The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 7, 1961 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1961
Page 8
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L*» -S- system in our own area, and hope we H never do. ^ /' •'' • Education, like other things, moves Fri" cy- bre/n6f enough problems In. cles. The report cards of the. 1920, era are com- m '"- • ing back in som4 quarter's, and .they at least enable the parents to know what Susie and Johnnie are studying,-and .where they stand In each subject. ' ' ,' We',11 assume that they' also acquire the principles of citizenship, as did youngsters In 1920 without making any special fuss over the subject. ' ' -•• , with a j-ecorrtmehda- Medns committee be adbpted }6 X-iHterJst and diVI* ' Background for this move is the declaration that a lot of tax money is being missed by those who fail>'t6 'report Interest and dlvidends v from various' sources, this may be so, but the cure could easily be more of a problem than the disease. ItVthe first place, such a withholding program would place another enorrnous bookfeeep- lihg burden on every institution dnd corporation rar TOO ras», out ineir announcea intention to which has dividends or pays interest. To deduct -clear the relief r roles of habitual loafers and 16 2/3 percent, of the interest or "dividends at lozy 'reliefers' has a lot of me^rir. Such action at- wv« „„,...,= :, .s»»»u. i :„- ii u...j__ ^_ 'tracts nationwide attention because jt is going contrary to the trend of making welfare payments, mofe< easily attainable all thV time, but it does serve to focus attention on one of the big THE FUSS AT NEWBURGH Indianola tribune — It may be that the city official? at Newburgh, New Vork, have gone too far too fast, but their announced intention to 2/3 percent . Hie source is simply imposing d burden dn "someone else." '; Then the government itself will .have j a whole new set of record-keeping problems. The v - - _ ._ ,._.,, ». v> • wwwi M ix wpr 11 t^ f<r|WMIWf>l0» f I 19 II M WG0 9CI TO I W I WhU9 \ deducted interest, and dividends will have to be 'problems of our time. properly credited somewhere in the Treasury Department. This, we presume, will call for a new host of employees and mechanical monsters to keep track of the records, new punch card'sys- tem's, new boondoggling, and in the long run a vast new expense. Finally, the poor old taxpayer will have one more set of headaches. He will have to figure his taxes as usual, and them figure out the credit he has coming as a result of the deductions. This, tpb,. will of course lead to a whole new set of complications, errors, and subsequent visits from the I.R.S. gentlemen. , ; . •; -' It's easy to talk.about "plugging a loop- hp'fe" but we wonder if our HouVe Ways and Means committee went any farther in thinking it through than just the "loophole." '* * •"• ' j. ; ' : •"•• •• Welfare payments and other forms of government subsidy fill a vital spot in our complex society today. In most instances this help'is legit- imately'given and is received by those properly deserving help. The growing size of the welfare rolls and the expanded way in which relief help is available to~ the needy have opened wide areas of possible abuse of the program. Slowly but surely this abuse works its way into the streams of money flowing through the various social offices, until many.of 'the bigger' towns find themselves facing a problem that has grown far beyond its reasonable size. Such is the case „ have asked able- go to work, on public pro vy. jo. <? ytncer wad nutted sa< peWritendelK 6f..the-'BflrTpubUc business at Fort Eddge.^ /-' * ' '-. *;• :-' , ^. «S- «.n*2 y "f* 1 K «ttFra«cls; ^jattK', Suck's;,, Jungte cltfal- cadet', >f<&{uring trie bring' 'em R^lsfillve/'mafx. and'a test- ol 'man. and 'a 'tfiouiSands '6f wild ' washin^o^ : JO.*- ••->.- h in Newburgh. Officials at clients jects if necessary. This appears a reason- . is iSft'it demod^y at it's , - A' .' . '. • r 'A ; -"^v*.-' s * vl • \ .