The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1961 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1961
Page 12
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Pis -. --;;, Vj; >;: -• ,'', v V,"^'^ " £*-., '*' ^C'^• s '- ''' r ,,• ^* 'T/ '*•''-, f*'' '•'. \ ' ' , '' ./ (tfa.) Uppft» Pel Mdtftii Thursday, Sepfembsr 7, 1§6j| •ln>E|gt m ,-.,,*u : 7|*|j'^'.'; •"" ri^ ~'~,~' 7 |T~', '-.,, 56 Families Receive $7,433 A.D.G. In July aim of Aid to Dopcnden Children is hot to support, fam illes in luxury, but to keep fam , together by providing basic iieeessltles, jtfflttl thfejft , can Be -- Come , accbrdlnfe - - ,-£_-»•- V...Q, v»^fc.V^* UUIJ to Kossuth county ADC director Mrs. Helen, Huber. > "We don't triako the rules here wo just try to,,administer them as fcfficiently ds possible, and <a great deal of our-time is spent trying to gft, v thd families off the program." '/ '? , • . _? •' < From* $22.50 To $343 Kosstithj county ' had a case Jflad of 58 fjfeilies, 50* ,'pcrsons, for thb montH of- July this year. The amount paid out was $7,433 of which the federal'government pays approximately half ahd the state and county, ohe-fourth each. thci largesi ani'ount Ipaid 'to any 1 .ode family in 'July swas $343.' Iri'.fadt, this is 'probably the highest amount ever paid to a Kpssuth family'through th"e'Ideal office. The father of the family has had surgery and? the mother! and 12 children have ifo income outside of the ADC check.,Up to two months ago, the famil : had always been entirely self supporting. The smallest case for July was $22.50 for the suppor of onei child living with relatives 2 Unmarried Mo'lhers Only two''of Kossuth County's ADC cases were unmarried mothers. Both of these are em- ent 3 are Widows; 12 M divorced th ° ir hu ' 1nd " 'mental hospitals. than the good of the children, .supper Sept. 14 In- th&,ch(i*eft Mrs. Huber admits that this parlor's*. Tickets -.are -. on 8ftta>«tjy is sometimes true because, ''un- members. , - > -' ; 4 fortunately, you can't legislate ,/The Quaked elevato«> e|e&<tf behavior", but she added that City and Armstrong entettelft she has now, and has had in the 4-H find FFA milrhbefS WJwJljijjgsf past, several women wHo do a fed their feeds .'the pfistf^Efffi remarkable job of managing! a steak supper at i'airrnont'fiueS ADC recipients are by law to day' evening". Twetlt^fertl**"' 1 !!^ report to the director's office at with their fathers from' jSwaf least every six months, but many City attended and saw/a,nWv1< nm nr,™ *,„„ „»„„„ t .*, OAHBEM' ',, 'Z Over 45 different kinds of fl<j wers in all sizes, shapes and ctw lors are massed in. beds, roifflt ™ tters from the :et, a bit of a ADC directoi Six of the ADC Cases receive some outside help from Social ...„ ____ r _ Security; two receive some in- confidence. and often merely a listening ear. plats and borders about the-; All conferences and names of at 'the Jay Donlin residence the recipients are kept in strict I Hintpn. In addition to the Donlins have * large Vegeta come from Veterans Sources; one When applicants for ADC ble garden. One of the 'hybrdc each frorn> Disabled Veterans and funds are divorced or separated ltomato varieties is an . irhpori soldiers lallotiheht; 19 have some mothers, the case is first refer- from Italy ithat costs $25 an ounce type 6f 'outside earnings such as red to the county attorney to try t0f seeds - He was given .the seed boarders and jobs; and five re- for support from the father. Dis- by a frien d. • . i "j f*^ v * «w*«*\*v- *.