The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 21, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1961
Page 2
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» "• «PM??£-ft*. W* 6>. F «1 ,_!«, Louella Baker 8p«nt la Wednesday at Ahies with Dr. and Airs. DurWtJod-Baker and family. Mr, artd -Mri. Jtt,; S/'Bloyom spent '8 «fecit'«|[tftAaiiJay irfMor- est City with Mr. and Mrs. Sigurd Fardal. ?/i ''t' > Mr. and "Ws.' Ifjm -Anlelsoi, vacation at Wagon Wheel resort, -Rockton, 111. ' •,* ',; Corw'n |>f^'^eft$.geiJt:"8 iofrii i oil as a freshman at liuther Col' tege, Decbrah. , The Her. AAd.Mrt. Knuie Or> - ton spent the weekend at Masort City ;with Mr.' and- Mrs. Wilsotl Abernathy and'family. J ' Dr. and .Mrs.- Ray, Potter were guests -Sunday',of, Mr. and Mrs. A.' J. Gosh,- <Schaller, at their cottage at-the, Okobojis. _, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Digginfi spent the weekend at Des Moines with friends and attended the Iowa Stite-Drake' football game'j Mr. mud Mrs., George Wildih, Davicl arid Roger,and Freda £>uis,' Emirtetsbtirfe, ^attended the Clay County Fkir.Siihaay-at 'Spenc^ ' Dr..and Mrs. H. C. Aillaud atJ terTrded 'funeral "Se'rvices, Wedne^ 'diy/ at I^ew^bn^for the formerfs aged aunt, Mrs, Louis Aillaud,' Who died'Monday. , . .". {. 'Mrs. Maili* McWhbrler, Good Samaritan Home, ',was 'visited Siindky by her cousin's,' Mr. and .Mrs. Clyde • Gustlin and Elta Barth, Fort ,t>odge. \ i ,.« >; ; Mr. arid ,'Mrs.'Henry- Beclcer and Mr.i arid "Mrs.; Gordon Ogg/" 'former Algonans, ;how living at Hahley, 'are sgehcUng'a'two week Vacation tbgether'at the Okobb- . Mr. and Mrs.' Warren Andrea-- 'sen ,critertained'(th'e ( former's p v ^r-'- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin ^Andrea.-' ^eh, Burt,"at/dihrler Monday ever' jiing, an observance'of the birjji-j .day of,th'e. senior-Mr. Andreaseh. ' Mrs. Frank, Tague took her daughter, Xanda"," to "Iowa City Saturday. Linda will be.a fresh- 'mkn _ at lo'Wa 'University • whqre "she will major "in physical edu^ cation and'minor in music. _,— . _____ _ ckw spin! Monday at LuVerne with Mr. ahc Brenda, lilile daughter, .of Mr. "" l&.i&bert Bonnetie; h _____ <teft-W!th tonsllitisk flow feovlred. ".M -, „ r«VBto, M'J. Eason has pufdhase'd the Herbert Hensley house on West Cdllege street, which was auctioned Saturday. > : Mr. and Mrs. Dale Auld are bejng visited a few weeks by their, daughter, Mrs. Larry Mc- !0rtrlek,i Kansas City, Mo. Mr and Mrs. Leon Bilyeu are going to. Buffalo Center Sunday where '£hey will be dinner guests of,, Mr, and Mrs. Kenneth Cline.j ' Mr. and • Mrs. Bernard Briggs haVe been .visited by Joyce Hud^ spe^h, formerly of the St. Bene-, diet 'area, ' now of Milwaukee.- WJS. Mrs. ' Dena Boekelman and daughter Henrietta visited Mr. and Mrs, Dick Sleper-.and- Mr. and Mrfe; John- Sleper at Buffalo Center iSi&oay* ; „•„,.' '-.. ",i . , Mr/ and Mrs. Hoberl Bonnetie, Mr, andjMrs, Bud I'eterson^and' Mr. and jMrjMiDph Pelersoh; went to Spenceff^u^da'y' to attend the 1 Clay County Fair.'