-' • 'Arts 'flsfibrwen became attx- 'get gblAg (but- they were floing to have to wait a while) w.hen volunteer conservation Workers seined -1,50.0 pic-kerd. ^, f ? ur td "Cinches in length §*«»' th ? breeding, area -near the Fisher bridge south i>t Algona and, dqmpeid , them in tne ,Des Moines river.' ' " "'.••' where, City To Build $52,000 Shop For Equipment is called adjournment feyer „„* no member of Congress is ini- rtune - ",-. —;- —* council lias-okayed preliminary plans-.,for a new street department building which . , t ou» v-ongress DBS un ugmer wm eyjetually be constructed ott' The first signs of this ailment moments" In .this frenzied period Prop®"/ near (the. present shed>' jecome visible ahnu,t tho miMita amd for itriat- we sav -+hnni« tn Architects will' now draw up Sil? 1 .?? 811 * for lthe Structure and me them along with an estimate 1'ltiest ,_ , , ^ 'I Bui Congress has, Vijs lighter , » ,, . . W 7f '-. .•; . , , . I ..,,-, ...... . /".••••"" ~*p* |—»»w-« • w ^ Mt* • wi I WU.9V/I l~ DCDrtDT rADnc TUCM AHirt MSMA; able rea . uest - Another of their new rules would REPORT CARDS, THEN AND NOW limit the size of relief payments to any family It seems that in Bloomingfoh, ,a suburb of Minneapolis, the school administration has come ;p with a brand, new type of report card. The resulting furore has been magnificent. The new report card lists only one subject, "citizenship." It seems the balance of the card contains places for punch holes' to indicate whether or not a student is making progress. The rpore punch holes, the more progress, we assume. ' ..',.-• One irate citizen compared the 1920 report card with the 1961 version. On the 1920 card wer'e listed reading, grammar, history^, ctrifhmetic, language and'geography. ''" ""'' One parent commented: "The schools were not concerned about citizenship in 1920, but their pupils knew how to read, write, spell and hjandle figures. They also knew something sub- s^anfial about history, grammar, languages and geography. Today's products may' be fine citizens, but they cannot read, write or spell and "what they know about the other five subjects ibey evidently pick up from comic books and television," ;; Well, we have not adopted the punch card ^MQOHH Mppci* wcs iSRoincs Ul E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona. Iowa Second class postage paid at Algona, Iowa Issued Thursday in 1961 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor & Publisher DON SMITH, News Editor MERLE PRATT, Advertising Mgr. JACK PURCELL, Foreman m NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New York 18, N. Y. unit to an amount no greater than the take- home pay of the lowest-paid city employee with the same size family. This appears to be sound reasoning. Men .quitting jobs for no'reason will find it hard to get on the relief roles, and those on the roles who refuse a job offer will likely find their relief grants trimmed or stopped. Additional steps are proposed to stop other kinds of relief payment abuses in the Newburgh area. Tampering with the rules and regulations governing eligibility requirements for welfare payments is a ticklish thing, .arid those who do 'so risk'a large amount of abuse/But the cost , of^pur ^welfare, prpgrcim.sijhgs.'i.becorne such a large part of our total governmental cost that we must be aware of their shortcomings as well as their ability to be of real help to those in need. .The experience of seme cities shows that our willingness to-help the needy often surpassed our ability to properly administer and police the making of the payments. Newburgh may point the way towards a new look at this problem. * * . * ON PHONE RATE BOOSTS Waterloo Courier - The Northwestern Bell Telephone son-to-person long-distance telephone calls over 16 miles in Iowa from 11 to 29 per cent over present daytime rates. In addition, the present discount on person-to-person calls on distances over 54 miles after 6 p.m. and on Sundays and some holidays has been discontinued. We are in no position to judge the merits of these rate adjustments. Comparisons between long distance telephone rates in Iowa and in other states where