The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1961 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1961
Page 13
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Eastafrt r Jc|WQ is lovely spuing "fnil. iWbeerfubji'ftnd'dtfwn 9 Mississippi |n- Both seasons erf tmdlfc^tljficifidj her husband's" parents, Mr. and Mri. Orval .Joseph Sr., Goldfield, and Joyce Hayden and her inolher, *Mrsi. Florence Hnydeji, and MrSi'Sadie^Dihton, Tilohka, decidtd |o See/th'^affea ill'sum- mer andl have, friHutned from; almost t Mentfdal 'trips* StaftlMg with the -'-'kittle Brown Church" at Nashua, the. smallest church in the; tyorld; ij af 'yestihaJ the Billie. fclbcis ia'tf SpiUsville,' vil-, la L6ui6 -at?Priairie du"Chein,.art"d Pikes Peak at McGregor. Tht Hayden party did a'''thing the rest of us" hadn't; They explored Spook Cave, which includes a boat ride and unique scenery.' • •. • • • 1 Miss Hayden wa» amused that fib , ma tier" where .one goes, one always runs in to acquaintances. At Nashua, it was Mr. and Mrs. Swen Larson, Swea City, at SpiUsville, Mr. and Mrs. George Lichty, Bancroft, and at another place the Dan" Williams," Britt. Miss Hayden's . mother teaches kindergarten at Ware and they Were trying to crowd in as many trips-as possible before the start of school. Hence a day at Friendship -Haven, Fort Dodge, where' •they saw Mrs. Alice Snow, a teacher,of" Mrs. -Hayden many years ago. . ' ' * Elvira. Monluxfo Whertjl called Elvira Monlux for nnews.^we chatted a bit as we (always do and she confided she was looking over a basket of old patterns, kept froni a .hundred ' 'years or so ago, v she' remarked, I'll bet there were some; "dillies" for I too looked' over, ojd pal- terns a few years", ago before coming to Good Samaritan and some of them were creations beyond description. 'I. also learned "^we.had -a common .end for them woo, our minds running »in Ihe Bchannel for their disposal. f You should 866 Ihe cute little Watermelons'Hugh Black raises. Abdul cantalob&'sifce-just 'HeHt fbr'lwo. tfve been promised by Velhiajttngi jfet whose h I' Saw theih. They* weren't Served the day. 1 was over there— her ftienu .was .very complete without' melon. And very good, 1 mlghraddt' ' j..,». *t.- •* I 'watched 1 a portion of "flu Price is Right" the other evening and was reminded of my good friendst-Mary and Horace King, when 1 jute? 'winner' was a Mr. Hfirt, 6f Sunnyvale,- Calif. < -." "'« ''*'.'* When I called Amy GeerSng the 'other day I heard a background noise th'at sounded like a f baby crying. I asked Amy about it. She laughed and replied, '"Oh that is 'only Ching, the Siamese .cat that belongs "to Mary/Aim", (their granddaughter). * * * I wonder 'who would like a nice Angora <cat? Leora St. of'lender, ieving cafe as Leofa has cotfie lo/ Qood Samaritan 'whmews aMi't aliwed, darn it. SuSie fs-'a well behaved, house broken pet, ,a real feline beauty, With aboVe average intelligence (lor'a'6at). • ,„....- ,..»«,» «nd t were like a ceap'ie of kids the other day Vheh' she t&dk me 'to the court house to pay my taxes. We rode up and down -the' elevator and Was sorry not to dare. go f(u more fides, The present building is so elegant the'old one seems vety shabby. But I suppose- hi it's day it was considered ,verv elegant, too. I Jcno.w the court room was the amusement' center, for,my mother has tbld me about '.the shows there before the old Call -theatre v/as built. Arid Marie Murtagh told me ^bout dances there—a canvass stretched on the. floor and sprinkled with powder to make it slippery.' Imagine what one's shoes would look like. It was at a' dance there niy mother and father 'met, so 1 am told, and romance blossomed.*• , * *•' September, i— Comes now a sad paragraph, for it was this , '„ -, i—-_—j- _* |.h e S udden d6alh last friend, .^ nlgfit of 4 my good ^liey.t.If tori a few dkyiaitt f he drtipping in to eall oil call on Mrs. McQuade. carying on for his • wife* whd died so short d stlme 13 ftionlhs. I can't begin to*, tell you Ihe nice things he haf done, errands, 1 little jobs, winning i ever mentioned as needing' or wanlihg. There will never be an- olher Rulhi and Gleh Rttfifey* and I feel theii- loss keenly, 1 hopb he has -found the'- happlnesi, -he was seeking and the .ahWeir to all Ihe duesli6ns we ! sbberly.dl cussed. 'God , Bless. An ihyUo the "daVghfef ( and family. caught fire and k the smoke reminded me of theUime Harold Jergenson lefl a'^otrder- ful steak 'burn bey6nd 'using. He and 'Connife were living in our aparlmenl and Harold had toad a hard nighl— wearing out the carpet at the Kossuth.