- Mrf and Mrs Warren Andrea-' sen*<hftv& rbe'eft making frequent' trips ibffiamplon}.to' be >lth,the latter^s mo'tner, 'Mrs Ray Whar( ton, who is critically sick, . ! Mrs. Laughlin Quinn, nee' Ernestine. Chubb, is hospitalized at Washington, D. C. after hlv- 'ing suffered a heart attack. Lat- 'est Word is, that she is improving 1 , Mrs. Charles Schaeffer had as '^Uesfs Sunday her brother and .sister-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Her- ffaah^tienblock, David and Judy.i '6f . Bancroft. , Mr. Schaeffer left 'Thursday for Iowa City where he is - under treatment for stom- 'ach ulcer. Sandra Bay, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bay, has gone to Sioux Falls, S. D. to enter hei junior year at Augustana college. The Bays have 'With them an exchange student, Sonja Rozo 01 Colombia. WORRIED ABOUT WINDOWS? OUR LUXURIOUS CUSTOM DRAPERIES HAVE CUSTOM WORKMANSHIP AT FROOUCTION PRICE? 1 4-in?fi triple - crown, bpr . tqcked pinch pleats ! permcinerYt finjsbe^ pyckrc^m headings I blind^tlft^ol .side-hems ! gienerous bottom hems (bfind- stitcheci; .pf (pctyrse) ; plj fqb/ics, tabled for beoytifMt match pf pattern! any lengjh or 'width made »Q y'oyr specifications I Lined or ynljnegl 1 1 «OM OVER 350 FABRICS . . . l |>fml« , . .unusual weaves . , . newest Wf make them gny :sis«,yog w<j,nt at big savings because Penney's works with top mills to bring you the lowest prices po,sVlbJe. for thes^ «hpke fabrics ! «im* fabrips ovpUabie b,Y-the7yard I • • f Vt it on P«nney'» Charge Credit Plan. No down er Were visited last w^ek by the letter's sister, Mrs. Mytle Fefgif Son.and their daughter Florejttee Backer, ndw Mrs. Fred, jC^feilas, IfeslMoines. 4 I*-' ' ', Mr. and .Hts, , Fred ,' Wegener d as guests Sunday;,Mr, and 's. Dale Wiener, Lone Rock, ;urday tnSy"%ere visited by H.JS5?-' 4 3^j ,','? w'ife, "Mr. an r d Mrs. baVlcl*B_er- rie, Dayton, Ohio, for a .Visit. David is the son of-Mr.-and-Mrs, Roy Berrie, Mason City, , Mr. and Mrs. MaU J Bast had their daughter jand fshilly, Em- 'metsburg, a| dlhnei 1 ''guests Sun•day. Mr. and 'Mrs. BM plan To spend next Sunday and Monday at Bmmetsburg with the Var» ren mam ' vilit week with her mother and 'Mr", aiiiTMfs."Jafffe^s Wffl; -——*»» are here,from WhittJef,, and are spending the time' Mr! and Mutton Sjogrenl^Otfl Sjogren and son Dick, the, 1 - ' teWhittemt " ifJL -'Mirtflea^UsL Mr/ "ai$d . m. -W, TKT A have had as" recent 'guests thelf ^on Dick, who was on & .-thj&e week vacation. He is at Bowling Greeni >Ky. Another son, Mr.'flia Mrs.' WilllpftJBeckef; JivJ orifllr fort leaving i 'for? ^tftdlfl-,—,., where the former is trumjiet' fessor in the State college. rencETWEHv to wnom Patrioli EileWjlWas of • ,~~> Mft ifld MrlT'E" r 5 / 4 and 'Mrs. r guesti !;Sunday, gofie- dtatghtei' t battd, . Of, ' . £S _ Kathryn Ai Bay, rdaugMter of Mr. and.Mrsi.Melvin Bay of A1-, gona, 'iflcSgid "rKlppa Alpha Theta «•**•<**«•"«*•• **•*•*-*'*••*« trAI?- vcr,- complfo tion of sororfty" rushing, last Friday. She is a freshman. ft. »I' fitt aMtefl _- . Jto* FMttali Mi» held at LakOta Jan. SB^ThiiTniteA sed Vocal festival* IStM finnl - fi< lUIS ^Wolc LlccH^U JiJtc^ JUllgCH cillU 4H8eftSMltiJ*as i; frfeshniaft ffiitll- Uo!tr<M& Ttie fitshmaft'hdd to :rm3mm^. 'fiuft''ffefe^uM.3jf Barid ttfreetorBflrftto -pwW^Jlft 1 ' kolft^wfliiJlw SAM . •Th'e cltea'x'ollthi fe evening ."wl party was held . ...... - ------ , gyai..."£ach ifteshfflan .and each hew faculty, member Had' to per- fwrn-'a^Hask and if not done4d ine plea'Sufe of,the,.sehi6rs,> had ^o* W/tne, «>rie^3iice?/'Afcla1Scfe '- ' * " , meeting was held at Thomp BuU „'<"» ''it „.,.. Ifjwllt ree^erited 1 ^ colleges arid uniyerslUesjpy, Voting people who left-th6 *.