rate changes must be cleared with state utility commissions might prove interesting. We do know that the Iowa legislature has repeatedly had before it bills which would create an Iowa Utility Commission. Generally these bills have had the support of the private utilities in Iowa and Northwestern Bell, itself, supported such a bill during the past session of the General Assembly. Prior to the 1961 session, utilities commission bills faced the united opposition of the REA electric co-ops, municipal utilities and the scores of small, independent telephone corn- become visible about the middle ^ for Itfiat' Wje say ^thanks to of August and by Labor Day ifs l *^ ie American sense 01 humor, the talk of the town. The symp- ?ney can argue about a $4 billion tpms are clear for everyone to foreign minut| and *desee: irritability, diminishingvin- bate the , propriety of wbrrlen terest in one's work and a quick- Wearing.shorts to the Capitol,the ening pulse brought on by' a next. Nor does ithe great burning speed-up of ithe fegisflative ma- ^sue of ^ e " da y — is Jacqueline' ""JlinGrV f i ' Vemirtartit t-Q^ll^r .Aw^nnJ-'w**^' -. .•_««o In Ihs good old days bul, oh, so ° — —„...., «...,.. long ago a Congressman could '^ross-fire over- this' matter of figure on coming to Washington; wanting to get home. They are accomplish his business in a dtew /darned if they do and darned 1 if weeks, and return home. Those J '*hey don't Some voters demand — Kennedy really expecting 'again? escape their .attention'. 5 • f Congressmen' are caught -'in, a days appear to be gone forever tnat -V 18 Congressmen, stay in and the lawmakers have resign- Washington ,year-round and tend ed themselves to spending at tc > tneir knitting. And ctthers are least eight months out of 12 in miffed if the lawmaker doesn't Washington; • '.".,. ^his face around dn the home dis- Labor Day'seemed to be a good '* n ^ targeitdate for adjournment about „„ » a month ago. But. Mr. Khrush- . chev changed-, all thja'fc There camd ;i ' the i Berlin" crisis," the Russian die^ cision^tb-'i-esume .testing of super bonjbs.aSfclia few others develop-S _ ^ ~ " O " •"•* **** ^Oblill^tLC of cost for (the building. It is ex- ' ' peoted the structure will be 60 x * 156 feet land $52,000 'will be available-due to the new city budget *p pay for the building, which has been requested for several years'-'by Street Commissioner Jess Lashbrook. Lashbrook haj stated -repealted- ly at meetings through the years ithait .the present building in insecure for the high priced street equipment housedi jn ii It is , hoped final plans-and the esfti- , mate will, be .ready fpr present- , atioii in 30 days. • have a •— -I, w w«k^.*fc, %*W V ^4VT£S— • j ing jGpngrees'. to V i-"s!> -i'.'«iiS ; • ' -.'*'• » stay on. the _ For practical reasons, if nothing else, .the House members are smitten by adjournment» fetfer- sooner than their colleagues «in the Senate. They have to, run every 2 years instead of 6 so the Arab countries whose govern- ' ments now receive about $800,000,000 a, year in oil royalties have become dissatisfied with' their 50-50, split arrangement. Some are ; seeking 60-40 contracts, and other changes. ( J —^-m .' * . " - . • I'l FUNERAL SERVICE / Ambulance And Air Charter Algeria CY 4-373 T , , Burt Phonp 233 Professional Directory f -^•-*"»--- ; — -^~-»- -."^-. - -1 ^ .^ ^ £T - - ^ ^ ^ . . . . . ,,., , . f : INSURANCE ' Chiropractor and mend political fences. That old saying about '.'absence makes the heart grow fonder" may be OF THE DES MOINES 1941 , The Upper Des Moines ex- COTOfTIES, JOWA otice is hereby given to the qi IXica electors of the Twin Rivers Com- mw i.\.cu i, -giL^W lyuutri may De • •••*' w^^*.