«!. AM**i&a ^vi«.»* «o i AC.U LU tuc uuuiiLy aiiorney to tri boarders and johs; and five re- for support from the father. Dis" ceiye some support money from Tabled persons are referred to Vo the childrens* fathers. '• I estinrifll RphnWDthtirttv onrf t»* The amoiuit a family receives Is governed iby standards set up i fre- SLEEP ._ _____». v ..u d. U v*«v>w> i v.«.fc*v^ii«i ^ iciict iL/illtct LiUll <ctJlU ilC™ I • • "Q The amount a family receives fluently be'come pdrtly Or entire- Dr _ Richard Drennen of MdrP is governed iby standards set up U>' self-supporting. A doctor's nin B readily admits that he hag by the State. In a mythical fan> certificate is always a part of nc " ot her patient that can fall ly of a mother and three child- every case involving disability a'Sleepwhen faced With a dentist's pn tViii" tnrtfhoT- «rAiiW fo/-oit>n nf n vtiapf' pnrnnr drill Cither than six ' veflr 'nM ?n, the" mother would receive >39.50 for her food and cloth- fall ist's of a wage' earner. " ' I drill cuther than six • year 'old Mrs. Huber. says all .ADC di- Stanley Musfeldlt who was caught nrs nftp'rt hour tha ei»i a **~~i napping recerit'ly. Lasftbr ool<t.' salarv'f ^ SfiiiS I1 1 M6tten;ffl\iyJw*»!kiJS.% l , Prew, Sttiity .^.i^.k-.i.^.ili.i Iowa State Bank,,W'Hold, Tax Clfiss Service, Cos . Council Oak Stores, Cullen Hdwe., Mdso. NW BelL Sefvlce .^,. Sankey Sand, Asphalt Sicg-Fort, Mds6. u.^.j 86,00 . 582,93 w!2o , 6.96 6.75 14.89 ,124.80 5.68 <wf> MW. f &*!».» Mrfie^L.,, *'•'*'•"•• i.-tfrbut.skkft. u*tt.'j£-':.ifc2i lift^, a *-*4«**»ii*3i.'i ! !»i>^»"^i>* »S^S::?::::H tAwA Zftita* o autr «i/*tj d u LILIES ng;. $14.64 for .a baby under one rectors often hear the .. year; $18.00 for a three year old that "Those children should be child; arid for a nine year old taken away from their parents.'-1 —: •hild in school, $26.63,which in- But there are many factors to Regal lilies iri the yard of the ludes books and a t school allow- be' considered in each case and Will Lunderwell home of Straw-* ance'of 50 cents. Rent allowed I first, and. foremost is the welfare ber "T Point recentiy reached the Miiiiild Vio 44H nn on/< utilifio nf thn rhilrlron l\/T^i. tJ..U«_ j-__i_ heiehtt of .SIX fppit. anrt nvm- nurf ployed, but their incomes 'cannot be'stretched to cover the entire costs of caring for their children/Incapacity of the wage earner acc'duhts for 19 <jf' the county's cases;; 12.'of the recipi- wotild be $48.00 and utilitie .$27.7.5. •;. These figures are addet 'ahd then (Jut 10 percent. Re cently,! orders came, to .cut an 'Other, ten percent from 'the fig lire, : and this is expected to b the proceedure for the next tw years. The first ten percent ca be earned without penalty, bu not the second. : " ADC Paid By Check Unlike county relief fund which are administered by food or rent orders, ADC checks come , direct to the recipient and it is up s to them to manage the money. One of the chief complaints from the public is , that money sometimes goes,'- for' things ..other Gdlnmgl THURSDAY .SEPT. 14th ALGONA SPEGIAL "AFTER SCHOOL" SHOW THURSDAY SEPT. 14 AT 4:00 P.M. IICTLY A LAUGH AFFAIR! W/ILT DISNEY ti__b_ ^r»a«ii«a _ PARENTTRAP THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY GREGORY ' AVA FRED > AMTMriNV— PECK_ GARDNER ASIAIRE PERWNS The Biggest Story Of Our Time! f'<n» the novel b» hEVIL SHUTE — 2nd RIG FEATURE IN COLOR! OFDOMPEII Ol. AD ^* •IIMH*K^<«H. . —. COLOR » «gPtRTOTAt»COPe of the children. Mrs. Huber feels that in most .cases children are punished much more than the erring parent if they are removed from the home. It costs .far less, to,take care of the basic needs of children at home with ADG than it does by placing them in foster homes, or institutions. Love is as basic a need for children as food and clothing, Mrs. Huber says, and it is often found in parents with very few other virtues to recommend them. height of six feet and over.ant had huge clusters of flowers which, in. some cases numbered high as twelve. •< Council Minutes Ottosen Woman Has Produced 4 Lb. Tomatoes Otlosen — Mrs. Harvey Thoren, a veteran gardener has- real- •f. produced some giant tomatoes his summer. Three tomatoes weighed four pounds each. The> are a climber variety, which, she i started from seed, purchased by mail from a nursery. Mrs.' Thorsen also has many house •• plants of various kinds and -a lemon tree she raised from seed. Aug. 26, Mrs. Clara Soiberg and Oliver Christiansen.' left 1 for Dubuque to visit the Don Wieneke hom'e for the weekend. Satur^ day they enjoyed sightseeing in Dubuque,. Sunday,, they .attended the Congregational church with their hosts. Enroute-home, thev called on the Arthur Longseths at Manchester, were luncheon guests at the Myron Guggisbergs at Parkersburg and at Hansell they called at the Dean Uhlen- hopp home. The chicken supper served Tuesday evening by the American Lutheran church" 'Women was very well attended. . Thursday evening the Luther League sponsored a meeting for the congregation. Those who had attended the -Luther League convention at Miami Beach gave re- Jorts on the trip and the conven- :ion. Mrs. Merle Holt and Ruth usher played an organ and piano duet. Mary Anne Holt, Stephen Evenson and Ruth and Sara Usher gave reports. A unch was served by the league following the meeting. COUNCIL MINUTES The City council met Aug. 30. 1961 at 7:30 'P.M. with Mayor Shierk and the following council mefnbers present: Muckey, Whittemore, Andreason, Finn and Peirce. Absent: Elbert. Mr. Goecke and Marvin Hackbarth came before the council concerning street work. It was referred to Street Comm. Letter from Planning & Zoning was read and acknowledged concerning set back requirements for housing Mayor was authorized to sign a con- '."•iL*'." 1 , Thor ?°n, G/elten & Schellberg Architects for the proposed street shed.- Beer permit gran'ed to the! Diagonal Cafe and Council. Oak Grocery. Cigarett permit granted to the Diagonal Cafe. Ord. No. 422 concerning through street was adopted. City ClerK was instructed to draw a map of the city showing, the stree without curb and gutter GENERAL I.....*;. >iviiiic,9, nepairs _.. CWIen HdW6., Mdse. North Onfriil Set, Co./ Gai '^V; - *. ^S6WtR RENTAL > fittfttiKfl^Saladt ,.i-«^. k * J * imkm Sa!a1v'»'^i^L2i s -V' I6*« ,Sfafa.,B*rtk f .W'Hbld. »^ Salary ....<. .funnaon. SfilarV ^>^. Kraff, s^l«y L4-- Norteff, Ssliry ..i^ field, Salary ........... Yann. Salary ._*... IbWfl State. Bahk, ,W Cull«n Hdwe., Mdse. •" Is Paint. EnaHnel tol, Mdse. Ce Wi C , Chtertr* ."^"---- Wpaliy,-» V .25 » ifoeif, Salary -£.I.»*.JS.*M.