. 38* JAMES H, CHALSTROM Ctrtified Pub,c . • THE OPENING OF HIS OFFICE -*TT . '• 17'/ 2 E. STATi ST., AI,«$NA FOR SALE REAL ESTATE 80 Acres Portland Twp. — This is an excellent 80 — House modernized — Good Barn — Fairly Good Out Bldgs. 154K2 Acres Prairie Twp, — Top Farm with A Very Good Set ot Bldgs. 200 Acres Cresco Iwp. — This farm <s located only 2^ miles from Algona on Black Top — It has been owned by the same family $0 years. Consistently producing PO to 100 bu. of corn — All .under cultivation — Lots of grain storage — Good feeding set-up for hogs and cattle — House modernized, This is a top farm, 228 Acres LuVerne Twp, — % mile from LuV.erne, 167 Acres crop Iqnd — Balance Creek Pasture — Good Bldgs. 264 Acres Riverdale .Twp. — Acres crop land — Balance posture — Excellent bldgs, 280 Acres LJnion Twp. — 230 acres top land — Balance e<cellen pasture — New 190' cgttle shec — Pit and upright silo T- New woven wir« •=• A very fins me* cjern horn? in q beautiful sf tting, 3 BEDROOM - 1 \\ BATH in excellent location nfgr £ath pile and Lutheron churches •» Nice family rctom in addition to ern kiish 8 " - Hvina ' fo°m dining rggm - I ef tnt ojwn itqiri -^ Thj| i« an nice family OFFICI 8:30A.M. - 1 MONPAY5 THROUI5H 9'3Q — 1} NQON * Near Cathplic Church 3 Ipdrpom Older Hprne in good. «9nditic*n " Nfw Qcs PAUL M, SEEIEY Algonq, Iq, 4-3174 wool'.-or Wft9K«»K W Moinei pub. Co. SALE .» ~ > - '-^ 2-Be|Voonii-O'Wer , House; > Oil .. Hettt;. Gas^ In House, 2 Lois. '"- ""* ' V Near Algona/ Oodd ...__:—.$300 VM. LEWiS ' \ Ph. CY 4-4457 , v, ,:'."• "(37-39) 1 WANTED A£ Easy. Well-Paying Job Thai* I Can Do From My Wheelchair. I Forgot To See Jim Kplp Of The ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY To Buy A Comprehensive Health And Accident Insurance Policy Before I Broke My Leg. POLAND CHINA BOAR AND GILT SALE Septemberf 28, 8&0 O'Qlci\ck P.M. Performance Tested — Rrqven Meatiness Averaged $1.94 per Cwt. Premium qf:5Vi mos. f , ,, Bangs Tested >T s Guaranteed, • Sale at farm 6 mi/S., 2 mi. E. of Britt FLOYD FRIEDOW & SONS , ,_ Kanawha, (o.wa , ALGONA MARKET FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 — STARTING AT 7:3Q P.M. OFFERING 100 HEAD CANADIAN CATTLE & Good Number of Local Cattle CATTLE FOR PRIVATE SALE AT AU, TIME? - Phone CYpress 4-2648 WiSTIRH C ATT IE I OR PRIVATI TO ARRIVE SEPTEMBER 21, 22 & 23 150 CHOICi HBRlfORP STR..CFS, WT» 350-475, 100 CHOICE HEREFORD SIR, CFS. WT, 420-530, 100 CHOICE H6REFORP HFR, CFS, WT. 475-550. 135 CHQICB HlilPJNtD-YRM* 5TR$. WT 575-650, 300 CHOICE HEREFORD YRLG. STR5, WT, 625-725, 125 CHOICE HEREFORD YRLG, SIRS. WT, 725-840, 1 LOAD HOLSTEIN SIRS. WT, 67 W50. ALSO, EXPECT SEVERAL LOADS Of DAKOTA HEIFERS FINANCING If AVAILABLE * Wi S6U fifiOW PI0I NORTHWlf -CATTLI CO. Vylo 5»«Jwth, Salesman lipsI A Doy or . ; yo Hl|hw»y W tsit , borderlp Phone CE 2*44?4 Celled

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