* *^v.» A*Awiiiea ex- good for lovers but's is poison to tended congratulations to Harthe Congressman. He likes.; to vey Ingham,- editor,-of the Des keep his ( -image -before the public Moines Register, on His eighty- arid that's h'aa-d to do tucked be- third birtljday. Mr. Ingham, who hind a desk away off in Wash- for : 30 years was editor of the ln Ston. • UDM before going to Des Moines, —"— celebrated the occasion by Some day the wives and chjl- pounding out his daily column dren of Congressmen are going for the Register, to get sufficiently aroused and * * * change all this. AH summer long •*•** AW *Vfk . , i • . hereby given to the qual- rs of the Twin Rivers Com- nju'ilty School District in the counties of Humboidt and Kossuth, state of Iowa, that the regular election of said schoo district will be held at the schoolhouse in Ottosen, Iowa, the city J 1 all r !f! ? odCl Iowa, and the town hall of A. J. (Arnie) ftlcklefs ' Hospitalizatlon ' , . Health A Accident;, Life — Auto — Fire — Hail 2 S. State CY 4-452U residing _ Avery Townshi Township "and wives trif-A rem'oval plant was slated to begin, operations there* if all went . of well. Housewives were rejoicing this at the prospect of having no fixtures — •• '* i -M»»**» H*IM nni bvwn UA wLlUmfll -- Humboidt County, Iowa, will vote at the schoolhouse in Ottosen, Iowa. All voters residing in Rutland Township, Delana Township, and the town of Bode, in Humboidt County. Iowa and in Riverdale Township- in Kossuth County, Iowa will vote at the city hall i" Bo *il! Iowa - AU voters residing in Humboidt Township, Grove TownuoJp and In the town of Llvcrmore, Hum- boidt County. Iowa, will vote at the town hall in Uvermore, Iowa. A Director at .Large will be elected fijr a term of three years to succeed Orren Olson whose terrn expires Sep- ALGONA INSURANCE • AGENCY- .J. R. (Jim) KOLP : /Surety Bonds — All Lines -"-•' of Insurance > CY 4-3176 206 E.,State BLOSSOM INSURANCE ~~ AGENCY \A11 Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan Dr. D. D. Arnold , Chiropractor . - * Over. JKenqey'a Office Phone — C^ 4-3378 , Hours: 9:00— 5;00 Open Friday'-Night Monday — Wednesday — Fridaj- Dr. William L. Clegg .Chiropraclor ' ' 521 B. State St. Hours: 8:00 — P;00 thru Sat. 9:OQ — 9:00 Friday , Ph. Off. CY 4-4677 Res. CY 4-3469 not interfere with the legislative business. The suggestion was simple : recess during the summer -' •- SUBSCRIPTION HATES m KOSSUTH co. On<s Year, in advance 13 oo Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $500 Single Copies " uie SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, in advance __ MOO Roth Algona papers ir, combination, one year _ 16.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFfICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING RATES ON REQUEST panies During the 1961 session, spokesmen for the electric co-ops and the municipal utilities indicated that they would not oppose a State Utilities Commission, so long as they were ex- from rate regulation provisions of the The bill passed the Iowa Senate late in the session, but died in the House sifting committee. Thus again a small minority group blocked legislation that is badly needed to protect the interests of a majority of the people in Iowa. empt law. YOUR ADVERTISING MESSAGE ... Is presented more clearly, jr» an easy to read fejm and for less money per customer reached in newspapws than m any other media. And newspapers offer a perfect combination of good advertising lay-outs and news coverage that caa't be beat. READY TO SERVi YOU IN YOUR TRADE AREA The AlOONA UPPER DES MOINES REAO EACH ISSUE BY 5,500 FAMILIES remain on the job til work is finished. But their arguments Robert Blumer, 20, son of Mr, and Mrs. Robert Blumer, Sr., of deaf ears. The men who .uT wno nvea soutnwcst or i_,uverne, lmi received painful injuries Friday , when a hay carrier fell on him, leu on hitting his hip and leg. A large A Director at Large will be elected for a term of three years, to succeed ErJing Malmin. whose term expires September, 1961. The above notice of election is given by the order of the School Board of said Twin Rivers Community School District, in the counties of Humboidt and Kossuth, in the State of Iowa. Secretary of the Board Shirley C. Knudspn (38-38) Congress are creatures of hub P Sft W3S •'T J! 1 h , ? ip and the and they resist change' no mat- bTised^Af ? •ecei^ 1 "" 6 ' ^ rfnino it tVio «rot» ;*»« «i. . t he was taken to a Fort Dodee doing it the way it's always been ' w —f"t» ** «•***- »»«jf *to divyays ueen i -J i « • ;• — P done and that's that, they said hos P ltal *W 'further treatment ot Well, that may be that for ihn his in juries: Well, that may be that for the time being but the sentiment is swinging in the other direction and Mom and the children may win out eventually. —o— I've watched Congress in ac Rainfall, totaling 5,42 inchei, fell in Algona and surrounding areas Sunday afternoon and eve- m'ng.. It was one of the heaviest downpours received in such a T •— ..