- hospital while Ihe daughler Janet was enlering Ihis world. He was taking a nap al Ihe same lime mother and I were. I was aro'uSed by smoke filling our apartment anc» when molher we'nl lo 'invest!- gate, Harold w&s sound asleep and Ihe steak burned to & Crisp. It look days lo gel the smell'out of Ihe room and Connie said the closet was Worst of all. And al the pride ;of steak! Qh myi ;'!»•* Addle DHvet'8 son Wayne left Sept'. 1 fpr his home at Springfield, Ore. He was houseguest of his cousin, Mrs. Clark Orion. I heard him promise her lo come again next year. *,«**. I've never been considered much of a gardener'. and have always admilled 1 do nol know much aboul flowers, bul Mrs;. Nick Fisch, donor of my vlolels, dropped in Sept. 3 6nd lold me t; certainly musl be'., giving'..them the right care. They are beautiful and the pink plant is just loaded with big blossoms. The purple one is abloom, too, but not so profusely. They are a joy lo behold. • * • O-o-o-What a day for a picnic! Henry Frohling was picked up Sunday by his wife, daughler and son, Emmelsburg, and token lo a family picnic al Web* ster City. I'll bet ••••they hugged the cdmp fire. • • . In speaking of a certain location not far from lown I remarked, "That road was once quile a place for wooing." Tht friend replied, "Oh, lhal's aii awful aarrow road" to which 1 answered, "Well, they probably got Off the narrow path." And the friend agreed. • » • Zada Naudain and I. especial* ly I, need a refresher course in American hislory. We were noi cerlain of where Darlmoulh college is, and while I said Mass., she replied uncertainly, New Hampshire. Zada was right, foi just after hanging up, Dr. Bourne went through Ihe hall and 1 asked him. You see his son Bill is going Ihere. I said lo Doc, "You and Opal will be rallling around in a big house all by yourselves." He replied so seriously, "Oh, IJiere's Sam." He sure had rne- fooled. I Ihought maybe Sam was anolher exchange student. Sam is the dog! Portland Twp. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young went lo Ames Friday lo meel Dr. and Mrs. Ramon Bisque and family who wer6 enroule from Thursday, Sept. 14, 1961 Algona (la.) Upp«r D«« M«trt**-5 Washington D. C. lo Ihelf home) in Golden, Colo. The Youngs and Bisques spenl Friday night in Ames. The Youngs returneo home Salurday nighl and thb Bisques resumed their trip on home where Dr. Bisque will begin his third year as assislant professor of Geo-Chemislry at the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bufflngton and family were Thursday eve» ning visitors in the Wendell Chrislensen home. Mr. and Mrs! James Harms' and family and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Harms were Sunday dinner guesls in Ihe Jesse Harms home. Mrs. Elizabeth Kennedy visit* ed the Bernard Leepers in Burt Salurday evening. ODM Classified* Pay Dividend! FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance and Air Charter Algona CY 4-3731 Burt Phone 233 Mrs. Ethel Gilles was happily I surprised Aug. 29 when her sister Mrs. > Edith Miller'came from .Augusta,' Wis., arid Merrill and . Dorothy Miller came from Milwaukee with her. They were en route to Spencer f for, a family, gathering, so the,call x was brief' t but enjoyable never the less^ , -August is a month of anniversaries for Mrs. pilles-'and, me— lAug."; 13 is. her birthday, ^Aug.* 14 jpitriwnej-shei came -herertwo years - ago Aug. 22, I came three years •ago Aug. 30 and neither of us has ever had the slightest regrets. We are utterly content ana satisfied. Our respective rooms are "home". * *'..«';' • I am sorry the summer has come to a close and the end of matinees. I saw Gary Cooper in "The Naked Edge" and liked it because it was a '"whodonit". The '•• Fred Astaire preview looked good. Sorry there won't be a matinee on a day I could go. Just where has the summer gone? • * * • A letter from my cousin Melvin Henderson, Upland, Calif., said his wife Letta is making "good recovery from major surgery a few days ago. She will be home from the Pomona hospital ere this gets in print. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Martin Becker were recently visited by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pfliestiqker and daughters, Independence, Mo. •They attend the same church that ' 'former President and Mrs. Harry Truman attend. It is also of interest that the two daughters who accompanied them here gang in the choir at the marriage of Margaret Truman. * * * The meanie—"I hear you advertised for a wife. Any replies?" "Sure, hundreds." "What did they say?" "-They all said, 'You <ran h'ave mine!" * * » True—"AH nuts en your car should be tight, except the one at the wheel." * * * Knowing nothing abput baseball (and caring less) I can't get the reaction Lois Groen did—she and her husband Richard anj ,Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Leighter saw the game Monday at Miqne: apolis and saw Mickey Mantle jiit a home run (what ever that is). 35,895 persons were there. Quite a mob. * « * ' four months %SQ I the death of Mary Ellen Kelly, Marcus, a fejlow arthritis suffer* er who for 22 years was cpm- plctely helpless. I read in the PCS Moines Register Thursday that her mother, Mrs, Bridget .Kelly, 80, had died. I often wondered who accompanied Mary jjllen on her extensive trips, pven abroad, and th'e item answered by saying Mrs. Kelly had been with her. * t * { talked with a housewife who is neck-deep in tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and other seasonal fruits t« d vegetables, She a.dr milled shf was rather slow aj Jt, not being run by .fieetrieity. i 'fold her lj was a pity we didn't jiave robots j,p do such things gnd lo heck with the electric caj- .fsfafatgl. f fern to &y«r. v Aye! Ah, the 'ayes have it! GOOD YOUR ALGONA NEIGHBOR South Hotel Algous £arm Macliinery - frocfet ^ Around The Town and Bronson Building Service "Try Us And Youll Like Us" Quality Lumber — Elliott Paints MILL WORK Builders' Hardware Tools KLINE Tanks & REDWOOD Tanks j N. of Jet. Hwys. 18 & 169 Algona - CY 4 Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery Both Quality And Service Store Located On Diagonal Street On CNW Tracks. Phone CY 4-3561 Algona HIIIIIIUlllJIIUllllUllllllllllllllillllllHIIIIIHIUUItt Algona Implement Co, You* Friendly !nternaJlon<a Harveiter Denlei f ARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS 8a)e* ft Service Irons Healing & *& P. R. IRONS HEATING & PLUMBING P. R. Irons has been in Algona since'1914. In 1939, he was selling stokers for Butler Manufacturing, and two years later started selling furnaces. This gave him his start in the heating and plumbing business, and in 1940, P. R. Irons Heating & Plumbing was established. Pictured above is the P. R. Irons Heating and Plumbing establishment located at 812 East McGregor, the business has been in Algona since 1940. At- that time the building was located >est of the present location oh the same lot. In 1946,, a larger building was needed to facilitate the expanding business. Irons features American Radiator Standard Sanitary, Kohler Fixtures, Perfection and General Electric Furnaces, and General Electric Air Conditioning. In addition to the heating & plumbing work the business does a complete, line of sheet metal work, which is all done in their location. For reliable, efficient and friendly service in your plumbing & heating needs, call P. R. Irons Heating and Plumbing. They are "Completely equipped to serve you completely". YOIJR COUNTRY NEIGHBOR >^^^,V»^XV^^N^^^^VX>^^^^^^^X^%XN^JN^^^VW%X^VVV~~-W%^ \/N^WWW~W~~X~%~~%~W^~N~N~-VX~ Meet Melvin Rieken Of Burt This week's Country Neighbor, Melvin Rieken. has been a resident of Kossulh county for the pasl 48 years. Mr Rieken lives on a 174 acre farm a half-mile east an4 ij'/a miles south of BurJ — a place he has called home since he arrived Ihere in 1913 at the age of six. Mr Rieken was born at Ashkum, 111., a son of Henry 6, and Qw M. Rwken, and has always lived on a farm. Uuring the 1961 season, he has 66 acres of corn. 31 8(?r«* of oats, 46 acres of beans and about three acres of pasture, He also has 40 head of registered Hampshire §h«ff>, 78 head of hogs and about 450 chickens lo take gajrp pi' •' •' " - Mil Iw* Sfveirsl hobbies- He likes to hunt »o<Hi»h when hj h r u |jnw, and rsa«y enjoys bowjing every" season. Mr, Rjfken has two daughters, Mary Ann, Algepa, an4 Ju4y (Mfs Jiro (Jalbrailh). Pes Mpin^s: and two 8903, Donald, ^bwdten, v Tex-. an4 Mayoard, Tw)sa, Oklahoma, A sjstw, Yflpa (Mrs Robert £*»««), reside* ft Br»U. (UPM WATCH THIS SPACE IViRf 9fH|« WiiK TO Miff A^NIW inraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipiiiiiiiiiniiiM^ Kelley Lumber Co. ' . 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