The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1961 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1961
Page 2
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fW'A.? * by ing! 1 Lfltkwood and "Marisirt We dicing, .room chialtmen' ace ta*fMitehell «nd Toots Hoppus. $he Society voted to aid the Young Adults KlUb in i;ehodel» ing and finishirigW'-iioftni i^iifcj 'church bsfertltt ,isfc,< tlYfeir project for the yMrf.^he p-rdj&t wfll include th^rtfnfliij|,iof' a concrete floor, and,' paneling of sidcwalls and, ceiling. This will bff ah addition, to the useful kiteheri?-fellowship --hall -facili- ti@s and much nee'ded Sunday School J r<5b»f. " " » < Hostesses for Wednesday's meeting were Stella Gusman EHha Smith, Lorraine, Campficy Shirley WagneV^fihifc ,Shtro 'Rtehards. v 3, f >' Elect Officers 'fEhV, Hurt Presbyterian Mari ners Elected the fdlloVing new \\tf ^ Zfrt- -fL>A ] IJt+. ' devotions i hav£ the 1 Injured .lends ih filtti' Wter4 sTfl'fy ieafft that Johtti 2 year, aid 6f MrS. Keith dulbertson, With painful injury follow- his i father'^ funeral last .:. The little lad darted 'ihttt street in the path of a cfi?. /flS knocked down and suf^ a broken leg, Information t&& from Mrs. Culbeilsbn, is .with, her mother at Fair"; ,'. Bttetea thai the, ladU wllS to wear a cast for 3 mohthg. Wed At le Meeiings rcles of the United, PrSsby- .__n Women' met Sept.;. 6 j as follows: * |,f '; J Circle A at the cHurchi Jwi Mi's. Glee Bullock and' Mrs". hostesses; es J. R. Grubb and t<!hSelti, i 'devotions ^.A.U. .^», D ngj tWd,. articles wlreViei4 ' By * Mrs,' ^Raymond Lovstad; Bible* May, MW. Good- Win Bergerud, fclosihg prayer, Vlrs< Roy Ariderson: \ Ch-cle B hostess,- Mrs. Ronald devfltitins, Mrs. Donald uests, were^Mesdam'es - " l r: * t - ,' rl,, s 'Le6nar'd and Mar teffltel, fffst' mates, Russll sad Ruth Patterson, logkeepers 'Lttry and Palma Holding, purser's, Goodwin and Grace Bergerud, chaplains, , Rey'. ( a'ri'd Mrs Smidt,clook6uts, I Bernard and Jdfin Gifford, Dr. and nurse John and Hetty Milter. They Will bg» installed and 'take o\fer th'eli duties in January, t Mtihodist Circles ";?, , "Methodist chuVcK', circles "will ' ' ' > •» — -De- MirUyn meet Wed.^ _ The Racft^ wyh Marie «»on will votirins wL, __ 5 Johnson, \"^.ff, <*he Re Hazel LaJW6i& Kamiedy MJller wiltllSfeJif,?dMS^8 and Stella'.Geesman will, present tlw Jpro s gfam; / A"' special -number wnl JJfe JBpBSe^ted'by Leona* LoV- srad; " ' • ' _ members of ,'th6 Rhoda. Ruth 'Circles .will meet at *l*i**»*fe —lX*rt£l.l. _ T -f '1 J • _ffm the- churc^ at^Otla.iri. for^J visTI to *FriendSft^ffiweffl^5ori;Dd'd^e. PJjIris arV^w. »touiv fiiitS grounds in^fthe forenoon, have lunch at nobn im Oie'dming 'room -witB the regular ifcoft.tfily "mBfeHn'g 'td foHow. .Following tKe meeting, the group will be taken on a tour through the buildings. In •"--'' ' Ortm Rmg's , . dorf, afHci'e by Mrs. sell -PattersdnrBible , study, Mrs. JesS Harms. * ' < ' ! Circle" C hbstess, Mrs. A. H. Meinzer; -jfevotions, Mts. '"Bf A- Junkerhleier, concern' artldlfi by Mrs. fiafl Shipler.'BiBle'stud^,' Mrs. Harold Beckfir. Elsie Lockwood went to Ak. fo* a VfSjt with ley, and Barl, S6n of Mr. and MFS^J. M. Elmore, Algoha weM Uhited in marriage at St. Jtf* setfh's'' Catholic church, with Rev. ft, W. Phillips 'rifflciatirtg at' the .double ring cef emon^. , ^'de^ifa 1 AM 'olvfa 1 Ifu^ef m 6d as a'dolytfes, the St. Joseph's efiolr' arid Kathleen Griffin, Alto. S'ang." " ' wm Ohe -served- her, sister -^is ^nratWri-* of hdnor and^Marg[aret and 'Rose 1 ' gona, Hvas floWtr ' sri- > SkiiliHgS;' AlgaHa, '' >by her fathfef. ..... r'Aflas fl6oryfehgfh ,01 ?_ and tullg ovsi* foundai _. ..^lon net arid taffeta" 1 S a b r i n'tf scalloped n with pearls'and se<J ..« ,, t .i 6f irtiportM Ert bMdaf illusion was'atfedh'eU jeweled croWn - of pearls' l ariff crystals. She carriect a' bou<iuef of aft ochid With ste^honitis and a -rbsary» which was f s feift froTH ;he groom, - . 1 ' f, ^?5^ft r u 1 P9< g HS s > W d*« tfoift^t* the HC»lWlt Algona f followed,by a reception,, Mrs. ,DoBald, Probst registdrff he : guests.' Mrs. ' Duane. Lieftl mi »aia •ber s >he bride "is '6 Counsel Aead ?>' : ' ' V V*"" Edtt 'has been ^ " " lanriott., lit ,bMdelfb%M;f| a * e O!la 'nigh "sCnOOl niiu fa cill- Teyed by the«Pioneer Seed do«l *' Algona. -After re short wed- X.HLZ. trdp,| the cotilJlerWill be 'at m>me 6n t a farm-j northwest ot 'Algona, 11 Jten4 Snfith wer Mrs} 'Julftre r irB. o a w Her aaiUlhfer "SrlA family/ the Ar- hOl^^'GlarltS. * She alSo .stayed with her grandchildren* while Mr. .and Mrs. Clark attended a convention. .'. Holding spent Wed,, ^ith Mrs/'Elva Boettcher, a patient in a Mason 'City hospital. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tellier Heft Friday for theft 1 Hew home at Boon*. Tellier, who haS'been cbhservatic-n officer for Kossuth county the past 10 years, has 1 !<_>' j£i_V_ " - . ____ .* i -, « j — . — ... PliJm Cr^ek-Elite 4*H club •MgfJJts ^annual cbdk.out on Sept. ^".GUests* we're IHfe ^families "at girls. Avis. Lejtow 'was also ;guest. -.Susah Bode is tepor- <?''!*:<. { H " a library, I « »- oc v cjn-Rlfiltt Pfilt libffiry GACK* utlve board 6f Bancroft rresidenfe ni6bMrjflaay i lil fhfe Bancroft pufe* lie sehrJbl to tatatti2e a drive fdf > ros, sler, 'James Kennedy, Mrs. Caf* ble WeIft«Stts*Sara-Welp, Mrs. Mahon',Iriman.4Mrs. Jim .Oliver, and Mrs. Flora BraHley, - J he^ metoigis., ^was conducted . Earl Keegdn df breeders and 'l',,o ,' "••• ' 5 f QUANTITY RI6HTS I <k_.v;. ' Bcceavcn, RESERVED 16'e'rVtfalisferred to s^sfrea. the Roch n ngmem 01 the Ruth 'Circle will $e hostesses atrthe church to members of the Presbyterian Night' Circle. RU- ^fttgets of thfc Fortnightly iWllL'meet at the home of 1 ^^^el Friday afternoon, mfdTjMrs. J. L. Miller ar- -^AWe