*- ,- 171.57 • Rlley, Salary ...... l*W^ J 'S>IfB*^flrl1r, i 'w"HoldT";i ' 65.1o Trust, & AeehcVJ MfftlBft,*.. L t.86 ' P6Blish6t( in the Aigona RessutH County,- Advance,, Iowa, .Sffjit. 5,.; 1961.". ' ' CulterJ.HdVe,,'Mdie.',—.«;-«- |i "'tl.isS Stouffe Sales, Mdse, ..*^-i* ( 4l.OO Utt, Reda'lrjf .'-..^... ;• 13.SO , \ S^lfATION ' Baas, salary ..... ...-„ ,93.SO Leack, Salary » .!...„... 114.18 lary , Sala Courtney, ,Sal«ry .*......... 93.SC lewa State Banky 'W'Hold ..j • i.70 . 93.SO What Dp Vbu Mean by ALL-ELECTRIC i Anyway? ALGONA NOW THRU SAT JAMES IWHMflt STEWART-»IDMARK SHIRUYJONES ^ ,, NIGHT IS "BUCK NITE" THE WHOLE CARLOAD FOR ${.00 SUNDAY THRU WEDNESDAY' HoTne FROM THE PA8ES OF THE IUSTY BEST-SEUEJU Robert Eeanor MITCHUM-PAflKER GEORGE PEPPARO • GEORGE HAMILTOIf EVERETT SIQANE-LUANAPATTW JPLUS 2nd EXCITING FEATURE Little Theater At Swea City Is Big Hit Swea Cily — The Swea City Little Theater will present "Arsenic and Old Lace" at Armstrong Sept. 8 at 8 p.m. Many residents of Swea City and surrounding area had the privilege of seeing the broadway play "Arsenic and Old Lace" here last week, presented by the Little Theater group, sponsored by the Swea Cily VFW. The comedy provided an enjoyable evening for those in attendance. Outstanding performances were given by Mrs. Orville Thoreson and Mrs. Ken Mille* in playing old maid sisters looking after the welfare of their nephews, pliayed by Paul Olson and Ronnie Linde. Other oast members are Norman Oilman, Morris Johnson, Mrs. Gordon Jones, Mrs. Elmtr Swanson, Richard Oilman, Earl Berg, Orville Thorson and Don Forshee. Following Ihe play Saturday evening the VFW entertained the cast and director, Dick Dahl, at the hall. The Womens Society of the Swea City Methodist church will hold their : annual chicken UNSA CSISUI/ANDV KVINE/JOHN MCINTJE PLUS COLOR CARTOON THURS, thru SAT. ALGONA C&UMBIA PICTOHes presents ("^ ^« JOHN FORD It's a Home that is- Totally Electric, including Heating, Kitchen, Laundry, Water Heating, Lighting, Ventilation and Housepower. Algona's,First Such 'Gold Medallion' All-Electric Home Is Now Nearing Completion, and You Will Soon Be Invited to inspect it Personally. . OPEN HOUSE COMING SOON! MAT. SAT. AT 1:30 • ...''-. nt t tf* ,LINDA CRISTAL/ANDY DfVINE/ JOHN MclNTIRE] COLOR - CARTOON f co-itarrlng Aigona Municipal Utilities AMU Means You Own It! Thursday thru Saturday "Two Rode Together" 7:15-9:20. Saturday matinee at 1:30. Sunday "Fanny" 2:00-4:30-7:009:30. Monday thru Wednesday 7:009:30* LET S DRIV5 CAREFULLY SUNDAY Thru .WEDNESDAY JUST GOTTA MEET iht most l a ffop-jortiij lonvenleiKe. . . Extension phones -in color! She's one of those charming, lovable flirts • the kind that climbs right into your heart' and stays V forever! LESLIE CARON HORST BUCHHOLZ . , ,-- easier, brighter for the whole family with step-wiving telephonea in kitchen, bedrooirj, basement! Besides extra convenience and privacy, y °Hf n J°y a comforting sense of protection knowing a telephone is always, witnm easy reach. ]Sfin0 beautiful colors to choose from*' ' . ; . beautiful FOR PULL DETAILS an4 to order, call your Bell Telephone, business office. ^ puny MAURICE CHEVALIER €/ CHEVALIER (CHARLES NEW! THB IT/LUUUIQQ EXTENSION PHONE. Petite and jpyetty \ up, tool White, beige, pink, .blue or tujquoJae.^Ask.about it! (

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