—•.••.•.*• *sw*c^icaa in ac* *-'WV»*J£M^H*W *^-*-*.*vcw m OUL.JI a tion for a lo/ig time and nevt^r short period of time in many a cease to wonder why thy can't fin- mopn. The high temperature ish their work sooner. It doesn't reading during the week was 8'/ really have to be this way. In degrees Sept. 3 and the low was January, when each new session 51' degrees Sept. 9. Measurable Of I f~lT\Ot*CMSa r\r\t\r\n iU 't -»i»-- . ,_. T --• T ot Congress 01a opens, they poke rainfall w$s received five of sev» r , -y have all the time en- days during the week and mav meeT^nivTh 6 WC !. ks th 7 s « nd ay' s heav ^ "ip was ac- H SuaWor Sr S; 2 CO|n P5 nlecl b f , liehtning ^J meet i.i nnnn =n^ • f lou!>e , to Caused property loss on several ton an £SS? S& *""* " P 1CSS farms in ^ co ? n »' ?T e *"£ So along comes mid-summer ers .. re l ) 9. rt ^ - loss ^livestock, and thw pace quickens. Congress start.? to schedule Saturday meetings. Something they'll meet well into the nieht. Occasionally BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 5 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-4443 IJome - Automobile— Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D, PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General ' ' Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. CY 4-3756, Lola Scuflharh, Bec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household Gopda, and Many Other Forms phone CY 4-3733- Ted S. Herbs* Firm Bureau Mutual Jnf, C«>, Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $}0 Peduptible) 'Life i Hall - Tractor Phqne CY 4-3351 Don Stark, 81WPBT DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 . Resident pnone CY ; 4-227; J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon • 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 CAROL L. «PLOTT, M. D, 110 N. Moore Street Practice Limited to Surgery Office Hour's by Appointment CYpress 4-4864 Office CYpress 4^4331 Residence whle , sli 8 ht dama S e (to ho « s other farni property was .ti . Uiey'H work rjgh{ through a TPTSf ""** ..^TF-^ - v _.,_ ... ,-w teanj was set .tfl e|en the ,.,.^r- s «pcn herf Fp|fjay'night. One disJurfeijjg elsmeni about C W W9S fe ^* TO first all this is tljs ftfcnzy in which c ' n ^ f or ^ BulWo^- The Mseais, legislation nioves ihrqugh Con- ^W^d by-fieug ^pefer. h»dl 11 gi-ess once its members -decide ' fc Hfm?en fcwt:k ffpm thje Bia» they're on the last lap. Bills are v «gft sea'sQB, but stjll lackjjfj ^, called up by the hundreds, passed WSTtfneft 4 gjajjff through^ th§ and sent to the White House al- 'isj of pandif|gte^ |pr the jun|o|' most belore you can snap your high team that year turned-up linger. It s no secret .that a lot of one AWne that should really ring ir,°"h» e l S l"r n vulc; , on s°me bills a bell—Howie Stcp^ienson, now "" lr '" ' ' ' at old Large Stock of REPUCEMENT PARTS On Hand Prompt Servici At All Times itrvlse Meteri Avqilqbl* For State form 'inlirco. 706 go, Phl^f St. u l°««« , ™J*ssaJBX, «wi • *% PALE W. LOCi The gquitable'Life. Society Of > > Burl, -^ Un ^ 4 8tftjf3 Andy All Types Of Insurance Office- PRATT ELECTRIC CO. . ' 9 » 9 w wupicjpaj 4-?89J JOHN M. SCHUTTER. M. D, Residence Phone CY 4-2335 DEAN FiKOOB, M. D. Residence Phone CY 4-4917 Pfiy4wans& Surgeons . 220 No, Podge, Algona Office ,Phone CY 4-4490 &H, t; L. 8NVDER Optometrist 113 «ast State _ TelepMne CV 4-2711 Saturday SAWYER Eyes Esarajne4 _. i Phone CYpress 4-21|g iirg: 8:90 a.m, to 5:00 0, DENTISTS

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