We'dnes'day evening afifer, r jseve|al days spent along ^Gr4atLakes Vf |rpeir trip took jem'to ml'rm., Mich.'and Canda. They covered about' 2,000 liles. " • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Olson, Blue Sarth, spent Sunday at the Larry lolding home. * ,J MtMfp${ M^U diet Webb ana J^eslea Millel^,,Algona, spent 'Sunday afterrfoon'.at the home of Mrs. .Jessie Rash- Rev, and Mrs. William Bohi took .their daughter, Virginnia, to Sioux City Saturday. Virginnia has enrolled as a freshman at Morningside College. , Mrs; .Bill Boettcher is .in a Mason City hospital where she is undergoing medical tests 'and treatment. PRE-SEASON OFFER $94.50 RADSON MOISTURE TESTER Most BMurat*, •••l«st to use molatur* t«»t*r •V«r built f or f arm u»«. ct «ww to |Bt jnpra do))w* f< < tvfn (tejpg you ••fr* Most economical, safest complete crop drying •y«ten» cvor designed, THg BIGOE8T BIN BARGAIN EVER! EELS?* '.- • and .» f84.«P Padwa .toll* you when ,, free if you order your -SIOUX. ,saf«; a .'SS? ub g*e^ K» c °S IfLilEXff*:?»»i Jti»t» ;ii«.»TOS^SOT ; ta5SkW «JfH^fe^fea '•v5B«9; : Let u, .ho out- JON - THI$ 3 WEEKS ONLY ROBINSON CONSTRUCTION 00, .f##' s- PK«h« CY 4-3374 Bost<jh Style, Rich. Jutcy . —^ J * ^ - I •-. ^, . ?*-ft ' * T*v Top 1Wte, Juic^ Tasfe Tempiing TENDER. DaiCIOUS 'r -., , , -„ LEAN PORK STEAKS TOW " ---"^'-•--"•SKINLESS FRANKS 61 rCK L0« •»*•••••••»••«-• ^ _ft -L8. ' £. BAG ' >•••••••*•«« •• _ -^ was SWIFTS.,THE VERY k-« TO , ESSEX Summer SAUSAGE COMPLETELY BONELESS, FRESH "" " ' "" "' Frozen PERCH FILLETS 'S& . i * i ;' i K '. STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON KING KORN STAMPS _ FREE With This Coupoi if^Vi^i'.*, • " And any $2.5Q PufeKase af vyour. ' Food Store &ipir*s Sepf. 16.1961 r Hillside Med. GRADE "A GOOCH'S.BEST ***" Cooky 'Sale Asst. Sandwich Regal Graham . REG.29C PACKAGES Striped Dainties . Crystal Gemt Buttermilk Pancake Mix FOR WAFFffiS. 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NET ..„««.*»•*•** Tjie old f«sMon*<l gooJn««$ of fr«»h hpmt baled rollj in t jiffy | PKG. OF I2 ; 29 -5 RES. SR6 BARS *»«t••** y|| ?6 DEALOM Mr, Clean 4*oz, NIT [lava Soap *®.mJ*»** \ Uqukl Ivory * Ivory Soap r __ ORCHARD F^fSH, Oet your fresh Vitamfn "C" trie e«y way 2" Frozen Orange Juice 34 C | IMMACULAT f SANITARY PROCESSING MAKES'lTSAFl FOR 8A8Y m i||| 2 M 29 e | Natc$ Canned Milk 4 i 49 93° I ^J NEW CROP 'o JONATHAN A APPLES NATCO ORANpE PEKOE PAl TEA BAGS> OF «:..,. 59* LET'S HAVE A PIZZA PARTY CHEF BOY-AR.DEE _, Cheese Pizza i«-/ a oz..».. CHEF BOY-AR-DEE IP A ( Sausage Pizza i;.oz,.:.... 09 FRUIT CRAFT Peaches NO Orangej MORTON F Chili ....—, 4 *l ™'WW ' I I •4'**f m CAOI • ~^^^ . fp 4«»1 • WM ' f i Oxyclol Wrg I / |»BAL Qkl 1j ' * , (PY QUART SIZE, MET ; «fl^ f? **« IBS. NO, 301 FLAME TOI Oew$y j?*w»< U5TWIKI Sweet 7 «M* «W : %! Nit IBS. MR WAlDORf for i»v a

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