--? w'je'ek or to resume or cohunue /fcci..¥A t. « ^.i- oiiet -.J.t.T«J.J,*.« !l «> . .-£? s . ——• '• —7 — »,j- *** ***"*" **'*""iw™~ 1 JJL 1 ' '-^" r *•' j- arfl, Jay Hoppu's,' Dave .RasJjJKisi sen and Norman Carlson^, , $ , Aou* , fiarilyn-arid :, asbn tiffy, ,f efttt Stevens ana ri' '^elei'SQn"",,. ' „,'. •-* , ; ,>, '< I. Trinity, Mllcfejioux City, .tiyes. .'",;v". C V-' ' Briar -Gliff, College, Sioux •Oily, Janet Lamped v. v -v ^ Bt^JosepK'fl 9chodl ,of Nursing, Maso'n City,; L^S Blclitef. •St. Jose.iih l S r sehl36l , -of , Nursing, Sioux Chyr,M&|y : Jahe Ljampe. '•'lla'rold ffittt/ , Cedar! Rapids, spent the Weekend with;, his parents, the BUI '.Baits, ' that NATIONAL -"'',' eRctout Baited and Served k or SCced Cold for SindwkW PER LB. FRESH HOWE MADE PORK " S..«on,J t "•> i t,» ',' " i j * ' FRESH :.. Pork Hock$ PER LI., Fresh PORK TENDERETTES Fresh; PORK TENDERLOINS Sauerkraut V " - 1 "»* ;' -' • HEADLESS. DRESSED NATIONAL •••••••• — «•••«•; ! 100 K Stamps FREE i ,1 V 't Wiffi^lSICOUPON WHEN YOU BUY ., { Siarlac Instant MILK ! NATIONAL'S CONSOLIDATED CREAMERIES BUHER FANCY DANISH ROLLS Alwa y the Bett Collee *«»• at ^otionait OLD HOME AMERICAN DELUXE I "• *»e^»«» »«-•.<- ^J BwA W W " t * ^^t^ *f»**i\i^ j^^ • -^ammmmr^f- m mitmammim > ft — -- ' -" ," A " ' -'-'•"'', t^^^WTHlTHIS(COUPON WHEN YOU BUY ^,1 Omv* |2%;L^f of VEUTEETAi MAKE ! At, Your NATIONAL FOOD STORE ! • •••••»•• .I 1 ' v - ^ ''.COUliON B(PI»KSE^. M. «Al' ' " S GOLDEN' BOOK; ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY VOL 2 SO,FRESH''. . • FIG BARS AMERICAN DELUXE m J^ fiOFFEE 49 Drfp or R»g., NLB. CAN •• %F " NOWf4Greof Chocolate Candles by KING HORN STAMPS * 10* SALE Campbell's Tomato SOUP PINEAPPLE !if?l EXCRUSHED White HOMINY ™!?L C OjN D E N S c u POTATOES SUPPER CLUB; NO. 211 CAN PORK & BEANS ?o E l E ?I SPAGHETTI SEl LUNCH BAGS ^ Lunch NAPKINS ^O RIBBON YOUR CHOICE -,• •I CRACKERS NEW! - at NATIONAL ' BLUE BONNET - ; ^%|__ IAB. PKS. UIGO (PLUS TAX IN S. DAiq ....... COCONUT CHOC. DROP Cookies rSRfi,.— SUNSHINE . ••••.«»• Orbit Cookies SK...... 29°, gram 49' 39° GARDEN FRE§H, ; FROZEN --a«*«ft«tfc FRENCH FRIiS foz^f M mm ORCHARD FRESH . ^m. ^* TJtC ORANGE DRINK ^_ A A • *• « ORCHARD FRESH DRINK M ^B 111 I P-APPLE-G-FRUIT ^ , liV * Can't Buy Fresher, Finer Produce * FACIAL TISSUES • WHITE * «'PINK ' • YELLOW • A9UA 400 $h«t( Siw SCH»LUN6'S 6ROUND Cinnamon SCHHUNS'S' Black Peppor SCHIULWG'S PURE Vanilla Ext, «* '»»*»»*•#-»• AAe NO- > MINN. Pti APPLES A 23° Wealthy^r, 3 ; 3 Ai 6 CRISP, SNAPP^ m• *m o VIOc «l Jonathans u LBS - 49 WASHED RE KQe MED. YELLOW — w OnioniS SCHn.L^IO'$ PURE ^^ 0*6 Almond Flavor Some... 1*1 Waffle Syrup «* CAN .... Syrup HB. CAN .. ,35 e lllirtittit.ii «|p v»*« "p wr gw»»ww — w'-'-»-»- — T — •»-.»»..•• ^•••«• wn. — i , ¥,• ",i>3* •' ., ^ C OOc ! M Kipg Horn Stimpi FBip i 'V^ifata 8S. 9 » IKI ! WlfffiSI N iSir^ ©OLDBm AAr, ! M«^QRA$$$KD ! Pi| Am -.^-. 2MB. fiflP At Ye^r NATIONAL FOQCV5T9R& *j K|:f|i|l OeS 8AS,...........Vv i <mmwi,nw.n.'t\ ! riiUUI ^•FI^^P ^ ~ i^^^^wmmm^tmmit*mwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wM .fm^mmjmmm>^mimm m BAKING HEWS NO. y, CAN „...«« Lids -«.«,» ... MPLETf Jar Caps 2 CHARMIN ASPA||AftUI^ Tep BEAKS ** CORN & "°> t«-» PEA$

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